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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Kurds got Saddam -not US
9-11 was preventable
Halli serves 'dirty' food
Saddam caused 9-11?
Troops Denied Benefits?
Unsubscribe Mail
Threat level goes Orange
Is George Bush gay?


Quote of the Day

"I'll beat the shit out of them." 
     -- Wesley Clark, live on C-Span, when 
    asked what he'll do when the BFEE 
    bastards go 'McCain' on him.

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Volume 1224 - Kurds caught Saddam

 Back home,  December 20-21, 2003


"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that numbers of people
  all over the world have obeyed dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions
  have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the
  face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient
  while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running and robbing the country.
  That's our problem."
    --Howard Zinn, who I'd like to buy a drink    Attribution

 Report: Kurds Captured Saddam, not US
  Another Bush lie that the press went along with to prop him up

  Click  Here

 Saddam was captured by US troops only after he had been taken prisoner by Kurdish forces,
 drugged and abandoned ready for American soldiers to recover him, a British Sunday newspaper said.

 A former Iraqi intelligence officer, whom the Express did not name, told the paper that Saddam
 was held prisoner by a leader of the Kurdish Patriotic Front, which fought alongside US forces
 during the Iraq war, until he negotiated a deal.

 The embedded reporters went along with this week-old lie so they could priase Bush.

 Has the illegal administration ever told the truth - about anything?
 Bush got a big bounce in the polls for this "capture," and the dutiful Democrats praised Bush's "success."

 This week, FOX Whore News got on Madeline Allbright for joking that Bush might be lying about capturing
 Osama and now we know she was RIGHT - Bush had lied about Saddam, the son of a bitch.

 Lie after lie, week after week, and nobody calls Bush on it but a few websites.

 When is somebody going to call Bush on his mountains of lies that have killed thousands?

 Who said it?   And about whom?

"He's a deceiver, he's a liar, he's a torturer, he's a murderer.
  I can't imagine why he would change his attitude."

  Click Here

 Subject: Iraq reconstruction policy

 I continue to watch in amazement while the Bush Administration takes the public position that the
 Iraq reconstruction contracts will go only to those countries who supported the Iraq War, and not
 to Germany, France, Russia, and Canada who opposed it. And this is at the same time America is
 asking them to donate money and troops. America is going out of its way to insult those countries
 who they are also begging from.

 Besides - those countries aren't going to get the contracts anyway. Neither are the countries who did
 support the war. All the contracts are being given to American companies, like Halliburton,  who gave
 big campaign contributions to get Bush elected in the first place. Only Republican party insiders get
 government contracts. And I'm sure that France, Germany, Russia, and Canada already know that.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable

  Click  Here

"I don't think anybody could have predicted that they would try to use an airplane as a missile,
 a hijacked airplane as a missile," said national security adviser Condoleeza Rice on May 16, 2002.

"How is it possible we have a national security advisor coming out and saying we had no idea they could
 use planes as weapons when we had FBI records from 1991 stating that this is a possibility," said Kristen
 Breitweiser, one of four New Jersey widows who lobbied Congress and the president to appoint the commission.

 If the BFEE is innocent, if they didn't know the 9-11 attack was coming,
 why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial planes in August of 2001?

 With this never-elected moron, the buck always stops with somebody else.

 It's been 830 days since 9-11.
 Bin Laden is still free - are you?

Chickenhawk of the Day

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Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Marty's Entertainment Page


"It's probably time to call it quits. The US and the UK are so wedded to the idea that the
  Iraqis were hiding things that they are not willing to explore the possibility that they're wrong."
     --Hans Blix, who Bush and the networks (shame on Dave and Jay for piling on, too) and talk radio
        called "a bungler" because he couldn't find the WMDs that Bush and Cheney guaranteed Saddam had    Attribution

 Letterman continues his long, ugly slide into being an unfunny old man.  He's got a new bit he does now
 called "Clinton Classics" which he uses as an excuse to drag out unfunny blow job jokes from five years ago.
 Dave, you have twenty writers - can't any of them write new material?

 There was a time when Dave was on top of the comedy world, but now, like Leno, it's just one Clinton
 blow job joke after another because everybody loves the unelected murderer.


 Pentagon: Halliburton serving troops "dirty" food

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon repeatedly warned contractor Halliburton-KBR that the food it served to
 US troops in Iraq was "dirty," as were as the kitchens it was served in, NBC News reported Friday.

 The Pentagon reported finding "blood all over the floor," "dirty pans," "dirty grills," "dirty salad bars"
 and "rotting meats ... and vegetables" in four of the military messes the company operates in Iraq.

 Halliburton (R-BFEE) is screwing our troops and stealing those billions.
 Last week, Halliburton was given another $220,000,000 to screw our troops.

 Why is everybody taking this?

 The press barely mentions it.
 Talk radio won't ever mention it.
 The networks might give it 30 seconds and then drop it.

 ...and of course, the Democrats don't mind that the BFEE is making billions while screwing our troops.

 When will somebody stand up and say, "This horseshit stops now!?"

 Subject: Thank you

 To listen to all the stupid shit about not being a good american, blah, blah, blah, scares me at the amount
 of ignorance out there.Ask these same people about the constitution and they have never read it.

 Thanks to you and other folks on the web I no longer watch any main stream media.
 America is being sold to the highest bidder. Bush has only succeded to split this country.
 How will we get it back?

.When a man who talks to God and he is backed into a corner, look out.
 Will Osama suddenly be captured?
 Or will a little dirty bomb go off and a national emergency declared and the elections shut down?

 Before the illegal war I told people 6 months earlier there are no W.M.D.'s and we will go to war.
 They said, "Oh, bullshit."
 Now they ask,"How did you know?"

 I tell them it is a new concept I have come up with, I call it READING, dumbass.
 No matter what, keep putting on the pressure.
 Don't give up, don't give in.

 Thanks Again,
 Gary W

 Gary, I will continue the attack.
 I want the Republicans to know that their boy is getting rolled.

 Subject: Bart,

 Bart - for people like me, you worry too much.
 I very much enjoy your site, read it almost every day.
 Not only do I find it funny, but I also learn something.
 And this from a person who reads at least two newspapers a day and several other websites
 such as BuzzFlash and Smirking Chimp.  Plus, I get this great re-enforcement that us people
 on the east coast are not alone.  There are people with sense in the red states.  If I thought it
 was never gonna change, I'd move.  I may anyway if dim sum gets another term.
 Canada is looking better and better.  Funny, because we almost moved there once before,
 until my husband got a medical exemption from the draft.

 Have you noticed btw:  with Clinton they always broke stories on Friday evening when they were
 trying to bury something.  With the result that that would be what was covered on the Sunday talk shows.
 Rove has figured it out and he now breaks everything he wants emphasized on Friday.  So again this Sunday
 no one will be talking about Haliburton.  Remember they got the no bid contract supposedly because they
 were the only ones up and running and able to start immediately.  Oh yeah! They just forgot to hire a few
 accountants to keep tract of the billions.  And oh year! Brown & Root can't deliver edible food, and oh what the hell.

 So lay back a little, enjoy the vacation.   Once thing I have learned is that life is too short to sweat the big stuff,
 especially when you have done everything you can.  At a certain point you just have to let if go a little.

 My husband says hi, and best to Mrs. Bart, who sounds like a saint.

 Elaine, people have been remarkably patient with this radio project.
 If I could get everything working, it might even be a funny story to tell.

 Right now, the radio software in both computers is broke.
 I bought very expensive equipment hoping to avoid this exact situation.
 Nobody knows anything - Windows blames the sound card, the sound card
 people blame Cool Edit and Cool Edit blames Windows.
 It's a giant circle jerk and it's driving me crazy.

 Plus, there's nobody in Oklahoma with half a brain.
 Seriously, I may have to fly Tommy mack allllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back here
 and the worst part is it's probably just a switch that needs to be thrown.

 It's a Jack Daniels night for me.

Sent in by Flouzan

 Unsubscribe mail

 When a subscription is stopped, I usually send am e-mail
 saying I hope it was something I said, and not some dire
 financial situation the reader was going thru.
 In all but two cases, I've gotten:

 I wanted to let you know that the reason for me canceling my subscription was indeed lack of funds.
 My unemployment benefits are running out at the end of this year and the repulsicans have decided not
 to give any more help, so every penny counts.   I plan on re-subscribing as soon as possible,
 and I hope you keep up the good work to try to get the B.F.E.E. out of the picture.


 Got laid off in Sept (second time since Bush was appointed) if things turn up,
 I will renew,  sorry about that.  I am normally in tune with everything you say
 except the God thing, but I believe in each his own. Mine happens to be Catholic.


 Hey- no my dog, it's only temporary 'cause I'm switching banks!
 US Bank was fuckin' me so bad I had to get out of there.
 Back onto the $10.00/month in Jan, '04!

 No really it was something you said... you Bush Bashin'
 Hammer Swingin' Monkee Ass Kickin' Smartmouthin' Sonofabitch!

 Say it some more!

 ha ha

 But seriously, it's very sad and very touching to know that people who have lost their jobs are still
 sending money to bartcop.com   Please put lots of food on your family before you donate here.

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"It's unbelievable to me. He can't possibly have meant it. Because it means we can hit you
  if we don't like you. The administration is redefining its meaning of having stockpiles of WMDs
  to thinking about acquiring large stockpiles. His claims that there is no difference is disingenuous.
  But they're sticking with that position - that black is white."
   --David Albright, former UN inspector and a Washington expert on nuclear arms, on Dubya's response to
      a Diane Sawyer question about his claims that Saddam Hussein possesed WMDs, as opposed to the
      possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons:( Dubya's answer: "What's the difference?")

 Did anybody hear one elected Democrat call Bush on that crap?
 His deliberate lies have killed hundreds of brave Americans and when Diane Sawyer,
 (of all people) asks him about it, Bush gets snippy and the subject is immediately dropped.

 Where are the Democrats?


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 Surprisingly, sales of the last three Tommy Mack produced "professional" shows are in the dozens.
 You know what it could be?

 I'll bet it's the special Bill O'Reilly beatdown bonus.
 I think people enjoy hearing the smug-ass bully get kicked down a flight of stairs.
 Note: teh clumsy editing on the O'Reilly beatdown was me work, not Tommy's.


"The guy who gave the tip leading to Saddam's capture gets a $25 million award.
  The man's name is Hal Halliburton."
     -- Craig Kilborn,  Attribution


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"The Bush administration has been using cyberspace to make some of its own cosmetic
  touch-ups to history. White House officials were steamed when Andrew S. Natsios,
  the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, said earlier this year
  that U.S. taxpayers would not have to pay more than $1.7 billion to reconstruct Iraq -- which
  turned out to be a gross understatement of the tens of billions of dollars the government now
  expects to spend. Recently, however, the government has purged the offending comments by
  Natsios from the agency's Web site. The transcript, and links to it, have vanished. This is not
  the first time the administration has done some creative editing of government Web sites.
  After the insurrection in Iraq proved more stubborn than expected, the White House edited
  the original headline on its Web site of Bush's May 1 speech, "Bush Announces Combat
  Operations in Iraq Have Ended," to insert the word "Major" before combat.
   --Dana Milbank, White House Web Scrubbing  Attribution

 Saddam on Lips At Ground Zero

 Click  Here

 Here was a woman in the cold, Linda Jacobs, standing with her husband, Ken, from Newport News, Va.,
 and saying, "He probably did. Who knows. But he probably did." Her husband said, "Oh. yeah. He was in on it."

 A couple from Knoxville, Tenn., Elaine and Will, agreed. "I believe he was in on it on some level," she said.
"He was around there someplace," the husband said. Betty Hipp, San Antonio. 'Of course Saddam was responsible.'"

 When you own the networks, the newspapers and talk radio, propaganda is pretty simple.
 You tell the good puppies what to say, and they follow orders, and a nation is misled.

 If Clinton had this fawning major media coverage, we'd all have health care coverage, seniors
 could buy all their prescriptions with a $10 co-pay, and President Gore's Dow would be at 15,000.

 ...not to mention the tens of thousands of people who's still be alive since Gore has no oil hardon.

Thanks to DC Miller

Reminder: If you sent a sticker pic that I didn't publish,
please re-send so I can get it uploaded.
(If you sent multiple pics, I just grabbed the best one or two)


"We're totally screwed. The Supreme Court took the case to kill it.
  They did not take the case for any other reason then to drive a big spike through it.
  The outcome of this case is all but predetermined."
    --a lawyer close to the case against Cheney who asked to remain anonymous, on the
    Whore Court's decision to  hear an appeal from Dick Cheney, who for more than a year
     has been defying a federal judge's order to pony up documents about his energy task force

  They didn't illegally install the unelected moron so they could expose his secrets.
  They purposely ruled against Clinton in every case, just to screw him, and they'll
  rule for their boss's son every time his administration breaks the law.

 Threat level goes to orange
  Bush needs a distraction after phoney Saddam capture

  Click  Here

"These credible sources suggest the possibility of attacks against the homeland around the holiday
 season and beyond," he said. "These strategic indicators, including al-Qaida's continued desire to
 carry out attacks against our homeland, are perhaps greater now than at any point since Sept. 11."

 But Bush said Osama was "of no concern," and that's why he wernt after the "real" threat - Saddam,
 a trembling old man with no weapons of mass distruction and no means to deliver any such weapons.

 If the Al Qaeda threat is real, and they are preparing to attack us on American soil,
 why are half-way around the globe bullying third world countries like Iraq?

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 460  ....this issue it's  times 461

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2637..... 2657  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 Wounded Troops Denied Benefits?

  Click  Here

 Lieutenant John Fernandez, who lost part of both legs in Iraq, knows he can
 no longer be a soldier, but he's not ready to leave the army.

"I personally don't think it's right to be forced out of the - the military and all
 of a sudden be forced to live on half of the pay that I was getting," he says.

 Ryan Kelley, who lost his left leg below the knee, makes about $20,000 a year as a staff sergeant.
 Once he leaves the army, he will receive about $8,000 a year in benefits.

 $8000 a year and a kiss goodbye?
  For losing a leg in Bush's phoney oil war?

  Jesus, that's not even $700 dollars a goddamn month.

 ...for losing a leg on the battlefield?




  The only question you have to ask is: Would evil men commit murder to control the whole world?

  Saw it on  http://www.freewayblogger.com

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 They're so afraid of Bush and Karl Rove, the American whore press won't even
 ask him how many times he's been arrested and convicted of a crime.

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When I contracted cancer, I learned how much other people care about me.
Having a life-threatening disease put an end to my fear of aging.
The enforced rest gave me the leisure to look at my life and then jettison the things that were causing me the most stress.
My appreciation of the small joys of life was greatly increased.


"If something like 9/11 happens next October, it's a no-win situation for Dean or any Democrat.
 The president who has tried to stop terrorism is going to be reelected in a landslide."
    --Rush, the vulgar junkie, accidentally telling the truth

 Who knows, maybe Rush has been reading bartcop.com
 Without a doubt, this country is going to vote for the man they think will be toughest on terrorism.

 Bush has proven he's a loser against terrorism, that's one reason he attacked Saddam.
 He couldn't find the real terrorists, so he invented some.
 Rush, like me, suspects Bush will allow another terrorist attack to win election.


 "So close to Jesus, I'm still returning red lingerie he bought me last Christmas."
   -- the great Betty Bowers

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 To: bartcop@bartcop.com

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 Re: Details

 Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

 The reason it is being held:

 Post by non-member to a members-only list

 Either the message will get posted to the list,
 or you will receive notification of the moderator's decision.

 I forget what this is about.
 I might have visited some lib site late at night,
 but why would Ol' Bart need a moderator's approval since I only speak the truth?

 Right now, this raped nation needs more truth.

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 The internet is all we've got. And consider how the bastard will govern when he never has to face the voters again.

 Subject: Now you're talkin'!

 I'd like to order 3 cds of your radio show for my mother for Christmas.

 I read your website every day.  I've always wanted to send you some money
 (what a worthy charity!  Fuck Bush!) and what a nice way to support you and
 increase your readership / listening audience at the same time.

 Keep it up, Bart!


 Dude, thanks for that.
 I hope your Mom is cool :)


 Where is Bart?

  I'll update when I get my pictures downloaded.
  All my USB ports have stopped working.
 And thanks to allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll who wrote to claim
 I'd have no troubles if I had gottena Mac instead.

 Advice like that really comes in handy.

 Is President Bush a homo?
  saw it on BettyBowers.com


  Click  Here

.We at Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals have BASHed enough so-called "gays" with the blunt love of Jesus
 to know how to spot deviants across a crowded sale at Saks. Outside of Italian shoes, nothing sends up a
 rainbow-colored flare that you are dealing with a flaming homosexual more reliably than when a man breathlessly
 gushes the word "faaabulous!" When a Christian lady hears this word outside of her hair salon or florist,
 she instinctively reaches for the Bible tracts in her purse because she knows a nancy boy is within throwing range.

 New York Governor Pataki ("who is doing a fabulous job");
 Rudy Giuliani ("he's done a fabulous job");
 Colin Powell ("he's doing a fabulous job");
 Dick Cheney ("doing a fabulous job for America");
 John Ascroft ("doing such a fabulous job");
 Paul Wolfowitz ("doing a fabulous job");
 Ari Fleischer ("done a fabulous job");

 Follow Ups

 Strom the Rapist
 Catching more details about the Strom/daughter situation, she says she met him when she was in college,
 before he went into politics. When the CNN lady asked her how she reconciled the bigot, racist bastard
 with the father, she said he never talked about segregation or race hate until after he got into politics.

 Does that mean Strom was the first Rush Limbaugh?
 Did he figure out that he could make money by tapping into that famous Carolina race hatred?
 Did he use the race card as a ladder to higher office?

 MJ and Mark Geragos
 On Larry King, Geragos says he can prove Jackson is innocent of these charges
 because he has the "victim," his mothert and his brother all on videotape saying that
 nothing bad happened.  He also said in California, if you're caught in any material lie,
 the judge tells the jury thewy can disregard everything you've said.

 So, the video tape is calling the family that's suing a liar, not Geragos.

 BartCop radio
 Someone asked, "If I subscribe, do I get the archived radio shows, too?"
 The answer is yes.

 Hold your head up.

 One day, when a Democrat fights back,
 if we can ever get the GOP into a fair fight,
 we will kick their lying asses back to Houston.

  ho...                         ho...                   ho...

Merry Christmas from the "on their knees for Dubya" brigade.

 Subject: Stay on vacation-Issue 1222


 Issue 1222 - Bears overboard, was the best page I've seen you put out lately, thank you.
 Maybe the key is for you to stay on vacation so I can be selfish and have great pages to read.

 This is classic Bartcop,

 >Tom Daschle praised Breaux as a good friend whose strength was a willingness
 > to reach across the aisle on key issues.

> Oh Koresh, I can hardly stand the irony.
> If John Breaux or Tom Daschle ever says anything complimentary about bartcop.com
> I would feel duty-bound to end my life to give other Nazi-fighting websites more respect.
> Please, John and Tom, please never let bartcop.com hit your radar.

 Your faithful subscriber,

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