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  In Today's Treehouse...
Rice: Yes under oath, dammit! 
Grand old profiteering 
Foster Photos Withheld 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush's press slaves
Death of a patriot 
Why abortion needs to be banned 
Hunt shifts to 'intent' in Iraq
Good old Monkey Mail 


Quote of the Day

"This President doesn't care about his legacy. 
  What he cares about is keeping this country safe.
    -- Kinda Sleazy Rice, on "60 Minutes"   Attribution


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Volume 1284 -  Kerry jabbing

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  Tues-Wed   March 30-31, 2004  Sorry this issue is so late - I was reading the Sears story and fell into a laughing wormhole - see link below.


"If this were a Democrat administration and there was this kind of government witch hunt
  against Kinda Sleazy Rice, a black woman, you would not see the end of the charges of racism
  from the Congressional Black Caucus and Jesse Jackson."
   --the vulgar Pigboy, reminding us that the only black people in the GOP were all appointed
      for insurance purposes because the racemonger GOP will not vote for "one of them."  Attribution

 Monkey & Kinda Sleazy back down - now she'll testify 
  This time they crumbled faster than anyone expected

  Click  Here

 In a reversal, Kinda Sleazy Rice will testify in public under oath before the 9-11 commission
 as long as the panel seeks no further public testimony from White House officials, the administration said Tuesday.

 The decision was conditioned on the Bush administration receiving assurances in writing from the commission
 that such a step does not set a precedent and that the commission does not request "additional public testimony
 from any White House official, including Dr. Rice," White House counsel Alberto Gonzales said in a letter to the panel.

 What happened to their sacred "separation of powers" load of crap?
 What happened to standing firm on their "important principles?"

 It was all just a clumsy bluff, they never meant any of that.
 So now Kinda Sleazy has created more drama than a hospital scene in a Mexican soap opera.
 I'll watch and record the whole thing and have highlights on the radio show.

 Grand old profiteering 
   by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"While Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist quickly backed away from the most damaging assertions he made
 during his floor tirade against Richard Clarke Friday, admitting that he had no evidence of contradictions in
 the former counterterror chief's sworn testimony, he stuck to his depiction of Clarke as a rapacious ex-staffer
 looking to cash in on his past public service...

 In fact, what really disturbs Frist and other Clarke critics is the prospect of yet another bestseller that portrays
 the Bush White House in an unflattering light. Because they have no problem with profiteering, from Washington
 to Baghdad, when the business at hand suits their own partisan or pecuniary purposes."

(c) 2004, salamander.eps

 High Court Permits Vince Foster Photos Withheld

  Click  Here

 The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the government does not have to release 11-year-old
 photographs from the suicide of Clinton administration White House lawyer Vincent Foster.

 A California attorney said the pictures might prove that Foster was murdered as part of a White House cover-up.

 Gee, does it get any more stupid than this?.  In effect, this attorney is saying the wild Nazi dogs
 who impeached Clinton conspired with him to cover up evidence of Vince Foster's murder.
 Damn - that's extra stoopid, even for the GOP.

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"The families I think have heard from this President."
   -- Kinda Sleazy Rice, when asked if Bush would ever apologize to the familes of the 9-11 dead,  Attribution

 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Bush Campaign Blasts Kerry's Bible Quote
  Mr Rove doesn't want anyone talking about God except The Thief

  Click  Here

 Coleman takes on Kerry-jabbing role
  Wellstone wannabe is carrying water for the Illegal Fraud

  Click  Here

 Bush Refuses to Take Any Responsibility
  Lots of TALK about responsibility, but he takes none of it

  Click  Here

 Man Blows Himself Up in Bolivia Congress
  A disgruntled miner demanding early retirement benefits retires

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Marty's Entertainment Page

 Bush's press slaves

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 It's time for the political writers to push, probe and prod candidate Bush just as enthusiastically as
 they have John Kerry and the merry band of roadkill Democratic contenders. They should be
 screaming for a full-blown, hour-long press conference. They cannot be satisfied with two-question
 opportunities from the White House press pool or Tim Russert's one-on-one on "Meet the Press."

 Given how they have peppered Kerry with questions about name-calling, claims of foreign support,
 Botox, and other minor "issues," isn't it time to bore in on Bush regarding 9/11 and the war in Iraq?"

 What makes the press whores is they're only in it for the money.
 They'll say the moon is made of green cheese if they think it will make them an extra nickel.

 Death of a patriot: No more 
  The BFEE knows how to handle "pesky" problems

  Click  Here

 The subject line on yesterday's email read: "Another mysterious accident solves
 a Bush problem.  Athan Gibbs dead, Diebold lives." The attached news story
 briefly described the untimely Friday, March 12th death of perhaps America's most influential
 advocate of a verified voting paper trail in the era of touch screen computer voting. Gibbs,
 an accountant for more than 30 years and the inventor of the TruVote system, died when his vehicle
 collided with a truck which rolled his Blazer several times and forced it over the highway retaining wall
 where it came to rest on its roof.

Get the book that changed Bush's 2004 campaign stratergy


"Eager to discredit Richard Clarke, the White House has allowed the news media to disclose that Clarke
  was the "senior administration official" who delivered that August 2002 background press briefing in support
  of Bush's anti-terrorism strategy...It's useful, then, that the president and his staff are willing to serve the public
  interest by releasing journalists of their obligation to protect confidential White House sources. There's one more
 way for the administration to serve that interest. Release Robert Novak of any obligation to withhold the names of
 the "two senior administration officials" who told him that Valerie Plame was CIA."
      --Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial Board,  Attribution

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"We must remember the high standards that come with high office. This begins careful adherence
  with the rules. I expect every member of this administration to stay well within the boundaries that
  define legal and ethical conduct. No one in the White House should be afraid to confront the people
  they work for over ethical concerns, and no one should hesitate to confront me as well."
     --Dubya, Jan. 22, 2001, Attribution

 ...but if your name is Richard Clarke, Lawrence Lindsey, Gen. Anthony Zinni, Gen. Eric Shinseki,
  Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, Paul Wellstone, Paul O'Neill, Richard Foster, John DiIulio, James Hatfield
  Robert Perry , Greg Palast or Clifford Baxter, we will hunt you like dogs and maybe even kill your ass.

 Subject: Why abortion needs to be banned

 Bart, a view from the center.  Abortion is a lousy form a birth control.

 I think everyone would agree with that.

 If you cant make up your mind in 90 days, you should have the child.
 Women have over TEN methods to prevent conception available to them.
 Its time for them to grow up & take responsibility for their own uterus'.

 I believe you've just insulted all women.
 You and I make mistakes, too, but we don't face life-and-death issues when we screw up.

 After all, isnt it about EQUAL RIGHTS?
 When having sex, do women qualify the men by asking if they want to be a father?
 If & when a woman gets pregnant, and the man does NOT want to have a child,
 doesn't the woman have the say over the mans objections anyway?
 The man has NO say in the issue and that's not fair nor right.

 A man should think about these things before he drops his pants.
 It's real easy to say "She should've been more careful," but they can't get themselves pregnant.
 You seem to think "equal rights" means the men have all the fun and the women get the responsibility.

 If a man doesn't want to have children, he shouldn't have intercourse with women he doesn't know well.
 That's why Bill Clinton invented oral sex in 1995.

 Here in Washington State if a man cohabitates with a woman with child for over six months
 the State can garnish HIS wages for child support even though the child is not biologically his!

 I hope I don't sound like Laura the Unloved, but don't do that.

 The man in New York who found his "kid" wasn't even his and that his wife cheated on him twelve years ago.
 The courts made the man PAY for continued child support even though the child wasn't his. The woman was
 not fined nor sued for fraud or back support. The courts didn't even try and hunt down the real father.
 In California, men are nailed as deadbeat dads without any kind of due process @ all. Just the womans word.

 I really don't want to go state-to-state discussing the laws of each.

 And who populates/administers the deadbeat dad search centers? Women.

 Dude, I like women. Do you?
 If you're recruiting me for the Women Hater's Club I refuse to join.
 I get the vibe from you that women exist primarily to service the sexual needs of men.

 Innocent men with similar names or addresses have had their wages garnished w/o due process and they weren't even involved!!

 Hey, Sears tried to sue me once but they had the wrong guy and I gave them "blow me" instructions.
 If you get garnished when you're innocent, you fight back.

 They have had to spend thousands of dollars to get big brother off their backs. Guilty until proven innocent.
 Women who LIE about getting pregnant and point fingers @  innocent men just because the man looks like
 a sugar daddy, should be sued for FRAUD and thrown in jail.

 Dude, ...you married?

 Until men get an EQUAL say in reproduction rights, child custody and property settlement, this guy will
 support the banning of abortion. Women have to realize the one sidedness of the reproduction arena.
 I also fully support mandatory DNA testing for all newborns. Make it a law.
 Men are finally getting pissed & are demanding equal say..

 Robert in Seattle......just my 2 cents

 Robert, if you're careful where you put your penis, you won't have any problems.

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Bush knows what he doing with the economy?

Then why is this chart lying?

Saw it on   www.bushbacklash.com

 Subject: Clarke's Book: What's Missing?

 I was initially surprised that Clarke's book contains no mention of Zacarias Moussaoui,
 the alledged "20th hijacker" detained by the FBI a full MONTH before the 9/11 attacks.

 I can only assume now that the White House stripped it all out in its pre-publication review
 of the book, ordering the material excised  under threat of a legal suit  of some kind (since
 the Moussaoui case is ongoing and indefinite).

 Was Moussaoui the missed opportunity to stop 9/11?    What might have been prevented
 had Bush  and Co. "shook the trees" as Clarke has said they failed to do?

 Also, I read somehwere a quote by CIA Director George Tenet that when he first heard of
 the attacks on 9/11, he immediately thought of Moussaoui.    So, basically, the head of the
 CIA knew before 9/11 that the FBI had in its custody a French Morroccan alien who had
 been detained on immigration charges because he was scaring the crap out of flight instuctors
 with strange behavior and questions about NYC airspace.

 It begs the question, then: was Bush informed of this detention?



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 Weapons Hunt Shifts to 'Intent' in Iraq

  Click  Here

 The U.S. search for WMDs in Iraq will continue despite the failure so far to find them
 but the mission will also investigate whether Saddam intended to develop such weapons,
 the chief U.S. arms hunter said on Tuesday.

 So, we're going to spend time, money and probably lives to find out if the evil dictator
 would have liked to have had weapons of mass destruction?  What's the point?

 It reminds me of that early George Carlin Catholic rant:
 It's a sin to want to feel Sally up,
 It's a sin to think about a time to feel Sally up,
 It's a sin to think about a place to feel Sally up,
 It's a sin to think about how you're going to feel Sally up,

 You've committed all these sins and you haven't even touched her yet!


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"My own view of this is, the president's there poking fun at himself over
  what goes down as one of his failures. And I thought it was a good-natured
  performance, and it made him look good only in the sense that it showed
  he could poke fun at himself. But he certainly doesn't disguise the record
  on WMDs. And you have to feel like saying to people, 'Just get over it.'"
      --Brit Hume, Bush apologist, telling the families of the military dead to "Get over it." Attribution

 Those military families are always thinking of themselves and their losses.
 Don't they know how lucky they are to have died so Emporer Bush can joke about it?

 Bush pokes fun at missing WMDs

  Click  Here
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," he said.

ha ha
That's funny as hell, Mr President.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused   591  Americans their lives - and counting.

That's funny as hell, Mr President


 'The Alamo' Star Arrested for Drunkenness in Texas 
   If you go to Texas they will screw with you just for fun

  Click Here

 Jason Patric, who stars as Texas hero Jim Bowie in the new film "The Alamo," was arrested
 for public intoxication and jailed for several hours on Monday after scuffling with an Austin policeman.

 When the videotape of the incident is reviewed it reveals that Jason Patric did nothing wrong.
 He was passively standing on the street corner when the police officer suddenly lunged at him," Bega said in a statement.

 The officer "threw him to the ground without provocation and attempted to smash his head on to the concrete.
 Jason was not intoxicated," she said.

 If the videotape clearly shows what that lawyer says it shows, the city of Austin
 is going to be writing a large check to Mr. Patrick. Should be interesting.

 Subject: Why I subscribed to BartCop Radio

 I subbed because I'm tired of weenies. Look what has happened pussyfooting around?
 What does it take to get someone to open their mouth and speak truth to evil? Nuclear war?

 The draft?
 The end of life as we know it now?!?!

 Keep hammering, Bart honey. We need the truth in all its various shades of volume.   You do more
 good accidentally than most people out there do on purpose because not only do you have to do
 your life like the rest of us, you also opened a small beacon of the light of truth on the side.

 I don't care how you deliver it as long as you do.



"Kerry's team has produced a 100% posturing condemnation of Bush's joke about failing to find WMD's,
  which Bush made at the black-tie broadcast correspondents' dinner.  I was at the dinner last night as a
  guest of, yes, FOX News, and I thought Bush's jokes were funny and self-mocking--maybe the closest
  he's come to actually admitting upfront that he was simply wrong in thinking the WMD's were there."
      --Mickey Kaus, Bush apologist, telling the families of the military dead to "Get over it."  Attribution

 The Jobs of the Future Are a Thing of the Past
  by my good friend Rick Perlstein

  Click  Here

 Importing labor, exporting jobs: These are the two sides of the coin. According to the regnant economic theories,
 the sides are inseparable: capital scouring the world to find labor at the cheapest price, supply meeting demand,
 each dollar being spent at its greatest point of efficiency. A fat lot of comfort that is if you're on the receiving end
 of the regnant economic theories. Capital does the scouring a lot more aggressively these days than it used to
  - even to the point of systematically abusing the law.


 Subject: The racist traitor


 Richard Clark is a racist woman-hater.

 I did not know that!
 When did he tell you that?

 He could tell what Condi knew from the look on her face, a neat trick.

 Dude, have you never seen bewilderment on someone's face?
 Check Bush the next time someone says, "It's as easy as adding two plus two."

 Truth is, he is insanely filled with revenge because not just a woman,
 but a black woman, was given a job much more important than his own.

 Really? When did he tell you this?
 Since he personally told you that - we have no choice but to believe you, right?

 He has aligned himself with the anti-American, hate-Bush conspirators.

 So the pro-American types are the ones who let Al Qaeda strike and told
 the military to stand down on 9-11?  That's an odd way to look at things.

 He voted for algore, by the way.

 Again, since he told you that, personally, I guess we all have to admit that.
 In Oklahoma, they let us vote in private - we're so behind the times.

 I advocate his execution for treason when his crimes are uncovered.
 Ken Wright

 Insisting on uncovering his "crimes" before executing him proves to me
 that you're a sane, reasonable and rational man. By the way, does your
 "tough on crime" approach apply to wartime deserters, too?

Do you have an opinion?
Do you do any GOP impressions?

Call the all new 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.

I might have a funny story for you.
The crazy lady who runs the former Bart-Phone?
She put over $800 on my VISA card
and she's refusing to take my calls.
That's a big  mistake on her part.

I'm going to give her one last chance
and then I'm going to serve her a subpoena.
Another slam-dunk for Bart in court.

All I gotta do is show the judge my VISA bill and say,
"This crazy bitch charged me over $800 for
phone answering service and she refuses to refund it."

Bart + court = bad on you.


"The Democrats are trying to separate Iraq from the war on terror
  to show that Bush did not care about Al-Qaeda because he went into Iraq."
     --Rush Limbaugh, who has it 100 percent backwards, as usual    Attribution

 Bush and FOX News and the radio Nazis are doing all they can to connect Iraq to terrorism
 but they just can't make it stretch because there was no connection until after we invaded to steal their oil.

 Somewhere in the early issues there is an issue with a black background.

 If you can find that for me, I'll give you a free month of membership,
 but only for the first 3 "winners."

 Bomb Kills Five U.S. Troops in Iraq
  A chance for Bush to make more jokes about WMDs

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 In one of the bloodiest days in weeks for the U.S. military, five troops died when
 a bomb exploded under their military vehicle west of Baghdad on Wednesday.
 At least four foreign nationals, including one American, were killed in a separate
 attack and some of the bodies were burned, beaten and hanged from a bridge.

 And we're stuck here for years because of Bush's lies?


 From: Matt Murphy

 Subject: feedback

 Your site sucks.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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