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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

 Medical Update

 I'm fine, no need to call for any details because there aren't any.
 They're sticking with the inner ear theory as far as the fainting.

 One thing I thought of while I was waiting to see the doctor,
 (Get this - his name is Dr Laura) if I was given some bad news,
 I'd be unable to qualify for life or health insurance, so use this false alarm
 as a wake-up to increase your life insurance before someone tells you
 you're not eligible.

 Also, there's a radio show that'll be up in an hour or so - by 6 PM central.

Show 27 is in the can and being assembled.

by Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush spiked Strangelove probe 
Bird Flu Found in Jersey 
Who is Robin Lohman?
Project 60 Update
A Soldier's view of the war
GOP: Iraq failure Clinton's fault
Kerry and Fonda outrage 
Lyons and Conason columns
BFEE Family Values 


Quote of the Day

"I'm probably shooting myself in the foot here." 
    -- Jude Law, nominated for best actor in 
   "Cold Mountain," saying Sean Penn deserves 
    the Oscar for "Mystic River"    Attribution

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Volume 1252 - Friday the 13th

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  Thurs-Fri      Feb 12-13, 2004


"Come November, Bush, who never fought in South East Asia, may well be up against John Kerry,
  a decorated Vietnam vet. Could that be why the dead and wounded return to Washington in the middle
  of the night with no fanfare. President Bush may have declared major combat operations in Iraq over
  ten months ago, but fresh planeloads of wounded soldiers continue to fly into Andrews Air Force base
  every week, unseen by most Americans. If the US government was to admit to the true human cost of
  Operation Iraqi Freedom, the wounded as well as the dead, then how many Americans would support
  George Bush and his war?"
   --Jonathan Miller, "The unseen cost of the war in Iraq" Attribution

 Khan Job: Bush spiked probe of Pakistan's Dr. Strangelove 
   by Greg Palast

  Click  Here

 On November 7, 2001, BBC Television's Newsnight and the Guardian of London reported that the Bush
 administration thwarted investigations of Dr. A.Q. Khan, known as the "father" of Pakistan's atomic bomb.
 This week, Khan confessed to selling atomic secrets to Libya, North Korea, and Iran.  The Bush Administration
 has expressed shock at disclosures that Pakistan, our ally in the war on terror, has been running a nuclear secrets
 bazaar. In fact, according to the British news teams' sources within US intelligence agencies, shortly after President
 Bush's inauguration, his National Security Agency (NSA) effectively stymied the probe of Khan Research Laboratories,
 the Pakistani agency in charge of the bomb project. CIA and other agents told BBC they could not investigate the
 spread of "Islamic Bombs" through Pakistan because funding appeared to originate in Saudi Arabia.


"The ones that are covered are the KIAs. The "Killed in Action". I'm not taking anything away from those soldiers.
  They deserve that coverage. But there is also us. To say we're forgotten, that would be going just a little bit too far
  to say we're forgotten but I'd say we are the missed soldiers of the army."
     --Staff Sergeant Roy Mitchell, who lost a leg in Afghanistan,   Attribution

 I watched 60 Minutes II Tuesday night. They had a reporter embedded in a unit if Afghanistan.
 They showed a soldier in a Humvee who, they said, was going to lose his leg in the next few minutes.
 Sure enough, they ran over a bomb in the road and there he was, lying on the ground.

 ...why are we fighting this war?

 Bird Flu Found at four N.J. Chicken Markets 
  Clinton would have been all over this and mad cow, too

  Click  Here

 New Jersey health officials stressed that the findings are not unusual for the state's live
 poultry markets and said the strain is not known to be harmful to humans.

 Nancy Halpern, the state veterinarian, said the markets likely got the virus from one of
 the many farms and distributors who supply them. New Jersey has about 35 live chicken
 markets across the state.

"We believe the virus is coming to (the markets)," Halpern told The Star-Ledger of Newark
 in a story published Thursday. "They can be doing everything right and still have a market that tests positive."

HOT! Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


"I called her and I told her she could have the good news or the bad news. I said I've got my legs blown off,
  but the good news is I'm coming home..I didn't know what had happened. It hit and I saw a big burst of white
  powder and than I saw white and went flying into the air. I could see my legs were mucked up and blood
  coming out of them and I screamed."
   --Heath Calhoun, 24, on how he broke the news of losing his legs to his 21-year-old wife Tiffany,  Attribution

 Who is Robin Lohman, now Robin Garner?
  And why will the GOP do anything to keep her name out of this race?

  Click  Here

 In the winter of 1971 George W. Bush was dating a woman named Robin Lowman
 (now Robin Garner).  Miss Lowman became pregnant by Bush and he arranged for
 her to have an abortion - which in the great state of Texas in 1971 was very illegal!
 Not to mention that George W. is running as a pro-life candidate for the presidency.

  Click  Here  for more in Thursday's NY Daily News

 Subject: Good wishes from the Silent Majority


 I, like allot of your readers, would usually  never contact you...sure, we copy items and send them
 to our friends, but we're as likely to write to you as we are to  have a friendly chat with the guy who
 reads the water meter..but .your last "housekeeping"note hit me in a way I couldn't ignore.

 We are around the same age, got a Catholic School Education (thanks to the Philadelphia Nuns,
 I thought for years that an Irish accent was a sign of intelligence) and experience all the joys that ADD brings...
  ...but I think I got you  in IQ by a couple points...maybe enough to cover the spread.
 of course, I'm one of those Northeast liberals they warn Amurica about....only been through Colorado and
 Oklahoma (and as quickly as possible)...and now I live in Orlando...

 ...what I'm getting at, is, I hope "Blood Boy"does no worse for you than he did for me this week.
 Compared to some things, having too much glucose and cholesterol is a walk in the park.  Take a couple of pills a day,
 cut back on the Irish Whiskey, and get some exercise (maybe really take a walk in the park) and the Doctor says I
 should be fine...he's a young twerp, around 25 or 30, and obviously not at the top of his class...probably studied in Granada.

 In short, just keep on hammering however you can...
 I would love to help (having spent 20 years in radio, even working for Clear Channel for a while...) but I am pretty useless
 with some of the fancier things in computing (I see HTML and immediately think of "hate mail"...you can imagine how I read shtml.)...

 When I was doing talk radio in Orlando,  they said every phone call represented 250 listeners who would never call,
 but would keep listening. So allow me to represent those other 249 and wish you all the best.

 TC, thanks.
 I have something on the page later today telling how things went.


   Click  Here

 A soldier's view of the Iraq war

  Click Here

 I am a cavalry scout in the United States Army. I am stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.
 We returned home Tuesday and I would like to comment on this war from a specialized soldier's eyes.

 I honestly think the president lied to all of us. After seeing first hand what was in most parts of Iraq,
 my whole company could not fathom a threat of any means. I love America, and will defend her when called upon,
 but in this case there was not a real threat.

 By the way, the Thanksgiving photo-op at the airport was only open to pro-Bush soldiers. We were screened
 unknowingly about four days before he showed up in secret. We didn't know he was coming, but looking back,
 all the questions we were asked were designed to weed out the antiwar soldiers..

 Subject: Good luck!

 Good luck with all your tests on Friday.  Hope you are okay so you can keep on raising the big hammer.
 You've changed my life for the better, you've made me think and you've made me laugh out loud many, many times.
 I need you so you better be okay.



"I was injured on patrol in Baghdad. Couple guys ambushed us. I've got nerve damage. A lot of pain.
  I took a lot of morphine. Readjusting. Getting my life back on track. I'm not going to do what I did before.
  Time to move on and find something else to do. I'm not going to what it was I did before. I was a Republican
  ... I'm going to be incredibly active in the Democratic Party once I get out."
    --Pat Collins, who took shrapnel though his neck in Baghdad  Attribution

 GOP Blames Clinton for Iraq Intel Lapse
  Clinton didn't insist on killing Baghdad - that was the Never-elected Idiot

  Click  Here

 The head of the House Intelligence Committee tried Wednesday to direct blame
 to Bill Clinton for Bush's rush to war over WMDs that apparently don't exist.

 Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla., said he heard a 1998 speech in which Clinton warned
 that something must be done about Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction.

 "Unfortunately, he did not complete that task before his term expired," Goss said
 at a Capitol Hill press conference designed to prop up the Intelligence Failure.


Marty's Entertainment Page


"For two-and- a-half years while the commander-in-chief has waged this war that the Democrats
  have chosen to attack, the American people have been safe. If the American people were now to
  elect a candidate who has conducted his campaign as an attack on the very war the President has
  fought to defend us, no one can doubt that our enemies will be encouraged and our lives will be in
  greater danger than before. Perhaps there have been elections with higher stakes than the one
  we are facing this year. But this observer can't remember one."
    --David Horowitz, Republican whore who loves war    Attribution

   by Douglas O'Rourke

  Click  Here

 The Neo-Con folks then wisely made a midnight deal to buy the U.S. Supreme Court from Scalia, Thomas,
 NRA, and Renquist, Ltd. They then formed the offshore entity, American Justice Partners Ashcroft, Inc,
 and dedicated themselves to someday creating the best constitutional rulings money could buy. The whole thing
 was operated out of a second floor office in the Caymans for obvious tax reasons. To simplify things, they kept
 using the established Republican Party name and logo.

 Enter Dick Cheney, who was then CEO of Halliburton. Realizing that Halliburton's dealings with the U.S.
 Government could be greatly enhanced if they owned it, he purchased the Republican Party et al, and made it
 a Halliburton subsidiary. He also wisely joined with the Carlyle Group to form Dubya Corp, which hired former
 President Bush's son, George.


If you love your country, you can't vote for the idiot/thief.
He's borrowing money to give to the super-rich.

 Subject:  Your doctor

 He won't tell someone everyday that they've 90 days to live,
 and even when  he has to, he'll find it difficult.

 Good luck for tomorrow. Whatever your problem is, I hope it's something
 straightforward and easily fixed. The US needs you. Even if you know fuckall about WW2.

 all the best

 Phil, thanks, but I never claimed to know much about WWII.

 Subject: Hang in there

 You startled me with the cancer comment, big guy.  I'm not a praying person, either (I gave that up with my own kid got cancer)
 but I will be thinking about you while you wait for your test results, as I'm sure many other people will.  I trust that you will get a
 simple answer with an easy fix.  If you do have to face the C word, though, you can kick it's ass.  A fighting spirit can carry you very far.

 I spend a lot of time helping families of kids with cancer find the best treatments and support available, since I am now director of our
 local Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation chapter and network with lots of families online.  If --Koresh forbid-- you need
 any research done about treatments or physicians or anything else, I'll do anything you need.  Please ask.  I know how to find things fast,
 and translate it into actual English.

 Remember putting up that note for "Nate in Wisconsin" a couple of weeks ago?  You made me a hero to my son, so I owe you!
 He's the big brother to our cancer butt kicker, Joseph, who is 6 years past a tough year of treatment, and at age 12 doing very well.

 Thanks for all you do and
 Hugs from Wisconsin--


"Why not stand up and give vent to all the poisons hatching in the muck? Why not tell America that Bush lied
  about everything, that he took the country to war for reasons he knew would be discredited, just so Halliburton
  could make another buck or two? It's what they seem to believe, after all. The delusions of their fringe have
  become articles of faith for the mainstream. Bush was AWOL! Bush knew! Bush lied! Bush never flosses!
  Skull and Bones! Plastic turkey! At least we'll have a clear choice in November. Bush is serious about the war.
  The Democrats are serious about the war against Bush."
    --James Lileks,  Attribution

 Hey James, your argument might hold water if:
Bush, the BFEE and Halliburton weren't making billions in profits from this war.
Bush could produce someone - anyone - who could say he served with Bush in the Guard
Bush wasn't fighting so hard to keep 9-11 secrets away from the families of the dead
Bush would tell the truth sometimes
Bush wasn't in a secret club that he can't even talk about
Bush had served real turkey instead of plastic turkey
Bush didn't have a hardon about giggling while killing people

 See what happens when you don't read?
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"The President also sounded badly misinformed about his own inspector's report on the missing WMDs.
"And when David Kay goes in and says we haven't found stockpiles yet, there's theories as to where the
 weapons went," he declared. "They could have been destroyed during the war. Saddam and his henchmen
 could have destroyed them as we entered into Iraq. They could be hidden. They could have been transported
 to another country, and we'll find out." Actually, Dr. Kay deduced that Iraq possessed little or no chemical
 weaponry after 1991, because American bombing and U.N. inspections had destroyed its stockpiles and
 production capacity. That's the kind of news the President might have learned from any decent wire-service
 story. But he doesn't read newspapers. That is also why he could tell Mr. Russert, without irony, that he had
 learned the "essential lessons" of Vietnam, a "political war" with "politicians making military decisions": He missed
 all the press coverage of his political appointees overruling (and publicly humiliating) the professional officers in
 the Pentagon, and ignoring their warnings about the real problems of invading and running Iraq. The President's
 political appointees -- notably a deputy defense secretary who never served in uniform -- have dictated every
 aspect of the Iraq war, from force strength to timing."

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 Subject: I'm scared

 Dear Bart,
 Things are so ugly already, and it's not even March! I don't know how I can stand it through November.
 There is so much evil all around us, and so little truth. I'm afraid if they lie and steal another election,
 my head will explode. How do you keep yours from exploding?

 Also, I hope you're not sick. Don't be sick. We NEED you!

 Kimberly M

 Kimberly, all I have is a smart mouth, a modem and the truth.
 All you need is a smart mouth and you can be Bart, too.


"In the fall, I sat with Jim March, an anti-Diebold tech expert in Sacramento, Calif., while he showed me
  on his home PC how to steal an election...The system stores its votes in a format recognizable by Microsoft Access,
  a common office database program. If you've got a copy of Access and can get physical access to the county machine
  -- or, some activists say, if you discover the county's number and call into the machine over a phone line -- the vote is
  yours to steal...While I sat at his computer, March helped me open a file containing actual results from a March 2002
  primary election held in San Luis Obispo County, Calif. -- a file that March says would be accessible to anyone who
  worked in the county elections office on Election Day. Following March's direction, I changed the vote count with a
  few clicks. Then, he explained how to alter the "audit log," erasing all evidence that we'd tampered with the results.
  I saved the file. If it had been a real election, I would have been carrying out an electronic coup. It was a chilling realization."
     --Farhad Manjoo, "Will the Election Be Hacked?"   Attribution

 Hey, Democrats!
 Why spend millions on a campaign if Bush can just hijack the results?
 If you're not going to insist on an accurate count, why spend the time and money?

 Subject: Your doctor visit

 Hi Bart

 Just wanted to send some good thoughts your way regarding your diagnosis this Friday.
 You must be sorta nervous and I can certainly understand that.
 A Dr.'s office is the last place you feel comfortable, or at least for me anyway.
 Too bad they don't made house calls anymore....

 I just wanted to tell you that I will be sending good thoughts your way and to let you know how sweet you were
 to compliment Mrs. Bart like you did. I am sure you two have one good, solid marriage. It's not hard to read between
 the lines when you speak of her, it's always easy to see that you are nuts about her.

 So anyways, I am sending my best wishes to you to kick this thing in the ass continue your good works.
 You are a special guy.  Good luck sweetie, and give my best to Mrs. Bart.



What's this?

a Crown Royal - neat - under an electron microscope


Click to Enter

 Breast, sooo obsessed!
 Repressed Michael Powell, cried foul!
 Expressed shock, sooo much schlock!
 Arrest, others did attest!
 Stressed at the sight, moral blight?
 Transgressed, the righteous could not rest!

 Obsessed, they become possessed!
 Request, national protest!

 Wrest, with the breast undressed!
 Mental test, for those distressed by breast?
 Digressed the breast, from oval office pest!
 Suggest, forget the breast, best look for terrorist - not half a chest undressed quest with such zest!

 as seen on http://www.ilovepoetry.com/VIEWPOEM.ASP?ID=63528

 Photo of Kerry *with* Jane Fonda enrages Vietnam veterans
 Whore Wash Times flat-out lying about Kerry being *with* Jane Fonda

 The guy with the beard a sunglasses is a row behind Fonda,
 a row behind him is the lady with glasses, and then one or two rows
 behind the lady is Kerry, who is certainly not *with* Jane Fonda.

  Click  Here

 A photograph of John Kerry together *with* Jane Fonda at an anti-Vietnam War rally
 in 1970 in Pennsylvania has surfaced on the Internet, angering veterans who say his
 association with her 34 years ago is a slap in the faces of Vietnam War veterans.

 So, if you went to an Atlanta Braves game in the nineties and unknowingly sat three
 or four rows behind Fonda and Ted Turner, you have slapped veterans in the face?
 This is how "The Uniter" is going to win this election?

 The BFEE bastards have made going to war patriotic, and anyone who doesn't
 want to bomb defenseless third-world cities is a friend of Jane Fonda?

 What about Rummy meeting with Saddam to sell him poison gas?

 Rummy's not sittinf 4-5 rows behind Saddam.
 He's kissing his ass and selling him gas to poison the Kurds - with America's blessing.

 Publisher's dilemma

 A fellow wrote and sent me a column to publish.
 There was an allegation that I consider false in his story, so I sent him this reply:

 > Dude, what is this about?

 > "And Clinton and Reno burned some folks alive down in Texas."

 > I can't publish that because it's not true.
 > I would enjoy that debate, tho...

 > bart

 I reminded him that Senator John Danforth, (R-MO) Clinton's "political enemy,"
 gave him a resounding "100 percent not guilty," on that false charge.

 Besides the impossibly wacko talk radio crazies, doesn't everyone agree
 with Danforth that Koresh set that fire and killed his own people?

 He wrote back that I was censoring him, which I guess I am. So, a person in
 my position - should I have published what I consider to be an untruth?

 Let me hear your thoughts   bartcop@bartcop.com because there will be a next time.

 San Francisco carries out first US gay marriage
  How much of a bounce will Bush get, and did Rove pay the filing fees?

  Click  Here

 Del Martin, 83, and Phyllis Lyon, 79, said "I do" at the city hall after Mayor Gavin Newsom
 ordered officials to wed gay couples and issue marriage licenses in an act of civil disobedience
 against a state law that bars same-sex marriages.

"We got married," said one of the women, who have been together for around 50 years.


You gotta see this one.

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

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 Dogs of journalism beginning to howl again
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Only the newspapers of the Knight-Ridder chain - the Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald
 and Detroit Free Press - appear to have been properly skeptical of what one analyst called
 the Bush administration's" faith-based intelligence. " The rest, Massing shows, repeatedly
 ignored or buried what reporters and editors ought to have known about bitter conflicts
 within the intelligence community about the poor quality of the administration's evidence
 and its handling of dissenters. Some journalists admit muzzling themselves to protect their
 own careers - worth remembering now that they're all growling and snapping at Bush
 like yard dogs behind a chain-link fence.

  It pays to advertise on  bartcop.com

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 Dueling Quotes

"Max Cleland is the Democrats' designated hysteric about George Bush's National Guard service.
  A triple amputee and Vietnam veteran, Cleland is making the rounds on talk TV, basking in the
  affection of liberals who have suddenly become jock-sniffers for war veterans and working himself
  into a lather about President Bush's military service...if we're going to start delving into exactly who
  did what back then, maybe Max Cleland should stop allowing Democrats to portray him as a war hero
  who lost his limbs taking enemy fire on the battlefields of Vietnam. Cleland lost three limbs in an accident
  during a routine noncombat mission where he was about to drink beer with friends. He saw a grenade on
  the ground and picked it up. He could have done that at Fort Dix. In fact, Cleland could have dropped a
  grenade on his foot as a National Guardsman ? or what Cleland sneeringly calls "weekend warriors."
  Luckily for Cleland's political career and current pomposity about Bush, he happened to do it while in Vietnam."
      --Ann Coulter, senior slut in a party of whores,Attribution

"Ann Coulter shouldn't even be allowed to speak Max Cleland's name. And she shouldn't be allowed to get
  away with smearing him in order to prop up a lying fratboy coward who hid out in the National Guard and
  then couldn't even bother to show up for work. There's no bravery in lying about a man who showed up to
  do his job and paid the price that Cleland did. And it's too bad that Cleland doesn't have a leg left to kick
  Coulter's skinny ass back to Connecticut. I'd pay to see that. I'd pay a lot."
    -- tbogg, "Ann Coulter- Lying Bitch"  Attribution

 Subject: White Russians?

 This looks to me like a polarizing microscope pic of some pretty crystals.
 The way I would do it is to put a drop of the White Russian on a slide and let it dry
 and then look at it. It looks like someone has played around a little with the color saturation.

 And what the hell is a man like Bart doing with a girly-drink like a White Russian anyway???
 That's a drink they serve in sissy bars and faux college frat parties to the dates
  real men stick with a good beer, like Milwaukee's Best.


 John, whatever you're smoking, do you have any extra?
 You're right, White Russians are for girls.
 Personally, I don't cut mine with milk.
 That was a Black Russian you saw.


 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 538to die - and counting.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Grohl To Guest On New Garbage Album

  Click  Here

 Subject: Don't give up

 Dear Bartcop:
 If you are sick or something is truly wrong, DO NOT GIVE UP! I have never, since I started reading your page,
 witnessed you mention the Missus' name before. So, it has me concerned. I am one of your biggest fans. Believe me,
 if I had any money, I would send it to you. I do sometimes feel a little guilty reading your work and I can't help out
 with the $$$. I understand about doing the work and the money thing. I am still in that give my work away for free
 zone cause I will get someone to notice eventually and that part sucks. I really am a serious writer.

 Are you taking vitamins? Are you eating right? Are you exercising? Are you tired of the stupid questions yet?
 We get one day at a time. That's pretty much it. The best we can do is accept that and face the day with integrity.
 I know what I am talking about. I am a survivor. I survived my own personal stupidity. I should have by all rights,
 been dead twice over at least. But, I face every day and offer myself one thought, today is a good day to die.

 At least I die knowing full well that I have given my best for the one person in the world that I care about.
 That is my granddaughter. She is my angel baby. I pissed away a lifetime of people and things and the universe
 STILL gave me one day to witness a birth and a life and that changed me profoundly. I do what I do for her.
 She is too young to know about the work but, in the future she will appreciate what we (that is you, me, and
 everyone opposed to BFEE) are doing. History is going to smile on you Bartcop. History is going to eat Bush alive.
 And that is one comforting note.
 peace my brother,
 Don N

 Don, thanks.
 I'll know what's up in a few hours and I'll post the results.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 BFEE Family Values: War, Wealth, Oil
  Four generations have created an unsavory web
   bBy Kevin Phillips

  Click  Here  for the current LA Times version

  Click  Here  for the forever version when Rove gets pissed

 The intelligence community: Bushes and Walkers have been involved with the intelligence community since World War I.
 The importance of Sam Bush's wartime munitions-regulating role was obvious. During the 1920s, when George H. Walker
 was doing a lot of business in Russia and Germany, he became a director of the American International Corporation, formed
 during the war for purposes of overseas investment and intelligence-gathering. Prescott Bush's pre-1941 corporate and banking
 contacts with Germany, sensationalized on many Internet sites, appear to have been passed along to officials in government
 and intelligence circles.

 George H.W. Bush may have had CIA connections before the agency's unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961.
 A number of published sources suggest that Zapata Offshore was a CIA front long before he went on to become director of
 Central Intelligence in 1976. As for George W. Bush, his limited ties are said to have come through investments in, and buyouts of,
 several of his oil businesses by CIA- and BCCI-connected firms and individuals.

 Mac-ing our way to Better Radio

 As we step up the pace of , we have another expense:
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 so Tommy can edit radio shows,
 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :)

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Subscribe today!

 I'd like to thank the subscribers and Mac donators.
 As long as you're contributing, we will continue beating up the Bush monkey and his Nazi gangsters.

 Subject: Intangible support

 Two quick points:

 1) I start every day with MWO, Buzzflash, and Bartcop; just thought you might like to know.
 2) Please accept my best wishes for you & Mrs. Bart, and I sincerely hope that all the news
      regarding your health is nothing but good.

 Keep raising that hammer and letting it fall on the heads of the "truly needy".


 Ivan Weinel, Ph.D. ("piled higher and deeper")

 P.S. Anyone that is NOT obssessed with Shirley is SICK!!!

 Subject: Ray says hey and will pray

 Hi Bart,

 Since you're an agnostic and won't pray for yourself, I'm going to pinch hit for you tonight
 if you don't mind. It won't hurt any -- you' won't even feel it.

 In my own case, I'd be as dumb as a dead Smirk sperm if I didn't credit prayer as being the
 only explanation why I'm still here. And since it worked for me, it has a good chance of working for you,
 seeing as how our genes are so similar -- UofA, Christian, ex altar boy, southern liberal, pot-smoker, and all that.

 We need you, Bart and  I'm going to make sure God knows that before any final decisions are made.
  So Good Luck Friday, and keep in mind that your old pal Ray is living proof that sometimes the doctors don't know squat.

 And no matter what happens,


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