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$20B in oil money missing
L.A. Suspect: Cops Lying
R.I.P Mattie Stepanek
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Lyons: Here's the Beef
GOP is Helping Nader Camp
BartCop Alumni win awards 
Google Whips Michael Moore
Will they cancel the election? 


Quote of the Day

"Suppressing dissent only increases radicalism. 
 The long-term stability of any government depends 
  on being open to change and responsive to citizens."
     --Dubya, the most hard-headed, secretive president 
       in history who can't appear anywhere except before
       hand-picked audiences because he is so hated.

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Volume 1347 - Another Fine Mess 

 Wed-Thurs    June 30, July 1, 2004


"With the benefit of minute hindsight, Saddam wasn't the kind of extra-territorial menace
  that was assumed by the administration one year ago. If I knew then what I know now
  about what kind of situation we would be in, I would have opposed the war."
     --William F. Buckley Jr., finally catching up to where we were two years ago  Attribution

 $20 Billion of revenue from oil 'missing'
  Who could've foreseen that the B.F.E.E. would steal?

  Click  Here

 A Christian charity has accused the coalition authority in Iraq of failing to account for up to $20bn
 (nearly £11bn) of oil revenues which should have been spent on relief and reconstruction projects.

Christian Aid, in a report today, claims that the [BFEE], which hands over power to
 an interim administration in Iraq this week, is in flagrant breach of the UN security
 council resolution which gave it control of the country's oil revenues.

 Resolution 1483, passed in May 2003, stated that the money should be spent in the interests
 of the Iraqi people and independently audited, but an auditor was appointed only in April.

 The charity quoted an unnamed UN diplomat as saying: "We only have the total amounts and
 movements in and out of the development fund. We have absolutely no knowledge of what
 purposes they are for and if these are consistent with the security council resolution."

 Last October, Christian Aid revealed that $4bn of oil revenues were unaccounted for, but although
 procedures have been tightened up, the charity said, "we still do not know exactly how Iraq's money
 has been earned, which companies have won the contracts that it has been spent on, or whether this
 spending was in the interests of the Iraqi people."

 According to the coalition's latest figures, the development fund has received $10.7bn.
 Yet it also admits that $12.5bn has been generated since June 2003.  When 5% is taken away to
 pay for Kuwaiti compensation, $1.2bn is still missing, say the Liberal Democrats.

 You guys are chumps if you think the BFEE only stole $20 billion.
  2,500,000 barrels a day x $40 a barrel = $100 million per day.
 We've been there a lot longer than 200 days, and don't forget the trillions missing from the
 Treasury and the hundreds of billions Bush will tell us about after he steals this election.

 Add to that the billion dollar kickbacks from halliburton and the illegally-awarded no-bid
 contracts on everything from food to cell phones to laundry and transportation.

 ...and before you get excited that "liberal Democrats" are fighting back,
 they're talking about British democrats - ours are still wetting themselves with fear.

"Possession is nine tenths of the law..."

  Care to comment?


"When I ran for governor many years ago I estimated I shook 600,000 hands, and when I
  was president I visited all 50 states, and since I left office my wife and I have traveled to
  more than 120 nations. I've known kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers.
 But the most extraordinary person I have ever known in my life is Mattie Stepanek.""
     -- Jimmy Carter, at 13-year-old Mattie's funeral,   Attribution


 I had never heard of Mattie until his funeral made headlines.

 Click  Here  for more about Mattie Stepanek, who had to watch his sister and
                      two brothers die of mitochondrial myopathy before it got him.

 Beaten L.A. Suspect Denies Police Story
  Says he was carrying nothing when cops beat him on camera

  Click  Here

 Suspected car thief Stanley Miller told his lawyer Monday that he wasn't carrying
 any metal objects when he was struck 11 times with a flashlight as he lay on the
 ground after a chase last week, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

 "If (police) came up with something, the information I'm getting is they either planted it
 on him or they're making it up," attorney Mark Werksman said after a jailhouse interview with Miller.

 Werksman said Miller told him he was wearing sweat pants with loose pockets that would not
 hold his possessions, so he had his cell phone in one hand and $8 in cash in the other as he ran.

 Are Los Angeles cops crazy?
 Or do they just have more cameras in southern California?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 GOP Helping Nader Campaign
   Nader is Bush's best friend since Osama

  Click  Here

 Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington says it will file a complaint with
 federal election officials, accusing two conservative organizations of illegally helping
 Ralph Nader's presidential campaign, possibly with support from Bush's campaign.

  Care to comment?

 bartcop.com  Alumni win awards for writing

  Click  Here

 The Georgia Press Association has announced their winners for 2004.

 Stephen Sacco, King of Israel and True Ruler of all Palestine, won
 First and Third place for Best Investigative Reporting - Woo Hoo!  Go Stephen!

 Sacco also won third place in the Humor Column category.
(Stephen was a stand-up comic in New York City before moving to Georgia)

 And First Place in the Humor Column category was won by former  bartcop.com
 Chief of Staff Christian Livemore  - Woo Hoo!  Go Christian!

 They both received checks for $10,000 from the GPA.  No wait, that's not correct,
 they didn't receive any monetary reward, they each received a hardy "Well done!"

Mourning in America

Click on the Bush toast


''What has happened to our country? We have been in wars before, without resorting
  to sexual humiliation as torture, without blocking the Red Cross, without insulting and
  deceiving our allies and the U.N., without betraying our traditional values, without
  imitating our adversaries, without blackening our name around the world."
      --Theodore Sorensen, "Mirage in the Desert",    Attribution

 Hell, I can answer that.
 Because of Scalia and his thug court, we lost the right to vote.
 Scalia installed an unqualified monster who giggles when he kills.
 The greed of this giggling murderer has no bounds.

 Subject: the F bomb

 Bart, you wrote:

> I think the old language might have to make a comeback on  bartcop.com


 To quote Jimmy Carter, our excursion into family entertainment was "an incomplete success."
 The upcoming AAR radio ads promise, "uncensored invective" on BartCop Radio, and I can not tell a lie.

 Back around BCR Show 39, I used the 2Checout newsletter to send out a trial balloon
 saying I was leaning towards going back to the language most Americans (and Dick Cheney) use,
 and I didn't hear back from anybody so I took that as a yes.

 I'm not going to overdue it, hopefuly, but I feel like the straight jacket is off.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Deal made with Air America Radio

 We're going to flood the airwaves July 7th, a Wednesday.

 Have your best stuff on your page that day and be listening for your ad
 and please write down the time and be sure to mention your time zone.

 Bush Misleads About Transfer of Power in Iraq
  ...and the press sings the praises of our brave "war president"

  Click  Here

 Speaking at the NATO conference in Turkey Monday, President Bush said,
"Fifteen months after the liberation of Iraq...the world witnessed the arrival of
 a free and sovereign Iraqi government."1 The reality, however, is much different.

 You bet it is.
 Bush and the American press tell us how wonderful this is, yet they had to sneak
 the paperwork thru in the middle of the night to get around the constant terror bombings.

 They couldn't even have a formal handover ceremony because Paul Bremer had to
 stage his escape and get out of that blazing inferno of beheadings and death, but Bush
 deserves another four years so he can Iraqize other nations in the area.

 Care to comment?

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.

 Popcorn kills?
  Jury says butter flavoring didn't disable worker's lungs

  Click  Here

 100 Million Americans Breathing Crap - EPA
  Particles spewed by Bush's coal-burning power plants are killing us

  Click  Here

 Arnold - Big Spender with State Money
  Mr. "Cut government" is paying fewer employees higher salaries than Davis

  Click  Here

 Spears Says She is Marrying for Love
  Her second engagement in six months - makes J-Lo seem stable by comparison

  Click  Here

 Cheney booed at Yankees Stadium
  Nobody likes a thieving Nazi

  Click  Here

 On Tuesday's Crossfire, they mentioned a new poll.

 It showed Smirk & Kerry about even (with Nader butting in)
 but on the subject of fighting terrorism, Bush leads 55-35.

 I know some of you can't warm up to Wes Clark, but Kerry/Clark
 has to beat the Idiot and the Walking Heart Attack - they just have to.

 If anyone reading this has access to Kerry, tell him BartCop says
 if he wants to win this race - he'll ask Clark to join his ticket.



"So, Kerry's the one. Overall I like Kerry,
  but I would vote for Lassie to get Bush out."
     --Mark Miller, 56, speaking for most of America     Attribution

 Here's the beef
    by Gene Lyons

   Click  Here

 ...if inaccurate statements are lies, the Times printed even more lies about Whitewater
 than "weapons of mass destruction." Indeed, had editors heeded problems with its
"investigative" reporting during Clinton's first term when some of us started calling
 attention to them, they might have spared themselves a lot of trouble. Judith Miller's
 bad reporting about Iraq and Jeff Gerth's about Arkansas had certain basic
 similarities: Both reporters went to places they knew little about, put themselves into
 the hands of con men with axes to grind and suppressed dissenting voices eventually
 proved correct.

 As George Seldes observed, however, "the most sacred cow of the press is the press
 itself." Hence, The Washington Post, too, editorialized that Clinton's memoir "veers from
 the nonfiction category" regarding Whitewater, adding: "The tangled real estate investments...
 merited investigation, and the inquiry produced numerous convictions."

Click  to  Order

Joe, send your e-mail address to  Sam@bartcop.com
and we'll set you up with some free BartCop Radio

 Subject: Best yet Bart!!

 Bart, when you said that "43" had "lots of smartass", you weren't whistling "Oklahoma"!!
 I know I keep telling you that (fill-in-the-blank) was the best yet....but without a doubt, you outdid yourself in 43.
 I especially LOVED the snorty, porcine sound effects whenever you played a Limbaugh piece.

 But you were correct when you said that ole Rushbo had gotten it right when he alleged that the Democrats
 in Congress never gave a Valentine to the Big Dog (Clinton) like Monkey Boy Bush gave him when he and
 Hillary returned to the WH.  Which just goes to show ya.....even a blind, vulgar, pilondial-assed Pigboy
 can find an acorn every now and then.

 Keep hammering....and please, PLEASE....keep the pig snorts for Limbaugh.

 Jill, anniesmom

 Subject: BartCop Radiooooooooooooo

 I could get long-winded and I know you like it "pithy", so I'll just say it plain.

 BartCop Radio is the best 10 bucks I spend all month.


 Subject: BCR feedback

 Hi Bart,

 Show 44 - In my opinion, the best ever.
 Perfect balance between commentary, playing clips, politics, entertainment, etc.
 Great work.


 Subject: Re: hey from bart - show 42 is up

 Hi, Bart,
 I'm still enjoying Bartcop immensely and so appreciate your hard work to get
 it and the radio show up.  My compliments to Mrs. Bart and my best to you both.


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Cheney on Wheel of Fortune

 Dueling Quotes

"The Chicago Tribune and a Los Angeles Family Court judge have established
  a new standard for the release of marital and custodial documents. Okay, then
  everyone in the public arena needs to be held to that standard. John Kerry is
  the start, but there will be others we will seek to hold to this new standard."
   -- Dan Proft, announcing his intentions to sue for Kerry's divorce files,   Attribution

"If the rethugs can sue to open John Kerry's sealed divorce papers, does that
  mean implied consent for the Dems to go after Bunnypants' arrest record and
  the details of Pickles Stepford's homicidal car accident? How about revisiting W's
  cocaine bust? His shady stock deals? The story on his alleged man-love boytoy?"
        --Maru, http://maruthecrankpot.blogspot.com/

 Subject: Bush the never-elected

 You totally called it when you said Bush would try stopping an election;
 I thought it was tin foil hat stuff, but I stand corrected.


 Voting official seeks process for canceling Election over terrorism
   If they cancel the election, there's no way Bush can lose it

  Click  Here

 The government needs to establish guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if terrorists
 strike the United States again, says the chairman of a new federal voting commission.

 Such guidelines do not currently exist, said DeForest B. Soaries, head of the voting panel.

 Soaries was appointed to the federal Election Assistance Commission last year by Bush.
 Soaries said he wrote to Kinda Sleazy Rice and Tom Ridge in April to raise the concerns.

 I'm very confident that this illegal gang of thugs will not turn loose of their absolute power.
 If they think they need to, they'll blow up New York's tunnels themselves, then claim we can't hold an
 election until the terror stops, which will be never since they're in charge.

 One man's opinion:
  Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident

  Click  Here

 The FBI's prompt arrival was peculiar. As Christopher Bollyn of American Free Press reported
 (www.rumor millnews.net, Oct. 29, 2002), "According to Rick Wahlberg, then St. Louis County sheriff,
 a team of FBI agents was quickly on the crash site about noon, less than an hour after (assistant manager Gary)
 Ulman and the (fire) chief had first located the site and found a way to access the wreck. This FBI team had
 come from the distant Twin Cities in record time!"

 When Bollyn "asked Ulman if he had notified the FBI about the accident, Ulman said he had not spoken with
 the bureau at any time. Asked how the FBI got to the site so quickly, Ulman said that he assumed they had
 come from Duluth. AFP contacted the Duluth office of the FBI and was told that the team of 'recovery' agents
 had not come from Duluth but had traveled from the FBI office in Minneapolis."

 I calculate that this team would have had to have left the Twin Cities at about the same time the Wellstone plane was taking off.

 Note: I, Bart, am not saying this is a fact and and that you must believe this.
           I am saying IF the Senate is 50 50, or (Jeffords) 51/49,  removing one stone in your shoe could solve
           a lot of your problems. And if you have unlimited money and CIA help, very few things are out of your reach.
           And if your goal is a takeover of the world's energy, losing Wellstone could solve a whole host of problems
           - assuming evil men would kill to possess and sell all the energy on Earth.


"The women of America don't need two oil men telling them
   what they're allowed to do with their their own bodies."
   -- my good friend Brad Whitford of The West Wing on AAR Monday

 If Bush wins in November, legally or like last time, the women of America
 will lose their right to make their own reproductive decisions.

 Too bad we can't get Kerry to mention that each time he speaks.

 The Google Whip on Michael Moore
  Google will lead you to every bad  F 9/11  review on the web

  Click  Here

 Why does Google's main index consistently return specific sites in the #1 position that
 are most damaging to Michael Moore's movie for literally dozens of search phrases?

 Why does search phrase after search phrase bring back the same manipulative messages
 that Fahrenheit 9/11 bears absolutely no resemblance to reality? That Michael Moore is
 a liar and hates America?

 Like the American whore press, Google exists to make money.
 They're not here to "help" people on the Internet.
 Like the American whore press, they are for sale.
 Republicans have more money than Democrats - need I say more?

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


 Pampered Bush meets a real reporter
  I'm so old, I remember when reporters asked real questions


  Click  Here

 On the eve of his recent sojourn in Europe, President Bush had an unpleasant run-in
 with a species of creature he had not previously encountered often: a journalist.

 He did not react well to the experience.

 Bush's minders usually leave him in the gentle care of the White House press corps,
 which can be counted on to ask him tough questions about when his summer vacation starts.

 Apparently under the mistaken assumption that reporters in the rest of the world are as
 ill-informed and pliable as the stenographers who "cover" the White House,
 Bush's aides scheduled a sit-down interview with Carole Coleman, Washington correspondent
 for RTE, the Irish public television network..


 This is great fun to watch.
 Every time the Chimp answers a different question than the one asked, the reporter
 interrupts and 4-5 times, depending on how you count it, Smirk scolds her saying,
"Let me ramble on about a hundred different non-sequitors instead of answering
  your question because I'm stuck with Condi's script and that's all I'll say."

 Watch the Irish reporter make Smirk eat it.  Watch him screw himself.
 Maybe Michael Moore will have this in his next movie


 Someone in the White House was tied to a tree and whipped for letting
 a real reporter ask Bush real questions with followups.


"All during the Clinton years, there were wackos on the right that made movies.
  I didn't talk about them, and I wouldn't take callers who wanted to talk about
  these movies, because I didn't want to be associated with them."
    --Rush Limbaugh, talking about that sick shit Jerry falwell's "Clinton Chronicles."

  Why would Rush suddenly change format and tell the truth about something?

"The Pigboy is a national treasure..."

 Subject: Moore and Hannah


 Greetings from California--CLINTON COUNTRY!
 I saw the Moore/Hanna Storm interview and I laughed my ass off because it's true--
 Michael Moore handed CBS their ASS, not once but during the ENTIRE INTERVIEW.

 It was classic, and he should be hailed as a great American for doing so.
 Stop the goddamned cheerleading and ask the hard questions!

 On another quickie note:  I went to a MATINEE viewing of Farenheit 911 today... 2:30 p.m.
 on a TUESDAY, a WORK DAY.... the line was so long to buy a ticket it wrapped around the building
 into the parking lot.  The ticket gal said it's been like that since 911 opened.   The movie was excellente
 and of course it's propaganda.  As if the daily White House press briefings AREN'T?

 The true morsel was when DICK Cheney's hideously polished noggin appeared on the full screen
 and someone in the crowd yelled aloud, "HEY DICK, GO FUCK YOURSELF!"  and the entire
 moviehouse burst out into laughter, cheers and clapping!

 See?  There truly ARE great Americans out there..the networks just aren't willing to talk to them!

 Keep hammerin!
 Sano in Sanomento, CA


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 Chicago Pokerfest - July 17


  Here is a list of people who are officially "in" Pokerfest Chicago.
 If your name's not on the list, you're not in yet.

  Click  Here  for the important updates.


"The American people are not comfortable dealing with words like "total failure" and "ruined credibility,"
  but these are words that all of us are going to have to become accustomed to. A process that began in
  September 2002 as a coordinated propaganda blitz to convince Americans they were on the verge of
  being gassed by an Osama-Saddam Axis of Doom has now concluded with a farcical handover of
 'sovereignty' in the dead of night. One can almost imagine American proconsul Paul Bremer handing
  the keys to this rolling bomb over to former CIA pal and newly-minted Iraqi 'Prime Minister' Iyad
  Allawi with a snicker and a shrug. Thanks for the laughs, Iyad, but my helicopter is waiting on the roof."
    --William Rivers Pitt, "Tuck Tail and Run",   Attribution

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 848, 851, 855, 858  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.


 Mother of a VCR Alert

 The Paris Hilton show Simple Life is shallow, scripted and silly

 Looking past the obvious Vegas-style hedonism, the fun of this show is knowing that
 Paris and Nicole couldn't do your job or even my job if their lives depended on it.
 They don't know about real life any more than the Never-elected Monkey knows it.

 People ask - "Could the Bush Monkey run the Fry Station at McDonalds?"
 Watch Paris and Nicole and you'll see that the answer is "No."

 It's funny, ...and laughter is important while living in Bush's fascist Amerikka.

 Then... the World Poker Tour (Travel Channel) winds up their season with the big
 championship at The Bellagio with a $6M purse, bigger even than the World Series of Poker.

 If you're going to Pokerfest Chicago, (and who isn't?) you gotta see this show.
 Watch these guys with nerves of steel bet a million dollars with nothing more than a lie in their hands.
 I'll bet Rummy and Cheney are goddamn masters at poker...

 If you don't get Travel Channel call a friend who does or rent a hotel if you must.

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Do any GOP impressions?

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