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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
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  In Today's Treehouse...
9/11 Panel Seeks Rice & Bush 
Greenspan: cut Social Security
Kerry's Defense Voting Record
Bait-and-Switch Bush
Village Voice attacks Kerry
Scaife vs. the BFEE?
Monkey mail returns
Mel Gibson's pickup truck
Hire Mike Malloy petition


Quote of the Day

"I don't think it's fair to really lie about
  allegations about someone like the 
  Democratic national chairman did.."
     -- Pickles Bush, who believes her husband Attribution

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  Wed-Thurs      Feb 25-26, 2004


"Two men getting married is absurd."
    --Pat Buchanan, conservative commentator,     Attribution

 Well so is country music, but that doesn't mean we need
 a constitutional amendment banning it - ...not necessarily, I mean.

 Everyone should be free to listen to or marry whoever they want.

 9/11 Panel Seeks Rice, Bush Testimony 

  Click  Here

 The 9-11 commission expressed disappointment Wednesday with
 Condoleezza Rice For refusing to testify in public.

 The commission plans meetings in March with Bush, Cheney, Clinton and Gore
 to discuss what they knew before the 2001 attacks.  Clinton and Gore have agreed
 to meet with the full panel but have not said whether they will testify publicly.

 White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Bush was still discussing the time and
 format of the meetings. Bush has said he did not think his public testimony was necessary. .

 Clinton and Gore will cooperate because they haven't committeed any crimes.
 Rice, Bush and Cheney will stonewall until the end of time for obvious reasons.

 Greenspan urges Social Security cuts
  Bush stole $12 trillion - there's no money left for old people

  Click  Here

 In testimony before the House Budget Committee, Greenspan said the current deficit situation,
 with a projected record red ink of $521 billion this year, will worsen dramatically once the baby boom
 generation starts becoming eligible for Social Security benefits in just four years. President Bush said
 he had not seen Greenspan's comments, nor spoken to him, and declined to respond directly to a
 reporter's question about them because he's too stupid and must wait for Condi or Unka Dick to
 write a reply for him using small words and short sentences..

 Are the democrats smart enough to use this against the warmonger this election year?

 ...or would that be bad manners?


"Tuesday was a great day for truth, justice and the American way. President Bush announced that
  we've finally found Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction -- Oh wait, that didn't happen.
  Ah, who cares anyway, the important thing is that our president continued his unofficial campaign
  kickoff week by stating his views on homosexual marriages! Thank God for Bush's stance in favor
  of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Because, of course, God hates the gays.
  And we can't go around legitimizing their depravity, or God might come to hate us too."
    --Richard Roeper, who sounds like he'd enjoy reading  bartcop.com    Attribution

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!

 In Defense of Kerry's Defense Voting Record 

  Click  Here

 Before George W. Bush's political operatives started pounding on John Kerry for voting against
 certain weapons systems during his years in the Senate, they should have taken a look at this quotation:

"After completing 20 planes for which we have begun procurement, we will shut down further production
 of the B-2 bomber. We will cancel the small ICBM program. We will cease production of new warheads
 for our sea-based ballistic missiles. We will stop all new production of the Peacekeeper [MX] missile.
 And we will not purchase any more advanced cruise missiles. The reductions I have approved will save us
 an additional $50 billion over the next five years. By 1997 we will have cut defense by 30 percent since I took office."

 The speaker was President George H.W. Bush, the current president's father on Jan. 28, 1992.

 The facts mean nothing to the cable screamers, the talk radio Nazis or the pack-of-whores press.

 Bait-and-Switch Bush
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 ...as we find again and again with this administration, that's a bait-and-switch con job. For 2005,
 the administration has requested $9.4 billion less for No Child Left Behind than the bill supposedly
 ensures. Title I, the program to help poor kids, is underfunded by $7.2 billion, leaving 5 million kids
 without academic help. In all, Bush has underfunded the No Child bill by a total of $27 billion
 since he signed it with such fanfare.

 The facts mean nothing to the cable screamers, the talk radio Nazis or the pack-of-whores press.

 Click for a great short movie


"Two years ago, this woman was the gay mascot of the Republican Party,
  wooing us for our money and our votes. She sold us a bad bill of goods."
    --John Aravosis, who set up a Web site - DearMary.com - where gays can send Mary Cheney,
      a former lesbian activist who heads her Dad's reelection campaign, postcards which urge her
      to break her silence on the White House's proposal to ban gay marriage,   Attribution

 Kerry covered up evidence of P.O.W.'s left behind
   another wild claim by the anti-Democrat Village Voice

  Click  Here

 First they went after Wesley Clark, and now Kerry.
 I'm so old, I remember when the Village Voice wasn't a Karl Rove publication.

 Subject: Skull and Bones


 I hate to say it, but you really gotta stop with your obsession with Skull & Bones.

 The group is nothing more than an overblown college frat house........just like dozens of others.
 Everyone knows the reputation of frats being elitist about who they allow in- S&B is just one
 of the most elite of the bunch.  I reckon their activities are about as insidious as any other
 frat- keggers, panty raids, paddlings, and pledge hazing.

 If it was such a "secret society," the fact that Bush and Kerry were members wouldn't be so public.
 Just my 2 cents on the subject.

 Derrick in KC

 Derrick, good to hear from you.

 I think "obsession" might be too strong a word for my dislike of the Bonezers.
 It has been suggested that to be a Bonezer, you have to pose for a sexually explicit photo that they
 can use against you in you ever tell what they're about. The pose I heard about was suggested to be
 oral sodomy, and if a Bonezer fails to ball, that picture would be all over the internet like Laura
 Schlessinger's spread-leg pictures.

 As far as keggers and panty raids, Bush is pulling a panty raid on Baghdad right now and
 it has cost us the lives of 550 soldiers so maybe "insidious" is a better word than you think.
 The Bones stuff isn't a deal breaker for me, I'll support the Democratic nominee either way.
 Let's just hope Kerry doesn't have a brand on his ass identifying his true owner.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in ANG

Click for reward details

Unka Dick, what if they find out?

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: Herradura vs Chinaco

 Is something wrong with me?
 I think Herradura Anejo is like 10 times better than Chinaco.
 Explain to me why you think otherwise, I'm all ears.

 BTW  if you looked carefully that was a bottle of Herradura
 being drained in the movie "Tequila sunrise"

 William R

 William, the only way there's something wrong with you is if
 you really think Herradura is "ten times" better than Chinaco.

 Once you get to 100 percent pure agave anejo, the differences
 are subtle and it's just a matter of what you like.

 I mean, you wouldn't say Mercedes is "ten times" better than BMW, would you?
 Herradura anejo is fine stuff. I still have half a bottle from when Tommy Mack was
 here to fix my mixing board, just to have a contrast to the slightly superior Chinaco.

 Do what I did.
 Go to Vegas (or some big-ass tequila bar) where you can try a dozen anejos.
 At the Hard Rock's Pink Taco, they sold us 1/2 shows and 1/4 shots so we could
 try 10-12 fine anejos and still walk out under our own power.

 I think I wrote about this, but they have wheelchair service - seriously.
 If you get plastered at the Hard Rock and are staying there, they will
 wheel you to your room - I'd never heard of that before.
 Of course, you'd be crazy to get sloppy drunk on expensive tequila.
 That's why God invented $10 gallons of vodka.


 I'm a little disappointed with Mel Gibson
 Can you believe he put Britney Spears in The Passion of the Christ?

  Here she is talking to Jesus just as he started growing his beard.
  The worst part is, they are wearing 20th Century clothes and if
  I'm not mistaken, that's a pickup truck behind Britney's head!

  Hey Mel, they didn't have pickup trucks in Nazareth in the year 33.

"Orwell Rolls in His Grave" Free LA Screening

 Tonight - Thursday February 26th at 7:30 PM in Los Angeles

 at Laemmle's Monica
 1332 2nd  Street
 Santa Monica CA

 What a critic says:
 "The boldest and most incendiary film to be shown during the Sundance Film Festival,
  not to mention the most important, wasn't shown at the Sundance Film Festival --
  it was shown at the Slamdance Film Festival.

 It's a documentary that skewers the news media and its owners in a way that seriously
 chills and disturbs, and is the best rabble-rousing piece of its kind I've have ever seen."

 More info at http://www.orwellrollsinhisgrave.com


"Kerry's going down, big-time and there's no better way than
  to have Al Gore endorse him. He always helps with those kinds of things."
      --The Groping Governor, in a swipe at the political demise of Howard DeanAttribution

 Y'know, it's a semi-free country, and Koresh knows the Kennedy's have given their share,
 but did anybody else feel sick seeing the Kennedy family endorse this thug the night he "won?"

 Subject: Glenn Beck reads bartcop


 I just talked to the screener for Glenn Beck. She said, "is this the
 guy that lied to me to get on the air? I saw what you said at bartcop."

 What do you know? The Glenn Beck staff are checking bartcop.
 I told her thanks for making the hit counter spin.

 Bart, why not take this opportunity to thank Glenn and his staff for
 making you so much money?

 Maybe Glenn will debate you Bart. He has aaaaall the answers.
 Oh wait;  I forgot... conservatives don't debate, unless they are by themselves.

 He was whining today about how Clinton's staff "trashed the Whitehouse."
 That's just one of the same old set of twenty or so lies that made Glenn Beck
 a wealthy man. Glenn is the epitomie of the phrase,
"Christians aren't perfect. They just think they are."

 Hey Glenn, "if" you're reading this, please explain to your sheep: if Islam is
 such a dangerous cult (BTW I think Glenn and I agree on this point) why does
 President [sic] Bush say "Islam is a peaceful, respectful, and tolerant religion?"

Keith in Tampa

 Keith, Glenn Beck's like all the others.
 He's making big money selling a lie to the stupid Republicans and he can't afford to jeopardize that
 by having his ass handed to him into a live chat room by somebody who's telling the truth.


 Bush Administration Proposes Manufacturing Sector Retraining
  Chairman N. Gregory Mankiw recommended an immediate National initiative to retrain workers
   for the rapidly-expanding manufacturing sector  as seen on thespeciousreport.com

  Part 1. [Introduction] Two all-beef patties
  Part 2. Special sauce
  Part 3. Lettuce
  Part 4. Cheese
  Part 5. Pickles
  Part 6. Onions
  Part 7. [Retrospective] On a sesame seed bun

 Subject: Chappelle's Show


 Have you seen Chappelle's show?
 Dude, that is the funniest stuff I've seen in a looooong time.

 Keep slingin' that hammer. The radio shows are rockin'.
 Are you ever going to do live shows with callers?

 Oh, and what happened with the chatroom? Who confiscated it?


 Dude, I agree.
 Did you hear that Chappelle clip on the last radio show?

 I'll confess, the thing I like most about Chappelle is his race humor.
 He does this promo where he reads a complaint to Comedy Central.

 "Dear Comedy Central. How can you employ an overt racist like Chappelle?
 Chappelle answers, "I didn't know it was that obvious..."

 The radio shows are getting more fun to do and it's showing.
 Live shows cost an extra $2500 - we're working on that.

 The chat room is still there.

 Start at The Forum
 Once you get in, click on "Chat" in the lower left of the masthead. Once there,
 Click on "BartCop Chat" in the upper right corner and agree when it asks you questions.

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 I am proud to announce that I'll be performing "Conspiracy of Silence and "We're the Enemy"
 at Greg Palasts' CD release party this Friday, Feb 27th at CB'S Gallery in NYC.

 I hope this will be an opportunity for me to help oust the un-elected criminal we call our president.
 Keep up the fight!

 John Kasper

 Click  Here  for details of the big party this Friday in New York City

 TV Poker Schedule

  Partypoker.com, sponsors of the best TV poker series - World Poker Tour, publish a TV poker schedule
  so I'm going to pass that on. To prevent you from having to search for it, it's permanant address will
  always be bartcop.com/poker-schedule.htm   I'll update it when necessary.

  Click  Here

  Foxwoods is looking like April 10th.
  We'll have confirmation on that date soon.

 Is Bush a Christian?
    by Jitske Hart

  Click  Here

 I'll let you in on a bit of a secret about Christians. Some of us do more with it than others,
 but we all get a dose of inner peace and love and kindness and goodness and gentleness
 and more of the kinds of character traits that make us total wusses in life. Rest assured,
 nobody thinks of me as a wuss; nonetheless I'm a pushover, a true bleeding heart liberal,
 I care for people, I care about people. Nobody ever needs to beg to get me to do a favor
 for them, especially if they're helpless, anyone friend or foe who needs my help can get it.
 I told you I was a Leftwing Fundy. I don't see howcome other Christians aren't, it's in the
 book for Pete's sake.

 Show 29

 We believe this week's radio show will be up Thursday.
 The explanation of the delay might even be a funny story.

 Tommy recently moved from LA proper to Toluca Lake, CA and there he
 has no cable/DSL so the fastest way to get Show 29 to him to edit is:

I burned it to CD and drove it to the local UPS station.
Then a truck took it to the Tulsa airport
Then a UPS plane probably flew it to Memphis or Dallas.
Then a UPS plane flew it to LA
Then a UPS truck will drive it the a distribution center
Then a UPS truck will deliver it to Tommy's front door.
He'll edit the show and by then, he hopes to find a friend
    with cable/DSL so he can upload it to Perkel's server where
    I'll DL it, keep the master for the CDs we mail out, then reduce
    a copy of the master to 20K and upload that back to Perkel's server
    then put a notice on the page that Show 29 is up.
    Show 29 - you won't ever forget Show 29.


Click to Enter

 Bush Resorts to Statistical Manipulation
  This Christian president would never do that - would he?

  Click  Here

 President Bush, attempting to obscure his record as the worst economic steward since Herbert Hoover,
 has become so desperate that he is exploring ways to manipulate statistics. Just days after Bush reneged
 on his pledge to create 2.6 million jobs and said with a straight face that "5.6% unemployment is a good
 national number," the New York Times uncovered a White House report showing that the president is
 considering re-classifying low-paid fast food jobs as "manufacturing jobs" as a way to hide the massive
 manufacturing job losses that have occurred during his term.

 As CBS News reports, "Since the month President Bush was inaugurated, the economy has lost about
 2.7 million manufacturing jobs." But if the president enacts the statistical change he is considering, this
 number would be purposely obscured because lower-paying fast food jobs would be added to make the
 real manufacturing losses look smaller.

 Bush is Paris Hilton when it comes to putting in a hard day's work.

 Central Air Media must hire Mike Malloy

  Click  Here   to sign the petition.  We need Mike on the air.

 Last night was Mike's last night on IEAmerica.
 Towards the end, he played Floyd's "On the Turning Away."
 David Gilmore knows how to play a guitar solo.

 It was way cool...

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 I am a horse's ass
   by Ralph Nader

  Click  Here

 Having succeeded in opening the door to the unraveling of the basic economic, civil, and environmental
 protections many had worked so hard to achieve in the last century, I am now prepared to be held responsible
 for even greater disasters, known only to those in the Bush Administration and their corporate paymasters.

 I wish to keep George W. Bush in the White House for another four years, hopefully giving him the time he
 needs to make enough judicial appointments and systemic changes to our country so as to render it unrecognizable.


 Subject: Gay "marriage"


 I take issue with you and your support for Gay "Marriage" because it is an oxymoron.
 Can't happen to the sane.  Only can happen to the insane.

 So, this is going to be about name calling?  I can tell you're a Republican.

 The term "Marriage" has always been a definition of a union between a man and a woman
 in every society for every century and millenia we can see going backwards in time.

 "Gay" used to mean a happy person which proves the meaning of words can change.

 The selfish liberal lunatics who want to force their views down our throats are redefining the unredefinable.

 When talking about men having sex together, why is "down our throats" your favorite metaphor?
 What does it matter to you how a word is defined?  Is your marriage crumbling because of this issue?
 Whatever happened to "less government"?  Why can't you butt out of things that don't concern you?

 They might as well be redefining a "Pig" as a cow.  Or, define an "Airplane" as a rollercoaster.

 That's extremely idiotic, but since Rush said it yesterday and you're a monkey, you say it today.
 A pig is different than a cow - don't you have eyes?  An airplane flies, a rollercoaster doesn't.
 Stop being Rush's parrot and do your own thinking - or is that asking too much?

 Illogical, illogical totally illogical.  Only to the insane does this make any sense.
 I have heard liberalism is a form of insanity and now I am believing it.

 But you're not saying anything. That paragraph is bold is just you masturbating with a keyboard.
 If you want someone to see it your way, why not make some kind of a point?

 I believe those who support this heinous cause want to destroy America.

 ha ha
 There's Rush again.
 Don't you have anything to say that Rush didn't say yesterday?

 Look Sparky, when you say something that wild, you're supposed to back it up.
 Bush, talk radio and FOX News are using this non-issue to divide America.
 You don't want gays to be in a committed relationship, but out of the other side of
 your mouth, you want to gossip about how promiscuous they are. Use your head.

 There has never been a "Tyranny of the majority."  Utter nonsense.
 It has always been a "Tyranny of the Minority."

 If the gay minority is causing you "tyranny," why are we arguing about this?
 According to you, they've already won, so what's your point?
 Will you be making any points in this near-debate?

 Ask the peasants of communist China,North Korea, Cuba and the Soviet Union.
 Ask the non-Nazis under Hitler if they were the majority or the minority?
 In each instance about 5% of the people who were the minority ruled over the 95% majority.
 Yes, it is the Tyranny of the Minority in action here forcing the majority do something.

 Repeat - if the gays have taken over and stolen something precious from you, why are we
 bothering to argue a moot point? The truth is, either The Bible or Rush Limbaugh told you
 that God wants you to hate His children and you're stupid enough to BUY that.
 Why can't you mind your own business and get a hobby that doesn't cause harm to others?

 Ask California what the gays and Mayor Newsom have done even though there was a
 Referendum making marriage only between a man and a woman.  They ignore the laws
 of the majority and impose their minority view on all; The Tyranny of the Minority!

 Mark Jackson
 San Francisco, CA

 They could have just as easily passed a law that people as ignorant and hate-filled as you
 aren't allowed to get married because of the very likely possibility that you'd raise your kids
 to hate the "faggots" like your parents apparently taught you. When a gay person dies,
 do you go to the funeral with a "God Hates Fags" sign?

 Thanks for proving - again - that the GOP is the party of hate.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 549  American lives lost - and counting.

If you need a kick in the groin  Click  Here
I went there and started shaking so I got out.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Letter attacking Kerry

  Click  Here

 With your vote for essentially agreeing with the selected resident of the White House's request for
 incredible authority in advance to wage wars against whomever he wants, you have contributed to
 finalizing the last of the world's empires, and the likely consequent doom of international law, peaceful
 existence, and hope for the future possibilities of Homo sapiens.

 Like too many writers, this guy's letter tries to hit so many points I couldn't follow it.
 He spends a lot more time trying to impress us with his close, personal friendship
 with Kerry than making any kind of coherent point, but maybe that's just my ADD.
 I picked that excerpt because it was something my small brain could grab.

 As critical as I am with those who voted for this war, IF the CIA briefer came to you
 when you were a senator and told the whopping lie that Saddam was capable of hitting the
 East Coast with WMD in the next 15 minutes - how do you not vote to take him out?

 If Mrs. Bart kicks me in the middle of the night and says, "Someone's trying to break in,"
 I don't roll over and go to sleep. I get the Glock and the situation gets the attention it deserves.

 Apparently this guy is angry with Kerry turning from dove to hawk, but it was Kerry's job to
 protect America. The problem isn't Kerry's alleged blood-thirstiness - it's Bush's oil-lust lies.

 Subject: cynical view of gay marriage

 Hey Bart,

 Just a quick thought. When I went and got my marriage license I shelled out 45 dollars for it.
 I just saw the mayor of San Fran on Larry King and he said they have given out 3300 licenses
 since this firestorm started. People are travelling from all over to get their San Fran Gay Marriage license.

 My catholic math says that equals almost 150,000 dollars in extra revenue for the city of San Francisco
 raised in a very short amount of time. That said, I don't have any problem with gay people getting
 marriage rights or cities gaining revenue through novel means.

 Keep swinging like John Henry,

 Mookie, Tina Fey said gay marriages would bring in hueueuege money with designer cakes,
 tux rentals, the hiring of halls and bands and caterers etc.  I think she was right.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.


"The Democrats have tried repeatedly to play their class warfare of we're the party of the rich,
  the party of big business, the party of big oil, and they use Cheney as a vehicle to point that out,
  but except for the hard-core, die-hard Democrats, I just don't see it resonating at all."
      --Ed Goeas, a rich Republican pollster,   Attribution

 Hey Ed, let's say this election is as close as the last one.
 Those 3,000,000 people who lost their jobs due to Bush's tax cuts for the rich?
 You think you've got their votes?

 Subject: You forgot something about the vulgar drug addict

 Do these Republinazis have no shame?

 Rush Limbaugh talking about marriage???
 This guy's been married THREE times and "nice" speech about marriage
 being the way to raise kids but where are his kids?


 True - Rush is on wife 3, Newt had three wives and two mistresses, Reagan raped
 a woman before he knocked up Nancy, the only reason Dennis Hastert is Speaker is
 he's the only Nazi in the House without a sex scandal and they claim a vow of abstinence
 is what will stop teenagers from having sex?

 The GOP is a joke.
 That's why there's not a Republican on the onternet who will meet me in a live debate room.

 Mack-ing our way to Better Radio

 As we step up the pace of , we have another expense:
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 and monitor so Tommy can edit radio shows,
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