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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

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by Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Treehouse...
50 Marines to fight Haiti riots
Bin Laden - trapped like a rat?
Crooked court strikes again
Teen discovers own abduction 
The PNAC Constitution
Arnie wants the White House
Bush voters pissed at him 
Ed Schultz - the left's Rush?
Barbarian right-winger


Quote of the Day

"Wouldn't this have been a better day if  we had 
  awakened to find that Spot was running for 
  President and Nader had been put down?"  
     --TBogg,   Attribution

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Volume 1259 -  As the media turns

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  Monday      Feb 23, 2004


"Never again. The combination of lies and boys coming home in body bags is just too awful.
  I could vote for Kerry. I could vote for any Democrat unless he's a real dummy."
    --Bill Flanagan, voted for Bush in 2000, Attribution

 The mood of the whole country seems to have changed.
 Leno, Dave, Conan and Craigers are all starting to do Bush jokes.

 About 30 days ago, someone threw a switch and I guess Leno, Dave, Conan and Craigers
 each got a memo that ordered them to turn on Bush. The papers are starting to report the truth,
 and angry conservatives are starting to speak out.

 Someone wrote and said it appears now that the BIG media that installed Bush is tired of him
 and they've decided that Kerry is their boy.  That's why Dean was destroyed before our eyes,
 because Bush is (really bad) history and Dean would be too hard to control

 Is this a Skull & Bones things?
 They don't care which Boneser is in, either will do?
 I sure wish I knew where Kerry's allegiance was - but he can't talk about it!

 I'd sure like to get a look at the memo sent to Leno, Dave, Conan and Craigers.

 ...of course, Jon Stewart is a comedian, not a corporate whore.

 He didn't get the memo. Instead of relentless beating up on Clinton while giving Bush a pass,
 and then turning on Bush when the "destroy" memo arrived, Stewart's been doing comedy.

 A shot of Chinaco for Jon Stewart, the Helen Thomas of comedians.

 Fifty Marines to Protect U.S. Embassy in Haiti 

  Click  Here

 Fifty Marines headed Monday to protect the U.S. Embassy and its staff after rebels
 overran Haiti's second-largest city and threatened to attack the capital, Port-au-Prince.

 Residents of Cap-Haitien went on a rampage of reprisal and looting for a second day
 as supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide armed themselves and set up burning
 barricades outside Port-au-Prince. There were ominous but unconfirmed reports of rebels
 executing Aristide backers. .

 Fifty Marines?
 To hold off a thousand-strong lynch mob carrying torches and throwing bricks?
 We could send enough Marines to do the job properly, but they're all in Iraq
 securing that oil pipeline from Baghdad to Kuwait, enriching the BFEE.

'Bin Laden trapped, likely to be seized soon' 
  Bush's approval numbers are dropping again, so...

  Click  Here

 Osama Bin Laden, has been tracked down and the SAS, Britain's elite soldiers, are poised
 to seize him in his secret mountain lair in Pakistan, a leading London tabloid claimed today.

 Working closely with US forces, the SAS have hemmed Laden into a remote mountain area
 measuring just 16 km wide in Pakistan bordering Afghanistan, the Sunday Express claimed.

 Let me guess: That's a Rupert Murdoch tabloid?

 Osama is reportedly being guarded by only 50 of his most loyal supporters who have pledged to
 lay down their lives for him.  The report quoted a US intelligence source saying last night: "He is boxed in."


"We cannot have mayors go and hand out licenses for various different things.
  In San Francisco, it's the license for marriage of same sex.  Maybe the next
  thing is another city that hands out licenses for assault weapons.  And someone
  else hands out licenses for selling drugs.
     -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, on Meet the Whore with Tim Russert Attribution

 Next thing you know, someone will hand out a license for muscleheaded movie stars
 to sexually molest any woman who has the bad luck to get within arm's reach of him.

 Crooked court backs Bush secrecy - again 
  Nobody ever got as much out of a crooked judge than the BFEE

  Click  Here

 The U.S. Supreme Court (R-For Sale) on Monday allowed the Bush administration
 to keep secret all documents in the case of a Middle Eastern man detained for immigration
 violations after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

 In keeping with its record of declining to hear cases challenging the government's secrecy rules
 naked and certain partisanship towards the man they forced on us despite the voters' wishes,
 the court rejected without comment the appeal of a man, identified only by the initials "M.K.B."

 Last month the Supreme Court allowed the administration to keep secret the names and other
 basic details about hundreds of foreigners detained after the attacks. Last year, the court rejected
 a challenge to secret immigration hearings of people detained after the attacks.

 I'm no lawyer, but that ruling sure seems unconstitutional on it's face.
 You do not have the right to an attorney.
 You do not have the right to a bail hearing.
 You do not have the right to make a phone call.
 You do not have the right to have the charges against you spelled out.
 You do not have the right to pursue happiness in Bush's Amerikkka.

 Once again, they have ruled that the Bill of Rights is a worthless and toothless document.

 Teen online discovers he was abducted

  Click  Here

 This kid was in Los Angeles ego surfing, where you put your name in a search engine
 to see what pops up, and he found his name on a missing children's web page where
 he read that his mother had abducted him from their Canadian home and fled to LA.

 He told a teacher, who called police, and they arrested the only parent he has ever known.
 His father, back in Canada, says he's hoping for a call from the boy, now 17.

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


"I voted for him, but it seems like he's just taking care of his rich buddies now.
  I'm not a great fan of John Kerry, but I've had enough of President Bush."
      --Mike Cross, a farmer in N.H.   Attribution

 I'd like to give a quick "FY" to Yahoo and their mail system.

 They go thru the ridiculous charade if saying "Spam Protector On"
 when the truth is THEY are the ones selling our addresses to spammers.
 Plus, it's gotten a lot worse in the last 60 days or so.
 I'm getting over a hundred spam mails a day, and it's Yahoo's fault.

 Perkel's mail system has no spam.

 I haven't seen a hint of spam in over 30 days on his system.
 His system learns what spam is.
 Is spam gets through, you drag it to the spam folder, and it learns
 not to let that message or ones like it get through again - and it works.

 And trust me, Yahoo is 1,000,000 times bigger than Perkel, so if he can do it they can,
 but they don't want to because, apparently, some people buy from spammers so they
 keep flooding Yahoo's gazillion mailboxes with the same crappy ads - day after day..

 Eventually, I'll have all mail going thru Perkel's system.

 If you're tired of Yahoo or AOL or whoever spamming you to death,
 think about letting Marc Perkel host your site and your mail box.

 His prices are good and soon after you sign up you'll be spam free.

Marty's Entertainment Page
Baron Dave Romm meanders.
Mad Dog has a shameless promo for Squirrely Girl, Binky.
Elijah Wood as Bacchus XXXVI.
The Writers Guild Awards.
The Screen Actor Awards.
Karl Malden & Michael Douglas.
Tina Turner as Shakti.
Jerry Springer - the Opera.
A brief history of celluloid Jesus.
New symbol added to Morse Code.
Harry Potter in ancient Greek.
The man who introduced Aldous Huxley to psychedelics.
And a bunch of links.

 Schwarzenegger wants the White House
  Like Bush, he figures he deserves it

  Click  Here

 Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Power Hungry Sex Molester) said that he and other
 foreign-born citizens should be eligible to run for the White House. Schwarzenegger
 lied that he has not thought about running for president in the future.  The Constitution
 says only natural-born citizens of the United States are eligible for the country's highest office.

 California, what have you done to us?
 California voters proved that even the most unqualified and ignorant people can be elected
 if they have enough name recognition and perceived "star power" to dazzle the voters.

ha ha
Arbitron says your ratings are falling, Your Oinkness
and I assume you'll buy your way out of jail just like OJ. did.


"I'm upset about Iraq and the vice president and his affiliation with Halliburton.
  I think the Bush administration is coming out to look like old boy politics,
  and I don't have a good feel about that."
     --John Scarnado, Bush voter in 2000, but now a Kerry man     Attribution

 Subject: What Kerry could say to Bush

"Bush calls himself the War President. He is not a war president by the force of world events,
 but he is war president by his own psychotic choices. He has thrust war on the world without any need.

"I, John Kerry, will be a Peace and Prosperity President. If you want more unemployment and war,
 then pick Bush. But if you want peace and prosperity, then pick me because I am the Peace and Prosperity President."

 Simon S

 I agree - well put.

 Click for a great short movie

 Disenchanted Bush Voters Consider Crossing Over

  Click  Here

"Given the outcome and how dissatisfied I am with the administration, it's hard to think about now.
 People like me, we're all choking a bit at not supporting the president. But when I think about 500
 people killed and what we've done to Iraq. And what we've done to our country. I mean, we're
 already $2 trillion in debt again."

 Subject: Nader and the Greens


 You said:

> If only the Greens could put aside their hatred for the Democrats
> long enough to help us get rid of the real Monster in the White House."

  I believe that the Greens are on our side for this one.  Nader is running as an independent.

 Jim H

 Jim, I hope you're right.

 I realize when a Green mails me it's exteremely unscientific to assume they all feel the same way,
 but many of those have not only expressed great pride in voting for Nader and giving Bush the White
 House, they promised to do it again this year and they couldn't contain their glee at the prospect.

 Also, the media is saying Nader gave the Greens the cold shoulder.
 I heard it was the other way around, bolstering your opinion.

 You coming to Pokerfest Foxwoods in April?

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Tom Delay presents...
Nazi-Con 2004 in New York City


"The lack of evidence on Iraq has really hurt him, and the economy
  here is bad - there's a lot of unemployment in the mills."
    --Phyllis Pierce, Bush voter in Cleveland, voting for anybody but Bush,   Attribution

  Ed Schultz
  The next Rush for the left?

  Click  Here

 He takes more calls, none screened, none seven-second delayed - unthinkable in talk radio. He cajoles,
 belly laughs, teases, interrupts, even allows that he might be wrong. His voice is baritone and fast and moves
 through expressive ranges like a steel roller coaster. In a minute, he can ridicule Minnesota hunters, speak
 substantively on education policy, call the governor an "empty suit," and talk NFL football. He allows not a
 moment of dead air. In meter, inflection, pace, and fun - the qualities that keep talk radio from sucking - he is
 like no radio Democrat you've heard.

 Subject: Arnold

 Didn't Ahnold display amazing chutzpah (yiddish for ballsy - as in a kid offs his parents then asks the judge
 for leniency because he's an orphan) in saying our Constitution needs to be amended to salve his ego?

 With his freshly botoxed face & newly dyed ronald-raygun-orange hair, thinking he's the epitome of virility.
  Poor Maria.

 And, pity the other 49 governators at his conference.

 Ahnold pisses me off.



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 Subject: I have one word for you Bartcop...

 Since Nader formally declared his candidacy, it is interesting to
 watch Democrats start to panic and start firing shots like the GOP.

 I have one word for you Mr. Bartcop: DIEBOLD
 I have already accepted a Bush win.


 Duss, don't give up yet.
 There's always a chance our candidate will insist on a fair election.

 During the presidential debate, our guy could ask Bush,
 "Why do you support a voting system that can be manipulated?"

 The Never-elected idiot won't have a good answer for that - and TV viewers
 might flash back to Florida and remember how he got in office - with a flawed system.

 There's no guarantee our side wants to win bad enough to ask that question,

 ...but there's always a chance.

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 The PNAC (People for a New American Constitution) Presents:
  AConstitution for the United (Red) States of America

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 Amendment I

 Congress shall establish Christianity as the National Religion, and no laws prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
 shall be enacted. The freedoms of speech, and of the press; and the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
 and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, shall be at the mercy of Conservative Justices.

 Tiger Woods slams his putter after
 missing a putt on the third hole during
 the Nissan Open in Los Angeles.
 Woods, once considered the greatest
 golfer ever, came in tenth.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 547  American lives lost - and counting.

They're back!
From:    http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx


 >  I tried your fix to get my default from RealPlayer to Windows Media and it didn't work.
 >  Argh!

 Thanks to everyone who wrote. When I ask a general question like that, I get dozens of replies
 and I'm not able to thank each of you, but I really appreciate you taking the time to help out.

 Also a reminder: When you buy stamps, buy the "Year of the Monkey" stamps.


 Then when you stick it on the envelope, you can write "GW Bush" next to the monkey.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
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You have two minutes to speak your piece.


"It's going to be a mean, nasty campaign."
   --Karl Rove,   Attribution

 I'm ready for it - are you?

 Mack-ing our way to Better Radio

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 Conan the Barbarian right-winger

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 As hundreds of gay and lesbian couples get set for a big wedding celebration today in San Francisco,
 Arnold seemed eager to tussle with the attorney general. The governor wants quick action taken to contest the
 thousands of same-sex marriage licenses, which could be little more than a fond memento if the courts intervene.

 Attorney General Bill Lockyer has vowed to defend the state after San Francisco sued California on Thursday to
 overturn the sections of the family code that stipulate marriage in California must be between a man and a woman.
 Still, that vow didn't halt Schwarzenegger from calling the city's action ``an imminent risk to civil order'' -- something
 Lockyer dismissed as hyperbole.

"I sort of resent it when Arnold plays Conan the Barbarian for the right wing and directs me to do something.
 He doesn't have the authority to do that,'' Lockyer said Saturday.

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