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 Chicago Update:

 Some people asked about the after-party.
 I can't tell you what's going to happen Saturday night, ...but I can tell you the plan.

 The Tequila Roadhouse is a large, old-time wooden tavern with lots of tequila, (they have three bars)
 and it looks like some kind of fun bar that you'd see in an old Chicago movie. The last thing it is is plastic.
 It's more early seventies Allman Brothers than Britney Spears.

 The Tequila Roadhouse is at 1653 N. Wells St: (312) 440-0535

 One plan says we could meet there around 10 PM.

 We're not trying to create a crowd, but some non-poker people wrote
 and asked if there was any way to get together and do a shot of tequila.
 They have at least one bottle of Chinaco, so if you're coming, don't be late.

 Note: Karl Rove has no control over what is printed here.
 Warning: Language not suitable for Ditto-monkeys or sheep.

The great Bruce Yurgil

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Bush Seduced by Exiles?
Allawi - tough times ahead
Larry King: No Moore on CNN
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
FOX gets Morning Wood 
Emmy Denies Imperoili
Bush reviews 'My Pet Goat'
Thai troops desert desert
Pokerfest Pre-game Starting 


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"My dad thinks my mom's funny 
  even though she's really not -- 
  she's cute, she has funny quirks." 
    --Jenna Bush, on Mom's stupid jeep tricks

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Volume 1357 - Fatal Circus

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 Friday    July 16, 2004

 Dueling Quotes

"Four years ago, Edwards was a personal-injury lawyer specializing in Jacuzzi cases."
   --Tucker Carlson, remindinmg us the GOP really does have a heart, commenting on a case
      John Edwards won for the family of an eight-year old girl who had her intestines sucked out
      by the suction of a defective swimming pool drain she got caught in   Attribution

 I guess if that happened to Tucker Carlson's daughter, he's say,
 "That's OK, I don't want to sue over something this trivial."

"I know it's a terrible thing when Whoopi Goldberg makes salacious fun of C-Plus
 Augustus's last name.  I know that society may simply collapse. But Tucker carlson
 is a professional communicator at the top of his profession who, because he couldn't
 come up with anything else to say at the moment, smugly dispatches the tragedy of a
 child whose guts were ripped out. (Later in the same show, he told co-host James Carville
 to "Lighten up," about his comments.) It was an interesting evening -- not only should
 Tucker Carlson have lost every job in the professional media that he has, and not only
 did he lose forever any right to criticize anyone for intemperate speech, he at that
 moment should have been shunned by decent people for the rest of his sorry life.
 Jacuzzi cases. Christ."
   --Charles Pierce,  Altercation   Attribution

 Since our side refuses to fight back like the Freepers do, Tucker Carlson can say any goddamn
 thing in the world and keep his job, but if a liberal says something, they get fired.

 Our side doesm't want to win.
 We don't want it as bad as they do.
 They fight for every inch every minute.

 Well, if they hand us vidtory, we might accept it, but it's not worth fighting for.

 Ex-general: War planners seduced by exiles
  This nut doesn't understand BFEE/oilmen's greed

  Click  Here

 Gen. John Keane, retired, who served as the Army's vice chief of staff during the war,
 told the House Armed Services Committee: "We did not see it coming. And we were
 not properly prepared and organized to deal with it. . . . Many of us got seduced by
 the Iraqi exiles in terms of what the outcome would be."

 Keane's testimony echoes a recent admission by Wolfowitz (R-Murderer), who told the
 House committee that Bush believed the capture of  Iraqi leaders would quell the violence.

 That theory pre-supposes that Bush's motives were pure, but innocently misguided.
 Bush's motives were to take something from another kid's sandbox because his
 big brother (our military) would back him up and make it an unfair fight.

 GOP greed has no bounds.
 Absolute power corrupts.
"I can take it, and screw the morality.
  I want what I want and just try to f-ing stop me."

 Bush knew this war would cost a lot of American lives - but he didn't care.
 They billions they're stealing outweigh any moral delimema Bush chooses to ignore.

"Oil makes the world go 'round..."




"The other day my opponent said, when he was with some entertainers from Hollywood,
  that they were the heart and soul of America. I believe the heart and soul of America is
  found in places like this, right here in Marquette."
   --Dubya, sucking ass in every small town in every swing state  Attribution

 Iraq Premier Expects Tough Weeks Ahead

  Click  Here

 Iraq's interim prime minister said Thursday he expects insurgents to strike harder in the
 coming weeks and announced the creation of an intelligence service to combat terrorism.

 Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's comments to The AP came amid a spate of new violence, including
 a car bomb Thursday that killed 10 people and wounded 40 others. Also, a decapitated body
 wearing an orange jumpsuit was found in the Tigris River, possibly that of a foreigner taken hostage.

 Dude, you're being waaaaay too optimistic.
 I hope I'm wrong, but I imagine your immediate future is going to be pure hell and close calls
 until the beheaders capture you and make you the star of their latest video.

 Dude, you need to be like Bart and have a good time every day.

 Pokerfest Update

 When you get here at 12:30 Saturday, ask for "The Meeting Room"
 don't ask where Gamblefest 2004 is :)

 The setup looks better than we could've hoped for.
 They have a nice sound system and a giant screen projection system
 that plays DVDs so I hope someone remembers to bring some good porn.

 This must be the nuttiest old hotel in downtown Chicago.
 The room numbers aren't sequential - I've never seen that before.

 Also, parking is non-existent so unless you get lucky, your only
 option is to pay for valet service, but it's not too pricey.
 There's no pull-in to register, so you must be driving West,
 then pull right up to the front door and scream, "Valet!"

 Bring your own booze, Zendaba Jim brought some Cokes & 7 up
 Full report Sunday.


"Two minutes after we leave, there's going to be a revolution, and the meanest, toughest,
  smartest, most vicious guy will take over. And he'll have WMDs, which Saddam didn't have."
     -- Trump, getting it right    Attribution

 Larry King Backs Out of Michael Moore Interview

  Click  Here

 Larry King has confused controversial director Michael Moore by inexplicably ending
 talks to book the film-maker for his prime-time talk show.

 King's producers were negotiating to have the Fahrenheit 9/11 star his show - and even
 told Moore's agents they wanted a White House representative on the show to rebut the
 film's anti-Bush comments - but King's team have refused to continue with the booking,
 raising suspicions the president's advisors urged King to reject the outspoken political activist.

 Obviously King wants to please his BFEE masters.
 He talked to the wife of serial killer Melendez last night.
 he recently talked to Jeffery Dahmer's parents, but Moore's too hot?
 King only gets about a million viewrs a night, but Karl Rove must've figured
 that million could swing the election, so no doubt King got a call saying
 if he every wanted another Republican on his show, he'd better stiff Moore.

 "Dat's right!
  I work for the BFEE"


saw it on Marty's 


"Barbara and Jenna have hit the campaign trail with their dad. In a recent interview,
  Jenna says she's 'not political' and the electoral process doesn't interest her. Oh, she's
  daddy's little girl. Pollsters say the strategy is very effective: One daughter distracts us
  from the economy while the other distracts us from the war in Iraq.   Barbara just graduated
  from Yale, and plans to work in the pediatric AIDS program at Baylor University ... until
  her Dad cuts off the funding."
  --Craig Kilborn,Attribution

 Morning Wood

 It's not often you see a major corporation with an erection, but that's what happened
 Friday morning on FOX Whore News waiting for Martha Stewart to be sentenced.

 FOX acted like it was impeachment all over again.
 They went from one breathless whore to another, with wild-ass speculation about
 Martha "going to the slammer" and Wall Street's jail sale" of Martha stock, which
 was all horseshit because her stock was actually up slightly today.

 Again and again and again and again, (while ignoring all other news) FOX wankers
 explained how Martha would screw herself (Dick Cheney, call your office).
 If she showed remorse, it would kill her chances of appeal. If she dared to tell
 the truth, that this was a politicall motivated witchhunt by the BFEE to "get" a
 Clinton friend like Martha (and Tommy Chong?) while Kennyboy, Anthrax boy,
 Zarqawi and former Bush partner Osama all remain free.

 Of course, since it was a celebrity trial, they had to have on the attorney for the
 vulgar Pigboy, Kennedy rape attorney Roy Black.  Roy seemed very pleased with
 her verdict. Someday, if there's a Koresh, Roy might be on FOX smiling and beaming
 because he got America's senior Nazi bastard a sentence for heroin dealing and money
 laundering which is less than the federal sentencing guidelines.

 You know the Justice Department will instruct her captors to force her to clean toilets
 and suffer selected sexual abuse - because that's what all liberals deserve.

 When the sentence was revealed - five months instead of the possible sixteen
 - the FOX whores were more somber than when Saint Reagan died.

 Their group erection fizzled.


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Emmy Denies Imperioli

 I looked everywhere and couldn't find a complete list of Emmy nominations,
 and then I remembered that Marty at is the very best,
 and sure enough, there was the list I needed.

  Lead Actor in a Drama Series:
 James Gandolfini of "The Sopranos," is a great actor, but can anyone name a scene he
 did last season that was as good as Imperioli's reaction to Ade's confession? That was
 the best scene I saw i\on TV last year, but it was ignored by the nominating committee.

 Lead Actress in a Drama Series:
 Amber Tamblyn of "Joan of Arcadia,"even as a kid, can out-act Edie Falco of "The Sopranos,"
 and Allison Janney of "The West Wing," but one of the older gals will win because, like
 most things in this world, the Emmy's are all about politics - not acheivement/

 Drama Series:
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,"  "Joan of Arcadia,"  "The Sopranos," "24," Fox; "The West Wing,"
 No losers in that bunch, but maybe they should give it to C.S.I. for taking CBS to Number One.


"I do hope the administration changes in November, and I
  don't care who is in office as long as it's not this one."
  -- Stanley Tucci, a great actor and, apparently, pretty smart   Attribution

Everyone knows lefties make better lovers

 Breaking News

 As of 10:15 Chicago time...

 Martha Stewart stock up 30 percent after news of her relatively light sentence.
 CGOP is coming apart at the seems after hearing this news.

 K-Mart is running a 25 percent off sale on anything with Martha's name on it.
 K-Mart stock up 2.5 points on the Martha news.

 Norway Best Place to Live by UN
  America was tops until Bush destroyed it with his greed

  Click  Here

 Police hunt for 'stolen' U2 album
  World's biggest band trying to avoid being 'Paris Hiltoned'

  Click  Here

 California Fire Remains Out of Control
   Fire takes a dozen luxury homes, another 1000 threatened

  Click  Here

"Burn, baby, burn!
  Screw California
 They didn't vote for me..."


"Senator Ditka would've made Governor Ventura look like Churchhill."
  -- Jim Rome, 'Rome is burning' on ESPN2 early Friday morning

 Have you heard the latest?

 Senator Ted Nugent?

 Bush reviews 'My Pet Goat' for Amazon.com

  Click  Here

 Reviewer: cokehead mcbusherson from vacationing in crawford

 I remember growin' up and havin books like this read to me. even in high school, prep school, collage
 ( thanks dad and granpop! ) and when i got my MBA ( my mom calls it my "Major Bull$hit Award ),
 people read to me. I admit, I was a bit nervous reading in front of all those students, because most of
 the time, Uncle Dick and Ultimate Warrior Rummy ( that's what he likes to be called ) tell me what to say
 in that little thing they put in my ear. But, ( and it's a really big but, heh, heh ) Christian Soldier and fellow
 Promisemaker Johnny Ashcroft needed to borrow it to tell Ari ( i still don't know why that fella doesn't
 have a girlfriend ) what to say at his press confrance!! Boy, was I mad!! Grrr!!!

 Uncle Dick said to just pretend that I was at an intellah...intelloh...CIA briefing, and I should put on my "smart face".
 If Laura didn't give me my "medicine", that morning, I don't think I could've satted there for that long. Just when I
 was about to open the floor up for questions ( Uncle Dick usually doesn't let me do this, but today he said it was OK )
 someone whispered in my ear about planes or something. That's when I started to remember flying those planes when
 i was in the Air national Guard for two months ( thanks dad! ). Then I found the book "My Get Poat", and let me tell ya,
 it was just like the lives of the American people. There was struggle, hardships, struggle, and adversity, and struggle.
 At lease that's what I got from the pictures.


 Subject: BCR Show 35

 Bart, I read someone else complaining about show 35 too.
 I can't get Parts 2, 3, and 4.

 I can listen to Part 1 but when I click on the other one it goes
 to that standard,  The page cannot be found

 Damn, I hate to hear that.
 35 was a very good show - The Bush Beatdown - it's the show I'm sending
 to the Demo Convention.     Some volunteers (I need more) are going to
 give out CDs of that show to try to drum up some interest in BCR.

 I just used my laptop to click on Part Two of Show 35 and it came right up.

 One suggestion: Change your audio browser.

 At home, my default audio browser Winamp.
 The laptop defaults to Windows Media Player

 Gates forces IE to ask me if I want every future file till the end of time played
 with his spectacularly inadequate IE audio browser and I said "No" just to
 punish the greedmeister for screwing up my daily work with his arrogance.

 So I don't know what to tell you.  I take a complaint like this very seriously,
 but since it's working for me I have nothing to fix on my end.  I always suggest
 people ask some 15 year old, because they're listening to MP3s all day and
 they know their audio protocols inside out.

 If anyone else has a suggestion, please help out MT and me.

 Bart, I have a suggestion

After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

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 Thai Troops Desert Desert
   Getting our ahead of the beheadings

  Click  Here

"We have started withdrawal procedures... and I expect our last soldier would arrive
  home on September 20," General Chettha Thanajaro told reporters here.

 Thailand sent a 451-strong contingent of troops to Iraq for a purely humanitarian
 mission and the one-year deployment had been due to end in late September.

 America - more isolated than ever.
 One by one, our "allies" in the "coalition" are getting the hell out of Dodge.


 Subject: Fahrenheit 9/11

 The right has been telling me that the movie is full of lies.

 They are correct because actual footage of Bush, Cheney
 and Rumsfeld is most of the film.

 Patrick C.

  is very different from anything you've ever heard before.

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 Mr Perfect Watch

 As of noon Friday, poor Eldrick is tied for 22nd place in the British Open.
 Did you know he's ranked 1567th for shots off the tee?

 ha ha

 He can out, tho, ranked 4th or so.

 But I'm having a very busy weekend that doesn't involve a lot of TV.
 If Eldrick makes a run for the title, (ha ha) could I depend on you
 to throw a few "Hex on Thee"s at the TV.


Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody  gives you a better deal that that.


 'C.S.I.' Actors Fox, Eads Fired
   Sounds like the producers are Republicans

  Click  Here

 Actors Jorja Fox and George Eads, who play investigators Sara Sidle
 and Nick Stokes, were fired after asking for more money, variety reports.

 Stupid, stupid, stupid.
 Television's Number One show is built on the chemistry between the characters..
 This firing probably won't hold up, surely cooler heads will prevail, but the producers
 are making hundreds of millions of dollars from each season of C.S.I. and they're
 trying to save a buck or two on cast salaries in mid-run?

 I thought the Friends set a new standard that sticking together is the smart move,
 but then again Bill Peterson (Grissom) co-produces, so maybe this is suicide.
 He wants to lose this goldmine as soon as possible. He has said in interviews
 that there's no amount of money that could get him to do seasons 6 and 7,
 so maybe they think they're Law & Order and they can just switch the cast.

 I realize once you have your tens of millions in the bank it's not always about
 the money, but lots of people have walked away from hit shows only to find
 that nobody else wants them in another role and they end up with nothing.

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 Chicago Pokerfest - Big party

 If your name's not on the list, you're not in.

  Click  Here

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 872, 880, 885, 887, 892  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain


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You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Outrageously Cool Ads on Air America

 Tommy M has done it again!
 I hope to read about all your new hits.

 Too bad the good ribbin southern barbeque folks won't hear those ads today...

 Tommy Mack deserves all the blame.
 People don't know how talented he is.

 He does audio,
 he does video,
 he does internet,
 he gives great soundboard,
 he produces,
 he writes,
 he edits,
 he's never at a loss for words,
 he does "Whose Line Is It?" better than those TV guys.

 When he & I do that back-and-forth stuff, I'm doing all the work.
 I find ten stories and plot out where the path might lead, but then Tommy
 comes in cold and gets in all the best lines - even when he's slightly hungover.

 Yep, he got lucky when he ran into me :)


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