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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster


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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush: Mad Cow 'no problem'
Report on Wellstone 'accident'
Shevy: Crossing Bush
Clark vs Bush comparison
Winfrey (NC 5th) for Congress
How to make billions in Iraq
Woman arrested 4 nude pics
Reagan & Bush winked 
Rush vs Tommy Chong


Quote of the Day

"We need to be straight with people. When I heard
  someone say, 'There is a Code Orange, there is
  a high alert, but keep doing what you are doing,' 
  then why do you bother to tell us?" 
  --Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) Attribution

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Volume 1229 - Dopey Dicks

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  Tues-Wed,  December 30, 31, 2003


"The men and women in our armed forces did the hardest work. They deserve
  our immeasurable thanks. But we all played our part. By facing down the evil,
  the cowardly and the simply misguided, we have done a great good."
      --Andrew Sullivan,    saw it on Altercation Attribution

 Andrew, won't they let you in the GOP?
 Why do you stay where you're not wanted?

 Bush admin: Mad Cow "no problem"

  Click  Here

 Repeating their insistence that the U.S. food supply is safe,

 If only America had a free press.

 The B.F.E.E. guarantees you that Mad Cow is not a problem.

 But aren't they the same bastards who told the diggers at
 Ground Zero that the air was "safe to breathe?"
 They later said they didn't mean any harm, they just wanted people to get to work.

 The American press is nothing more than Bush's prison bitch.
 Let let him get away with dozens of lies per week, about life-and-death issues, not blow jobs.

 The press praises  The Fraud  because they can't face the consequences if they don't.
 They can make $80,000 with dignity and honesty.
 But since they can sell their souls to Roger Ailes for $80,001K, it's a done deal.


"If we had strong leadership in the Democratic Party, they would be calling those
  other candidates and saying, `Hey look, somebody's going to have to win here.
  If Ron Brown were the chairman, this wouldn't be happening."
  -- Howard Dean, criticizing Terry McAuliffe, for not intervening to tone down the debate.

 Since McAuliffe is Clinton's hand-picked chairman, isn't this another slap at Clinton?
 That may be the least-discussed aspect of this campaign so far - Dean's lurch to the left.

 Is Dean slapping at Clinton because he figured Clark has Bill's support?
 If Dean wants to out some distance (that's a guess) between him and Clinton,
 who or what is he movings towards - does anybody know?

 Is Dean trading the center for Nader's people?
 Is it smart to move away from the only two Democratic two-termer since FDR?

 Report on Wellstone 'accident'
  by Jackson Thoreau

  Click Here

 The latest NTSB report on the crash that took Sen. Paul Wellstone's life blamed the pilots for
 driving the plane too slow. The conclusion was especially disturbing considering the NTSB's own
 simulations, which included flying a plane at abnormally slow speeds and being unable to bring it down.
 That by itself should have forced consideration of other possible causes, such as an electromagnetic
 pulse device pointed at the plane by a right-wing operative,

 Would evil men killed to continue running the whole world?

 Subject: Your dingbat radio show


 I know you need more material because you can hardly get
 an issue out on time with that dingbat radio show of yours.

 The problem is not a lack of material.
 The problem is I'm an idiot but I'm still one of the smartest people in Oklahoma.
 Nobody in this Koresh-forsaken hellhole can connect a audio card.
 My talent is not technical, so I fly in techs from Los Angeles to plug stuff in.

 How many have heard you so far on the radio?
 About 15, maybe 20?

 From the feedback I get, I'd guess about four people listen to BartCop Radio.
 But dozens have subscribed, so who knows?
 BTW, the CDs of the shows are doing quite well

 Do you call yourself "The Liberal Radio Dink?"

 I call myself "BartCop."



 Mike Malloy is kinda like Ol' Bart, but armed with an extra hundred IQ points.
 When you're not listening to  BartCop Radio  you should be listening to Mike Malloy.

 Mike returns LIVE Friday Jan. 02, 2004!    Call 800-TALK-YES!!

 Subject: Mad cow


 Time to back off Bush and the Mad Cow matter.

 In Great Britain there were over 250,000 cattle found with Mad Cow Disease.
 Of that total the resultant deaths were unfortunate, but small at 156 deaths.
 With over 560,000 farm animals infected in Europe the death toll is only 217 people.
 Far more deaths were among other farm animals.

 You sound foolish when you run off at the mouth criticizing Bush who had nothing to
 do with this, you are opening the door for Clinton being blamed for the importation of
 cattle from Alberta, Canada and, most importantly, you are panicking the public and
 terrorizing both beef eaters and beef growers.  It is likely you alone have cost the
 Beef Industry over 3,000 jobs with your outburst yesterday.

 Pack it in on this subject or I will not believe anything you say again, and I have been
 one of your most avid backers.  I will not associate myself with idiots or terrorists so just back off!

 Tom W

 Tom is an Agricultural Epidemiologist specializing in farm animals' diseases and epidemiological
 communication of communicable bacteria, but I disagree with him on this subject.

 If that makes me an "idiot" with whom you cannot associate,
 I guess I'll just have to live the rest of my life with that burden.

 ...and your just back off! sounds almost like a threat.  I don't care if you have a doctorate
 in advanced ambidextrous masturbation, you don't march in here and give me orders, comprende?
 You can side with Bush on as many issues as you want - but I don't trust his lying ass.

 By the way, you forgot to say, "I was going to send a donation, but now I'm not!"

Chickenhawk of the Day

Visit  www.chickenhawkcards.com  for your deck.

 Shevardnadze's mistake: Crossing Bush
  Does Eric Margolis read  bartcop.com?

  Click  Here

 Eduard Shevardnadze, the 75-year-old strongman who has ruled post-Soviet Georgia's
 5.1 million citizens since 1991, was overthrown by a bloodless coup that appears to have
 been organized and financed by the Bush administration.

 Shevardnadze's sin, in Washington's eyes, was being too chummy with Moscow and
 obstructing a major U.S. oil pipeline, due to open in 2005, from Central Asia,
 via Georgia, to Turkey. Georgia occupies the heart of the wild, unruly, and strategic
 Caucasus region, which I call the Mideast North.

 When Dave told his super-lame blow job jokes (two of them) Monday night,

 ...did you think of  bartcop.com?

 Dave, fire your writers are hire new ones.
 Your terrible, unfunny material is pushing you out of the Top Ten.

Marty's Entertainment Page
'3 Stooges' marathon on AMC
'Twilight Zone' marathon on Sci Fi
Snow in Las Vegas
Eric Clapton & Ray Davies received royal honors
Angelina Jolie visited refugees in Egypt
An agile man
Britney & Christina trading insults
Romper Room, a Magic Mirror & a Don't Bee
A flexible woman
And, Dottie isn't a Corgi-killer - it was Florence

In the general election, the Republican attack machine will be in high gear, and their candidate
will come out swinging, with gloves off. Right or wrong - this is the exact reason why,
time and time again, the Republicans continue to dominate our nation's elections
and that, my friends is the reason why 5th district Democrats need a candidate that
isn't afraid to stand firm, and speak with conviction about common sense values.

Andrew Winfrey is the right candidate to stand up to the Republicans.
With his command of the issues, an unwavering spirit, and the ability to sway opinion,
Andrew is the right Democrat to take on the Republicans in November.


The Winfrey campaign did not pay for this ad, in case that's an issue.
He's a fighter (Marines, like Carville), and our side needs more fighters in DC.

 Clark vs Bush comparison


 On Leadership

"Leadership is about persuading the other fellow to do what you want him to do.
 We could do a lot better job of leadership if we work through alliances."
      -General Wesley Clark, Fortune Magazine, 7/29/03

"I'm the commander - see, I don't explain why I say things.
 That's the interesting thing about being president.
 Maybe somebody needs to explain to me why they say something,
 but I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation."
   -"President" Arrogant Bastard, quoted in "Bush At War," by Bob Woodward, 2002

 Thanks to Leah

 More, from allhatnocattle.com

 Top 11 reasons Condi Rice is ducking the 9-11 Commission
  saw it on    toostupidtobepresident.com

  Click  Here

 11. Threatening the commissioners failed.

 10. Afraid the Bible will burn her hand when she's sworn in.

  9. Might need to lie about sex with the President.

 A Christmas Confession
  Columnist repents, vows to stop killing Christian fundamentalists

  Click  Here

 I persecute Christians.
 David Limbaugh says so and he's famous radioman Rush's brother, so it must be true.

 The uncle of Dittoheads across the land came out with a best-selling book this fall titled
 Persecution: How Liberals are Waging War Against Christianity. Just to make sure
 you don't miss the point, the black cover features a photograph of a lion in mid-stalk, which,
 apparently, represents me, along with other sacrilegionists like Ted Turner and Tom Daschle.
 (Man, am I sick of always being lumped together with those two.)

 It's hard to believe, but David Limbaugh is more of a fraud than his brother.
 Say what you will about his Nazi bastard brother, at least he built his own empire.
 David wants a piece of that reflected glory, like Frank Stallone or Tito Jackson.

 Subject: Disappointed


 I lost all respect for you when I read you support Wesley Clark over Howard Dean.
 Are you crazy?

 Maybe instead of ranting about topics you are obviously ignorant on, you should take
 some time to read the positions of the candidates. Dean has the perfect strategy to put
 this country back in the hands of ordinary people.

 Clark is simply a semi-telegenic corporate sellout.
 Its no wonder the so-called "democrats" in washington you are always rightly ranting
 about want him to win the nomination so bad.

 Please correct your blatant ignorance on this issue before many others
 lose the respect for you that I have just lost.

 Thank you

 Hmmm, I think I'll answer this one on the radio.

 Subject: 2003 Political Dot-Comedy Awards

 I wanted to let you know that BartCop has once again been nominated for the
 2003 Political Dot-Comedy Awards. The category is "Most Entertaining
 Left-Wing News & Commentary," and voting is currently underway.

 You can view the awards page here:

 Congrats, and keep up the outstanding work!

 Dan Kurtzman
 About.com Political Humor

 Usually we don't put much effort into these,
 but it would be awful to come in dead last, which is where we are now.

 Subject: Clark vs. Bush

 A presidential candidate that the rest of the world could respect vs. the un-elected fraud who has pissed off the planet.

 A four-star general w/34 yrs service to the U.S. vs. a spoiled brat who didn't even finish his national guard duty.

 A man who came from modest means and worked for everything he achieved vs. the slacker born with a silver foot
 in his mouth (as Molly aptly describes him) and never achieved anything w/out the financial support of his daddy's friends

 A decorated Vietnam veteran vs. the rocket scientist who wasn't even smart enough to release the parachute straps
 before prancing around on the aircraft carrier.

 A West Point valedictorian vs. the boy cheerleader.

 A soldier hit by four bullets who taught himself to walk despite losing a quarter of his calf muscle vs. the dipwad
 who fell off of a Segway.

 ha ha

 The U.S. Army officer who placed finished first out of a thousand officers on a test to determine which officers
 could best predict future trends vs.  the dude that traded Sammy Sosa.

 An author of numerous articles and essays as well as two books vs. the anything-but-intellectually-curious one
 who can't....er....doesn't like to read.

 A man who at the age of 50 rappelled down the side of a mountain to try to rescue fellow Americans whose
 APC had slid off the road and exploded vs. the drunk who crashed into garbage cans before going in his
 fathers' house and challenging him to a fight.

 A candidate that speaks four languages vs. the candidate that can't even coherently speak one

 A man who holds masters degrees in philosophy, economics, and politics vs. the guy who said "I know how hard
 it is to put food on your family."

 The general who led the operation (with the cooperation of 19 other countries) to remove a murderous dictator
 without one single American casualty vs. the chickenhawk who babbled about a "crusade", cried "bring 'em on",
 while 456 Americans have died and thousands wounded in order to root a dirty old man out of a hole in the ground.

 A movie-star smile vs. the face and laugh of a chimpanzee
 Julie E.

 Woman arrested for publishing nude photos
  While terrorists are plotting, the cops are chasing nude women


  Click  Here

 Harrington, a wannabe porn star and nude model, notes on her site that, "I like being naked in public,
 I like it even more when there's alot of people there to watch." Other photos show her naked in a
 downtown Lincoln alley and topless on a Harley near a baseball field. Cops specifically charged
 Harrington in connection with the bar photos since they were able to confirm the pictures were
 shot in the Lincoln establishment.

 The Invisible Cloud Being must be very happy.
 His ugly human children live in horrible, disgusting bodies that must remain hidden at all times.
 The GOP is just slightly more tolerant than the Saudis on public nudity.

 The terrorists are happy that the GOP is obsessed with sex, too.
 If not for cases like this, and rooting around inside Clinton's zipper for ten years,
 the cops would have more time to chase mass murderers, but nooooooooooo.

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"The quality is so high, the others can only eat dust."
"A cultural touchstone - a true masterpiece..."

  That's what the critics said about The Sopranos first season.
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 because the host can't count.) all professionally mixed by Tommy Mack.
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 Nasdaq closes above 2K, first since '02
  Let's hear it for the monkey - he's caught up with his '02 best

  Click  Here


"I'll put my 34 years of experience in defending the United States
  against his 3 years of failed policies any day."
   --Wesley Clark, comparing himself to the unelected fraud.

 Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com


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 Reagan and Bush Winked at Hussein's Evil

  Click  Here

 The documents make it clear that were the trial of Hussein to be held by an impartial world court,
 it would prove an embarrassing two-edged sword for the White House, calling into question the motives
 of U.S. foreign policy. If there were a complete investigation into those who aided and abetted Hussein's
 crimes against humanity, Rumsfeld and George Shultz would probably end up as material witnesses.

 It was Rumsfeld and Shultz who told Hussein and his emissaries that U.S. statements generally condemning
 the use of chemical weapons would not interfere with relations between secular Iraq and the Reagan administration,
 which took Iraq off the terrorist-nations list and embraced Hussein as a bulwark against fundamentalist Iran.
 Ironically, the U.S supported Iraq when it possessed and used weapons of mass destruction and invaded it when it didn't.

 If only some Beltway reporter would ask this Illegal Administration questions about this - but they won't.
 They can make more money selling America to the super-rich than they can sticking to their ethics.

 Subject: Limbaugh's lessons

 Looks like Limbaugh is coming out against Law and Order.
 He sees the police and prosecutor as enemies, not as agents of society sworn to bring criminals to justice.

 If he believes he's innocent, he should cooperate with the investigation and trust in America's rule of law
 instead of crying foul and looking for a way around his responsibility as a citizen.

 Meanwhile, he's giving his followers some good lessons.

 1. Don't get caught (Watergate, Iran/Contra terrorist arms deal)
 2. Blame others if you do get caught ("I am not a crook" - Nixon, "not in the loop" -Bush Daddy)
 3. If you're a rich junkie, you can afford more justice than street junkies.
 4. If you're a rich junkie, you can command more sympathy than street junkies.
 5. Rules are meant for weak people, not powerful people.


 USDA Misleading American Public about Beef Safety?

  Click  Here

 It is not surprising that the U.S. has mad cow disease given our flaunting of World Health Organization
 recommendations.[1] What is surprising, however, is that we actually found a case given the inadequacy
 of our surveillance program, a level of testing that Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner, probably the world's
 leading expert on these diseases, calls simply "appalling."[2] Europe and Japan follow World Health
 Organization guidelines[3] and test every downer cow for mad cow disease[4]; the U.S. has tested less
 than 2% of downers over the last decade.[5] Most of the U.S. downer cows, too sick or injured to
 even walk, end up on our dinner plates.[6]


"The Army Times uses eight pages of its year-end review to run photos of all those
  who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan...The chilling photos run at a time when the
  government tries to describe the war as a civic venture, and nearly all of the news
  industry doesn't know how to object. This probably is the worst failure to inform the
  public that we have seen. The Pekingese of the Press run clip-clop along the hall to
  the next government press conference."
     --Jimmy Breslin, wondering what happened to our free press   Attribution

net job loss of over 2 million jobs

 The vulgar Junkie vs Tommy Chong
  by author unknown

  Click  Here

 Let's see, the family man without any drugs is in jail for ridiculing the drug warriors and using the
 wrong word to sell his wares; the loudmouth who has admitted to being a junkie for years and
 cravenly had his housekeeper illegally score drugs for him so that he wouldn't take the rap
 if she was caught is free to make a good living spewing right-wing venom on the radio.
 What's wrong with this picture? Would this have anything to do with their politics, you think?

Excellent toon by my good friend Tom Tomorrow.
(It's almost as if he's been reading  bartcop.com :)

Maybe the Deaniacs (not a perjorative) will say this is proof I'm wrong about Dean,
but what Tom is showing us is Bush's script for next summer and fall.

Bush IS going to say every word of what Tom wrote.
Tom's no idiot, he's got the Bush script down perfectly.

The questions is, ...after a few religious handjobs blow themselves up at
30 Rockefeller Center in New York or the Rose Bowl or the Sears Tower,
will America still trust their security to a "northeastern liberal democrat"
who Bush says  "...is probably going to surrender America to Osama?"

Bush and talk radio will say Osama is coming to your house to kidnap your daughter,
and "Howard Chamberlain" is going to appease him.

This is not Bart saying this,
I'm predicting Bush's campaign strategy.

If you say this strategy will not scare a lot of swing voters,
I hope you're correct.

 Dueling Quotes

"I wouldn't go to Times Square. That is my opinion. It is one based on
  the reality that the government has declared a Code Orange."
   --Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.), Attribution

"It's unfortunate that a U.S. congress- man has so little confidence in the world's
  greatest Police Department. We look forward to accepting his apology on Jan. 1."
   --Jennifer Falk, a spokeswoman for Mayor Bloomberg,   Attribution

 Hmmm, a smart gambler never bets that everything will work out perfectly

 Subject: Howard Dean

 Bart, you wrote:

> "Maybe it's buried in the mail, but I still haven't heard how Dean will beat Bush"

 Well to borrow an old phrase, its the economy stupid.
 Dean wants that to be the centerpeice of the campaign.

 He'll concentrate on bread and butter issues for everybody,
 even those rednecks with confederate flags on their pickups.

 Six months ago I was not a Dean supporter, but as his campaign goes on I see him as the winner.
 When King George starts talking about how well things are going on his little Iraqi oil plantation,
 Dean will hand him his head on the war wounded and dead issue.

 When Clark hemmed and hawwed about support for the war I knew he couldn't win.
 Clark has a real problem taking a stand.

 Michael H

 Mike, in my opinion Clark is the better bet.
 I see Clark as the best possible candidate because this election will be about fear.

 Don't you think Clark can use the war issue better than Dean?
 Clark has probably had men under his command die in his arms.
 Nobody in this race can out-soldier Clark, certainly not the illegal deserter.

 I'm greedy, but I'd like to see Dean's cards before I place my bet.
 Remember, Gore promised to fight, and then he went to sleep on us.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 469  ....this issue it's  times 478

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2679..... 2702  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 Subject: Tiger Woods

 Even though you try to insult Tiger Woods by demeaning him and referring to him as Tiger Woo  ,
 he has again been voted by his fellow players as the best golfer in 2003.

 The second half of your statement is true, but I don't "try" to insult Tiger Woods.
 I try to insult the Dallas Cowboys.

 If Tiger can't win a big tournament, I'm not a bad guy for saying what's true.
 The Tiger Woo   thing is from the Shaft movie with Sam Jackson.
 Sue him, he has more money than me.

 I am proud that he is a Republican and a conservative black man like me,
 J. C. Watts, (R-Had white women)
 Dr. Wayne Williams, (R-Serial killer of young Atlanta boys)
 Larry Elder, (R-Not on my Radar)
 Justice Clarence Thomas, (R-Appointed, Unqualified)
 Thomas Sowell, (R-Whore, Tom, Slut)
 Ken Hamblin (R-Wears a hat?) and so many other thinking (ha ha) black men and women.

 Yeah, what are they thinking?
 Could any of them go ten minutes in a live chat room with Ol' Bart?
 Far as I know, I've never actually seen mincemeat, but I know how to make some.

 We are a rapidly growing factor in national elections.
 Black citizens are tired of the lies and lip service of insincere Democrats.
 Josiah Johnson

 I doubt you're a black man named Josiah Johnson.
 I think you're a stalker with a sore, red-ass who can't accept defeat.

 How could you respect Uncle Tom B.F.E.E. payrollees who sell out their race?
 Did you get a good price when you sold out?

 PS. You forgot to mention Dr. Rice and her "acheivements" in foreign policy.
        What is the latest figure, 478 dead?

 Nation Amps Up New Year's Eve Security


  Click  Here

 Security will be extra tight at this year's New Year's celebrations around the country,
 with military helicopters patrolling over the Rose Parade, Times Square and the Las Vegas Strip.

 Jerry Bussell, Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn's adviser on homeland security, said military helicopters
 will also be used in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington and other cities with big outdoor gatherings.

"These aircraft are equipped to dismantle or disrupt any kind of ground attack, and also other aircraft
 that would attempt to fly into our airspace," said Bill Young, the sheriff in Las Vegas.

 This "dismantle or disrupt" technology - is that how we lost Wellstone?
 Remember, Bush was about to start a war that Wellstone would've fought tooth and nail to stop.
 Now, Minnesota has a Bush-qualified handjob for a senator, elected by Diebold.

 December sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com    PO Box 54466    Tulsa, OK 74155
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 Send sticker pics to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 Subject: Celia Cruz

 Bart --

 Obviously, in podunk, OK, she's no big deal.
 Here in South Florida, when she died it was practically like John Lennon being shot.

 Which makes sense, after a fashion.
 Celia Cruz was to Latin music what the Beatles were to rock'n'roll or Son House was to the blues.
 She was that big.
 Everywhere in the Americas south of, oh, say North Texas or so, down to the tip of Chile,
 they were sobbing heavily when she died.

 So, I'd actually say that, depending on your perspective, she was actually BIGGER than Hope or Hepburn.
 Music junkie and fellow pulling-my-hair-out-because-so-few-see-the-truth liberal,
 Dan S

 My small brain can't hold that much information on South Florida/South American salsa superstars.

 2003 in review: Bush claim vs. Bush fact
    saw it on smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here


 White House Claim: "President Bush's economic leadership is producing positive results."

 Fact: "More than 2.2 million jobs have been lost since Bush took office. Bush is still on pace
 to be the first president since Herbert Hoover to have a net job loss over his four year term."
      - BLS Data

 Who Made The AA 'Put' Options The Days Prior To 911?
  saw it on  rense.com

  Click  Here

 Can we all unite on a single task: finding out who placed the orders for the "put" options in the days immediately before 9/11?

 Discovering the names of those who apparently had prior knowledge of 9/11 as indicated by their "savvy" bets on the fortunes
 of United and American airlines are a necessary first step toward interrogating these individuals to find out where they got their
 information, something the law enforcement community should be doing but obviously isn't.

 I'm the last guy who knows anything about stocks - before you get to the Monkey President, (and don't assume I know
 what I'm talking about here - this is just a guess) but the phrase,"Don't sell him short," means you better not try to
 make a profit on his failure because he's just as likely to succeed and then you'd lose all your money..

 Rumors say groups of people bet heavily, just before 9-11, that stock in United and American Airlines was about to
 fall like a safe - and right after 9-11 they did, so if we find out who placed the "short bets" we'll know who had advance
 knowledge of the attacks.

 Far as I know, this is just rumor, or it could be a fact that Bush is withholding from the 9-11 Commission.
 I don't want to pick a fight with Rense.com, but they go farther than I do and I only go as far as I think the
 evidence leads us.   When Poppy Bush pardons Reagan's cabinet over Iran-Contra, we don't know that they
 covered up global crimes on a massive scale, but the fact is that he pardoned them before the trial, which
 prevented the truth from coming out makes me wonder what undiscovered truths Bush had to hide.

 Each time Bush stonewalls the 9-11 Commission (or pretends to) it makes me wonder what he's hiding.
 These stock questions might be answered by public record or it might take a subpoena, but either way
 Ashcroft has no Constitutional restraints so he knows the truth about these "put" options but he so far
 has chosen not to level with the voters about the real happenings on 9-11.

 That makes me suspicious.
 Our government is lying to us about life-and-death matters.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

  FBI: Almanacs can be a terror tool

  Click  Here

 In a bulletin sent Christmas Eve to about 18,000 police organizations, the FBI said
 terrorists may use almanacs "to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning."

 Make them stop!!

 What if terrorists use forks and spoons in their planning - should we watch for those, too?
 What if we spot someone with a yellow pad and a Bic pen?
 Those can be used to plot terror attacks, you know.

 Koresh forbid, what if we see "one of them" using a pay phone?
 he might be talking to bin laden in his cave.

 Should we bother to call Tom Ridge?
 Or should we just take him out ourselves?

 Your "Mad Cow" misconceptions

  Click  Here

 I haven't read this yet, but my misconceptions are based on Bush's never-ending lies.
 If you can set my mind at ease, you have some true magic working...

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 No wonder subscriptions are down!

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 Ashcroft removes himself from CIA leak probe

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 John Ashcroft removed himself Tuesday from the investigation into whether the
 Bush administration leaked a CIA operative's name to a Bob Novak, and a career
 federal prosecutor from Chicago was named as special counsel to take over.

 After six months of steering it into a ditch, Crofty steps aside so a GOP stalwart
 who owes the B.F.E.E. a favor can get into a serious investigation that involves his boss?

 And poor Lee Hamilton - he can only whitewash one Bush crime spree at a time.

 Subject: Happy New Year

 Hi Bart,

 How goes it?
 Saw yesterday's USA Today's cover story on "bloggers" and fully expected to read about you.
 I would have thought that Bartcop would have been mentioned.

 With my big ego, I expected so see  bartcop.com  in that article, but I'm still unworthy of any press mention.
 I am still an obscure, unknown, what's-a-bartcop? nobody.
 Apparently fighting back isn't in style these days.

 So-o-o,  things sure are weird politically these days, arent' they.
 Dean looks like a real loose cannon and Rush has made a real fool of himself.
 What next?!

 I think Dean is getting smarter with every misstep, something Bush is unable to do.

 Hope all is well.
 Did you ever get your radio show up and running?

 Yes, sort of.
 We have 23 shows online, but if my super-expensive equipment worked, we would have 123 shows.
 I'm going to buy another computer and use it just for the radio show.

 I hope 2004 is a good one for you and yours.

 Kathleen, I expect 2004 to be the best year I've ever had.  I may have to fly Tommy Mack (D-Magician)
 here every damn month, but we're going to get past these radio troubles and make BartCop Radio a success.

 I would give anything for equipment that worked.

 Hundreds of radio hours have been lost that we can't ever get back.
 I've had four virtual techs and three in-house techs work a dozen hours on this piece of crap,
 but everybody is stumped. They all say it should work, but it doesn't

 I thought about buying another computer today, to somehow symbolically bury my tech troubles in 2003,
 but I shouldn't spend that much money suddenly, so we'll bury our tech troubles in early, early 2004.

 Goodbye, 2003.
 Hello 2004, the year we lose the most murderous and crooked president in history.

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