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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Election Day Worries
Trading Liberty for Safety
Cheney: Kerry Backtracking 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Free speech?   It's Gone
AAR Day is Wednesday
Drudge likes F 9/11
Hugs, kisses, political disses
Kerry's latest apology


Quote of the Day

"I'm against this war. I'm a Republican;
  I want you to know that. And I'm against Bush."  
     --Carol McKy,       Attribution
        Military Family Support Group for Peace, 


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Volume 1354 - Fear and Loathing in DC

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  Mon-Tues    July 12-13, 2004


"He's a throwback to our youthful idealism. Optimistic. Believes in hard work.
  No chip on his shoulder. And he considers the Constitution as holy a document as the Magna Carta."
     --Chris Heinz, son of Teresa Heinz Kerry, on John Kerry,   Attribution

 I'm so old, I remember when the Constitution was semi-respected by the GOP

 Election Day Worries
  Will we get to vote? Or will Bush delay the vote "to protect us?"

  Click  Here

"American counterterrorism officials, citing what they call "alarming" intelligence about a possible Qaeda
 strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement
 of the November presidential election in the event of such an attack, Newsweek has learned.
 The prospect that Al Qaeda might seek to disrupt the U.S. election was a major factor behind last week's
 terror warning by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. Ridge and other counterterrorism officials
 concede they have no intel about any specific plots. But the success of March's Madrid railway bombings
 in influencing the Spanish elections - as well as intercepted "chatter" among Qaeda operatives - has led
 analysts to conclude "they want to interfere with the elections," says one official."

 Whatever the reason, I don't think the Illegal Thugs are going to give up power in six months.
 They'll either rig the Diebold machines or they'll mail out more anthrax or explode bombs in the
 Lincoln Tunnel for an excuse to delay/deny the people their legal right to vote his crooked ass out.



"It's hilarious that the Republicans are trying to paint their ticket as the more optimistic one.
  Cheney and Bush radiate negativity, even as Edwards and his photogenic blond kids glow for
  the cameras. Dick Cheney glowers for the camera, a Dr. No with a dark vision that has resulted
  in a gigantic global mess. (When he was stopped by applause at a campaign stop in Altoona, Pa.,
  on Sunday, he asked, "You guys want to hear this speech or not?")

 Unfortunately for this White House, it is Edwards's great talent to talk about the class warfare of
"two Americas" in a sunny way. The Breck Girl is already getting under the Boy King's thin skin.
   -- Maureen Dowd, she hates everybody - this time it's everybody   Attribution

 Bush trying to trade liberty for safety
   by Walter Cronkite

  Click  Here

"We have witnessed the president and attorney general of one of the most secretive administrations in
 American history claiming war powers to deny civil liberties protected by the Bill of Rights. We've seen
 the creation, in America, of a detention procedure in which detainees have had no recourse to lawyers,
 no chance to plead their innocence -- people who simply disappear into a system right out of George Orwell's "1984."

 But then, last week, the Supreme Court -- the same conservative court that civil libertarians had begun to
 despair of -- told Mr. Bush in a nearly unanimous ruling that "a state of war is not a blank check" and that he
 did not have the power to imprison American citizens or anyone else indefinitely, without any ability to challenge
 their accusers in a court of law. In other words, he could not suspend the Bill of Rights."

 Who can argue with the most trsuted man in America?


 Cheney: Kerry Backtracking on Iraq War

  Click  Here

 Kerry and Edwards reviewed the same prewar intelligence on Iraq that was
 given to Bush and both supported the decision to go to war, Cheney said.

"Now it seems they've both developed a convenient case of campaign amnesia," Cheney lied
 during a $500-per-plate breakfast fund-raiser for a Republican congressional candidate.

 He said the Democratic senators "are criticizing the president for looking at the same information
 that they did and coming to the same conclusion that they did. If the president was right, and he was,
 then they are simply trying to rewrite history for their own political purposes."

 Cheney had the CIA tell the senate that Saddam was ready to launch.
 Who would vote to take no action after hearing that?  Besides reading  bartcop.com
 how were the senators supposed to know the briefing was a Cheney-Rummy fraud?




"If you're a drug addict on the street, they say it's a crime,
  but if you're a right-wing radio talk-show host, they say it's an illness."
    --Julian Bond, on the vulgar Pigboy   Attribution

 Free speech?

  Click  Here

"The Ranks had come to West Virginia because the wife was doing environmental work for FEMA.
 On Tuesday, Jeff Rank told some Charlestonians that FEMA had fired her. On Wednesday, a FEMA
 official said only that Nicole Rank had been "sent home." What does that mean? Was she sent back to
 Texas for wearing a shirt denouncing the president? Has her government job been terminated? The FEMA
 official wouldn't say, and we couldn't locate the Ranks in Texas to ask them...

 Out in Washington state, the Tri-City Herald printed a sarcastic editorial titled: "Let freedom ring - somewhere else."
"On a day the nation celebrates its freedom, Bush handlers and Charleston police apparently decided to make an
 exception for Bush's event on the state Capitol grounds," the paper said. It added that Americans have a right of
 free speech - "Except in Charleston. Except on the Fourth of July. And except for Bush critics."

 Someday, a freedom-loving, patriotic Republican will stand up and say, "Mr Bush - the abuse stops today."
 We have to wait for the GOP to do it because the Democrats are too scared.


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 Message from Joe Conason

 Thanks to early box office success in New York and Washington, The Hunting of the President
 is about to open all over the country. And I mean literally all over the country, from Sarasota to Pasadena,
 from Cape Cod to Minnesota to Seattle. (Not to mention Chicago! Atlanta! Memphis! Kansas City!)
 And lots of other cities and towns and malls..some yet to be named, including Philly, Portland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland...).

 Our trailer is running at many showings of F 9/11 and the theatre owners are responding to public demand...
 But now we have to fill all those seats.
 So please check out our website The Hunting of the President, official movie site - Regent Releasing,
 where the theatrical openings are constantly updated and you can download the trailer, too.



"America has become a nation without journalism, for the most part, a place where agenda's are set
  by those who are being questioned and not by those who represent the public's right to know what's
  really going on. On program after program, the "experts' tend to be those who agree with the individual
  or the agency under scrutiny, and together the interviewer and the interviewee just laugh at the thorny
  questions that a lot of people are seeking real answers for. There is no appeal, no counter-culture place
  for people to go for answers, except of course to the Internet...

  What we have are cheerleaders for a completely corrupt and floundering leadership, and some enterprising
  lawyers need to now begin to discuss exactly how the media can be charged with collusion, in this farce that
  now passes for American Foreign Policy. During the Nuremberg Tribunals, media types from the Third Reich
  were tried right along with the Nazi generals, because their efforts at disinformation were deemed to be just
  as critical to the Nazi war effort, as was that of the Nazi General staff."
     --kirwan, "Censorship in the Public's Eye",   Attribution

Everybody knows the babes are all Democrats

 Drudge Says Moore's 9/11 Is Pure-Drudge!

  Click  Here

"On those terms, Matt Drudge, the right-wing Web gossip and longtime agitator of the left, had to
 tip his hat to Mr. Moore's film, and to a mudslinger after his own heart. "I give him major props,
 as a piece of art. I was filled with steamy jealousy throughout," he said. But while Mr. Drudge
 crafted his own right-wing mosaic of American reality out of mere Web links, Mr. Moore was
 stitching together sound bites and facts on a much larger scale - 1,700 motion-picture screens!
  - and Mr. Drudge was flush with envy.

"This is a totally new level of expertise and skill and cunning," he said. He even compared Mr. Moore
 to H.L. Mencken. "I should stress that I'm not endorsing what his premise was - I couldn't even
 follow the premise," he lied. 'It was more the images and the drama.'"

"I ain't seen that movie..."


 Subject: Thanks

 Thanks for restoring some sanity to the world of political commentary, namely by your comments
 about the Senate Intelligence Commitee report. My mind has been boggling for days over the press
 coverage of this report. In addition to the telling observations you made about the report there is also
 the argument, made at the time that Bush was arguing for an invasion, that invading a country ready to
 go to war with WMDs is scarcely intelligent, especially when it's a country which attacked your allies
 with missiles the last time you went to war against it. The reasonable conclusion is that the White House
 had accurate intelligence about Iraq's capacity to defend itself, invaded because it knew Iraq couldn't
 defend itself, and simply lied about the WMDs.

 John Fitz

 I was particularly annoyed with the Democrats Sunday, all running to get in front of
 a TV camera so they could say Bush was innocent and the CIA got it all wrong.
 Our side wouldn't know how to fight back if they ever decided to.

 Blackout Hits Athens Month Before Games
  NBC has bet billions that Athens will get their act together

  Click  Here

 Woman charged in antifreeze drink death
   Lawyer said she just wanted to make him sick - suuuuuure...

  Click  Here

 Morgan Stanley Settles EEOC Case for $54M
   Steal a billion, pay $54M fine - Bush's "CEO cleanup"

  Click  Here


  Click  Here

 Coming Soon  a  clip from  BCR 46


"Hillary is finally getting some backup on her vast-right-wing-media charge. The targets are two media giants:
  Rush Limbaugh and Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel. In Rush's case, he's the only political commentator
  on Armed Forces Radio, and Democrats want the organization partly funded with tax dollars to hire a lefty pundit
  --or drop him. Murdoch, meanwhile, has committed two sins in liberals' eyes: He owns too much media and has
  created a "Fox effect" that supposedly forces other networks to bend conservative or lose market share.
  This week, MoveOn.org and the Clinton-friendly Center for American Progress unleash their attack in a
  Michael Moore-style documentary called Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism. Its point:
  Fox is too cozy with the GOP, and Murdoch forces his righty bias on his staff."
     --Paul Bedard, "The new conspiracy: Rush and Rupert's Fox",   Attribution

 VCR Alert

 The 4400 on USA Network was as good as they said it was.
 Next Sunday is Part Two

 Don't even turn the TV on, unless it's for Wolf the Whore on Jon Stewart.

 Subject: Fundraiser ruckus

 I felt the same way when Kerry caved in to the big mouth hypocrite Republicans.
 When will they learn to go for the effing jugular like Limbaugh & Co?  WHEN?

 I know Dems are by nature a zillion times nicer than the money lusting GOP
 - but we have GOT to learn to fight fire w/ fire.  God damn !!

 Somebody get a hold of Kerry and give him the word and tell him to go for the gold NOW.

 Let's hope Kerry doesn't go for the silver the way Gore did.

After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

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 Subject: Likely reason for suspicious "terror alert"

 Tom Ridge's "terror alert" isn't the usual obfuscation we've come to expect from this administration.
 This one is a 3-fer:

 not only does it serve to shift media focus away from Kerry/Edwards, it also was meant to fan the flames
 of terror away from the White House and onto the CIA, on this the day that the Senate report comes out
 blasting the CIA. But because Ridge has stressed the "disruption of the election," get ready for what must
 be the real reason: to prohibit a democratic protest at the Republican convention in New York next month.
 They're laying the groundwork now. They must be stopped.


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"Our government is selling out the middle class. It's a disgrace. I haven't talked to one person
  - except the rich people - who wants to vote for Bush. A lot of people are not going to vote at all,
  and if the Democrats had a good candidate it would be a landslide. My father was a Democrat and
  he used to say that when Republicans are in charge even the fishing is bad. You know what?
  The fishing around here has been terrible."
     --Kevin Willis, a Carolina Republican who will eagerly vote against Bush   Attribution

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 Hugs, kisses, political disses

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"Some of my right-leaning brethren have started collecting photographs of the
 Democratic running mates - and leering derisively at them.

 To a loud chorus of theatrical harrumphs, these dirty-minded critics are interpreting
 a few innocent shoulder pats as if they were some cheap, homoerotic display.

 Hey, take a cold shower, guys! A little jovial back-patting doesn't a same-sex-marriage make!"

"At Skull & Bones ...they made me do things...and they took pictures"


Up to twenty views per penny.
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 Today's issue was a little shorter so I can free up more time to make
 Wednesday's issue as good as possible when it goesw up tomorrow night.

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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 863, 867, 872, 880,
885,  887  dead American soldiers

Two more since yesterday - and they love Bush?

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain for Bush's illegal war,
and polls show America favors the giggling murderer over war hero Kerry?

Soon it will be 900,
and sometime before the election, it will be 1000.


Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


'I believe that Congress should do all that it can to protect the American people from
 another terrorist attack, but we must do that without undermining basic constitutional rights.
 I find it ironic that, on an amendment designed to protect American democracy and our
 constitutional rights, the Republican Leadership in the House had to rig the vote and subvert
 the democratic process in order to prevail. This was a very sad day for democracy in America.'"
    -- Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) after leading a bipartisan coalition in an attempt to restore protections
  to library and bookstore patrons' records which have been undermined by the Patriot Act.  The amendment,
  facing threat of a Presidential veto, received a majority of votes in the U.S. House when the time for voting expired.
  However, the House Republican Leadership then held open the vote twice as long as scheduled, an additional 20 minutes,
  as they "persuaded" Republicans to switch their votes.  As Democratic members chanted, "Shame, Shame, Shame,"
  Republican leaders closed the vote on a 210 to 210 tie.   Attribution

 The Democrats summoned enough courage to f-ing chant?
 I'm shocked.

 Subject: Why do we always apologize?

 I just don't get it!  I was having the same discussion with my friend at lunch.
 Cheney actually said a bad word (sorry, e-mail at work, gotta watch the language)
 to a colleague in his place of employment.
 I know what would happen to me if I did that, and it wouldn't be pretty.

 Kerry and company didn't say the words.  Comedians did!
 Why don't they just come out and say that?

 They're too afraid to defend themselves

 Liked the idea of releasing the tape of the show when Cheney releases
 his energy task force records, by the way.

 Nancy, the Cub fan

 It's always like this:
 Cheney screams the F word and holds secret energy meetings with Kennyboy to split up Iraq's
 oil fields before 9-11. They refuse to release the records of that meeting which probably also detailed
 their coming-soon, Enron-produced California energy rape and they're just as guilty as they can be.

 Meanwhile, Kerry is on the defensive AGAIN because Whoopie Goildberg got drunk.
 Why can't our side think?
 Why can't our side negotiate?
 Why can't our side do something besides apologize when they're innocent?

 The Democrats need some Bart in their damn lives.

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