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  In Today's Treehouse...
Stewart guilty of being a lib
Bishop faces sex charges?
Kennedy blisters Tenet
New boss worse than old boss
Pop Quiz from Brew
Bush blames Clinton - again
GOP whines about MoveOn.org
American cities are hurting
Lots of Nader voters talk


Quote of the Day

"There's a cultural war going on. 
  The religious right is winning. We're losing." 
    -- Howard Stern, telling the truth and predicting he'll
   be fired before the end of next week. Attribution

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Volume 1269 -  Anybody but Bush 

  Weekend      March 6-7, 2004


"If only the guys who had that "talk" with Mr. Aristide could pay a visit to Ralph Nader."
  --Eric Alterman, Altercation,  Attribution

 I saw some poll numbers that suggest Nader will be bigger this year.
 He's got 5 percent in some states, 6 percent in others.

 Nader voters could easily give us four more years of war, debt and BFEE crimes.

 Martha Stewart guilty - of being Clinton's friend 

  Click  Here

 Stewart, 62, grimaced and her eyes widened slightly upon hearing the verdict,
 and she later released a statement maintaining her innocence and promising an appeal.

 Stewart was found guilty of conspiracy, making false statements and obstruction of justice.
 The charges carry up to 20 years in prison, but she will most certainly get much less than that.

"Maybe it's a victory for the little guys who lose money in the market because of these kinds of transactions,"
 said juror Chappell Hartridge.

 No, it means just the opposite.
 The Bush friends who stole hundreds of millions of dollars aren't going to prison, but Martha Stewart,
 a tiny, tinye fish in the ocean of sharks will soon be behind bars.  If anything, it means friends of Clinton
 should watch out while friends of Bush, if they're even charged, will be soft-pedaled, plea bargain and if
 necessary, pardoned by the biggest, most blood-thirsty monster in the world today.

 Sex Charges Would Be First for a Bishop 

  Click  Here

 SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - If a grand jury indicts him, Thomas Dupre would be the first bishop
 charged in the sex scandal that has engulfed the Roman Catholic Church two years ago for centuries.

 Hampden DA William Bennett announced Thursday he will pursue sex abuse charges against the
 retired Dupre, 70, who is accused of abusing two boys, who are now 39 and 40 years old.
 One boy was a recent immigrant who eagerly accepted an offer of English lessons from his parish priest.
 The other was the boy's high school friend.   What followed, according to lawyers, is a sordid tale of abuse
 in which the priest allegedly plyed the two altar boys with alcohol and sexually molested them in the 1970s.

 One of the accusers, who is gay, came forward with his claims after hearing Dupre speak out
 against the legalization of same-sex marriage.

 The Catholic Church is still fighting zero tolerance policies for sexually abusive priests.
 It's wrong for two consenting adults to be together, but child rape is tolerated?

 A shot of Chinaco for the two men who came forward, assuming they're telling the truth.



"I'm disappointed but not surprised that the President would try to trade on the heroism of those
  fire fighters in the September 11 attacks. The use of 9/11 images are hypocrisy at its worst.
  Here's a President that initially opposed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security
  and now uses its first anniversary as cause to promote his re-election. Here is a President that
  proposed two budgets with no funding for FIRE Act grants and still plays on the image of America's
  bravest. His advertisements are disgraceful. Bush is calling on the biggest disaster in our country's
  history, and indeed in the history of the fire service, to win sympathy for his campaign. Since the
  attacks, Bush has been using images of himself putting his arm around a retired FDNY fire fighter
  on the pile of rubble at ground zero. But for two and a half years he has basically shortchanged
  fire fighters and the safety of our homeland by not providing fire fighters the resources needed
  to do the job that America deserves."
   --Harold Schaitberger, Fire Fighters President, after seeing Bush's lying ads     Attribution

 Bush treats the fire fighters like he treats the soldiers being killed in Iraq.
 He cuts their funding so his hyper-rich friends can get another tax cut,
 yet almost half of America says Bush is honest and doing a great job.

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


''Frankly, Mr. Mayor, I think your new hairstyle is the right way to go.
  After all, in Washington, the coverup is always worse than the truth.''
     --Hillary to Rudy Giuliani at the annual Gridiron Dinner,    Attribution

 Subject: Martha Stewart lied

 A jury has convicted Martha Stewart of lying to the government and she will probably go to prison for it.

 However her lie isn't nearly as serious as the lie Bush told the nation to trick us into going to war with Iraq.
 Does the president go to prison when he lies to the people and gets 550 Americans killed??

 Marc Perkel
 San Fransisco

 Kennedy Presses Tenet on Iraq Intelligence

  Click  Here

 Ted Kennedy called on Friday for CIA Director George Tenet to state plainly whether he believed the
 White House altered or misused intelligence to justify the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Kennedy said Tenet also
 must explain "why he waited until last month -- nearly a year after the war started -- to set the record straight"
 that the intelligence did not indicate Iraq posed the immediate threat depicted by Bush.

 He cited Bush calling Iraq a "threat of unique urgency," Cheney saying Iraq was trying to acquire nuclear weapons,
 and Rumsfeld saying "we know where they are" of weapons of mass destruction that have yet to be found.

"Why wasn't CIA Director Tenet correcting Bush, Cheney and Rumdfeld a year ago, when it could have made
 a difference, when it could have prevented a needless war and saved so many lives?" Kennedy questioned.

 Wow - and this guy's a Democrat?

 Every Democratic senator ought to be screaming these charges every moment they're awake.

 Most senators are sleeping or too scared to speak, but Ted Kennedy has made me proud.


"I always feel a genuine bond whenever I see Sen. Clinton.
  She's the only person who's at the center of more conspiracy theories than I am."
     --Dick Cheney, at the annual Gridiron Dinner,   Attribution

 New boss, worse than the old boss
   by Ted Rall, recently-fired by a pro-Bush newspaper

  Click  Here

 When the official count showed him winning 92 percent of the vote, events began to eerily echo the
 2000 election crisis here in the United States. A new rightist opposition alliance, the Democratic
 Convergence, claimed that the Haitian Senate elections had been rigged with a view towards creating
 a one-party state. (International observers called the elections fair.) The DC and former army officers
 refused to recognize the Aristide government.

 Tearing a page from the playbook of the U.S. Supreme Court - Republican justices ran out the clock
 in Bush v. Gore, deliberating four days so that there wouldn't be sufficient time to complete the Florida
 ballot recount - the Bush Administration refused Aristide's frantic requests to send U.S. troops to restore
 order to Haiti. "There is, frankly, no enthusiasm right now for sending in military or police forces to put
 down the violence that we are seeing," said Colin Powell (news - web sites). But hours after Aristide
 left for Africa--"kidnapped," according to Congresswoman Maxine Waters, by American commandos
 - the marines were on their way.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Pop Quiz from  thedailybrew.com

  Click  Here

 Right now you are on patrol in the Mekong Delta, and you have run into an ambush. A mine goes off under your boat,
 throwing you in the water and injuring your skipper. Weighed down by guns, grenades, and ammunition, you sink to the
 bottom while five more boats pass overhead. You shed your gear and surface.

 As the boats disappear down the river, you are taking machine gun and small arms fire from both banks of the river.
 You can't swim to either side without getting shot, and even if you did, getting captured means getting killed.  You have one,
 and only one chance, to get out alive. You have to hope that your skipper turns his boat around, heads back into the crossfire
 over the mine infested water, reaches down with his bloody arm, and drags you back up on the boat.

 Now for the quiz.

 Who would you rather have as your skipper, George Bush or John Kerry?


"Sept. 11 happened to all of us, collectively, as a nation. Mining the tragedy for partisan advantage
  is a disservice not just to those families directly touched by the terrorist attacks, but to all Americans.
  If the president has a compelling vision for his second term he should present it; little is gained by trying
  to beat us over the head with the emotional sledgehammer of twisted wreckage and shattered lives."
     --John Norris, Letter to the Editor,   Attribution

 Bush blames Clinton - again

  Click  Here

"The Bush administration, irked that the official arbiter of recessions continues to say the current downturn began
  on Bush's watch, has changed the start of the recession to the last months of the Clinton administration.

 A new Bush campaign ad released this week proclaims: "January 2001. The challenge: an economy in recession."
 This backs up the claim often made by Bush and top aides that they "inherited" an economic recession.

 The only trouble with this assertion is the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research, which does the
 official dating of recessions, says the downturn began in March 2001 -- early in Bush's presidency. NBER is
 examining revised economic statistics to see if the official date should be moved earlier, but spokeswoman
 Donna Zerwitz said there is 'nothing imminent.'"

 How can this be?
 In 2000, Bush & Cheney campaigned on the theme that the government had so much money
 the only fair thing to do was give the super-rich a monster tax cut.  Then when Wall Street saw
 a return to the failed policies of the 1980's they panicked and their sphincters contracted and that
 caused the begin of the decline of the Clinton Miracle.

 If the Democrats had any brains oir the will to win, (should I bother to finish that sentence?)
 they would play the video of Bush/Cheney saying the government was drowning in too much cash.

 But no, using the opponents words against him in a political campaign isn't polite, so I doubt they'll do it.

Click for details and to order

 Subject: your Bill Moyers statement

 Bart, I was surprised by your assertion so I did some checking.
 All the references to Bill Moyers leaving PBS were of this type:

 Bill Moyers is leaving his PBS program, "Now," following the presidential election later this year.

 Moyers, who turns 70 in June, says he's getting out of the TV-news business for a while to concentrate
 on writing a book about Lyndon Johnson. He worked for the former president in various capacities in
 the 1960s, including a stint as his press secretary.

"It isn't because I feel old," Moyers tells the AP about his decision to leave "Now." "It's because I feel
 compelled to do something else now, that only I can do -- which is that book."

 PBS hopes to continue "Now" after Moyers departs in November, and the network's president,
 Pat Mitchell, says he's welcome to return whenever he chooses.

"I have made it clear to him he's not leaving public television," Mitchell says.

 I think you may be  a little over on that statement.
 Keep up the rest of the good work.

 Larry B

 Larry, I read a story about how the freepers bombarded PBS with complaints, as they always do,
 just ask former New York Whore Times contributing cartoonist Ted Rall.

 Can I prove it?  I'd have to be inside the mind of the PBS president to know for sure, but would
 you expect PBS or Moyers to admit the Freepers chased another liberal out of the media?
 Usually they say they're leaving to spend "more time with the family."

 GOP wants MoveOn ads pulled

  Click  Here

 The GOP asked 250 television stations to pull a liberal group's ads critical of Bush.

 RNC chief counsel Jill Holtzman Vogel wrote, "As a broadcaster licensed by the FCC,
 you have a responsibility to the viewing public and to your licensing agency to refrain from
 complicity in any illegal activity, specifically in this case, violations of our nation's federal election laws.".

 So, once again Bush will pull the license of stations who run anti-Bush ads.

 You think these thugs are going to allow the voters to pick the next president?
 You think these thugs will surrender power to the Democrats under any circumstances?

 In Show 30, up soon, I explain how the BFEE is making almost $50 million per day and that's just
 on the oil they're stealing from Iraq, not to mention Halliburton's billions, the trillions missing from the
 Treasury and the ongoing oil-gouge of $3 a gallon gasoline in San Fransisco.

 If you get Bush pissed, he'll steal your money, take your job, throw you in jail or murder you,
 and he can do that legally because the Democrats handed him that kind of power.,


Click  Here

 Subject:reason for my subscription

 I have been reading your page since Fall 2001, when I was in Japan.
 I must say that at that time I was losing faith in the Democratic party.
 You restored that faith. Because of that, I decided that when I have an
 extra couple of dollars I would send it your way.

 I just subscribed to the site, and I have to say...just by listening to the first part
 of Show 29... I am positive that those couple of dollars were more than worth it.
 We need a bigger hammer to show the monkeys and the rest of the country that
 there are Democrats that will not stand by and watch the BFEE ruin our country.

 Keep swingin' that hammer.

 ESM, thanks for that.
 We have a BartPhone call in the next radio show that might interest you :)

 An excerpt from Show 29

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I wonder if Britney Spears
knows the Ann-Margret story...

 Subject: Ashcroft and pancreatitus

 Pancreatitis is one of the potentially worst medical conditions one can have.
 We see people in our Intensive Care with it for months at a time, needing all sorts
 of surgery and mechanical assistance to stay alive.  It's usually caused by gallstones,
 way too much booze or a bit of both.  It used to pop up a bit as a side effect of anti-HIV
 medicines too.  You could see Ashcroft out of action for quite a while.  He may even be
 forced to explain himself to his (or somebodys) god a little early.

 I won't wish his death because I'm not an American christian who revels in death,
 punishment and hatred, but his exclusion from US political life could only be a plus for you all.

 Paul B

 Gosh, I hate to hear that.
 I hope he's not forced to resign for medical reasons.
 Like with the 'president,' we couldn't possibly get a worse guy than the guy who holds the job now.

 I need a Secretary of Hip, ...preferably a sassy, African American.
 I know this will cause screams of 'sexism,' but I want a sassy black  woman
 to explain the real world to the extra-white Oklahoma chimp, ...am I'm the bad guy?"

 Click  Here  if you're a sassy black female who wants to be Sec of Hip

 Subject: how to kill real player

 Hey, Bart,

 Please thank everyone who sent in suggestions for me - I applied the KISS principle
 and tried the "uninstall RP" gambit first - Bartcop Radio is now in Windows Media
 on my computer, and it sounds great. Shows 27 and 28 were terrific, and I'm still
 working my way through 29.

 Keep hammerin'



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 Holy Anorexia
  Click  Here   now with working link

 Rudolph Bell's book Holy Anorexia (1985) concentrates on Italian saints, and is especially rewarding for
 connoisseurs of the spiritually lurid. St Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi lay naked on thorns. Saint Catherine of
 Siena [did bad things]. One confessor ordered Veronica Giuliani to kneel while a novice of the order kicked
 her in the mouth. Another ordered her to clean the walls and floor of her cell with her tongue; when she
 swallowed the spiders and their webs, even he thought it was going too far. Scourges, chains and hair shirts
 were the must-have accessories in these women's lives. Eustochia of Messina stretched her arms on a DIY
 rack she had constructed. St Margaret of Cortona bought herself a razor and was narrowly dissuaded from
 slicing through her nostrils and upper lip. St Angela of Foligno [did bad things]. And what St Francesca
 Romana did, I find I am not able to write down.


 Subject: doing hard drugs

 Bart, I just had MAJOR dental surgery today, 6 implants put in.
 I have survived, and am now on Hydrocodone.

 I wonder if this stuff'll make me start spewing vile Repukelican crap for three hours a day like Rush.

 Putting out your page is more than a 'nice thing' for you to do.
 I wish I could support you more, 'cause I'm with ya 110%.

 T in Texas
 fellow scrapper

 American cities are hurting

 Hey, BC!

You wrote:

> Bush has bankrupted all 50 states, so they're looking for ways to make money.
> I hate the idea of an internet tax, but Bush stole the money - it's gone and it's not coming back.
> The states can't actually file bankruptcy and wipe their slates clean, but bankrupt they are."

 Here in California, we just passed a huge bond which basically allows Schwarzenegger (R-BFEE Tool)
 to borrow the money which will replace the tens of billions stolen from California by Enron. My hometown
 of San Diego, sixth largest city and one of the richest in the nation is now soliciting donations from its citizens
 to help pay for basic services. Yep, you read that right. Soon San Diego residents will be able to donate
 towards specific items like a fire-fighting helicopter, police car maintenance, or road repairs.

 It's not enough that the state has to borrow billions; it's not enough that my property tax is up 12%; it's not
 enough that a gallon of gas --we've been well over two bucks for weeks-- costs more here than in Hawaii;
 it's not enough that the state university system has increased tuition as much as 50%; it's not enough that our
 pensions and 401k funds are gone, the city has to come begging for money to buy fuel for the trash trucks.
 And today the San Diego Fire Department announced that it will begin raising funds by selling advertising space on the fire trucks.

 Oh, and the California Highway Patrol-with all the obligatory nonsense about safety--just began another ticket-writing marathon.


 Click for a great short movie

 Subject: Martha is guilty?

 So Martha was convicted of telling the Government she had not committed
 fraud or insider trading.  The fraud charge was dropped, she was never
 charged with insider trading, how can she be convicted of lying about this?

 Speaking of the fraud charge being dropped, how can everyone keep
 claiming Martha was "guilty on all counts"?


 Russ, she's guilty of being a liberal and the liberals are, once again, too scared to say
 anything in her defense because Rove wants to make liberals the ones who stole all the
 billions in the CEO scandals.  One report I read (in the lying whore media) was that
 investigators asked Martha what time the guy called and she replied, "I don't remember
 what time he called," then they charged her with claiming the guy never called.

 Word is getting out if you're against Bush, (Paul O'Neill, Dixie Chicks, Howard Stern,
 Martha Stewart, Bill Moyers, Ted Rall, Mike Malloy - the list is endless) you lose your
 ability to earn a living or you lose your freedom.  That's why many people feel compelled
 to play ball with the BFEE - they're afraid.

 But what is the excuse for the Democrat's silence?
 They don't even complain when the Diebold machines tally the votes (always for the GOP)
 with a last-minute, ten-points swing (always for the GOP).

 Nader and voting in the year 2004

  Click  Here

 There were a lot of replies.
 I think everyone who voted for Nader wrote.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 551  Americans their lives - and counting.



"My son was killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11, leaving a young wife and three small children.
  It is with horror and intense anger that I today witnessed the television commercials with images from 9/11
  used by President Bush and his campaign strategists. Using visual reminders of this terrible tragedy to get
  votes is disgraceful. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the 9/11 commission is still investigating the US
  intelligence efforts, or lack thereof, before the 9/11 attacks - during President Bush's watch. The Bush ads
  use the 9/11 images to proclaim "leadership." What kind of leadership is this?"
     --Elinor Stout,  Attribution

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.


"It continues to baffle me that the Republican Party insists on reminding the
  Americanm people over and over again that George W. Bush's administration
  is responsible for the greatest security failure in the history of the United States."
      --Seth Appel,      Attribution

 Free tip for the Kerry campaign:

 Every time Bush runs a TV ad, record it and run the same ad the next day with different audio.
 If Bush wants to show 9-11 pictures - fine.  Kerry runs the same ad the next day saying,
"I promise not to take monthlong vactions right after the CIA tells me
  that al Qaeda is planning an imminent attack on America using airplanes."

 The best part?
 The Bush campaign will produce everything but the audio, which cuts costs tremendously.
 If needed, American Stranger could do for Kerry's campaign and they'll be so controversial
 CNN, FOX and the networks will run the ads for free, at least a few times.

 ...and the Bushies can't stop you.  What are they going to do? Sue the Kerry camp for telling the truth?

 In 2004, will Kerry take my advice and win this contest?
 Or will he ignore me and blow it like Gore did in 2000?

 We put $3687 on the credit card for a new Mac G5 and monitor so Tommy can edit radio shows,
 (Hey - I finally bought a Mac! :)

 $3678 - cost of new computer.
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 We're so close to home, I can hear Gary Busey moaning. That means Mrs Bart has her DVD of
 Mel Gibson on an endless loop kicking Busey's ass in Lethal Weapon.

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 Your contributions allow us to continue beating up the Bush monkey and his Nazi gangsters.


"As Americans, we deserve an answer to what went wrong that enabled bin Laden
  and the terrorists to come in and conduct the attacks of 9/11. If that does become
  the issue, I think it's a loaded gun pointed right back at the White House."
   -- Wesley Clark, who's not afraid of Karl Rove, to Wolf Blizter (R-Whore)    Attribution

 Will Kerry press Bush to explain why he was asleep on 9-11?
 Or will he give a S&B brother a break?

 Subject: back to the top

 When are you going to add the "Back to the top" feature
 at the end of each Bartcop column?


 Endzoni, in all my years on the web, I've never understood
 why that 'back to the top' link is on so many pages.

 Sometimes that link takes five second to reload the entire page
 but the scroll button takes you there just about instantly.

 Just kidding, but if Democrats were better at working the scroll button,
 I'll bet Gore would've been declared the winner in Florida in 2000.

 Maybe the DNC juts organize scrolling classes in big cities for Democrats...

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details

 Lieberman to Bush, Kerry: Rise above politics

  Click  Here

 Joe Lieberman urged Kerry and Bush to transcend "rigid and reflexive partisan politics"
 in the presidential campaign so Congress can work to bring peace to Iraq and stop terrorism.

"We cannot allow a singular quest for electoral victory to impede the more universal and
 important quest for victory over terrorism, a victory that will enable the American people
 to feel fully secure again here at home," Mr. Joementum whined.

 Hey Joe, nobody cares what you think, remember?
 Democrats rejected you and your pro-Bush ideas,
 so why don't you have a Coke and a smile and shut the hell up?

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