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  In Today's Treehouse...
Rice: Not under oath, dammit! 
The Mugging of America 
Shiites Block U.S. Plan
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bin Laden hunt called off - why?
Bush & the L-Word 
Cross Bush, Face Payback 
Abortion Trial Begins
God told her to kill 


Quote of the Day

"I believe human life is a sacred gift from our Creator." 
    -- Dubya, who has killed more people in the last 
        12 months than any other man on Earth   Attribution

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Volume 1283 -  One nation, under BartCop

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  Monday      March 29, 2004


"My challenge to the Bush administration would be, if Clarke is not believable
  and they have reason to show it, then prosecute him for perjury because he is
  under oath. They have a perfect right to do that."
   --John Kerry, calling Bush's bluff that Clarke committed perjury   Attribution

 Rice Rejecting Calls for Public Testimony 

  Click  Here

 White House allies and Republicans investigating 9-11 attacks pressed Sunday
 to hear open testimony from Kinda Sleazy Rice, with one commissioner calling
 her refusal a "political blunder of the first order."

"I would really like to do that. But there is an important principle involved here:
 It is a long-standing principal that sitting national security advisers do not testify."

 This is sweet, because she's just digging herself and Smirk a deeper hole.
 She's willing to talk to 60 Minutes and The Today Show and anyone else that will listen,
 as long as she's free to lie like crazy. She's afraid to be put under oath for obvious reasons.

 I believe at some point she'll be forced to testify and because she's fighting the inevitable
 so hard, she's only creating more drama. When she finally gives and raises her right hand,
 the whole nation will be watching and we'll all get to see the liar squirm.

 Vote Crime - The Mugging of America
   by Faun Otter

  Click  Here

 Did you know that the number of votes cast on touch screen machines in some precincts
 in the California primary last month exceeded the number of voters registered?

 Move along, nothing to see here.

 This ballot disaster was reported in the LA Times on March 9, 2004. As always, our
 do-nothing media have not bothered to investigate or report on it since that date.

"In 21 precincts where the problem was most acute, there were more ballots cast than registered voters."

(c) 2004, salamander.eps

 Shiites Organize to Block U.S. Plan
  They want no help from the 'Great Satan'

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"We want to make clear the will of the people," said Awadi, who heads the Ghadir
 Foundation, a religious institute in Baghdad that, by his count, has distributed as many
 as 10,000 of the petitions. "The people are burning."

 Awadi, whose speech veers from Islamic law to Western freedoms, is one of the leaders
 of a vociferous grass-roots campaign unleashed by the edict published by Sistani's office
 March 8 questioning the legitimacy of the interim constitution.

 Iraq doesn't want to eat frozen turkey any more than you would.
 Bush is forcing this on them so he can get troops out before the election.
 If men are dying while Bush is on the campaign trail, it's makes Diebold's job harder.

What would happen if Bush really sent us to Mars.


"We knew that Bush is the enemy of God, the enemy of Islam and Muslims.
  America declared war against God. Sharon declared war against God and
  God declared war against America, Bush and Sharon.  The war of God
  continues against them and I can see the victory coming up from the land
  of Palestine by the hand of Hamas."
   --Abdel Aziz Rantisi, the man Sharon put in charge of Hamas,     Attribution

 D-r-i-v-e  b-y  N-e-w-s

 Iraqi Minister Escapes Assassination
  Baghdad is the new murder capitol of the world

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 Spain to Double Afghanistan Contingent
  Excellent idea -  Get bin Laden, let Smirk steal Iraq on his own

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 U.S. Gas Prices Hit New Record High
  We're dying for cheap oil - blame an "unexpected shortage"

  Click  Here

 Mass. Lawmakers Agree on Gay Marriage Ban
  "Screw the Mass. Supreme Court - we hate gays"

  Click  Here

You know you've sold out when...

...the GOP makes you an action hero.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Shifts from bin Laden hunt evoke questions
  Why catch him when you can loot Iraq, instead?

  Click  Here

 In 2002, troops from the 5th Special Forces Group who specialize in the Middle East were pulled out
 of the hunt for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan to prepare for their next assignment: Iraq. The CIA,
 meanwhile, was stretched badly in its capacity to collect, translate and analyze information coming from
 Afghanistan. When the White House raised a new priority, it took specialists away from the Afghanistan
 effort to ensure Iraq was covered.  The question of how much those shifts prevented progress against
 al-Qaeda and other terrorists is putting the Bush administration on the defensive.

 Bush intentionally called off the hunt for OBL so he could invade Iraq.
 Thanks to Richard Clarke, people are now beginning to see the real BFEE.

 ...I wonder if Clarke reads  bartcop.com?

 Bush & the L-Word 
   saw  it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 In contrast to tip-toeing around the l-word for Bush, the major news media stomped all over
 the credibility of Al Gore in 2000 and is starting to do the same to John Kerry. A case in point
 was Kerry's off-hand remark on March 8 that he had spoken with "more leaders" who hoped
 he would defeat Bush. Initially, a pool reporter disseminated a misquote of the comment, which
 reported Kerry saying "foreign leaders."

 But the story didn't switch into high gear until the right-wing Washington Times, controlled by the
 Rev. Sun Myung Moon, blared the results of its investigation of Kerry's remarks across the front
 page of its March 12 issue. Though it's been well known for more than a year that many foreign
 leaders are troubled by Bush's unilateral foreign policy, the Washington Times acted like Kerry's
 claim was so strange that it merited some major sleuthing."

Get the book that changed Bush's 2004 campaign stratergy


"Why are you saying that to a third-party independent candidate when you don't say it to anyone else?
  Why don't you say to Bush: 'You may cost Kerry the White House?' Because somehow third-party
  candidates are second-class citizens. And that is not acceptable."
      --Ralph Nader, pretending he doesn't understand that he's helping Bush again, Attribution

 Hey Ralph, if you put away your "How does the world work?" stupidity, you'd be forced to admit
 that you can't possibly win but you can grab 2-3 percent of the kid's vote and reward Bush a second time.

 Your claim that both parties are the same fools the younger crowd, and you should be ashamed of
 yourself for taking advantage of these kids who don't know any better. It's very much like child abuse.

 Unhappy about the size of your love tool?

 Read  bartcop.com

 It won't make your love tool any bigger,
 but you'll learn what the BFEE is doing with your stolen money.

 Subscribe today!


"Every time somebody comes up and says something that this White House doesn't like,
  they don't answer the questions about it or show you the truth about it. They go into
  character assassination mode. It is entirely inappropriate and almost hysterical of the
  White House to engage in this massive character assassination."
      --John Kerry,  Attribution

 Subject: The rarity of Chinaco Anejo

 Hey Bart,

 My drug of choice is Stolichnaya, but I tried to buy some Chinaco Anejo at the ABC store in North Carolina.
 They didn't have it, never heard of it.  The few times out dining I asked for a shot  of Chinaco - nada.

 Hubby and I went to Cancun a couple of weeks ago, so I thought this would be a great time to taste Chinaco Anejo.
 So of  course  I thought, here in Cancun there would be no problem.  Wrong.  I requested Chinaco Anejo at the
 hotels and niteclubs, they didn't have it.  I had shots of  other tequilas that gave me frightful headaches.  Almost as bad
 as a Gosling's black  rum hangover.   I plan to order some chinaco over the internet to see what you rave about.


 If only you lived in Hellhole, Oklahoma - it's $34.95 here - unbelieveable.
 Of course, I'd rather pay %60 for it and live in a real state, but nooooooo.
 Yes, it can be hard to find, especially the Anejo.
 The Silver and Reposado just don't hunt, but the Anejo is the heavyweight champion of the world.

 The Mexican Restaurant chain Chevy's usually stocks it, if you have one of those.
 They don't sell it in Mexico because they get top dollar for it in the states.

 James Carville sold it at Juliefest - you didn't try some that night?
 Or were you busy working on the South's Finest Chocolate? :)

 An excerpt from Show 32, All praise to Tommy Mack.

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 Subject: Condi won't testify?

 I find it amazing that Condoleezza Rice won't testify to the 9-11 commission referencing "constitutional issues "
 and "separation of powers". Seems I don't remember these issues being a problem back when the Republicans
 were dragging President Clinton and everyone in his administration before congressional panels. The way the
 Bush administration is hiding things make one wonder if they have something to hide? The more Ms. Rice says
 she won't talk - the more interested I am in hearing what she's not saying.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.


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 Cross Bush, Face Payback
  Why the press is afraid to report Bush crimes

  Click  Here

 The list is a long one:
 Richard Clarke,
 Lawrence Lindsey,
 Gen. Anthony Zinni,
 Gen. Eric Shinseki,
 Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson,
 Paul O'Neill,
 Richard Foster,
 John DiIulio,

 ...and we shouldn't forget James Hatfield who killed himself (?) after tangling with the BFEE.
 or Robert Perry who was fired from Newsweek and blacklisted for blowing the whistle on Iran-Contra.,
 or Greg Palast who called the BFEE on the buried alive murders of the Barrick miners.
 or Clifford Baxter, who's death was ruled a suicide before the medical examiner even saw the body.

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"After 9/11, Republicans could have become the majority party for the next 50 years.
  But for whatever reason, Bush kept up the same polarizing approach. Everyone wanted
  to rally behind Bush. This is the biggest act of political stupidity in my lifetime."
    --Alan Wolfe, director of Religion and American Public Life at Boston College, Attribution

 Bush pokes fun at missing WMDs

  Click  Here
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere," he said.

ha ha
That's funny as hell, Mr President.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Bush lied, and caused   591  Americans their lives - and counting.

That's funny as hell, Mr President


 Trials Challenging Abortion Law Begin 

  Click Here

 Abortion-rights supporters are challenging the first substantial limitation on abortion since
 the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade decision.   The law has not been enforced
 because judges in New York, Lincoln, Neb., and San Francisco agreed to hear evidence
 in three separate trials without juries before deciding whether it violates the Constitution.

 You women need to make your opinion heard and you need to vote for Kerry.
 Bush is determined to take away your privacy rights because he's a Falwell/Robertson tool.

 Subject: Why I subscribed to BartCop Radio


 I subscribed because you're the only guy out there who really expresses the way I feel about the scum
 who have stolen our country.  Your passion keeps me stoked every day, and I hope it will guide and
 motivate me to do something concrete to fight "the  Greatest Criminals the World Has Ever Known."

 Thanks Bart


"If I had known then what I know now, I would have voted against it. I have admitted that my vote was wrong.
  The decision got made before there was a whole bunch of intelligence. I think the intelligence was shaped.
  And I think the interpretation of the intelligence was shaped. You had a president who we now know was
  determined to go to war. He was going to be a war president."
     --Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.,  Attribution

 Talk radio turns to the left

  Click  Here

"Over the past 30 years the American people have been conned into thinking 'liberal' is a dirty word,"
 the Saturday Night Live alum says. "Because of liberal reforms, we enjoy things like desegregation, child
 labor laws, environmental protection, seat belts and birth control. These are liberal reforms that we as a
 contemporary culture brag about, take for granted and enjoy, so how is it that liberalism is a dirty word?"

 Starting Wednesday, Garofalo will get three hours each weeknight to kick around this and other issues when
 her new show, The Majority Report, airs on a new liberal-themed talk radio network, Air America. The network
 will initially launch on AM stations in New York (WLIB 1190), Chicago (WNTD 950), Los Angeles (KBLA 1580)
 and San Francisco (to be announced), and on the Web at www.airamericaradio.com.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to spit your bit.


"The White House finds itself in the awkward position of trying to explain why Rice
  can talk at length to reporters but not at the commission's televised hearings
  because of the constitutional principle of separation of powers."
     --Terence Hunt,  Attribution

 What are they so afraid of?
 Are they worried that Kinda Sleazy might spill the beans?
 Are they worried she'll lose control of her temper and let something slip?
 What secrets might Kinda Sleazy let slip out?

 God told her to kill sons
  When God comes a knockin' - don't let him in

  Click  Here

 In opening statements Monday, a Texas prosecutor described how a mother
 smashed the head of her infant son with a rock and then led her two older boys
 outside and did the same to them, killing the two oldest boys.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

Click for reward details

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