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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Ke-Ed Draw 25K in Raleigh
Say it ain't so, John
Blair Considered Resigning 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Report: Bush Innocent
AAR Day is July 14th
B.I.G. Suit Surges Ahead
Bush Service Records Gone
Kerry backs off Bush bash


Quote of the Day

"The issues have just gone south on Kerry 
  and Edwards. The job numbers are the best 
  they've ever been since 2000. We've got the 
  situation in Iraq straightening out. So all these 
  guys can do is act weird." 
    --the Palm Beach heroin addict   Attribution

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Volume 1353 - Torture Fetish

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  Weekend    July 10-11, 2004


"Latins for Republicans - it's like roaches for Raid."
    --Latin comedian John Leguizamo, who says there are no Hispanic Republicans,    Attribution

 Kerry-Edwards draw 20-25,000 in Raleigh, NC

  Click  Here

 This rally was a SMASHING success. The paper this morning said 5 to 10,000
 were expected--but 25,000 people showed up!!

 Two and a half times the maximum estimate in 100 degree heat!

 The crowd was loud, enthusiastic, diverse, and positive. The good vibes were simply overflowing.
 Speakers were repeatedly interrupted by supportivechants and cheering. Edwards' megawatt smile
 along with the good feelings among "the four principals" were clearly visible from my position roughly
 40 yards from the stage.

 But what COMPLETELY blew me away was how well Kerry performed. Of course Edwards was
 phenomenal--completely off-the-charts great--but Kerry was shockingly good! He was passionate,
 energetic, hit all the right notes, and was repeatedly interrupted by cheering and chants before he could
 finish sentences. He couldn't stop smiling, and both candidates stayed to shake hands long after the end
 of the event. People didn't want to leave!

 Tarheel Dan

               Pic by Dan               Ke-Ed Draw 20,000 in Raleigh         Pic by Yahoo

From 1984


"The same so-called reporters who led the cheer for war are suddenly interested in
  checking Moore's facts. It is too bad that they felt no such need when George, Condi,
  Colin and company were playing fast and loose with facts so that thousands of people
  could be killed. Michael Moore hasn't killed anyone and yet powerful media and
  political interests vilify him more than any man in America right now."
    --Margaret Kimberley, "Fahrenheit 9/11: Less From Moore"   Attribution

 BBC: Blair Considered Resigning in Disgrace
   Bush's Poodle didn't have the moral integrity to follow thru


  Click  Here

 Blair, who has seen his ratings tumble in opinion polls since the disaster in Iraq,
 had been "seriously considering his position" following a series of attacks on his leadership.
 Three cabinet colleagues urged Blair not to quit and suggested he still had wide support,.

9/11 commission.

  Care to comment?

What if I, David Rees, could get away with fucking up Get Your War On
the way Rumsfeld gets away with fucking up wars?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by David Rees. Used with permission

 Report: Bush Innocent - Blame the CIA
  It can't be Bush's fault because he doesn't make mistakes

  Click  Here

 The key U.S. assertions leading to the 2003 invasion of Iraq - that Saddam had WMDs
 - were wrong and based on false or overstated CIA analyses, a scathing Senate Intelligence
 Committee report asserted Friday.

 Scathing my ass!
 They're just protected the never-elected giggling murderer.

 Where is everyone's memory?

 Over the objections of the whole world minus Tony Blair, Bush said there was no time
 to wait for inspections because Saddam was about to launch WMDs at us right away.
 How do you "accidentally" determine that he's about to launch?

 This is another Lee Hamilton whitewash for the spoiled little frogblasting criminal.


   Care to comment?


"It's not just Iraq. They got out of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, a treaty supported
  by every Republican and Democratic president since Eisenhower. They got out of the
  Kyoto Climate Change Treaty. They were opposed to the International Criminal Courts,
  to strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention. They bagged the Antiballistic Missile
  Treaty to build a missile defense even though we don't know whether it works or not.
  And maybe most troubling and least known to the American people, they're trying to develop
  two new nuclear weapons, smaller nuclear weapons, and it changed our nuclear doctrine for
  the first time since the end of World War II, to say that, well, maybe we will be the first to use
  nuclear weapons if we use these small ones."
     --Bill Clinton, on Smirk's terror campaign against planet Earth Attribution

 Got this in the mail:

 Conference Countdown: One Week Left!


 With the 2004 National NOW Conference only a week away, I'm writing to
 encourage you to make plans to join us in Las Vegas next weekend, July 16-18.

 It has never been more important for feminists to join together to strategize
 for the 2004 elections and the years ahead. Register online today!

 I know why men go to Vegas, but why would NOW meet there?
 Are they going to get drunk and order a fleet of Chippendale hookers?:


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Deal DELAYED with Air America Radio

 We're going to flood America's airwaves July 14th, this Wednesday.

 They were in repeats this week, so we opted for a live week.

 Abu Ghraib Soldier Faces More Charges


  Click  Here

 Pfc. Lynndie England, now assigned to Fort Bragg, previously faced three counts
 of assaulting detainees and ten other charges.

 She was charged late Thursday with one count of violating a general order and four counts
 of indecent acts, said Fort Bragg spokesman Richard Patterson. He said specifics of the charges
 would be revealed next week when an investigatory Article 32 hearing is held at the post.

"None of these five charges involved Iraqi detainees or Iraqi nationals," Patterson said.

 The Washington Post reported it had obtained images of England undressed and in sexual poses
 with a male soldier. Photos released earlier in the abuse scandal showed pointing at Iraqi prisoners'
 genitals and holding a leash attached to a prisoner.


"I see where John Kerry has picked the Breck Girl, Sen. John Edwards, for his running mate.
  He must have thought Edward's famously perfect hair will win him votes, because there's
  precious little else to suggest that Edwards would make a good president at a time of war.
  John Edwards...is a first term senator of no significant legislative accomplishment.
  He has no executive experience - he's never been a mayor or a governor or run a business.
  He has no foreign policy experience. He never served in the military...
  What would Edwards do about Islamofacist terrorists if he became president? Sue 'em?"
           --Bill Hobbs,  "Kerry Coughs Up a Hair Ball"   Attribution

 First - this monkey stole this - almost word-for-word, from the vulgar Pigboy.
 How do these small-minded parrots think they can steal from the head Nazi
 and not be caught is beyond me.

 Second - if Edwards was the lightweight the monkeys suggest, they wouldn't spend
 so much energy and ammunition trying to convince people - it would be obvious

 Third - in my lifetime, there's never been anyone nearly as stupid and unaccomplished as the
 Never-elected Murder Money.  His Daddy (or the bin Ladens) put him in business only to
 watch him explore one dry hole after another. He then raised taxes to build Arlington Stadium
 and then cashed out with taxpayer money to become a figurehead Texas governor. His greatest
 accomplishment there was failing to read recommendations from the Texas Parole and Pardon
 Board before ordering the deaths as cheaply as Zarquawi does in Baghdad.

 ...and they have a problem with the self-made, giant-slaying Carolina millionaire?

Everybody knows the babes are all Democrats

 Pentagon Says Bush Service Records Destroyed
   When Rove gives an order, the Pentagon obeys

"Now they can't prove nothin..."

  Click  Here

 There was no mention of the loss when White House officials released hundreds of pages of the
 President's military records last February in an effort to stem Democratic accusations that he was AWOL
 for a time during his commitment to fly at home in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.

John Edwards on Clemson's football team.

 Nevada Loses Yucca Mt. Waste Site Appeal
  Will Nevada reward Bush/Cheney for screwing them in 2000?

  Click  Here

 Gang Attacks 'Jewish' Mother in Paris
  Passengers on crowded train fail to come to her rescue

  Click  Here

 Spiderman breaks a quarter billion in 11 days
   Fahrenheit breaks 80M - can we have a sequel?

  Full Story

 Boaters find kitten three miles into Gulf of Mexico
   Is Drudge OK?

  Click  Here


 The First Fight Against Fascist Tyranny

  Click  Here

 Soviet forces advance, shattering the forward German positions.
 US Naval forces under Admiral Clark hit the Volcano Bonin Islands in another set of raids.
 This time planes for the the carriers Hornet, Yorktown, Bataan and Belleau Wood strike
 Iwo Jima and Chichi Jima destroying 66 Japanese planes.
 Elements of the German 41st Panzer Corps attempt a breakout at Bodruisk
 The V-1 blitz on England continued unabated.
 To date, 1,935 British civilians had been killed by the buzz bombs.

 Coming Soon  a  clip from  BCR 46


"Primarily, I vote for the most conservative candidate. But Bush's faith is
  appealing to me.  It's a bonus. He's comfortable talking about religion.
  He can do it in a normal way. To me, that's a sign of integrity."
    --Gilion Dumas, a lawyer, who probably would only do business with a plumber
       if that plumber had a fish painted on the side of his plumbing truck  Attribution

 Notorious B.I.G. Wrongful-Death Suit Can Go To Trial, Judge Rules
   Bart's criminal lawyer had a good day in court - and has requested Bart's assistance in Los Angeles

  Click  Here

 ...the lawyers representing the estate of the rapper, whose given name was Christopher Wallace, just prevailed
 in a hearing held on June 21, with the court denying a motion to dismiss the case. Attorney Perry Sanders called
 this victory "huge" (see "LAPD Chief Interfered With Biggie Murder Probe, Suit Says").

"The motion to dismiss alleged that we couldn't possibly prove to a jury that [former officer] David Mack acted under
 the color of law even if we proved he committed the crime," Sanders said. "The judge, after reviewing the totality of the
 circumstances, determined that a jury could find that Mack acted under color of law if they determined he did the crime."
 The wrongful death suit goes to trial on October 5.

 So - I'm going to sunny Los Angeles to assist Mr Sanders,
 ...perhaps with some trial strategery?

  Care to comment?


My good friend Avedon's latest rocks!

 VCR Alert

 Sunday night

Kerry & Edwards on 60 Minutes

Remember when I said poker & sex don't mix?
   That was before I saw Jennie Garth play - Celebrity Poker Tonight on Bravo

The 4400 on USA Network

 Over the last century, thousands of people have disappeared and were presumed dead.
 Suddenly, 4,400 of those missing people are returned -- all at once -- appearing unchanged
 from the day they vanished. Some have a mysterious ability, whether it's superhuman strength
 or an unexplained healing touch.

 Space Monkeys done well is good TV.
 The first reviews say this is X-Files good

 Another typical weekend on CNN...

 Paula Von Zahn hosted the story of Chappaquiddick again, showing Ted Kennedy's wrecked car.
 Following that,  Paula Von Zahn hosted another rerun of Flyboy's, the heroic story of the courage
 of Saint Poppy the Great, and how he won World War II single-handed at the age of 17.

 This is the "Clinton News Network?"

 Subject: BCR Show 35

 Sorry to bug you agian, however, show 35 is a broken link. I had heard that show 35
 was the best show that Bart has done so far and I haven't been able to listen to it.
 Thank you for your consideration.


 Kenneth, I just clicked on all four links and they worked for me.
 Are *all * the links broken for you?
 Are you getting the other shows OK?

 I wish I could help, but since it's working for me there's nothing more I can do.
 I'm not trying to be flip, I just can't fix it while it's working.
 Show 35 was the Smirk Smackdown - it was good.

 Lemme know, because others might have the same problem,

After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

Now with VHS and DVDs

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 Subject: Robbie Knievel

 Mr. Bartcop,

 Yes, there is something more heart-stopping than a life-and-death Knievel jump
 ...and that's totalling erasing Windows XP from ones hard disk and re-installing Windows 98.

 Never has there been a more invasive, spying-lying, Patriot Act piece of shit sofware than that
 piece of Billy Gates whore-ware:  when you install XP, you're nothin but Billy's little information whore.


 I may get that thrill someday.
 I stare at the hourglass all day, every day, waiting for something to happen.

 Many spelling mistakes you see have already been corrected, but my hands
 move faster than the computer and the keyboard can't keep up with me.

 When I hit "delete" to take a bad letter out of a word, I'm on to the next page
 while this piece-of-crap, $2500, P4, with a gig of memory tries to send the
 "delete" command thru the P4 while I'm 2-3 words ahead on my typing.

 I   just   can't   hardly   stand   it   no   more.

 If I buy a Mac, can I have a Nancy Grace guarantee that will be fast enough
 to keep up with me?

Play Poker online with Bart

 Concert Quotes

"This government lies. I think we have a government that absolutely
   is ignoring the truth and a press that is ignoring the truth.
    --Helen Thomas,  Attribution

"I think she's absolutely right -- dead on. The evidence is there -- the Bush administration
  lies, lies, lies. The strongest, most aggressive person taking the Bush administration to task
  is not someone from The New York Times or The Washington Post, but Michael Moore..."
     --James W. Brown, of IUPUI, agreeing with Helen Thomas,     Attribution

 THAT is probably the real reason Moore's film is doing so well, because he's the ONLY guy
 with national prominence who has DARED to say the Never-elected Murder Monkey is a fraud.
 The press is in bed with Bush and the Democrats are too scared to speak.

 Eldrick Alert

 Checking in Saturday on The John Deere Classic - I don't see Tiger's name in the Top 70.
 Either Tiger took another tournament off or he's even worse than I thought.

 For me, a weekend is incomplete without watching Eldrick blow some six-foot putts
 or watching The Dallas Cowboys getting blown out by 40 points by the Arizina Cardinals.


"It really is striking. We had assumed that an incumbent vice president, with the gravitas
  of Dick Cheney, would do much better than that against the inexperienced John Edwards."
     --Tim Russert, on the latest quickie poll which asked people who they would prefer, on Smirk's death,
        Edwards or Cheney take over as president.  Edwards outpolled Cheney 45 percent to 38 percent, Attribution

 Once again, Tim the Whore is sticking up for his employers, the BFEE.  Russert really can't believe that
 the wishes of the voters should prevail over the wishes of Three-Fingers Tony Scalia

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"Fahrenheit" On The Brain

  Click  Here

"Look. You can disagree with Moore's opinions and his often patronizing conclusions all you want.
 But you can't, after all, refute his facts. Moore's movie has done more than merely free up the pundits
 and the disgruntled military generals to speak out, or make timid reporters actually dig for truth again.
 He has done more than help put surprising words of dissent and criticism back into the mouths of
 members of Congress and the major media.

 He has, in short, made Middle America think again. He has cracked the GOP's frozen ideological sea,
 showed us all one thing we have so desperately forgotten: America does not, after all, have to be this way,
 and its citizens do, in fact, have a choice.

 And, for that reason, "Fahrenheit 9/11" is perhaps the most wonderfully patriotic film ever made."

 Subject: more evidence that CBS is afraid of neocons and FOX

 Hey Bart,
 Love the site, agree with most of your views. It keeps the foreign community sane out here in China.

 Check out this NY Times story:

 The story is about an independant documentary maker named Robert Greenwald who wants to
 expose Fox News' blatently neocon slant on events.

 Quote from the page:
 CBS wouldn't sell Greenwald the clip of Richard Clarke's appearance on ''60 Minutes,''
 explaining that it didn't want to be associated with a controversial documentary about Murdoch.

 There is NO liberal media, just a bunch of Republican supporters and those too afraid to fairly report the news.
 Keep swinging that hammer!

 Kharkov, you are correct.
 The GOP bullies have everyone afraid except Helen Thomas and some web sites.

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


 Explosives stolen from California storage facility

  Click  Here

 Federal investigators continue their search for about 200 pounds of explosives stolen
 from a storage facility in San Mateo County, California. More than 800 blasting caps,
 114 pounds of so-called binary explosives and at least 30 pounds of military C-Four
 are among the missing items.

"Maybe they have bigger frogs out west..."


Click to Enter

 Chicago Pokerfest - July 17 - Saturday


 If your name's not on the list, you're not in yet.

  Click  Here

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 863, 867, 872, 880, 885  dead American soldiers.

Five more this wekend - and they love Bush?

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain for Bush's illegal war,
and polls show America favors the giggling murderer over war hero Kerry?

Soon it will be 900,
and sometime before the election, it will be 1000.


Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


"I'll do everything that I can possibly do, short of selling my children, to beat Bush."
        --Jessica Lange,   Attribution

 Say it ain't so, John
  Stinging commentary by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"They know no depths," McCain would complain wearily to reporters on his "straight talk" bus.
"They know no depths." Bush should hardly have been surprised when his battered opponent
 rebuffed his peacemaking gestures. "Don't give me that shit," barked McCain when Bush took
 his hands and suggested that their rivalry was becoming too personal. "And get your hands off me."

 Now hands have been laid on again, and perhaps all has been forgiven. McCain is a figure of
 character and charm, but he cannot leave the Republican Party, as his idol Teddy Roosevelt once did,
 and strike out against the big-business lobbyists and theocratic demagogues who now dominate the GOP.
 He won't be making history or remaking politics. He will stand up dutifully, like Colin Powell, in the service
 of inferior men who would gladly ruin him -- and leave us to wonder why."

 Kerry backs off Bush bash
   An apology - instead of a counter attack - why am I not surprised?

  Click  Here

 Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman branded Thursday's $7.5 million Democratic fund-raiser
 a "star-studded hatefest" and demanded Kerry release a video of the show.

 Holy Jesus - can you believe our side caved in again?

 Number One - Cheney told Leahy to "Go fuck yourself" last week, and the GOP and
 the media agreed that was OK because that's how men talk, so that was excused and accepted
 But when a comedian gets a little blue - our side caves in  again  and begs for forgiveness.

 Number Two - If our side had any brains, any f-ing brains at all, we would answered their demand to release
 that tape by saying, "We'll release that tape right after Cheney releases his Energy task Force notes,"
 which not only defangs the fundraiser crap, but it puts the onus back on the Nazi bastards who killed 900
 of our brave soldiers in Iraq because Cheney and Kennyboy split up Iraq's oil fields way back in 2001.

 Why is our side so stupid so often?
 Why is an apology always the first thing that pops into their head?
 Why don't they ask someone with a smart mouth for a good comeback?

  Care to comment?

 Subject: snail mail

 Hi Bart,

 Enclosed is a money order to renew my subscription to BartCop Radio.
 Shows keep getting better - keep up the good work,

 Larry K

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