Tuesday October 21, 2003

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  In today's Treehouse...
Record deficits kill America's future 
Bush starts digging for dirt 
Was Princess Diana murdered?
The warnings of history
The senate without Wellstone 
Talk to Rush's sponsors
If you do, Rush's team might call you
The Naked Emporer
Bush's troubles become a GOP liability
"PB abortions" to be outlawed


Quote of the Day

"The time has come for the sheep-like political correctness which has cowed members of this Senate to come to an end. The Emperor has no clothes. This entire adventure in Iraq has been based on propaganda and manipulation. Eighty-seven billion dollars is too much to pay for the continuation of a war based on falsehoods."
 --Senator Robert Byrd    Attribution

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Volume 1182 - Sheep-like senators


"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the president
  to explain to us what the exit strategy is,' Bush said." 
     --Bush the smarter, Houston Chronicle, 4/9/99,

  Unka Dick, what does "exit strategery" mean?

 U.S. Deficit Hits record $374.2B

  Click  Here

 The federal deficit soared to $374.2 billion in 2003, a record total that more than doubled
 last year's red ink and looked like a prelude to even gloomier numbers. 

 Because the shortfall marked an improvement from a $455 billion projection the White House 
 made in July, Bush administration officials cited it as evidence that their attempts to fortify the 
 weak economy were working. 

"Today's budget numbers reinforce the indications we have seen for some months now: that the 
 economy is well on the path to recovery," Treasury Secretary John Snow lied. 

 White House budget director Joshua Bolten lied much the same but also conceded that worse 
 fiscal numbers were on the horizon, estimating the gap for the new year "will likely exceed $500
 billion even with the strengthening economy." Bolten said spending restraint and policies aimed at 
 bolstering the economy can wrench the budget onto a course to halve deficits by 2009. 

 I have an idea...    Since they're not hiring, 
 why don't you stop borrowing billions to give to the super rich?

 Bush Starts Digging for Dirt 
  The B.F.E.E. fights dirty, even for politics.

  Click  Here

 Operatives of the Bush/Cheney campaign identifying themselves only as 'supporters of the President' 
 approached several local workmen to ask if they had done any work at the Kerry/Heinz home. In one 
 case the Bush operative said," I understand they party a lot there." In this case the workman said he 
 had never heard about anything wrong going on there [the house]. Asked what a lot of partying meant 
 the Bush operative mentioned drugs. Bb.c is very familiar with the area, and is currently checking with 
 sources to find others who may have been approached. 

"I have long believed that if the Bush crowd could not get the president reelected on his merits of which 
 there are none, they would fall back on character assignation. This isn't new. One of the Right's tactics 
 if their candidates are in trouble is to get what they call '5-10% dirt votes' to win. It's not just presidential
 races. If a GOP Senator or House member can't get enough votes to win outright the 'dirt squad' 
 provides the margin with often made up dirt on the opponent." Said Bob Beckel. 

 The vulgar addict needs help catching his pills 

   Click  Here

 Hear the vulgar addict slur his words

 The Claremont Institute is proud to give Rush Limbaugh its Statesmanship Award at the annual 
 Churchill Dinner in Los Angeles on Friday, November 21. Limbaugh will be the keynote speaker; 
 fellow radio commentator Hugh Hewitt will serve as master of ceremonies. The dinner will be at 
 the Westin Bonaventure, 404 S. Figueroa Street. Reception begins at 6:00, dinner at 7:00. Business attire.

 To make a reservation, please contact Nancy Padilla at (909) 621-6825. 

 Will Rush be done with throwing up his guts by then?

 Report Fuels Calls for New Diana Probe 

  Click  Here

 A letter reportedly written by Princess Diana expressing fears that someone was plotting 
 to eliminate her by tampering with the brakes of her car brought the painful story of her 
 death back to the front pages Monday and prompted a call for a public inquiry. 

 Sure, it's unlikely, but then again, Chuck is the heir to the throne.  ...and like with the B.F.E.E.,
 there's no way the Brit CIA could arrange a murder to further their goals,  right?

 Subject: W quitting drinking 

 I read something about W flying a plane with a friend.  They were both drunk. 
 W almost crashed the plane during a landing.  He threw up all over the plane. 

 His actions were somewhat suicidal and even homicidal (if the friend remained in the plane). 
 This was supposed to be the turning point.

 I can't remember all the details; I read this a long time ago. 
 Does this ring any bells?

 Anne DV

 Anne, yes it does.
 The only thing I remember is the story was told by the pther guy in the plane.

 Anyone have a URL for this story?
 It might even be in the back issues.

  When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History 
  There are many differences between Hitler and the Unelected Pinhead

  Click  Here

 The 70th anniversary wasn't noticed in the United States, and was barely reported in the corporate media. 
 But the Germans remembered well that fateful day seventy years ago - February 27, 1933. They 
 commemorated the anniversary by joining in demonstrations for peace that mobilized citizens all across the world. 

 It started when the government, in the midst of a worldwide economic crisis, received reports of an imminent 
 terrorist attack. A foreign ideologue had launched feeble attacks on a few famous buildings, but the media 
 largely ignored his relatively small efforts. The intelligence services knew, however, that the odds were he 
 would eventually succeed.

 But the warnings of investigators were ignored at the highest levels, in part because the government was 
 distracted; the man who claimed to be the nation's leader had not been elected by a majority vote and the 
 majority of citizens claimed he had no right to the powers he coveted. He was a simpleton, some said, 
 a cartoon character of a man who saw things in black-and-white terms and didn't have the intellect to 
 understand the subtleties of running a nation in a complex and internationalist world. 

Saw it on Marty's E! Page

 A year later, Senate is a different place without Wellstone 

  Click  Here

 On Capitol Hill, the letters keep coming for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone.

 Jeffrey Levensaler, Wellstone's former office manager and deputy chief of staff, opens them at his condo 
 after he leaves work. Unpaid bills. Correspondence from the Department of Defense. Cards for the 
 senator's sons, David and Mark. Letters trying to influence votes, including a recent inquiry asking why 
 Wellstone still wants to tax estates.

"Some of it stuns me, that people in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are still sending Paul letters," Levensaler said.

 Nearly one year after the Minnesota Democrat died in a plane crash, Wellstone is hardly a forgotten man, 
 but the U.S. Senate is a different place, for different reasons.

 Subject: Pigboy advertisers and threats 

 Bart: Imagine my surprise this morning, when I got a phone call 
 from some guy named Brad from the Rush Limbaugh Show.

 This morning when I came to work ­ an hour early ­ and was surfing to Bartcop
 ­ as I am want to do. Via the link provided on your site, I sent an email with the following text.

"Do you really want a hypocritical drug addict pushing your product. You can do better than that"

 Rather tame, I'd say. Anyway, I was in our Tuesday editorial meeting, when I get a phone call 
 from Brad Glicklick from the Rush Limbaugh show.  He basically threatened me with "I'm going 
 to tell your employer that you are using the internet to send hateful email."

 Me: Go right ahead. I'll put you on hold so you can talk to him right now.
 Amazingly, when my boss went to answer the call, Brad had hung up.
 We are small weekly, pro-union newspaper. My boss hates Rush more than I do.

 ha ha

 The point: They are filtering out the email being sent to sponsors. And threatening anyone
 who doesn't follow the partyline and dares to send one from work.

 Steve G

 I wish they'd call me...

 The Emperor Has No Clothes

  Click  Here

 We were told that we were threatened by weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but they have not been seen. 

 We were told that the throngs of Iraqi's would welcome our troops with flowers, but no throngs or flowers appeared. 

 We were led to believe that Saddam Hussein was connected to the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, 
 but no evidence has ever been produced. 

 We were told in 16 words that Saddam Hussein tried to buy "yellow cake" from Africa for production of 
 nuclear weapons, but the story has turned into empty air. 

 We were frightened with visions of mushroom clouds, but they turned out to be only vapors of the mind. 

 We were told that major combat was over but 101 [as of October 17] Americans have died in combat since 
 that proclamation from the deck of an aircraft carrier by our very own Emperor in his new clothes. 

 It's no coincidence that the two front runners, Dean and Clark,
 didn't vote to start this senseless, bloody and never-ending war.

 I call on all four of these men to drop out and endorse Dean or Clark.
 And if you four want to be president someday - STOP kissing Bush's ass!


  Bush's Spending for Ex-Soldiers Not "Priority" Treatment

  Click  Here

 Two years ago, President Bush said, "Veterans are a priority for this administration... and that priority 
 is reflected in my budget." But, a year ago, when he had a chance to approve an emergency funding 
 bill that included $275 million for medical care of veterans, he said, "We'll spend none of it." 

 Now the President's 2004 budget request for the Veterans Administration will effectively cut spending 
 for its already-stretched health care system. Because of increased medical costs at an above-inflation 
 rate of 4.7% and increased enrollment of 8%, the American Legion calculates that Bush's 2004 request 
 "comes $1.9 billion short of maintaining an inadequate status quo."3

 Subject: Limbaugh's sponsors

 Hey, Bart,

 I took advantage of the link you posted, and sent Rush Limbaugh's sponsors this message:


 I don't understand why you wanted a hate-mongering, mean-spirited, God-mocking winger pushing 
 your products in the first place.  Now that he's turned out to be a hypocritical drug addict as well, 
 maybe it's time to stop supporting his brand of "entertainment" with your marketing budgets.

 I never use any product advertised on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  I go out of my way to take my 
 business to their competitors.  My resolve to make sure that none of my consumer spending in 
 any way supports keeping LImbaugh on the air has only become stronger as I have learned more 
 about who and what he really is.

 Stan S

  Remembering Paul Wellstone 

    Click to Order


  One day in 1994, Barbara Bush writes in she turned on the TV and  "suddenly realized that, with the 
  exception of Arafat, I knew every single person personally that I had seen on the tube during that hour. 
  That's the life that George Bush has given me. Amazing life. Lucky, lucky me." 
  --Michiko Kakutani,   Attribution

 Yeah, Lucky Barbara Bush - she married into Hitler's death camp money.

   The tramp has no conscience.

 Yahoo Finance Quiz

 For 1927-1998, during which kind of U.S.  administration 
 did the stock market perform best? 

, To vote  Click  Here

 If you read  bartcop.com  you already know the answer.


 Someone wrote to Sam (sam@bartcop.com) and asked if Bart was comatose.

 Dude, who do you think is putting out the page and radio shows?

 If this is one of those the-page-never-changes deals, empty your cache OR,
 you can always go to http://www.bartcop.com/back.htm

 Each day when the page goes up, it gets archived about five minutes later in the "Back Issues."

 Bush's Troubles Become a Liability 

  Click  Here

 Dave Boyd, sipping a Busch Light in his lawn chair as Rep. Jim Leach (R-Iowa) approached, was troubled. 
 As a production operator at an auto interiors shop in Iowa City, he worried about the Bush administration's 
 bid to revamp the nation's overtime rules.

"I think it would cut into our income quite a bit," Boyd said of the plan, which would make some middle-income 
 workers ineligible for overtime pay.

"I voted against it," replied Leach, who was attending the town's annual Columbus Day parade. "The theory 
 of those who advocate it is that it gives management more flexibility." But "lots of people would be affected 
 by it" negatively. 

 Until recently, few Republican lawmakers would be so quick to distance themselves from President Bush. 
 But the president's approval ratings have fallen sharply since April, the nation's job growth remains sluggish 
 and some Americans feel the nation is putting too much money -- and not enough wise planning -- into Iraq.

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Penthouse Magazine to auction
Mother Teresa's reliquary
Euro Disney takes a hit
And, Les Ch'tippendales

  Zogby (R-Forsale) has Bush at 50 percent



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  Media helping Bush to hide returning coffins
 Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins 
  Cowardly bastard hadn't been to one funeral of a soldier he got killed

  Click  Here

 Since the end of the Vietnam War, presidents have worried that their military actions would lose support
 once the public glimpsed the remains of U.S. soldiers arriving at air bases in flag-draped caskets. 

 To this problem, the Bush administration has found a simple solution: It has ended the public dissemination 
 of such images by banning news coverage and photography of dead soldiers' homecomings on all military bases. 

 In March, on the eve of the Iraq war, a directive arrived from the Pentagon at U.S. military bases. 
"There will be no arrival ceremonies for, or media coverage of, deceased military personnel returning to 
 or departing from Ramstein airbase or Dover base, to include interim stops," the Defense Department said, 
 referring to the major ports for the returning remains. 


 What is the president good for?    Nothing



"Why haven't Bush or tough-on-crime John Ashcroft, uttered a word criticizing Limbaugh's law-breaking?
  Why aren't drug czar John P. Walters or his predecessor, Barry McCaffrey, lambasting Limbaugh 
  as a menace to society and a threat to "our children?"

 Why aren't federal DEA agents storming Limbaugh's $30 million Florida mansion in a frantic search 
 for criminal evidence?  Why haven't federal, state, and local police agencies seized the celebrity's 
 homes and luxury cars under asset-forfeiture laws? 

 Finally, why aren't bloviating blabbermouths like William Bennett publicly explaining how America 
 would be better off if Limbaugh were prosecuted, locked in a steel cage and forced to abandon his 
 wife, his friends, and his career? 

"America's drug warriors are shameless hypocrites who believe in one standard of justice for 
  ordinary  Americans and another for themselves, their families and their political allies. That alone 
  should completely discredit them."
  --  Libertarian Party Press Release  Attribution

 I can answer those questions - because Rush is white, and everyone on that list knows that the GOP only
 goes after people of color because they are a party of racist thugs who want only blacks to go to jail.

 GOP = Racist bastards

  Joe Conason's Journal 
   Is Rush Limbaugh the newest member of the GOP Rat Pack?

  Click  Here

 On the "new" right, sleazy does it  No topic is better suited to the talents of Frank Rich than the tension 
 between Republican preaching about strict morality and Republican longing to be hip. In his Sunday essay 
 the Times columnist deftly satirizes the new GOP "rat pack" -- Rush Limbaugh, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 
 Bill Bennett and sidekick Jay Leno -- while noting that certain conservative Clinton critics seem to have 
 developed a sudden taste for sleaze. Rich acknowledges that the new pack may not live up to the old legend, but still: 

"If Arnold strikes some Rat Pack purists as a faint echo of Peter Lawford's immigrant origins, dubious father 
 and Kennedy connection, his movie career and sexual exploits both literally and figuratively outstrip those of his
 predecessor. Nor can anyone doubt that Mr. Leno, the official Schwarzenegger toastmaster, is a late-night wit 
 on an uncanny par with his antecedent, Joey Bishop. If only Rush had found a way to join the election night 
 tableau, it would have been complete: As we know from his brief but memorable run as a commentator on 
 ESPN's Sunday N.F.L. Countdown, he can be more out-of-it than Sammy Davis, the candy man himself." 

 Senate Expected to Ban Abortion Procedure Today

  Click  Here

 The Senate was expected to pass the ban on "partial birth abortion," today. With House passage 
 of the bill three weeks ago, the Senate's expected action today will send the bill to the extra-eager Bush.

 With Bush's signature, the bill will become - on paper, if not in effect - the first federal ban on a 
 specific abortion method since a woman's constitutional right to have an abortion was established in 
 1973 by the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade (news - web sites) decision.. 

 Two things:
 The religiously-insane GOP is going to decide ALL abortions are "partial birth."
 Women didn't seem to think this was a proiority in 2000, so many voted for Bush.

 This is Gore's fault. I know he doesn't know what a "bartcop" is, but he should've taken my advice.
 I said, during the 2000 campaign, that he needed to use the BIG hammer on this issue, but I guess
 that would've required some work on his part and I don't think he wanted to win that race.

 Someday soon, all abortions will be illegal and Republicans will have to fly their daughters
 to Montreal to "kill their unborn grandson or granddaughter." Women will ask, "How did this happen?"

 It happened because Gore refused to fight after promsing he would.

 Subject: Support for Rush's sponsors

 Send emails to Rush's sponsors, tell them they shouldn't have a heroin addict spokesman


 anti-VCR Alert

 Tonight, Rosie the Slut is on Jay Leno.

 She's going to say these three things:

 Bush is the greatest president in history.
 She so ashamed of Bill Clinton she can't hardly stand it, 
 andanyone who ever saw Siegfried & Roy live should thank their 
 lucky stars that Montecore didn't eat them right on the spot.

 Rosie, please retire to Switzerland and stay there, would you? 

 Please visit out sponsors

 The Sacrifices We Make for Bush's War


..and I plan to spend significantly 
  less time masturbating to internet pornography."

  Saw it on   http://genslab.com/

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 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
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 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 339  ....this issue it's  times 340
                                                                                                          They got one kill since last issue.
    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  134  135

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  1916  1927  we're about to break 2,000 wounded 
 for Bush's oil hunt and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Terrorism Incidents & Significant Dates 

  Click  Here

 Here's a tool to use to find terrorism incidents by date, country, etc

 Thanks to Harry Houck


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