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  In Today's Treehouse...
Military Blasts Iraqi Homes
Report: Lynch not Raped
NYW Times Caught Again?
Hosting Lefty Talk Shows 
Bush Limits Queries
9-11 Panel Subs Pentagon
CBS Boss Donates Testicles
Chuck's Sex Scandal
The South and Glass Houses


Quote of the Day

"We were right to liberate Iraq with or without
  WMD'. A year from now I'd be surprised if 
  there's not some grand square in Baghdad 
  that is named after President Bush." 
   --Richard Perle, and he's not joking Attribution

   I agree with Perle.   If Halliburton builds "Bunnypants Square,"
   and American troops are told to guard it, 
   a year from now he could be right.

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Volume 1197 - Insurgents Rising

 Weekend,  November 8-9, 2003


"I worked for Colin Powell. I like him. I worked around Rumsfeld and Cheney when
  I was a White House fellow. And I never wanted to see America fail, no matter who's
  in charge. Like most Americans, I wanted that team to succeed. You know what?
  They haven't made it. They were failing even then. They're failing even worse today."
    --Wesley Clark, attacking the illegal B.F.E.E., yet sounding presidential   Attribution

 Military goes nuts - blasting houses in Iraq 
  Someone tell me how this could be worse for America's reputation

  Click  Here

 In retaliation, American troops backed by Bradley fighting vehicles swept through Iraqi
 neighborhoods before dawn Saturday, blasting houses suspected of being insurgent
 hideouts with machine guns and heavy weapons fire.

"This is to remind the town that we have teeth and claws and we will use them," said
 Lt. Col. Steven Russell, commander of the 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment.

 This might be the ugliest story I've written about in almost eight years on the job.
 If someone thinks they might've seen a woodchuck, we're blasting "suspected" homes
 to pieces and murdering anyone who had the bad luck to be inside sleeping that night..

 The whole world knows we have "teeth and claws," but it's too bad the whole world
 also knows we don't use them with any kind of discretion or restraint.

 In true Dubya style, they're not attacking the people who attacked us.
 They're attacking the people they can find.

 It's like My Lai, but with walls instead of grass huts.
 Why are we doing this?

 "War is good. The media loves me. I'm the man!
   This is my big chance!  I'm a big war hero!"

 Iraqi Doctors Dismiss Lynch Bio's Rape Claims

  Click  Here

 Iraqi doctors who treated former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch dismissed on Friday
 claims made in her biography that she was raped by her Iraqi captors.

 Although Lynch said she has no memory of the sexual assault, medical records cited in
 her book' indicate that she was raped by her Iraqi captors, Dr. Mahdi Khafazji, an orthopedic
 surgeon at Nasiriyah's main hospital performed surgery on Lynch to repair a fractured femur
 and said he found no signs that she was raped or sodomized.

 Khafazji, speaking at his private clinic in Nasiriyah, said he examined her extensively and
 would have detected signs of sexual assault. He said the examination turned up no trace of semen.

 Jesus, what a mess.
 Can't anybody get a story right when it comes to this woman?

 Subject: Jessica's "rape"

 You believe this crap!!?  The Iraqi drs. who cared for her said she was not raped.
 The people who are telling you she was raped are the same assholes who said she
 went down firing her weapon to the last bullet and all the other horseshit associated
 with this phony story in the first place,  and, all of a sudden -- on  this point but no other
 -- you believe these shitmeisters -- talk about an unnacountable misfiring of the synapses.


 Alto, you caught me - I'm a tool for the B.F.E.E.

 A pretty blonde invader/attacker was helpless and in the hands of enemy combatants.
 We should assume they treated her with integrity and dignity?

 Look at today's top headline:
 Our military is blowing up homes - in the middle of the night - of suspected insurgents.
 We play by those rules, but we should expect the invadees to treat lady POW's with respect?

  It seems we have three options:
I could go back in time, steal a million dollars, then put some Iraqi kid thru medical school
    and after he becomes a Doctor, be sure he's working that night when Jessica was brought in.
    That way, we could get a full and accurate report, but even then, we'd have to trust somebody.
    Right off, that doesn't seem to be the best plan.

I could wait a week between issues - that way the dust would settle and the lying whores
    could settle on what their story is going to be before any comments are posted at  bartcop.com
    This option is certainly more workable than Option One.

I could ask readers to understand that I can't see into the future.
    The reason you can claim you didn't "believe the shitmeisters" is because you didn't publish
    your reaction to the news of the day to be read by others, only to have the "facts" change a day
    or two later. It's easy to take the position, "I knew all along," if you don't publish daily.
    For all we know, Monday they'll discover proof she was raped, so all we can do is work
    with the "facts" we have.
    Which of these options do you think I should work on?


"For a $75 donation, the DNC will send you (Franken's) smear book. That's pretty dignified, isn't it?
  Why don't they buy Alan Colmes' new book, which doesn't smear anyone but puts forth the liberal cause?"
    --Bill O'Reilly, asking us to buy a book by a FOX News whore    Attribution

 Subject: Atheism

 Hey Bart,

 I think it's great that you're so open about being an atheist.
 I, too, don't believe in the Invisible Sky Pixie, and I somehow manage to lead a good, moral life.

 It seems to me that true Christians should not be wasting their time attacking you for your beliefs.
 They should be mad as hell at the Illegal Boy King for using the Sky Pixie to justify the slaughter in Iraq,
 the invasion of women's reproductive organs, and the theft of billions through war profiteering.

 You're not asking your Christian readers to convert to atheism, so what's their problem?

 I think people who argue about their religion being the "real" religion reflect the idea
 that deep down they're scared, and they wonder if they bet on the right religion.

 That's why "showboat" religious people claim they can't pray in school - that's simply a lie.
 That's why "showboat" religious people demand to be seen praying, so others can watch in awe.
 That's why "showboat" religious people demand that a shiny golden calf  be displayed at the County Courthouse.

 "I want that oil!"

 Gov't Warns of al-Qaida Cargo Plane Plot 

  Click  Here

 Homeland Security is warning law-enforcement officers al-Qaida may be plotting to fly
 cargo planes from another country into such crucial targets in the United States as nuclear
 plants, bridges or dams, an agency official said Friday night.

 Too bad America doesn't have some kind of home-based pilots that patrol the air with fighter jets
 that could shoot down attacking planes.  Yeah, one day we should get some of that, and maybe we
 could call it the Air National Guard.  That way, when Al Qaeda takes a few hours to destroy buildings
 and murder thousands, we could have these pilots go up and stop them.

 It's such a good idea, I wonder why nobody thought of it before?

 Subject: Jessica Lynch movie

 Bart, now that Jessica has stated that the movie is factually inaccurate
 is Fox News going to sponsor a boycott?


Marty's Entertainment Page
There's always tons of fun stuff there.

 How to be a Left-Wing Radio Talk Show Host

  Click  Here


 You can never be humble, although you must say you are. Always take credit as being at the forefront,
 if not totally responsible, for any positive change in the world. When anything happens as you have said
 they would, take thunderous credit. When things don't happen the way you forecasted they would happen,
 ignore it. And for God's sake, don't ever apologize.

 Bush Limits Queries From Democrats 

  Click  Here

 Bush, irritated by questions from congressional Democrats about how he is using taxpayer money,
 has developed an efficient solution: It will not entertain any more questions from opposition lawmakers.

 They said this would limit "duplicate requests" and help answer questions "in a timely fashion."

 It would also do another thing: prevent Democrats from getting questions answered without the
 blessing of the GOP committee chairmen.

"It's saying we're not going to allow the opposition party to ask questions about the way we use tax money,"
 said R. Scott Lilly, Democratic staff director for the House committee. "As far as I know, this is without modern precedent."

 Why is our side so afraid to fight back?
 We can't blame this on Bush - he's going to steal and kill all he can until someone says "Stop!"
 If nobody ever says stop, he'll continue stealing and killing like he's done for three years.

 Joe Conason's Journal
 Greens debate: Should Ralph Nader run in 2004?

  Click  Here

 The Greens have realized -- somewhat belatedly -- that the Bush presidency is unhealthy
 for their vital planetary concerns and probably shouldn't continue for a second term.
 According to Micah Sifry's report in the Nation, some Greens worry about the
 consequences of another Ralph Nader campaign next year -- and others even doubt the
 wisdom of any third-party presidential campaign in 2004 at all.

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 Subject: Truth is paramount

 Hey Bart,

 When you keep claiming that Jessica Lynch is a hero, you're going against her wishes.
 (And let's get it straight right here - I do not hate Jessica Lynch).

 Real heroes don't ask to be called that.
 That's why it was so ugly when Bush pretended to be a war hero on The Lincoln.

 According to Diane Sawyer, Lynch's book cites a medical record as indicating that Lynch was raped.
 I suppose these records come from the same people who Jessica says "made things up" about her
 being a hero, and her "rescue". And if Iraqis "broke her bones' and raped her, how and why would
 they take her to hospital, and risk exposure? If they hated her that badly, wouldn't they just kill her
 and get rid of the evidence? Who would have known what happened?

 Lynch said the Iraqi hospital personnel were very nice to her.
 Why would they fabricate evidence that makes Iraqi's look like murdering rapist dogs?
 Plus, "medical records" could've been from doctors on either or both sides.
 Hell, maybe she's faking the broken bones, too.

 Neither of us knows how she got to the hospital.
 I believe the ambush happened in town - maybe some neighbors came to her rescue.
 You seem to have a belligerent attitude against her, me or both of us.

 It's your coverage and opinions like this -"There are times when I don't want to be right"
 that make even your stoutest supporter doubt your judgement.

 I wrote that she would probably be raped by the Iraqi soldiers and that I hoped I was wrong.
 Why does that make you doubt my judgment?

 In this time of lies, when you put your faith (backed up by deeds) in people, you can only pray
 that they're honest, and deserving of your trust. I hope that of you.

 If I tell a lie, I'm sure you'll write and call me on it.
 Have I told lies?

 9-11 Panel Votes to Subpoena Pentagon 

  Click  Here

 A federal commission investigating 9-11 voted Friday to subpoena the Pentagon
 for documents related to the activities of U.S. air defenses on the day of the terrorist hijackings.

 The independent (Oh, don't get me started...) commission said it was "especially dismayed" by
 incomplete document production on the part of NORAD, the part of the Defense Department
 responsible for protecting North American airspace.

 Lee Hamilton will make sure we don't get the facts.
 Hamilton will steer this committee everywhere except towards the truth.
 He will cover for the B.F.E.E. no matter what it takes.

.... ........................................

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 Need sound clips, promos and IDs

 Please send in jingles and "Bart will be right back" - kinda stuff.
 Mick the Voice - I need all of that you can send me.

 Please send those to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 If we use your stuff, free membership is the least I can offer in return.

 Subject: Irony

 Hey Bart

 I find it grimly ironic that Bush Sr. won the first gulf war but lost the election due to the bad economy,
 and Dubya's going to lose the election despite a strong economy, because of the loss in Iraq.

 Keep Hammering


"President Bush is not the Democrats' enemy - he's our president. After 9/11, Bush didn't
  wring his hands wondering what America had done wrong to provoke an attack.' War was
  brought to us, and it's a war we have to win. We need to have bipartisan support for the
  war on terror...Our enemy are al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein"
    --Gov. George (Wacky) Pataki, attacking those who question the need to murder Baghdad  Attribution

 Hey Wacky, Al Qaeda and Osama are our enemies.
 Saddam was a former partner in B.F.E.E. crimes, remember?

        "My good friend, Saddam," Rummy says.

 We don't know why the B.F.E.E. made screwing Saddam a priority,
 but they've admitted it has nothing to do with 9-11.

 I'll bet if Bush would release Reagan's presidential papers we;d know,
 but the B.F.E.E. can't let the light of truth shine on their murderous past.

 Clark Says Bremer Should Be Replaced

  Click  Here

 What also set Clark apart from the Democratic field was his call for Bremer to be replaced by a
 non-American in charge of a new Iraqi Reconstruction and Democracy Council, which would include
 Americans and their allies. In his speech, Clark did not explicitly call for Bremer to be fired, but he did so
 during an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America."

 When Iraq has been plundered of every drop of oil, then Bush will allow the UN and NATO to take over.

A full service 24 track recording studio, serving all of your recording needs.
Located 20 minutes from Columbus Ohio.

 Here's a review bart
 Keep up the good work

 *** (Out of five)

 I find your layout simple but extremely effective and easy to read during breaks.
 As a moderate, I certainly enjoy getting a perspective that differs from the nightly news,
 but give only three stars because of the negative attacks and outlook.

 I'd like to see more proposed solutions and information on the candidates views
 rather than all out attacks constantly, and also notice you haven't been focused on
 the environment lately as much.


 Joel, with almost 1200 issues, I've explained my position on every matter except gerrymandering.

 As far as solutions, I've got 'em.
The BartCop Tax Plan would've fixed the economy years ago.
I figured out how to fix campaign finance, but it's too fair, so they won't have it.
I proposed a way to stop the war in the Middle East but religion trumps staying alive.

 I'd be happy to offer an opinion on other topics.
 I'm not sure about the "all out attacks constantly," because I get mail asking me to
 knock off the movie reviews, VCR alerts, tequila tastings, travel reports and the like.
 And working to defeat Bush is my way of helping the environment.

 CBS Boss Donates Testicles to Reagan Library

  Click  Here

 Subject:  Rep Pete Stark on CNBC

 I watch CNBC and they just interviewed Rep. Pete Stark of Calif. and boy did
 he light a fire under Bush's ass. Called him an "idiot" and some other names and
 said he's ruining the country. He was asked if we should be "patient" in  Iraq and
 he said "we could've been patient in Vietnam and we would have 150,000 names
 on the Vietnam Memorial instead of 50,000".

 One of the CNBC hacks, Steve Liesman (R-Filthy rich) was actually visibly offended
 by some of what he was saying. I wish I taped it because this is must-see... a democrat
 who doesn't wear a tu-tu.

 It was on around 9:10am (eastern time) Friday morning if there is some way
 you can get a hold of the tape somewhere.


I'm going to walk these boot right over
to bartcop.com and become a member
so I can hear  BartCop Radio

membership in  bartcop.com
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"You've got policemen and firefighters and people who wear our nation's uniform
  remind us what it means to sacrifice for something greater than yourself. Once again
  the children of America believe in heroes because they see them every day."
     --Dubya, evoking 9/11, at another campaign fund-raiser  Attribution

           "Worship me.
              I'm a hero!
           That's an order."


 If you want your website to get noticed, spend an afternoon in Manhattan.
 Every eighth building in NYC is under construction and all of the plywood has advertisements.
 If you Bartified three blocks you could expose Bartcop.com to around 70K folks in two weeks,
 which is how long it will take before your efforts are completely plastered over.
 Presumably those who like it will tell others.


 Thanks - I have half a mind to cover Nazi-Con 2004 in NY in September, 11 months from now.

 Prince Charles Sex Scandal

  Click  Here

 This is the first English-language website willing to risk the wrath of the House of Windsor
 Cashmere Sweaters and Leather Accessories Ltd., by publishing ALL the salacious, bawdy,
 erotic, smutty, pornographic, raunchy, shameless bedroom, bathroom, shower-head, maidenhead
 and bidet allegations about Prince Charles and his "squeezed toothpaste tube" servant slave that
 U.K. and U.S. papers are too wimpish to print!

 Subject: Double standard

 When the TV movie "DC 9/11" was filled with distortions, omissions
 and bald-faced lies, the apologists on the right said nothing.

 Now "The Reagans" comes along, telling the truth about one of America's
 worst presidents, and conservatives are whining that it lacks sufficient spin.

 This is moral relativism in its purest form.

 David ER

 David, it always comes back to the Democrats being unwilling to fight.

 Was the NYWTimes caught covering for Bush again?

 Bart, here's the text of an email sent to the New York Times today.
 Let's see if they reply...

 Dear editor,

 After reading the lead story in yesterday's online edition,

"Published: November 2, 2003 Associated Press
 Rescue crews at the scene after a U.S. Chinook helicopter was shot down  west of Baghdad on Sunday."

 I reviewed the story at the Washington Post and the LA Times online editions; and, although you shared
 the same wire story, I noted a difference between those two online versions and yours. The Post and
 Times omitted the following paragraph:

"U.S. troops told journalists to leave the area and confiscated their film as another military medical helicopter
 with a red cross sign on its side landed, sending up clouds of dust from the dry scrubland."

 Returning to the New York Times online version (50 minutes later) I found an altered version of the original posting,
 omitting the paragraph in question.

 Can you explain this, as I failed to locate online a notice of correction.

 Wild guess:
 Mr Rove called the Times, angry that they posted the truth and demanded they play ball.
 Since the B.F.E.E. owns the media, the Whore Times had no choice but to comply.

 BartCop reader Tristan has an art web page


 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was.. times 390  ....this issue it's  times 392

         Please vote for me.    I'm a military jenius.

 We're almost at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggle and Kill said, "Bring 'em On":  185  187

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2176     2195  wounded for Bush's oil snatch.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


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 Subject: Windows XP for Bart


 Jeesh! If Bart needs Windows XP software and can't afford it, let me know and I'll buy it and send it to him!
 Holy-Moly! All he has to do is ask, or make it known! Letting the sight go down because he's trying to cut corners
 by using a 'bootleg' copy is pretty lame considering the importance of what he's doing, don't ya think?

 Ya need to give' im a boot in the ass!

 Bob, if that's what you read on  bartcop.com  I'm the world's worst writer.
 (Well, that could be true regardless...)   I paid for Windows XP but I got a bootleg, instead.

 When Microsteal's patches wouldn't install, Marc Perkel discovered I'd been swindled.
 So I went out and bought XP and in a few days, we're going to wipe the C drive clean for the third time since
 April and re-install the dozens of programs that are needed for  bartcop.com and  BartCop Radio.

 Thanks for the offer.

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"There is freedom growing in Iraq.
  I was there for four months.
  I saw the economy grow.
  I saw the electricity grow.
  I saw the schools open.
  I saw the hospitals open."
     -- Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik,  Attribution

  Hey Bernie, how many flag-draped coffins did you see?

 How many kids will grow up without a Daddy because Bush couldn't control his oil lust,
 and the Democrats didn't have the courage to tell the Imposter President, "No!"


 Subject: The South

 Hey Assholes,

 I am a bartcop reader from S.C. and a proud democrat.
 I suppose you want me and others like me to stop reading your page.
 Stop with the generalizations (the South is full of toothless idiots) or you are
 no better than the pricks that make generalizations about all liberals like Rush and Sean Vanity.


 Pete, only one of us has launched a personal attack on the other.  Catching up on back mail, I got a LOT
 of these, including one from Australia explaining to me what the American South is really like.

 I guess you're right.
 From my moated castle estate north of Boston, I have no idea what Southerners are like.
 I really should stick to subjects I know something about.

 By the way, there's just one asshole here.


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.

 Subject: Bush and caskets

 In one of your recent issues i read that bush has not once visited the wounded soldiers
 or flagged drapped caskets.  I am trying to prove a point to a "friend" who is a diehard conservative.
 Do you have any articles on this if so can you send me the link I would greatly appreciate it.
 Tom M

 Tom, Bush visited wounded soldiers at Walter Reed long enough to pose for the photo op,
 but to my knowledge he has never attended memorial services for individual soldiers.
 I wish I had a link for you.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: when you live in a glass house

"...........those uneducated, backwards southerners......"

 Obviously, we don't have a monopololy on these folks.
 Take Bartcop, for instance............

 Pete McK

 No, I live in a moated castle estate north of Boston.

 Like with the Howard Dean "outrage," I just don't get this.
 Would everyone feel better if I said the states that Bush carried contain
 people who aren't smart enough to vote in their own best interests?

 Why are dirt poor people voting for tax cuts for Bill Gates?
 What should my attitude towards Dixie flag waving yokels be?

 If you said, "Oklahoma is full of uneducated, backwards southerners,"
 I wouldn't get mad because it's the truth. We send Jim Inhofe to Washington after every election.
 Jesus Christ couldn't beat Inhofe - even if he played football for the top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

 Are you angry people hung up on "the South?"
 Do you think Oklahoma is not "in" the South?

 Have a good time today.

 Sometimes the peach truck fails to start and you get a second chance.
 Don't waste a day - not one.
 And whatever you do, never quit!

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