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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Army Calls up Retirees, More 
'Hunting' Hits Its Target 
Bomb Kills 3 More in Iraq
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Deal made with A.A.R.
Left Out of Whitewater
Moore Cornholes CBS 
Church Damns Celibacy Film
A State That's Not a State 


Quote of the Day

"Let's say the obvious. By making Iraq a 
  playground for right-wing economic theorists, 
  an employment agency for friends and family, 
  and a source of lucrative contracts for corporate 
  donors, the administration did terrorist recruiters 
  a very big favor."
   -- Paul Krugman, telling the truth Attribution

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Volume 1346 - Not Without a Fight 

 Tuesday    June 29, 2004


"Last night. Michael Moore hosted the DC premiere of F 9/11, and who was there?
 The Democratic political establishment, the same people whom he took to such mocking task
 on the road with us in campaign rally after campaign rally in 2000. Who was not there?
  His old buddies! Not personally invited, not personally hung out with.

 A few weeks ago, Michael, I sent you a message: "Hey, Dude, where's my Buddy?"
 It has gone without reply. It simply asked you to come back to your progressive constituency
   -- Ralph Nader, begging for a handout   Votebush.org

 Ralph, get it thru your thick head - Moore wants to get rid of Bush.
 You want Bush to have 4 more years to rape and pillage. but Moore wants him gone.
 You two no longer see eye-to-eye on politics.

 Army to Call Up Retired, Discharged Troops
  Draft returns because of Bush's greed and inept bungling

  Click  Here

 The Army is preparing to notify about 5,600 retired and discharged soldiers who are not
 members of the National Guard or Reserve that they will be involuntarily recalled
 to active duty for possible service in Iraq or Afghanistan, Army officials said Tuesday.

 The Army has been reviewing its list of 118,000 eligible individual reservists for several weeks
 in search of qualified people in certain high-priority skill areas like civil affairs. .

"As long as I get the oil, I don't care what happens..."

  Care to comment?



"Yay! Fuck yourself! Fuck yourself! Go fuck yourself! Thank you, Dick Cheney, for lowering the bar
  for all of us partisan outsiders. Because if it's okay for the vice president to tell a senator to fuck himself
  on the floor of the Senate, it should be perfectly okay for a bunch of political hacks on a website to say it.
  Fuck yourself! (In an added comic twist, I should mention that the incident occurred on the same day the
  Senate passed the so-called "Defense of Decency" act. Ha ha.)."
   --democraticunderground.com,  Attribution

'Hunting' Hits Its Target
  Lyons/Conason movie hits the spot

  Click  Here

 Thomason and Perry's film makes an extremely effective case that the path leading up to
 Clinton's impeachment hearing was, in fact, blazed by a well-organized coterie of experts
 in the field of ad hominem attacks, character assassination and mudslinging.

 Think of it as a companion piece to "Fahrenheit 9/11". Like Michael Moore's incendiary
 anti-Dubya documentary, the equally left-leaning "Hunting" makes its points not only with
 the administration of judicious humor but with the application of pungent facts.

 Backtracking from the opening salvo by former senator Dale Bumpers (D-Ark.), who is
 seen asking, incredulously, "How did we come to be here?" at Clinton's impeachment hearings,
 the film plows through a heap of important but now largely dimly remembered recent history.

"Presidents have to be perfect..."

  Care to comment?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

Buy David Rees's book

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 Roadside Bomb Kills 3 U.S. Troops in Iraq
  They were ordered to Iraq so Smirk could steal that oil

  Click  Here

 A roadside bomb killed three U.S. Marines and wounded two others Tuesday
 in the first fatal attack on American forces since the phoney transfer of sovereignty.

 Meanwhile, Iraqi militants shot to death an American soldier they had held hostage
 for three months, saying the killing was punishment for U.S. policy in the Mideast nation.

 The Arab-language station reported the slain soldier was Spc. Keith M. Maupin, but the
 U.S. military said it could not confirm whether a man shown being shot in a murky videotape
 was the 20-year-old from Ohio, who was taken hostage after an April 9 attack outside Baghdad.

 Do the beheaders read  bartcop.com?
 Why shoot this guy, and not treat him like the others?
 Were they afraid Bush would go nuke-u-ler on them?

  Care to comment?

 Torture of Just Agressive Interrogation?
   A proposal by Christian Dewar

  Click  Here

 To more accurately duplicate living conditions at our nation's gulags abroad, those outraged by the criticism
 of those who allege torture would be stripped and placed in a large pile where they will be forced to simulate
 anal and oral six.

 Suggested participants would include Rush, Jim Inhofe. Zell Miller, Wolfowitz, Jonah Goldberg, Richard Perle,
 Doug Feith, Michael Leeden, Jerry Boykin, Hannity, Savage, Frank Gaffney, Kristol and other neocon architects
 of this spendid little war.

 Care to comment?

 Subject: None of the above

 First, thanks for noticing Bush is the Hitler of our time. He's the biggest threat to America
 and I have to wonder if the American people will sit on their asses and let him get away with it.
 Is anybody out there who thinks or is fear running their lives at this point?

 He doesn't want Vietnam Vets around him, safety issue. Kerry isn't any better.
 His old crew members would do him in.  (Excluding those who are campaigning with him)

 I'd like to start a national drive to force all presidential ballots to include E: None of the Above
 after the names of those running.  It would give the 50% who don't vote a way to express their feelings
 and if E: won it would eliminate the candidates on the ballots and force both sides to try and find a
 human people will accept to run for office.

 I've been too quiet since Vietnam and let the infamous silent majority to sit and allow America to come to this.
 I'm guilty of negligence. Maybe crazy as well. I remember the death of John Kennedy and was in Vietnam,
 too young to vote, when Robert Kennedy died. My views on politics were skewed at an early age.

 I have medals (and bars) and will offer both to Kerry if he wants to get it right. I'd like to thank W for
 protecting Georgia while I was in the slime of Vietnam. Good job Georgie, made me feel much better.
 I know many people who jumped in the Guard and Reserve to dodge the draft. They made no bones
 about and we didn't blame them. Amazing how their tunes have changed, however. How's the song go?
 "Four dead in Ohio" which as far as I know the Guard's largest body count.

 Okay I'm done. Going to see Nurse Cratchett.
 Dean H


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Deal made with Air America Radio

 We're going to flood the airwaves July 7th, a Wednesday.
 (July 7 is 7/7 - that's gotta be lucky, right?)
 From 7 AM EST to 7 PM EST we'll average more than one commercial an hour.

 If you paid for a slice of an ad, have your very best stuff on your page that day
 and be listening for your ad.  If you, the reader, hear one of our ads that day,
 please write down the time and be sure to mention the time zone you're in.

 I might run some "best of" graphics for the expected rush of new readers.
 Between now & then, I'll be saving some good time-not-sensitive stuff.

 It would be nice if that was a BIG news day, and millions more Democrats
 tuned in to AAR and heard our ads and discovered they are not alone.
 To this day, I get mail saying, "Thank God, I thought I was the only one
 who could see thru Bush's lying bullshit, and the media covering up for him."

 I think Tommy and Tally did an excellent job creating and producing these ads.
 Next time we get together - drinks are on me.

 So - to the eleven people who bought slices - get your pages ready.

 July 7th is our day of fireworks.

 What Was Left Out About Whitewater
  The Wash Post stands guilty of being a whore  by David Kendall

  Click  Here

"One of the most devastating parts of "My Life" is its description of how the media overplayed
 and misreported the ever-shifting controversies of Whitewater, seeing in its faux "scandals" the
 glimmer of a new Watergate. The Post was in the vanguard here from 1994 to 1996, churning out
 story after story about Whitewater questions and allegations, but underreporting when these were
 answered and disproved. For example, Resolution Trust Corp.'s December 1995 exculpatory
 findings about the Clintons' Whitewater investment were barely mentioned in The Post.

 The former president has acknowledged his personal mistakes that led to his impeachment.
 Isn't it time for The Post to confess its own journalistic mistakes over its Whitewater coverage?"

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.

 Massive Black Hole Stumps Researchers
   It's so big, how did it have time to grow?

  Click  Here

 Father of Nick Berg Blasts Bush, Media
  Michael Berg accused Bush and the whore media of ignoring the "horrible face of war."

  Click  Here

 Viacom stands behind Howard Stern

  Click  Here

 I know Stern isn't everyone's favorite, but if it's OK for Cheney to use the "F" word,
 (and all Republicans agreed it was) why can't the federal government get off Stern's back?


Bawdy, anti-religious song


"You've heard that the movie is propaganda. It is, and I mean that in the best way.
  You may have heard it's unfair. And, in parts, it is, and Moore means that in the worst way.
  George W. Bush went to war ... to make money for the Carlyle Group.
  You may have heard all this and then wondered why Fahrenheit 9/11 is already
  a cultural phenomenon. See the movie.  It's not a Kerry campaign film, as some
  have charged.  In Moore's view, it's a prequel: the revolution follows."
    -- Mike Littwin, Rocky Mountain News       Attribution

 Burglary of Scott Peterson home detailed
  Why did police overlook the burglar and friends?

   Click  Here

 Geragos said a witness saw three short, dark-skinned men, who were not African-American,
 driving a tan van on the Petersons' street on Dec. 24, 2002. He has said all along that police
 ignored witness accounts of these suspicious characters, who he thinks abducted Laci Peterson.

 According to Brocchini [burgalr] McGregor went out for drinks at a tiki bar on Dec. 23, 2002
 with her ex-boyfriend and his two Hawaiian roommates, men who Geragos says fit that description.
 Brocchini said he never interviewed the roommates, and did one phone interview with the ex-boyfriend
 before determining they were not involved.

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 CBS News Gets it From Michael Moore
  Moore had the cajones to call CBS 'Bush's whore' on their own network

  Click  Here

  Excerpt from the June 25 Early Show, between Moore and CBS's Hannah Storm:

     Storm: "So this is satire and not documentary? We shouldn't see this as..."
     Moore: "It's a satirical documentary."
     Storm: "Some have said propaganda, do you buy that? Op-ed?"
     Moore: "No, I consider the CBS Evening News propaganda. What I do is..."
     Storm: "We'll move beyond on that."
     Moore: "Why? Let's not move beyond that. Seriously."
     Storm: "No, let's talk about your movie."
     Moore: "But why don't we talk about the Evening News on this network and the
                  other networks that didn't do the job they should have done at the beginning of this war?"
     Storm: "You know what?"
     Moore: "Demanded the evidence, ask the hard questions-"
     Storm: "Okay."
     Moore: "-we may not of even gone into this war had these networks done their job. I mean, it was
                  a great disservice to the American people because we depend on people who work here and
                  the other networks to go after those in power and say 'Hey, wait a minute. You want to send
                  our kids off to war, we want to know where those weapons of mass destruction are. Let's see
                  the proof. Let's see the proof that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11.'"
     Storm: "But-"
     Moore: "There was no proof and everybody just got embedded and everybody rolled over and everybody knows that now."
     Storm: "Michael, the one thing that journalists try to do is to present both sides of the story.
                  And it could be argued that you did not do that in this movie."
     Moore: "I certainly didn't. I presented my side..."
     Storm: "You presented your side of the story."
     Moore: "Because my side, that's the side of millions of Americans, (the majority) rarely gets told. This is just a humble plea
                   on my behalf and not to you personally, Hannah. But I'm just saying to journalists in general that instead of
                   working so hard to tell both sides of the story, why don't you just tell that one side, which is the administration,
                   why don't you ask them the hard questions-"
     Storm: "Which I think is something that we all try to do."
     Moore: "Well, I think it was a lot of cheerleading going on at the beginning of this war-"
     Storm: "Alright."
     Moore: "A lot of cheerleading and it didn't do the public any good to have journalists standing in front
                   of the camera going 'whoop-dee-do, let's all go to war'. And, and it's not their kids going to war.
                   It's not the children of the news executives going to war-"
     Storm: "Michael, why don't you do you next movie about networks news, okay? Because this movie..."
     Moore: "I know, I think I should do that movie."
     Storm: "...because this movie is an attack on the president and his policies."
     Moore: "Well, and it also points out how the networks failed us at the beginning of this war and didn't do their job."

 Standing O for Michael Moore.
 He's not perfect - he has faults like you and me - but anyone willing to take on the whore networks
 using their equipment and their broadcast facilities gets a shot of Chinaco Anejo from me.   Go Michael!


 The whore networks should ALL be called on to stop cheering for Illegal Bush and his Illegal War.
 Now that Bush's war has been exposed as a phoney mess that has killed 850 of our soldiers, ...so far,
 the whore networks want to move on and talk about health care and the election and other bullshit.


 Get back to this subject and give
 guilty Bush one tenth of the hell
 you gave innocent Clinton.

 Remember, Clinton's lies didn't kill anybody.
 Before this is over, Bush will have killed at least a thousand soldiers
 and the whore networks want to move on to other stories?

 Church condemns HBO celibacy film
 "Facts are bad, science is lying! Trust our priests, not your brain!"

  Click  Here

"The Catholic Church has condemned a documentary linking celibacy to child abuse scandals within the clergy.

 The program, aired on HBO last night, was made by British film-maker Antony Thomas, who interviewed
 abuse victims, historians and psychologists.  A review from the Catholic News Service, written by David DiCerto,
 called the film "a polemic against the Catholic Church's entire sexual ethos."

 I wonder if Antony Thomas reads  bartcop.com?
 A thousand issues back, I said celibacy was the problem.

 Why would "normal" men argue that they don't have sexual urges?
 God wired them to want sex, and denying that urge causes the problem.

 Funny, they argue "We don't want sex and we don't need sex," but then
 they refuse to sign the "zero tolerance" pledge against raping young boys.

  Another Excerpt:
 The documentary was filmed in 10 countries, featuring interviews with current and former priests,
 including one who underwent castration because he could not control his sexual urges.
 It also features a former priest and nun who left the church to marry and raise a family together.

 Thomas says he was just trying to answer questions raised by the spate of sex abuse scandals
 that has seen the Church pay an estimated $1 billion in legal settlements so far.

 So - they would rather deny the medical science put before them, lie to themselves, castrate themselves,
 pay a billion dollars in penalties that could have gone to feeding the poor or buying more art and property,
 and the forgotten by-product is the trusting little boy who is told, "This is our secret, God wants you to do this."

 ...and they refuse to stop.

 Are you sending your little boy to a Catholic school/Church?


 Subject: Liars!

 You people are a bunch of liers, thats why you can,t keep a radio show;nobody will listen to you.
 This new democrat show is going broke,won't last long take my word for it.
 You democrats are poor and ignorant or rich and wennies( no cojones).
 Can't handle the true.


 Mambo, I have something in my pants that you can't handle.

 Actually, "your word" is wrong on all counts.
 Few people know, but BartCop Radio is downright thriving.

 Plus, if you had a brain, you'd know that AAR isn't running many (if any)
 PSAs, which in Monkeyland means "Public Service Announcements,"
 which means their ads have sold out and they are on their way to prosperity.

 We recently purchased a block of ads, and they have raised prices due to
 increased demand, just like here at  bartcop.com    But because they are nice
 Democrats, they agreed to give us our block at the previously quoted rate.

 So, what have we learned?

 BCR is downright thriving,  AAR is doing almost as well
 and, to quote Cheney the foul-mouthed Dick, "You can go fuck yourself."

 Read My Lips: No New Bushes
     by Alan Bisbort   as seen on APJ.US

  Click  Here

 George H.W. Bush, as U.S. president, continued to allow the sale of chemical and biological weapons
 to Saddam Hussein after it had been shown that he'd used them on innocent Kurdish civilians.

 Like his son, the only arrow in Bush the Elder's political quiver during his White House tenure was his
 stature as a "war president" once he initiated the Persian Gulf conflict against his former friend, Saddam.
 At the time, in full war frenzy, the media dutifully depicted the firm and forthright control wielded by Bush
 the Elder, ignoring a House Resolution for the "Impeachment of George Herbert Walker Bush" issued
 on Feb. 21, 1991, by Rep. Henry Gonzalez.

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.



 Clinton's presidency: What might have been
 "Scandals" erased political capital needed to effect real change,
   and the Democrats just stood there - and in some cases helped

  Click  Here

"Scholars will probably wonder what drove legions of conservatives to hate Clinton with such fury
 that they wasted years and spent a king's ransom trying to drive him from office. They will no doubt
 note that Clinton accomplished much despite the "vast right-wing conspiracy": He righted the nation's
 finances after decades of dangerous deficits. He drove the initiative that stopped a pogrom in Bosnia.

 Pogrom: an organized massacre (I had to look it up)

 And, quite contrary to conventional wisdom, Clinton contained Saddam Hussein."

 Don't forget the 8 years of peace and incredible prosperity, and the purps of the only terrorist attack
 committed in U.S. soil were arrested, found guilty and imprisoned, something President Illegal can't claim.
 Plus, Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home. (I need to say that 7/7)

 If the GOP hadn't used so many FBI agents to chase girls in Little Rock, they might've had time
 to return calls from Minnesota and Arizona about the suspicious Saudi types taking flying lessons.

"The guilty should be brought to justice..."


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 Chicago Pokerfest - July 17


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"The occupation formally ends Wednesday and some Iraqis already are wondering
  whether the pain and anguish of 14 months of American rule will be remembered
  more fondly than Saddam Hussein's brutal 23 years in power."
     --Hamza Hendawi, "Many Iraqis See Liberators As Occupiers"   Attribution

 Poker with Dick

  Click  Here

 A.K.A. "How to cheat and win"

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 848, 851, 855, 858  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - the lives go down the drain - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.


 The Lies of Michael Moore
 by Christopher 'Mother Teresa was a whore" Hitchens

  Click  Here

 Hitchens lists and numbers six truths, but then fails to refute them.
 Hey Coward, why not list your replies to the six truths you listed?

 If Moore told lies, why can't somneone point them out?
 I give you my Nancy Grace guarantee that I could, if I was a Bush lover,
 so why can't anybody on the right make a short, simple list?

 The best we get from Hitchens, is crap like this:

 A film that bases itself on a big lie and a big misrepresentation can only sustain itself
 by a dizzying succession of smaller falsehoods, beefed up by wilder and (if possible)
 yet more-contradictory claims. President Bush is accused of taking too many lazy vacations.
 (What is that about, by the way?)

 So, Hitchens can't recognize the value of coming to work?
 If Hitchens had kids, and hired a nanny to protect them, would he be upset
 if the nanny only watched the kids 60 percent of the time?

'Fahrenheit 9/11' can't get better buzz than this

  Click  Here

 Moore should send gigantic, red-white-and-blue bouquets of gratitude to every [critic he has].
 Thanks to them, "Fahrenheit 9/11" has been making news for weeks. Marketing teams can only
 dream about drumming up this kind of publicity, which surely helped "Fahrenheit 9/11" become
 the No. 1 film of the weekend -- and the most commercially successful documentary ever.

 We saw it happen twice in two days.
 The 947 page Clinton book came out, and everyone who didn't read it said it was the most boring book
 of outright lies and distortions ever written by a paranoid, self-important, delusional, psychopathic serial rapist.

 Long before Moore showed his film to anybody, the White House denounced it as "a bunch of lies."

 Wouldn't they have more credibility of they waited until they read/saw the work that outraged them so?


 Is it time to renew your subscription?

 (last day for this)

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155


 Subject: Transfer of Sovereignty: Why Monday?


 Monday, "sovereignty" was transferred, so now "Iraq belongs to the  Iraqis."
 I guess they should just be happy they're back to being called "Iraqis" rather than "Iraqians"
 or some such made-up word.  But why Monday?  My guess is that the occupying authority
 thought it was good to transfer authority on a Monday, the first day of the work week

 What arrogance!  The work week in Iraq, like nearly all Islamic  countries, starts on Saturday.
 Weekend is Thursday and Friday.  Once again we've shown either our arrogance or our
 appalling ignorance of  local customs.


 I think they just wanted F 9/11 out of the headlines.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.

 State That's Not a State
  Bart's Law #4 - Nothing is easy

  Click  Here

"Clearly White House planners have one set of hopes for what the Iraqi pseudo-state will evolve
 into over the years ahead: a home for permanent U.S. military bases, an oil reservoir safely under
 U.S. influence and a strategic ally against militant Islam, all with the facade, at least, of democracy.
 On the other hand, with its vast oil wealth and large, restive population, Iraq could eventually take
 a very different path: embody the religious fervor of its Shiite majority, demand that U.S. forces leave,
 and try to cancel reconstruction contracts with U.S. firms and reverse the privatization of state assets
 now underway. This could face American forces stationed there with problems that make the present
 tensions seem tame by comparison.

"As long as I get the oil, I don't care what happens..."

  Care to comment?

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