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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster


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  In Today's Treehouse...
Paris Hilton beats Smirk
Senators got a briefing of lies
Arnold's power snatch
M Jackson finally charged
Gene Lyons
Smoking Joe Conason
Serial Killer Updates
Vulgar junkie is an Ape
Sex toys in Texas means jail


Quote of the Day

''If I had one wish, it would be that Bush and 
  his thugs be thrown out of the White House."
  --  Michael Stipe, to Santa, according to CNN

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Volume 1223 - Serving Frozen Turkey

 On the road,  December 18-19, 2003


"Is this about my illegal downloading of music on the internet?"
   --One of Dave's Top Ten things Saddam said when captured

 Lars, wherever you are,
 I hope you make a fat profit this Christmas.

 Paris Hilton beats Smirk in TV ratings
  Amazing, since she's not killing anybody

  Click  Here

 More Americans watched Paris Hilton on an Arkansas farm than
 saw Bush being "interviewed" by Diane Sawyer (R-Whore).

 Did you see the mugging bastard smirk?

 Sawyer quoted Bush saying "Saddam has WMDs," instead of "WMD programs."

 The Never-elected chimp smirked and said, "What's the difference?"

 He gets away with bald-faced lying because the Democrats won't call him on it.


"When Bill Clinton heard Saddam was found in a spider hole, he asked,
  'Was it big enough to have sex in?' "
     -- Craig Kilborn's idea of a funny joke

 Subject: Bush is killing America

 I am a Canadian fifteen-year-old belly dancer who has gone all over the world to competitions
 and last year I went to Lebanon and I've got to say: AMERICA IS VERY UNPOPULAR!
 It's a sad thing because your country used to be the ONE country the rest of the world would
 look up to - that was quite special.

 But now it's a totally different feeling I would just like to tell all you Americans that your
 government represents your country so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't let that murderer Bush
 drag America's admirableness down along with his ass: SAY NO TO BUSH IN 2004!

 And also, to the folks at BartCop: you are the smartest Americans I've ever met.


 Dee, we are doing all we can to wake people up, but Americans are very stupid.
 Bush told them Saddam caused 9-11, so they cheered when Bush raped Iraq and stole their oil.

 Senators were told Iraqi weapons could hit U.S.
  Nelson said claim made during classified briefing

  Click  Here

 U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said Monday the Bush administration last year told him and other senators
 that Iraq not only had WMDs, but they had the means to deliver them to East Coast cities.

 Nelson, D-Tallahassee, said about 75 senators got that news during a classified briefing before last
 October's congressional vote authorizing the use of force to remove Saddam Hussein from power.
 Nelson voted in favor of using military force.

 Nelson said he couldn't reveal who in the administration gave the briefing.

 The White House directed questions about the matter to the Department of Defense.
 Defense officials had no comment on Nelson's claim.

 With this never-elected moron, the buck always stops with somebody else.
 Since Bush is too cowardly to answer for the lies he's told that have killed so many,
 he just points to whoever is standing near him where we get a "No comment."

 ...and of course, the networks and talk radio would never ask Bush to explain anything.


 Tuesday on Dave, Barbara Walters told him that Siegfried told her that Roy Horn had a stroke onstage.
 Is this something the doctors discovered all these weeks after the fact?

 In the past they've said Roy fell, but this is the first I've heard of a stroke.

 ...of course, it's possible that Barbara Walters is just a crazy old bag.

Chickenhawk of the Day

Visit www.chickenhawkcards.com for your deck.

Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Schwarzenegger's power snatch
 "Crisis' means he's been watching the BFEE

  Click  Here

"I was elected by the people of this state to lead. Since the legislative leadership refuses to act,
 I will act without them," Schwarzenegger said in announcing the decision.

 The cuts, expected to come largely from social service programs, free up money for city and
 county governments that have lost more than $300 million since the governor voided an unpopular
 tripling of the state's car tax.

 Just like Bush, he causes the crisis, then has to seize power that's not his to seize.
 California had a surplus before Cheney and Kennyboy raped the state treasury.

 ...are California Democrats weak and scared like the Washington democrats?

 Subject: Wierd New Mexico Contrail

 Hey Bart,


 That wierd, rope-like contrail that you snapped a picture of in New Mexico COULD be
 made by the Aurora!  The Aurora is the 'top-secret' jet that may be the replacement for the
 long-retired SR-71...

Take a look at this website:

 http://www.parascope.com/nb/articles/auroraPix06.htm   look familiar? :)

 There's a lot of material about this "doughnuts-on-a-string" contrail phenomena on the web,
 the above link is literally the first one I looked at (no time this morning to hunt for a better site).

 Hope you and Mrs. Bart are enjoying your trip!

 Landon in Akron

 Subject: Bart, please post this

 Hey Bart

 I'm starting to wonder why you refuse to post any subject matter that isn't following
 the Israel ditto monkey line, are you  becoming part of the main stream media that refuses
 to allow another view regardless if its the truth or not?

 Just kidding I hope!

 The subject of Israel causes people to lose their minds.
 If I print anything about Israel, a hundred from each side bombard we with
"You're Sharon's Zionist tool"  or  "You just want more babies killed."

 Many of them send a 50K text message that starts with, "In 1947...   and they
 insist on a point-by-point rebuttal and there's just not enough time..

 Besides, at the moment I'm on a 21K modem, swear to Koresh.

 The Little Mud Village on the Potomac
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 But it's the behavior of those at the very apex of the media pyramid that's largely
 responsible for the decay of public discourse. Seemingly distracted by their own fame,
 Washington celebrity pundits increasingly substitute rumor, speculation, augury,
 soothsaying and mind-reading for news and cogent analysis of public issues.

      Consider the performance turned in by ABC's Ted Koppel as emcee of last week's
 New Hampshire Democratic presidential debate. Once a widely respected journalist,
 Koppel devoted, by actual count, his first nineteen questions to polls, personalities and money:

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 Serial Killer Update

 DC sniper Malvo Guilty of Murder in Sniper Spree
 Eighteen and life, you know

  Click  Here

 Green River Killer Sentenced to Life
 This bastard can't even ask about a parole - ever

  Click  Here

 Bush told to stop kidnapping, killing
 Judge: We have a Constitution, Smirk

  Click  Here

 Rush Limbaugh, The Neanderthal Ape
   saw it on Buzzflash

  Click  Here

 Using Rush Limbaugh's own methods of comparison,
 we thought we'd put together a set of pictures featuring him.


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 Did Richard help America re-think their racism?    I say yes.


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 Woman Faces Charge for Selling Sex Toys
  Welcome to Bush's "Less government"

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 Texas adult stores sell sex toys around the law by posting signs that say "sold only as novelties."
 Webb didn't do that and faces up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine if convicted.

 When will the religious insanity end?
  She's a criminal for having Tupperware parties with vibrators?

 What's illegal about owning or selling a vibrator?
 Your damn washing machine is also a vibrator.
 Should the Maytag Man (may he rest in peace) be arrested?

 What part of "sex toys" makes the GOP feel guilty and vengeful?
 Could a sex therapist write in and explain why a Republican feels slighted when he thinks
 a democrat might have good time sexually and he just can't handle bad news like that.

 Who Will Testify At Saddam's Trial?
  by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 An obvious prospective witness is Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who acted as a special envoy to Baghdad
 during the early 1980's. On a courtroom easel, Saddam might display the famous December 1983 photograph of him
 shaking hands with Mr. Rumsfeld, who acknowledges that the United States knew Iraq was using chemical weapons.

 If his forces were using Tabun, mustard gas and other forbidden poisons, he might ask, why did Washington
 restore diplomatic relations with Baghdad in November 1984?

 He might put former President George Herbert Walker Bush on the witness stand and ask, "Why did your
 administration and Ronald Reagan's sell my government biological toxins such as anthrax and botulism,
 as well as poisonous chemicals and helicopters?"

 ha ha

 That's why they call him "Smoking Joe Conason."

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 456  ....this issue it's  times 460

 Plus, at least  2595..... 2637  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

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 Bill Maher

 Bill was on Larry King Wednesday night.
 Bill said he could never run for office because of his stance on the issues.

"I think religion is bad and I think drugs are good,
  so I would only get 14 percent of the vote and I could never win."

 He is more pro-drugs than I am, which is a scary thought.
 He told Larry "all" drugs should be legalized.
 That sounds a little reckless, but maybe smarter people know more than me.

 But then a woman called in from Canada and she was on the verge of tears.
 Somehow, she credited Maher with turning her on to marijuana, and since she's
 been smoking some every day, she's no longer considered to be an epileptic.

 Dat's true, dat's what she said.

 I'm not a doctor, but it's obvious marijuana has beneficial medical side effects.
 But voters are stupid and scared and they can't stand the idea of logic entering into their lives.

 The same people who think Saddam planned 9-11, think marijuana is a gateway to heroin.
 Religiously insane Republicans don't want you to have control over your own lives, so they
 fabricate the lie that "God is angry" with people who relax with a plant He gave us.

 There's nobody on the Internet who can make a case that pot is as bad as liquor or tobacco.
 It can't be done.

 Has there ever been a case where a man smoked a joint and beat his wife or girlfriend?
 Has there ever been a case where a person smoked pot and got lung cancer?

 It's so maddening to live in the greatest country in the world, but we're also a country that
 sticks our head up our collective asses just to please the non-existent Invisible Cloud Being.

 What if you, the reader, had high blood pressure, and certain drugs could lower that pressure
 and save your life, but Invisible Cloud Being doesn't like Provistan, or whatever your drug is?

 You'd see the insanity if it was you, so why not see it for the other guy?

   Saw it on  http://www.freewayblogger.com

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 They're so afraid of Bush and Karl Rove, the American whore press won't even
 ask him how many times he's been arrested and convicted of a crime.

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When I contracted cancer, I learned how much other people care about me.
Having a life-threatening disease put an end to my fear of aging.
The enforced rest gave me the leisure to look at my life and then jettison the things that were causing me the most stress.
My appreciation of the small joys of life was greatly increased.

 MJ charged with child molestation
 Geragos mucho-vigaro on the defense

  Click  Here

 Geragos said something like: "The DA's office thinks we don't know what they have, but we do
 know what they have and what they have is nothing. This is simply a case of a shakedown artist
 meeetin up with an over-zealous prosecutor with an ax to grind against Michael Jackson."

 Geragos is/was on Larry King Thursday night, first time in a loooooooooong time.

 "Dat's right, he is/was."

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 The internet is all we've got. And consider how the bastard will govern when he never has to face the voters again.


 Where is Bart?

  I'll update when I get my pictures downloaded.

 The Turkey factor

 Bush says America's armed forces will turn over Iraq to the soon-to-be-dead locals by June.
 You see, he can't have our brave men dying every day as the election comes closer.

 Bush is like a really arrogant cook.
 He set up a really big extravaganza and invited every other country to eat some turkey.
 Trouble is, the other countries don't like his murderous ass, so most of them stayed away.

 Bush keeps saying, and the press keeps repeatiug, that 63 countries came for Thanksgiving.
 When asked to list the 63, they decline, saying the 63 can identify themselves if they want.

 Yeah, every country is eager to have Al Qaeda attack them. so that timidity gives the B.F.E.E.
 the freedom to embellish the numbers to make it appear as tho a "coalition of the willing" exists.
 Knowing how liars lie, I'll bet 50 of those 63 contributed a case of bottled water, thus enabling Bush
 to claim they "contributed," and that's why he counts them among the alleged 63 countries.

 Of course, Bush's good puppy press repeats that clumsy lie because they want to legitimize him.

 But here's the deal with Bush the Cook.
 He's so incredibly inept, he forgot to thaw the damn turkey.

 His lack of leadership, and his lack of planning has caused him to run out of time.
 Since he's out of time, the bungling cook has no choice but to serve frozen turkey to the Iraqis who are
 NOT prepared to run their own country. Bush will serve this turkey before its time because he has no
 other choice politically. He's going to screw Iraq further and get hundreds or thousands of people who
 want to be free so he can lie to America once again and say they are ready to govern themselves.

 But that's not even the worst part of this story.

 The worst part is the American whore media is going to go on and on and on about claiming this turkey
 was the best-tasting turkey in the world, ...so succulent and so flavorable and so perfect in every way,
 even though the son of a bitch was still frozen when he served it - and that pisses me off.

 I'm so old, I remember when Bush's good puppy was a government watchdog

 Strom the Rapist

 Catching more details about the Strom/daughter situation, they're saying Strom was 22
 when he got the 16 year-old negro housekeeper pregnant, which is probably statutory rape,
 but then again in the Carolina's - who knows?   Update: legal sex age was 14

 So his daughter was born in 1925, and a full twenty years after rapoing his housekeeper,
 he had the gall to get in front of a microphone (he called it "a machine") and say there weren't
 enough men in the US army to force "the nigger race" into Carolina restaurants and movie theaters.

 Apparently, "the nigger race" was good enough for him to force his nasrt penis into,
 but they weren't goof enough to sit next to him in a movie theater.

 I think it was ABC News Radio who flat-out said that Strom left the Democratic Party because
 they were pushing to hard for equality for "the nigger race." That's the same reason Reagan
 left, and Trent Lott and many other prominent Democrats turned Republican, so they could
 slow the progress made by the dark people.

 Hatred of blacks is the glue that holds the Republican Party together.
 They won't admit that - they'll say their glue is "less government" or "cutting taxes,"
 but seriously - when has a Republican ever told the truth about themselves?

 Hell, promoting civil rights is the primary reason Clinton was impeached.

 Lastly, wasn't it nice of the American whore media to cover for this raping segregationist?
 They always cover for the Republicans and they always make the Democrat front page news.

 Hold your head up.

 One day, when a Democrat fights back,
 if we can ever get the GOP into a fair fight,
 we will kick their lying asses back to Houston.

  ho...                         ho...                   ho...

Merry Christmas from the "on their knees for Dubya" brigade.

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