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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

Show 30  is up and it's so good - if we could only dump the lame host - it would be great.

Bruce Yurgil 

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Small biz - no plans to hire
Federalist Soc and the theocons
Kerry: vigilance at polls 
EchoStar unplugs CBS, more
Bush the flip-flopper 
Snipers get death, life
Gay 'pubs run anti-Bush ads
Perry: I'm no pipefitter 
Dorgan Blocks Appointment


Quote of the Day

"I think our party is more united 
  than it has been in years." 
    --John Kerry,   Attribution

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Volume 1271 - Trapper Joe and his Bear 

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  Tues-Wednesday      March 9-10, 2004


"We confess. It's all true. Everything you say. We trafficked in hate. We did it in anger. Just as you said,
  Mr. Kristol, Mr. Krauthammer, Mr. Brooks: . We attacked a sitting president, impugned his integrity,
  smeared his family, invaded his privacy, tried desperately to drag him down to our level. There is no parallel
  between your measured criticism of Clinton and our attacks on Bush.  Clinton deserved everything thrown
  at him because a corrupt and evil man who gains the White House by underhanded means should be attacked
  with every weapon at the disposal of a free press. And yes, it's true, just as your radio hosts have maintained:
  Hillarydoes owe her success to the practice of witchcraft. And no, it's not true that ridiculing Chelsea was the
  media equivalent of child molestation. Chelsea was fair game because she is the spawn of Satan. Scurrilous of us
  to suggest that the tirelessly moderate and civil proponent of these and so many other truths, Robert Bartley,
  now resides in the circle of hell reserved for hate-mongers and bigots! Mr. Bartley dwells in the bosom of his
  Republican creator. We see that now."
     --Tony Hendra,   Attribution

 Fewer small businesses plan to hire 

  Click  Here

 Small businesses, the engine of job creation, are retreating on hiring plans - magnifying
 Bush's jobless "recovery."   The share planning to hire fell to 13% last month. That was
 down from 17% in January, the National Federation of Independent Business trade group said.

 Even the weak hiring plans may be too rosy. For most of the past year, small firms failed to
 add employees despite earlier plans, NFIB data show.

 Small business won't hire for the same reason I have a standing $200 bet with anyone on the web
 that Bush can't break even on jobs - which is - nobody has faith in the Crooked Moron.

 When a small business hires someone, they're gambling that things will pick up and everybody
 knows that a supply0side pinhead who's stealing billions from the economy every day can't
 compel anybody to bet on his record of constant failures.

 You've heard the expression, "Money talks and BS walks?"
 My $200 says Bush is a failure and a fraud and nobody will bet against me.
 I'm a gambling man who can't find one A,erican who will bet on Bush.
 Where's a big mouth GOP whore when you need one?

 Everybody reading this knows a loud-mouth, know-it-all Republican who loves Bush.
 Tell them Bart has $200 that says Bush can't break even on jobs before election night.
 Sidebar: Since my odds get better every day, that number will be $300 very soon.

 If they won't take the bet, then start doing the chicken dance around his Nazi desk.
 Bawk BAWK, Bawk BAWK, Bawk BAWK, Bawk BAWK!

 You see?
 This is how Kerry wins the debate - if he'll just listen to Ol' Bart.
 Call Bush on the facts and force him to explain without a bell to save him.

 The economy will stay in the toilet until we elect a Democrat.
 Like with Clinton in 1992, if Kerry wins in November, the boom will begin before Christmas.
 Even before he takes office, things will pick up because the economy is all about expectations.

 ...but if Bush steals another term, and he might since a-holes like Russert are on the payroll,
 the economy will continue to swirl downward like water in a toilet bowl.

 Vote your wallet, America, ...and save a few hundred soldier's lives as a bonus.

 Federalist Society and the theocons - a match made in hell.
   by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 Illustrative of The Federalist Society is their view on abortion.  They dismiss it merely by stating that the
 Constitution offers no "right to an abortion."  And of course it doesn't.  Yet it doesn't forbid it either.
 If the argument ended there, it would be up to the government, either federal or local, to make laws in
 favor of allowing abortions or to prohibit them.  But the argument doesn't end there.

 What the Supreme Court recognized in its decision regarding Roe v. Wade (The Federalist Society and
 theocons rely that the vast majority of Americans will never read this enlightened opinion) was an individual's
 right to privacy.  The government has no right to intrude on a woman's personal consultations with her doctor,
 and the government has no right to instruct the doctor as to what is best for his/her patient.


"He made the choice to leave. He resigned the office of his own free will.  Aristide had worn out his welcome.
  He was democratically elected but he didn't govern in a democratic manner and had reached the point where
  clearly the opposition groups, rebels, were increasingly successful at undermining his authority."
    --Dick Cheney, explaining why patriotic Americans should chase Bush from Washington DC    Attribution

Visit www.deckofbush.com for your deck today!


"Aristide has demonstrated through his leadership over the years and through his use
  of violence that he was not the sort of person that we should prop up in power.
  We do not have an obligation to put forces at risk to support people who do not do the
  basic things to help themselves, governing justly, effectively, honestly."
    --Assistant Secretary Roger Noriega, the State Department's top Latin American diplomat,
    explaining why patriotic Americans should chase Bush from Washington DC  Attribution

 Question: Of all the people on planet Earth, has anybody killed more people in 2003 or 2004 than Bush?
                   Bush has a death fetish and people all around the world hate him for it.

 Subject: radio show review


 I've been reading your page faithfully since the fraud took over in 2000, but I finally got around
 to subscribing so I could get the radio show as well (I miss Mike Malloy, what can I say, and
 somebody's gotta pick up the slack).

 Let me just say that it's one of the best things I've ever done. Very entertaining, and I might add
 after listening to shows 24 through 29, the production is getting better and better.

 (as a fellow poker player, you'll appreciate this:) I usually fire up a show, then log onto my favorite
 online poker site and play and listen.  In the last three days, I've made it through shows 26, 27, 28 & 29,
 and won $60.00 in the process. So not only are you providing good liberal entertainment, but you're
 apparently a pretty decent good luck charm as well. You and T. Mack just keep 'em coming!
 I'm all in.


 Kerry promises vigilance at polls

  Click  Here

 Kerry directly accused Republicans of stealing the 2000 election for Bush.

"What can you do to prevent them from stealing the election again?" Kerry asked a crowd o
 at the MLK Center in Hollywood, his first stop in a three-city Florida campaign swing Monday.

"We're going to pre-check it, we're going to have the legal team in place," said Kerry.
"We're going to take injunctions where necessary ahead of time. We'll pre-challenge if necessary."

"I'm often asked how it feels to run for the highest office in the land," Kerry said.
"I don't have a clue. I'm not running for secretary of state of Florida."

 Democratic crowds roared at the reminder of Cruella Harris, who gave the initial order
 to stop the recounting of votes in 2000. Harris is now a Sarasota-area Congresswoman.

 More signs of life from Kerry.
 He's saying the things we want to hear.


"If Bush can find time to go to a rodeo, he can
  spend more than one hour before the commission."
     --John Kerry, putting the Usurper in a box Bart-style  Attribution

 I'm very impressed with the Kerry campaign the last week or so.
 He's saying the things I'd tell him to say.
 Bush is on the ropes and Kerry keeps pounding him.

 I hope I'm saying the same thing this summer and fall.

 EchoStar Pulls Plug on Viacom Channels

  Click  Here

 Satellite TV giant EchoStar has pulled the plug on MTV, Nickelodeon and CBS
 in more than a dozen cities in a legal dispute with Viacom over the price of programming.

As many as 9 million customers of DISH Network were affected, including New York,
 Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities. The move that could threaten their ability to watch,
 among other things, the March Madness college basketball tournament.

 Oh God, no basketball?  Where's my Glock?
 If I can't watch basketball what reason is there to press on.
 What's next?  They take soccer and golf away, too?

 ...as long as they don't screw with The Travel Channel, I'll be OK.
 Tonight, they're playing at Foxwoods - maybe at the table we'll get ...someday.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Bush the flip-flopper

  Click  Here

 Campaign finance reform? Bush fought it as a matter of principle. At least he fought it as
 a matter of principle right up until the moment he signed the bill and claimed credit for it.

 Gay marriage? First Bush said it was best left to the states, until some of the states starting
 tweaking Bush's base, when it then became an emergency requiring a Constitutional amendment.

 Free trade? Bush was for free trade, until he imposed steel tariffs, which were an economic
 necessity, at least until he lifted them.

 Education? While signing the No Child Left Behind Act, Bush carried on like he was the chairman of the NEA.
 But when it came time to provide the money to pay for it, he morphed into the Grinch who stole Christmas.

 The one thing Bush has been steady about is tax cuts. He is for them during times of peace, during times of war,
 when the economy is booming, and when we are in a recession. You might call that "steady," but I sure wouldn't call it "leadership."


"I didn't leave Haiti because I wanted to leave Haiti. They forced me to leave Haiti.
  It was a kidnapping, which they call coup d'etat  ...a forced resignation for me. It wasn't
  a resignation. It was a kidnapping and under the cover of coup d'etat."
     -- Jean-Bertrand Aristide, explaining how Bush is anti-democratic   Attribution

 The BFEE has never believed the people should be free to elect their leaders.

 Bush the Smarter crimed himself into power in 1980.
 Bush the Moron wasn't elected - he was appointed by a crooked court.
 Iraq, Venezuela, Haiti - the BFEE has so much unchecked power and cash
 that they can just run the planet like a real life game of RISK, without the risk.

 Teen sniper gets life, mentor gets death

  Click  Here

 From my limited knowledge of the case, this seems about right.
 John Allen Muhammad was angry with his wife and terrorized a whole city with random murders.
 Lee Boyd Malvo said Muhammed made him do it, but when a man has a loaded gun in his hands,
 "He made me" doesn't hold much water.

 I know many of you are against the death penalty, and I'm with you - mostly - but there's no doubt
 they got the right people here, and shooting up a whole city is terrorism and I won't lose any sleep
 when Muhammed gets the needle.  But he's getting out easy.  Malvo has 60-plus years of prison coming.

 Subject: poor cancer

 I heard that Cancer has contracted Bartcop.
 I am very sorry to hear this.

 Please give my condolences to Cancer.
 I will be sending Cancer some balm for its impending red-ass.


 ha ha

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"Rosie weds longtime girlfriend, slams Bush"
    -- A San Fran paper headline, saw it on Leno Monday night

 Log Cabin Republicans to run anti-Bush ads
  Gay GOP group - they should be libs - we don't want them in ovens

  Click  Here

 A group of gay Republicans who supported Smirk in 2000 will air a TV ad opposing
 a Bush-backed Constitutional amendment that would prohibit gays from marrying.

 The 30-second spot by the Log Cabin Republicans shows Cheney at a debate four years ago
 saying, "People should be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to enter into."
 The ad begins Thursday in several states.

 The VP also says: "I don't think there should necessarily be a federal policy in this area."
 The words "We agree" then flash on the screen.  Cheney's daughter, Mary, is gay.

 Yes, but Cheney will sell his daughter's dignity for a chance to get elected for the first time.
 His GOP greed won't let him love his daughter - he needs those extra billions.

Click  Here


 Why the hell would you piss on your credibility by having this on your site?

> 551 the wrong figure for Bush Iraqi body count
>  This says we've really lost 1188

  Click  Here

 Ray Laska

 Ray, who the hell do you think you are?  In Oklahoma, if you walk up to a man and start an attack
 that way there would be blood on the floor before you finished your damn sentence. You must live
 in Dove City, where people take shit like that with a smile, but it doesn't work here. Not even a little bit.

 Like most insane-with-rage people, you have failed to state what the hell got your panties in a wad.
 You think I'm some kind of mind reader?

 Hell you didn't even put anything in the subject line, so you're just barking at the damn moon.
 What's wrong with you?

 As a rule, when people get so angry that they lose their mind and can't make sense, the subject is Israel.
 Is that it?
 Is that website for or against Israel and you read something you didn't like?
 You want me to be responsible for every sentence on that site?

 Did you ever consider that the part I wanted you to read was in the excerpt?
 And if you're upset about something in the excerpt, why didn't you f-ing say so?

 IF the Army is low-balling the KIA stats because Chuck the Medic thought he might've felt a pulse,
 why would you go all Mancow on me for saying the truth would be better than a lie?

 You need to watch your temper, Ray.

 Don't you ever come at me spewing crap like that again.
 I'm not the same guy I was two months ago - I'm not crap from anybody these days.

 ...and the next time you want to display really strong feelings on some subject,
 do us all a favor and tell us what the hell it is..

An excerpt from Show 30

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The Joe Conason-Gene Lyons movie premiers July 4th.

 Perry denies reports about divorce, infidelity 

  Click  Here

 Texas Gov. Rick Perry is denying widespread rumors that he and his wife plan to divorce
 over his alleged infidelity and that he will resign from office, according to a published report Friday.

 Perry told an Austin paper that political enemies are responsible for the "smear campaign."

 The first-term Republican, who was elected in 2002, said Thursday he was forced to respond publicly
 because the "obvious, orchestrated effort" had reached critical mass, with rumors spread by e-mail and on Web sites.

 Perry said the rumors "are not correct in any shape, form or fashion. These are irresponsible. They're salacious.
 They're hurtful to my family."

 The governor's press staff has said it has fielded calls about the rumors for about two months.

 The rumors he's talking about were that his wife walked in and caugh the governor laying some pipe to
 the Texas Attorney General (male) and she was going to divorce him and tell the world what she witnessed.

 I figured it was false and the "going to" was the giveaway.
 Those transitory verbs (if that's what they are) provide an escape natch for the story teller.
 If Mrs. Perry filed (past tense) for divorce, then you have a story.

 Of course, you didn't hear these rumors on  bartcop.com  because we don't do the salacious rumor thing.
 Nothing but the facts on  bartcopcom

 Bush the deserter
  Saw it on  onlinejournal.com - a site with great integrity

  Click  Here

 In FY 1973-74, Bush was credited with only 12 such training periods in the 10 months and 26 days
 remaining in his six-year military service obligation. Because of the limits on making up missed training
 periods, Bush would have had, at minimum, 24 unexcused absences during FY 1973-74.

 Thus under federal statutory law, federal regulations, and Air Force regulations, Bush was guilty of
 unsatisfactory participation during his last two years of service in the United States military.

 Under the regulations at that time, this "failure" should have resulted in Bush being reported to
 Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC), and ordered to Active Duty for up to 24 months.

 Missing pets

 I know people who have said, "Our cat hasn't come home in weeks - that's too bad."
 I also know of big, beefy, Bounty brand Paper Towel-looking men,
 who could kick my ass inside of 15 seconds,
 turn into Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral when talking about a lost German Shephard.

 We had a scare last night.
 We have two cats, Bart and Goldie.
 As a rule, when she gets home, BartCop Manor becomes The Mirage and The Kitty Show begins.

 Update for newer readers:
 At BartCop Manor, there is a Hierarchy of Importance.

The cats are Number One.
    I can live with that.
    No man more than me understands the value of premiu...  nevermind.

Mrs. Bart's Touring Sedan was Number Two, but since it's a 1992 model, and Tulsa
   recently had a monster hail storm in November...State Farm was nice enough to total Mrs. Bart's Touring
   Sedan which is plenty driveable, ...so maybe there is a God.

 Uh, ...remember that hail storm  ...it'll come up again

Then comes Ol' Bart

 When she got home Monday night, there was no Bart.the Cat.

 Since the usual double-airlock security restrictions were in place all afternoon, logic told me there was no problem,
 but my current situation under the circumstances was no better than the Al-Rashid Hotel in downtown Baghdad

 I know dozens of you have been thru 100 times worse situations, I'm just sayin' what happened today.
 this is a fluff story with a happy ending.

 I offered to do a "perimiter check," which is this case is a walk around the house.
 Hell, the cat could be in a window and not visible to someone inside the house in the dark.

 This never works, but you really old folks might remember on the old black & white TV show "Lassie,"
 Billy (whoever) would always look at Lassie and say, "Which deserted mine are the people trapped in?"

 ...and Lassie would say, "Mine 43, just two miles out of town on the Santa Fe Trail," and they'd go save them.

 So. Mr Science and Logic, also known as BartCop, looks at Goldie the cat and says,
"Hey, why don't you tell your brother in that kitty language that Mrs Bart is worried and the joke's over?

 Koresh as my witness, Goldie disappeared and came back minutes later with Bart the Cat.


 Bart the Cat looks a lot like this guy, without so much the Busch box.

 So everything turned out cool.
 In the cat-getting-out poker game, I had pocket Aces.
 I'm no George Bush - ain't no cats getting away on my watch.


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 Dorgan Blocks Medicare Chief Appointment
  This can't be a real story - it just can't be...

  Click  Here

 Democratic Sen. Bryon Dorgan of North Dakota announced plans Tuesday to block
 the Senate's confirmation of Mark McClellan, Bush's choice to run Medicare, until he
 answers senators' questions about drug reimportation.

"That is not satisfactory to me," Dorgan said in a news release. "I intend to put a hold
 on Dr. McClellan's nomination until he complies with the request of the Commerce
 Committee chairman to appear and testify."

 A single senator can block a nomination from moving forward by placing a hold on it.

 This can't be real.

The Democratic senators had no problem with religiously-insane Ashcroft's nomination.
The Democratic senators had no problem with Bush lying about Iraq's WMDs.
The Democratic senators had no problem with Ted Olson being Solicitor General.
The Democratic senators had no problem with Bush emptying the Teasury.
The Democratic senators had no problem with the suspension of the Constitution.
The Democratic senators had no problem with Bush lying about 9-11.
The Democratic senators had no problem with Bush's drunken global rape, but when
    it comes down to running Medicare, it was time to stand up and say, "That's enough?"

 Can a pro-Bush comedian get laughs?
  The short answer is no

  Click  Here

 Miller hasn't had much luck with his timing. His openly pro-Bush show debuted just as Kerry became the front-runner
 and the president's poll numbers went into a nosedive. No WMD in Iraq, an out-of-control budget and widespread
 revulsion at the tough-talking cowboy in the White House. You could hardly pick a worse time to declare yourself for
 the president and hope to get good ratings. In fact, Millers ratings did start out well, with 746,000 people (a huge figure
 by CNBC standards) tuning in to the first episode, in which he interviewed his pal Musclehead, but theyve slipped down
 to the 300,000 range since then.

 Now compare that to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, the gold standard (how true) for television news-comedy, which
 has attracted as many as 1.9 million viewers on Comedy Central at 11 p.m., more than serious news shows on Fox, CNN
 and MSNBC can summon in the same time slot. Stewart, who was recently on the cover of Newsweek, is now so esteemed
 that a lot of people consider his faux news show to be a more valuable source of information than tired old establishment
 warhorses like World News Tonight, and in some ways they're correct.

 I'd pay real money to watch Jon Stewart (or myself) kick Miller's ass in a live chat room.
 Miller bet on the wrong horse at the exactly wrong time.   Miller mortgaged his career on
 Bush's reputation just as the Bush lies surfaced and how he's s-out-of-luck, the disgraced bastard.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 551  Americans their lives - and counting.



"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere,
  diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."
       --Groucho Marx, http://www.dailykos.com/story/2004/3/7/213753/1954

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.


"There were a number of people in this administration, some of the most senior people in this government,
  who relied on the information that came from Chalabi's group to a greater extent than did the intelligence
  community. They were looking at information that seemed to simply confirm a pre-conceived notion of an
  extremely threatening Iraq, that was deeply in bed with different terrorist groups, and on the cusp of acquiring
  the most advanced, most dangerous weapons of mass destruction. And of course, this was very much in accord
  with what Ahmad Chalabi had been saying for years, if not decades. And so, they were looking through the
  intelligence and picking out those pieces of intelligence that supported that view, pushing aside the stuff that
  didn't support that view, doing it without necessarily looking hard at the reliability of the sources."
     --Ken Pollack, on 60 Minutes, "Now He Tells Us"    Attribution

 Really - why didn't you say this a year ago and save 1188 American lives?

 VCR Alert

 World Poker Tour - Foxwoods - tonight.

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Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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 Subject: Show 30


 Show 30 has great content, as usual, but what was up with your mic?
 It kind of sounds like you recorded the show in a barrell.


 AS, this is one of the thousands of things I can't explain.
 I either hit a slide on the mixing board, or I encoded it "funny,"
 or maybe God was just giving me another slap in the face.

 Whatever it was, it's gone now, because the opener and closer
 sounded OK and that's always the last thing that gets put into the mix.

 Someday, we'll be big enough to afford an in-house knobbist or
 maybe I'll make enough to move to LA and Tommy can make it work.

 Every six months or so I say this, and it's time, so I'll say it again:
 Somewhere out there is a Democratic millionaire to whom $500,000 means
 nothing more than a nice little deduction on his/her taxes, but since time is limited,
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Show 30 has landed, and it's hueueueuge.
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This show could use some 'splainin'

The audio is Parts One and Two is imperfect.
It's plenty listenable, but it sounds more "AM radio" than Parts Three thru Six

Tommy's English interview segment closes this show,
but he ran into a 69 year-old grizzly bear named
Ann Doyle who gave Tommy all he could handle - ha ha

Also, Tally the Weather Vixen does a short rant that's probably
the most intelligent bit ever done on the young BartCop Radio Network.

I hope you enjoy Show 30.

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