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The great Bruce Yurgil

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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Kerry picks John Edwards
NY Post picks Gephardt
'Dead' Marine alive, free 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Matt Drudge picks Hillary
AAR Deal delayed one week
Group Threatens Zarqawi 
Kerry's Purple Heart Real?
Blair: We may not find WMDs


Quote of the Day

"Because we acted, the dictator, 
  the brutal tyrant, is sitting in a prison cell."  
      --Dubya, on Saddam,   Attribution

"Because we failed to act, the dictator, 
   the brutal tyrant, is taking over the planet."
      --Senate Democrats, on Bush 

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Volume 1350 - No time to whine

  Tuesday    July 6, 2004


"The day after Sept. 11, 2001, saw a great outpouring of sympathy for America throughout the world,
  especially in Europe. Three years later, admiration, respect even, has turned to revulsion thanks to an
  administration that is fueled by arrogance, deceit and raw power. And all of those unfortunate
  characteristics are embodied in one shallow, rude individual who claims to be the leader of the
  free world -- a world that for the most part despises him."
    --David Rossie,    Attribution

 The whole world is pulling for Kerry to beat the Illegal Thugs.
 Will Kerry fight hard in this campaign like he wants to win?
 Or will he lay down like Gore?

 Kerry picks Edwards
  If we can't have Clark, I think Edwards is the best pick

  Click  Here

 John Kerry selected John Edwards to be his running mate, telling supporters Tuesday
 he couldn't wait to see Edwards going "toe-to-toe with Cheney the foul-mouthed Dick.

"We'll be fighting to give the middle class a voice by providing good paying jobs and affordable
 health care. We'll be fighting to make America energy independent. We'll be fighting to build a
 strong military and lead strong alliances, so young Americans are never put in harm's way
 because we insisted on going it alone."

"Unla Karl has dirt ready for any candidate..."

  Care to comment?

From 1984


"Today's George Orwell Award goes to Bush in recognition of the speech he delivered in Istanbul.
  The president declared, "Democracy does not involve automatic agreement with other democracies.
  The future of freedom in the Islamic world will be determined by the citizens of Islamic nations, not by outsiders."
  In fairness, the award does to Bush for his ability to utter them with a straight face at the same time that
  135,000 U.S. troops occupy a predominantly Islamic country, and in the aftermath of his decision to reject
  international law and order the unilateral invasion of that country. If Bush was honest, he would have said:
 "The future of freedom in the Islamic world will not be determined by the citizens of Islamic nations, but rather
  by an outsider - namely, me." But, if Bush were honest, he wouldn't qualify for the George Orwell Award."
     --Capital Times  Editorial, "President George Orwell",  Attribution

 NY Post says Kerry picks Gephardt
  Go there quick - before they change it

  Click  Here

 July 6, 2004 -- John Kerry has chosen Richard Gephardt to be his running mate, The Post has learned.

 Gephardt, 63, could be named by Kerry as soon as today.

 ha ha

 The NY Post is owned by the same crooks who called Florida for Smirk.

  Care to comment?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 Brother says 'dead' Marine alive and free

  Click  Here

 The family of a Lebanese-born U.S. Marine held hostage in Iraq said it was confident Cpl. Hassoun
 had been freed and was well, though relatives have not heard directly from him, his brother said Tuesday.

"We have received reliable information the guy is free," Sami Hassoun told The Associated Press from
 the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, where the Marine has family.

 Though he had not spoken with his brother, who was serving as a translator with the U.S. Marines in Iraq
 when he went missing June 20, Sami Hassoun said "we received a sign from my brother reassuring us."

 He would not say what was the sign, but said the family received information deemed credible from a
 person he did not identify who came to their Tripoli home. That person, he said, did not disclose the
 whereabouts of the Marine to the family.

 If this is true, I'm sure they'll use the word "miracle."
 The last three were beheaded, and Hassoon looked to be the fourth.

   Care to comment?


"I would say, 'Why is Viagra covered by health insurance, but birth control is not?' The average woman in her
  lifetime without birth control will have 12 to 15 pregnancies, and we have a regime - not an administration
  - that suppresses medically accurate sex education, access to birth control and information about family planning.
  The only thing I can figure is that they do want us all barefoot and pregnant... and I would love to say that to the president."
    --Ashley Judd, on what she'd say if she had five minutes with The Chimp    Attribution



Marty's Entertainment Page


 Deal DELAYED with Air America Radio

 We're going to flood the airwaves July 14th, next Wednesday.
 They are in repeats this week, and listeners will be fewer.

 From 6AM  NY time to 10, we'll have five commercials.
 From 10 to NOON, we'll have one commercial.
 From NOON  to 3PM , we'll have four commercials.
 From 3  NY time to 7PM, we'll have five commercials.

 Have your best stuff on your page next Tuesday night  and be
 listening for your ad and write down the time and let us know - and be sure to mention your time zone.

.. Make big bucks! 

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 This goes for on-air employees of AAR, too.

Everybody knows all the hotties are Democrats


 Subject: Fly Boys on CNN every weekend

  Bart, you wrote:

> Could we possibly go one full weekend without you running those, CNN?

 i was stomping around the house all weekend saying that SAME thing!!
 i sent CNN an email every time it aired -

 Friday 7/2  (i don't remember the times, but i'm sure it was on at least twice)
 Saturday 7/3  (6am, 8pm, 11pm)
 Sunday 7/4  (8pm, 11pm)  and NEXT SATURDAY,  7/10     (6am, 8pm, 11pm) !

 tell everyone to email CNN!  we listen to you!
 candy p

 Each time FOX says they're the only network telling the truth, CNN moves to the right
 and plays those Bush/Reagan shows to apologize to FOX instead of fighting back.
 The first time FOX lied about "fair and balanced" the competitors should have fought back
 with a survey or something to show FOX is just a Republican-financed shill for Bush.

 FOX's big boss was the vulgar Pigboy's TV producer - need I say more?
 Yes, Roger Ailes is the guy who put Chelsea's picture up so Rush the vulgar scumbag could
 call her "the White House dog," so no wonder Murdoch wanted Ailes to run FOX News.


Some people can ont read My Pet Goat, like our Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books right here.

 Blair: we may never find WMDs
  So you helped Bush send all those men to die on a hunch?

  Click  Here

 Tony Blair finally admitted today that weapons of mass destruction may never be found in Iraq
 - but he flatly refused to say sorry for the war.

"I was very, very confident we would find them," he said during a grilling by senior MPs in the
 House of Commons. "I have to accept that we have not found them and we may not find them.

"He may have removed or hidden or even destroyed those weapons. We don't know."

 In a clear sign that he will come out fighting when Lord Butler reports next Wednesday, Mr Blair
 insisted that the invasion was fully justified and legal, and branded Saddam an "evil person" whom
 the world was well rid of.

 The twin murderers want to say "Our bad" and be done with this and forget it.
 Will the Democrats allow that to happen?   (Sometimes I ask stupid questions...)

 British Royals Bury Hatchet with Diana's Family
  Maybe this PR nightmare wil finally go away for the snooty Brits

  Click  Here

 2 Wildfires Threaten Arizona Observatory
  Firefighters defend a mountaintop observatory, trying to protect a telescope

  Click  Here

 Drudge says Kerry to pick Hillary as VP
  So eager to be first, they don't bother to get it right

  Click  Here

 40% of Canadian teens think America is "evil"
  Compared with 45 percent of American teens

  Click  Here

 Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 13
  Not our problem - Iraq is soverign now, right?

  Click  Here

 Click  Here  for a  clip from  BCR 45


 --Michael Imperioli, "The Sopranos",
   on what he'd say if he had five minutes with The Chimp   Attribution

 Iraqi Group Threatens to Kill Al-Zarqawi
  Tables turned on the murdering sword-swinger

  Click  Here

 A group of armed, masked Iraqi men threatened Tuesday to kill Zarqawi if he did not
 immediately leave the country, accusing him of murdering innocent Iraqis and defiling the Muslim religion.
 The threats revealed the deep anger many Iraqis, including insurgent groups, feel toward foreign fighters,
 whom many consider as illegitimate a presence here as the 160,000 U.S. and other coalition troops.

 In a videotape sent to the al-Arabiya television station, a group calling itself the "Salvation Movement,"
 questioned how al-Zarqawi could use Islam to justify the killing of innocent civilians, the targeting of
 government officials and the kidnapping and beheading of foreigners.

"He must leave Iraq immediately, he and his followers and everyone who gives shelter to him and
 his criminal actions," said a man on the video.

 All this proves is that the CIA owns a video camera,
 but it's fun to publish that headline, anyway.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Kerry picking Edwards

 Greetings, BartCop:

 While I would have preferred Wes Clark or Bill Richardson in the Veep slot, I don't think that Edwards
 is such a bad choice, imo. Though I disagree with some of his policy, Edwards is very effective on the campaign,
 exudes optimism, and can think lightning fast on his feet.  Compare Edwards' ebullience with Cheney's, and I think
 that you'd agree that he'd rhetorically wipe that sneer off of Mr. Potty-Mouth's face in a debate.

(I believe that by late summer, however, the Grand Jury investigating the Plame leak will have already indicted
 Cheney by then, leaving the repugs to scramble for a new VP candidate.)

 Edwards is also exceptional at "meeting and helping the people" politics.  The NC Repugs have worked double
 overtime to portray Edwards as virtually abandoning his Senate seat in his run for the White House, but this is not true.
 If I may share with you a personal account:

 About two years ago, my wife and I adopted a beautiful baby boy through the Gladney Agency in Ft. Worth, Texas.
 We just finished the placement and all of our paperwork.  We were waiting for the North Carolina official whose
 responsibility was to sign and return a form faxed to them from Gladney, which would allow us to transport our new
 son across state lines.  We waited two days for this form.  Then three.  Then a week.

 (The Gladney people told us that this NC agent, for whatever reason, has a harsh opinion of Gladney,
 and regularly holds up this form for weeks on end, simply because she can.)

 Two weeks pass.  We decide that I should return to North Carolina, (while my wife and newborn son remain in
 our motel room in Ft. Worth) where I can get on the phone (and, if necessary, go to Raleigh in order plead my case)
 and try to coax this person to sign this form, so that my wife and son can come home.

 I called the office.  They would not return my call.  I called the Governor's office.  They were sympathetic, but of no help.
 That's when I called John Edward's office.  They asked me to fax them the details of my situation, which I did, and 45 minutes
 after that, I get a call from my wife saying that Gladney just received the approval from the NC adoption officer to bring our son home.
 I then learn from our case worker shortly thereafter that the woman who held up our paperwork for so long was "reassigned."

 So, I owe John Edwards one.  And I will do everything I can to see that he and Kerry win in the fall.
 Just my 2¢.



trust me

 VCR Alert

 Bush's friend Ralph Nader on Jon Stewart's Daily Show tonight.
 Leno has animals, Dave reruns the Paris Hilton episode.

 Subject: feedback

 Well - actually - I liked the second two parts more than the first part.
 Sometime I think you do too much gatutious name calling that doesn't add to the bartcop experience.
 But it's still great!

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA

 I was very angry when I did that Margaret Carlson piece.
 From the feedback, it sounds like I need to calm down a little more
 before I answer the wild lies and fake charges of that back-stabbing slut.

 Isn't it sad seeing McCain campaigning for Bush after Bush stood with men who
 said McCain was a traitor to his cellmates in Vietnam, that he was OK with women
 having breast cancer and ...how about those darkie kids seen at his place?

 The BFEE knew that "darkie kids" attack would work best in Carolina.

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 Bush caught in secret Saudi hostage swap

  Click  Here

"Six Britons convicted on terrorism charges in Saudi Arabia were released last year as part of
 a secret three-way deal in which the US set free a number of Saudi prisoners being held at
 Guantanamo Bay. The deal was brokered to obtain Saudi support for the invasion of Iraq.

 Diplomatic and intelligence sources have confirmed to The Independent that the Britons,
 convicted of a fatal car-bombing, were released last August after the US returned five
 Saudi prisoners, at least two of whom were believed to have trained in al-Qa'ida camps."

 Another secret favor for Bush's real masters - the Saudis.
 If anything, it seems like Moore played down this incestuous connection.

 Subject: Congrats

  Click  Here

 Nice placement, right under Mike Moore.

 John S.


 Michael Moore and  bartcop.com  exposing the illegal fascist thugs

 Subject: Oops! (In re: Bush supporters renew vigor in lambasting media)

 Love Story - True in that he was answering a question and said he read it in the newspaper;
 he was in fact the model for part of the lead male character.

 My problem here is lying tramps like Cokie Roberts, who said Gore was so stupid, that he didn't
 realize that his wife was still alive, "which proved Gore was lying" about being the model for the book.
 Gore said Erik Segal (sp?) told him the rich kid in the book had parts of Gore's story in him.

 Love Canal - True in the sense that he was pointing out how he listened to his constituents.
 He never said he personally discovered the problems at Love Canal.

 Right, but they (including the whore NY Times) said he did. The NYWTImes did all they could
 to unfairly attack Gore and they never once asked how many time Bush pleaded guilty to a felony.

 Invented the Internet - True, corroborated by one of the scientists who developed the technology.
 What Mr. Gore did was to draft legislation to take Darpa-net (a research network) and transform it
 into the World Wide Web.

 Well, Gore didn't "invent" the internet, he took the initiative to involve the government because
 it would take that much help to get the internet started, but again, liars like Tim Russert and
 Bob Schieffer lied like crazy and laughed at Gore's alleged claims, the bastards.
 There WERE lies told by the RNC and foisted on Pres. Gore, but mostly they took the truth and ridiculed it
 and distorted it until it SOUNDED like a lie. Just trying to get things straight Keep up the good work!

 Bob W

 Bob, if that was a debate we just had, I think my version was more accurate, because they didn't take
 "the truth" and do anything with it.   Their lies were of the whole cloth variety.   It's the difference between
 beating your wife with a red hot poker or beating your wife in a red hot game of poker, but I always
 welcome the opportunity to be corrected if I make an error.


"I'll vote for Mr. Ed.  I'll vote for Bonzo. I'll vote for my either of my two pound puppies.
  I don't care who the veep is or who the prez is, I want Chimpy and "big time" gone.
  Having said that, I think a Kerry/Clark team would be wonderful.  Now, if someone would
  take Nader on a Caribbean cruise for the next six months, I would sleep a happy man."
   -- bartcop.com  reader Chaz

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


 Former Kerry Commander Disputes Purple Heart
  GOP has commander change his story

  Click  Here

"Grant Hibbard is at the center of a national controversy over Kerry's three Purple Hearts. Hibbard was Kerry's
 commander at Cam Ranh Bay where Kerry was awarded his first Purple Heart. Hibbard said the Purple Heart
 wasn't deserved...Meehan questioned, if Kerry was such a bad officer, why did Hibbard give Kerry high marks
 on a performance evaluation 35 years ago. Hibbard said he only rated Kerry on four out of 20 areas and that he
 gave Kerry good ratings because he did not know him well..."

"Kerrys wasn't as brave as I was 30 years ago..."


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 Chicago Pokerfest - July 17 - less than 2 weeks away


 Monday night on Celebrity Poker, they had an interesting idea:
 When the blinds went up in value, each player did a shot of Cuervo tequila.
 We could do that, with real tequila, but it would give the non-drinkers the advantage :),

 Here is a list of people who are officially "in" Pokerfest Chicago.
 If your name's not on the list, you're not in yet.

  Click  Here  for the important updates.


"Just after 9/11, we made jokes about bombing Afghanistan and Iraq back to the Stone Age.
  Instead, it looks as if we just bombed ourselves back there and took the whole world with us."
    --Joyce Marcel, "When Madmen Run the Asylum",      Attribution

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 855, 858, 863, 867  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900,
and sometime before the election, it will be 1000.

Bush can depend on the American whore media
to spin this into a "this isn't so bad" handjob.



867 lives thrown away for Bush's lie



 Subject: your an idiot

 From: DFM2126@aol.com

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Call the

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You have two minutes to record your message.

"Did anyone see that hilarious CNN Unreliable Sources show this morning? It's hosted by this
  knucklehead from the Washington Post who's been raggin' on me since "Roger & Me." I wasn't
  half awake while it was on but I think he had some blow-hards on who said, in no particular order of
  priority, that I was in cahoots with the Taliban, supported Al Qaeda, and dreamed of a day gone by
  when Uncle Saddam brought peace and joy to the world. This thing was so whacked, and they were
  trying so hard to repeat Karl Rove's talking points, I thought, "Damn -- the box office from last night
  must have busted through the roof if these guys are that pissed!" So I immediately called up the studio
  and, sure enough, in just our second weekend, "F9/11" had shot past $50 million! Whoa! More than
  double what it was last Sunday! No wonder foam is coming out of these guys' mouths!
   -- Michael Moore's first entry into his blog

Rush caught lying with doctored photo.

The real photo

saw it on  www.stupidgit.com

 Subject: updated link

 I'm letting everyone know that the link for my site,
 Timeline of Events Surrounding the US Invasion of Iraq, has changed.


 Marc Perkel, the guy who sponsors Bartcop, has been generous enough
 to sponsor this site as well.  No more bandwidth problems!


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"Two Bush opponents, taken out of the crowd in restraints by police, said they were told
   they couldn't be there because they were wearing shirts that said they opposed the president."
        --Pete Yost,   Attribution

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