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  In Today's Treehouse...
Dean to End His Campaign
GOP rumors anger innocent
Coulter Smears a War Hero
Let mud bath begin 
Malloy - only 2 more weeks
Monkey mail returns
Bush under oath 
US Sees Al-Qaeda Everywhere 
Jesus hates you


Quote of the Day

"He can impress me by putting Americans 
  back to work and bringing our soldiers home 
  from Iraq. If he wants to convince me he cares 
  about NASCAR, let him come to a race when 
  it's not an election year."  
     --Sandra Ralston,  NASCAR fan Attribution 

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Volume 1255 -  Bush 'paid for abortion'

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  Wednesday      Feb 18, 2004


"If I'm not mistaken, didn't Dole try to make an issue in '96 of Clinton's lack of military service?
  It didn't work, did it? It didn't work. And why didn't it work? I know you're not going to want to hear this,
  but the American people liked Bill Clinton. They liked him enough that they didn't want to hear that,
  and it didn't matter. Bush has the same amount of love, if not more, that Clinton had.
     --the vulgar Pigboy, as quoted by Mark Follman,    Attribution

 But Clinton's lack of military service didn't get 545 brave soldiers killed.
 Unlike the never-elected fraud, Clinton left the military decisions to the Pentagon.
 Time and again, they told Bush/Rummy this war was doomed and needed 100,000 more soldiers,
 but their arrogance and naked greed told the generals to shut up and be quiet.

 Will America forgive Bush's lies that killed so many?

 Bush 'paid for abortion'
  Must be in a foreign paper - the US media protects Bush


"President Bush faced an extraordiary claim last night that he once paid for a girl-friend to have an abortion.
 The pro-life president arranged for the procedure in the early 1970s, according to porn publisher Larry Flynt.
 The controversial publisher of Hustler magazine told the New York Daily News he will make the claims in a
 book coming out this summer.
'This story has got to come out,' said 61-year-old Flynt. 'There's a lot of hypocrisy in the White House about
 this whole abortion issue. I've talked to the woman's friends. 'I've tracked down the doctor who did the abortion,
 I tracked down the Bush people who arranged for the abortion I got the story nailed.'"


"For Bush operatives, the problem with Kerry is where to begin. National security? Gay marriage?
  Flip-flops? Special interests? Beginning with national security makes the most sense since it's Kerry's
  weakest issue. It's the one he least wants to discuss. All that bravado about 'bring it on' if Bush wants
  to raise national security actually means 'don't bring it on.' By talking tough, Kerry hopes to scare Bush off.
      --Fred Barnes, who is 100 points more stupid than a real chimp   Attribution


 Newer readers may not recognize this - from Steven Brill's Content.
 Chippy the Chimp scored .517 on yes and no questions, Barnes was
 over a hundred points more stupid than Chippy - or just lying.

 Dean ends his campaign
  Thanks for the spine implant, Governor - we neede that

  Click  Here

 Howard Dean will end his campaign and oversee a new effort to keep his issues alive
 and his supporters organized on behalf of Democratic causes, two party officials said Wednesday.

 The sources said the shape of the new effort is still to be determined but that Dean would eventually
 support the Democratic Party's nominee. One official said Dean would help elect Democrats to Congress in the fall. .

 I hope history gives Dean the credit he deserves - and we haven't heard the last of him.


"Most Americans, somehow bitch-slapped out of drooling narcolepsy, are finally starting to see
  that the misdministration "exaggerated" the pre-war intelligence about Iraqi weapons, and that
  Bush's "self-described status as a war president" was brought on by his own choices, not forced
  upon him by world events. Halleluia. About fucking time.
   --Maru,  Attribution

 GOP rumors anger innocent woman's family
  Bush hate machine lurching for an issue

  Click  Here

"The only interest Alexandra Polier had in John Kerry was a job reference, her grandmother said Monday...
"There's nothing to all of this," Dorothy Polier said in an irritated tone to the Journal Star."..

 Though tentative U.S. media had barely touched the story until Monday, the European press (Rupert Murdoch)
 has run wild with allegations since last week. One newspaper claimed an American TV network has been sitting
 on an on-camera interview with Alexandra Polier while it investigates the matter further. Another paper quoted her
 father as calling Kerry a "sleazeball" - though her parents issued a statement in Pennsylvania on Monday denying
 affair rumors and pledging to vote for Kerry for president.

 Dorothy Polier declined to talk in depth about burgeoning ballyhoo. Annoyed by her family getting dragged through
 the mud, she has begun to avoid news reports about the allegations. "They're absolutely false," she said, her voice
 again rising. "(Reporters) are driving my son crazy," she said.

 Pickles Bush says gay marriage 'very, very shocking'  
  That's because they screw goats and sheep in Texas

  Click  Here

 Laura Bush says gay marriages are "a very, very shocking issue" for some people,
 a subject that should be debated by Americans rather than settled by a Massachusetts
 court or the mayor of San Francisco.

 I know - what if the feds minded their own busioness and let cali and mass do what they want?
 The GOP should have to put $1,000 in a jat each time they claim they're for less government.

 Bush's "disgraceful" treatment of troops/vets

  Click  Here

 Yesterday at Ft. Polk, Louisiana, President Bush thanked American soldiers for their service, saying,
"In the war, America depends on our military to meet the dangers abroad and to keep our country safe.
 The American people appreciate this sacrifice."1 And while this tribute is heartwarming, it has not been
 matched with the kind of resources that show appreciation. On the contrary, President Bush has refused
 to adequately fund some of the most important priorities to soldiers, veterans and their families.

 Last year, while troops were at war, the president proposed slashing $1.5 billion from military family housing
 and tried to "roll back recent modest increases"2 in bonuses paid to soldiers serving in combat zones.  Meanwhile,
 the president refused to extend the child tax credit to one million children living in military and veteran families.

 Yet they love him, they vote for his program to screw them and they volunteer to die for his gredy oil snatch.
 Sometimes it's hard to remain as pro-military as I am.

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"Bush and Rove are now on the defensive. They have already been driven off their planned theme
  of "the war president." Now they have been forced back to "running on the record." But with all
  those 2.2 million plus job losses since January 2001, that is meat and drink to Kerry.

  With U.S. GIs still dying by the week in Iraq in a war that increasingly looks to have been unnecessary,
  Bush's National Guard record of 30 years ago has become an albatross around his neck. He served in the
  Guard safely at home. But now he has sent thousands of Guard members to danger and even death because
  of a war that may not have been necessary. And in Kerry, he now faces a foe all too eager to take advantage of it.

  This is not the campaign Bush and Rove planned for and expected."
   -- Martin Sieff   Attribution

 Judge Roy Moore (R-Insane) for president?
  Insane judge might run against Bush and split the Fascist vote

  Click  Here

 Ousted Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore is focused on trying
 to get his job back but will not rule out a third-party run for the presidency
 that could threaten President Bush's re-election chances.

 Hey Judge, I'll pay your filing fees!

Marty's Entertainment Page


"I'm very reluctant to ascribe thought to George Bush beyond anything he actually says, and even then,
  I don't often believe him. I don't know what's in his heart. He says he has a good heart, he's a good man.
  Let him think that if he wants. I'm interested in the results of his policies. We don't call him a liar in this book.
  We don't ever say he's lying, because we don't know what he's thinking. We don't know what his consciousness is.
  I do think that a man [that] tells us over and over again, "I'm 100 percent positive they have WMDs." And then
  instead of saying, "Oh I'm wrong and I'm sorry," says "I'm 100 percent sure they have weapons of mass production"
  -- whatever that phrase was, isn't someone who's primary concern is that he always is scrupulous to the truth...
  That's a kind of giveaway. But I really couldn't give a shit what Bush thinks or feels. I care what the results for the country are."
       --Eric Alterman,  http://www.liberaloasis.com/alterman.htm


 Click for a great short movie

 Vile Ann Coulter Smears a War Hero
     by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Her current target is Max Cleland, the former United States Senator who left three limbs in Vietnam.
 The courageous Mr. Cleland prevailed over his terrible injury, and the depression that followed; he was
 appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the Clinton administration and then elected to the Senate from
 his home state of Georgia.

 But Ms. Coulter considers him deserving of scorn and denigration - and lies about his service, despite his
 sacrifice - for one reason alone: Mr. Cleland is a Democrat who dares to speak out against the President.

 There was a time when Republicans were the first to defend veterans and the last to attack anyone who had
 served, regardless of partisan affiliation. That tradition is dead, however, in part because so many of the party's
 extremist leaders, who talk loudly about war, managed to avoid military service when their time came.


 Let mud bath begin
     by  Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 With the 2004 presidential election already turning nasty, let's get one thing straight.
 Before it's anything else, an American presidential campaign is a TV show. As such,
 it's governed by the same immutable laws of bad taste and shameless pandering that
 have given us Jerry Springer, professional wrestling, "The 700 Club," " The McLaughlin
 Group" and the "Bill & Monica Show."  Hey, if there were no other reasons to love the
 U. S. A., it must be the funniest country on Earth. A generation after Dallas Cowboys
 cheerleaders started bumping and grinding like Las Vegas hookers, five years since the
 "Starr Report's" bureaucratic porn, and half the country gets the vapors over a Super Bowl
 hoochie-coochie show?


(Standing ovation for Gene Lyons)

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"Californians spoke on the issue of same-sex marriage when they overwhelmingly approved
  California's law that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman. I support that law,
  and I encourage San Francisco officials to obey that law.''
    -- Arnold, putting government's heel on the throats of the people    Attribution

 I'm so old, I remember when the Republicans talked about "less government" and "letting the people decide."

 Bush under oath

  Click  Here

 The Family Steering Committee believes that President Bush should provide sworn public testimony
 to the full ten-member panel of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States .
 Collectively, the Commissioners are responsible for fulfilling the Congressional mandate. Therefore, each
 Commissioner must have full access to the testimony of all individuals and the critical information that will
 enable informed decisions and recommendations.

 Before an audience of the American people, the Commission must ask President Bush in sworn testimony,
 the following questions:

 The Monkey can't answer any of these questions, but let's get him under oath on live TV
 and for Koresh's sake don't send an obedient GOP puppy like Russert to do a man's job.
 I imagine James Carville could get some straight answers out of Bush.


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 Mike Malloy video on FOX Whore News
  He gave them a suitcase full of red-ass

  Click  Here

 So good, we keep it up a second day.

 Where's the liberal Rush Limbaugh?

  Click  Here

 Mike Malloy's left-wing rants have gotten him bounced from major radio markets.
 Could he draw an audience of millions if he got the chance?

 You've probably heard - Mike's network is going off the air at the end of this month.
 Until he lands another radio gig, you only have two more weeks to hear Mike.

  Click  Here   for the link


 Subject: One more question

 If Clinton did "bring us peace and prosperity" as you claim, then HOW did he do it?
 This ought to be interesting.

 B Boardman.

 There's no answer you would ever except.
 When the Patriots won the Super Bowl, was their victory contingent on
 their coach's ability to explain how he did it to people who hate his guts?

 When you bowl a strike, do you have to explain how you did it to get credit?

 When you run the pool table playing nine ball, is their an oral exam afterwards?

 When Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker, did they withhold
 the money until he explained how he beat the world's greatest poker players?

 The answer that you refuse to expect is - the score explains everything.
 Clinton created 22 million jobs, Bush lost 3 million and you don't accept the facts.

 Clinton killed zero soldiers, Bush killed 500 and you can't accept the facts.

 That's why this segment is called Monkey mail - you canm't accept the facts.
 You're beyond reasoning with, you continue to say, in effect that a 10 beats an Ace.
 It must be tough being you, but ...would you like to play some poker?.

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 U.S. Sees Al-Qaeda Everywhere

  Click  Here

"In blaming al-Qaeda and Ansar, the United States and its allies have sought effectively to legitimise
 the presentation Powell made to the Security Council a year ago. If public perceptions of the Ansar threat
 were to grow, the invasion of Iraq would be seen as more legitimate.

 U.S. officials have again pointed to al-Qaeda and foreign terrorists as the leading suspects behind recent attacks.
 On Tuesday last week a bomber killed 53 at a police recruitment centre in Iskandariyah south of Baghdad.
 The next day another bomber claimed 47 at an army recruitment centre in Baghdad. On Saturday a rebel
 assault routed security forces in Fallujah, killing at least twenty.

 But it is widely acknowledged that there are few foreigners among the thousands arrested by coalition forces."

 Great point.
 If the soldiers aren't arresting any Al Qaeda, why does Bush keep blaming them?

 ...to make this nonsense war more legitimate.

 Newspapers all over the world are printing the truth, but not in America.
 You have to cruise the non-American news sites (or  bartcop.com )to get the truth.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 544  to die - and counting.

The number might be higher but the page is down.
Did Ashcroft get tired of people knowing the truth?

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx


"The economy is doing pretty well. It's roaring back. You've got to get in gear and understand
  that Kerry and his willing accomplices in the press all paint an entirely different picture."
    --Rush Limbaugh, (R-Liar) whose idea of "roaring back" is different than the OMB


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"I have denied repeatedly all kinds of defamatory allegations made about me.
  Did the press believe me? No, they kept believing the allegations despite my denial.
  Yet Kerry and all these people deny something, and okay, that's it."
     -- the vulgar Pigboy, always whining because everything has to be about him

 Hey Pigboy, guess what?
 There's a difference between not having an affair and forcing your maid out into the streets at night
 to score you massive amounts of hillbilly heroin from a probably-armed drug dealer.

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 Jesus hates you

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 "Back then I was just getting debriefed from an extremely strict, commie-hatin', working-class Bridgeport Catholic grammar school.
  No one was teaching us St. Patrick's lads "liberation theology," I can tell you that much. Yet I instantly recognized the connection
  between the longhaired Jesus minstrels and the Jesus we had been taught about, because as hardcore as the nuns were, even they
  had to admit that Christ's new law was about love, distasteful as they found it, and forgiveness, impossible as they found that.
  The hippies were just wearing their gospels on their sleeves.

  In later years I met a few certified Jesus Freaks and found them very pleasant company, if you stayed off the topic of religion
  (which, believe it or not, they could, though they ended each encounter by praying that one day I would "come to Jesus").
  For years I thought followers of the Man from Galilee were perfectly OK.

  Well, we all know what happened after that. American Christianity became a witch-huntin', homo-hatin', muscle-flexin' affair.
  The nuns of St. Pat's, apparently, hadn't been hardcore enough; they'd been unable to make that final leap of faith, and present
  to us a different Jesus that did not love, that did not forgive. What was needed in this new, crucial age was not a Jesus who
  would lead us down to the riverside for veggie casseroles and wet t-shirt baptisms, but a Jesus that would lead us into battle,
  and that namby-pamby "Prince of Peace" character just wasn't going to make it."

 You probably didn't see last Sunday's Cold Case on CBS right after 60 Minutes.
 It was about an unsolved murder from 1958, where some nuns were regularly whipping
 and beating very young children in orphanages. When pressed on why they did that, the
 nuns replied, "It was a different time - we did things that way back then,"

 Boy, don't I know it.
 I was smart enough to rarely get caught. Once, for talking in class, I was made to kneel on concrete
 with my arms outstretched holding geography books in each hand. I was mute for a year after that.

 I witnessed plenty of beatings, including one where my first cousin was slapped 30-40 times
 in the face, again and again, over and over, for not speaking when asked a question.
 If you were caught cursing, they'd sed you to Father Rowtowski (sp?) who would pull out
 a pocket knife and cut a bar of soap in quarters and make you eat one of those.
 I remember telling this one before:
 A nun granned ny mext door neighbor, Barbara, but the hair and slammed her head into the blackboard
 again and again - and I swear to Koresh - these are for minor offenses. When barbara got home that night,
 she told her dad to then went to the rectory (not the convent) and told some priest he was going to have to
 take an ass-whipping because he didn't want to beat up than nun.

 No wonder I couldn't wait to get away from their madness.
 Why do I bring this up?

 Not sure, maybe for the simple pleasure of revenge, maybe to try to convince myself that this kind of
 horseshit is not still going on.  But if my daughter came home and told me that story, I doubt Luca Brassi
 could stop me from doing something much more violent in return. Decades before I saw The Untouchables
 with Sean Connery, my motto was "always hit them three times harder than they hit you."

 Just for fun (and maybe a little therapy on the side) if you have a Catholic torture story
 that needs telling,  Click  Here   and be sure to put Catholic in the subject header.

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