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Quote of the Day

"It's not an issue with the president." 
   -- Scott McClellan saying Dubya had no 
   problem with Cheney's potty mouth   Attribution

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Volume 1345 - F 9/11 by a Landslide 

  Monday    June 28, 2004


"It's our allies, the Saudis, that have been providing help and aid to the suicide bombers in Israel.
  That's the story you should be covering. Why don't you cover that story?  Why don't you cover it?"
     --Michael Moore, to Jake Tapper and ABC Whore News     Attribution

 The networks won't tell the truth because that would anger Mr. Rove.

 U.S. Transfers Sovereignty to Puppet Early
  Frozen turkey served, Bremer skips town like a thief in the night

  Click  Here

 The U.S.-led coalition transferred sovereignty to an interim Iraqi government Monday,
 speeding the move by two days in an apparent bid to surprise insurgents and prevent them
 from trying to sabotage the step toward self rule.

 Legal documents transferring sovereignty were handed over by U.S. governor L. Paul Bremer
 to soon-to-be-the-late chief justice Mahdi al-Mahmood in a small ceremony attended by about
 a half dozen Iraqi and coalition officials in the heavily guarded Green Zone. Bremer then got on
 a plane and got the hell out of there with his head still on his shoulders.

 How proud they must be - a secret transfer of Puppet Power in the dark of night.
 That's when the BFEE does their best work.

"I told you I was a jenius..."

  Care to comment?


"If you are going to call yourself a Christian -- and I don't -- then you have to ask yourself
  a fundamental question, and that is: Whom would Jesus torture? Whom would Jesus drag
  around on a dog's leash? How can Christians tolerate it? It is unconscionable. It has put our
  young men and women who are over there, fighting a war that they should not have been
  asked to fight -- it has put them in greater danger."
     --Ron Jr, the good Reagan,   Attribution

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Tops North American Box Office
 Truth about Bush becomes Number One movie in America

  Click  Here

"Fahrenheit 9/11," in which Moore takes aim at America's Butcher and his illegal war
 opened at No. 1 after selling about $21.8 million worth of tickets since June 25.

"This is a testament to Michael Moore. His voice resonates across the country in
 what I think we can all now fairly describe as America's movie," said Tom Ortenberg,
 the president of distribution at Lions Gate (news - web sites) Films, which backed the movie.

 He said in a conference call that the film played strongly in both red and blue states,
 drawing sell-out crowds in Republican strongholds like Fayetteville, N.C., home of Fort Bragg.

"Lies, it's all lies..."

  Care to comment?

 Arab TV Shows Tape of Marine Held Hostage

  Click  Here

 An Arab satellite TV network broadcast a videotape Sunday showing a blindfolded man
 in military fatigues and said he was a U.S. Marine taken hostage in Iraq.

 There was no immediate comment from the U.S. military, but the video showed a card
 identifying the man by a Pakistani name and as an "active duty" Marine. The man had a
 trimmed moustache and his eyes were covered with a white blindfold.

 The Al-Jazeera network said the group claimed it infiltrated a Marine outpost, lured the man
 outside and abducted him. The station said the group demanded the release of all Iraqis
 "in occupation jails" or the man would be killed.

 The group identified itself as "Islamic Response," the security wing of the "1920 Revolution
 Brigades" referring to the uprising against the British after World War I.

 This isn't good.
 Things could turn really ugly very, very fast.

 If this Marine is killed like the others, look for Bush to go nuke-u-ler.
 If they got this Marine, does it mean they can get any Marine?

 Care to comment?

 Subject: Hitchens the whore

 Chris Hitchens said that Michael Moore was making money off the dead of 9/11.

 Even if that was true (which it isn't), it's a biased statement because of selectivity.
 I don't remember Chris Hitchens or anyone else in the monkey right aghast over
 the money Mel Gibson made off the death of Christ.

 What about the Titanic movie?
 What about the Alamo movie?

 The hypocrisy of the right always goes up when they're circling the wagons.

 Thank you for hammering, Bart

 Care to comment?


 Jake Tapper: Is it not also legitimate to question whether, however, you are doing the same thing
     you're accusing the U.S. government of doing? You fault Saddam Hussein for being a brutal dictator
     back in the '80s when the United States was allied with Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war, yet when it comes
     to the part of the movie where you discuss going to war in Iraq in 2003, that's not a part of the movie
    you talk about how brutal Saddam Hussein was.

 Michael Moore: Because people like you and this network and other networks over and over and over again
    told us that. Look, we all get it. We all know that. I'm just trying to present another side of the story.
    Why don't you think that's a good idea to have a filmmaker out there presenting a point of view and a side
    of the story that really wasn't well represented in our mainstream media?
         --Michael Moore with Jake Tapper on ABC News Live,     Attribution

 I'm so old, I remember when Jake Tapper was a a non-whore.
 Now, it appears his kids will get to go to the same schools as Alan Colmes, Judas Maximus, Dennis Miler,
 Margaret Carlson, Juan Williams, Susan Estrich, Mara Liason and the others who sold out for cash.

"Jake is my dawg..."


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Assault weapons making a comeback?

  Click  Here

 Attention, al-Qaida sleeper cells, domestic terrorists, school shooters, David Koresh wannabes
 and bloodthirsty lunatics everywhere: Be sure to mark Sept. 13 in your day planners because
 -- thanks to Bush -- your murderous missions are about to get a whole lot easier.

 You see, that's the day the 10-year-old federal ban on assault weapons is set to expire, making it
 perfectly legal to buy, sell and own a whole new line of domestically produced rapid-fire killing machines.

 There's a difference between gun madness and gun ownership.

 More Fahrenheit 9/11 Reviews

  Click  Here

 This has many spoilers and reactions to the film.
 Don't click unless you want the details spelled out.

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Tops $8M in First Day
  Should make more this weekend than Columbine did its entire run

  Click  Here

 Consumer Spending Reaches Two-Year High
  Bush's recessions eases a little bit, but we're still not back to zero

  Click  Here

 Some Say Peterson Prosecutors Faltering
  It would help to have some evidence against a man you want to kill

  Click  Here


"I would like to thank A,erica for standing with us in our time of need."
   -  Bush's new Iraq puppet on CNN       Attribution

 Hey Dude, guess what?

 We didn't "stand by you."
 We invaded your country, kidnapped your leader and murdered his children and stole your oil.

 Did they give the Iraq puppet power two days early
 to get America's Number One film out of the headlines?

 Subject: assault weapons

 Sorry Bart, but as a liberal gun owner, I find the term 'semi-automatic assault weapon' just as offensive as partial birth abortion.
 Both are terms of propaganda invented by opponents to demonize a hated weapon or hated procedure.

 These weapons have been used in some horrific crimes, but the ban is a feel good measure that makes little real difference.
 Please try to think your arguments through.
 Banning all private guns is the ultimate end of "gun controllers"just like banning abortions is the goal of anti-choice folks.

 Tom Weston

 It's always weird to get mail like this.

 As far as I know, I've never used the term, 'semi-automatic assault weapon.'
 Why do you think I did?

 My gun arguments are damn well thought thru and I'd be one surprised eskimo if you
 could poke a hole in them, but you seem to not have a clue what my gun positions are.

 Who said "all private guns should be banned?"
 Certainly not me and my five guns.


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"I expressed myself rather forcefully, felt better after I had done it. I think that a lot of
  my colleagues felt that what I had said badly needed to be said, that it was long overdue.
  Ordinarily I don't express myself in strong terms, but I thought it was appropriate here."
     --Dick Cheney with the friendly folks at Fox Whore News    Attribution

 Really? "Go fuck yourself!" is appropriate?
 Is that what Jesus would have said?

 The pro-torture Christians will forgive Cheney for this, too,
 just as they forgave Smirk for "Fuck Saddam, we're taking him out."

 It's only bad when Bono says it...

 Are They Losing It?
  Dragon Lady hates everyone, this time it's Cheney

  Click  Here

 While Democratic lawmakers delayed final passage of a defense spending bill so they
 could mingle with Michael Moore, the once sweat-free Bushies were acting jangly.

 First Vice chewed out The Times for accurately reporting that the 9/11 commission said there was
 no collaborative relationship between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Then Wolfowitz called the reporters
 risking their lives in Iraq craven rumormongers. Then came Cheney's F-word. (Not Fox, the other one.)

 Finally, Bush got agitated when an Irish TV interviewer said most of the Irish found the world
 more dangerous now than before the Iraq invasion. "First of all, most of Europe supported the
 decision in Iraq," Mr. Bush declared. (It's all in how you define "Europe.")


"It's a political season right now, where partisan feelings and emotions have come to the surface itself.
  A lot of personal feelings are being expressed, and that emotion came out by the vice president, and I'll
  let the American people judge as to whether or not it was warranted.  I am not going to overly criticize the
  language that people use to express themselves."
    --Kitty Killer Bill Frist   Attribution

 You phoney bastards fined Howard Stern because a caller said, "nigger,"
 but it's OK for Cheney to say the big "F"?

 You phoney bastards allow Limbaugh and Weiner to say the filthiest goddamn things ever,
 but if Janet Jackson shows a little titty your phoney heads explode is disbelief.

 I think the old language might have to make a comeback on bartcop.com

 Conason interviews Clinton

  Click  Here

 I thought at the time that we should take care of [bin laden and Al Qaeda] first.
 I thought it was curious -- given who did 9/11 and what the big terrorist threat was
 -- that we were sending 150,000 troops to Iraq and had only between 12,000 and 15,000 in Afghanistan.


"This is the same Zell Miller who said 40 years ago that LBJ had sold his soul when he signed
  the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is the same Zell Miller who was elected by the working people
  of Georgia - the teachers, the union members, the farmers and both black and white voters in the state.
  I do not understand what he is so angry about, but apparently he has lost his way."
  --Rep. John Lewis (D-Fighter), angered that Miller will join NaziCon 2004 for the TV cameras  Attribution

 When I take control of the sacless Democratic Party, I will develope a mechanism to drum out
 the worst of the back-stabbing traitors from the party where they can do less harm.

 The Traficants, the Millers, the Breauxs can all put on their pointy white sheets and
 become official Nazi bastards at the beck and call of Karl Rove.

 Whore Alert

 Monday morning, the whores at CNN and prattling on and on about how "ecstatically happy"
 the average Iraqi in the street is to have his country "back" from the Americans.

 That is such a total lie written by Karl Rove, and repeated on command by CNN.
 Koresh knows what the FOX whores are doing with this lie.

 They can't report the news because honesty doesn't sell as much as a Karl Rove fabrication
 and they're all in it for the money and screw what used to be called "journalistic integrity.".


Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


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"The occupation formally ends Wednesday and some Iraqis already are wondering
  whether the pain and anguish of 14 months of American rule will be remembered
  more fondly than Saddam Hussein's brutal 23 years in power."
     --Hamza Hendawi, "Many Iraqis See Liberators As Occupiers"   Attribution

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

Not  848,not 851, but 855 dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - the lives go down the drain - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.


 The Lies of Michael Moore
 by Christopher 'Mother Teresa was a whore" Hitchens

  Click  Here

 Hitchens lists and numbers six truths, but then fails to refute them.
 Hey Coward, why not list your replies to the six truths you listed?

 If Moore told lies, why can't somneone point them out?
 I give you my Nancy Grace guarantee that I could, if I was a Bush lover,
 so why can't anybody on the right make a short, simple list?

 The best we get from Hitchens, is crap like this:

 A film that bases itself on a big lie and a big misrepresentation can only sustain itself
 by a dizzying succession of smaller falsehoods, beefed up by wilder and (if possible)
 yet more-contradictory claims. President Bush is accused of taking too many lazy vacations.
 (What is that about, by the way?)

 So, Hitchens can't recognize the value of coming to work?
 If Hitchens had kids, and hired a nanny to protect them, would he be upset
 if the nanny only watched the kids 60 percent of the time?

'Fahrenheit 9/11' can't get better buzz than this

  Click  Here

 Moore should send gigantic, red-white-and-blue bouquets of gratitude to every [critic he has].
 Thanks to them, "Fahrenheit 9/11" has been making news for weeks. Marketing teams can only
 dream about drumming up this kind of publicity, which surely helped "Fahrenheit 9/11" become
 the No. 1 film of the weekend -- and the most commercially successful documentary ever.

 We saw it happen twice in two days.
 The 947 page Clinton book came out, and everyone who didn't read it said it was the most boring book
 of outright lies and sistortions ever written by a paranois, self-important, delusional, psychopatic serial rapist.

 Long before Moore showed his film to anybody, the White House denounced it as "a bunch of lies."

 Wouldn't they have more credibility of they waited until they read/saw the work that outraged them so?


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