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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
 We can't fight alone against this monster...

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Halliburton caught again!
Aznar gone, Blair is next
Cooking the Medicare books
The Future of Google
Protecting Bush-Cheney Redux
John Kerry's apology
Bush begins hunt for Osama
Lyons on political imagery
Conason on the Harken crook


Quote of the Day

"We're almost out of money and I've lost my 
  patience for being compared to my brothers, 
  for being put down for my inability to make 
  money, and tired of not being loved." 
   --Kneel Bush, who is so connected, he makes millions
   of dollars in "consulting fees" without having any clue 
   what the subject is, and has prostitutes knock on his 
   hotel door at night to give him sexual favors without 
   any idea who might've sent them,     Attribution

   Please remember Kneel in your prayers

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Volume 1273 - The Few Fighters 

  Weekend-Monday      March 12-15, 2004


"The Viet Cong couldn't stop him. Richard Nixon couldn't stop him.
  George Bush can't stop him. He's going to keep fighting until he wins."
     --Rep. Ed Markey, introducing John Kerry at a meeting on the House side of Capitol Hill
    in the Library of Congress after Republican leaders refused to authorize meeting space in the Capitol   Attribution

 DOD Comptroller Criticizes Halliburton
  BFEE caught stealing again and again

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon's outgoing chief financial officer criticized Cheney's Halliburton
  on Thursday and said "significant" problems were found with its cost estimates in Iraq

 Halliburton unit Kellogg Brown and Root is the U.S. military's biggest contractor in Iraq,
 holding contracts that could eventually total nearly $18 billion.

 $18 billion isn't even the tip of the iceberg.
 Bush is hiding the real numbers until after the stolen election.
 Then they will reveal that Halliburton's black budget must remain a secret because
 bin Laden wins unless the BFEE is allowed to get every last dollar from Clinton's surplus.

 Official Says He Was Told to Withhold Medicare Data

  Click  Here

 The government's longtime chief analyst of Medicare costs said yesterday that Bush administration officials
 threatened to fire him last year if he disclosed to Congress that he believed the prescription drug legislation
 favored by the White House would prove far more expensive than lawmakers had been told.

 Richard S. Foster, a nonpartisan Department of Health and Human Services official who has been Medicare's
 chief actuary for nine years, said Thomas A. Scully, then administrator of the HHS agency that oversees Medicare,
 repeatedly told him last spring and summer that Foster would be fired if he complied with requests from Republican
 and Democratic lawmakers to provide cost estimates of various aspects of the prescription drug legislation. Although
 other HHS officials ultimately assured him his job was safe, Foster said, the administration's practice of withholding
 budget predictions continued until the legislation was enacted in November.

 Typical BFEE behavior.

 Distort the facts, lie about the costs, threaten the honest people who discover your crimes and then
 blackball them and their friends if they dare speak out against another BFEE swindle.

 Where is the press?
 I'm watching CNN and it's all the desert race to Barstow, nothing on Bush's crimes.

 Where are the Democrats?
 Trembling under tables like Bernard Shaw in Baghdad 1991?

 Where is Kerry?
 I know it's hard for one man to track each and every major crime the BFEE commits,
 but this seems like a pretty easy one about a multi-billion dollar crime that affects millions of seniors.

For more, Click  Here


"Who's Cary Grant?"
   - TV and film star Frankie Muniz when told he was
     becoming the 'Cary Grant' of kid's movies

 Subject: Show 30


 I heard 30 last night..and yeah, the BEST so far!!
 As far as Ms. Ann Doyle...she was TERRIFIC.

 Granted, I totally disagreed with her on her Bush/Blair/Iraq War stance.
 But, she never backed down, no matter how much Tommy tried to make her,
 and I can appreciate that and respect her for it.

 I wish the Dems in Congress had her backbone.



"I think he is communicating effectively and he has a lot to say, and the American people are
  starting to question these very simple, kind of peremptory remarks that come out of the president
  that often are not accurate, often don't respond to the issue at hand. I think they appreciate somebody
  of Senator Kerry's intelligence and knowledge explaining issues and pointing out how things do work."
     --Hillary, giving Smirk 'the business"    Attribution

 Protecting Bush-Cheney Redux
  Saw it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 The New York Times and other big news outlets are repeating a pattern from Campaign 2000
 -- promoting Bush-Cheney accusations against a Democrat while ignoring the same behavior
 by Bush and Cheney. In this case, it's all about John Kerry's supposed flip-flops as if George
 W. Bush hasn't flip-flopped himself.


 4 Scenarios for the Future of Google
  Their IPO will turn them into something - but what?

  Click  Here

  Click  Here  for the whole story as seen on wired.com

The long-awaited Google IPO is a smash success, making billions for the company
 and investors. Market cap soars, and the press declares the Google Revolution under way. But the reign turns out to
 be short-lived, as a proprietary search engine from Microsoft strong-arms the market and passes Google. Swimming in
 red ink, the company is put on the selling block and becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL.

The long-awaited Google IPO is a smash success, making billions for the company and investors.
 Flush with stock earnings, Google's top tier of executives leave to "pursue other interests." Rudderless, the firm goes on a
 spending spree, snapping up enterprises that add little to the bottom line while at the same time fending off takeover attempts.
 Google unveils a new executive team to help the company "find its way again."

Google achieves platform-style success, spawning a new industry where millions of bloggers depend
 on its ad placement service as their primary source of income. Google becomes the second most recognizable brand after Coke.
"I'm feeling lucky" becomes a national catchphrase. Rivals complain that Google squeezes out competition, but no one seems to care.
 The courts begin to hold the company liable for all sorts of wayward transactions.

Google's share of the search market soars above 90 percent, and the company takes full
 advantage of its position. Struggling search engines are either strangled or bought. Hardware makers begin shipping computers
 loaded with the Google operating system. The Department of Justice launches an investigation into the conglomerate's alleged
 monopolistic practices. Popular bumper sticker: Satan uses google.


 I have an idea for a Kerry campaign commercial.
 Kerry, in a very serious tone, says,

"The first job of any president is to protect America,
  and our national defense is only as strong as its weakest link...

    I want a banana!!

 America can't afford four more years with a Monkey president..."

 Practical Imagery
   by  Gene Lyons    March 10, 2004

  Click  Here

 He's a Texas cliche, an urban millionaire who buys livestock to certify his
 authenticity. If Martha Stewart had grown up in Dallas, she'd market
 designer branding irons, and Bush would buy them. That said, cowboy
 imagery has been politically useful to Bush and could prove so again,
 unless presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry learns to counter it.

 In the iconography of the Hollywood cowboy movie, real men are real
 simple. Guys who give complicated explanations are womanish, indecisive
 and untrustworthy. Making a virtue of necessity, Bush plays the
 straight-talking man of action to great effect. It's basically how he
 gets away with so many falsehoods without being seen as deceptive.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: your Jew hatred

 You link to a site (http://joevialls.altermedia.info/yourson.html) that is exclusively devoted
 to advocating the position that Zionists control the world and then you throw a hissyfit when
 Ray Laska challenges you on your irresponsibility.

 My "irresponsibility" in this case consists of not reading everything the joevialls site stands for.
 Why don't you write him a snotty letter instead of me?

 Or do you only attack the innocent?

 You previously posted Perkel's demented, fact free theory that Jews control the world and then
 you cried like Tammy Faye when you were accurately accused of being a Hebrew-hating nut.

 ha ha
 Yes, it's clear one of us is crazy, and I don't cry like Tammy Faye.
 Hell, I don't even cry like Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral..

 As long as you continue to be so very tolerant of blatant anti-Semitism, you will be unable to defend yourself
 by using your standard rant that the subject of Israel provokes irrational attacks on you. The attacks on you
 are entirely rational: you are a bigot, and what makes it worse, you are a self-pitying bigot.


 GWT, why would I hate the Jews?
 What have they ever done to me?
 Have you ever known me to be shy with my opinions?
 If I hated Jews, wouldn't I say so?

 You are another in a long line of examples of people who lose their ability to think when this subject comes up.
 The author made a claim that the Pentagon is low-balling the death count and I found that interesting.
 Obviously you spent more time at  http://joevialls  than I did, so that must make you a Jew hater.

 Why do you hate the Jews?
 That's what you are - a Jew hater!!
 What did they ever do to you?
 (You see how goofy you come off?)

 Your amazing leap that I hate Jews because I wanted to publicize the BFEE crime of under-reporting
 by half the number dead is further proof that I'm the only guy on the Internet (that I know of) who can
 talk about Israel and still keep my head.

 For the 10,000th time - I have no dog in that fight.
 Both sides care more about the sacred sand than their children's lives which proves once again that religion is the problem.
 What else could make mostly-sane people sacrifice their kids for worthless sand?

 I avoid talking about Israel because of the lack of self-control most people have.
 I didn't know that joevialls was anti-Israel nut, I was talking about Iraq.

 Does Kerry in 2004 = McCain in 2008?

  Click  Here

 I gotta be careful and not link to a site that doesn't meet GWT's approval.

 Sea Lion Grabs Fisherman Off Boat
 Wherever he is, Matt Drudge has wet pants - he loves animal stories

  Click  Here

 A 19-year-old fisherman is recovering from an encounter with a sea lion that leaped out of the water,
 grabbed him as he worked on his grandfather's docked boat and pulled him into the harbor.

 The sea lion was just swimming around the boat like they do always when the boats are delivering fish,"
 Ray Sr. said. And just like that, the creature - 12 feet long and 1,200 pounds - leaped a half dozen
 feet out of the water and grabbed his son. Dushkin was examined at a clinic and given antibiotics.


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"Tom DeLay sounded this note last July: "Good afternoon, or, as John Kerry might say: Bonjour!"
  This sort of thing goes over well with the know-nothing cadres, people who are far from bothered
  that their commander-in-chief barely traveled before 2001: they're reassured. Then, last week,
  as soon as Kerry had swept the Super Tuesday primaries, DeLay went after him again, to wit:
 "He's not even trying to be fiscally responsible. He is either insincere about his new spending,
  dishonest about his new taxes, uninterested in the new deficit, or they just didn't teach him
  arithmetic at the European boarding school that he went to."
      --Todd Gitlin, "Kerryslandering",   Attribution

 Bush Had Friends, But Martha Had None
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The Bush and Stewart matters are entirely different, of course.

 Ms. Stewart was just an ImClone stockholder, with no special responsibility to the other
 stockholders. Mr. Bush was not only a Harken stockholder but a member of the company's
 audit committee. Ms. Stewart's awareness of impending regulatory trouble for ImClone was
 secondhand, including the news that company founder Sam Waksal was selling stock.
 Her stockbroker told her that ImClone's price was falling.

 Mr. Bush was well aware of his company's approaching financial doom. He knew that the
 Harken management had created a phony profit of $10 million by unloading assets, at an
 inflated price, to a front company owned by company insiders. That scam artificially puffed
 Harken's stock by concealing huge losses.

 The press covers for Bush while the Democrats run away in fear - every time..

 I'm tired of saying it,
 you're tired of reading it,
 ...so when will things change?

 Aznar loses in Spain, Zapatero Vows Troops' Return From Iraq
  Getting in bed with crooked the BFEE very expensive for Spain, Aznar

  Click  Here

 The leader of Spain's victorious Socialists said Monday that he will bring his troops
 home from Iraq by June 30, fulfilling a campaign promise a day after his party's win
 in elections overshadowed by terrorist bombings.

 The surprise defeat Sunday of Aznar's conservatives marked the first time a government
 that backed the U.S.-ledBush's illegal oil  war in Iraq has been voted out of office and
 came amid charges that Aznar made Spain a target for terrorists by supporting the war.

 Thursday's train bombings - the worst terrorist attacks in Spain's history - killed 200
 people and wounded some 1,500.


 If Iraq was a just war, this would be giving in to blackmail. But this was simply a theft by a bully
 that's too powerful to stand up to. There was never any reason to mug Iraq and murder their leaders
 other than to enrich the powerful thieves who stole America's government from the voters.

 Bad news:
 I think we can expect a massive terror attack just days before our election, too.

 Pokerfest Foxwoods/NYC is in doubt

 The interest level seems to be zero.

 Everybody talks about the white hot poker craze that's sweeping America.
 There are four poker shows on TV now, so maybe I'm just a poor salesman.

 I'm not aware of a single east-coaster who has Poker fever and maybe it's
 because it's too soon.  After all, we went back east just two years ago.

 Maybe this would work better in Dallas, or Atlanta?

 We have frequent flyer miles that expire in April so we're gonna go somewhere.
 By Koresh, we'll go back to Vegas before I let a free trip expire.

 Any poker players in your city?



 An excerpt from Show 30

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saw it on

 John Kerry's apology
  by Faun Otter

"Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you today a humble candidate for office and
 find myself needing to offer you an apology for the tone of this electoral campaign.
 So I will say it - I am truly sorry.

 I am truly sorry that the Republicans have lowered their campaign into the gutter
 with their fake firemen and body parts of the people Bush betrayed through his
failures to protect us on September eleven 2001.

 I am truly sorry that the Repulicans are liars who misled our nation with their mendacity
 on so many issues; Iraq, energy company gouging of consumers, tax cuts for billionaires,
 the ongoing Bush recession, their efforts to leave every child behind unless they had a
 trust fund, their exposure of US agents for political revenge, their pillaging of our social
 security to pay off their rich lobbyists, stonewalling the 9/11 commission, and their lack
 of any coherent policy to create jobs in America.

 I also must offer my apologies for using the word crooked. It means bent or criminal.
 Some have pointed out that George Bush only has about four convictions and was never
 charged in connection with his going absent without leave from his military responsibility.
 Others have noted that Cheney should not be taken as indicative of all Republicans even
 if his picking of the public pocket through the Halliburton mob is getting ridiculous.
 Furthermore, the idea that the vote stealers of Diebold should be taken as representative
 of the entire Republican party would paint the GOP as a crime family and I must withold
 my judgment regarding that until the congressional commission on vote crimes has reported.

 Excuse me, I have just been handed a note. Apparently the Republican party have
 opposed any studies of the vote crimes. I therefore withdraw my apology on that
 aspect of their criminal behavior.

 In a show of bipartisanship, I hereby offer to apologize to any Republicans who are not
 crooks or liars and I will do so personally when and if I ever meet any."

 Senator John F Kerry


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 Jon Stewart on gay marriage

  Click  Here

 It's a very, very short and funny movie.

This business is owned and operated by lefties, fighting the good fight.
We believe that business can be done honestly, fairly, and without resorting to BFEE-style tacitcs.

 Why I subscribed


 I subscribed because you're the only guy out there who really expresses
 the way I feel about the scum who have stolen our country.  Your passion
 keeps me stoked every day, and I hope it will guide and motivate me to do
 something concrete to fight "the Greatest Criminals the World Has Ever Known."

 Thanks Bart,

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 Bush launches effort to capture Osama 
  Why?  because it's a political year and the BFEE has to have this one

  Click  Here

 The U.S. military on Saturday announced a sweeping new operation across Afghanistan
 with the aim of destroying al-Qaida and the Taliban and reeling in Osama bin Laden.

 The offensive comes as Americans step up their hunt for the al-Qaida leader and his top deputy,
 who are believed to be hiding out in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"We believe this will help bring the heads of the terrorist organizations to justice,
 by continuing placing pressure on them," said a U.S. military spokesman.

 Isn't it said when old partners have a falling out?

 After years of telling us "Osama does not concern me," suddenly Osama is a concern because
 it's an election year and Bush swore in 20012 at Ground Zero that he'd get Osama. This is all a shell game
 designed to put more stolen hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of the BFEE at our expense.

 Where have all those missing trillions gone?
 To Halliburton, the Carlyle Group and the BFEE General Fund.

      "This is so easy.  Unka Karl said the Democrats
        would be too afraid to object or say anything."

 Golden country your face is so red
 With all of your money your poor can be fed
 You strut around and you flirt with disaster
 Never really carin' just what comes after

 Well your blacks are dyin' but your back is still turned
 And your freaks are cryin' but your back is still turned
 You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
 The time has come for you my friend
 To all this ugliness we must put an end
 Before we leave we must make a stand

 Mortgage people you crawl to your homes
 Your security lies in your bed of white foam
 You act concerned but then why turn away
 When a lady was raped on your doorstep today

 Well your blacks are cryin' but your back is still turned
 And your freaks are dyin' but your back is still turned
 You better stop your hidin or your country will burn
 The time has come for you my friend
 To all this ugliness we must put an end
 Before we leave we must make a stand, oh yeah......

 REO Speedwagon's Gary Richrath wrote that in 1972 while The Monkey was deserting his duty for a cocaine binge.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 564  Americans their lives - and counting.

Or is the real figure over 1200?


 Dueling Quotes

"We can go forward with confidence, resolve and hope. Or we can turn back to the
  dangerous illusions that terrorists are not plotting and outlaw regimes are no threat."
     --from a Dubya ad that accuses John Kerry of wanting to weaken the Patriot Act, "Air Wars: Kerry Fires Back",

  Hey Smirk, you're the one who was asleep on 9-11, not John Kerry.
  If the CIA had warned President Kerry that Al Qaeda was about to strike us using planes and then
  he took another monthlong vacation to talk to the Crawford cows, your criticism might be justified.

"Doesn't America deserve more from its president than misleading negative ads?"
     - from John Kerry's new tv spot, "Air Wars: Kerry Fires Back"    Attribution

 Subject: Catching up on radio shows

 Hey Bart,

 Getting back from a short TD...er, "business trip," and now catching up on your radio shows.
 I've been listening since before show 10 and you're definitely making leaps and bounds with each new show.

 Congrats and keep hammering away.


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"My administration ... reduced taxes on families and small businesses, (That may be technically true,
  but families and small business got pennies while his billionaire contributors got billions) we encouraged
  new investment and we're seeing the results. (Where? In lost jobs and the crashing stock market?)
  Yet, some industries and some parts of the country are still lagging behind. (Gee, ya think?)
  With the right policies in Washington, we will maintain America's economic leadership,
  we will create more jobs, and we'll help our workers achieve a better life."
    --Dubya, lying his ass off in his weekly radio address,  Attribution

 With Bush, it's never about what he's done - it's always about what he's going to do.
 I have a question for The Monkey -  when?

 Kerry Seeks Debate Series With Bush
  This is where Kerry will win or lose this race

  Click  Here

 Heading to the site of a historic 19th century debate, John Kerry called for monthly debates
 with Bush to elevate the tenor of a campaign that's opened with a relentlessly negative tone.

 Steve Schmidt, a Bush spokesman, dismissed the suggestion, arguing that Kerry is largely
 responsible for the campaign's tenor.

"After calling Republicans crooks and liars and attacking Bush, Kerry is now calling for a
 civil debate," said Schmidt. "John Kerry should finish the debate with himself," said Schmidt.

 Translation: "Our candidate is a monkey who can't possibly survive these debates."

 Starting today - at every stop - Kerry needs to ask: "Why is this president afraid to debate his record?"

 Pound his ass, again and again, until Jon, Leno and Dave start repeating the mantra:  "Why is Bush afraid?"
 Remember John, none of this "I get one minute then you get 30 seconds then I get ten seconds," crap.
 Bush will run out the clock and they'll all claim he won by avioding the answer.  The challenge is to debate
 like men, like two leaders of this great nation, not Mrs Wilson's super-polite, third grade debate class.

 The debate will be won or lost here, because the Pundits on the Payroll will score any debate for Bush,
 so Kerry needs a knockout.  Beating Bush on points won't win this - Gore already did that.

 Prediction: If Kerry settles for the time limit debate, we start building for 2008.  We need to convince Hillary
 to debate Jeb like a tiger, not this Marquis of Queensbury crap that cost us the last two elections.

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Show 30 has landed, and it's hueueueuge.
Special Bonus: Nobody dies this week.

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This show could use some 'splainin'

The audio is Parts One and Two is imperfect.
It's plenty listenable, but it sounds more "AM radio" than Parts Three thru Six

Tommy's final English interview is in this show,
but he ran into a 69 year-old grizzly bear named
Ann Doyle who gave Tommy all he could handle - ha ha

Also, Tally the Weather Vixen does a short rant that's probably
the most intelligent bit ever done on the young BartCop Radio Network.

I hope you enjoy Show 30.

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