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 America where are you now?
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  In Today's Treehouse...
France almost had bin Laden
The Great Fire in St Louis
Andy Rooney vs Mel Gibson
US Media turns whore - who knew?
Spain's PM to bring troops home
Which way on election 2004?
Poker Talk
Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"I think Kerry will win. I want Kerry to win." 
    --José Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain,  Attribution

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Volume 1274 - The Apostle Protection Program 

  Tuesday      March 16, 2004


"It's clear that Bush is widely disliked in France, even by the right.
  The whole country and the government would rejoice if he lost."
      --Guillaume Parmentier of the France-America Centre,  Attribution

 France: Bin Laden Nearly Caught in Afghanistan

  Click  Here

 France's chief of defense Gen. Henri Bentegeat said about 200 French troops were
 operating with U.S. forces in southeastern Afghanistan against the Taliban and bin Laden's al Qaeda.
 bin Laden is thought to be there or just across the border in Pakistan.

"Our men were not very far. On several occasions, I even think he slipped out of a net that was
 quite well closed," he told Europe 1 radio. He did not specify a time frame.

 Asked about security in France, Bentegeat said French fighter jets could scramble
 in less than two minutes to confront any intrusion into thecountry's air space.

 Gee, I wish America's fighter jets could scramble in less than one hour.

 Well, I guess they can, unless they are ordered to stand down during an attack.

 Is that going to be asked when The Monkey is testifying before the 9-11 commission?

 Will it be on live TV so we can all hear Bush's answer?



"The mood in Egypt is that nobody wants Bush any more. He has built a
  big reservoir of suspicion and doubt, and a bit of hate. I don't think
  anybody in the Middle East will welcome his staying."
     --Egyptian political columnist Salama Ahmad Salama, Attribution


"You can't bomb a people over a perceived threat. You can't organise a war on the basis of lies.
  Wars such as that which has occurred in Iraq only allow hatred, violence and terror to proliferate."
      --José Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain,  Attribution

 Pin Heads
  The Constitution Restoration Act

  Click  Here

 The Act -- drafted by a minion of television evangelist Pat Robertson -- is the fruit of decades of work
 by a group of extremists known broadly as "Dominionists." Their openly expressed aim is to establish
"biblical rule" over every aspect of society -- placing "the state, the school, the arts and sciences, law,
 economics, and every other sphere under Christ the King." Or as Attorney General John Ashcroft
 -- the nation's chief law enforcement officer -- has often proclaimed: "America has no king but Jesus!"

 Scary stuff, this religious insanity.
 If we were ever going to amend the Constitution again, we should require that all federally elected
 officials sign a pledge to put the Constitution above whatever religious superstitions have enslaved them.

Click to enter  awolbush.com

 Subject: Kerry and the 1980 October Surprise?

 Dear Bart:

 Sherman Skolnick has been a muck raker forever, and has done some important things as a result,
 including having former Governer Kerner, then a federal judge, thrown off the bench and imprisoned for corruption.
 I read Skolnick's updates as they come out, usually on Rense.com before they hit his own site.

 His current article is about the fake terror bombings in Spain, which he thinks, as I do, have state sponsors, or intel
 sponsors acting for states, to stampede public opinion one way or another. So far so good.

 In passing, he mentions some October Surprise material, and he says that the pilot for that flight, Brennecke, had a
 list of those flying on the plane along with Bush the Smarter. I have ALWAYS heard (or long heard), that various
 Democratic dignitaries or office holders were on that plane, as Carter enemies.  The only name I knew was alleged,
 however, was Dan Rostenkowski.

 My jaw dropped open when I saw Skolnick claim Brennecke's list (or maybe it was Gunther Mossbacher's list,
 another pilot) included one Senator John Kerry.

 However, as of October '80, Kerry was NOT a US Senator, only gaining that office a few years later. Not sure,
 but he may have been Lt. Governor for Dukakis at the time, and if so, he'd have been a way junior player to be
 involved in such a high level cabal, even granting his Skull & Bones membership may have 'boosted his score,' as it were.

 Frankly, perhaps Skolnick is going from memory, because other Republicans I thought were on that flight included
 John Warner, the Senator from Virginia, I think it is. Or, if the list was from Mossbacher, he's evidently some kind
 of triple agent provocateur, and perhaps Kerry IS on his list, as a bit of spook-craft strategy, don't know.

 But a heads up on this claim. I DO believe that Democrats may have been involved, even up to going on that flight,
 and that might be the reason guys like Clinton weren't very keen on bringing up this matter and the fairly firm evidence
 they were given from foreign interests that, you would think, they'd jump on as a weapon against the treasonous
 GOP/Reagan/Bush guys. IF the Democrats were doing the same treason, naturally, that isn't as strong an attack on the GOP.


 Phil, sounds kind of far-fetched to me.
 First, this was a secret and illegal and treasonous crime - why did the pilot get a list?
 Don't tell me it's an FAA rule, Christ - they were illegally overthrowing our government
 and colluding with terrorists, so screw the FAA's little rules.

 Second, why would any Democrat commit treason with a Republican?
 Democrat won't even get out of their own puke without urges from others.
 On the other hand, if the Democrat was Lee Hamilton (D- Whitewash) I'd buy that in a minute.

 Third, I think those Rense.com guys get better pot than we can get in Oklahoma.

Ashley Judd: If Bush wins in November,
I'm gonna shoot myself in the head.

Luke Perry: I'm with you.
I can't stand that bastard.

 I read a story about the great fire that raged thru St Louis in 1849.

 It said "a fireman" set two explosives that saved the Old Courthouse and the Old Cathedral
 where my niece was married, and I was struck by the fact they didn't even give his name.

  See the Old Courthouse(think Dred Scott) thru the arch, and the Old Cathedral between the arch
  and Busch Stadium.  It's in the back issues, but the second last time I was at the Old Cathedral
  (oldest building west of the Mississippi) the priest ran down from the altar after mass to ask me,
  "Are you a priest?"  That was spooky.

 The poor bastard died in the explosions he set to save those two buildings and history won't even remember his name?
 That ain't right - and I'd like to correct that if possible.

 Maybe some of you who are good at searching could locate that fella's name?
 How about a year's subscription to BCR for the first person to locate his name, with a URL attached.

 Andy Rooney Responds to Gibson 'Wacko' Furor

  Click  Here

 Andy Rooney certainly knows how to stir the passion in his viewers. The "60 Minutes" curmudgeon
 said Sunday he got 30,000 pieces of mail and e-mail in response to his Feb. 22 commentary, in which
 he called "The Passion of the Christ" filmmaker Mel Gibson a "wacko."

 Rooney also called the Rev. Pat Robertson a "wacko" for saying he had a conversation with God,
 but not many people noticed that, he said. Most of his mail concerned Gibson.

"I think the mail was a good indication of how bitterly divided our country is right now," Rooney said
 Sunday "I hope I'm not contributing to that - even though I'm right and everyone else is wrong."


  Click  Here

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Report: U.S. News Media has turned whore
  Damn, ...really?    You mean they don't always tell the truth?

  Click  Here

"Trust in journalism has been declining for a generation," said Columbia University project director
 Tom Rosenstiel. "This study suggests one reason is that news media are locked in a vicious cycle.
 As audiences fragment, newsrooms are cut back, which further erodes public trust."

 The study on the state of the U.S. news media by the Project for Excellence in Journalism,
 found that only ethnic, alternative and online media were flourishing."

 Don't let this story fool you.
 There are tens of millions of people who think FOX News is legit.
 There are up to four million people who think Rush is not a lying handjob.

 One thing you can always bet on - people aren't going to get any smarter.
 The network telling the most entertaining lies will make the most money.

 Spanish PM Pledges to Bring Home Troops

  Click  Here

 Spain's newly elected prime minister pledged Monday to bring his peacekeeping troops
 home from Iraq by June 30. All other governments helping rebuild Iraq said they would stay
 the course, but there were signs of nervousness after the Madrid bombings and the Spanish
 government's defeat at the polls.

 Britain, America's closest ally, insisted the coalition must remain committed to bringing
 stability and democracy to Iraq.

 Poland, which leads a multinational force in southern Iraq, said a pullout Of its 2,500 troops
 would hand a victory to terrorists. Prime Minister Leszek Miller pledged to stay with the
 peacekeeping mission despite pressure from opposition lawmakers.

"It would amount to an admission that the terrorists are right and that they are stronger
 than the whole civilized world," Miller said.

 We're not in Iraq to stop terror or get revenge for 9-11.
 We're there because the BFEE saw something it wanted and who can stop them?

 When the whole world says, "You're screwing up," it's possible that you're screwing up.
 Iraq was no accident.
 Iraq was no mistake.
 Iraq wasn't something Bush "was forced to deal with."

 The whole world hates us because Bush is an out-of-control Monkey.
 The whole world knows this, but Bush owns the US press, so America is ignorant.


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 Since nobody in all of cyber space has the courage to debate Ol' Bart, it's bloodless.
 C'mon by - you have nothing to lose - you can even do it drunk.

 If you're shy, you can just lurk and see what others are saying.
 Eventually, someone will hit a hot topic and boom - you're involved.

 Subject: Golden Country


 I owe my blogging career to you, and you were the first person to post a Tiny Polemic,
 and I've stolen many, many things from you. And when I heard your Bad News I thought,
 Ah, hell, we'll get Kerry elected, get nationalized health care, and then we'll just keep changing out
 body parts until the old Bartcopenstein can stiff-walk Rove down to Gitmo, among other duties.

 But all that said, the top of my head just about blew off when I see you've posted the lyrics to "Golden Country".
 I grew up in Indiana, and REO!!!!! was like the house band of my high school years. I can still remember Laurie,
 the cheerleader, laying by the pool with her furtive rum 'n' coke and menthol cigarette, singing, "With all of your
 money, your poor could be fed..."

 For about three years now, I've found myself humming "Ridin' the Storm Out".
 And we'll all keep riding it until November, at least.

 You rock, dude.
 Keep swingin' it.
 Mark G

 Mark, the best FM station I know is KSHE in St Louis.
 They played that song last weekend when I was there and it struck me
 how fitting those lyrics work with today's GOP-produced insanity rages worldwide


"When it comes to protecting America from terrorism, this administration is big on bluster
  and they're short on action. But as we saw again last week in Spain, real action is what we need.
  The Bush administration is tinkering while the clock on homeland security is ticking. And we
  really don't have a moment of time to waste."
     --John Kerry, the next president of the United States,  Attribution

 Which Way on Election 2004?
   by Sam Parry  as seen on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush's argument for a second term boils down to "trust me, I know what I'm doing."
 John Kerry is faced with trickier message: does he play it safe and go for a narrow majority
 or will he raise the stakes and bid for a breakthrough Democratic victory?

 Poker Talk

 We play the last Saturday of every month. 5 hours each time. Its low stakes, $20 buy in with virtually everybody
 throwing in another $20 to get thru the night. We have discussed Texas Hold 'em, which I feel is just a modified
 throwback version of 2 card guts, and since I am SICK of anything that comes out of Texas lately, we DO NOT play it.

 I guess Ive become jaded over the years, relishing POKER games like 5 card stud or 5 card draw over 7 card games,
 though Chicago, (high spade in the hole) is a favorite as well, as is 4 up/4 down. 7 card hands just remind me of wild card
 games and to much luck over a good game of 5 card stud, NOTHING wild, any Ace face up pays a buck to the pot.
 7 1/2, 21 1/2 has increased in popularity, but its an expensive pot that is built up. Whats 4 up/4 down??

 A game many love to hate, but definitely popular and exicting. 4 cards are dealt to each player. Any #4 dealt face down is wild.
 4 of diamonds, 4 of spades, etc. Bets are placed left of dealer. Four more cards are dealt face up, ONE @ A TIME, until 8 cards
 are to each player. Players bet on each SINGLE face up card dealt, until all 4 are dealt face up. Highest cards face up starts the
 betting. Any #4 dealt FACE UP, (four of Hearts, 4 of clubs, etc.), player is AUTOMATICALLY OUT OF THE GAME!!!
 Best 5 cards out of the remaining 8 make your hand.

 Its a blast........Its also been called "Respect the four". (off the record)...

 Robert in WA.

 Robert, in Texas Hold 'em, you can win with bad cards.
 There's more gambling in Hold 'em than regular poker.
 If it's dollar limit, I can't bluff anyone and bluffing is gambling.
 When the guys on the World Poker Tour bet $300,000 with nothing - that's gambling.

 ...just one man's opinion, of course.

 An excerpt from Show 30

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"Osama bin Laden symbolizes September 11 and is certainly not
  completely innocent in what happened in Madrid..."
     -- Gen. Henri Bentegeat, France's Chief of Defense, making a link
  between the 9-11 attacks and the Spanish train bombings last Thursday.    Attribution

 ...but the Bush administration still wants you to think the ETA was responsible. Condi Rice continues to say,
"We still don't know who attacked Spain," but the Spaniards know and they threw out Bush's partner Aznar
 for inviting the terrorists to blow up Spain by allying himself with the world's most dangerous madman/killer.

This business is owned and operated by lefties,
proviong that business can be done honestly and fairly.

 Why I subscribed

 I subbed because I'm tired of weenies.
 Look what has happened pussyfooting around?

 What does it take to get someone to open their mouth and speak truth to evil?

 Nuclear war?
 The draft?
 Keep hammering, Bart honey.
 We need the truth in all its various shades of volume.

 You do more good accidentally than most people out there do on purpose because not only do you
 have to do your life like the rest of us, you also opened a small beacon of the light of truth on the side.
 I don't care how you deliver it as long as you do.

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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 564  Americans their lives - and counting.

Or is the real figure over 1200?


 Subject: I knew it!!!

 I knew you wouldn't respond!
 You're nothing but a coward!

 Hi, my name's Bart - what's yours?
 I always enjoy making new friends, pleased to meet you.

 ,,,uh, ...To what have I failed to respond?

 Did you send me a question,
 framed in such a way that,
 by answering it,
 I would be forced to agree with you
 and then eventually be forced to admit
 that my original position was flawed?

 ha ha

 Dude, I  f-ing pay  for questions like that.
 ha ha

 How many you got?
 Can I buy them in bulk, or do you have to milk me for each solo question.

 ha ha

 Seems like one a week would be perfect.
 I'll pay you $20 each time you play this clueless an ass.

 You should change the name of your site to Bartcoward.com

 Dude, ...hold on, ...I need a moment to gather myself after your most excellent pun of irony.

 Just knock it off with your lamebrain fringe leftist theories about Jews and Skull & Bones.
 Most REAL Democrats don't buy into that black helicopter GARBAGE, you piece of crap.


 You sound like the type of guy who could bring me down a peg or two.
 Have you ever done any debating it a live chat room?

 Would you care to go a few friendly rounds?

 I'm not sure if you're pro-Kerry or anti-Kerry, but you're attacking me
 - and Kerry is my candidate, so it's possible you're not the enemy,
 and you've just stumbled into a briar patch that would have best been avoided.

 Bottom line, I'm pro-Kerry, but if you want a piece of me, let's chat.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.


"The war in Iraq was a disaster, the occupation of Iraq is a disaster..."
   -- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who just won power in Spain

 Argentina Glacier Loses Giant Wall of Ice
  There's no such thing as global warming - the liberals are just lying


  Click  Here

 Giant blocks of ice sheered off a wall of Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier,
 collapsing with a roar into a Patagonian lake - a spectacle not seen in 16 years.

 Giant chunks of blue and white ice fell for several days before the thunderous crash on Sunday.
 The 3,000-year-old glacier known as the "White Giant" is one of Argentina's leading tourist
 attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Maybe we should study global warming for another hundred years before we do anything about it.

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