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  In Today's Treehouse...
Osama has suitcase nukes?
Israel kills Yassin
Inquiry into Taiwan shooting
Vietnam Vets ever spat upon?
Israel and their sand
Arabs to avenge Yassin
Bush exposed on 60 Minutes
Sean Hannity has a small...
Eldrick working on his swing


Quote of the Day

"This way of life is worth defending."  
      --Dubya, on the first anniversary of the war to 
         oust Saddam and democratize Iraq,   Attribution

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Volume 1278 - Not tawdry enough 

  Monday      March 22, 2004


"Doing away with hard-copy ballots is like eliminating the accounting department
  in your bank and saying there is no embezzlement. It may make you feel good,
  but it's certainly not a good way to detect fraud."
  -- David Dill, Stanford University Professor and Computer Voting Expert  Attribution

 Al Qaeda: We have suitcase nukes
  But The Monkey doesn't care - he's still chasing Saddam

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 Al Qaeda bought nukes on the black market in central Asia, according to press reports.

 During an interview, a biographer of Osama bin Laden's second-in-command, quoted Ayman
 al-Zawahri as saying that "smart briefcase bombs" were readily available on the black market.

 Bush probably thinks this is good news.
 If Al Qaeda blows up New York, (it's a blue state - Bush doesn't care) then he can
 suspend the elections and invade Saudi Arabia and control the planet with an iron fist.


"It was as if Osama bin Laden, hidden in some high mountain redoubt, were engaging in
  long-range mind control of George Bush, chanting 'invade Iraq, you must invade Iraq."
          --Richard Clarke, "Memoir Criticizes Bush 9/11 Response"    Attribution

 Hamas Founder Killed in Israeli Airstrike 

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 Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the founder and leader of the Hamas militant group that targeted Israelis
 in suicide bombings, was killed by missiles fired from Israeli helicopters as he left a mosque Monday.

 Witnesses said Israeli helicopters fired three missiles at Yassin and two bodyguards as they left the mosque,
 killing them instantly.He was carried around in a special car that could accommodate his wheelchair.

 Hey - take it from Ol' Bart - Life's not worth living if you can't die on the sacred sand.
 I mean, what good is it to grow old watching your kids mature if you have no sacred sand?


"This is a crazy and very dangerous act. It opens the door wide to chaos.
  Yassin is known for his moderation and he was controlling Hamas and
  therefore this is a dangerous, cowardly act."
      --PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia,  Attribution

 Subject: Israel

 Listen up, Bart.
 Your idea that the Jews should leave Israel is one of the most offensive things I've ever heard in my life.

 Then you must be very, very young.
 What I said is guaranteed to save lives. If that's offensive, then you live in a strange world.

 Remember that this land was given by G-d and is the sacred eternal homeland of the Jews.
 The Jews are G-d's Chosen People. I could give you tons of scriptural sources to back this up if you need them.

 Yeah, like I need that...

 Also keep in mind that for decades, the Jews have been the primary financial backers of the Democratic Party,
 and have helped push forth much liberal legislation in America. Without us, your Party would be less than dirt
 and the Republicans would have been dominant the whole time. Show a little bit of gratitude.

 ha ha
 My idea saves lives. What else matters?

 Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sharon is facing a filthy people who care
 so little for human life that they send their own children to blow themselves up so long as they kill innocent Jews.
 How else can he respond to an enemy like that but with force?

 You could always move an ocean away from those "filthy" people, but you apparently love that sacred sand
 more than you want to see your kids grow up.    What's wrong with you?    Where are your priorities?

 Your idea that the Jews should tuck tail and run away, leaving behind the glorious G-d-given homeland for some
 lousy dust in lame-ass Oklahoma, is ridiculous. Giving in to terror is NEVER an option.

 So you'd rather watch your kids get on an exploding bus than "give in?"
 How glorious can sand be?   ...and why are you hesitant to type the word God?

 This would be like if after 9/11, Bush told Bin Laden, "Okay, we're sorry, guys. In fact, we're so sorry that
 we're going to give you a few American states to set up an Islamic Republic in!" and then handed over the
 entire West Coast to the Taliban.

 Just letting you know the truth,

 JC, you are making the decision to live with the "filthy" suicide bombers.
 That sounds crazy to me, ...but then, ...my brain's not affected by religious insanity.

 If Manhattan was surrounded by 20 million potential suicide bombers - you'd raise your kids there?


 Taiwan Opposition Wants Inquiry Into Shooting
  Forty years after JFK, these clowns ride around in an open-top Jeep?

  Click  Here

 Taiwan's high court sealed election ballot boxes as protesters massed to contest President Chen's
 victory after a mysterious assassination attempt and the discovery of many spoiled ballots.

 Defeated contender Lien Chan called for a recount and a special inquiry into the shooting of Chen
 on the eve of Saturday's poll that swung the vote in the island's closest-ever presidential election.

 There has been speculation that the shooting was staged, but officials have denied this.

 Shades of "Favorite Son," which reminds me of Hatfield's book.
 Anal sex fiend Harry Hamlin has himself shot to win an election - but that was fiction.

 The United States used to be a vanguard of bullshit-free elections, but the Bush Monkey turned
 the world's only superpower into just another banana republic where the bad guy wins the fixed election.

 Diebold is the key to stopping ALL of this.
 Will the Democrats insist on fair elections this time?

 Someone sent me some great Diebold ads, but I can't find them.
 Could you re-send?

 Click the punk to order

 Were Vietnam Vets ever actually spat upon?

  Click  Here

 In 1995, sociologist Thomas Beamish and his colleagues analyzed all peace movement-related stories
 from 1965-1971 in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle (495 stories).
 They found no instance of any spitting on returned troops by peace movement members, nor any taunting.
 Indeed, they found few examples of negative demonstrations involving returning troops of any kind, or even
 of simple disapproval of returning soldiers. Three years later, sociologist Jerry Lembcke conducted a similarly
 exhaustive study for his book, The Spitting Image , with similar results. He discovered war protesters being
 spat upon by war supporters, and hostile acts toward Vietnam veterans by conservative, pro-war groups like
 the VFW, but no taunting or spitting on returned veterans by peace movement members. Returned veterans
 and GIs were welcomed in the peace movement, and many assumed leadership roles.

 I've always thought spitting on a man who's been at war for the last year or two was very unsafe.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Subject: Susan McDougal coming to Tulsa

 Susan McDougal will be in Tulsa to talk about Whitewater, Ken Starr, prison and her book
 at 6:30 p.m. April 17 at the Doubletree Warren Place II, 61st Street and Yale Avenue.

 McDougal is the keynote speaker at a dinner that evening for the American Association of University
 Women's Oklahoma convention, which focuses on the number of women in Oklahoma prisons.
 A higher percentage of women are imprisoned here than anywhere else in the country.  The event is
 open to the public and funds raised will go toward the association's educational foundation.

 Sponsor tickets are $75 and dinner tickets are $40. For more information, call 918-734-8500.

 McDougal was incarcerated in seven different facilities in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and California.

 She claims to have witnessed maltreatment of women, including those who were mentally ill or pregnant.
 She is now a prison-rights advocate and is the co-author of a New York Times best-selling book,
"The Woman who Wouldn't Talk" (Carroll & Graf, 2003).

 Arabs Vow to Avenge Killing of Yassin 

  Click  Here

 Anti-Israel demonstrations erupted in the Middle East on Monday after Israel's killing of the
 spiritual leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas, and hopes for recent Arab moves to
 reinvigorate the region's peace process were dimmed by shouts for revenge.
 Arab rage over the death of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin, killed by an Israeli helicopter gunship
 at daybreak as he left a mosque near his Gaza Strip home, reverberated across the Middle East.

 Israel considered Yassin a key leader of a terrorist organization. He was the latest in a series
 of Palestinians killed by Israel in targeted attacks aimed at slowing or ending suicide attacks.

 Subject: Bixby corn

 Hey bart,
 When is the bixby corn out?
 I tried to get some last year but got started too late.

 Yum yum,

 Johnathan, it usually starts coming in July 1, but sometimes it's early.
 Each week they'll have a different strand or strain, but the "Merit" corn is usually here for 3-4 weeks.

 BTW, some guy wrote and said, "Bixby corn? Go screw yourself," but he used the F word.
 I've never seen someone get so angry at someone else's good luck.


"I see no basis for it. I think we've got to be careful to speak facts and not rhetoric."
      --Joe Lieberman, defending W's decision to invade Iraq, thereby letting Osama go    Attribution

 Open letter to the world

 As long as Bush is president, he affects every person on the planet - and not for the better.
 Bush has become a global menace and I call on the people of the world to do everything in their
 power to stop him. I would remind you that Bush has no problem with the idea of influencing other
 countries and way he sees fit.

 I am concerned that if Bush isn't removed from office that we are going to end up in World War III
 by the end of this decade. We are the most powerful nation on the planet and we are controlled by
 madmen who were never elected in the first place. A year ago today Bush was talking about using
 nuclear weapons against Iraq in a war we now know he faked. I would ask you - what will the world
 look like 4 years from now if Bush isn't removed?

 For years America has been the beacon for freedom and democracy and has come to the aid of countries
 who's liberties were threatened. Today it is us who are coming to you because our liberty is threatened.
 And - we are a very dangerous nation - too dangerous to be in the wrong hands. Please help us.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

Click to hear non-Nazi radio

 Subject: What's up with AOL?

 What's up with AOL?
 On a day when the UN says the Iraq war was unnecessary, US troops sustain casualties in that theater,
 fighting's still going on in Pakistan, millions are dying of AIDS in Africa -- the "Breaking News" on AIM
 screens everywhere is "Bush Mocks Kerry: Crowd Cheers." Is AOL's ideology showing, or what?

 Does anyone know how to get in touch with the wankers that make up these silly home pages every day?
 I'd like to give them a verbal butt-roasting, but can't find a contact address.

 Keep going, bro'.


 My guess is that AOL is kissing Bush's butt so they can get another hueueueuge tax cut.
 Of course, they won't hire anybody with those millions or billions, but it makes them pro-Bush.

 Subscribe today!

 Subject: Cheney and Kerry share a history

 Dick Cheney says John Kerry's "record on defense issues is highlighted by vacillation and opposition to weapons systems . . . "
 ("Kerry, Cheney fire salvos over military and Iraq," Thursday).

 In 1991, then-Secretary of Defense Cheney canceled the Navy's A-12 program. This was a contract from the Navy to
 McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics to build the next-generation Navy fighter aircraft.

 At the time I worked for McDonnell Douglas Helicopter (now Boeing Helicopter) in Mesa. Although it hurt the company
 I worked for, I applauded Cheney's decision. The program budget and schedule were out of control. Cheney made the
 right decision. It was (and still is) the largest contract cancellation in Department of Defense history, and it took courage
 for Cheney to stand up to the Navy brass and two of the largest military contractors in the world.

 Now, Cheney criticizes Kerry for voting against some (not all) defense programs. I am glad that Kerry does not mindlessly
 support everything military. Not every military program deserves to be funded. Remember $640 toilet seats?

 This is not "nuance." This is not "flip-flopping." This is a man who assesses the merits of the programs, case by case,
 balancing them against the many needs of other military and non-military programs.

 John Kerry is making a careful and, sometimes, courageous decision on these issues.
 Just like Dick Cheney did in 1991.

 Kathy M

 Sean Hannity has a small....

  Click  Here

 For decades we've heard the phrase "culture war" coming from the religious right in America,
 particularly from the rabble-rousers on conservative extremist talk radio, like drug-abuser Rush
 Limbaugh's program, and on the Hannity, the man with the small ....

 The Republican Party, post-Nixon, adopted the phrase 'culture war' and co-opted a willing army of zealots:
 "born-again" Christians, anti-tax crusaders, anti-immigration types, pro-development fat-cats, moralizers of
 every stripe, pro-Zionist neo-conservatives, and the baddest apple in the barrel - the Mayberry Machiavellian.

 As right-wing success grew, particularly in labeling Democrats "tax-and-spend liberals" they grew ever more
 enamored of the process over the content. The warfare terminology reflects fully the mindset of those who gave
 rise to the planned and coordinated attack on progressive politics in the U.S. since the 1970s.

 Beating up Democrats by altering how the public perceived them, through framing arguments became almost an end in itself.
 It seems to be the lone talent of the Bush administration and you can hear it in the smug tone and rhetoric of campaign
 spokespeople from Mary Matalin to press spokesman Scott McClellan. Nothing is ever the president's fault.

 An excerpt from Show 31, featuring Tommy Mack

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 Subject: Tiger sucks

 Ok...you win Tiger sucks...I mean he hasent even won a MAJOR this year yet.
 Even Tiger isnt that good. I mean considering there hasnt been a MAJOR yet this year.

 You dont even know what a MAJOR is. So you only post half my mail

 ...sometimes people go on and on.

 ...and then because the URL isnt included you dont include the story. Your a peice of work.

 I'm a busy man - too busy to chase down Eldrick stories.

 Ive tried to educate you so you wouldnt look dumb but you dont care.
 Oh well I tried to help you. Your right Tiger sucks.

 Just one thing though, I am a golf fan and you said Vjay won 4 majors, he really won
 4 regular tournaments, no majors. Tiger won 5 regular tournaments no majors.
 Not that you care about facts.
 Marketing Director
 NY Metro MUGT Michelob Ultra Golf Tour


 Larry, I think you're right.
 Thanks for the education.

 Subject: appeaser

 I was thinking about the latest "appeaser" attacks on Spain and Kerry.
 Isn't Bush the one who removed all US troops from Saudi Arabia
 (sacred sand, the sequel) because that's what Osama wanted?
 It appears that Bush now redefines 2 "A" words (A-hole being the other of course :)



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 Subject: Kerry fighting back

 I was just listening to show 31 - and when you were talking about the administration's assertion that if Kerry
 doesn't name the foreign leaders that support him, then he's obviously lying about them, it reminded me;

 Why aren't we using this as a connection to the Plame thing?
 Kerry could flip the script on this thing in one appearance by saying, "We've seen with the way the Bush administration
 handled the Valerie Plame situation what they'll do if they are given the chance for retribution. I would never want to put
 my foreign supporters in that position, so I'll not name names." He quells this ridiculous "controversy" and at the same time
 resurfaces a major story.


 Keep up the good work.


 Matt, fighting back is something our side has a lot of trouble with.
 As a rule, we'd rather get our ass kicked so we can say, "Bush is one tough cookie."

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused 571 583  Americans their lives - and counting.

Or is the real figure over 1200?


 Subject: all not quite in

 You forgot four of a kind.

 I can tell by the way you write your page that if you had something crappy I would know it.
 If you had something non-crappy I would know from your lack of nervousness.

 In the event that I am wrong about you totally sucking I am still damn sure that I would smoke you like a Salmon.

 Carson the friendly stalker

 Carson, first time playing Hold 'em?

 If there are three diamonds on the flop, it's impossible to have four of a kind.
 Did you know this game involves real money?
 ha ha

 I'll bet spending your money is more fun than spending my money.

 Eldrick Woods working on his swing

  Click  Here

 After Saturday's third round the question became, what is wrong with Tiger Woods?
 (It's the BartCop Hex!!)
 Woods put together two woefully poor rounds on Friday and Saturday, shooting back-to-back 74s,
 two rounds that would've ended his 119-event cut streak had they started one day earlier.
 He teed off Sunday fifteen shots behind leader Stuart Appleby, tied for 46th.

 Woods' biggest problem is that he can't get close to the hole.

 Subject: Why I subscribed to BartCop Radio

 Bart is one of the few individuals in this country who has something to say, isn't afraid to say it,
 and is CORRECT dozens of times every page. He never takes the gloves off, since he fights bare-knuckled
 and wields an ENORMOUS Hammer called "TRUTH". It's the the most incredible thing to see in use.

 Bart, you've got the funniest, most incisive political wit in the country, I want to help you to reach out to at least
 a dozen more viewers this month. Or at least buy you a spell-checker, Catholic-Boy! (I'm in recovery, too)

 I started subscribing to BARTCOP RADIO at it's inception. I'm no compugeek, and I can understand the expense,
 and frustration of putting up a Radio show with limited funds and limited time... Well, you've done it you O.K. Okie,
 and you, and Tommy and Tally are stomping the Terra, now. It's been fantastic hearing the quantum leaps in your
 quality sigma every episode. You've got the goods on the GOPers, Bart, and it's exciting to hear you and the team
 working magic for us

 One more thought about subscibing to BartCop-- directed to the readership: If you spend any time here, you'll notice
 that this site is HUGE. One can spend ALL DAY here, and continue to find new material. From Project 60 to Marty's E! Page,
 to Bartcook and the forums-- what Bart has created here, is a user-friendly world of Free Speech and Liberal Democracy,
 that's worth FAR more than my measley few bucks. But it's worth it. It's quite a Tree House when one starts clicking around.
 I spend more time here at BartCop, than I do watching TV and going to movies (at $10 per show). Dollar for dollar--
 it's the best deal in the Country.

 Folks, if you're not subscibing,it's time to do it. To attend a 2 hour movie, you'll easily spend $10, and you may not even
 like the film. In a month's time, you'll EASILY spend more than two hours in some part of Bart's Tree House-- AND LIKE IT!!!

 So, why not forgo a cheesy flick, and support the cause once per month... You KNOW it's worth it, and the Hammer
 is only going to swing harder, faster and land more accurately, in the coming days!

 So, that's why I support BartCop, and encourage others to as well.

 Sincerely yours,

Eric Alterman slaps the Miller Monkey around


 Poker talk

 Reading the new page tonight a saw yet another poker story.
 I confess to a love of the game, but can't find anything going here in Quayle Country
 (Bush could be himself and the Republicans would still carry Indiana in the fall).

 Anyway, at the pokerfests, what variations do you play, what is the buy-in,
 what are the stakes and is it limit, PL or NL?
 When is the next pokerfest and where might it be hosted?

 Keep swinging the hammer.
   - miksaty

 Mik, we play only no-limit Texas Hold 'em like on The World Poker Tour on
 Wednesday nights on the Travel Channel.  We usually do two tourneys, one for $50
 and one for $100, but that can change depending on who and how many show up.

 We've had two Fests, both in Vegas, but we're ready to branch out into non-gambling
 states because we're so small-time, casinoes* don't want to mess with us.

 The next Fest will probably be in Chicago when Chicago Jim says the timing's right.
 We'll give plenty of notice on the page.

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 One year after Bush's invasion

  Click  Here

 Despite a lingering unwillingness to admit in plain language that none of the president's claims about Iraqi threats
 has held up in the face of the facts brought to light during the past year, the administration has ceased to defend
 them and has resorted instead to denying that the president himself ever used the phrase "imminent threat"; to
 blaming faulty intelligence for misleading the president; and to justifying the war on the grounds that no matter what
 else might have been the case, Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. Moreover, although the U.S. occupation of
 Iraq has made that country a magnet for Islamic holy warriors, suicide bombers, and planters of roadside IEDs
 (improvised explosive devices) and although terrorists have carried out horrendous retaliatory bombings in Saudi
 Arabia, Morocco, Indonesia, Turkey, and Spain, among other places, President Bush persists in his locker-room
 bravado and declares that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq have made the world "a safer, freer place."

 The Sopranos

 Wow - was that a great episode or what?

 It was perfect.
 It had lots of violence, it had some humor, it had power struggles,
 it had offers of group sex, it had a simulated whacking,
 it had Tony being fed up and trying to strangle Janice (yes!)
 it had the boss of bosses asking his uncle if he loved him,
 and it had some of the funniest lines ever and what's funnier than
 Paulie beating up the lawn man and stealing a $50 lawn mower?

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