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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush wanted war in 2002 
Bush plays with 9-11 panel
Kerry 32 pts over Edwards
GOP staffer's leaked memo
'Lucky' Max Cleland
A lesson worth copying
USA: the $200M purchase
9-11 families on Bush's role 
Defense requires limbs


Quote of the Day

"Cheney hasn't been in Halliburton for years.
  I don't think most Americans buy that, despite 
  the liberal media's efforts, like MSNBC, to 
  push it every day." 
   --Bob Dole as seen on   Lucy the Bat's site

  Poor Bob thinks MSGOP is liberal?

They are liberal, dahhhlink.

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  Tuesday      Feb 24, 2004


"Cheney earned forty-four million dollars during his tenure at Halliburton. Although he has said
  that he "severed all my ties with the company," he continues to collect deferred compensation
  worth approximately a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year, and he retains stock options
  worth more than eighteen million dollars."
      --Jane Mayer, Attribution

 Hey lady, don't worry about a few measily 18 million dollars.
 The BFEE has stolen 11 trillion dollars - the Treasury is empty - so screw the crumbs that fall on the ground.

 Bush 'wanted war in 2002' 

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld's War is by Rowan Scarborough, the Pentagon correspondent for the conservative
 Washington Times newspaper, which is known for its contacts in the defence department's civilian leadership.

"On February 16 2002, Bush signed a secret national security council directive establishing the goals and objectives
 for going to war with Iraq, according to classified documents I obtained," Mr Scarborough wrote, in an account of
 the "global war on terrorism" as seen from the office of Donald Rumsfeld, the defence secretary."

 Rumsfeld's War reproduces excerpts from a briefing document in July 1999 about future threats to the US.
 It portrays Saddam Hussein's Iraq as a threat only if sanctions were lifted.

 Bush swore, again and again, that they hadn't decided to go to war until the last minute.
 Considering the hundreds of American dead, why is that lie not an impeachable offense?

 Because we only impeach Democrats for having sex?

 For all we know, there's a secret Skull & Bones commandment never to turn on another Skuller.
 If Kerry wins, will he do all he can to protect and defend his blood-brother George?

 Bush Plays Bait-and-Switch With 9/11 Panel 

  Click  Here

"Let us finally put to rest a widely circulated and grossly inaccurate story that's been making the rounds:
 Rumors of President George W. Bush's cooperation with the panel probing the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001,
 are unsubstantiated. Unlike those Internet rumors that pop to electronic life and die quickly without fingerprints,
 this one is traceable directly to the con artist-in-chief. The world thinks Bush is cooperating with the 9/11
 commission because he says he is. "We have given extraordinary cooperation" the president told NBC's
 Tim Russert in his Sunday Meet the Press chat. "I want the truth to be known."...

 Does the president understand the dimension of failure that 9/11 represents?
 It shook his presidency and changed its course.
 He has led the nation to two wars to avenge the attacks and, he says, prevent another."

"I've experienced two political bait-and-switches since I've been on the commission," said Bob Kerrey,
 the former Nebraska senator and current president of the New School University in New York.
 And that's only about a month. "The bait-and-switch in politics is a technique that is intentionally
 designed to lead the public (to believe) that you're going to do something that you're not going to do.""

 They crucified Bill Clinton for a little hanky panky, and Bush gets away with - murder?

 If they didn't know the attack was coming, why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial planes?

 If our fighter jets weren't ordered to 'stand down,' where were they when we needed them the most?

 Why did Bush insist that he saw the first plane hit the tower?

 Why can't they say what they know?

 What secrets must remain untold?

 What happened to the missing eleven trillion dollars?

 Why was a war with Iraq their top priority?

 Why can't Bush testify under oath and on TV like Clinton was forced to?

 Why don't the Democrats EVER insist on some answers?


"If Bush is re-elected, the health, safety, consumer, environmental, and open government
  provisions Ralph Nader has fought for will be undermined. George Bush's right-wing
  appointees will still be serving as judges fifty years from now, and our Constitution will be
  shredded.  A vote for Ralph Nader is, plain and simple, a vote to re-elect George W. Bush."
     --Howard Dean,   Attribution

 Kerry ahead of Edwards by 32 in Cali 
    by Beth Fouhy, Associated Press Writer

  Click  Here

 Political earthquakes abound in California, from the recall election that put Republican action figure
 Arnold Schwarzenegger in the governor's office to San Francisco's gay marriages. It's uncertain
 ground for even the most sure-footed presidential candidates.

 That's some of the worst political writing I've ever read, and I'm really old.
 Why does the AP employ such a total retard? Who else could write this poorly?
 Why can't this monkeyette stop trying to be cute and just give us the damn facts?

 An LA Times poll shows Kerry leading over Edwards 56 percent to 24 percent.

 The important info, that last blue sentence, was buried in the sixth paragraph.
 Hey Lady, didn't they teach you to put the meat up front, and the stupid-ass jokes last?
 If you're auditioning for a job writing children's books like The Hungry Catterpiller,
 the book Bush read while bin Laden was busy rearranging New York's skylineg,
 I'll write a recommendation for you, but get out of politics, please.

 TX: Republican Staffer's Leaked Email Gets Attention From DNC

  Click  Here

 The Democratic National Committee's website has posted what they say is a verbatim copy of an email
 celebrating the Republicans victory in the Texas redistricting fight. The email was written by Joby Fortson,
 who is a staffer in the office of Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), and was sent to a number of other Republican
 staffers in the House of Representatives. Fortson goes over each congressional district, with editorial
 commentary provided. The email is notable for the blunt way in which it address the way in which minorities
 were shunted from district to district, squeezing them out of districts to favor republicans where the vote was
 close, or else putting them into overwhelmingly republican districts where their voting power would be diluted.

 But the Democrats, not wanting to cause trouble, take this laying down and with a smile.
 You see, Mr Rove wouldn't like it if they raised their voices...

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


"If the president's not going to fight for jobs, governors will, Democratic governors will.
  We're on the front line of that fight every day, and we see the consequences of having lost 3 million jobs."
   --Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, (or is that Hassack?) confronting Dubya
      on his predictions of creating 2.6 million new jobs this year,  Attribution

 I have $100 that says Bush can't break even on jobs between now and election day,
 but no Republican is stupid enough to bet on Bush.  They know he's lying, too.

 Subject: No to Borrow and Spend

 I don't care if Democrats and Republicans have come together - I'm not going to vote
 to add 15 billion dollars to the California debt. Its just plain wrong to borrow and spend.

 California has all the taxes. We have taxes that other states have never heard of.
 We have highly paid wage earners here and the state takes in an unreal amount of taxes.
 So - I say - you have enough money - deal with it.

 California has a spending problem and we aren't going to solve it by giving them more money to spend.
 We need to fix the problem and its going to take a crisis to make that happen. And its not going to get
 done if we put it off with borrowed money. Its time we face fiscal responsibility and cut up the credit card
 and start fixing the problem.

 If Mr. Schwarzenegger wants to advocate something that would actually turn the California economy around
 - he should advocate that we need a new president. That's a real solution what will actually work.
 I'm not willing to vote to go into debt for politics.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in ANG

Click for reward details

Unka Dick, what if they find out?

Marty's Entertainment Page

 America For Sale - the $200 Million Purchase
  saw it on  takebackthemedia.com, who helped get BartCop radio on the air

  Click  Here

 Get ready America. Get ready to be knocked in the head with the so called wickedness of homosexuality,
 infidelity, and of course that nasty word liberal. Since nobody has ever brought this point up let me be the first.
 Why is it that Republikkkons use the word liberal as if they were calling you a nigger? Think about it, they use
 the word liberal just like they used nigger back when they thought it was cute to be ignorant. Be honest, doesn't
 it have the same tone? I swear bigots use liberal as the new code word to call you a nigger out in public.

 When I hear them say something like, how many liberals does it take to vote in Florida, I know that I am either
 watching or in the presence of a bigot. These bigots are the morons who will eat up the homosexuality, infidelity,
 and of course the liberal card played by the Republikkkon party. But what else do you expect? It's not like they
 can run on the economy, keeping America safe, or the endless fun of watching American soldiers return in body
 bags because of a war for profit. By the way, you know how many funerals the un-elected fraud has attended
 since they started these wars for profit?


 When outlaws ruled the west
 And fear filled the land
 A cry went up for a man with guts
 To take the West in hand
 They needed a man who was brave and true
 With justice for all as his aim
 Then out of the sun rode a man with a gun
 And Bart was his name
 Yes, Bart was his name

   -- Theme from Blazing Saddles, thanks to Tina


"The NEA is a terrorist organization."
    --Bush's Education Secretary Rod Paige calling the nation's largest teachers union a "terrorist organization"   Attribution

 ha ha
 He got caught speaking his mind.
 Is Rod Paige related to Frank Keating (R- Foot in Mouth)?

 Swear to Koresh, when Keating was governor of Oklahoma, he called teachers, "slugs,"
 and when asked what was the best way to handle them, answered "Homicide."
 The GOP hates teachers because they hate education.

 ...and you don't think these cave people use the "N-word" behind closed doors?

 Subject: Bush girlfriend story in New Yorker


 The New Yorker magazine has an interview with a girl who claims she was Bush's girlfriend
 during the summer and fall of 1972. She claims that Bush had to reschedule meetings "lots of times"
 to fit into his Guard schedule. Sounds good for the Resident...until you get to this paragraph:

 Bush, she recalls, loved what she thinks of as "real Texas." Together, they rode horses and went
 to dances in V.F.W. halls. "We listened to Bob Wills, and danced with these little German-immigrant
 ladies in their starched dresses."

 When Putin visited Bush at his ranch in 2001, we found out that Bush can't ride a horse!
 Did he forget how?


 Thanks to the payroll media that controls America, they have sold Bush
 as a "real cowboy and rancher," never bothering to mention that he only
 bought that ranch when he started his run to steal the White House.

 Bush is a real rancher about like he's a real president - just because
 his daddy bought him a cowboy costume doesn't mean he's the real thing.

 If you ever need proof Bush is swear-to-Koresh crazy, just remind people
 one of his favorite things to do is to clear the brush from his ranch in August
 when it's 114 degerees in the shade.

 Click for a great short movie

 "Lucky" Max Cleland

  Click  Here

 The sense of revulsion and disgust and outrage was pretty close to universal, and Republicans as well
 as Democrats were attacking Coulter for her vile words. I looked at various editorials, all saying pretty
 much the same things I wanted to say, and realized that I wasn't going to say anything that wasn't obvious
 and redundant. She's a vicious, nasty bitch who brought shame and disgrace down upon her head and the
 heads of those who support her. How could anyone say a man was "lucky" for losing three limbs while in
 the service of his country?

 Subject: Can you help?

 I have looked all over the internet for a copy of Bush's Honorable Discharge or his DD-214.

 I can't find a copy of Bush's Discharge papers or his DD214?
 Every veteran knows what a "DD214" is. Statement of Service Listing all schools and promotions...
 It's a complete history of you military service.

 Also I have not heard anyone ask what Bush's Rank was when he came out of the Guard.
 We know he went in as a Lieutenant, but did he get any promotions while in?
 Just showing up will get you promoted over a period of 5 years.


 Dick, try  awolbush.com

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 A family-friendly sample of Show 28

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 It's about Halliburton's crimes and it's two minutes long.
 It's the cleaner, more mainstream BartCop Radio

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 Sports Illustrated


 Bill Maher mentioned the hypocrisy of the uproar about Janet Jackson,
 when a month later, America's premier sports magazine publishes their 'swimsuit issue.'

 If you have the detective skills of Ken Starr, you might be able to locate the 'swimsuit' they are
 allegedly promoting in this picture.  She's not even touching the swimsuit she's 'wearing."
 This isn't a swimsuit picture, it's a picture designed to make men drool like a 15 year-old boy.

"American sexual morality" is nothing but a joke.
 We wink at SI when they do porn, but we condemn others when they do it.
 American rejects sexual honesty and embraces the big lie - for what reason?

 I've said it before - I'll say it again.
 The reason 90 percent of all homes have VCRs is because men want their porn.
 The reason 75 percent of all homes have internet is because men want more porn faster.

 But we can't call a spade a spade like other countries do ...because that would anger God,
 the being who wrote the code for our sexuality that attacts men to women in the first place.

 As long as we lie to ouselves and our children, it's OK.
 Religious insanity is America's biggest problem.

 Dave ran this video last night


 Candidate Bush wiped his glasses on the sweater of Barbara Gaines, Dave's producer.
 The nerve of that SOB thinking her clothing is his something he can wipe himself with.

 Dave played the video because the BIG media has finally decided to go after Bush.
 I'd sure like to get a copy of that memo...but isn't Bush a presumptive SOB?

  9-11 families question Bush's role in 9-11
  What is Bush hiding?   What truths must remain hidden?

  Click  Here

"Citing press reports and congressional testimony, Waxman asked whether the Justice Department and FBI
 conducted meaningful interrogations of bin Laden family members before they were permitted to leave the
 country and why they were apparently allowed to fly in a private plane after Sept. 11 when the FAA had
 banned all private flights.

"Relatives of Osama bin Laden may have had information relevant to the attacks of al Qaeda in general,"
 Waxman wrote. "Family members potentially could be sources of information concerning his whereabouts,
 the identity and activities of his associates, or the structure and financing of al Qaeda. It is difficult to understand
 why the United States government would have voluntarily shut the door on this type of investigative opportunity."

 The Family Steering Committee included the same question in their list of queries for President Bush."

 Because the bin Ladens are oil partners with the BFEE and have been for a long time.
 The Bush's put money and loyalty and the Saudis before the United States and Bush
 should be impeached for making America his fourth priority. Bush may be hiding the
 real reasons we were attacked. It could have been the Taliban/pipline deal gone bad.


 TV Notes

 Tonight's 24 is the last episode for five weeks.
 Can Kim go that long without being kidnapped by a cougar?

 We're approaching March, which is usually rerun city, but these are not normal times.

 In March, we start a new season of The Shield - that's good.
 In March, we start a new season of The World Poker Tour - that's better.
 In March, we start a new season of The Sopranos - that's great.

 Subject: Does Andy Rooney read  bartcop.com?

 More specifically, does Andy Rooney read James Higdon on Bartcop?
 He wrote his months ago.




Click to Enter

 Survey: Anger Toward Bush Intensifying

  Click  Here

 "I've never seen a Democratic Party more unified and more focused, and the anger helps do just that," said GOP pollster Frank Luntz.
"The intensity level is just so high. They're using four-letter words to describe him."

 In a recent focus group that Luntz conducted for MSNBC, technicians had to adjust the volume levels because the Bush-haters were
"so gosh-darn loud" they were drowning out the president's supporters, who were more numerous, Luntz said. "It was a real problem."

 Bush was asked about the anger in a recent interview on NBC and said he found it perplexing and disappointing. "When you ask
 hard things of people, it can create tensions. And heck, I don't know why people do it," he said.

 Maybe it's the 550 brave soldiers you got killed for no reason.
 Maybe it's the missing 11 trillion dollars.
 Maybe it's the fact that even our allies hate us now.
 Maybe it's the fact that you were never elected.
 Maybe we don't like rich boys who never worked a day in their snotty lives.


"According to a new poll, if the election were held today both Kerry and Edwards would
  beat George Bush by double digit margins. In fact, the White House are so worried
  they're thinking about moving the capture of Osama bin Laden up to next month."
      --Jay Leno,  Attribution

 Somehow, I gotta get a copy of that memo that grants Americas richest comics permission
 to go after the never-elected fraud who should've been a target for the last 50 damn months.

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 National Defense Requires Limbs
  Bush and I Have Four Of Them, Each   by Saxby Shameless

  Click  Here

 There has been much talk over the past few weeks about who did what and when.
 In particular, people have been asking what people were doing 30 years ago in America,
 home of freedom and Americans, or in Asia, home of communism and Chinamen.

 Some of us, like President Bush and myself were in America. Others, like Senator Kerry
 and former Senator Max Cleland, were for some reason in Asia.


 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 547  American lives lost - and counting.

If you need a good cry  Click  Here
I went there and started shaking so I got out.

From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Gays' civil disobedience is lesson worth copying

  Click  Here

 Try to find a conservative these days who will admit believing way back when that separate-but-equal
 along racial lines was the proper thing and that Vietnam was a just war. When we tackled those topics
 nationally, the conservatives, talking about states rights and the rule of law, were among those working
 hardest to impede progress.

 Then as now, many conservatives knew better. And just like then, others more vocal are sweeping them
 along anyway. Equal rights for gays has somehow been twisted into just another partisan dispute. At some point,
 conservatives are going to have to remember that they're supposed to be the folks against unwarranted
 government intrusions. It's supposed to be a core belief.

 San Francisco, with its civil disobedience, is showing us the way.
 Other cities and the whole country should be just as intrepid.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.


"Biblical origins are irrelevant to me. Marriage has been time-tested
  and proven throughout decades, centuries, millennia of human civilization
  as the fundamental way of raising children."
      --Rush, the vulgar Pigboy

 But Pigboy, I have no children.
 Does that mean I'm not married, you illogical heroin junkie?

 By the way, you have no children, are you married?

 ha ha
 The Pigboy is so easy to discredit.

 Mack-ing our way to Better Radio

 As we step up the pace of , we have another expense:
 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 and monitor so Tommy can edit radio shows,
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 If you'd care to donate, you could contribute via PayPal by Clicking  Here
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 If you prefer the mail, our address is  bartcop.com  PO Box 54466   Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Your contributions allow us to continue beating up the Bush monkey and his Nazi gangsters.

 Who turned nine?

  Ann Coulter is a great guess, ha ha  ...but I was looking for  bartcop.com


 Yes, it's our birthday.

 On February 24, 1996 the first Rush Limba-Lying, Nazi Whore newsletter was e-mailed to a dozen people.
 Marc Perkel saw RL-LNW and liked it enough to put it on the new world wide web thing.

 Before long, we got into html and graphics - thank you Serdar!

 Today,  bartcop.com  begins it's ninth year of punishing fascist Nazi scum by printing the truth that
 exposes their inept, clumsy lies and exposing the for-sale press who constantly cover for those lies.

 We will continue to punish and expose - with an always-growing, harder-hitting hammer.

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil  (D-Da Vinci) for the hammer.

  I'd like to talk about it more, but I have to work on the next issue.

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