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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

   Show 28 is up, at least parts 1and 2.  Parts 3,4 and 5 will be up in a hour, plus a new page today.

by Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Treehouse...
1971 Photo of Kerry Doctored
Kerry halts 'AWOL' Attacks 
Dean chair quits - again
Shuttle pictures via satellite 
GOP lied about Kerry affair
Iraq's coming civil war
Dubya's wonder years
Yankees buy 2004 Series
Malloy tears FOX a new one


Quote of the Day

 "John Edwards keeps saying there are TWO
   Americas. Bush thought there was two 
   America's, but that was when he was drinking."
    -- Leno, last night, I heard it myself

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Volume 1254 -  Quack, quack

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  Mon-Tues      Feb 16-17, 2004


 Tim Russert: You had originally endorsed General Wesley Clark. You now have embraced John Kerry.
 Are you convinced there's absolutely nothing in Senator Kerry's background that would derail his candidacy"

 Charlie Rangel: No, but I'm not convinced there's nothing in Bush's background that would derail his presidency.
 When you say absolutely - nothing is absolute. But I think really it's shameful that these rumors will be put on
 the Internet and be attached and attributed to the National Republican Committee.
    --Exchange on Meet Bush's Whore,   Attribution

 1971 Photo of Kerry Doctored 
  But the lazy press whore didn't show this doctored photo

  Click  Here

 Light did not photograph Jane Fonda on that warm June Sunday in 1971.
 The actress did not even attend.

 But when republicans began e-mailing Light's picture to one another four days ago,
 it depicted Fonda standing by Kerry's side. The photo had been doctored.

 "I'm horrified," said Light.


"I have never had a relationship with Senator Kerry, and the rumors in the press are completely false.
  I just deny it categorically. It's rumor. It's untrue. And that's the last time I intend to respond to questions about it."
    --Alexandra Polier, responding to the lies of  Matt Drudge and the RNC  Attribution

 Fonda Photo Prompts Kerry to Halt Bush 'AWOL' Attacks 

  Click  Here

 "I have suggested to some people who are my advocates, who have gone to that line of attack
  -- it's not one that I plan to do, so I've asked them not to," Kerry said at Sunday night's debate.

 Kerry had sounded eager just twelve days earlier to focus on charges that Bush went AWOL
 in 1972, telling the Boston Globe, "I think it's up to the president and the military to answer those questions."

 But Kerry began to back away from the issue on Feb. 10, a day after NewsMax.com and Rush Limbaugh's
 web site published photographic evidence of his association with the woman known as "Hanoi Jane."

 This  is the photo that proves Kerry's "association" with Fonda?

 That night ABC "World News Tonight" reported, "Democrats, including John Kerry,
 have sought to fuel the Bush AWOL controversy -- but today, Kerry suddenly backed away."

 Isn't this just perfect?
 Suddenly, I'm a bigger fan of Al Gore.
 He waited until the debates to cave in and stop fighting.


"During Monday's program, I posed some questions about Alex Polier, the woman now denying any affair
  with John F. Kerry: When did she leave the United States? Who made her reservations? Who paid for her ticket?
  How long will she be gone? How is she earning a living? When was the last time she talked to Kerry, or someone
  from his campaign, and about what? If this were Bush, those would be the questions that were being asked.
  The denials would not be satisfactory."
     --Rush the vulgar Pigboy,  Attribution

 But Rush, she didn't tell lies that killed 540 soldiers.
 There's no reason to investigate every lie Drudge and the RNC tell.

 Dean's latest campaign chairman quits

  Click  Here

 Howard Dean shook up his campaign for the second time in just over two weeks,
 revealing that national chairman Steve Grossman is out.

 In a stunning disclosure to reporters in advance of an appearance in La Crosse, Wis.,
 Dean said he had not talked to Grossman since publication of remarks in which Grossman
 said he expected the former Vermont governor to curtail his campaign if he fails to win in Wisconsin.

"I have not talked to him since this came out in the newspaper," Dean said. "I'll speak for the campaign."

 Kerry caves in, Dean's beating his head against a brick wall - remind me why I'm a Democrat.
 Are we going to get another four years of Bush because our side refuses to fight?

 A whiff of Cocaine in the Bush AWOL stories?
  a  bartcop.com  exclusive from  Faun Otter,  who I'd hire if I had a budget

  Click  Here

 Hatfield was set up to 'break' the coke story. Rove knew Jim had a conviction himself and could thus be
 discredited as a source. That was exactly what happened. Fortunate Son was released and the Bush clan
 had it withdrawn and burnt (yes my shocked little ones, burnt) After Softskull press took up the publishing
 and distribution, a process detailed in the documentary "Horns and Halos," Hatfield received death threats
 and had a breakdown which culminated in him committing suicide.

 Otter is a class act with insight.
 He's able to look past the headline and piece the puzzle together.

 Old MacDonald had a judge ...
 Scalia quacks like a duck to downplay conflict of interest

  Click  Here

 Quack, quack. So much for the constitutionally mandated separation of powers.

 Quack, quack. Say goodbye to judicial integrity. Quack, quack. Forget about holding
 the nation's vice president accountable for his dealings. Quack, quack. Trash the right
 of citizens to transparent government. Quack, quack.

 After all, it was Scalia who led the Supreme Court with flimsy legal logic to validate the
 dubious 2000 Florida election results that were the difference in placing the current
 president in power. This time he may have gone too far in shredding the Supreme
 Court's vaunted reputation of impartiality..

 Beatles 40th anniversary under-played?

 I say Yes.

 You kids won't get any of this, but the GOP murdered JFK in Dallas
 right before our fucking eyes, and all we could do was take it.
 Hey, hate me because I used a bad word.

 There was no WWW then - we had no way to organize or fight back.
 All we could do was accept the government's lies and move on.


 Less than 90 days after the GOP (or the BFEE?) murdered JFK, the Beatles came along and,
 mostly thru John Lennon, they told us we didn't have to accept the horseshit the government fed us,
 we didn't have to murder Vietnamese farmers, we could change women's status as "nigger of the world,"
 and we could cast the religiously-insane demons of the past off, and treat each other with dignity.

 You kids have no idea what the Beatles did for you.
 The Beatles invented "wear your hair like you want to, not like they tell you."
 The Beatles invented "grow your hair until Nixon stops killing innocent people."
 The Beatles invented "wear blue jeans onstage of you like."
 The Beatles re-invented show business, and they rarely get the credit for it.
 The Beatles invented honesty in show business, and tore the lid off hypocrisy.

 They could've taken the Limbaugh/Bush/Reagan path and simply abused the power they had,
 but instead, they chose to educate, elighten, progress and make clear the world's problems.

 You kids have no idea how much you owe the Beatles.

 From: Rude Badger

 Both Kerry and Fonda shared their pro-communist ideologies with the public under the guise of
 supporting a  "peace movement" which, just by coincidence, would have only really aided several communist dictatorships.

"Peace" and "Freedom" are really nice words, but those words don't save you from some crazed mother-effer with a gun
 or a big enough lie trying todominate your nation or your life.

 Kerry is either a dupe, a liar or a fool.  Christ, haven't we've had enough of those in the White House already?!

 The fact remains, while Kerry was earning medals for bravery in Vietnam, Bush was AWOL and drunk,
 snorting cocaine and screwing Mexican hookers after signing a pledge to the National Guard.
(How do you think a mental defective could learn Spanish?)

 Remember, they f-ing shot Eddie Slovik for doing what Bush did.


 Eddie Slovik (1920 - January 31, 1945), a private in the United States Army, was the first soldier
 to be executed for desertion since the American Civil War. There have since been no executions
 for desertion in the US armed forces.

 You're right - we have a dupe, a liar and a fool in the White House.
 He's a deserter, too.

 Subject: Columbia explosion from an Israeli satellite

 Bart, these are sequential pictures of the Shuttle Explosion, taken from an Israeli Satellite in space.
 They were taken....obviously, just as the Shuttle began to explode over the Earth.

 Roger Fox





 Roger, my IQ is 64, not 24.
 That looks more like a clip from Armageddon.

HOT! Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


"We don't need a president who just says, `Gentlemen start your engines'.
  We need a president who says, `America, let's start our economy and put people back to work"
     --John Kerry, saying the Pinhead posed for a "photo op" the country was bleeding jobs   Attribution

 Hi Bart,

 I just wanted to thank you for putting my link up.
 I would buy advertising, but I am poor, but not stupid.

 I write because "bush" is the biggest disaster this country has ever suffered,
 and I am a patriot doing what I can do.  You are doing a wonderful job of informing
 the populace with a light enough note not to leave them depressed.  I agree that the dems
 need more courage.  I'm a green, but this year I will vote Democratic (abb).

 I proudly voted for the real elected president (Gore) in the last election.
 I think BFEE is an absolutely accurate title for the current world menace.
 You're doing something everyday that should leave you proud.
 Keep on keepin' on.

 Your comrade in arms ("the pen is mightier than the sword.")

 Woman says GOP lying about Kerry affair

  Click  Here

 Breaking her silence four days after whore Drudge made the allegation, Alexandra Polier issued a statement saying,
"I have never had a relationship with Senator Kerry, and the rumors in the press are completely false."

 Polier also took issue with reports that referred to her as a former Kerry intern.
"I never interned or worked for John Kerry," she told AP over the phone.



 "You hear people in Washington saying, 'Oh let's not make the tax cuts permanent.'
  When you hear somebody say that, they're saying 'We're gonna tax you. We're gonna raise your taxes'."
     --Dubya, borrowing money with our signature to give the billionaires more cash   Attribution

 OK, let's be fair:
 We all got a $300 loan from Bush while the big guys got billions.

 If you're doing better than you were doing on January 20, 2001 - vote for Bush.
 If not, vote your wallet and save some soldier's lives as a bonus.

 Iraq May Be Slipping Into Civil War
  ...but the press still says Bush knows what he's doing

  Click  Here

 Sunni politicians speak angrily of U.S. bias toward their Shiite rivals. Kurds are more outspoken
 in demanding self rule - (Bush owes them for capturing Saddam) if not independence. And someone
  - perhaps al-Qaida, perhaps Saddam loyalists - killed more than 100 people in recent suicide bombings.

 Rivalry and resentment among Iraq's ethnic and religious groups have become much more pronounced since
 Saddam's ouster in April. And those tensions are rising as various groups jockey for position with the
 approaching June 30 deadline for Iraqis to retake power

 The fault lines are emerging for a possible civil war.

 ...and it's all because Bush and Blair lied that Iraq was 45 minutes from hitting the East Coast.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"Bush goes into Iraq and then three weeks in the battle stands on an aircraft carrier,
  dressing up pretending to be a super hero, and the guy hardly showed up for drills
  in Alabama. He got favorable treatment in Vietnam."
     --Max Cleland,   Attribution

 Subject: Cancelled subscriptions? What the @#$ is wrong with people??


 Keep your chin up.  I was very disheartened to read about your subscription cancellations.
 I don't understand why you would have had so many.
 Was it anger at your offering the radio show for free?  If so, that's absurd.

 If you look at the history of the once free Napster, any artist who embraced the site had record CD sales.
 People will pay for quality, even when they can get it for nothing.

 ha ha
 That might be true for Republicans...:)

 Your web page is still the lifeblood of the Bartcop nation, of course, but I support what you are trying to do
 with the radio show--well, not *financially* support at this time, but I've got your back, buddy.

 Happy Presidents' Day to you and the missus.


 Jeff, thanks.
 As a rule, I tell depression and stress to eat me, but this was so damn unexpected.
 Dumbass that I am, I ran to my computer Monday morning hoping to see new subscribers
 but what I got was the most subscription cancellations ever in one day.

 Maybe people are telling me "If you're going to give it away, why should I pay for it?"

 Click for a great short movie

 Dubya's Wonder Years

  Click  Here

 Even after finally releasing all his military records late Friday, following four years of requests,
 it is clear that Bush did not fulfill his obligations to the Air National Guard.

 Nevertheless, a nice reader from Staunton e-mailed me to demand that I apologize to the community because:
 "You do not call the president of the United States a coward - ever."

 The president of the United States is a coward. Oops. Sorry. Actually, the president of the United States was a coward.
 His bravery toward the war with Iraq, and sending other parents' children to fight it, is unquestionable.

 He's also spending our tax dollars like a drunken Democrat vacationing on Martha's Vineyard.
 Bush's half-a-trillion-dollar deficit is triggering a near mutiny among his own party.

 Subject: the best president we never had

 There are two Wes Clarks.

 First, there's the Wes Clark who sees service as his highest calling.
 A deeply patriotic man who believes that dissent protects democracy and that it is the patriotic duty
 of every American to hold our government accountable - especially in a time of war. A man who
 makes us look within ourselves and realize that we can and must make a difference. This Wes Clark
 moved thousands of us from across the country to draft him to run for president. Something about this
 man speaks to us in a way that no politician ever has. Many of us see him as this generation's John Kennedy.

 Then there's the Wes Clark that the right-wing hit machine managed to create from thin air.
 He was called a flip-flopper, a nut and creepy. His positions and statements were parsed and
 twisted to present him in the worst possible light. Sadly, the media were all too eager to take
 whatever dirt was tossed out and propagate it without regard for whether it was accurate or factual.

 Unfortunately, in the end, the hit machine won. But it's America's loss.
 Gen. Wes Clark is the best president this country never had.

 Greg in Plano


"I can't forget Florida. I really can't forget Florida. It took a long time for my people to get the right to vote.
  And once they got it, they did it the way that they should have. We won the popular vote. And then all of a sudden,
  the Supreme Court comes in and says, "We got enough votes for Bush. Stop counting." And that's what happened...
  We will never, never, never forget Florida. This is the only time that we have an appointed president in our history."
     --Charlie Rangel, forgetting about Nixon's appointment of Ford      Attribution

 Yankees buy A-Rod
  Steinbrenner purchases 2004 World Series for $112 million

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 The Yankees would like to defer some of the approximately $112 million they will owe Rodriguez.
 The Yankees payroll currently is at $173 million, four times larger than that of many teams.

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"I think politics should be an honorable exchange over policies and issues and ideas and not just slander.
  And that's--frankly, there's just--these charges against the president are nothing short of slander.
  Now, nobody's going to bring a lawsuit here. But I do think that when you look at the records,
  the American people will come to that judgment."
     --Ed Gillespie, chairman of the Republican Party and former Enron lobbyist (that's how he got the RNC job)
        who forgets that the voters chose Gore in 2000 but the Crooked Court said, "Oh, no!" then and screwed us   Attribution

 Subject: your radio show

 My God........who is your audience?.............you have no credibility until you clean this up........
 I am a fifty year old educated professional , a liberal, hungry for an "anti Rush", a political  junkie,
 someone who has lived for decades in the middle east, someone who thinks the smirk is a slow witted,
 inarticulate, c-player who has been sliding around on daddy's grease all his life.....

 I am dying to see the success of a left leaning radio show............but until you can do it without
 saying "fuck" every ten seconds your nowwhere....really..........with this language your playing to
 a crowd that probably doesn't even vote...


 Cheri, you could be right.
 Overnight, I had the most subscription cancellations ever.
 In my mind, I'm the cleanest comedian since Bill Cosby, but people apparently agree with you.
 I can still smell the burning rubber of people leaving in a hurry.

 One thing - blame me for speaking from the heart - I didn't say the bad words for effect.


Now, more than ever.

 Subject: Cheris' comment on BC radio


 I 'sort of' agree with Cheri, she's right that language can undermine your credibility.
 But you're not George Stephanopolis. I doubt you'll be on Charlie Rose anytime soon.
 And you said you might go over the desk (at Russert's throat) on Meet The Press.

 Look, you have a voice all your own, one that sounds steeped in middle class American culture.
 From Knuckledrag Oklahoma. (Your accent gives you away)
 Regular joes driving a cement truck to work would "get you"

 In my teens I shingled a lot of roofs with southerners and I guarantee that if you were on the air
 back then it would have been a fight over the Hank Williams Jr tape or BartCop Radio.

 I figure it like this, if you want to hear liberals talking nice, turn on NPR.
 If you want to hear a lib with large cojones, choose Bart.

 As far as  "... My God........who is your audience?.............you have no credibility until you clean this up........
 I am a fifty year old educated professional" go's my wife, a professional, has degrees from Barnard
 (Columbia NYC) and University of Chicago, elite schools both, loves you.
 (her only complaint is the 'hot' buttons on the site.)

 "hot" buttons?  You mean these? 

 Bart is Bart dammit.
 Ill tell you what a loss of credibility would be...
 You running off tail between legs and getting tamed.



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 Greg Palast

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 Mike Malloy video on FOX Whore News
  He gave them a suitcase full of red-ass

  Click  Here

 Subject: Saw your note on alt.binaries.pictures.military

 Bart, you wrote:

> Jane Fonda gave smiles and photo ops to the enemy.
> Ollie North sold two planeloads of Stinger missles to a terrorist nation.

> Who did the greater harm?

> I've been on the internet for nine years and STILL
> I can't find a Republican who's willing to debate.

> bart
> http://www.bartcop.com
> home of the truth

 True, I wrote that, but I've never been to  alt.binaries.pictures.military
 Somebody must've re-posted something they saw.

 But yeah, let the truth ring loud and f-ing clear.

 Swear to Koresh, there's no Republican spinmeister who dares to face me in a live chat room.
 Take a shit-slinger like Matt Drudge.
 I wonder what the Vegas odds on a Drudge/Bartcop debate would be?

 ha ha

 There is nobody.

 not Ann Coulter,
 not David Horowitz.
 not Dennis Miller
 not Brit Hume,
 not the vulgar Junkie (I'd make Rush cry in fucking minutes)

 Always remember,
 the truth wins every debate if you're willing to speak up.

  Subject: radio feedback

 Hey Bart,

 Your beat downs are the best.  The Shrub* beat down was great.
 When I hear the radio or tv idiots rambling on, and I scream at the radio/tv when they
 lie, or make shit up, your beat downs are much like that.  Plus, there is so damn much
 material out there.

 From Rush, Hannity, O-Liely, Scarborough, or Bow-Tie Boy, the material is almost never ending.
 A semi-local/national guy Neal Bortz is seriously in need of a beat down.  He is one of those that
 parades around as a libertarian, makes one comment a week that isn't blatantly Pro-Shrub* to justify it.
 Keep the beat downs coming.

 Also, being an election year, and the sorry state Shrub* has this country in, you need to remove the
 Bartcop Hex from "Mr. Perfect" and put all the energy to Shrub*.  Next year, you can put the hex
 back on "Mr. Perfect" if you like, but this year winning the election for the 4th time in a row is most critcal.

 Have a great day.

 Kevin, thanks for that.
 I agree - one thing I really hate is when these radio/TV whores swear they're so objective,
 but when they "objectively" look at the facts, they love every Republican and hate every Democrat.

 As far as the BartCop Hex, I guess the point has been made.
 Tiger now wins as many majors as Anna Kournakova.

 BTW, the new Sports Illustrated with Anna is out.


 This was the most tasteful picture of the group.

 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 We have a new address for advertisers - ads@bartcop.com

 Subject: Playing with Google

 A few months ago there was a story in the news - that if you searched for "miserable failure" on Google,  you got Bush's biography.
 I've been playing with Google to see what other words return what results and its quite a lot of fun.
 Micheal Moore's site talking about Bush now replaces the first spot for "miserable failure," Bush is now second.
 Same results if "miserable" and "failure" are used separately. But anti-bust sites take #1 for the words "AWOL",
 "chimp" and "worst president ever". If you type in "budget surplus" however - you get a story about Clinton.

 Marc Perkel

  It pays to advertise on  bartcop.com

  Make your deal today  before campaign prices take effect.

  Subject: Conan O'Brian Show comments on Bartcop

  Click  Here

 Fact: Conan was a rerun last night.
 Tonight- Tuesday, is his first show since the "international incident."
 I'd watch.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 544  to die - and counting.

They got four since the weekend.
Do you understand these are destroyed families - not just numbers on a page?

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx


Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.


"In his annual economic report to Congress President Bush said that the transfer of American jobs
  overseas is actually part of a positive transformation that will enrich the U.S. economy over time.
  So losing your job to someone else can be a good thing - we'll see how he feels about that in November."
     --Jay Leno,

 Mac-ing our way to Better Radio

 As we step up the pace of , we have another expense:
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 and monitor so Tommy can edit radio shows,
 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :)

 $3678 - total cost of new package.
 $1977 - amount raised  - with 12 interest-free days to go.

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 If you prefer the mail, our physical address is  bartcop.com  PO Box 54466   Tulsa, OK  74155

  Show 27 is up, and it sounds good, thanks to Tommy and his new computer.

Subscribe today!

 I'd like to thank the subscribers and Mac donators.
 As long as you're contributing, we will continue beating up the Bush monkey and his Nazi gangsters.


 Monkey mail response

  Click  Here

 You hate Bush because he is a Republican.

 No, I want Bush gone because he has taken America's reputation and turned it into pure shit.
 I want Bush gone because he has taken Clinton's Paradise and turned it into hell.
 I want Bush gone because he has declared war on our national parks, the homeless and the poor.
 I want Bush gone because he has turned back the hands of time on hundreds of important issues.
 I want Bush gone because he has invaded Iraq because "God told him to."
 I want Bush gone because he has lied us into a war that might last for a decade, killing thousands
   of people like you're claiming to be - the best and bravest American heroes that we have.
 I want Bush gone because he has turned Clinton's surplus into Bush's deficits.
 I want Bush gone because he has proven he's religiously insane.
 I want Bush gone because he has suspended the Bill of Rights.

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