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 America where are you now?
 Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
 Don't you know we need you now?
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  In Today's Treehouse...
Vegas Police Nab Ohio Sniper
Fired reporter fights back
Halliburton caught again
Spain Rejects Bush's War
Monkey Mail w/extra cheese 
Protest Bush this Saturday
You Jew hater
Why I won't subscribe
Horse hockey


Quote of the Day

"Kerry is just a better man than Bush. 
  He has faced every man's three greatest
  fears:  war, cancer, defeat.... 
  George Bush is the most entitled man in 
  America.  His Daddy and his friends have 
  picked up after him at every juncture."  
     --James Carville,  Attribution

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Volume 1275 - Thomas Targee 

Serving Irish music online

McSorleys Salutes Senator Kerry - Democrats Go Brah!

  Wednesday      March 17, 2004


"Never in the history of democracy has a party with an absolute majority been
  forced into opposition.   The growing likelihood of al-Qaeda involvement renewed
  the mistrust over Aznar's grave error in placing himself under the banner of Bush."
    --Venezuela's El Mundo Newspaper, "Socialist win stuns press"  Attribution

 When the entire world tells you your rape is a bad move, it's probably a bad move.

 Las Vegas Police Nab Ohio Sniper Suspect 

  Click  Here

 The man suspected in two dozen sniper shootings that have terrorized motorists
 along Ohio highways was arrested at The Stardust motel early Wednesday.

 Charles A. McCoy Jr., 28, was taken into custody two days after he was named
 as a suspect in the shootings. Authorities had said McCoy had a history of mental illness
 and was believed to be armed, with "suicidal or homicidal tendencies." His family disputed
 that description, calling McCoy troubled but peaceful.

 Conrad Malsom of Las Vegas said he told authorities he met McCoy at the Stardust Tuesday.
 He said he offered McCoy a slice of pizza but recognized the disheveled-looking man with a darkening beard.

 McCoy was reading a copy of USA Today that featured his photograph, Malsom said.

 ha ha
 The USA Today newspaper has some value after all..


"This is an oil-driven war, and I don't think any soldier signs up to fight for oil.
  When you try to find the justification and you think about WMD, and you think
  about terrorism and things like that. All you find is lies and you have no justification,
  you need that justification to be able to live with yourself."
     --Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia, who refused to return to Iraq because
        he was disturbed by a gunfight that killed innocent civilians,  Attribution

 Fired reporter claims repercussions 
  Former  bartcop.com  Chief of Staff fired for telling truth

  Click  Here

 A reporter was fired last week and a railroad worker was reprimanded in what several people say
 was pay-back for rubbing Effingham County's governmental hierarchy the wrong way.

 Effingham Herald reporter Christian Livemore and Norfolk-Southern technician Joe Maner - who have
 questioned recent County Commission actions - say they're targets of political backlash.  Maner still works for the
 railroad, but Livemore has lost the reporter's job she held for the last year and a half.

 In related developments, Herald reporter Stephen Sacco was fired for objecting to Livemore's dismissal
 and newspaper distributor George Saraf, also mayor of Rincon, resigned.

 Karen Tanksley, publisher of the Effingham Herald, would not discuss specifics of the firings and
 resignation but denied that they stemmed from local politics. County Manager David Rutherford and
 School Superintendent Michael Moore, also named by Livemore as involved in her firing, deny any
 direct connection to the reporter's firing.

"I don't know anything about Christian's situation,'' Moore said Tuesday.

 Yes, this is our Christian Livemore, fired for shining the light on an illegal county deal.
 She wouldn't go along with their crooked games because she has too much integrity,
 so they fired her in a very BFEE-like move. How dare she tell the truth!!!


 You don't fire a reporter for being honest - you give them a raise and a plaque to hang on the wall.
 Christian won a handful of awards in her 18 months at this tiny weekly paper and circulation was up
 25 percent because she brought big-city professionalism to this backwater corn cob.

 We're bigger than the Effingham Herald, and they fired Christian for being honest, figuring she was voiceless.
 That's two mistakes they made.

 Read the story, and if you think this firing was an unethical, do Christian and me a favor and write to a letter to the editor
 supporting Christian, and if you feel like it,  send an e-mail to the unethical Karen Tanksley and tell her that
 reporters are supposed to be honest and they shouldn't be fired for having integrity..

 Ms Tanksley might be getting some mail today.


"If the message was to terrorists that we are willing to take you on,
  then that has not succeeded.  In Iraq, it has bred a lot of terrorism
  and a lot of hatred to the Western world. Disarmament by war and
  democracy by occupation are difficult prospects."
      --Hans Blix, A Vindicated Hans Blix Returns to U.S.  Attribution


 Halliburton says employees got kickbacks on Iraq work

  Click  Here

 Halliburton Co., hired to redevelop much of Iraq's oil sector, said yesterday it would compensate
 the federal government for $6.3 million in "improper payments" its former employees allegedly
 received in exchange for a subcontract awarded to a Kuwaiti firm.

"We are cutting a check to the government just in case the overbilling charge bears out," said Randy Harl,
 president and chief executive of Kellogg, Brown and Root Services, the Halliburton subsidiary implicated
 in the alleged kickbacks. "We will bear the cost of the potential overcharge, not the government."

 After a few dozen instances of getting caught, it's no longer a coincidence.
 I found this stoiry after a reader complained that Halliburton got another no-bid, secretly awarded $7 billion
 contract to do soldiers' laundry.  Just like the food service, Halliburton doesn't know jack about laundry,
 so they took 40 percent off the top and sold the contract for $4 billion to somebody who knew the laundry
 business (the 40% is a guess). They're stealing billions at a time and that's just doing the laundry.

 Cue the broken record...

 The press refuses to do their damn jobs and the Democrats are still quaking in their boots.
 That stolen $3 billion could've gone to Social Security or Medicare, but the Democrats refuse
 to do their damn jobs so the BFEE is ready and willing to empty the Treasury right under their noses.

 Subject: Sen Kerry's Investigations into BCCI, Iran-Contra Crooks

 Senator Kerry KNOWS just how crooked these Bush Family Cabal Members are -
 A nearly hidden group of illegal, un-American war profiteers who deal with arms for hostages,
 crooked bank deals, crooked oil deals -- All done for money, usually at the expense of US taxpayers.
 Dirty money. An international Cabal of oil interests and financial dirty deals.

 James Bath, BCCI, bin Laden, Bush family, Carlyle Group, CIA Oil and Bank Fraud -- All tied together

 Just Read The Boston Globe's write up, especially Part 6



 I read a story about the great fire that raged thru St Louis in 1849.

 It said "a fireman" set two explosives that saved the Old Courthouse and the Old Cathedral
 where my niece was married, and I was struck by the fact they didn't even give his name.

  See the Old Courthouse (think Dred Scott) thru the arch, and the Old Cathedral (oldest building
  west of the Mississippi - I'm such a racist)  between the arch and Busch Stadium.  

 The poor bastard died in the explosions he set to save those two buildings and history won't even remember his name?
 That ain't right - and I'd like to correct that if possible.

 Thomas Targee

 How about a year's subscription to BCR for the first person to locate his name, with a URL attached.

 Update: Winner to be announced tomorrow.

 Subject: Now that Spain has gone yella...

 ...and turned against us like the Frogs, we must petition congress
 for a resolution changing the name of Spanish Fly to Freedom Fly?

 If you are a patriot, you will publish this and urge such action.

 I can't tell if this is a friendly gag, or Monkey Mail, or what.
"Frogs" sounds Monkeyish, but "Freedom Fly" sounds leftist.

 I'm gambling that Alto is cool and this is a gag.


ha ha
Bruce Yurgil rocks.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 To the person who was nice enough to send me Steppenwolf's Monster on CD,
 it was in audio form instead of data so I'm unable to use it.  If you would/could,
 please re-send as an MP3 vis e-mail in data format instead of audio.

 It's only works if we can put it on the board and chop it up.

 Subject: Protesting Bush this Saturday

 Please dont forget to inform your readers that this Saturday is a National day of protest against Bush, and The War.
 There will be 200 protests in different cities. I will be at the one here in L.A.

 For more information check out www.internationalanswer.org  or www.answerla.org
 Maybe now that Bush's magical spell over the people seems to be wearing off,
 the press will actually report on it this time.
 L.A. Rick,
 Double Pokerfest attendee

Click to hear a sample of Amanda's CD

 Alienated Spain Rejects Bush's War
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Rather than using the events in Spain to retroactively justify the Bush administration's policy in Iraq,
 honest analysis must acknowledge that last year's invasion of Iraq was a serious strategic error.
 By rejecting multilateralism in pursuit of their "pre-emptive" doctrine, the President and his advisers
 damaged American credibility, weakened the Western alliance and created the situation now being
 exploited by Al Qaeda.

 [Spain's] resounding rebuke of George W. Bush is the price of deception.

 Subject: Advertiser feedback

 Hi Bartcop.

 We just wanted to say thanks for doing such a fine job running our banner ad.
 And I have to tell you we never had so many hits on our site.
 I mean literally dozens of people were clickin' on that link.

 So we'll probably sign up again in a week or two.


 One thing - if you advertise on  bartcop.com  people will see your ad.
 But your banner has to make them want to click on it for more.

 If you spend $2.5 million to get a commercial on the Super Bowl,
 but if your commercial blows donkey, you won't get much bang for your buck.

 A good banner + bartcop.com  = increased business.

 Monkey Mail once removed

 Well, let's see. Before I send Clinton to the showers for being the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT 
 as a President in my lifetime, let's see what he did well, or tolerably well. Let's see where he had promise...:

 Putting a nutty charge in caps doesn't make it any less nutty.

 Clinton was far better than Bush pere, or Reagan, or Nixon, by default, as all of them moved us down paths
 of ruin and destruction.   He was less good than Carter and couldn't hold a candle to JFK or LBJ, for that matter,
 who had a tremendous legislative record and whose only and fatal disaster was the Vietnam war escalation.

 Wait, besides the tens of thousands who needlessly died on his watch, LBJ was better than Clinton?

 The best things Clinton did: began a fight for single-payer health coverage for all Americans... but then folded when things got tough.

 Well, his party abandoned him, and when that happens it's kinda tough to get a bill passed.
 If you want to say Clinton was stupid enough to trust that Democrats would stand behind him, I could agree.


 He was of some use in trying to break down racial divides and include blacks and browns into the system
 and positions of power and influence.  And he established sizable public lands areas as monuments and
 instituted the Roadless Rule, though far too late for it to become established with permanence.

 I think we're dealing with someone who won't admit the sky is blue.
 Hard to win a debate with someone like that.

 That about gets the good. (If you have other "good facts" about Clinton, please send them.)

 Uh, ...the eight years of peace and prosperity should count for something.  The fact that he didn't
 lie us into a needless war that killed hundreds of young Americas should mean something, too.
 Y'know, every president makes mistakes and has flaws, so all you can do is compare them to each other.

 What makes Clinton seem so good to some (you) in retrospect is the unmitigated villainy and stupidity
 and sheer evil of the current sociopath at the helm.

 ha ha
 Bush turned peace into war, prosperity into recession and made the world hate us after he bullied
 all the other countries and emptied the Treasury - but Clinton is "sheer evil?"
 This guy is so bad with the "facts," he qualifies for a show on FOX.
 Now on to the tragic disappointment he was, not only to me and his country, but to his mother and
 other "slick willy's" who could have glowed sympathetically if BillyJeff Clunkton had had some integrity:

 Clinton's first failure was to renege on supporting gays in the military.
 Total wimp-out when the military brasspuffs threatened to...to...what?

 I assume this guy is too young (or in denial) to remember the facts.
 Sam Nunn, senior Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, told Clinton that gays would be recognized over his dead body.
 When your own party announces publicly that they'll fight you to the death, and Koresh knows the GOP joined Nunn in his
 condemnation of gays, it's damn hard to get a bill passed. Since Democrats are unwilling to fight ( unless it's another Democrat)
 what choice did Clinton have?  This Monkey wanted Clinton to declare a civil war on his own party?

 He ducked out on universal health care.

 Another lie.
 We lost the House in 1994 because the Democrats agreed with the GOP that health care was a disaster.  Each night,
 Democrats lined up to go on TV to condemn Clinton for trying to fix our biggest problem, which, back then, was health care.
 If the Democrats are famous for anything, it's backing down and stabbing their own in the back for reasons I can't explain.


 He fast tracked NAFTA and GATT. We're still suffering this, and will for some time ahead.

 To this day, I can't explain NAFTA and GATT, but Clinton created 22 million jobs and that pisses this monkey off.
 Again, all one can do is compare the presidents, and Bush can't even shine Clinton's shoes on job creation.

 He cut support for some of the most needy in the name of "welfare reform" while allowing monstrous welfare for industries and the military.
 Whoa, suddenly he's Patrick Moynihan, another Democrat who hated Clinton's guts and said so, in public, repeatedly.

 He hastened the kind of globalization policies that have led to the disastrous exportation of our workforce.

 Yeah, blame Clinton for everything - that's the media and the GOP 24/7.
 He failed to defend our forests from corporate banditry.

 I'm sorry I got into this.
 Blaming Clinton for what Bush is doing to the environment?
 Is this crazy bastard kidding?

 He failed to fight hard for people he wanted, and who might have been good, in high office.

 No, he worked 80-hour weeks, harder than any president of our lifetime, but his party refused to back him up.


 And he failed to curb monstrous military spending.

 Compared to Bush?
 Compared to Bush?
 Compared to Reagan?
 Compared to LBJ?
 Bush raped the Treasury and got 560 soldiers killed, and Clinton's the bad guy
 for never sending a soldier into battle who didn't come home alive?

 All in all, compared to the rest of  the mainly sorry lot, he was about an average President of this ignorant country.

 Well, at least he's partially admitting he's an ignorant SOB.
 If Clinton was "average" with his American Paradise, how does he rank Bush's Hell on Earth?

 I detested his politics and his corporate co-opted pragmatism expressed in a sell-out of the best of progressive
 democratic philosophy.  He was a sad failure in office who blew the chance to strive for greatness. And wasn't he
 responsible for empowering the DLC, arguably the moderate wing of the Republican party?

 He was responsible for winning two elections - the only Democrat in 60 years to do so.
 Is that why this guy hates Clinton so much?   Because he wasn't Dukakis, Mondale or Gore?

 Now, it's back in your court. If you can nullify the horrendous nasties I've pointed out with clarity above, please do.
 Otherwise, I'd say your limb is about to fall.  Be honest now. No mincing around. Just the facts, sir.

 ha ha
 After miles of wild manure, he wants "just the facts?"
 This guy's in his own world, and he's not going to let the facts interfere with his opinions.

 Subscribe today!


"The Spanish statement has sent the wrong messages to the rest of Europe.
   It amounts to a policy of appeasement."
     --Nile Gardiner, a Bush-loving U.S. analyst,  Attribution

 If this was about Afghanistan, Gardiner would be right, but America had
 no business invading Iraq and stealing their oil and the whole world knows it.

 Subject: you Jew hater

 Mr. Bartcop,

 I read that article Monday about your anti-Semitism and the writer was absolutely right about you.
 You hate Jews and are a bigot.  I believe I know why now.

 You hate Jews because they have the support of Christians who consider them part of their family
 in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Christians protect Jews in today's world and you hate them for it.

 You are full of hate for all religious people except the Muslims.  That is so interesting to me.
 That is, your love and admiration for Muslims and Arabs just like your heroes Jimmy Carter and Billy Clinton.

 Deny it if you can.  Nobody now will believe it.
 Waymon Johnson

 I hate Christians because they protect Jews?
 Are you saying that because I'm known for being extra religious?

 This is like saying I prefer one Nascar driver over another.
 I don't do Nascar any more than I do religion, soccer or basketball.

 I just don't care.

 ...and you say I love and admire Muslims and Arabs? 
 Why would you say that?  ...and Carter and Clinton hate the Jews, too?

 Your brain needs a religio-ectomy.


"I don't see anything stopping him from winning his fifth Bay Hill tournament.
  He's fired up. He wants it. But it's not going to be a pushover.
  These guys don't lie down for Tiger Woods."
    -- some guy named O'Meara who has won five times at Pebble Beach

 Speed reading this golf column (what's more boring than golf?    Reading about golf.)
 this O'Meara dude claims Tiger can't lose this tournament.

 I got money that says Tiger can lose.

 Any gamblers out there?
 Any Tiger fans want to bet that he can't lose this tourney?
 On any given day, Tiger is a long shot to win because he's just not that good.

 Trust me - don't take this bet.
 If you take this bet, I'll take your money.

 Mr Perfect has an outside chance to win this, and that's only if I'm too busy to scream.
"Hex on thee, Hex on thee, Hex on thee," at the TV on the final holes.

 Subject: cartoon size

 Hi Bart

 Love the Boondocks and Doonesbury cartoons but the text size is almost impossible to read.
 I have a 17'' monitor and I suppose a flat plasma 21'' would work but Smirk has ruined my finances.
 Any way to make them a tad larger without going over bandwidth?


 Paul, we have literally dozens of readers, and nobody has mentioned this before,
 so I can only assume you're talking about Boondocks and Doonesbury in the members section.
 When a toon is "used," I shrink it as a signal to myself.
 The full-sized, readable toon is on the main page.

 To cut corners and save time, I install the new toon over the old toon,
 where I just have to change one character to get the next day's offering.

 An excerpt from Show 30

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 Subject: Who I'm voting for and why...

 Hi Bart,

 I'm voting for Harvard physicist John Hagelin for president, because I've been
 convinced of the rationality of his unified field theories as they apply to society.

 I know what you're thinking--"if you vote for a third party candidate, you're just
 helping George Bush get re-elected."

 I only think that because it's true.

 But you know as well as I do that John Kerrey ain't nothing but a souped-up version of the same old stuff.

 That wild illogic is what gave us The Monster for four years.
 If you want to help Bush, at least be honest with yourself.

 There will be more illegal American usurpations of foreign governments no matter which
 of these two men are elected, and I'm the one who has to live with my vote.


 No, we will  all  have to live with your mistake, as will the world.


 Subject: KSHE Radio in St Louis


 I grew up in Florissant, MO - a suburb north of St. Louis.
 I recognized the lyrics to Golden Country right away - REO was the best back then!
 And KSHE radio was THE music force in St. Louis in those days.
 Thanks for the time travel back to my high school days with back-to-back mentions of REO and KSHE!

 Now if you want to take me back even further to my elementary days at Sacred Heart
 just say something about KXOK and Johnny Rabbit!

 Living in Dallas for a long time now. Is Sweat Meat (the KSHE pig) still around?

 I remember KXOK and Johnny Rabbit, but that's yeeeeeears ago, as in 40.
 Sacred Heart sounds like you have some horror stories to tell :)

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 565  Americans their lives - and counting.

Or is the real figure over 1200?


 Subject: Why I won't subscribe

 I look forward every day to a possible new BartCop installment. But I will not subscribe.
 You have completely turned me off with your belligerent, hate-filled Nader-bashing.

 You fill every issue with blasts at the wimpy, balls-less Democrats, yet fail to make the link
 to why people would consider voting for Nader.

 Voting for Nader is voting for Bush.
 How much simpler could it be?

 Trying to argue with you and your choir about this has been hopeless.

 Yes, because I refuse to vote for Bush.

 Nader has said "Al Gore slipped on 15 banana peals. I was one of them."
 But the facts don't even support this interpretation.

 So, you're calling Nader a liar?
 I agree Nader wasn't the reason Gore lost, but he was one of them

 Ignored further is the fact that Gore ran one of the stupidest campaigns in any of our lifetimes.

 I agree with that and have said so many times.

 I do not plan on voting for Nader this time around. But it's for a far more complicated
 and fact-based reason than the ridiculous "a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush".

 The facts are the facts, and Nader's trying his best to give Bush another four years.

 There is nothing a Democrat should be proud of in 2004.

 They can be proud that they aren't Bush.

 Stop the scapegoating, Bart, et.al. If you believe in your party, work to fix it.
 There are millions upon millions of non-voters out there waiting for you.
 All your constant Nader-bashing is doing is pissing off a lot of folks who are not your enemies nor the problem.

 Nader can't possibly win, he just wants to help Bush.
 What else could explain his ego grab for the spotlight?

 Matt Zebell
 Oregon, Wisconsin

 If you're smart enough to not vote for Nader this time, why are you angry with me?
 Because I rejected Nader four years before you did?

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Subject: Horse hockey

 Bart, to call the Cathedral in St. Louis the "oldest building west of the Mississippi" was grotesquely racist.

 No, ...at it's worst, it was my ignorance.
 Remember - I have no staff.
 I'm just one monkey in Oklahoma who often remembers what he was told.
 Why would you assign racism to my reading the plaque on the Old Cathedral wall?

 I'm BartCop - I have no intentional racism in me.

 Don't propagate the lie that the country was empty when white people came.
 The oldest building in the US is probably the Anasazi Pueblo in Southeastern Colorado:

 However, even using white man's history books, your reckoning isn't even accurate.
 The Christo Rey church in Santa Fe, New Mexico was built in 1540.
 Across the street is the Pink Adobe restaurant, a Democratic legislative hangout.

 The words I published put no money in my pocket.
 I misspoke but thought I was speaking the truth.

 Yes, it could be racist to say it was the West's "oldest building,"
 but I wasn't trying to mislead like the whores you see on the networks and cable shows.

 As  bartcop.com  continues to get bigger, it's hard to say anything without a complaint.

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Tommy's final English interview is in this show,
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Also, Tally the Weather Vixen does a short rant that's probably
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