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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster

 VCR Alert: O'Neill on 60 Minutes is a barn burner

 I doubt this is "it," but I've always said we'd be saved by a Republican
 because the elected Democrats in Washington are too scared to fight.

 Maybe after The General takes The Oath he can teach this whining sack
 bean-eating nancys a thing or two about how to kick the fascist bully's ass.

 Note: 12 days till the big Vegas Pokerfest

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Invasion planned in 2001
Binion's closed by IRS
Torture by proxy
O'Neill's 'Confessions'
Kids explain traitor Bush
Fox football pummels Pigboy
Cruella runs for Senate?
Napping with Ronnie
Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"Save your breath - the president has already 
  decided what he's going to do on this." 
   --Condi Rice, the San Francisco Treat, to Richard 
  Haass, former director of state department policy 
  planning,  on his efforts to involve the UN in Bush's 
  massive and throbbing hardon to murder Baghdad

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Volume 1235 - The Outlaws is Coming

  Monday,   January 12, 2004


"Saddam hates America; Osama and Al-Qaeda hate America.
  I don't care what the religious differences are, they're united by that.
 There was joint training, everybody knows it. The connection is one of logic."
    -- the vulgar Junkie on his hate radio show

 But Pigboy, we're also hated by England, Canada, Italy, Australia, France, Germany and Japan.
 Using your "connect" logic, we should invade those countries, too?

 O'Neill: Iraq Invasion planned after nonaugural
  Former Treasury Secretary spilling the beans on the crooked BFEE

  Click  Here

 Paul O'Neill contends the BFEE began laying the groundwork for an invasion of Iraq
 just days after they stole power in January 2001 -- more than two years before the
 start of the U.S.-led war that ousted Saddam and enriched the BFEE coalition.

 ...and the Democrats still see nothing to investigate here?

 Watch 60 Minutes Sunday Night

 IRS shuts down Binion's Horseshoe..

  Click  Here

 U.S. marshals and agents from the Internal Revenue Service shut down gambling
 at Binion's Horseshoe hotel-casino Friday, enforcing what authorities said was a
 federal court judgment for nonpayment of union benefits.

 The hotel remained open and guests were being allowed inside the downtown property,
 known widely as the host of the World Series of Poker.  But roulette wheels stopped,
 blackjack games ended and gamblers were told to cash in their chips about 7:30 p.m.

 Binion's Horseshoe was founded by Benny Binion, who used high-stakes gambling to raise
 the profile of his casino and Las Vegas. It has hosted the big poker tournament since 1970.

 This is sad, but it's not a dagger thru the heart - for us, anyway.
 Maybe by the time this gets posted we'll have a plan worked out, but there are dozens
 of first-class casinos that would love to host our poker tournament on January 24.

 There are several ways this can go.
An angel might appear and loan Mrs. Binion the $5M she needs to stay open.
More likely, Mrs. Binion could file bankruptcy Monday and be protected from all creditors, even the IRS.
    Instead of raiding the casino (they say that yellow "crime scene" tape is on the doors) they've could've called
    and said, "You have ten days to pay us or we'll shut you down," which would've given her a chance
    to visit a bankruptcy lawyer and gotten a list of options. This almost seems "heavy handed," but when has
    the IRS ever been anything but fair, polite and patient?
Someone else could buy it and keep the historic name or buy in for $5M and be Binion's partner

 If every option turns out to be a loser, and they sell and dismantle the place, they can't ever take away
 our great memories of sitting under the Wall of Champions and sipping our ultra-fine Chinaco Anejo
 while playing our little nickle-and-dime tourney on the same table that hosted the World Series of Poker
 where the big boys wagered $6,500,000 on just one hand last April.


 Either way, we're going to rock Las Vegas that weekend.

 Subject: disgusted

 I am so disgusted with Moveon.org for backing down and
 apoligizing to the right wing nutballs for the Bush/Hitler ad.

 In my opinion, if it looks like a Fuhrer, talks like a Fuhrer
 and walks like a Fuhrer, then goddamn it, it is a Fuhrer.

 ha ha

 All the best.

 Slew, this is one of hundreds of stories that have escaped me.
 Sounds like a story I'd like to read.

 Ford cut 7,000 jobs last year

  Click  Here

 Ford Motor Co. eliminated 7,000 hourly, salaried and contract positions in 2003 in North America.
 Executives said the company expects to earn $1.85 billion to $2.04 billion this year.
 That would be at least a doubling of profits from 2003's net income.

 That's how it works in Bush's Amerikkka.

 Bush raids the Social Security fund and gives those billions (our money) to mega corporations like Ford.
 Ford accepts this $5.5 billion dollar windfall and fires 7,000 workers to increase the CEO's salary.

 General Electric cuts 7,000 jobs

  Click  Here

 Apparently, these mega corporations get a billion dollars (again - our money) for each 1200 families they destroy.

 IBM lays off 200 Portland employees
 IBM lays off employees in software group
 IBM lays off workers in Global Services

 GE lays off 922 employees
 GE lays off 600 workers
 GE lays off thousands of local workers

 ...and the country approves of the way Bush bungled Clinton's economy?

 Oh, and as long as we're on the subject...


 So, the illegal moron gave away $23 billion to these six companies, and what did they do?
 They laid off thousands of workers and two Bush buddies robbed their companies into bankruptcy.

 Why are we standing for this?

         We love Dubya, he's our smart and honest friend.

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how we can make it easier for you

 Subject: because we support you

 hey bart -

 last november, we sent you $ for some stickers.
 not only did you send the stickers, you also gave us bartcop radio for 45 days.

 that was unexpected and much appreciated.
 while your radio shows have been...uh...inconsistent? (sorry, but you know the truth
 and we're not ones to sugarcoat anything) we still support BARTCOP.COM and here's
 another donation to help keep you going.

 we read bartcop.com daily (well, every other day these days) and appreciate what you are doing.
 you may feel like a pioneer in Oklahoma what with being at the forefront of technology in those parts.

 keep up the spirit, bart!
 brian and michelle

 Brian and Michelle,
 Thanks for that - you were very generous.
 Hopefully, that "inconsistent" stuff is now in the past.

 I not only have three working studios, I also have what amounts to an on-site tech.
 Tech boy is a speed demon genius and he's right here, tapped in K-Drag like I am.
 I am now in a position to produce radio shows like crazy.

 I think 2004 could be a very, very good year, and if we can dump the Illegal Moron,
 we just might get our country going, once again, in the right direction.

 Democrats: Tell us your story
  How Have Bush's Policies Affected You?

  Click  Here

 If you have a horror story abourt being broke, out of work, losing your health insurance etc.,
 the Democrats are compiling their response to Bush's "Lies of the Union" speech.

 Click on the link then scroll down most of the way.


 I am totally at a loss, but sales of the BartCop Radio CDs continue to do well in, ...Pennsylvania.
 I'm getting to know a whole lot of new (and strangely-named) towns in Pennsylvania.

 Do Pennsylvanians not have access to broadband?
 I'm trying to think of reasons the CDs would do better in Penn than other states.

 Logically, there must be a reason, and lack of broadband would explain it.
 I haven't heard anything about Penn having broadband troubles.

 Click  Here  any guesses how/why this anomoly has occured.

 Let's hope it's not the same guy, driving from town to town ordering CDs.

Marty's Entertainment Page
Some Kucinich campaign workers canvassed our neighborhood today
- 4 of them (they were also backing a local candidate).

                      When they got to the part where they 'hinted' for $, said I had a little
dem-friendly website and asked if they'd ever heard of 'BartCop'?

                      The lead guy's eyes got really big (he nearly wet himself), and he asked if I was BartCop.
                      Of course I laughed & said 'no way' - but I did run the entertainment section.

We chatted, they left & about 20 minutes later, they came back & said
'Since you're a progressive, would you put the local guy's sign in your yard'?

If they'd asked to put in a Dennis-sign, I'd have given them
the 'I'll have to run that by my husband' routine.
But since they started with the local, the answer was 'sure.'

 They're not just "soldiers"

 They're real people that you or I might've known.
 Men and women with wives and husbands and children.
 Real people with parents and kids and cousins and co-workers before Bush decided
 he was going to lie about the need to attack right away before Saddam could launch his WMDs.

 Army Sgt. Jarrod W. Black 26, of Peru, Ind.; assigned to the
1st Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment based in Fort Riley, Kan.;
 killed Dec. 12 when his convoy was hit by an improvised
 explosive device in Ramadi, Iraq.

 Days before his death, Sgt. Jarrod W. Black and his wife, Shawna,
 agreed on the phone on a name for their baby expected in April.
 Black learned of his wife's pregnancy just days after he arrived
 in Iraq in September..

  from militarycity.com

 Torture by proxy
  Innocent man tortured for ten months

  Click  Here

 Maher Arar was about to change planes on his way home to Canada after visiting his
 wife's family in Tunisia when he was pulled aside for questioning. He was not a terrorist.

 Immigration gave him to the CIA, who took him to be tortured in Syria.

 The Syrians locked Arar in an underground cell the size of a grave.  Then they questioned him,
 under torture, repeatedly, for 10 months. Finally, when it was obvious that their prisoner had no
 terrorist ties, they let him go, 40 pounds lighter, with a pronounced limp and chronic nightmares.

 This is the government to which we pledge our allegiance.
 This is what America has become under the incompetent fraud.

 Clinton's paradise was hijacked and converted into Giggling Bush's Rape Room/Torture Chamber.

 Subject: I agree with you, Bart

 Hi Bart
 They will embarass Rush that`s about it.

 Clark and Dean would be the best ticket for the Dems.
 Since to me it looks like Dean, we have to hope that Howard is a fighter.

 But who knows what will happen, just as long as it`s anybody but bush.


 Confessions of a White House Insider
 O'Neill paints a presidency where ideology and politics rule the day

 Lost the link - it was the #1 story on time.com but, of course, four hours later it's buried.
 Maybe they got a call from Mr. Rove and pulled it off their whore web site.
 This link is close:

  Click  Here

 From his first meeting with the President, O'Neill found Bush unengaged and inscrutable, an inside account
 far different from the shiny White House brochure version of an unfailing leader questioning aides with
 rapid-fire intensity. The two met one-on-one almost every week, but O'Neill says he had trouble divining
 his boss's goals and ideas. Bush was a blank slate rarely asking questions or issuing orders, unlike Nixon
 and Ford, for whom O'Neill also worked. "I wondered from the first, if the President didn't know the
 questions to ask," O'Neill says in the book, "or if he did know and just not want to know the answers?
 "In larger meetings, Bush was similarly walled off. Describing top-level meetings, O'Neill tells Suskind that
 during the course of his two years the President was "like a blind man in a roomful of deaf people."

 Speaking of porn,

 ...when I was searching for the O'Neill story on the home page of time.com I ran into this.

                 Send all complaints to time.com

 Nothing sells like girl-on-girl, according to Time magazine.com

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 BartCop Radio Shows on CD for just $25.

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 Pat R-T vs the New York Times
   (Pat is a pillar of  bartcop.com)

  Click  Here

 If Bush went to a fundraiser, he wore the Uniform of the Republican Party.
 When Cheney popped his head out of his very own secret hiding place to sneer
 some remark to the properly clad press, he wore the uniform.  Bush condescended
 to change out of the uniform only for Karl Rove's carefully scripted Mission Accomplished
 swagger across a ship in a lovely flight suit with the leg straps still attached so that he had
 to walk in an exaggerated manly fashion just to keep the straps from castrating the
 commander in chief in public.

 ha ha

 But Bush should be forgiven for this blunder. Maybe on the day when the National
 Guard had the leg strap use and disassembly, Bush was AWOL.

A month ago Dean was 21 points ahead of Clark.
Now, Dean seems to be ahead by 4 points.
Where will the numbers be a month from now?

If Clark pulls ahead, don't be angry, OK?
A picture of Clark in uniform might be worth 8 points in November.

 Subject: never elected?

 Dear Bartcop,

 Regarding your appellation of "never elected" to the pretender in the White House:

 I know all too much about the Florida 2000 tragedy, but was Bush likewise "never elected" governor of Texas?

 Thanks for any enlightenment on this point,

 Stephen, sometimes I fail to write clearly.
 As "president," he was never elected.

 He was elected in Texas by calling Gov. Ann Richards a lesbian.
 In Texas, voters hate lesbians almost as much as 'niggers and queers.'

 Some TV exposure Bush won't like
  You'll flip when you see this ad

  Click  Here  if you have broadband

  Click  Here  if you have dial up

 The children in the ad look nervous as they sit on the school stage, awaiting a chance to campaign for class president.

"If elected," vows the first one, "I'll lie about weapons of mass destruction as a pretext to invade another country."
"I'll call myself an environmentalist, then gut clean air standards," promises another little guy.
"Our allies will go from respecting us to hating us," says a pint-sized spitfire, "and I don't care!"
 By the final speech - "Bring 'em on!" - I was ready to vote.

 Not for class president! For this ad.
 It is one of 15 finalists in a contest called "Bush in 30 Seconds," sponsored by MoveOn.org.

 I heard that  moveon.org  apologized to Bush for some Hitler comparison.
 Anybody have a URL for that story?


Click to Enter

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 If you work for Dean or Clark and want help punching up a speech, use that address.

 Message for Nate in Madison

 If you hear that Garbage is recording, (Madison is where their studio is)
 try to get Shirley to autograph a photo for Bart, would you?

From www.bushorchimp.com

The one on the right looks like he could
eat a pretzel without passing out.

 Make It Look Dull
  Pundit Pap as seen on  apj.us

  Click  Here

 Finally, Steph was on the bus with Dr. Dean, talking about the last days leading to the caucus.
 Steph played footage of one woman saying the rich were getting a huge tax break -- but she's
 against ending the Bush tax cuts on the middle class. Dean said he plans on replacing the Bush
 plan with middle-class tax relief, and that when you look at the numbers there was in fact no
 middle-class tax cut. When Steph said that Edwards claimed Dean would raise taxes, Dean cited
 the figures and said his plan will benefit the middle class -- but he will balance the budget first
 (note that Dean did not attack Edwards).

 But Dean also responded to the "career politicians" claiming Dean would "be on training wheels"
 in the foreign policy and defense arenas by saying that the careerists all backed Smirk's feud with Saddam
 (every time we hear this "training wheels" nonsense we have a sense it's not being pushed by Democrats but
 by Karl Rove, who is in fact scared Bushless of Dean's popularity and resonance with angry voters).

 Fox football pummels Pigboy

 I only caught the second half of it, but you know the comedy guys before the FOX games?

 One was dressed up like the vulgar Junkie, puffing on his cigar with the "EIB" sign behind him,
 while "My City was Gone" played in the background. "Rush" was saying he was going to bet
 on whichever team had the white quarterback.

 ha ha
 That racist Nazi deserves every bit of it, too.

 Then Rush says, "What? Donovan McNabb is on the phone? Which line?"

 Then he says, "What? ...Donovan McNabb is ...HERE?"

 Then a black guy in a McNabb/Eagles uniform comes storming into the "radio booth"
 and proceeded to mega-whaling on the Pigboy with his fists - it was great TV!

 Subject: Wesley Clark, military lobbyist (no insults or swears)

 Wesley Clark is president of "Wesley Clark & Associates" consulting for military industries,
 administrator of WaveCrest Laboratories (closely linked with US Military & Industrial Complex),
 Sirva Corp, Messer-Griesheim, EnTrust Inc, Time Domain, Axiom Corp, etc..

 Here is the link where you can learn more about why Wes Clark won't be stopping the War in Iraq,
 or any other for that matter, anytime soon.

 Quote from that link:
 LATIN AMERICA (1996-97)
 Clark, assigned to Panama to lead the US Southern Command, namely, Latin American operations,
 supplied various regimes that practice terror on their citizenry a great many military "advisors" and US
 mercenaries. During this period, Latin America experienced a sharp increase in human rights violations.

 According to that, Clinton and Clark increased civl rights violations from the Reagan-Bush years?
 You really believe that?
 You think Clinton had the military plotting to take over the world like the BFEE?

 Another quote from that link:
 Progressives, despairing for their cause, do not chose a shark that appears to be less dangerous than
 the one currently in power. Progressive politics is concerned with eliminating the system of sharks.

 That's Ralph Nader talking.
 That's the mentality that brought us the world's worst nightmare.
 That's the "reasoning" that will give Bush four more years of rampant murder and thuggery.
 I think four more years of the violent moron is what ther world can't survive.

 If you actually clicked on the link, you will have discovered that Wes Clark is essentially a lobbyist
 for military contractors and has no business running for any office, much less President. There are many
 different sources for double-checking this out. Just google Wesley Clark + Axiom and look for yourself.


 Kyle, this might surprise you, but I don't care - as long as he's not a lobbyist for the B.F.E.E.
 In one Okie's opinion, our choices come down to Bush or Clark.  President Clark is much better than four more
 years of reckless murders (while giggling) and invasions that kill soldiers and benefit only the B.F.E.E.

 Clark spent 37 years in the military and became a four star general and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.
 Would you expect him to retire and coach football or manage hip-hop bands?
 Weapons systems is what he specialized in for decades.
 He's an expert and he went into the field he knew best.

 I can't tell if you're anti-Clark or pro-Dean.
 You could be a Republican who wants the best Democratic candidate to lose.

 Plus, you might be a "soldiers-are-bad" guy.
 IF that's the case, I disagree.


 Bart --

 Since you loved the story of Koko I should share this one with you.
 I can't remember names, but the story is true.

 Years ago a chimpanzee was also trained to speak in sign languages,
 one of the earliest success stories I believe. Well, for some reason, after
 years of training, the trainer had to give the chimp up; and they took the
 chimp to a zoo, or someplace similar, with a bunch of other chimps.

 Interestingly, years later, 11 in fact, the trainer went back to the place
 where he had left the chimp.  The chimp immediatley recognized him
 (that is amazing alone) and then (and yes, this is a true story); the chimp
 said in sign language:   "...Help...Help me out of this place..."

 Another Koko like story.

 Bio chem

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was 486  ....this issue it's  times 495

Probablty next issue we'll be at 500 brave American soldiers killed for Bush's fake war,
the economy is still crashed and millions of families have no income,
yet half the country is pleased with the Monkey's performance.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2805..... 2840  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.

David Hackworth says ten percent of the 130,000 have been med evac-d.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

The LA Writers Conference is March 19-21 in Los Angeles and features
over 30 workshops in fiction, journalism and the business of writing.
We have best-selling authors, renown editors and literary agents sharing their knowledge.

The event includes a banquet, a party, one-on-one critiques and Pirate Workshops.
For more information visit www.lawritersconf.org or email  marylynn@lawritersconf.org


"In a sartorial update to Churchill, General Clark wants to lead us in
  our battle against terrorism, giving his blood, toil, tears and sweaters."
   -- Maureen Dowd, a Bush slut at the New York Whore Times  Attribution

 Subject: I don't get it

 Bart, tell me something, now that we know BUSH LIED about the Iraq thing
 and since O'Neill proved he had a hardon for Saddam before 9/11, that's he's a
 basically a prop and we don't have Osama, why aren't the dems calling for hearings
 to impeach his lying ass?  Why?  That is what I don't understand!!!

 Jerry B

 Jerry, it's a puzzler, isn't it?
 The Democrats won't even threaten hearings.
 They're such spinless ninnies - and they want money from us to continue?

 Dean and Clark are proving that America wants someone to fight back.
 Why can't the pink tutu Democrats see the obvious?  I don't get it, either.
 I suppose Mr Rove ordered them to stand down, like fighter jets on 9-11.

 Florida's Kathleen Harris May Shake Up 2004 Season

  Click  Here

 Her presence in a Senate race also would bring back memories of 2000 when, as secretary of state,
 she oversaw the disputed count that allowed Bush to steal Gore's victory in Florida.

 Some Republicans worry it would stir up Democrats still upset about that loss and could harm
 the president's re-electionelection prospects.

"If Katherine Harris gets in, both the media and the Democrats will bring up 2000," said political
 scientist Matthew Corrigan. "It's something the Republicans don't want to talk about, and if
 Katherine Harris is the nominee, it's going to be difficult not to."

 December sticker placement contest!


 How to win:

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 bartcop.com    PO Box 54466    Tulsa, OK 74155
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 "Fuck Rush Limbaugh and fuck his White-Power Nazi movement.
   That petty bastard is leading the stupid white people down a path of hate,
   and they don't even have the brains to realize he's taking them for this handjob joyride.
   As far as I'm concerned, that vulgar junkie can drop to his knees and ---- my ----- black ----."
      -- what I was kinda hoping to hear from Donovan McNabb after his big football win Sunday

 Subject: punch up this speech


 I love your site. But if you want the candidates to trust that you can punch up their speeches,
 maybe you oughta show off your talents first. I'll give you a typical speech full of quality political
 rhetoric and I'd like to see you spice it up with a few zingers.

 The Gettysburg Address
  by Abraham Lincoln

 Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent,...

 ha ha

 My "talent" is pantsing and spanking ditto-monkeys until they get the red-ass.
 I never said I was another Lincoln...

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

  Subscribe today!

 Napping with Ronnie

 I was napping with Ronnie
 During the October Surprise
 Treasonous actions
 Not meant for your eyes

 I was napping with Ronnie
 When a hundred thousand disappeared
 From Guatemala & Nicaragua
 I now have nothing to fear

 I was napping with Ronnie
 And out of the loop
 Trading arms for terror
 And all of that loot

 I was napping with Ronnie
 When Osama was trained
 Now it's our lives and freedoms
 He's trying to maim

 I was napping with Ronnie
 I'm well rested you know
 The Adults are in charge
 So on vacation I'll go

 I'll vacation with George
 And worry I'll not
 It's out of my hands
 It's all Clinton's fault


 Subject: the guilt is whence

 Already - I have no idea what that means.

 Hey old red--the Rush committed a crime of doctor shopping.

 Not sure who "old red" is, and I'm glad you admit "the Rush" is acriminal junkie.

 Nobody is convicted for possession without possessing.

 What about the poor woman who gives birth to a baby on drugs?

 Kobe analy boned a girl and it may or may not have been welcome.

 A poorly spelled, without-foundation assumption followed by the extremely obvious.

 Your predictions are no better than melting snow.

 Well, that depends on if they come true or not.
 And why is "melting snow" the bar I need to better?

 I beleive a Clark Dean ticket would lose somewhat better than the inverse.

 You "beleive" that?
 What does "lose better" mean in Monkeyville, and are you still the mayor there?

 As per usual--get bent!

 "As per usual," the only time I get to feel smart is when I'm answering Monkey Mail.
 Please write again soon.

 PS. You're not Carson from Queer Eye, are you?

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 We are happy to announce that the weekend issue, Volume 1234 - "Means little"
 was voted the Most Insightful, Most Funny and Most Informative issue ever by the
 Independent Tequila Treehouse Think Tanke for Unbiased Truth.

 Hey, if those Bush Bastards can cheat - why can't I?


 Screw those Bush Bastards.
 2004 is a war we can't afford to lose.
 Bush's $200M Willie Horton Express is barrelling down on unsuspecting voters.

 We gotta stop this sick bastard.

  Click  Here   to enlist and help the hammer grow.

 (Warning: Anyone asking for money might be lying.)

 I intend to use whatever power that small amounts of money can buy to pummel the sons of bitches
 who took away our right to vote,  ruined the economy, started a stupid war that's killed 500 of our bravest,

 ...and brought bad country music back to the White House.

  Click  Here  if you think you're a good American even if you don't stand when they play Lee Greenwood.

 Forgive me, ...I'm in a fighting kind of mood.

 First time ever flashback to earlier in this same issue:

> Maher Arar was about to change planes on his way home to Canada after visiting his
> wife's family in Tunisia when he was pulled aside for questioning. He was not a terrorist.

> Immigration gave him to the CIA, who took him to be tortured in Syria.

> The Syrians locked Arar in an underground cell the size of a grave.  Then they questioned him,
> under torture, repeatedly, for 10 months. Finally, when it was obvious that their prisoner had no
> terrorist ties, they let him go, 40 pounds lighter, with a pronounced limp and chronic nightmares.

> This is the government to which we pledge our allegiance.
> This is what America has become under the incompetent fraud.

 No, I'm not always, "Proud to be an American."

 When we torture an innocent man for ten months because Bush was lazy and stupid
 on September 2001, it doesn't make me break out singing, "I'm Proud to be an American."

 When I salute the flag, that does not mean I'm giving the giggling, murdering pinhead a vote of confidence.
 They've framed the debate that way, and the Democrats are so pitiful at framing a debate.

 Bush took the greatest country in the world and turned it into the most hated and most feared.

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I can't believe my equipment works.
I'm going to drown you in radio shows.

 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.


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