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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
CIA official slams B.F.E.E.
Cheney's Nightmare
Dogs OK'd vs Iraqi POWs
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
USA Today Thumbs Up F9/11
Saudis Offer Amnesty
What is Buckley's standing?
Bush's Monica Moment
92 killed Thursday in Iraq


Quote of the Day

"Starr believed it violated a natural 
  order for me to be elected president."   
    --Bill Clinton, on the "Today" show,  Attribution


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Volume 1342 - Imperial Hubris

  Thursday    June 24, 2004


"Well, I really do think that there are a few people on the left, like Moore and Franken, who are
  downright dishonest in the things that they say about conservatives. I think you can say whatever
  you want, as long as you stay within the truth. And they don't make that standard at all."
       --Mona Charen, on The O'Reilly Spin      Attribution

 Hey Mona, instead of claiming they are dishonest,
 why don't you demonstrate their dishonesty with a few examples?

 Could it be that you can't?

 CIA official slams B.F.E.E. on war, greed, Iraq

  Click  Here

"We are fighting a worldwide Islamic insurgency -- not criminality or terrorism -- and our
 policy and procedures have failed to make more than a modest dent in enemy forces," he said.

 He said the threat from radical Islam is rooted in opposition not to American values, but to
 policies and actions, particularly in the Islamic world.  The book denounces the US occupation
 of Iraq as "an avaricious, premeditated unprovoked war against a foe who posed no immediate threat,"
 and said it would fuel the anti-American sentiments on which bin Laden and his followers draw.

"There is nothing that bin Laden could have hoped for more than the American invasion of Iraq," he writes.

"Kill this CIA guy and
  then take his pants off."

  Care to comment?


"Clinton's "My Life," sold more than 400,000 copies in the United States on Tuesday in its first day
  of release, the most ever for a nonfiction book and double the believed previous record holder, 
  Hillary's "Living History."  Bill's publisher, Alfred A. Knopf, announced an additional printing of
  725,000 copies, bringing the total to 2.25 million. "My Life" is Amazon.com's best seller in the
  United States, England, France and Japan. The audiobook, read by Clinton, sold 35,000 copies in
  the United States, also a first-day record.  "My Life" is helping sales of "Living History," which
  reached Amazon.com's top 10 on Tuesday."
      --Associated Press,    Attribution

 They made the Clintons borrow, what was it, $7M to defend themselves against bogus charges?
 I'm glad to see that they are now set for life financially.

 9/11 Panel Becomes Cheney's Nightmare
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Mr. Cheney also has repeatedly contended that Iraq directly assisted Al Qaeda, although he
 hesitates to suggest that Saddam was behind 9/11. He claims that Iraq assisted Osama bin Laden's
 criminal associates with bomb-making and with training in the use of biological and chemical weapons.

 So the commission staff's latest findings infuriated the Vice President. His echo in The New York Times,
 Op-Ed columnist William Safire, denounced them as the work of a "runaway" staff. (Mr. Safire forgot to
 mention, however, that the commission's executive director, Philip Zelikow, is a Republican and a close
 associate of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.)

 Attempting to rebut the offending report, Mr. Cheney told an interviewer that he "probably" has more
 information about the "relationship" between Al Qaeda and Iraq than the commission does.

 If so, he should be asked to present that information to the commission, whose chairman, Thomas Kean,
 and vice chairman, Lee Hamilton, have tried to downplay their stark differences with the White House.
 They have yet to answer the Vice President's taunts with a firm request for any additional proof he may
 possess about Iraq and Al Qaeda.

 Bush gets to hand-pick his jury, and when they come back calling him and Cheney liars, he says,
"Those partisan hacks are just out to destroy me."


 Use of Dogs Against Prisoners Was Approved by U.S.

        "OK, I admit it, ...I'm Saddam Hussein!!!"

  Click  Here

 Bush said he has never ordered the torture of Iraqi or al Qaeda prisoners as the White House
 released secret documents showing the use of dogs to induce fear was approved among
 interrogation methods at Guantanamo Bay and then abandoned.

"What's the problem?
 They're not human - they're darkies!
 And what's wrong with stripping some Dude
 and having the dog bark at his genitals?

  Care to comment?

 Subject: you speak French?

 Bonjour Bartcop,
 I did'ent savent que vous avez parlé français !
 C'est toujours un suprise à moi pour trouver quelqu'un avec le même
 Q.I. de 64 qui parle le français ou le latin.

 Ayez une bonne journée

 Oui, je parle sept langues dues à ma beaucoup de connaissance de latin de base.
 Avez-vous été à Paris ? Je voudrais aller autrefois.

 Dare to comment?


 Tucker Carlson: What precisely did Clinton do wrong? Boil it down. You didn't boil it down.
        It is not so clear what Clinton did wrong. He lied about sex. Maybe you should write a book and explain.

 Ken Starr: I don't want to reduce it to a butcher sticker -- a bumper sticker. The facts in the report, it has
        been called "the Starr Report," I called it "the referral." The facts are there. People can see the facts.
        I don't think the facts have been seriously called into question. There are issues of motivations and the like.
        The facts are the facts. In my worldview you should know the truth. You deal with the truth. I think it shall set you free.
                    --Exchange on new PBS show "Unfiltered" on Friday,    Attribution

  First, I'll bet Freud rolled over in his grave when Starr said, "butcher sticker."
  And if Carlson was fair, he would've asked Starr why there was semen stains on Starr's copy of the referral.

  Also, in one of his interviews, Clinton said Starr referred to sex 182 times (a guess)
  and referred to Whitewater either once or twice, proving this was always about sex.

 Subject: Randi Rhodes

 I loved her guitar work on those old Ozzy albums.
 I wonder why she gave it up....

 Rude Rich


Marty's Entertainment Page

 GOP is dealing off the bottom of the deck
    by  Gene Lyons        June 23, 2004

  Click  Here

 Then there's Kerry's supposedly "troubling" record on national defense, dramatized by
 another bogus ad about votes to limit weapons funding.  So guess who sponsored the cuts
 Kerry backed. President George H. W. Bush, after the Soviet threat vanished. Poppy's
 secretary of defense was Dick Cheney.

 According to The New York Times, in 1990, "Cheney's first budget canceled, among other
 things, production of the M-1 tank and the Bradley fighting vehicle, and made big cuts in the
 F-18 fighter" - the very weapons George W. Bush's ads chide Kerry about.


"Everywhere is freaks and hairies
  Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity
  Tax the rich, feed the poor
  Till there are no rich no more

  I'd love to change the world
  But I don't know what to do
  So I'll leave it up to you

  Population keeps on breeding
  Nation bleeding, still more feeding economy
  Life is funny, skies are sunny
  Bees make honey, who needs money, Monopoly

  I'd love to change the world
  But I don't know what to do
  So I'll leave it up to you

  World pollution, there's no solution
  Institution, electrocution
  Just black and white, rich or poor
  Them and us, stop the war

  I'd love to change the world
  But I don't know what to do
  So I'll leave it up to you
     -- Ten Years After, theme song from Fahrenheit 9/11

 Subject: Poker/Ben Affleck

 Ben Affleck won $356,000 at a Commerce Casino poker tournament (90 players, $10,000 buy-in)
 that earned him a seat in next year's World Poker Tour Championship ($25,000 buy-in)???.

 Wow, maybe Ben can act after all!

("fredwings" on PartyPoker)

 Fred, I'll look for you there.

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.

 Juror Removed From Scott Peterson Trial
  Big mouth talked about the case with his girlfriend

  Click  Here

 Jersey Gov - No Tyson Fight in my State
  Aw, let the guy fight - he's broke and owes the I.R.S.

  Click  Here

 Nader Urges Kerry to Pick Edwards for VP
  Ralph, why don't you get a job and retire from campaigning?

  Click  Here

 Classic Video Games Make a Comeback
  Space Invaders, Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Joust, Donkey Kong

  Click  Here

 Politics aside: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' will entertain

  Click  Here

 Few will forget the devastating footage of Bush's bewildered, dumbstruck reaction on
 the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when he learns of the attack on the World Trade Center.
 Instead of conferring with advisers, he sits quietly in a Florida classroom for an
 interminable seven minutes and then reads My Pet Goat to the children

 The stickier part is Moore's depiction of Bush as unscrupulous and self-serving.
 The first President Bush has branded the film a "vicious personal attack" on his son.
 If any of Moore's facts prove wrong, then perhaps he'll have a point. But most of
 Fahrenheit's information comes from verifiable sources.

 Some of the disparagement seems personal because Moore presents information with
 his trademark deadpan humor. But is it an attack to point out that the President spent 42%
 of his first eight months in office on vacation? Or is it useful information for voters?

 Supreme Court Sides With Cheney, as Expected
  What are friends for?

  Click  Here

 As expected, the Supreme Court ruled for their good friend Dick Cheney and his energy task force,
 and against the voting publiv by helping him cover up his Enron crimes, but kept the case alive
 by sending it back to a lower court so Cheney could make it to November without a dark cloud.

See more of Wolf's work at   eddytoons.com

 Subject: R rating for Michae; Moore

 Giving a film that shows the same images you would see on the nightly news
 an R rating is the stupidset thing I've ever seen. Consider for a moment the
 movies out in theaters right now that had lower ratings:

The Chronicles of Riddick: PG-13 Depicts suicide, army type violence and the star of the flick is a mass murderer

The Day After Tomorrow: PG-13 Depicts end ot the world type catastophe in which millions of people die

Van Helsing: PG-13 The story is based around killing monsters.

 I think Moore has a valid complaint here. What is the message being sent here, that "fake" violence is OK
 to watch but documentary footage of real violence is too intense for teens to watch? What idiot made that rule?


 Stacy, think about the military recruiters that are on college campuses talking to 17 year-olds
 about joining the carnage that Moore put in his film.

 It's OK to go to Iraq, witness much worse than Moore's film and possibly die, but seeing
 an Iraq that is NOT approved by Karl Rove would be too much for a 17 year-old?

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"He'd be innocent because the prosecution hasn't given us any reason to
  believe otherwise so far.  Yeah he lied about a couple of things that we saw in there,
  but I haven't seen anything to make me believe that he committed this crime."
   -- Justin Falconer, 28, the juror who was excuse from the Sctt Peterson trial   Attribution

 Did Ashcroft brush off terror warnings?
   by known whore Lisa Myers, so she could be lying

  Click  Here

 The 9/11 commission is busy writing its final report, but is still investigating critical facts, including the
 conduct of  John Ashcroft.   The commission has interviewed two FBI officials who contradict sworn
 testimony by Ashcroft, about whether he brushed off terrorism warnings in the summer of 2001.

 Pickard testified to the 9/11 commission that when he tried to brief Ashcroft just a week later,
 about the terror threat inside the United States, he got the brush-off.

"Mr. Ashcroft told you that he did not want to hear about this anymore,"  Richard Ben-Veniste
 asked on April 13. "Is that correct?"

"That is correct," Pickard replied.

"He could be guilty,
 we need to lose him,
 Let's throw them Ashcroft..."


"I don't believe that the Whitewater case was ever fully investigated. People died.
  The judge that was going to get information out was not questioned. And as a matter of fact...
  I believe that Bill Clinton beat the rap on Whitewater and I think Ken Starr failed on that."
     --Robert Novak, "Meet the Whore"   Attribution

 Maybe Bob's just too old to think, but if you say Clinton was guilty but Starr failed to find any evidence,
 you also have to admit that Robert Fisk (first prosecutor) failed to find anything, you have to admit the Burton
 hearings failed to find anything, you have to admit the Barr hearings failed to find anything, you have to admit
 the Hyde hearings failed to find anything, you have to admit the House Managers failed to find anything,
 you have to admit the FBI failed to find anything, you have to admit the Park Police failed to find anything,
 you have to admit the print media failed to find anything, you have to admit the babbling TV Nazis failed to
 find anything and at some point ....a semi-honest man would have to finally admit there was nothing there.

 Saudis Offer Militants One-Month Amnesty
 While America's military might negotiates for a cease fire in Fallujah

  Click  Here

 The kingdom's rulers on Wednesday gave militants a month to surrender
 and save their lives, or else face the government's "full might."

 Crown Prince Abdullah, the kingdom's de facto ruler, issued the
 ultimatum Wednesday in the name of King Fahd, his ailing half brother.

"We swear by God that nothing will prevent us from striking with our full might,
 which we derive from relying on God," Abdullah said, using some of the strongest
 language yet against militants.

 Abdullah offered a limited amnesty to anyone who has not yet been "arrested for
 carrying out terrorist acts" - saying only those who committed acts that hurt others
 would be prosecuted, and no one who turns himself in would face the death penalty.

 How can this cave-dwelling gang of religio-handjobs making America's defenses crumble?
 This rag-tag bunch of hooligans can make the world's only superpower beg for a truce?
 $400 billion dollars in taxes buys us nothing against these religio-crazies?

 Gee, it's almost like the war on terror has been mishandled.

 That little tangle with William F Buckley yesterday?

 I know who WFB is, I've known who is is for 40 years.
 I've seen him on TV probably a hundred times, but that was
 back when, maybe a decade or more ago. Where has he been?

 For instance, I assume Buckley dislikes Clinton,
 but I can't give you one anti-Clinton Buckley quote.

 Where is Buckley right now in the GOP?
 Is he the old school Gramps that they're just being nice to?
 Or he he the Senior Elder on the Council of Conservatism?

 Another thing - they used to say Buckley was so far right,
 that he in some cases makes it all the way around like Columbus
 and is therefore, logically, forced to come to the defense if liberalism.
 Again, WFB has been soooo far off my radar, has he been on yours?

 But I remember stories from Penthouse in the 70's about WFB going
 out 10-12 miles into the ocean so he could legally do some pot and some heroin.

 Eddie, ...I am not kidding. (fzr)

 Also, I thought he was almost fair with his comments.
 He semi-took the high road - even tho he was wrong,
 he merely said, "How 'bout that" more than he attacked.

 So, somebody clue me in on what WFB's been up to.
 I'm pretty sure he's too busy to debate a guy like me, but if WFB went around
 the bend and has some lib leanings, tell me before he gets hurt because he's
 gotta be getting up there in years and I wouldn't want to hurt an elderly brother.

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

848  no, .... 851 dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - the lives go down the drain - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.


 VCR Alert

 Clinton on Air America Radio's O'Franken Factor Thursday

 Clinton on Larry King's Wives Thursday

"Dat's right! Clinton takes
  your calls for a full hour."

 Bush's Monica Moment

  Click  Here

"This weekend Bill Clinton gave the world a look into his character. In his autobiography, My Life,
 Clinton calls his affair with Monica Lewinsky a "terrible moral error" that sprang from the "darkest part"
 of his "inner life." Lying about it under oath got him impeached by a Republican House led by Gingrich,
 who was having an affair with a younger aide at the time, just as the voluble Clinton scourge, Bill Bennett,
 rested from his indignations with the Las Vegas chapter of the Moral Majority. The reckless impeachment
 peterrated by these pecksniffs crippled the Clinton presidency at a fateful time - when Osama Bin Laden
 was about to target the "homeland." Historians will doubtless explore the question of how far Bill Clinton's
 "moral error" and the Republican near-putsch contributed to September 11."

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 92 killed yesterday in coordinated attacks in Iraq

  Click  Here

"The death toll from Thursday's wave of attacks in Iraq rose to 92, officials said, as a
 Web site said a group linked to al Qaeda associate Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was responsible.

 Wounded in the series of bombings and ambushes -- which struck Mosul, Ba'qubah, Ramadi,
 Baghdad and Fallujah -- numbered 285, according to Iraqi police and health officials."

 Will the military take my advice and surround and then tighten the noose on Fallujah?

 Have you noticed all the beheadings so far have been civilians?
 If they capture and behead an American soldier, look for our military to go berzerk
 and I fear the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqis, which is part of Osama's plan.

 He has played Bush like a fiddle, outwitting him at every turn.
 Osama counted on Bush's insatiable greed - and he guessed right.

 Bush called off the hunt for the man who blew up New York so he could
 immerse America in a quagmire that had nothing to do with 9-11.

 Bush should be removed for mental incompetence.

 What if Fahrenheit 9/11 makes, ...like, $20 million  opening weekend?

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