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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush officially the worst ever
Media bias? 
Gore kiss of death for Dean
A Letter from Liz 
Hollywood is so screwed up
BartCop vs the Moonie Times
Colorado Coach implodes 
Giant Leap for Gaykind 
Howie, We Hardly Knew Ye


Quote of the Day

"Debating her on her 'ideas' does about as 
  much good as kicking a retarded puppy." 
   -- Charles Taylor on Ann Coulter, 
   Saw it on  allhatnocattle.net

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Volume 1256 - Helen's question

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  Thursday      Feb 19, 2004


"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition,
  it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures,
  until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."
       --Harry S. Truman,     Attribution

"Screw Henry Truman.
  He was a Democrat, anyway."

 Bush Wins Triple Trifecta as Worst President Ever 
  Click  Here

"The worst president in our lifetime" is how many Americans view George W. Bush. But Bush is not
  merely the worst president in recent memory. He's the worst in all US history. And he's won the
  distinction not on a weakness or two, but in at least nine separate categories, giving him a triple trifecta.

  It's a record unmatched by any previous president.

  Let's count the ways:

 Trifecta One: Economy, Environment, Education
 Trifecta Two: Corruption, Constitution, Global Contempt
 Trifecta Three: Military madness, Messianic delusion, Macho Matricide


"You must prosecute Rush. Or, if not, then you must lead the way to release the thousands
  of Florida inmates who have not done anything nearly so serious as Rush is alleged to have done."
   --Andy Johnson, a former Florida state Rep, in a letter to Barry Krischer,  Attribution

"If Rush gets a break, Krischer's going to hear from the local defense bar."
      --Gregg Lerman, a West Palm Beach lawyer with clients who face felony charges on prescription drugs  Attribution

 That's a fair deal.   If the poor black men went to prison for having ten Oxy's
 Rush should get life for having 10,000 - or we let the guys who can't afford Roy Black out.
 Reminder: Rush can afford Black because he's made millions screaming at "toothless prosecutors."

 Subject: Media bias?

 Say what?  Do you actually follow the news?

 Yes, and I'd say more than most.

 Look, I apologize for firing the first shot in this - I was in a bad mood the other night,
 was trying to find something else, saw your post and felt compelled to respond.

 I love it when an impromptu debate breaks out.

 But to say the media was against Clinton and for Bush, it's obvious we have two
 largely different views (has Barbara Walters quit her role as Bill's lapdog yet?)


 Dave, yes, I followed the news - during all four years on non-stop coverage of Clinton's cock.
 Let me ask you: How many times has Bush pleaded guilty to a felony?
 Neither of us know, because the media is so friendly with Bush, they have never asked.
 The millionaire playboy did cummunity service in Houston in the warly 70's, but nobody
 has asked what crime he was working off because that's "not important."

 Now, name a women who has claimed to have sex with Clinton and jumped into the
 national spotlight to be on with Hannity, O'Reilly, Greta, Brit Hume, Lisa Myers, Russert,
 60 Minutes, Rush's show, Liddy's show, North's show, Randy Humpphries, Glenn Beck
 and the hundreds of other rabid Clinton-hating millionaires.
 No, don't, because we don't have that much time.

 The truth is, Clinton was asked to explain every wild-ass accusation that every rhinoplasty patient
 ever made, but Bush's arrest record, his abortion, the rape charges files against him by a woman
 who's body was recently found, the Funeralgate coverup in Texas, the 550 dead in Iraq, the missing
 WMDs, the list is endless and it's always 50 times more serious than a blow job, but the press has
 given Bush a s pass on all of it until the last 30 days.

 Not that they've begun to wake up, Sharpton could possibly beat Bush next November.

 Each time a guy like you swears the media leans left, it reminds me of Al Franken's great line.
"They call CNN 'the Clinton News Network' because they only covered Monica 23 hours a day."
 Meanwhile, every other media outlet went the full 24 and hasn't stopped to this day.

 As far as your wild assertion that barbara Walters is a Clinton lap dog, has she ever done a three hour
 hatefest against Bush, calling him a murderer, rapist, drug-dealer, sold-missles to China, sold Arlington
 graves for cash and every other non-existent charge she could ever make up?
 No, that's talk radio, that's cable TV news, that's the American media.

 I advise you to read a newspaper produced outside of Bush's media influence and see the news the rest
 of the world is getting about Bush, about Iraq and everything else the US media won't tell you.

 Before you ask, "What would motivate the media to lie and protect Bush?"


 That $5.3 billion Bush gave to NBC?
 He borrowed that money from you and me - we're paying it back.
 And how many jobs did GE create with that $5.3 billion?

 That's the Bush economy.

 Wake up, son, America hit $7 trillion in debt yesterday, but the good news is,
 the richest Americans can now afford another home, another boat and another 6,000 pound SUV.

 Aren't you glad Clinton is out of office?



"The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion."
     --George Washington, Treaty of Tripoli, 1796,  Attribution

 I guess the religio-crazies and GOP will say George Washington is a liar?

 Gore kiss of death for Dean

 Was it a coincidence that Dean's campaign took a turn for the worse after Al Gore endorsed him?
 Al Gore is not the king maker he thinks he is. Gore isn't really a player in the Democratic party these days.
 Four years ago Gore failed to become president because he separated himself from Clinton in a way that was
 extremely offensive to Clinton supporters. Then - after Bush stole the election - Gore was the first one to shout
 down the critics who objected to the Supreme Court stopping the recount process and appointing Bush president.

 Dean tried to run as an outsider - but when he accepted the blessing of Al Gore - who is as much an insider as
 you can get - it ruined Dean's image. Gore's endorsement might have been the "Kiss of Death" for Dean.
 Makes me wonder if it would be better if Al Gore were to endorse Bush than another Democratic candidate.
 And Al - please - skip the Democratic convention!

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 In case you don't know, Marc Perkel had the very first Gore 2000 web page on the internet.
 He's not anti-Gore, he's just telling the truth.

 A Letter from Liz 
 Whatever the opposite of Monkey Mail is, this is it

  Click  Here

 Now one question/quibble.

 Here's where it gets good.

 Hollywood is so screwed up

 Recently, I can't remember if it was page or radio, but I commented that Jennifer Love Hewitt did an
 outstanding impersonation of Nancy Sinatra doing "Boots" on Sunday's ...American Beauty, ...whatever

 In the local TV mag, they showed a picture of JLH in a lil' pink skirt with a blonde wig and white boots.
 Seeing that, I conjugated the square root of  PI  7,000 times in an attempt to focus on another point.

 Turns out, NBC is just guilty of lying again.

 JLH was on Leno last night, and her "Boots" is performed in Army greens.  No sexy hair, no 'lil pink skirt,
 and if she had boots on I didn't see them - and wasn't that the point of the song?

 How did they go from the lil' pink skirt to Army fatigues?
 Is this more Janet Jackson fallout?
 Do we have to de-sex entertainment because Janet made a mistake?
 How long will this drought continue?


 ...the TV Guide and USA Today and Yahoo's TV listings NEVER agree.
 There's no way to tell what's on until it comes on.

 TV Guide says one thing's on at 8, the paper says another and Yahoo says a third.
 Why can't anybody get anything right anymore? I can understand last-minute changes, but every day?

 Swear to Koresh, Ol' Bart with the IQ of 64 makes fewer mistakes than the networks
 and they are billion dollar entities run by Harvard and Yale millionaires.

Visit  www.deckofbush.com  for your deck today!


"America will never be destroyed from the outside.
  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
      --Abraham Lincoln, born a full century before John Ashcroft   Attribution

 Subject: Your hammer

 Sorry to hear about the mass exodus (of subscribers).

 There weren't that many, only 6 or 7, but it happened the night we free posted 50 minutes
 of the best show we've done so far.  I was hoping for a net gain but got a net loss, instead.
 I blamed the free sneak peek.  Besides, "mass exodus" sounds so Jewish :)

 The idea that the people who listen to you and contribute thoughts and use your bandwidth through the forums
 and what not can't be bothered to bear with you while you work out the bugs boggles my mind.  So here is my
 paltry $10.00.  That's two less trips to Cheeseburger Charley's monthly, but if one day I am eating my brownbagged
 lunch and read about the Democrat nominee winning over the non-elected idiot, I will personally make a dress out of
 bartcop stickers and wear it to whatever post-election parties will be held.

 ha ha
 And I'll print the pictures.

 And for what it's worth, you did curse quite a bit, but your message was far more important than it's delivery.
 While every English teacher says swear words indicate ignorance, really they just highlight your frustration.
 Maybe you should hit the Chinaco earlier.  :)

 That suggestion is often heard.

 So maybe it's good that you had the mass exodus.  It forced me to do what I had been thinking about,
 and that was to join.  I wish I could afford the big fat subscription, but right now it's just not feasible.
 Thank you for doing your part.  I wonder if you could set the whole thing up as a non-profit organization
 so that contributions are tax-deductible?  :-)

 There's no now that says you can't deduct major contributions to  bartcop.com.
 They just won't allow it if you're caught :)

 While the hammer may swing somewhat lower for the moment, I imagine that if you just have that
 wonderful producer of yours make downloadable trailers it might do a bit better...

 Thank you.

 "Downloadable trailers?"

 Oh well, maybe Tommy will know what that means.


 "I enjoy 'the politics of personal destruction'" as much as the next chap."
    -- Mark Steyn, Hate boy at the getting more desperate Washington Whore Times   Attribution

 Making Kerry the Enemy
  by Mark Steyn, Hate boy at the getting more desperate Washington Whore Times

  Click  Here

"Look at John Kerry's stump speech: "We are a band of brothers," he says, indicating his fellow veterans.
"We're a little older, we're a little greyer, but we still know how to fight for this country." Thirty years ago,
 he came back from Vietnam and denounced his "band of brothers" as a gang of drug-fueled torturers,
 rapists, and murderers.

 Hey, instead of characterizing what Kerry said in the most inflammatory words possible, why not print the quote?
 Would the truth nbot sell as many papers as the lies you're making up?

 These versions are not reconcilable.

 How can we tell - without the facts?
 Would the facts be too dificult for your paper to print?

 When he was palling around with Jane Fonda in the '70s, he hated the military.

 It's easy to see you're a lying, partisan bastard with no connection to the truth.
 Produce the evidence that they ever met, mush less "palled around."
 Plus, Mr Steyn, please tell us about YOUR heroic years fighting in the Vietnam jungle,
 ...or did you have a rich daddy who wrote a check to buy your safety?

 It wasn't just that he opposed the war but that he accused his "band of brothers" of a level of participation
 in war crimes and civilian atrocities unmatched by the Japanese, the Nazis and the Soviets.

 I'll bet $100 he never said any such thing.
 You a gambler, Mr Stein?
 I'll bet $200 you can't produce that quote from a reputable source.

 I'll make you another deal:  If Kerry actually said Americans committed "worse war crimes than
 anything ever done by the Japaneze, Nazi's and Soviets" that would tell me he can't be president,
 because it would mean he thinks Americans killed twenty million innocent Vietnamese.
 If you can prove Kerry said that, I will not support him this year for president.

 Making a bold and audacious statement like that is easy as hell when dealing with a lying whore.
 This Steyn asshole could give hate lessons to Ann Slanders, the Pigboy and David Horowitz.

 So one John Kerry is a fake. Which is it?

 We can't tell, because all you've done is make hate-filled accusations.
 Doesn't the Washington Times have a resources to locate quotes?
 Can't you afford the Lexis/Nexis whatever that's called?
 It's only about $100 a month - don't you GOP millionaires have $100?
 Or did your owner, the Rev Moon, order you to fabricate those lies?
 Why can't you print the quote and let us decide "which Kerry is fake?"

 Why can't you do your job properly, Mr Steyn?

 Running on biography is lame...

 Yep, that's a great slogan to use when a bunnypants deserter runs against a real war hero.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"With the amount of money we spend on education, when I hear there are parents
  who can't read, I'm sorry, I don't have sympathy. My fellow citizens and I have
  paid through the nose to fix this problem since the 1960's, and it sounds like it's
  only getting worse. Why we say we need another program to deal with this?"
    --Rush the uneducated Pigboy Attribution

 Butt Rush, wouldn't the same apply to defense?
 We throw $400 billion a year at defense, so where were they on 9-11?
 Why were all those pilots told to stand down?
 And if they weren't told to stand down, what were they waiting for - engraved invitations?
 If that's what they teach in the Air Force, should we continue to fund it?

 Since the 60's we've spent 40 trillion dollars (a guess) on defense, but if they're all going
 to sleep thru the biggest attack in American history why should we continue to fund it?

 For those taking that literally, I'm just making a point.
 Yes, we still need defense, but this ignorant ass wants to pay fewer taxes on his
 $300 f-ing million because there are some failures in the underfunded school system.

 Rush, aren't you glad you don't have the courage to face me in a chat room?
 In ten minutes, I'd have you more broken down than Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral.

 Subject:  Bush abortion story DISAPPEARS from the Daily Telegraph!

 Hey Bart, just wanted to let you know that the Daily Telegraph story
 you posted  in yesterday's issue has disappeared off the web!


 This site has got a bit on it -

 What is going on here???


 Melissa, I have an ugly suspciion - grounded in fact.
 I don't know all the techinicalities, but in the UK, you can lose a slander trial
 even if what you said was 100 percent true and accurate.

 That's how they beat Greg Palast - the BFEE (in the form of Barrick Mining) accused Palast
 of telling the truth and the jury agreed that he did and found him guilty of saying that Barrick
 murdered a bunch of gold miners who were on strike by burying them alive.

 We're trying to get Greg Palast to do an interview for BCR - maybe he can explain that.

 If the BFEE can now control newspapers in other countries, we must assume our freedom
 on the internet is also in danger.  Will Bush and Ashcroft outlaw all criticism of the new Amerikkka?

 PS. I'm not kidding and this is no joke.
 It's always possible the Daily Telegraph had other reasons for killing that story, but it's a FACT
 that Flynt claims he has the proof coming out in a new book this summer - before the election.

 If Flynt dies between now and the book release, that won't make me feel any better.


 Click for a great short movie

 Colorado Coach Calls Rape Victim 'Terrible' Player

  Click  Here

"You know what guys do, they respect your ability.
  Katie was a girl, and not only was she a girl, she was terrible.
  She couldn't kick the ball through the uprights," he said.

 I saw this tape, and thought - "He did not just say that."

 Look, I have an advantage in commenting on this case because I know nothing about it.
 I've probably heard his name before, but he's a total stranger, as is the girl and the situation.

 Having said that, I would first say let's give this coach a chance.
 What he said was so stupid and awful, it must have been a good idea come out wrong.
 Jesus, even Rush only goes there a few times a week.

 If it turns out that he's a flaming-Bible-beating handjob, then I guessed wrong.
 I just have to think his mind and his mouth were getting mixed signals.

 Giant Leap for Gaykind 

 Tuesday night, we watched the first episode of the second year of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

 The best news is, the first show back was damn funny and they seem to have not lost a step.
 But the biggest thing that struck me (no jokes, please) was their new advertisers.

 Last year, they have Di Sarono (mystery liquor that gays drink?) and Bob's Bakery in 54th & Broadway.
 Pay attention:
 This is all going to be in the Pop Quiz Monday.

 Tuesday, AT&T commercials aired on the "queer show."
 American Express commercials aired on the "queer show."
 Crest Toothpaste commercials aired on the "queer show."
 There were probably more, but I'm a busy man.

 But stop and think about what that means.
 These Wall Street giants are "edorsing" (they'll say) the homosexual lifestyle.
 At the very least, these greedy, money-grubbing opportunists thiunk they'll make more
 money doing business with the gay guys than if they don't.

 Isn't this a first?
 I miss a lot of updates, but there's a reason why Di Sarono (mystery liquor that gays drink?) was
 the only advertiser I can remember (loophole) but this year they start out with the BIG dogs.

 To me, that means we found out Tuesday night that America took one giant f-ing leap into the future.
 To me, this is the first BIG nail in the coffin of sexual bigotry.

 Similar to Richard Pryor beating the race barriers back, America likes and accepts the Fab 5.
 Like with those "awful negroes," "maybe queers ain't the demons Rush said they was."
 It's possible the Fab 5 have done more for gay-straight relations than every court ruling of the last 20 years

 Isn't this a big deal?

 Shouldn't we celebrate the day when Wall Street jumped into bed with five gay men?
 Another barrier tore down - another win for common sense and a loss for religious insanity.

 I'm going to celebrate.

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 I got this today:

 I "paypal"ed you for radio show CD's on Jan.26.
 Still no CD's.
 Why not?

 This almost certainly is my fault - it just slipped thru.
 I realize how few people:
 A read the page
 B give a crap about hearing the radio shows
 C actually pull money out of their pocket to send to some
 goofy web site, so it's a triple priority to have great customer
 service for those who have joined in the effort.

 Among her dozens of titles, Sam is Secretary of Ketchup.

 If I owe you something, get with Sam and she'll kick my ass.
 We have twenty mail sub-folders now, one is "urgent" for cases like Mark's.

 If you subscribed and haven't received your login and password,
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 Contact Sam because we need more listeners!

 It's possible fewer people were listenting to the earilier shows, and are just now wanting
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 Howie, We Hardly Knew Ye!
    An Elegy for Governor Dean

  Click  Here

 At least they didn't shoot Howard Dean. Usually, when an American political figure speaks truth to power,
 he ends up conveniently dead. RFK, Malcolm X, some say Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone: all martyrs
 to the quaint ideal of telling it as it is as loudly as possible. Like them, Dean scared the establishment. His
 aggressive style roused youngsters whom aging Boomers prefer to see somnolent. His populist Internet-based
 fundraising freed him from the corporate donors whose influence keeps the citizens of the world's richest nation
 living under a Third World system of social protections. Al Gore's endorsement transformed a candidate who
 came out of nowhere (Vermont) into a genuine threat to the southern conservatives who have hijacked the
 Democratic Party since 1992. Dean was a pro-business moderate, yet he stood poised to radically transform
 both his party and the American political system.

 Of course he had to go.


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 Catholic Horror Stories

  Click  Here

 So far, I've only found two letters - and they are doozies!
 There are 700 e-mails in the "Catholic" folder.
 I'm ready to publish today, so I'll start on them for tomorrow's issue.

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 America's National Debt Tops $7 Trillion
  The BFEE is robbing us blind - and we're not complaining

  Click  Here

 The government's national debt -- the accumulation of past budget shortfalls -- totaled
 more than $7 trillion for the first time as of Tuesday, according to the Treasury.

 The government debt ceiling stands only a few hundred billion dollars ahead at $7.384 trillion,
 and Treasury would need Congress's blessing to borrow beyond that.   Treasury officials say
 they expect the limit to be hit sometime between June and October - before the election.

 That's OK, George, you take as many trillions of dollars as you think you need.
 I'm pretty sure our children and grandchildren won't mind paying those trillions back.

 And a special word of appreciation for the Democrats, especially in the Senate.
 In times gone by, they might've raised their voices about twelve trillions missing since the
 Clinton years, but they have wisely chosen to remain respectful to the unelected president.


 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 544  to die - and counting.

Seriously - this page is down, and the Daily Telegraph
is backing off the Bush abortion story?

I don't like this...

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx


"He knows that he served honorably. He knows that he showed up the whole time."
     --Pickles, who only knows what he told her  Attribution

 I mean, what's he going to say?
"Honey, actually I spent 1972 screwing Mexican hookers while high on cocaine,
  but please don't mention that when you talk to the reporter from the AP".

 The Naderites and the 60s Myth

  Click  Here

 It seems to me that all the "Democrats are sellouts" whining by the Greens is really just sour grapes; the Green argument
 was rejected by the populace, and rather than blame the unpopularity of their ideas (the vast majority of Americans
 are pro-death penalty and against completely socialized health care) they instead blame the Democrats for being more
 popular.  But it's not the responsibility of the media, the two main parties, or anybody else to get the Greens message
 out.  If they can;t find a national mouthpiece with enough volume, then perhaps its because not enough people actually
s upport their agenda.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Helen's question

 MR. McCLELLAN: I'll come to you in a minute. Go ahead, Helen.

 Q I want to revisit a question I asked you last week and you didn't have the answer -- you may have it now.
 Did the President ever do community service while he was in the National Guard?

 MR. McCLELLAN: Helen, you had said that this was relating to a rumor that you heard, and I think there's
 a difference between rumor-mongering and journalism. And so I'm just not going to dignify those kind of rumors
 from this podium. I think the records have been released and you have -- all the information is available to you publicly.

 Q So you don't really know?

 MR. McCLELLAN: No, I said this was relating to some trashy rumors that are circulating out there,
 and I'm just not going to dignify them from this podium.

 Q It's a very simple question.

 MR. McCLELLAN: Go ahead, John.


 I'll bet that community service was for his cocaine bust - but they're covering it up
 and Helen Thomas is the ONLY reporter in Washington doing her f-ing job!!!.

 Bush's mouthpiece can say "That's a trasy rumor" a hundred times, but he can't tell
 the truth and nobody but Helen wants to hear the truth about the Cocaine President

 The GOP thinks a candidates's arrest record is off the record.

 Well, with Bush, we know it's "off the books" because Daddy used the same political
 influence to expunge the coke arrest that he used to get Junior in an already-full NG unit.

 How can I be so sure?

 If this is not the case, why can't McClennan answer a simple question?

 The only way one could possibly forget doing community service is if you had to do it so often
 you might leave one out, but picking up trash on the highway in an orange suit, or shoveling animal
 waste at the Houston zoo is the closeest thing to a real job this snot-nosed punk has ever had.

 You go, Helen!

 Don't let the criminal off the hook.
 Keep digging until you find out which crimes Bush pled guilty to.

 Mack-ing our way to Better Radio

 As we step up the pace of , we have another expense:
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 and monitor so Tommy can edit radio shows,
 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :)

 $3678 - total cost of new package.
 $2466 - amount raised  - with 10 interest-free days to go.

 Dang, we're getting close.

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 Tommy and I made a radio decision last night.
 No, we can't give the show away because the more people who click - the more it costs.
 Also, due to the increased traffic, the costs have risen, but that's a good problem.
 If I had twenty subscribers, we could give it away, but not with dozens.

 But we are going to try a show with "Ozzy-style" bleeps, which means you'll know exactly what
 was said, but it'll also be clean enough that it could be played on the air or a cable TV show.

 We're going to do a regular show and we'll archive it that way in case anybody wants to order the
"rough & tumble" version, then Tommy will skillfully re-edit the final mix so it will sound as harmless
as Jon Stewart asking the Washington press corp, "Where the ---k have you been?"

 It's an experiment - maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but we can't just hold still.

 In polls, Kerry, Edwards both lead Bush

  Click  Here

 Kerry leads Bush 55/43 among likely voters.
 Edwards leads Bush 54/44 percent.

 Guys, that great news, but we're just in the second inning.
 Keep fighting, attack Bush (not each other) and play defense.

 To: Eric Alterman, Altercation

  Full Letter

 I am writing in response to a comment you made in your recent interview with Liberal Oasis.
 As you remarked, "I can't tell you a single good thing [Dubya] has done for the country."

 Mr. Alterman, while I am a longtime fan and habitue of Altercation, I beg to differ. In fact,
 there's a veritable bounty of charitable deeds G-Dub has performed for this great land of ours...

*He's given a whole new sector of America a reason to feel smarter.

*He's given us a whole new reason to despise Texas.

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Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online.

 We also have that strongest server side spam filtering on the planet. Check out Marx Mail for info on how you can have a Spam Free Email Account.

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