Monday October 20, 2003

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  In today's Treehouse...
UK to humiliate mass murderer Bush 
No, Blair decided to chicken out
Pigboy needs help catching his heroin
State schools slide further into abyss
Pinhead's Filter Tips 
Talk to Rush's sponsors
Bush's Iraqi monkey trap 
Pinhead gives up masturbation
No-talent ex-comic runs for the senate?


Quote of the Day

"It's liberal's job to ask the hard questions. 
  Politely, quietly, and at the appropriate time, 
  of course, but you gotta ask 'em." 
  -- Alan Colmes, AKA as Hannity's Tool   Attribution

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Volume 1181 - Stacy's Mom


"We don't believe that freedom is America's gift to the world. 
  We believe freedom is the God Almighty's gift to every person in the world." 
     --Dubya,  Attribution

  But Smirk - if that's true, why is God denying North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, Sudan, etc etc etc.

 UK Protesters Aim to Humiliate Bush Like Saddam

  Click  Here

 Anti-war protesters plan to topple and dance on a mock statue of Bush in the center of London
 as part of demonstrations to "blight" his visit to Britain next month.

 Their re-working in Trafalgar Square of the famous humiliation of a Saddam statue in Baghdad
 six months' ago will be among running protests including marches and a mock trial of Bush
 planned around his November 19-21 state visit.

 Blair gets cold feet, cancels Pinhead visit
  People all over the world hate America's illegal dictator

  Click  Here

 Plans for the Queen and George W Bush to make a triumphant procession along the Mall during 
 the president's state visit next month have been abandoned because of fears of anti-war protests.

 The decision, taken by Downing Street after consultations with Buckingham Palace, the White House 
 and Scotland Yard, has disappointed the president and his senior aides.

 The procession is traditionally the public high point of a state visit. A senior Palace official said that 
 detailed plans had been made. "But Downing Street, anxious about possible anti-war protests from 
 the start, has now decided to pull the plug on it," said the official.

 ...or maybe the Brit's are just ashamed to pose with a mass murderer?

 The vulgar addict needs help catching his pills 

   Click  Here

 Subject:  Bush's drinking info

 Hey Bart,

 Speaking as a recovering alcoholic myself, I completely concur with your assertion that
 something awful must have happened to convince W. to stop drinking. 

 Dead hooker?  Hmmmm, I doubt it. 
 But like we say in AA:  "No one gets here on a winning streak."
 Keep the hammer swinging,

 TT, I certainly don't know it was a dead hooker, but when daddy's running the CIA,
 there are very few things beyond the reach of that bunch.

 States Suspend Prepaid Tuition Plans 
  America slides further into Hell under the Pinhead Puppet

  Click  Here

 A combination of rising costs and plummeting investments has forced several states to suspend
 enrollment in prepaid tuition plans designed to protect families against spiraling expenses at public
 colleges. Ohio announced last week it was suspending its program for a year because the state
 was losing money. West Virginia, Kentucky and Texas also have temporarily cut off new
 enrollment, and earlier this year Colorado halted enrollments in its plan completely.

 This is all on Bush, yet his approval numbers stay above 50 percent.
 Is America embracing war and recession, and rejecting peace and prosperity?

 Pinhead's Filter Tips
  by Mike Kinsley, part-time Democrat

  Click  Here

 To President Bush, the news is like a cigarette. You can get it filtered or unfiltered. And which way
 does he prefer it? Well, that depends on the circumstances. When he is trying to send a message to
 the public, Bush prefers to have it go out unfiltered. He feels, for example, that the "good news about
 Iraq" is getting filtered out by the national media. "Somehow you just got to go over the heads of the
 filter and speak directly to the American people," he said the other day. So, lately he has been talking
 to local and regional media, whom he trusts to filter less.

 But when he is on the receiving end, Bush prefers his news heavily filtered. "I glance at the headlines,
 just to get kind of a flavor," he told Brit Hume of Fox News last month. But, "I rarely read the stories"
 because "a lot of times there's opinions mixed in with news." Instead, "I get briefed by Andy Card and
 Condi in the morning."

 When you read this article, you get the impression Kinsley is back on our side.
 Did he get over his hatred for Clinton?

 Subject: Support for Rush's sponsors

 The Rush website is asking folks to send emails to Rush's sponsors, 
 telling them how they feel about their support of Rush and his lifestyle.

 I think that is a good idea, and that you should encourage it.



 David, good idea - I wrote:

 "Why would you want a heroin addict to shill for your products?"

 Rush's computer then said:

 Thank you for your comments! 
 They are on their way to the sponsors of The Rush Limbaugh Show


 The Iraqi Monkey Trap
   by William Raspberry, a African American who loves Rush

  Click  Here

 They begin by making a paw-sized hole in a coconut, then filling the coconut with rice. 
 A monkey comes along, sticks in his paw and grabs a fistful of rice -- then can't get his paw out.
 It screams for help, but it is trapped by its own greed - all he has to do is let go of the rice.

 Bush stuck its hand into a coconut called Iraq, grabbed a fistful of oil and control, and now is 
 finding it difficult to get out. It is trapped by its power and its greed. Now it screams for help 
 from the UN (which it had earlier dismissed as irrelevant and inconsequential). And all Bush
 would have to do is to turn loose some control, and it might be able to withdraw with dignity.

 But like the monkey, he places greater value on the war than freedom for the Iraqi people.

 Subject: Please explain

 Bart, you wrote:

> "It wasn't a visit to the Broadmoor, where the Unelected Punk
>  allegedly killed a hooker and stopped drinking."

 Killed a hooker? I thought I'd heard all the rumors, but this is new to me.
 Can you explain or point me to a reference?


 It's probably a joke.
 SOMETHING happened at W's 40th birthday party that made him quit drinking forever (they say).

 I'd guess most people who suddenly quit do so after falling down the steps, trying to rape a friend's wife,
 getting arrested for fighting, getting a DWI, losing his wallet or car, waking up with a hooker etc.

 They want us to think W just saw the light one day, but I don't buy it. I say something happened
 but we don't know what it is. Like everything in W's sheltered life, I'm sure daddy took care of it.

 Subject: Why?


 I would forward more of your talking points to my mom, but she would instantly
 discount you as vulgar and crass, which I am increasingly doing (particularly after
 hearing your uninspired and rambling radio clips).
 Thanks for running a free site,

 Seattle WA

"Profanity is a weak mind's attempt to express itself forcibly"

 I don't believe hard-drinking Churchill never cursed about Hitler.
 Besides, you weren't taxed for this - why do you feel ripped off?

 We've been over this so many times, I should bookmark the reply to save time.
 Jordan, do you or your mother subscribe to HBO? They use adult language, too.
 Have you even seen a movie that wasn't produced by Disney?
 Have you ever bought a rock n roll record?

 I don't compare myself to Robin Williams, George Carlin, Richard Pryor or Chris Rock,
 but I'm such a G-Rated angel next to their work.  The last Robin Williams HBO special contained
 a long segment on what we'll call, "oral sex," where Robin buried his face inside his elbow and
 made vulgar noises for quite a long time. Bill Maher did the same thing.  In the last George Carlin HBO
 special I saw, he said something or someone "smelled link an anchovy's c*unt."  Probably the funniest
 Richard Pryor line I ever heard was, "Can I jack off first?"  ...and we won't even do Chris Rock.

 ...but you and your mom think I'm vulgar and crass?

 Maybe you're very young and my Disney comments were right on the mark, but I'm living in
 the real world and I use the language that most Americans use.  Even Jay Leno is much, much
 more vulgar than Ol' Bart, but you're so convinced that vulgarity and crassness define who I am.

 Guess what - I'm not going to change.


  Minnesota man gets 'Roved'

  Click  Here

 A 25-year-old convicted drug dealer who has accused two Minneapolis police officers of
 sexual assault denied Friday that he is a police informant and asked his friends to stay by his side.
 His friends no longer talk to him.

 In an interview before the news conference, the Rev. Randolph Staten of the Coalition of Black Churches
 said that by publicly identifying Porter as an informant, Porter's life has been placed in jeopardy.

"What are the police trying to do, get him killed?" Staten said.

 Yeah, this guy got 'Roved.'
 According to him, when he refused to be a snitch for the Minny cops, they gave him some "Giuliani time,"
 and when he complained about being raped, they put the word out that he was a snitch to get him killed.
 Those Minny cops play hardball.

 But why do some cops enjoy plunger/anal sex with African American men?
 Did their wives all cut them off, leaving plunger-raping black suspects as their only sexual outlet?

 "If you talk, we squeal on you!"

Subject: Joan of Arcadia is magic realism

 I am a realist who believes religion is myth that preserves the memories of our ancestors in its fairy tales.
 Look behind the myth and we see the real.

 I love the television show Joan of Arcadia. Joan wants to use her talent to bring the people she loves
 together.   God tells her to build a boat. She does a lousy job. Then her crippled brother and cop father
 who are fighting work together to fix her boat, coming together like she wanted. Such sensitive subtly
 is a sign of excellent drama writing.

 What's the message? God is inside every living human being "speaking" to us with compassion of cooperation.
 Every person we meet is God. "Masks of God: Hero with a Thousand Faces" Joseph Campbell.

 God is only as conscious of itself as each human is conscious of their own self. God is all molecules
 that vibrate with eternal music permeating all things in the universe.

 Magic Realism is a way of seeing harsh reality with compassion rather than hateful cynicism. Magic Realism
 is a literary movement. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the greatest magic realist, was born in Colombia and won
 the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.

 He wrote "One Hundred Years of Solitude". Absolute genius. Joan of Arcadia has touches of magic realism.
 I also recommend "The General in his Labyrinth" about Simon Bolivar and also "Autumn of the Patriarch"
 about a nameless archetypical South American "dictator" who never dies.


 "for his novels and short stories, in which the fantastic and the realistic are combined in a richly
  composed world of imagination, reflecting a continent's life and conflicts"

 Simon Seamount

 The nation remembers Paul Wellstone 

         Click to Order


"Death Announcements are arriving almost daily for American soldiers killed in Iraq. 
  It's hard to put a weekly average on the number of dead because some weeks there 
  are no casualties. But by my unofficial tally, somewhere between three and six soldiers 
  die every week in Iraq. And yet, it often feels like the American public has no sense of 
  the steady trickle of killed and wounded... there are no images of flag-draped coffins in 
  this war to remind people of the human price being paid. That's because the media are 
  prohibited from filming or photographing soldiers' remains being sent home...
  Would the media give more coverage to U.S. fatalities in Iraq if we were allowed to 
  see the flag-draped coffins coming home?" 
      --Martha Brant   Killed in Action


"Sean takes a lot of guff for being brusque with me on-air, but it's all in good fun. 
  Off-camera, he's my staunchest defender. In early 2002 there was a memo 
  circulating around Fox suggesting that the show's title be changed to 
"Hannity and the Sad, Wimpy Little Traitor." I can tell you, that hurt a little. 
  But Sean rushed to my defense. 
    -- Alan Colmes, AKA as Hannity's Tool   Attribution

 Well of course he did.
  If Hannity had a real debate opponent he wouldn't look as good.

 Subject: Kobe talk 

 Bart, you wrote:

 > I have a question: Why is the physical condition of the accuser considered evidence, 
 > but it's illegal to try to determine her physical condition before she met Kobe? 

> If she had rough sex with three men in 48 hours, and the state is using her 
> phyical condition as evidence, why is it illegal for Kobe's team to defend him? 

 Bart, what in the hell are you talking about???  I am shocked that you would offer/repeat 
 a hypothetical > about her having "rough sex with three men in 48 hours," 

 Maybe you wrote this before the hearing, but they found Kobe's sperm (1) another man's sperm (2) 
 and a condom of sperm (3).  Apparently one of the three men had rough sex with her.
 How do we know who to blame?.

 but what makes you think it's illegal for Kobe's team to present evidence of her prior physical 
 condition to refute any claim that relates to her physical condition after the incident. 

 Colorado state law says her prior (possibly rough) sex partners aren't relevent. But the judge has
 ruled in THIS case he would allow SOME of her sexual history to come into play - he and Kobe's 
 lawyers have seen her medical file - maybe's there's something there.

> What Kobe's team CANNOT do is present evidence of  her prior sexual activity to excuse 
> whatever he might have done.

 The way you've worded that - I certainly agree.
 Nothing excuses rape, but let's be sure we have the right guy.
 Who's to say guy 2 or 3 wasn't rough? 

 They say Kobe's looking at possible life in prison.
 Getting the right guy (if a crime was committed) must be goal number one.

 Unlike the impeachment squawkers, 
 I'll admit I wasn't there when it happened.


 Naomi Judd will give you a Nancy Grace guarantee that Bill molested Monica.
 Can you believe she just stood there and didn't try to help poor Monica?

 My trip to the biggest gun show ever 

  Click  Here

 In Tulsa, anybody can buy any gun they want with no paperwork,  no background check - nothing. 
 You can be insane and a fugitive from justice and buy as many of these that you can afford. 

Marty's Entertainment Page
Henry Kissinger on Jon Stewart tonight!
Baron Dave Romm on the New TV Season
Pete Seeger, 6 decades later
LA Film Critics cancel annual film awards
No room for 'Boomtown' (hint - get rid of 'Miss Match')
Documentarian Ken Burns got married
Manute Bol, jockey
Chimpy's tripping tongue
Lava lamps are 40 years old
And a bunch of links

 The Truth About Our Good Intentions
   by Meline Toumani, AlterNet

  Click  Here

 These examples are, of course, just peace-time dioramas of the scenario taking shape in Iraq, 
 where, Bush told us in one of his recent stand-up routines, "We are helping the long-suffering 
 people of that country to build a decent and democratic society at the center of the Middle East. 
 Together we are transforming a place of torture chambers and mass graves into a nation of laws 
 and free institutions." 

 If we are confused by Iraqi gunfire, bombing and hostility toward our troops, we need only 
 remember how much less than a declaration of war it takes to make the recipients of American 
 aid disgusted with America. 


"I don't shy away from the word 'liberal' at all. 
  Liberal is something to be proud of."
    -- Alan Colmes, AKA as Hannity's Tool   Attribution

 But Alan, you say that as you surrender to hannity every night.
 Please stop saying you're a liberal - please?

 Subject: Marc Perkel 


 I found Perkel's comments on the Israeli situation thoughtful and not at all anti-Semitic. 
 A person would have to be insane to look at the last three years and say the policies 
 of Ariel Sharon have been good for the Israeli people or the Mideast situation in general.

 Phil Guinier

 Phil, that poses a great question:
 Should right-wing extremists get a pass if they're Jewish?

 Joe Conason's Journal 
 As military analysts reveal, the officer now in charge of finding bin Laden
 and Saddam is a Christian extremist who receives intel from God.

  Click  Here

 The higher he rises in national polls, the more often Wesley Clark will be smeared by
 Republican operatives who can depend on assistance from their friends -- and Clark's 
 enemies. Among the favorite criticisms voiced by conservatives is that Clark was relieved 
 from duty as NATO commander because he maneuvered around his Pentagon superiors 
 during the Kosovo conflict. That accusation probably won't damage Clark politically, 
 but various right-wing pundits are now feigning shock over it.

 Dennis Miller for the senate? 
  Could be - they elected Gov. Sexual Assault

  Click  Here

 "If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be elected governor of California, can former comedian 
 Dennis Miller unseat Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer? 

 Some Republicans in the Golden State think so, and quietly hope they can persuade the 
 sharp political wit - and registered Santa Barbara Republican - to take on the liberal senator. 
 Variety magazine reported this week that Mr. Miller has contacted California Republican 
 consultants to feel out a campaign.

 One California Republican political consultant called a Miller candidacy "sort of a cool idea," 
 and a state party spokesman said Mr. Miller's recent exposure as a Republican is 'a plus.'"

 Subject: NATO bases in Central Asia: Dangerous nearness of Russian and Chinese troops

 For the attention of: US Army Generals

 Dear Generals:

 As you know, recently Russia demanded to withdraw NATO bases from  Central Asia, 
 as they were deployed only for the antiterrorist operation in Afghanistan. The Russian Defense 
 Minister several days ago declared that Russia reserves the right to organize preemptive strikes 
 where it would deem necessary.

 Don't you think that Russian and Chinese troops, including commandos, are located too close 
 to these bases, and that they may try to capture NATO bases without the use of bombs and 
 other destructive armaments?


 Der Voron

 VCR Alert

 Robert Bianco, TV critic at USA Today, (whom I trust) says tonight's premier of FOX's Skin is really good. 

 Ron Silver ("Please Don't Hurt Us!") plays a porn mogul whose daughter is jumping into bed with the son 
 of the District Attorney who attacks Silver and his empire to further his political career.  Next week, Linc 
 from Mod Squad plays a drug dealer who makes it a three-way hatefest - could be good.

 He says the plot is "amazingly complicated," and fun to watch, saying the Romeo and Juliet team
 "make an almost impossbly attractive couple," which can't hurt.

 It's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who gave us C.S.I. and Las Vegas, among others.
 I'm going to tape it and see if he's right. 

 Please visit out sponsors


  With Ashcroft (R-Religious Insane) it's all about race.

  Pat Robertson (white) can threaten to blow up the State Department and that's OK,
  but this guy has dark skin so he's rotting in jail without a trial or a call to his lawyer?
  Ashcroft swore to uphold the law, but his religion makes hik break that oath.
  He should be removed from office for abuse of power.

At the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, France

 The Sacrifices We Make for Bush's War

George W. Bush- Presnit (Sick)
"Peace has proved elusive to men of faith in all ages. Whether the struggle be for our 
  basic freedoms, or one man's desire to be regarded by the world as something more 
  than a trained chimpanzee for the petroleum industry...and I plan to spend significantly 
  less time masturbating to internet pornography."

  Saw it on   http://genslab.com/

 Boston Public has hired Dennis Miller to do a three-episode run on FOX.   He plays 
 "Charlie Bixby," an arrogant securities-fraud felon, who's slumming at BP to avoid jail time. (In truth, 
 arrogant Miller is slumming at FOX because nobody else will hire him besides Leno and Bush's allies.)

 I'll watch it this coming Friday and give you a full report.
 Please God, make Miller read David E. Kelley's scripts verbatim.
 Kelley may not be on top of his game, but at least his references aren't from the disco eighties. 

 Between Barry Crimmins and I, we'll be able to tell you which lines Kelley wrote and which tired, 
 old, heard-em-a-thousand-times-before, same old crap cliches get snuck in by ego-amok Miller.

 Carnivale on HBO is a strange show.

 It's a show about a traveling circus of oddballs and freaks - but with space monkeys.
 Lots of telepathy, life from death, instant weather changes, miraculous medical cures, time travel etc.

 Is anyone else following this? 
 It's part Twin Peaks (they have the TP midget), part Jackie Collins and lots of  The Bible. 
 Last week, "The Church" called back a priest who's been talking to God.  He opened an orphanage, 
 but the crooked church can make more money using that building as a casino, and the priest refused 
 to back down (because he's getting direct orders from God, like Pinhead Bush ) so they (the church) 
 burned down the orphanage and cripsy-crittered the orphans who were left inside.

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 How to win:

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 PO Box 54466
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 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)
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 Subject: Dean meet up


 We had about 160 people show up at our house to meet Howard Dean.  I gave the introduction 
 which was pretty cool.  I had a "My wife and I are both political junkies; kinda like Rush" joke in there 
 but I chickened out at the last minute.  I really like Dean.  He never looks that great in the debates and 
 such but in person he really kicks ass.  He bashes Bush for fucking everything up but his solutions should 
 appeal to both parties.

 Everyone I know who's seen him is locked in.  I REALLY think he can beat Bush; I wouldn't be spending 
 so much time working for him if I didn't believe.  I am a Red Sox fan though so there you go....

 This is really the one big benefit of living in New Hampshire.  It's such a small state you can meet at least 
 one of the candidates in person pretty much every week.  Except Sharpton it seems.  I would love to 
 meet him more than anyone, I've signed up on his web site but I don't think winning NH is one of his priorities.


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 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 338  ....this issue it's  times 339
                                                                                                          They got four kills since last issue.

    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  133  134

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  1871  1916  we're about to break 2,000 wounded for Bush's oil hunt. 
 and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Terrorism Incidents & Significant Dates 

  Click  Here

 Here's a tool to use to find terrorism incidents by date, country, etc

 Thanks to Harry Houck


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