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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's Kennyboy Indicted
Bush: "Kennyboy who?"
D'Amato: Dump Cheney
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Military stretched too thin? 
AAR Day is July 14th
Evil GE into Nanotech 
Knievel to jump Intrepid
Cheney faces indictments


Quote of the Day

"Fahrenheit 9/11 opens with the story of
  the stolen presidential election of 2000. 
  It is riveting and heart breaking to see 
  Jesse Jackson, Jr., Barbara Lee, Maxine
  Waters and other members of the 
  Congressional Black Caucus pleading for 
  at least one Senator to step forward and 
  invalidate the Electoral College decision 
  that gave Bush the presidency." 
  --Margaret Kimberley,   Attribution

 Margaret, why are you surprised?
 They're Democrats.

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Volume 1352 - In Bush we Trust

Everybody knows the babes are all Democrats

  Thurs-Friday    July 8-9, 2004


"I really think that Bush would rather lose with Cheney than win without him,
  not that VPs can make that much of an electoral difference.  My reading of
  Bush and Cheney is that he would genuinely be afraid to govern without him."
    --Eric Alterman, Altercation,    Attribution

 Bush can't finction without Cheney because Cheney is his "security bankie."
 Bush is a lost little boy until someone tells him what to do, and he likes Cheney telling him what to do.
 If Cheney had been in Florida on 9/11, Moore's movie wouldn't have been as good as it was.

 Bush's top contributor indicted
  Enron's Kennyboy Lay finally feels some heat

  Click  Here

 Former Enron Chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay has been indicted by a grand jury in Houston,
 his spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday. The indictment remains under seal and is expected to
 be unsealed Thursday. The Justice Department declined to comment.

"I have been advised that I have been indicted. I will surrender in the morning. I have done
 nothing wrong, and the indictment is not justified," Lay lied through a spokeswoman

"Kenny who?  You mean that Ann Richards supporter?"

 White House Spin Downplays Bush Ties to Kennyboy Lay
   These guys can't tell the truth - no matter what

  Click  Here

"He was a supporter in the past and he's someone that I would also point out has certainly
 supported Democrats and Republicans in the past," McClellan said.

 Lay clearly favored the GOP.
 He and his wife, Linda, donated $882,580 to federal candidates from 1989-2001.
 All but $86,470 went to Republicans.

 So, over ninety percent went to the GOP, and McClelland the Whote House whore
 claims he supported "Democrats and Republicans."   You see how they lie?

  Care to comment?

From 1984


"Bush declined an invitation to speak at the NAACP's annual convention, the group said.
  They received a letter from the White House declining because of 'scheduling conflicts.'
     --News at Netscape, "President Tells Darkies to Take a F-ing Hike"    Attribution

"I think it would be a waste of time to try to reach the black community through the NAA[L]CP.
 That's not the way you reach out to them because that's not the black community."
     --Rush Limbaugh, declaring the NAACP is run by white people?   Attribution

 D'Amato Suggests Bush Dump Cheney
   Our old friend's brain injury has apparently healed

  Click  Here

 The Fonz says Bush should consider putting Colin Powell (R-Liar) or McCain on the ticket.
"Cheney is a decent, honorable, and patriotic American, a man of great intellect, who has served
 the president and the nation with dedication. But we should make no mistake, we are a nation at war
 with a vicious terrorist foe, and in war hard decisions must be made."

"As an observer of politics, I believe the president can guarantee his essential re-election by looking to
 several other notable individuals who would add a great dimension to his ticket as a running mate."

 I love this kind of talk.
 The GOP should split down the middle, with one camp listing all the liabilities Cheney has
 and the other camp trying to justify the war, Halliburton and Cheney's constant lying about
 having more/better intel than they shared with their hand-picked 9/11 commission.

  Care to comment?

What if I, David Rees, could get away with fucking up Get Your War On
the way Rumsfeld gets away with fucking up wars?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 Warning: Military Reserves Stretched to Limit
  "We don't want to break the force..."

  Click  Here

 In a bipartisan show of concern that the military is dangerously overworked,
 lawmakers said Wednesday the Pentagon is stretching troops to their limit and
 perhaps undermining the nation's future force.

"We're taxing our part-time soldiers, our Guard and Reserves nearly to the breaking point,"
 said Rep. Ike Skelton of Missouri, top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee.
"We have to be aware that the families back home are paying a significant price. We don't want to break the force."

 Added Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., the committee chairman: "We're also concerned that
 insufficient force structure and manpower are leading the services to make decisions that I liken
 to eating the seed corn. That is, in order to make it through today, we do things that mortgage the future."

 This is all due to Bush's greed and stupidity - but why is he not paying the price?
 Kerry should be beating Bush by 30 points in every poll - but people love this insane loser.

 He gave away the surplus that Clinton gave us, then he ran up another 5-7 trillion in debt, he blew the sympathy
 we had after 9/11 and he's killing soliders every day as his fake war drags on - he's depleted the military like it was
 the U.S. Treasury, ...we're hated all over the globe, ...yet half the country says he's doing a great job!

 What the hell do they think they're seeing?
 Peace and prosperity and a better tomorrow?

   Care to comment?

From 1984

 Dueling Quotes

"The White House sought Thursday to minimize President Bush's ties with Kenneth Lay,
  saying it has been a long time since they talked and suggesting it was only a passing friendship.
      --Deb Riechmann, "White House Downplays Bush-Enron Ties"  Attribution

"One of the sad things about old friends is that they seem to be getting older -- just like you!
 Laura and I value our friendship with you. Best wishes to Laura, your family and friends. Your younger friend."
    --Dubya, in a letter to his good friend Kennyboy  on his 55th birthday,   Attribution

 Subject: old people


 As a 62 yr. old, vietnam vet, and a small business owner, I run into people everyday who are afraid.
 When I ask why, they all seem to say that the "terrorists" are a threat to them.
 Why?..., "..they have bombs and gas that will kill us all".

 I am so fucking pissed at the current administrations spreading such lies and rumors I can't believe it.
 When did the Amercan people become such pussies, when did we decide that some DICK in Washington
 should tell us to hide in our houses and seal them with duct tape, which will keep out the "ENEMIES".

 The enemies become obsessions of our collective minds. All of this BUSH-SHIT is designed to feed
 on the fears of old people. When you vote, please note who is sitting behind the desk at the polling place,
 they vote in huge numbers. Sumbitch, old people are a pain in the ass, (and I am one) cause they vote out of FEAR.

 RW, they want to scare people into trusting them, and also to distract them
 from noticing the Treasury is empty (except for the giant IOUs they left us)
 and that the BFEE's Halliburton has replaced the Defense Department.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Deal DELAYED with Air America Radio

 We're going to flood the airwaves July 14th, next Wednesday.
 They are in repeats this week, and listeners will be fewer.

 Police almost called to BartCop Manor

 We went grocery shopping, we were only gone an hour, but when we got home the front door
 had been kicked in.  She wanted to call the cops, but I wanted to catch the bastards, so I loaded
 The Baby that was in my back seat and peeked inside the front door looking for movement or sound.

 Nothing - so I went inside, all the time she's saying, "Be careful..."
 All was clear, so she joined me and she noticed things had been moved or disturbed.

 My computer and BCR Broadcast studio was still here, thank Koresh, I still had my guns
 and all the tapes and CDs and DVDs, and we began to wonder what they took...

 Then we saw it - it was so obvious we looked right past it.

 Someone had stolen the curtain from the window over Mrs. Bart's kitchen sink.
 Figuring it was some nutty neighborhood kids, we decided not to call the cops or make a report.
 We bought new curtains the next day, ...but why the hell would someone break in and just steal one curtain?

 Odd as it sounds, the answer came about ten days later.

 Kirsten Dunst was wearing Mrs. Bart's window curtain
 at the world premier if the second Spiderman movie!

 Evil GE Unveils Nanotech Device
  May Shrink Future Chips to Mega-Small

  Click  Here

 Scientists at General Electric unveiled one of the smallest functioning devices ever made,
 a carbon tube about 10 atoms wide that could one day shrink computer chip technology.

 The device -- a nanotube -- is part of a developing field of technology in which devices are
 designed on the scale of a "nano," or a billionth of a meter. That translates to about the size
 of 10 hydrogen atoms, or 1/80,000 the diameter of frog hair.

 Ten atoms wide?
 Now we're getting into that creepy future they always warned us was coming.
 They'll soon have cameras and audio recorders and trackers small enough that
 you won't even feel it slip under your skin when the doctor gives you "a checkup."

 Hell, the BFEE may be ahead of GE.
 Karl Rove could already have a camera in all of us.

saw it on... theassesofevil.com

 Three Dead at New Mexico Ranch of Sam Donaldson
   Sam says he was out of town when it happened, discovered it when he got home

  Click  Here

 Dick Cheney - Ground Zero for BFEE Corruption
  He's the brains behind the whole scheme, Bush is just his puppet

  Click  Here

 Cameron Diaz's 1992 S&M film released
   It's not all that kinky, but it jammed scandalinc.com's server

  Full Story

 Ridge Warns of Election Terror Plot
  Moore was right - they fabricate danger to get spotlight off John Edwards

  Click  Here

 Bush OKs rape of forests
 "Trees are only beautiful after you kill them."

  Click  Here

US President George W. Bush walks away from a briefing with the media,
refusing to answer questions after he was asked about Enron
and the reported indictment of former CEO Kenneth Lay,
who was a close adviser and fund-raiser for Bush and his father,
earning him the presidential nickname of 'Kenny Boy.'

 Click  Here  for a  clip from  BCR 45

...as seen on  BartCop Stocks


"You need two Johns to flush the crap out of the White House."
   -  mobud said it first

 Robbie Knievel to jump on USS Intrepid
  July 31, world's greatest daredevil risks his life once again

  Click  Here

 At this moment, there's not even time to say, "One Massabama"
 before the train, the ramp, and apparently Knievel, will become one.
 Damn, my heart is pounding watching these stills!

 At this point, the train is traveling east going 38 MPH,
 and Cycleboy is heading west doing about 120 MPH.


 Here you see the train starting to crush the ramp as Knievel's head
 and shoulders appear at the beginning of his launch into the air.

 Five-year readers know I'm a hueueueuege fan of this madman, Robbie Knievel.
 Before I made the foolish mistake to upgrade to Windows XP,  I had instant video capability
 on my old, slow (faster than the new, XP, P4, $2500 piece of crap I have now) computer.

 In February 2000, Knievel made a spectacular jump into an oncoming train.

 Click  Here   to see what technology used to be capable of - before Gates "fixed" it.

 Sidebar: Vets are angry - they see this as demeaning, but they need the money
                because Bush has bankrupted them and turned them into panhandlers.

 Is there anything more heart-stopping than a life-and-death Robbie Knievel jump?

  Care to comment?

 VCR Alert

 Tommy Chong on Leno tonight.
 Leno may not be funny, but he's taken a stand for Tommy Chong.

 Tonight, watch Chong beat up that Nazi bastard John Ashcroft, who can't find terrorists or
 the Anthrax Guy or anybody dangerous, but he got Tommy Chong and Martha Stewart and a
 dozen hookers in New Orleans casuing Molly Ivins to ask, "What about the other 10,000?"

 Subject: glad I finally subscribed


 I have been visiting your site daily for longer than I'm willing to admit, and I finally broke down
 and did it (mainly b/c I really think I agree with you on quite a few issues.

 I hate that it took Michael Moore's movie to push me over the edge, but it did. That's because,
 while almost everyone else was gasping in shock at another horrible fact put forth, I already knew
 most of them from your site.  So what can I say? You're the first stop for me when I'm looking for
 the truth about the BFEE and the whore press!

 And now that I can get BartCop Radio, I think I'm finally in heaven. I celebrated part of my July 4th
 holiday listening to shows 43, 44, and 45 back to back. They are really sounding professional (and I
 work in radio, so I know how hard it can be to get things to work right).

 This should be particularly interesting to anyone still on the fence: You are a class act. I really like that
 you are personally letting us know (yes I do know you're just sending it to an address book list) when
 a new show is up (yes, I've only received 2 of them!). (I'm just a sucker for the no-frills approach!)
 Maybe it's better that your automatic system isn't working!

 Thanks Bart,

 Mboya, thanks.
 We're trying to get good enough to make Show 50 a keeper.

Some people can only read My Pet Goat, like The Monkey.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books right here.

Now with VHS and DVDs

Each dollar you spend, they'll throw 4 cents to  bartcop.com
Thanks to Terry, the Bookstore Manager

 Subject: Ken Lay will never see justice

 Although it's nice that former Enron chairman Kenny Boy Lay
 will finally be charged with a crime - he'll never go to prison.
 That's because he's the reason Bush is president and he's Bush's biggest contributor.
 There's no doubt that Bush is going to pardon him - especially if he loses this election.
 Republicans take care of corporate criminals like Ken Lay.
 Some people like Bush and Ken Lay are just above the law.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

 Subject: You are loved

 Dear Bartcop:

 Please put this on your website.  Let your readers choose the way...

 He is the First and Last, the Beginning and the End!
 He is the keeper of Creation and the Creator of all!
 He was bruised and brought healing!
 He was pierced and eased pain!
 He was persecuted and brought freedom!
 He was dead and brought life!
 He is risen and brings power!
 He reigns and brings Peace!
 The world can't understand him,
 The armies can't defeat Him,
 The schools can't explain Him, and
 The leaders can't ignore Him.

 [much snippage]

 God is in control, I am on His side, and
 That means all is well with my soul.
 Everyday is a blessing for GOD Is!

 and so do I,

 Hey Dude, I have an idea.
 Instead of spending hours on the internet speading the word of God,
 why not instead, go to a hospital or old folk's home or the kid's burn ward?
 I'm challenging you to make a difference!

 Talking about God and your feelings for Him can be entertaining to say and hear,
 but - would Jesus want you talking about His greatness all day?  Or would he want you
 to take some action to lighten the load of somebody's who's going thru a shaky time?

 And don't think I'm mocking you or playing a trick...
 I just think helping someone has more value than e-mailing God's praises.

Play Poker online with Bart

 What are you doing to get rid of Bush & Cheney?

Helping to register non-Nazi voters
Writing the Democrats, asking them why they've gone AWOL
Talking to friends about the Illegal Chimp
Writing letters to FOX News and CNN  responsible news organizations
Working online to get the truth out about fascism in the year
Subscribe to  bartcop.com
Nothing, I don't care if Bush murders America like he did Iraq


 Rude Rich has been sending me his vacation pictures.
 He went to Orlando and even got to meet Mickey.

 He sent me a Hard Rock cafe postcard of Jimi Hendrix playing live.
 It broke his heart to learn that guy was a double - that Jimi has been gone from us a long time now.

 Then last night, this showed up.

    I met Mickey's helpers at a topless bar near Lake Cane

 Dude, ...did you forget?

 Miss E. reads  bartcop.com

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 Subject: The Hormone

 One of the greatest annoyances of modern political life has been the emergence of the talk show nazis.
 They are all a bunch of opportunistic money grubbing swine who would sell their mothers for a Hong Kong nickel,
 but one of the most super annoying is Laura Ingraham, aka the weapon of ass confusion.
 Give her the money, wind her up, and she will say anything her ultra rich Clear Channel handlers tell her to.

 The problem with critiquing Laura is that it is difficult to listen to this hormone for more than a minute or so without hurling.
 She has the most annoying droning whine of a voice that God ever inflicted on a woman. In between her nasal snorts and
 cackles, she uses her pathetic imitations to repeat what sensible people are saying and to ridicule them for it.

 This racist piece of caca specializes in tasteless and spitefull imitations of black and foreign accents.
 She must have listened to lots of "Amos 'N Andy" broadcasts to get her Al Sharpton voice so it sounds just like Kingfish.

 She has no message, only a shoot the messenger mentality. Her shrill and shallow entreaties to be considered important
 and on a par with other talk show hosts like Al Franken, give her the air of desperation the plainest girl in the senior class
 has while hoping for an invitation to the prom.

 But the most infuriating part of this money grubbing, very wealthy elite snob whose circle is made up exclusively of other
 rich lazy asses, is that constantly refers to Democrats as "The Elites". What a sick joke.    Sell out liars like her and her
 rich Republican friends are the elites. I am a retired union plumber and an ardent believer in the pinciples of the Democratic
 Party and hardly consider myself an elite. My annual income is less than a days pay for this hypocrite.

 I encourage everyone to turn on your AM radio and listen to this hormone once in a while so you can learn who her sponsors
 are and tell them that you do not care to patronize companys that promote a self serving, greedy, low class, racist dissembler.

 Elite this, Laura.

 Tony MC

 Dude, well done.

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


 A Tillman letter I missed from 5/8/04

  Click  Here

 The Dems who are fighting you and me on this aren't trying to screw up - they just can't see what we see.
 Think how many times we say, "Why can't the GOP see what useless shit Bush is?"
 The GOP has blind spots - and so do some Dems.

"I'm a dumb, non-elected idiot."


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  Note: We have our dealer/table general

 Chicago Pokerfest - July 17 - less than 10 days away


 Monday night on Celebrity Poker, they had an interesting idea:
 When the blinds went up in value, each player did a shot of Cuervo tequila.
 We could do that, with real tequila, but it would give the non-drinkers the advantage :),

 Here is a list of people who are officially "in" Pokerfest Chicago.
 If your name's not on the list, you're not in yet.

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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 863, 867, 872, 880  dead American soldiers.

Christ - we lost eight since the last issue?

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain for Bush's illegal war,
and polls show America favors the giggling murderer over war hero Kerry?

Soon it will be 900,
and sometime before the election, it will be 1000.


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 If this happens, can someone tape those shows?

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"Bush came into the church, and 4,000 people prayed with him and prayed over him. He did it all so publicly.
  He talks openly about his experience as a born-again Christian. Bush's faith rings true for evangelicals.
  A lot of times, church-goers are single issue voters. It could be abortion. It could be gay marriage.
  But if you can define your issue as the moral issue, you have a trump card with evangelicals"
   --Rev. Phil Busbee, praising America's insane (and giggling) mass murderer   Attribution

 The wimpiness of the Democrats: Part 46

  Click  Here

"On one of the signal debates of the 2004 presidential campaign -- whether Bush hyped intelligence to lead
 the nation into an unnecessary war against Iraq -- the Republicans may have already won an important battle.
 On Friday, the Senate Intelligence Committee issues its much-anticipated report excoriating the nation's spy
 agencies for their dire -- and wrong -- conclusions about Iraq's weapons capabilities. The report shifts blame
 from the White House to beleaguered CIA Director George Tenet, whose resignation takes effect on Sunday...

 The Senate Democrats' fumble on the intelligence investigation could prove a costly error for Kerry's campaign.
 Whether they were too credulous or too passive, Democrats failed to advance their case, and now that the
 report is out, it is Republicans in the Senate who, at least for the moment, are shaping the interpretation of the
 volatile WMD issue. Kerry and Edwards (a member of the intelligence panel), must now fight to regain the
 political ground that their Senate colleagues have conspicuously ceded to the administration."

 The wetting-themselves-with-fear Democrats have mismanaged the last6y four years worse than Bush h
 as mismanaged Iraq. Swear to Koresh, we would be in better shape if  *I* headed the post-Clinton DNC.

 The Democrats are absolutely rudderless, clueless and sac-less.
 I am ashamed to be in a party of cowards and pussies - but what choice do I have?

 Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments
   Other Illegal Actions Raise Warning Flags at White House

  Click  Here

 The assessment of the White House counsel's office agrees that Cheney faces "serious legal implications"
 from the pending French indictments and add that the Vice President's illegal and unethical lobbying on
 behalf of Halliburton for the no-bid contract "raises additional questions."

 Cheney, however, is standing firm and recently told Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont to "fuck off"
 when the Senator questioned him on the Halliburton matters.

 According to White House sources, President George W. Bush laughed the matter off at a recent cabinet meeting.

"Fuck 'em all,"Bush, the favorite of the Christians said.

 ...and the Democrats can't find anything to use against this illegal thug?

   Care to comment?

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