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al-Qaida Ranks Swelling
Abuse at Guantanamo
Blair: Iraqis have 'veto'
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Orwellian Doublespeak
Chat Room Transcript 
Bush Lied Monday Night 
Halliburton stealing millions
What Planet Are You On?


Quote of the Day

"In years to come, historians will wonder why
  this Bush administration enjoyed such a strong 
  reputation for its foreign policy for so long. 
  After all, it was only a few weeks ago that 
  Washington's pundit class, spurred on by the 
  rival presidential campaigns, declared that 
  George W. Bush Bush was a shoo-in as 
  long as the focus remained on Iraq." 
   --Richard Wolffe, "A Gaping Hole",  Attribution

  Bush went "all in" on the idea that he was going
  to tame the Middle East. Great betting, George.

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Volume 1320 - Miracles out of Nowhere


  Tues-Wed    May 25-26, 2004


"We're not in the Middle East to bring sweetness and light to the world.
  We're there to get something we and our friends in Europe depend on. Namely, oil."
       --Midge Decter, Midge Decter, drunk on truth serum,   Attribution

 Report: al-Qaida Ranks Swelling Worldwide
  Bush's insatiable greed screws every American five times over

  Click  Here

 Far from being crippled by the U.S. war, al-Qaida has more than 18,000 potential terrorists
 scattered around the world and the war in Iraq is swelling its ranks, a report said Tuesday.

 Al-Qaida is probably working on plans for major attacks on the United States and Europe,
 and it may be seeking weapons of mass destruction in its desire to inflict as many casualties
 as possible, the International Institute of Strategic Studies said in its annual survey of world affairs.

 bin Laden's network appears to be operating in more than 60 nations, often in concert with local allies,
 the study by the independent think tank said.

 Instead of voting your wallet this election - vote your life.
 The Greed Monkey passed up a chance to get bin Laden so he could steal Saddam's oil.
 Don't let Bush's insanity cause World War III    and    the death of America.



"Basically the core content of the speech was that the U.S. needs the U.N. back.
  But it doesn't solve the problem ... it is the gesture that is required, but it is
  something that should have already happened ... it is almost like 12 months too late."
     --James Cusick, the Scotland Sunday Herald,   Attribution

 Twelve months too late?  Are you kidding?
 2M barrels a day at $40 a barrel is $2.4B a month, times 12 = thirty billion dollars and that's just the oil.
 As far as the BFEE is concerned, their 90-second used car dealer cash grab is about to come to an end long enough to
 get thru this election so they can invade more countries in Bunnypant's second term.

 Ex-Inmate Alleges U.S. Abuse at Guantanamo

  Click  Here

 A Briton who spent two years in the U.S. prison at Gitmo accused his American captors
 of subjecting him and other inmates to a catalog of brutality: beatings, forced injections,
 sleep deprivation and shackling in painful positions. He said interrogators forced him to
 spend long periods in painful positions on his knees or bound in chains that cut into his skin.
 On some days, according to his account, guards chained him to the floor for up to 15 hours
 in an interrogation room with cold air blowing in, forcing him to urinate on himself.  Inmates
 suffered broken arms and legs, and bloodied and swollen faces, he said.

 Harith insisted that he was wrongly jailed at the prison. As far as I'm concerned, I was kidnapped,"
 he said. "Rushed into the Kandahar base. First I was beaten, stripped naked, interrogated naked,
 and after a week or two weeks in that concentration camp, I was sent to Cuba."

 And what does he think of the 9-11 evildoers?

 "They should be taken up publicly and their life should be taken, simple, I have no qualms about that," he said.

 So how many hundreds or thousands of innocent people are being tortured at Gitmo by our troops?
 America, once a great nation, has become a Gestapo, torturing and killing, sometimes for fun.

  Care to comment?

 Blair: Iraqis to have troop 'veto'
  Does democracy work in a military occupation?

  Click  Here

 Blair said that the new government will have full rights of control over coalition activities.

 sked what would happen if coalition troops wanted to act against insurgents in a major city, he said:
"If there is a question over whether we go into a place like Fallujah, that has to be done with the consent of the Iraqi government.
"Final control rests with the Iraqi government." The sovereignty transfer had to be "real and genuine".

 Mr Blair said that though the coalition would remain under its own commanders it would operate solely
 with the "consent" of the Iraqis, who could ask troops to leave at any point.

 These non-thinkers have painted themselves into another corner.
.Give Iraqi's the vote and they might elect that Sadr dude.
 If Sadr says he wants all our troops out - what excuse will Bush/Blair use to dismiss his orders?

  Care to comment?

 Subject: walking a thin line

 Probably you are too cool to remember any Huey Lewis song like my subject line,

 I remember a song with the line, "You're never the same once you've been under fire."

 but it is about returning veterans and relates to this - you wrote:

>"I don't mean to pick on this soldier, but after 18 months of killing everything that moves,
> what's he going to do when he gets home and someone cuts in front of him at the supermarket?"

 I want to ask about my seemingly false memory.
 When I was a kid, it was constantly in the news about someone going crazy and shooting up a McDonalds.
 I swear that I heard stories about that on the news on a regular basis. Does anyone else remember this?

 I sure do, in California in the 80's - was it San Isidro?
 They tore down that McDonald's - nobody wants to eat at the site of a massacre.

 I figured that was just the way the world worked. But at some point it quit happening and the fact that
 it did happen has gone down the memory hole. No one, to my knowledge, mentioned it after Columbine.
 The only reference I can find to it is the example from Dean Koontz's book "Cold Fire".

 It was apparently an early 1970s phenomenon which was caused by traumatized Vietnam vets, but the country
 does not want to remember this side effect of war. According to an article I read on Counterpunch, there was a
 large increase in domestic violence among Gulf war veterans. So we can anticipate some random acts of violence
 in America's future thanks to our disaster monkey. Before 9-11, the worst act of terrorism in America was from
 Gulf-war veteran Timothy McVeigh.


 I remember a Star Trek NG where they put all the war veterans in prison because they were trained to kill and they
 had trouble adjusting to civilian life after they got back.  I feel sorry for these guys and gals who were at work at Fedex
 or IBM or Best Buy - then got a call to report to Iraq so their minds could be torn apart by a year of senseless violence.

 The problems we'll have with raging vets in the coming years would be a lot more tolerable
 if they got screwed up in a war that needed to be fought.



"Bush and neoconservatives still foolishly refer to a "free Iraq" as a model for the region.
  They may be right -- if other Arab populations are eager to incorporate into their lives daily car bombs,
  shootings by soldiers at checkpoints, torture of prisoners by liberating armies, the rise of fundamentalist
  groups and violent militias, clerical control of political affairs and many empty promises of democracy.
  Colonization does not work in the 21st century, and the Iraqis who suffered under Saddam will settle for
  nothing less than full independence."
   --As'ad AbuKhalil, professor of political science at California State University at Stanislaus,  Attribution

 Halliburton drives empty trucks for extra cash in Iraq

  Click  Here

 The empty trailer runs in Iraq peaked in January, February and March of this year but have dwindled
 as violence has escalated and forced contractors to reduce the number of trucks in each convoy and
 how far they travel, the drivers said.

 Earlier this year, as many as a third of all the flatbed trucks in a 30-truck convoy were empty, they said.
 Much of the time, drivers would drop off one empty trailer and pick up another empty one for the return trip.

"There was one time we ran 28 trucks, one trailer had one pallet (a trailer can hold as many as 26 four-foot
 square pallets) and the rest of them were empty," said David Wilson, who was the convoy commander on
 more than 100 runs. Four other drivers who were with Wilson confirmed his account.

 James Warren of Rutherfordton, N.C., one of the fired KBR drivers, said he drove empty trucks through
 Iraq more than a dozen times. Besides the risks to the truckers, the six National Guard or Army escorts
 who provided security were also in danger, he said.

 In the fog of war, who can keep accurate books?
 Halliburton and the BFEE are stealing hundreds of billions from the taxpayers.

  Care to comment?

You might see something you can't live without.

 Najaf Shrine Is Damaged in Clashes
   No problem - it's not a Christian shrine, so who cares?

  Click  Here

 SBC Reaches Tentative Deal With Union
  Tommy Mack expected back on the web today - Koresh willing

  Click  Here

 Madonna Cancels Shows in Israel due to recent violence
  Oh please!  Why schedule shows in an ultra-violent place - then cancel?

  Click  Here

 Bush-Kerry Scandal May Overthrow the US Govt
  Wild red meat fodder for the conspiracy theorists

  Click  Here

 Archives: The Best of Mike Malloy
  ...as heard on  http://whiterosesociety.org

  Click  Here

"Don't let Republicans create an America we won't recognize."

Contribute today.

 Has America entered an Orwellian world of Doublespeak
 where outright lies can pass for the truth?     a Buzzflash exclusive

  Click  Here

 BuzzFlash first saw a cut of "Orwell Rolls" at a media reform conference in Madison last winter.
 We were looking for something to "fill a hole" in our schedule and found a documentary on the media
 that was playing at noon. We went in expecting to pass the time. We left dazzled, disturbed and
 slack-jawed in admiration of how Pappas had creatively distilled the grave threat of the mass
 corporate media into a film that is riveting.

"Orwell Rolls in his Grave" proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the oft-used BuzzFlash claim
 that we have entered into an Orwellian parallel universe, with the arrival of the radical right wing
 Republican Party in full power, is true and accurate.

 From: CaptAmerica4life

 Subject: Clinton/Somalia

 I served in the US Army in the Somalia raid.
 It was Clinton's idea, it was his blunder, it was all for nothing.
 He cut and run.
 That gave terrorists a hint that America would not fight back.

 I hesitate to call a veteran a monkey...

 Pay attention, Loogie, because class is in session.
 You Sir, have no idea what you're talking about.
 Maybe your clumsy bluff works on kids who weren't paying attention 14 years ago,
 but I know the facts so your lies don't sidetrack me from what I know is the truth.

 Bush the Smarter sent those men to Somalia in December of 1992.
 Guess who was still governor of Arkansas at that time?
 Clinton had no authority to send anyone anywhere, so knock off the bullshit.
 Second, the terrorists didn't learn about weak Americans from Clinton in 1993.

 Does this ring a bell?

 THIS is where the terrorists learned that Americans cut and run.  They learned
 that lesson in 1983 when Saint Reagan made a huge blunder by insisting
 those men be housed on land instead of at sea because, as you know, trucks
 full of explosives can't fly and hit ships.

 We're now saving two nations of people...

 That's not why 800 of your brothers are dead -"saving two nations."
 Bush said we had to defend ourselves from the coming-any-minute Saddam attacks.

 Bush said the attacks were so imminent, we couldn't give the UN inspectors one more week
 to search Iraq for the never-existed weapons of mass destruction.

 ...and you want to bring up oil and how many soldiers Bush killed.

 Funny that you don't. You think the men dying for Bush's oil greed shouldn't be recognized?
 Are you really a former soldier?
 Or are you some snot-nosed punk who likes to pretend he's a soldier on the internet?
 I think a real soldier would have more respect for the men who died for false reasons.

 First of all he didnt kill them, Saddam's gangsters, terrorists/Al Qaeda did.

 Saddam's gangsters couldn't have killed anybody if they were home at their jobs,
 but Bush saw something he wanted to steal - so there goes 800 once-great lives.

 We need to get rid of people like that in this world.

 I might agree, but that's not why those men were sent over there.
 What's wrong with you that you lost your memory from 14 months ago?
 Why do you accept Bush's bait-and-switch bullshit?

 People like you could care less if they're running around in the world.

 People like you would rather see 800 lives snuffed out?
 You'd sacrifice those 800 lives to bring down a petty thug who was no threat to us?
 You need to get on the right side of this argument, "Captain America."

 Only some skate boarding, tatooed, pierced trash would write such lame things as you have on your website...

 Right again, Loogie...
 I'm a 14 year-old sk8tr covered with tattoos and nipple rings, but funny...
 You and everybody you know couldn't handle the truth in a live chat room debate with me.

 ...while the children of Iraq and Afghanistan are given the first hope they ever had their entire lives.
 We're winning a HUGE mission, and will do it w/o support from people like you.

 If this mission is so just, so noble and so right - why did you return home to safety?

 Why aren't you over there right this second, "saving the children?"
 Don't you care about the children?

saw it on  thefreespeechzone.net

 Dueling Quotes

"Bush did not provide the midcourse correction that even some Republicans had called for
  in the face of increasingly macabre violence in recent weeks ... nor did Bush try to answer
  some of the looming questions that have triggered growing skepticism and anxiety at home
  and abroad about the final U.S. costs, the final length of stay for U.S. troops, or what the terms
  will be for a final U.S. exit from Iraq. After promising 'concrete steps,' the White House basically
  repackaged stalled U.S. policy as a five-step plan."
    --Robin Wright and Mike Allen, Washington Whore Post,Attribution

"Bush's speech gave us the two things we needed most: an honest report
  on the present and a detailed plan for the future."
    -- Tom DeLay (R-Squirrel), who was sued in 1987 for sexual harrassment by
         the vacuum hose of a Ford F-150 pickup he once owned,  Attribution

 Chimp Speech Chat Room Transcript

  Click  Here


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 Bush lied in speech Monday night
  Either that, or he's incredibly out of touch

  Click  Here

 In his speech about his plan for Iraq, Bush also said, about the beheading:

"It reveals a fanaticism that was not caused by any action of ours, and would not be appeased by any concession.
 We suspect that the man with the knife was an al-Qaeda associate named Zarqawi."

 Now first, the "not caused by any action of ours" - we invaded them for chrissakes, then we plaster pictures
 of us sexually humiliating them, so his claim is a bit disingenuous.

 But claiming they suspect the man with the knife was al-Qaeda... the Stupid Git reported last week that the
 beheaders were captured, and had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. It's been nearly two weeks now since those
  guys were caught, and they were Iraqis. But it's more convenient to claim it's al-Qaeda?

  Care to comment?

 Halliburton stealing millions in food sub-contracts
  You knew all about this months ago because you read  bartcop.com

  Click  Here

Now an insider involved in the deal alleges that the Australian-Kuwaiti joint venture was approached
 by a Halliburton employee seeking kickbacks worth up to $3 million during the contract negotiations.
"We're not talking about a paper bag. This guy was after a percentage of your sales every month."

 The allegations surfaced during a messy legal brawl between Halliburton and its former contractors
 Morris and KCPC, who are seeking a settlement over the termination of the contract.

 Confidential Halliburton documents given to the Herald show that the US Halliburton employee who
 allegedly approached the joint venture was involved in awarding millions of dollars worth of Halliburton
 work in Kuwait to supply the US military with services. The Herald was unable to contact the employee.

 Too bad we can't get an elected Democrtats to check into this.

  Care to comment?

New sponsor - oneweekendmyass.com

Marty's Entertainment Page


"George W. Bush began and ended his speech with a brazen lie.
  He claimed that the United States is in Iraq to fight al-Qaida...
  The shamelessness is matched only by his contempt for the intelligence of the American people."
     --Michael Lind, author of "Bush and the Southern Takeover of American Politics"   Attribution

New flash movie from takebackthemedia.com

 Mr. President, What Planet Are You On?

  Click  Here

 The president is somehow deluded that a fake turnover of power to a puppet interim
 government - to replace the widely discredited U.S.-picked Governing Council - will take
 the fire out of the guerrilla insurgency. Bush retains that vain hope despite his administration's
 attempt to low-ball expectations by having senior officials warn that violence could spike after
 the turn over of "sovereignty" on June 30.

 The violence is likely to get worse despite the administration's pretense of turning over Iraq
 to the Iraqis, and throwing more U.S. forces into a quagmire already unpopular at home would
 be a sure election loser. What's an administration to do?

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"Several statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in an Australian hall have apparently
  begun weeping and bleeding rose oil, prompting the Catholic Church to launch an investigation,
  a church official said on Tuesday. Hundreds of people have flocked to a Vietnamese community
  hall near St Mary's Church in the Brisbane suburb of Inala after news spread that several statues,
  crucifixes, tablecloths and a set of prayer beads were oozing rose-scented oil. "It's one of those
  matters where you proceed prudently," said Father Adrian Farrelly, who has been appointed by
  the church to investigate the incident. The objects, which reportedly began bleeding and weeping
  a week ago, have been placed behind glass in the hall until investigators can examine them.
"It looks genuine enough, but then I suppose I don't know what a fake one looks like," visitor
  Mark Power told Brisbane's Courier-Mail newspaper on Tuesday. "I'd like to believe, but (I'll)
  wait and see what the church says."
      --Oddly Enough - Reuters, "Church Investigates Weeping Statues",   Attribution

 In the old days, it was snake oil - today it's rose oil.
 The Catholic Church is showing their contempt for their faithful - pulling a cheap stunt like this.
 If the Vatican had any credibility, (should I finish this sentence?) they'd immediately announce that
 someone had a mental breakdown and that statues are not weeping rose oil.  But nooooooooooooooo.
 This way, they might "scare up" some extra money from the scared people who buy this con job.

 Tell you what - let's send The Amazing Randi to Austrailia to investigate.
 He's offered one million dollars in cash for anyone who can show him a real space monkey.

 The Catholics should be ashamed of themselves.


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 VCR Alert

 American Idle winner tonight - yawn

 Country Music Awards - if no Shania, why bother?

 Star Trek: Enterprize ends with a surprise, they say

 Law & Order - all night on NBC. If you're stuck with reruns, could be worse.

 The Sopranos repeats their most recent masterpiece on HBO

 World Poker Tour "Battle of Champions"
 The winners from the inaugural season gather in Las Vegas
 Watch and sharpen your game so you can join us in Chicago in July.

 Subject: conspiracy and the WTC


 Back in issue 1311, you asked about a link to info about the seismic data for the WTC on 911.

 There's an image on this page: http://serendipity.ptpi.net/wtc5.htm

 And the site has a couple of pages of "controlled demolition" theories.  All in all, a pretty decent paranoia site.
 I hope it's all insane and crazy fiction but it's hard to tell with the nutcases running the country.  I want to wake up soon.

 Keep up the great work!  It's truly inspiring that someone with a double digit IQ can consistenly produce so much content.
 And ol' Bart is always on target.  If only Smirky the Chimp were half as handicapable.

 Thank you thank you thank you.
 Keep swinging that hammer.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

799  801 dead American soldiers.

Over 800 deaths - why?
Funny - nobody has mentioned the Mogadishu 18 lately...



"Under the dictator, prisons like Abu Gar -- reb -- were symbols of death and torture. That same prison
  became a symbol of disgraceful conduct by a few American troops who dishonored our country and
  disregarded our values. America will fund the construction of a modern, maximum security prison.
  When that prison is completed, detainees at Abu Garab will be relocated. Then, with the approval of
  the Iraqi government, we will demolish the Abu Garab prison, as a fitting symbol of Iraq's new beginning."
   --Dubya,  May 24, 2004,  Attribution

  Translation: When the troops were caught following my "No rules rules" of war, we decided to ask our
  hand-picked puppets for permission to destroy that prison so Halliburton can build us a newer, more efficient
  torture chamber North of Baghdad where no damn digital cameras will be allowed.

 Subject: The Baja Plan

 The problems in the middle east will never end as long as Israel exists. Where it is.

 Arabs and all Muslims view it as an outlaw state,  and there will be ever worsening conflicts
 in the region until there is an irreversible catastrophe.  Please consider seriously what I am proposing.
 It is time to think outside the box.

 The best possible outcome in any conflict, is when the outcome results in all parties being satisfied.
 I believe that if the Baja Plan is adopted it will bring peace and prosperity to all involved.

 Baja California is approximately four or five times the size of Israel. There is much open space there.
 The environment is similar in many ways to the area currently occupied by Israel.

 Mexico needs money.  The United States needs a guaranteed source of petroleum. Let's make a deal.
 For (fill in the number) billion dollars, the US will purchase an area in Baja the size of Israel, and Mexico
 will recognize it as a sovereign nation within its borders. For an arbitrated amount, somewhat higher than spot,
 the US will agree to buy every drop of oil Mexico can produce, relieving us of any more reliance on middle east oil.

 A vibrant, dynamic small country like Israel, relocated in Mexico, is going to get the regional (and global)
 economy humming, lower unemployment in Mexico, and reduce the flow of immigrants crossing our southern
 border looking for work.

 There's a plethora of details that have to be thought of and dealt with, but I assure you it's possible.
 Peace in the middle east, a drastic reduction in terrorism, fewer undocumented workers, improved quality
 of life for Mexicans, no more worrying about dependence on Arab oil, the list goes on.

 Last thought for the doubters and nay sayers:
 If they moved London Bridge to Lake Havasu, they can move the Western Wall to Ensenada.

 Adopt the Baja Plan!
 Tony McGrath

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

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 Sidran, other stars shine as theater closes

  Click  Here

 Groove is gonna get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no groove.

 That was Ben Sidran's mantra, and opening number, Saturday as the talented Madison jazz pianist hosted for
 almost three hours the last-ever performance in what soon will be known as the former Oscar Mayer Theatre
 in the former Madison Civic Center.

 Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson, in full chanteuse regalia, fronting the quartet with a smoldering version
 of the Peggy Lee torcher "Fever" that aroused more than musical appreciation among many audience members.

 Damn, who's got a tape of Shirley "arousing" the audience members in Madison?

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