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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Bush is a lousy prostitute
Kerry says super-rich gotta pay
Bush debates himself 
You gotta love her
FBI withheld McVeigh proof? 
Bush's war on women
Dennis Miller paying for crowds
Liberal Radio is coming soon
Catholics going to Florida


Quote of the Day

"We're going to keep pounding, let me tell you. 
  We're just beginning to fight here. These guys 
  are the most crooked, you know, lying group 
  I've ever seen. It's scary."  
  --John Kerry, describing the GOP   Attribution

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Volume 1272 - A terrible mistake 

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  Thursday      March 11, 2004


"If Martha Stewart had just lied about WMDs she'd be a free woman today."
      --Jay Leno,   Attribution

 Bush rents out Lincoln Bedroomlike a Motel 6  
  He swore he'd never do what Clinton, his Dad and Reagan did

  Click  Here

 Roland Betts, who raised at least $100,000 for Bush in 2000 stayed at the White House.
 William DeWitt raised at least $200,000 for Bush's re-election effort, stayed at the White House.
 James Francis, who headed the Bush campaign's 2000 team of $100,000-and-up volunteers stayed at the White House.
 Joseph O'Neill, an oilman gave $100,000 for each of Bush's presidential campaigns, stayed at the White House.
 James Langdon, slick oil lawyer raised at least $100,000 for Bush stayed at the White House.

 They crucified Clinton for doing what Reagan and Bush did, but the press continues to cover up for The Monkey.
 Every Democrat should be screaming like crazy - but they won't.

 Kerry Asking Wealthy to Pay Old Tax Rate
  Clinton did that and it was America's most prosperous years

  Click  Here

 Kerry said Wednesday he will ask Americans earning more than $200,000 a year
 to pay the taxes they paid under Clinton and pledged to retain the Bush tax cuts for
 the middle class and even add to them.

"Under Bush's policies, middle-class families are paying more. America's middle class
 can't afford a tax increase," Kerry said. He accused the president of draining thousands
 of dollars from working families and practicing "the politics of blame."

"George Bush is running on the same old Republican tactics of fear - and they're already
 getting tired," he said. "It's clear that this president will fight like hell to keep his own job,
 but he won't lift a finger to help Americans keep theirs."

 Kerry - on the attack - just the way I like it.
 He's talking like I was his campaign chairman.


"Don't they have pills they can take for this, these a-holes?"
   -- Christopher, to Paulie, watching a guy convulse on the ground
       after they bashed his head in with a brick on The Sopranos


 Subject: the truth about homosexuality


 New thinking by psychiatrists has changed the concept of homosexuality from something that is "normal"
 back to something that is abnormal and is in effect a mental illness that requires treatment to reverse.
 In all cases it is now found to be reverseable.

 You are an insane liar.
 "New thinking by psychiatrists," - why didn't you name these guys or site a study or research group?
 You can't - because they don't f-ing exist.

 What are you - stupid?
 Your little bluff has hit an iceberg and your boat of bigotry is now taking water.

 "In all cases it is now found to be reverseable."
 That means, with some training, you could become become a pipe-smoker?
 ha ha
 Is that what you're trying to sell me?
 ha ha

 Homosexual behavior is a gender behavior disorder.
 No one is born a homosexual. It is usually caused by a traumatic experience in early childhood.

 ha ha
 That's about as grounded in fact as the Easter Bunny.
 Who said, "It is usually caused by a traumatic experience in early childhood."
 Is that also part of the "new thinking" that you fabricated?
 They suffer from SSAD, Same-sex attraction disorder.
 No, they "suffer" from religiously insane asses who wake up every morning trying to
 figure out the best way to cause pain and induce hatred for some of God's children.
 Instead of attacking decent, tax-paying Americans, why don't you masturbate, instead?

 The condition is treatable by therapy.

 You already tried that lie - it didn't work, remember?
 But like many people with mental problems, they live in denial and expect
 the rest of the world to accept their disorder as normal behavior.

 Or you could mind your own damn business and stop obsessing over what two men do behind closed doors.
 Why are you in this fight, anyway?  Don't you have anything better to do?

 Over 60,000 homosexuals were "cured" in 2003

 ha ha
 That is the stupidest thing anybody has said so far in 2004.
 Y'know, I could use a guy like you on my radio show.
 ...and are now living in full heterosexual relationships.

 Well, thousands of gay men marry and have kids - is that what you mean?

 The reversals are increasing annually as more homosexuals seek help.
 It has also reduced the number of incidents of AIDS in the USA.

 Your "facts" must come from talk radio or Pat Robertson.

 The most notable reversal is actress Ann Heche who is now married and has one child.
 She has no interest in having a future homosexual relationship.
 Miss Heche offered "I had therapy and it was completely effective."

 Tom Wright

 You're going "all in" on the sanity of Anne Heche?
 She wrote a book called, "I'm a loon, forgive me," and she's your star witness?
 I like Ann Heche, but let's say ...she's ...often ...a bit confused.
 At least she's not butting into other people's lives with religious hatred as her motivation.

 You need a hobby that's not built around hurting innocent people for no damn reason.


"The culture war is happening here now. You're seeing all kinds of aberrant behavior
  that is really desperately seeking normalcy. That's what it wants."
     --the vulgar junkie after getting out of Hillbilly heroin rehab  Attribution

 Bush's Great Debate -- With Himself 
  Saw it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush has been poking fun at John Kerry for supposedly flip-flopping on issues.
 But what Bush promised in 2000 and what he says now could be the makings of a great debate -- with himself.

Our old friend Touche!!

 You Gotta Love Her
   by Tom Hayden, so you gotta know who "she" is

  Click  Here

 The case of Jane Fonda reveals the double standards and hypocrisies afflicting our memories.
 In Tour of Duty, the Kerry historian Douglas Brinkley describes the 1971 winter soldier investigation,
 which Fonda supported and Kerry attended, where Vietnam veterans spilled their guts about "killing gooks
 for sport, sadistically torturing captured VC by cutting off ears and heads, raping women and burning villages."
 By contrast, Brinkley condemns Fonda's 1972 visit to Hanoi as "unconscionable," without feeling any need for further explanation.

 Why should American atrocities be merely unsettling, but a trip to Hanoi unconscionable?

 Yep, this is going to be the dirtiest, nastiest campaign in history - by far.
 The right-wing attack dogs (meaning the networks, talk radio, cable Nazis and big papers)
 are going to 'Willie Horton' everybody who fails to worship the never-elected King.

 The Sopranos Premier

 I'm always talking about the newsgroups.
 This is from the Sopranos newsgroup, alt.tv.sopranos.
 It's just two people talking intelligently about the best show on TV.
 Some language - after all, it's The Sopranos
 You'll either like it and read it all or you won't.

 Click  Here

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Nichols Says FBI Withheld Documents

  Click  Here

 Terry Nichols' attorneys say more than a dozen FBI documents that raise the possibility
 of additional accomplices in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing weren't turned over by state
 prosecutors or the federal government for Nichols' murder trial defense.

 The documents, which were cited in a recent series of Associated Press stories, include two
 1990s teletypes from then-FBI Director Louis Freeh's office citing possible connections between
 McVeigh and a gang of white supremacist bank robbers, the lawyers said.

 The judge in Nichols' trial has said he will dismiss the state murder charges against McVeigh's
 co-conspirator with prejudice - making it very hard for prosecutors to resurrect the case - if
 the lawyers can prove that documents that could have aided their defense were withheld.

 Well of course McVeigh had white supremacist connections.
 He was a Republican, wasn't he?

 Subject: Bush AWOL

 What do you think of the theory that Bush was not AWOL at all, that he was just incarcerated for cocaine possession
 (maybe smuggling it into Texas from Florida on his military jet).  That would explain the holes in his service record
 much better than the AWOL theory, because it would explain why certain documents were removed, AND it would
 explain why making Bush look like he was AWOL was better than what it looked like before the edit. It would also
 explain why he worked for PULL (community service).  I'm guessing you're familiar with the book "Favored Son(?)"
 which alleged that Bush was busted for cocaine in 1972 and the record was expunged.  I understand that this theory
 is flimsy, but does it seem credible to you?


 Scott - sure.
 There's no way that selfish snot would ever help the community without being forced to.

 Warning: Bush is hazardous to women's health

  Click  Here

 Bush declared this war on Jan. 22, 2001, when his very first public act was to impose a gag rule on international
 family planning agencies. Two months later, on March 29, 2001, he thumbed his nose at the women of America
 by closing the White House Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach. Since then, he has systematically attacked
 women's rights. He has stripped contraceptive coverage from federal employees; appointed anti-choice zealots to the
 federal courts; signed into law the first ban on an abortion procedure since 1973. And he, along with his fellow
 right-wing ideologues in Congress, keeps chipping away. Just two weeks ago, the House passed the Unborn Victims
 of Violence Act, which would treat attacks on a pregnant woman as separate crimes against both the mother and fetus.
 That has an emotional appeal, but it would give a fetus legal status and put women in the back seat. It should be more
 accurately named the Adult Female Victims of the Bush Administration Act.

 To see the long list of his attacks on women, Click  Here

 I wonder if Kerry will remind voters in every speech that abortion will be illegal
 if The Monkey has four more years to appoint crooked, women-hating judges.

 Subject: Dennis Miller

 Just read your piece on Dennis Miller.
 Did you know they're now PAYING people to be in his audience?
 Check this out:

 http://losangeles.craigslist.org/tfr/26082055.html - link disabled, the cowards

        Reply to: tickets4tv@yahoo.com
        Date: 2004-03-09, 3:27PM PST

 Audience work, ha ha one hour tape time, cash pay at end of show.
 Tapes 3/10, 3/11, and 3/12(1:45pm). Reply to tickets4tv@yahoo.com,
 incude contact number, nationality, and age or age range(submit photo if possible).

 Thanks Brandon @ SRO
 Compensation: $15 FLAT RATE

 Thought you'd want to know, Bart,

 I love that, "audience work."
 That's the kind of work The Monkey could handle.

 They did the same thing for Dr Laura when her show was dying.

Click for details and to order


"Iraq's governing council made history by signing a temporary constitution.
  Bush said he is thrilled because although the constitution isn't perfect, it bans gay marriage."
     --Conan O'Brien   Attribution

 The super rich are the problem

  Click  Here

 But by designating the (decapitated) top 20 percent of the entire nation as the "richest" quintile, the Census Bureau
 is including millions of people who make as little as $70,000. If you make over $100,000, you are in the top 4 percent.
 Now $100,000 is a tidy sum indeed, but it's not super rich -- as in Mellon, Morgan, or Murdoch. The difference between
 Michael Eisner, Disney CEO who pocketed $565 million in 1996, and the individuals who average $9,250 is not 13 to 1
 -- the reported spread between highest and lowest quintiles -- but over 61,000 to 1.

 ...yet the people who had $565 million before Bush took power get the tax breaks
 while the millions of struggling families were forced to co-sign for loans to make them richer, still.

 If you want to work so Michael Eisner can have more millions, vote for The Monkey.
 And if I'm wrong, why will nobody on the internet dare to debate me in a live chat room?

Click  Here

 Billionaires' wealth grew by 36 percent in last year
  While we little people did without - all because of Bush's greed

  Click  Here

 While at least a billion people on the planet subsist on the equivalent of a dollar a day or less,
 the concentration of wealth among a handful of people at the top has set new records. In its
 current issue, Forbes magazine lists a record 587 individuals and family units worth $1 billion
 or more, an increase from 476 in 2003. The combined wealth of this year's billionaires also
 reached record levels - a staggering $1.9 trillion, an increase of $500 billion in just one year,
 due largely to resurging stock prices over the last 12 months.

 Bush intentionally crashed the stock market to create "buying opportunities."

 When he said we were going back to Reagan-style deficits, the market crashed
 and the super rich got out their checkbooks. Making money off the misery of others
 is the foundation of the BFEE.  From Auschwitz to Baghdad, the Bush family knows
 how to make a profit from death - that's why they start wars that don't need to be fought.

 That's why Bush had to win in 2000 and why he has to win again.
 John Kerry - it wouldn't hurt to double your Secret Service protection.


 An excerpt from Show 30

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 190 killed in Madrid Train bomb terror  
  Spain pays heavy price for joining Bush's terror war

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 The attacks took place as packed commuter trains made their way into Madrid this morning.
 A high-speed inter-city train was devastated by explosions as it approached the city's main Atocha station.
 Two other suburban commuter trains were also hit by bombs.

 More than 1,200 people have been injured. The number of dead has climbed higher throughout the day
 in what a government spokesman described as "a massacre".

 How many days until Britain is punished for giving the invading Monkey 'legitimacy?'

 Mortgage Rates Fall Sharply This Week

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 The average rate on 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages was 5.41 percent, Freddie Mac,
 the mortgage giant, reported Thursday in its weekly nationwide survey of mortgage rates.
 This week's rate was down from 5.59 percent last week and marked the lowest rate
 since the week ending July 4 when rates averaged 5.40 percent.

 Rates on 30-year mortgages sank to 5.21 percent in the middle of June, the lowest level
 in more than four decades. Since then rates have bounced up and down.

 They claim the economy is coming back, but when interest rates drop, that means
 house inventories are backing up and they're trying to induce people to take the plunge.

 Look what the Dow has done in the last five days.
 Does that look like Watt Street has confidence in The Monkey?

 Kerry won't apologize for telling the truth about GOP

  Click  Here

 John Kerry on Thursday rejected Republicans demands that he apologize for calling his
 GOP critics "the most crooked, you know, lying group I've ever seen."

"I have no intention whatsoever of apologizing for my remarks," Kerry said.
"I think the Republicans need to start talking about the real issues before the country."

 The truth needs no apology.


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 Military Families vs. the War

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 A group called Military Families Speak Out -- which will figure prominently in marches and vigils at Dover Air Force Base,
 Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the White House next week -- says more than 1,000 families have signed up online
 and notes that new members join daily. Other outspoken family members have never heard of the group but, for a variety
 of reasons, share its founders' conviction that the war is a "reckless military misadventure."

 Most frequently cited, when military families explain their antiwar sentiments, is the absence to date of Iraqi WMDs.
"They'd have these inspections and they'd find nothing," says Jenifer Moss, 29, of Oklahoma. Her husband died in Iraq
  leaving her with three children and the belief that "he was sent out there on a pretense."

 They are also angry at the Bush administration's insistence that its policies are nonetheless justified. Cherice Johnson's husband
  was killed last March. "I'd love to say I back Bush 100 percent, but I can't," she says, weeping during a telephone interview.
"How many more people are going to die because he can't say, 'I'm sorry, I made a terrible mistake?' "

 It seems not everyone in the military is happy to sacrifice for Halliburton's greed.

This business is owned and operated by lefties, fighting the good fight.
We believe that business can be done honestly, fairly, and without resorting to BFEE-style tacitcs.

 Why I subscribed

 Hey Bart,
 Even though, thanks to Bush's thriving economy, I can only find part-time work, I still subscribed recently.
 The kicker for me was the free samples of Bartcop Radio you offered.  I honestly didn't know what to expect
 even though I enjoyed reading your site.  Once I heard the show, my wife and I were hooked!
 After listening to many of your old shows, I became aware that I am missing the "full effect", so I went to the
 local Alcohol Beverage Control store (my state's government controls the liquor) and had to special order a
 bottle of Chinaco.  It should arrive in time for show 31.
 One question:  What are the name of the song and band that opens up show 28 and 30, the song where the guy
 says "listen all you mother******s!"?  I want that song!
 Thanks for all the hard work.
 Tony in Virginia

 Tony, thanks for that.
 Not sure what that song is - I'll ask Tommy.

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 Liberal Radio to launch March 31

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 Air America Radio, a progressive talk radio network, announced today it will hit the airwaves on March 31st.
"Air America Radio is launching in the top U.S. markets with leading talent that will provide compelling and
 entertaining programming on the radio, on satellite feeds, and on the web," said Mark Walsh, Chief Executive
 Officer of Air America Radio. "We aim to build an important new media franchise that delivers results."

 They've been talking about this for years.
 I hope they have a Hammer Hour in there somewhere


 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 555  Americans their lives - and counting.

Or is the real figure over 1200?



"The only agenda of Skull and Bones is to get its members into positions of power and then to have
  those members hire others to positions of prominence. The organization has an enormous superiority
  complex that partly fuels their secrecy. I think the problem here is that, frankly, I don't believe that
  the people who represent our country, especially the president of the United States, should be allowed
  to have an allegiance to any secret group. Secrecy overshadows democracy,"
   --  Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones   Attribution

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

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"I am Schubert...who has written great things...that you don't begin to understand!
  If people talk about art, they mean me, not you...crawling, nibbling worms who
  should be crushed under my foot!"
    -- Franz Schubert (1797-1828) who seemed arrogant until we met Bush

 Catholics to send team to monitor 2004 election in Florida

  Click  Here

"As the 2004 presidential election season swings into full gear, we believe it is imperative that non-partisan
 organizations commit resources to ensuring that this election does not result in controversy similar to what
 we witnessed in 2000," Robinson said. "We want to make sure that the sanctity of every vote and the
 dignity of every voter is respected and upheld, especially for those who experienced such a high degree
 of disenfranchisement in the previous presidential election."

 Florida resident Carol Ann Breyer, coordinator of Pax Christi Florida, said she never again wants to see
 citizens of her state denied the right to vote.

 Will African-Americans get to vote this time?
 Or will Jeb's goons repeat what they did in 2000?


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This show could use some 'splainin'

The audio is Parts One and Two is imperfect.
It's plenty listenable, but it sounds more "AM radio" than Parts Three thru Six

Tommy's English interview segment closes this show,
but he ran into a 69 year-old grizzly bear named
Ann Doyle who gave Tommy all he could handle - ha ha

Also, Tally the Weather Vixen does a short rant that's probably
the most intelligent bit ever done on the young BartCop Radio Network.

I hope you enjoy Show 30.

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