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  In Today's Treehouse...
Pinhead Heckled, Press Buries It
Moron to Veto his Own Bill?
Hannity to Replace Rush?
Bush Bought Coke at Dad's Inaug
It was Twenty Years Ago Today 
Anti-war Marches Planned, SF, DC
Bush's Bizarro World
Lie after Lie after Lie
Private Firms Guard our Military


Quote of the Day

"Why don't Bush and bin Laden just get a room? 
  Judging from events over the weekend, they need
  each other as much as they despise each other." 
    --Brendan O'Neill, Attribution

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Volume 1184 - Kicking the Underdog

 Thursday  October 23, 2003


"I was personally uplifted talking to him. You know, he remains an inspiration to me.
  This is me talking: he truly remains an inspiration to me. He has been throughout -
  I mean, way before this happened, and he continues to be, because he's like no other
  person I've ever met. He's confronting this challenge head on, and is determined
  to overcoming it and staying on top of it."
   -- David Limbaugh (N-Coattails) on how great the addict is doing  .Attribution

 Bush Heckled in Australia as Defends Iraq War

  Click  Here

 Heckled inside and outside Australia's parliament, President Murder Thursday defended the
 invasion of Iraq during a symbolic visit to thank Australia for its staunch support in the war on terror.

 "America, Australia and other nations acted in Iraq to remove a grave and gathering danger,
  instead of wishing and waiting while tragedy drew closer," Bush lied.


 Instead of going after Al Qaeda, the spoiled little boy wanted to settled old scores and steal some oil.
 After months of screaming "Saddam's going to nuke us any minute,"they finally had to admit
 that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, so why the hell do we have 340 dead soldiers over there?


 "Things in Iraq are getting better by the day.
   And that's true even if there is a car bomb this afternoon."
     --Richard Perle,   Attribution

 Bush threatens to veto bill providing loans, not grants, to Iraq
  If the B.F.E.E. has to pay it back, what's the point in stealing it in the first place?

  Click  Here

"Given the critical need, the administration strongly opposes the Senate provision that would convert a portion
 of this assistance to a loan mechanism. If this provision is not removed, the president's senior advisers would
 recommend that he veto the bill," Joshua Bolten, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said in a
 letter addressed to several lawmakers.

 The Senate and the House last week approved 85 billion dollars for Iraq in two different bills which must now
 be reconciled into one before being sent to Bush.  The Senate watered down Bush's request with an amendment
 requiring that Baghdad pay back half of the 20.3 billion dollars earmarked for Iraqi reconstruction.

 Before the war, Bush said Iraq could rebuild itself because they were an oil rich nation.
 Remember, the VERY first thing they did was have Halliburton get that oil pumping.
 After the oil was flowing into the B.F.E.E.'s pipeline, then they started protecting the people,
 getting power to hospitals and began guarding the museums filled with irreplaceable artifacts.

 Subject: Question?

 Dear Bartcop,

 If you are right and the right is wrong, why do they keep winning elections?

 Thanks, sucker.
 Aaron Partridge

 Aaron, the last presidential election we lost was in 1988.
 We won in 1992, 1996 and 2000, but in that case, the Supreme Court chose to intervene
 and go over the wishes of the voters to install the idiot who has screwed up everything.

 You should learn more about your history.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
Special bonus 'Disinfotainment Today' about the Bush-Nazi connection
The Hollywood Hustle by the Artful Dodger
Wanda Sykes on Jimmy Kimmel tonight
Peter Fonda - the newest star on the Hollywood Walk O' Fame
The World Awards
Bill Clinton in Madrid
Liza Minnelli losing 150 ugly pounds
No more Ghettopoly
Whiskey is flowing at Mt. Vernon, again
And, Porno Karaoke


"Stories reminding the public that the grandfather of George W. Bush and his United Trust Bank
  were cited by the US government in 1942 for helping Hitler under the Trading With the Enemies Act,
  have now spread widely through the major meda. What's going on here? Are these stories linking
  Team Bush to the Nazis irrelevant? Mere partisan politics? Or do they indicate a growing public
  concern with what is actually happening in Washington? Bush supporters deny his Nazi family ties
  have anything to do with Republican policies. Visiting the "sins of the father" (or grandfather) on an
  offspring has not been considered fair game in US politics. But after eight years of total assault on
  Bill Clinton and his family, one can only imagine the media frenzy had Clinton's grandparents been
  linked to the Soviet Union. Would Rush Limbaugh or Karl Rove have found such ties 'irrelevant'"?
     --  Harvey Wasserman & Bob Fitrakis,  Attribution

 Subject: 4 Anti-Bush stories on Yahoo News!


 Did you by any chance look at the Yahoo News Iraq page?

 The first 4 stories I see could have been written by you -- in fact their content was covered by you days/weeks/months ago:
 o Commander:  Iraq Attacks on Troops Up (AP)
 o Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins (W. Post(!!))
 o Case study: Iraqi civilian deaths (BBC)
 o Baffled Occupiers, or the Missed Understandings  (NY Times)

 It's nice to see that in a small way the mainstream press is catching up.
 I only hope that the general public puts 2 and 2 together and holds Bush accountable.

 What's that?  They're clueless?
 Well, I can dream, can't I?


 Hannity Takes Over
  Pigboy loses crown forever?

  Click  Here

 Lost in all the news of Rush Limbaugh's prescription drug problem is the incontrovertible fact
 Sean Hannity has now ascended to the prestigious position of the top national talk radio host on the air.

 Sean had been trailing Rush - 18M to 10M - in weekly listeners before Rush's drug rehab.
 But Sean Hannity is now the unquestioned star of the crucial talk radio universe.

 Rush's biggest problem when he returns is going to be the inevitable label of hypocrite.
 While he preached a "send them up the river" attitude toward drug users, he was using illegally obtained drugs.

 Limbaugh can do much to help address the epidemic of prescription drug abuse if he 'comes clean' about his
 years of abuse. But he will never completely resume his previous position as the top Nazi on the air.

 Chasing George W. Bush and the F-102
  In his own words, "I bought cocaine at my dad's inauguration."

  Click  Here

"The guy didn't even know how to start the thing," Evans reportedly said. "That was a bad omen.
 Finally we get it started and roll down the runway, and he tries to take it straight up like a jet!
 We go into a stall, buzzcrs are going off. I say, 'Give it some gas!' We finally get it airborne,
 and he decides he better turn around and go back. I can tell he's nervous, but he says,
 'Okay, Evvie, got it under control.' We come down and he lands half on the runway and
 half on the grass. And then he pats my leg and says don't worry, and he takes it up again.
 This time he's so scared he says, 'Hey, let's fly around Midland.' He had to get his confidence up.
 Somehow we got back safely. He's never flown again."

 Bush Bizarro World
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

  Spare me the crocodile tears about poor Rush Limbaugh, OK?  Here's a guy who's become a
 multi-millionaire celebrity by masquerading as Mr. Personal Responsibility and mocking the
 weaknesses of others. No sooner had Limbaugh been forced to admit he was addicted to
 prescription pain-killers--Schedule II  narcotics, incidentally, like heroin and cocaine--than his
 own words got thrown in his face.

      Discussing an NBA player's drug problems on TV, Limbaugh once said  that experts be
 damned, "I don't buy into the disease part of drug abuse.  The first time you reach for a
 substance you are making a choice."

 Lie after lie after lie
 WMDs: the deception that won't go away

  Click  Here

 But there is one deception that will not go away. What happened to the weapons of mass destruction?
"The intolerable reality is that they blatantly twisted intelligence information to fit preconceived policies,"
 said Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif. "They lied to promote public relations, from the Jessica Lynch ordeal
 to the president's campaign landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln --- and about what war would cost our country."

"Before the war, week after week after week, we were told lie after lie after lie," said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.

"The point is not that the president and his senior aides were consciously lying. What was taking place was
 much more systematic -- and potentially just as troublesome," writes Seymour Hersh in the current issue of
 The New Yorker, in a long, detailed account about our intelligence failures and the politically motivated
 "stovepiping" -- shooting unconfirmed intelligence reports, without analysis -- up to decision-makers.

 Among the horrific results, reports Hersh: "By March 2002, a former White House official told me, it was
 understood by many in the White House that the president had decided, in his own mind, to go to war.
 The undeclared decision had a devastating impact on the continuing war against terrorism. Bush took
 many intelligence operations that had been aimed at Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups around the
 world and redirected them to the Persian Gulf. Linguists and special operatives were reassigned,
 and several ongoing antiterrorism intelligence programs were curtailed."

 Bush 'Nazi' Smear Unworthy of Critics
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Those complicating facts don't absolve Thyssen or his American associates. The involvement of Prescott Sr.
 and other members of the American business aristocracy with Nazi-era industry was shameful, and in some
 instances illegal - and they knew it. Like so many Americans who made deals with fascist interests or lent
 political support to them during the 30's, those businessmen got off rather easily after the war. Most of them,
 including Bush, were permitted to keep the money they had made with the Germans.

 In America, the sins of the fathers are not held against the children, nor should they be.  Although the Bushes
 have too often lowered themselves into the gutter for political gain, that doesn't give license to libels against them.

 Anti-War march in San Fransisco and Washington this weekend

  San Fran Info   for transportation details, etc

  San Francisco Mass March & Rally
  Gather 11 am Civic Center

  Wash DC Info  for transportation details, etc

  DC Mass March & Rally
  Gather at 11 am at the Washington Monument in DC

  Take digital pictures, send your best ones to bartcop@bartcop.com.

 Subject: Your support of Clark and Dean

  http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/102003_beyond_bush_2.html               Half way down...

 On Oct. 7, Wesley Clark's campaign manager, Donny Fowler, resigned suddenly -- according to a CNN
 story the following day -- because his authority had been usurped by two insiders from Clinton's 1992 campaign.
 That Bill Clinton would turn up all over the Clark campaign is no surprise. The day before announcing his candidacy,
 Clark received an endorsement from Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel. Rangel, a black Democrat, is closely tied
 to the Clinton machine. Clinton maintains an office in Harlem. That being said, what has Wesley Clark ever done to
 endear himself to black voters? What was Rangel thinking?

 Bill Clinton is a member of the Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.
 Clark is a member of the CFR.

 Wesley Clark is also... (lots of compalins about Clark)


 Tom, let's try this:
 Take everything you said, assume it was true, then multiply it all by a factor of five.
 Now, compare that to four more years of Pinhead's death, destruction, war and recession.

 I say it's no contest.
 I want Bush gone.

Click to Enter


"BROOKS and RUSSELL each face a statutory maximum sentence of 60 years imprisonment,
  and a fine of up to $6,000,000. They are scheduled to be sentenced on November 25, 2003."

"BARTON faces a statutory mandatory minimum penalty of 80 years in prison and fines of  $3 million
 when he is sentenced November 10. ALALUSI faces a statutory maximum penalty of up to 20 years in
 prison and fines of up to $1 million when she is sentenced November 3."

"He also was sentenced to 21 years and 10 months in prison for illegal acquisition and distribution
 of OxyContin."

"A federal jury Thursday convicted Lockwood resident Jack Glendale Standley on two charges that
 he distributed OxyContin, a strong prescription painkiller, but acquitted him of two other drug counts.
 Standley, 72, faces up to 30 years in prison and a $2 million fine on the distribution convictions."
   -- what the non-rich, non-connected dudes got for what Rush did        saw it on Buzzflash Attribution

  It was twenty years ago today...
 Did Israel deliberately allow our Marines to die?
  (Melic - note there's a question mark behind that sentence)

  Click  Here

 A former Israeli secret agent says the Israelis had advance notice of the suicide attack that killed
 241 Marines in Beirut in October 1983 but withheld the information from the United States in the
 hope that the attack would poison American Arab relations.

 The Israeli government is desperately trying to block publication of the book,
 By Way of Deception: A Devastating Insider's Portrait of the Mossad, by Victor Ostrovsky which
 also says the Israelis are "actively spying, recruiting, organizing and carrying out covert activities mainly
 in New York and Washington, which they refer to as their playground."

 Time to Take Back Our Country
   bu John and Elaine Mellencamp

  Click  Here

 Before a single bomb was ever dropped, some of us, formerly called the "anti-American and unpatriotic,"
 have questioned or opposed this war.  Now, each day, as the dust settles and the truth slowly surfaces,
 more and more people come to the inevitable conclusion of what a debacle this whole war was.

 39,000 bombs later, no weapons of mass destruction uncovered, no dangerous dictators captured,
 no connection to Sept 11. What have we gained but relentless media coverage of a fallen statue and
 some stolen oil fields -- the spoils of this misadventure. Not to mention lucrative corporate payoffs
 and an enormous price tag of over 80 Billion dollars . . . some tax cut.

 But what have we lost? We have lost the lives of over 300 Americans.
 In total, an estimated 20,000 people have died, thus far, in this conflict.

 "That oil's mine!   Unka Dick said so.
   ...and the Democrats are afraid of me,
  just like Unka Karl predicted..."

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 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
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 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
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"To the Dittoheads, Limbaugh was the messenger of life's ultimate value. To be rich is everything.
  To not be rich is to be a loser. It's the Limbaugh attitude. Have you seen a picture of Limbaugh within
  the last five years in which he doesn't have a big, fat, obnoxious cigar in his mouth, arrogantly polluting
  the environs with cancerous smoke? He single-handedly brought back the tone of the Reagan years
  and made it OK to show intolerance for the poor, the weak, the infirm. He harvests all the heartless
  thoughts of a nation. He liberated intolerance in Middle America and put a fine point on it for the rich.
  He made it OK to kick the underdog."
     --Emil Guillermo,  Attribution

 Dude, Where's My Country?
  Excerpt from Michael Moore's latest book

  Click  Here

 "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

 Or ...

"He has weapons of mass destruction -- the world's deadliest weapons -- which pose
 a direct threat to the United States, our citizens and our friends and allies."

 One of those lies got a president impeached. The other lie not only got the liar who told it
 the war he wanted, but also resulted in huge business deals for his friends and virtually
 assures him a landslide victory in the next election.

 Sure, we've been lied to before. Lots of lies: big lies, little lies, lies that brought us down in
 the eyes of the world. "I am not a crook" was a lie, and it sent Richard Nixon packing.
 "Read my lips: No new taxes" wasn't so much a lie as a broken promise, but it nonetheless
 cost the first Bush his presidency. "Ketchup is a vegetable" was technically not a lie, but it was
 a good example of the Reagan administration's whacked view of the world.

 As the lies that led us into the Iraq War started to unravel and be exposed, the Bush administration
 went into survival mode with their only defensive maneuver: Keep repeating the lie over and over and
 over again until the American people are so worn down they'll scream "uncle!" and start believing it.

 But nothing can hide this indisputable fact: There is no worse lie than one told to scare mothers and
 fathers enough to send their children off to fight a war that did not need to be fought because there
 never was any real threat at all. To falsely tell a nation's citizens that their lives are in jeopardy just so
 you can settle your own personal score ("He tried to kill my daddy!") or to make your rich friends even richer,
 well, in a more just world, there would be a special prison cell in Joliet reserved for that type of liar.

 Letter to Rush's sponsors

  Subject: Tough Love for Rush

 I am a health care professonal with significant experience working with substance abusers.
 I understand how people become addicted to oxycontin and then resort to desperate measures to feed thier habit.

 Oxycontin can produce the same euphoric effect as heroin butthe street vallue of oxycontin soon becomes far too
 expensive for those of limited means to afford. Hence the transition from oxycontin at about $40 per pill to heroin,
 which goes for as little as $5 a bag in some communities.

 In my opinion, the only difference between Rush Limbaugh and the average, unfortunate addict, is the matter
 of Rush's wealth.    If you, his sponsor,  did not pour millions into this man's pocket, there is little doubt that Rush
 would be scoring heroin on the street, cooking it, and shooting  up.

 I strongly urge you to support Rush's recovery process by ending your role as enabler. Please stop supporting
 Rush's habit through your sponsorship.  Consider it tough love.  I will do my part. I vow to boycott your products
 until you sever your relationship with this drug addict.


 Rush's sponsors

 Since the addict's employees are screening out all non-ditto mail,
 you can write directly to his advertisers thru this list from TBTM.com

 Subject: Blaming God?

 Bart, you wrote,

 >Men lie for sex! God made us that way.

 Just exactly how does a non-existent entity, a figment of your imagination, make you do anything?
 If you suggest that God is a non-existent "invisible cloud being", you can't use Him as an excuse
 with Mrs. BartCop when it comes to lying about sex.

 Dennis C.

 It's my good friend DC from DC!

 Two points:
 We have to blame someone/something for our genetic makeup.
 Men didn't ask to be crazy with sex.  Men don't want to spend $50K on a red Corvette when we turn 50.
 Either God made men horny or Mother Nature did, it's a six-of-one type deal...

 Secondly, married men who don't cheat have no reason to lie.
 I haven't lied to get sex since I was eighteen.
 Good to hear from you, Dude.


"I was very tough on Bill Clinton. Much tougher than George Bush was in the words I used.
  I think I could justify it.  I've criticized Republicans before, and I've criticized Democrats.
  But let's not compare lying under oath, lying to a grand jury, the things that went on that
  were by the chief constitutional executive officer with the notion now we're getting, which is
  that relying on intelligence given to him by others constitutes a lie. This is a denial of the
  meaning -- the natural and obvious meaning of words."
     --Bill Bennett, (R-Whore) pretending he criticizes both parties equally  Attribution

 Questions on Cheney's Halliburton

  Click  Here

 "Although it initially appeared that Halliburton was gouging only American taxpayers," the lawmakers said
  in the letter to Lt. Gen. Robert B. Flowers, head of the Corps of Engineers, "it now seems that the company
  is overcharging the humanitarian Oil for Food program and the Iraqi people as well. This significantly
  compounds the implications of Halliburton's actions."

 Halliburton, which is paid a fee of 2 percent of the cost of the fuel it delivers, has strongly denied the accusation of
 overcharging, if not the pricing cited by the lawmakers. It contends that it buys fuel by soliciting competitive bids and
 that the high cost stems from the price of transporting and distributing fuel in a volatile country. The Army Corps of
 Engineers and the Coalition Provisional Authority, the American-led civil administration in Iraq, have so far stood by Halliburton.

 But Iraq's State Oil Marketing Organization is now importing fuel, too, and from the same countries nearby as Halliburton.
 An Oct. 16 fax from the agency to the House Committee on Government Reform, where Mr. Waxman is the ranking
 Democrat, indicates that the Iraqis are bringing in gasoline at a much lower price than is Halliburton


 The B.F.E.E., gouging on a global scale.

 Subject: Ann Thrax action figure


 Yes, but inquiring minds want to know if the action figures are anatomically correct.
 If they're not, what makes 'em an action figure....?


 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  times 341  ....this issue it's  times 344
                                                                                                          They got onekill since last issue.
    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  136  139

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  1934  1938  we're about to break 2,000 wounded
 for Bush's nasty-ass oil hunt and many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


 Is it anti-Semitic to demand efficiency and credibility in Israel?
 I think not -- especially when US taxpayers are footing a 9-million-dollar-a-day bill
 for a policy that is obviously not working.

 Yet when taxpayers and various members of Congress accuse George Bush of having
 a brutal and ineffective policy in Israel, Sharon lobbyists accuse these Americans of being anti-Semitic.

 However, when these same Americans accuse Bush of having a brutal and ineffective policy in Iraq,
 Afghanistan, Columbia, Africa and the United States of America, they are not accused of being anti-Semitic.

 What is the difference?  There is no difference.  A brutal and ineffective policy is a brutal and
 ineffective policy -- and we have the right to protest because we are the ones who are paying for it.

 Is it anti-Semitic to demand efficiency (and credibility) from our government?
 I think not.

 Jane in Stillwater

 Jane, careful when you ask a question like that..
 Melic will call you names, and she'll probably do it behind your back.


 If you have something important, something that can't wait, send it to Sam at  sam@bartcop.com
 She has my phone numbers and can reach me right away.

 (We're still getting mail to boxes like remindbart@yahoo.com that are no longer attended.)

 Can't get in the members section?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam at her new address.

 Have a good time today.


"Americans hold a deep respect for the Islamic faith. We know that Islam is fully compatible
  with liberty and tolerance and progress because we see the proof in your country. Terrorists
  who claim Islam as their inspiration defile one of the great faiths. Murder has no place in any
  religious tradition. It must find no home in Indonesia."
      --Dubya, Attribution

 The Islamic faith is tolerant, and progressive?
 The GOP isn't even tolerant or progressive.

  With Troops in the Mideast,
 Private Firms Must Guard Military Bases at Home

  Click  Here

 One of George Bush Jr.'s campaign promises was to "rebuild the military power of the United States,"
 which Dick Cheney claimed had lapsed because of "multiplying missions and unclear goals."

 However, Bush's multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan have overtaxed the military even more
 and now have led to hiring more civilian contractors for such basic duties as guarding U.S. military bases.

 Private security firms have taken over what traditionally was a sole province of the military.
 In a typical contract, Akal Security has been awarded $70 million to guard eight stateside Army bases.

 In Iraq, almost a third of the $4 billion monthly costs are going to private contractors. One foreign policy
 expert estimates the current Bush Administration has five times as many civilian contractors in Iraq as his
 father's administration did during the first Gulf War in 1991.

 Both Gulf Wars were started, intentionally, by the B.F.E.E.

  It's not the President, stupid
   by Jonah Johnson Goldberg

  Click  Here

 Presidents like to claim they "create jobs." Well they do - a few thousand of them, mostly around Washington, D.C.
 But they don't create millions of jobs in the private sector, at least not with any precision or in a way that can be
 replicated by flipping some job-creation switch. Even the New Deal was largely ineffective until the onset of WWII.
 What creates economic growth are billions of decisions all over the world, made according to a timeline that only
 vaguely coincides with the political calendar.

  Is LJB's boy right?
  If presidents don't create jobs, does that mean the Bush twins are just "unlucky?"
  If presidents don't create jobs, what's the real reason Bush gave our Treasury away to the super-rich?

  Only a Clinton-hating handjob could look at that chart and say "President don't create jobs."

Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Joe Conason's Journal
  If Karl Rove's 2004 media strategy is anything like the Pentagon's was
  earlier this year, you may want to get used to the term "President Dean."

  Click  Here

 For a preview of Karl Rove's media strategy at the 2004 GOP Convention in New York -- and a
 renewed appreciation for his "national security" campaign plan -- see today's New York Observer
 cover story by Ben Smith. Rove's choice as director of communications for the convention is none
 other than Jim Wilkinson, the flack who left so many reporters furious last spring when he handled
 Pentagon press relations at the Iraq War headquarters, U.S. Central Command in Doha, Qatar.

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