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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
All-Stars Kick Off DemoCon
Bart Tips His Hand???
Dennis Miller Morphs
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bourne Supremacy - $53M
Meet the Bloggers
The Cowardice of M Moore
Theresa "Shove it, Monkey"
Back to Mogadishu


Quote of the Day

"The answer is no! 
  This is the Democratic convention." 
     --DNC official denying Ralph Nader's 
       request for a convention pass       Attribution

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 7 days until Mike Malloy joins Air America Radio
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Volume 1363 - Kneeling down and...

  DemoCon2004 Monday    July 26, 2004               I suspect the live chat room will be busy all week


"We don't think she is of a high enough moral character to teach school, considering her past adventures.
  Her taking this job is keeping a black person from getting the job. She and her sister should enlist in the military."
   --John Penley, of Activists United for Peace, who doesn't want Jenna Bush to teach in Harlem,

s seen   Attribution

 Democrats All-Stars to Kick Off Convention

  Click  Here

 America's last elected president, plus Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Hillary are among the
 speakers at Monday's opening session, which will lay out some of the themes for Kerry's
 election battle with the never-elected giggling murderer, former Governor Bush of Texas.

 Still a huge presence in the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton's appearance as the final speaker
 on Monday will echo his role in the 2000 Democratic convention that nominated Gore to face Bush.

 You know who won't be speaking at this week's convention?

 Jack Kennedy won't be speaking this week.
 Bobby Kennedy won't be speaking this week.
 Martin Luther King won't be speaking this week.
 John Kennedy Jr won't be speaking this week.
 Paul Wellstone won't be speaking this week.

 ...because they were murdered by the other team.



"Frankly I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out who is a greater threat to this country...
  there's two different groups of people out there that present a threat to this country...and frankly
  I just cannot tell you which one presents the greater threat. One group of people: Osama bin Laden
  and his Islamic terrorists. The Islamic jihadists. The other group of people: those of you who would
  vote for John Kerry. And both groups present a threat to our safety and a threat to our future.
  A threat to our freedoms and a threat to our economic liberty... Just as the Islamic terrorists do."
      --Neal Boortz, whoring for those ditto-monkey dollars   Attribution

 Subject: You may have tipped your hand

 We've remained amused at your devotion to Limbaugh and FOX News; you seem to
 know an awful lot about their every word and action, these past two years.

 If Churchill had a microphone planted in Hitler's office - should he have listened in?
 I say yes.

 And now this sad little bit that you let slip:

> "[Show 35 is the show I'm sending to the Demo Convention.     Some volunteers (I need more)
>  are going to give out CDs of that show to try to drum up some interest in BCR."

 Jeez. Well at least you are up front about saying, basically,
"Hey everybody, I matter. I really do! Please look at me."

 I'm trying to matter, but 99.99 percent of America hasn't had a chance to reject my ideas.

 But it's still sad.

 What's sad?
 That I'm trying to make a difference?
 What's really sad is you're writing to a guy nobody's ever heard of - that's what's sad.

 By the way, Larry King received absolutely no instructions from the current administration.
 But you already know that.


 Michael Moore was the hottest interview in America a month ago.
 To set up, then cancel, the hottest interview in America doesn't seem strange to you?
 Why would King not want to have America's hottest interview?

 Remember when Larry Flynt was on Crossfire talking about Bush's abortion?
 They removed his words from the transcript - you ever heard of that before?

 Don't try to tell me CNN doesn't slant to the right.
 They protect Bush every chance they get.

Are Bush and Kerry related?

 Dennis Miller Transformed
  Former comic morphed into a fascist ass

  Click  Here

"Meanwhile, Dennis Miller apparently needed images of bombed Arabs and George W. Bush
 acting "tough" and offering "steady leadership" (after his government's monumental failure in
 allowing the 9/11 attacks to occur unimpeded) to know where he's going.

 Either that, or he's decided that jumping on the Dubya Bandwagon is the easiest route to fame
 and fortune. Why, he's now got a television show on the Republican-friendly CNBC network
 - a show that won't be cancelled for a while no matter how bad the ratings get - as well as a
 possible future gig in politics, and opening up for George W. Bush at campaign events."


"The Bourne Supremacy" tops with $53M
   Fahrenheit 9-11 at $103M,    Catwoman does a dismal $17M

  Click  Here

 We saw "Bourne" Sunday and it's a top-notch suspenseful political thriller.
 It's a smart movie with exciting chase scenes - that's kinda rare.
 Joan Allen almost steals the show as the CIA team leader chasing Bourne.


 Damon says he was ready to quit show biz after a string of movie flops,
 but now he's bringing in $53M for a weekend - not too shabby.

Marty's Entertainment Page

Happy 3rd Birthday, Marty!!


"Here are three of the questions they would like to see answered: Who financed the attacks?
  Was the Saudi government involved?; Did airline managers try to cover up the hijackings - at a time
  when lives could still have been saved?; Why hasn't anyone been fired or even reprimanded for the
  government's failure to prevent or effectively respond to the attacks? Where was the leadership?"
     --Backtalk:Who's in Charge Here?    Attribution

 Those questions weren't asked because the 9-11 panel was always in Bush's pocket.
 Bush had to censor the Saudi's involvement in 9-11 to keep that money coming in to the BFEE.

 George W Bush doesn't get involved in anything that's not fixed up-front.

 Subject: churches and finances

 hey bart, first off i love what you do.
 ive turned your site on to as many people as i can.

 i was wondering if you know of a site that has the financial investments
 of national church organizations listed.   im have trouble finding such a thing.
 i just thought you might have some ideas off the top of your head.

 my idea is that i want churches in my town with rich national homebases to pay property taxes.
 they have huge buildings here to have people in one day a week. most people here live in trailers
 and overpriced apartments.

 thanks. i know your busy .
 ron r - devout reader

 Ron, I don't think that exists.
 One reason major crooks get into the religion business is they're tax free.
 That means their books are secret, and they can scare billions of dollars out
 of the sick and the old and never pay a penny in taxes.

 In many big cities, the Catholic are on the hook for a hundred million dollars in damages from
 systematically raping little boys. Ordinarily, bankruptcy would help them to reorganize their finances
 but they resist taking that step because then, and only then, their finances become public record.

 If struggling Catholics find out how many hundred of millions each diocese has in assets,
 their contributions would trickle to nothing so the Church has to keep their wealth hidden.

 My man Frank Zappa said it best:

 And if these words you do not heed
 Your pocketbook just kinda might recede
 When some man comes along and claims a godly need
 He'll clean you out right through your tweed

 That's right, remember there's a big difference
 between kneeling down and bending over...

 He's got twenty million dollars
 In his Heavenly Bank Account...
 All from those chumps who was Born Again

 He's got seven limousines And a private plane...
 All for the use of his Special Friends
 He's got thousand-dollar suits And a Wembley Tie...
 Girls love to stroke it While he's on the phone

 At the House of Representatives He's a groovy guy...
 When he Gives Thanks He is not alone...

 He is dealin'  He is really dealin'
 IRS can't determine Where The Hook is
 It is easy with the Bible To pretend that You're in Show Biz

 They won't get him  They will never get him
 For the naughty stuff  That he did
 It is best in cases like this To pretend that You are stupid

 He's got Presidential Help All along the way
 He says the grace While the lawyers chew
 Oh yeah They sure do

 And the Governors agree to say: "He's a lovely man!"
 He makes it easier for Them to screw All of you...

 'Cause he helps put The Fear of God In the Common Man
 Snatchin' up money Everywhere he can

 He's got twenty million dollars In his Heavenly Bank Account
 You ain't got nothin', people


 You ain't got nothin', people


 You ain't got nothin', people  Thank the man...oh yeah
 That's right!  You ain't got nothing an' they got it all
 And your miserable ass is up against the wall



"There have been times when the United States has, for a variety of reasons,
  made judgements that preemptive actions have to be taken. We did in Afghanistan."
    --Donald Rumsfeld, citing his first invasion as precedent for his second    Attribution

 Subject: Clinton and Iraq

 On BartCop, I just saw a cartoon of Clinton claiming he didn't kill any of our kids in a war.
 He did kill kids, though, with his Iraq sanctions--at least 500,000 of them, according to UNICEF.

 Your 'facts' are in error.
"Clinton's sanctions?"

 Clinton didn't negotiate terms with Saddam after Gulf War I.
 That was the Giggling Murderer's crooked father, the guy who started the war - remember?
 I'm surprised you would start your argument with a mistake of this magnitude.

 And it was not Saddam who kept supplies away from those children, as Clinton claimed.

 You put a mega-falsehood into print and sent it to me to be published?
 You just said Saddam put the poor children ahead of his military ambitions.
 Your position is not logical, it is not sane.
 It cannot be defended by the facts..

 The distribution of supplies was so overwhelming that it was impossible with the progressive weakening
 of Iraq's infrastructure and government. The UN knew it, international relief workers knew it and Clinton's
 Defense Department knew what the effect would be, and they never stopped.

 First thing - take a deep breath.
 Like Somalia, this isn't Clinton's gig.

 His choices were:
Stop the sanctions, thus rewarding the dictator for his invasion/genocide
Keep them going, since they seemed to be working (compared to Bush 43's war)
Come up with a radically new idea that nobody's thought of yet.

 Which decision would you have made?

 When asked by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes if the toll of half a million children was worth it, Madeline Albright
 said yes, if it kept Saddam from rearming. I'd put Colin Powell up against her any day for the Humanitarian Poster Person.

 Albright didn't lie to get 907 of our soldiers killed.
...and which decision would you have made?

 In another area on your site, you link to Media Alert concerning Scott Rittter, who was also inspecting arms
 in Iraq during Clinton years. He couldn't find any weapons then, either, and Clinton didn't relieve the sanctions.

 I don't know - is that a question of some kind?

 Some more dead Iraqi kids. But, gee, its the Dems so we won't say anything. And Kerry...whew!

 I realize you haven't had a chance to answer - but what would you have done?
 It's easy to say, "They did it wrong," but what constitutes doing it right?

 He doesn't disavow the draft, he talks about troop build up in Iraq, he votes for the Patriot Act (and he isn't
 voting against its sunset provisions). But he's a Dem, so we'll shut up about that, too.

 I have been plenty critical of Kerry, but he's not Bush so he gets my vote.

 And on top of it, we'll throw mud at Ralph, who is trying to raise awareness of issues that concern poor Americans.

 No, Ralph is taking money from the GOP to help elect Bush.

 And when Kerry is elected, he'll have a mandate to do what he says he's going to do.

 Let's hope he reverses the Giggling Murderer's decisions.

 There is a real danger in voting "Anybody but Bush". You just might get your wish.

 Let's hope so...

 Draw a chart of dead people during the 8-year Clinton administration and compare it
 with a chart of dead people during Bush 43's Iraq war and see what it looks like.

 No, YOU draw a chart, then send it to me and I'll straighten you out.


 Thank you,

 No thanks.
 I've had enough of Bush.
 We can't stand four more years of wars, murders, invasions and bankruptcies.

 A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.


 Report: Diana Got "every penny" from Charles
  Good - she deserved it because he was cheating on her

  Click  Here

 AAR welcomes Mike Malloy
  His new show premiers August 2 - listen for it

  Click  Here

 Clinton in Spotlight at Kerry Convention
  Why not?  He's the best our generation has seen

  Click  Here

 Ill. Sen. Hears of Nephew's Death in Iraq
  It's different when it's someone you know

  Click  Here

 Saddam Starred in Gay Porn Films!
  Snopes says Yahoo was fooled into running this fake story

  Click  Here

Moving anywhere is the US?
Let these guys help.
Click for more info

 The Cowardice of Michael Moore
    by Charles the mindreading psychic

  Click  Here

"I'm braver than Michael Moore..."


 Subject: Edward's Jacuzzi case

 You and your pompous windbag liberal cohorts need to step down off the high horses and come back to Earth.

 Suck me.

 Edwards didn't represent the little girl out of some notion to rescue her.  He represented a Plaintiff
 who was guaranteed to rake in millions of dollars in damages, with his standard 40% cut, of course.

 You're saying that family would've gotten millions without a good lawyer?
 If that's true (it's not) why would they give him (as you claim) 40 percent?
 You lack opf reasoning tells me you're a monkey.

 Edwards is no different than the thousands of other bottom feeding personal injury lawyers tripping over
 themselves to profit on someone else's suffering.

 If you hate Edwards, you must love the greedy bastard who os making hundreds of millions
 from his decision to send troops to invade Iraq for no goddamn reason.
 Edwards helped a family and Bush destroyed thousands of families - yet you like Bush.

 Or in most cases, greed.

 Greed is being a multi-millionaire and a super-comfy job selling oil field equipment to Saddam
 to steal an election so you can invade that third world country and steal their oil.

 So cut the good versus evil crap.
 Orson Boardman

 If your daughter was killed by a slimy profiteer, you'd say, "That's OK, no use in suing," right?

 If your wife had to have skin grafts on her vagina because McDonalds knew they could make
 a few extra dollars with boiling hot coffee, you wouldn't mind her having to go thru that?

 If your family was burned to death because Ford knew it was cheaper to pay a few plaintiffs than
 recall 20 million pickup trucks, you'd be OK with that?

 I'm glad you're not my Dad, Monkey.

Toni Morrison, Joe Conason, Al Franken, Sidney Blumenthal, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
discuss "Books, Politics, and the Culture War" at First Parish Church,
Zero Church St., Cambridge, MA.
To reserve tickets: 617-661-0372 ext. 2.


 "A lot of times, I look at this place and wonder what have we really done. ...
   When we first got here, we all wanted to change it and make it better,
    but now I don't give a shit. What the hell am I here for?" 
         --Sgt. 1st Class James Tilley, stuck in Bush's Iraqi quagmire    Attribution

 Subject: Pokerfest review by Rick, the Hollywood Liberal

  Click  Here

Prostitutes flood Boston

After years of Nazi nonsense books,
we finally have some balance at the bookstores

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 Four years ago today...
   from Vol 227 - Oh, Caroline!

> Have we ever seen Caroline give a rousing speech?
> Does the "last Kennedy" have that Kennedy magic?

> What if she has a big night?
> What if she has a big, big night?
> How high is up?
> What if Caroline bursts forward with her father's charisma?

 I was really hoping Caroline Kennedy Schlosserg would blow the roof off the dump - but no.
 She was polite and proper and reserved.
 The whole week was polite, proper and reserved.

 Mayb this year we'll want to win.
 Maybe this year we'll try to win.
 Maybe Kerry is different from Gore.


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 Meet the Bloggers?

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  The Whore Street Journal is running a list of bloggers attending DemoCon 2004
  I don't recognize a single name on the entire list (fast skim)

  Who are these people?
  Have you heard of them?
  Where are the people we've heard of?

  is very different from anything you've ever heard before.

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"You hear these dumb people at ShopRite criticizing the president, and they're not even well informed.
   It's all emotions and little fact. What they don't realize is that only Bush can keep us safe."
       --Michael Goldman, a Bush supporter without a brain    Attribution

 Subject: that stupidgit.com picture


 You did it again Bartcop.  That makes three times in the last year.
 Either you didn't receive (or read) my previous emails or just don't give a rats ass and
 are once again lying to tarnish Bush.  If its the latter, why??? whats the point??
 Bush has so many legit issues why make one up that is easily disproven.

 Hmmm, it sounds like you're getting ready to attack on a specific point - I like that.

 Picture showing Clinton speaking: "I was the peace president.  I didn't kill
 any of our kids, and didn't start any wars just to get re-elected"

 Not even going to get into the 'start any war to get re-elected' part.
 While Bush started this war for a variety of bad reasons (to the public, not him),
 guessing his re-election didn't even figure in.  If the thought even crossed his mind
 it would have been a check mark against going to war as GW1 cost his daddy the election.

 I believe your facts are in error.
 Bush 41 had an approval rating of 91 percent after Gulf War 1.
 Bush lost 1992 because of domestic problems, mostly the economy.
 And you say Bush wasn't thinking of this election when he started a senseless war?

 To repeat my other two emails:

""Never mind that Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home,
 these brave men and women are ready to die so Bush can steal Iraq's oil.
 They'd rather die for Bush than live another 60 years under Clinton."

 Don't readily and blindly wash Clinton's hands of the blood of American
 soldiers for political reasons that had nothing to do with America's interests.

 Clinton sent US troops to Kosovo, Haiti, Bosnia, and Somalia.  In all but
 Haiti, we had "brave men and women" that didn't come home except in a box.

 Words mean things, so thank you for quoting me accurately.
 Clinton never sent a man "into battle" who didn't come home.
 If you send 100,000 men to a week at Disney World, odds are some will die
 in car wrecks, suicides, heart attacks, heat stroke or whatever, but not battle.
 The distinction is there for a reason.

 Not justifying Bush's actions, but Clinton isn't exactly innocent of killing
 our troops for his personal whims either.

 Reagan's troop casualties were maybe 400, with 241 Marines in one, big Reagan-screw-up day.
 Bush 41 had about the same over a war he personally green lighted.
 Bush 43 has over 900 and the figure climbs higher every day.
 Not counting Bush's Somalia fiasco - can you name a single Clinton casualty?

 It's not the same - use your head, boy.
 Even if you write a hundred e-mails, the facts still say you're wrong.

 Whether you like it or not (or figure Americans memories don't go back that far),
 Clinton DID kill troops.  Not many, but it sure as hell wasn't zero.

 Name one.
 Give me some names, some dates, some countries.
 When you charge a man with killing another man, it's not good enough to say,
 "I don't know who, when or where, but some men must have died under Clinton."

 Not even sure what's worse to be honest.
 Kill troops to get rich or kill troops to cover up a blow job.

 Monkey, you're saying there was no genocide in Europe?
 You want to sing the old "wag the dog" tune while Milovich "cleansed" Albania?
 Assuming my figures are close to correct, the GOP's 1800 dead for sure IS worse
 than your claim that "somebody must  have died" under Clinton.

 Look at the Kosovo and BiH timelines.  They relate entirely to close to Clintons personal and
 presidential at home issues and he was using them to take the heat off and distract the nation.
 Peter T

 The nutty GOP claimed the same thing about "Clinton bombing the innocent aspirin factory."
 Then, after Osama hit New York, they switched tunes and cried, "Clinton did nothing about
 Osama, so 9-11 is all his fault."

 I look at it the other way.
 The GOP took FBI agents off the hunt for bin Laden to comb Arkansas for Clinton girlfriends.
 Had the GOP not been so obsessed with capturing Clinton's cock, they would've seen that Kosovo
 and bin Laden were worthy targets, but all they could think of was grabbing Clinton's cock.

 Is that all you think of?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 895, 896, 901, 905, 907  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain


 Democrats Defend Heinz Kerry's 'Shove It'

  Click  Here

 John Kerry doesn't have a problem with his wife telling an asshole journalist to "shove it"
 when urged to explain her plea for more civility in politics. Neither does Hillary Clinton.
 Asked about the response on CNN's "American Morning," Clinton said Monday,
"A lot of Americans are going to say, 'Good for you, you go, girl,' and that's certainly how I feel about it."

 A spokeswoman for Heinz Kerry later said, "This was sheer frustration aimed at a right-wing rag
 that has consistently and purposely misrepresented the facts in reporting on Mrs. Kerry and her family."

 Good for her.
 If I was on the fence, this would swing my vote.
 Anybody who tells the whore press to fuck off is OK by me.

 Subject: What's up with Tiger?


 I don't get it. What's your thing with Tiger?
 What your f-ing problem with him????

 I don't need a reason - I just don't like him.
 I don't like many people that Rush gushes praise over.

 He's the only thing my Mom and I have to talk about in sports stuff--we both pull for Tiger.
 I don't give a shit about anyone else--if he doesn't win, who cares?
 So he's a f-ing prima donna?    Isn't that a f-ing sin???!!!!

 I hope you don't talk to your mother with that mouth.

 So, if we have succeeded in toppling him, isn't that exciting?

  ha ha
*I* sure had a good time.
 Remember, Tiger was totally invincible when I put the BartCop Hex on him in July 2001.
 How he's just a half-decent golfer who's ranked 150th off the tee .

 Now, we can look forward to champions like Els, and Michelson,
 and all these other f-ers we've never heard of.   How f-ing exciting!!!!!!

 I remember one complaint the other golfers had - Tiger was so popular, they cut away
 from a potential tying putt in a tournament to catch Mr Perfect lace up his damn golf shoes.

 Tell you what - send me $20 and I'll pull the Hex off him for a week.
 He'll have a chance to win if I lift the Hex.

Do you have an opinion?

Call the

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You have two minutes to record your message.

 Feel-Good Speak
    by Barney Frank

  Click  Here

 I am recommending to my fellow elected officials - and to others engaged in public controversies
  - a semantic solution to this dilemma: use the word "Cheney" where discretion is required in the
 expression of frustration, anger, or extreme derision."

Go Cheney yourself.
How the Cheney would I know?
Cheney you.
I don't give a flying Cheney.
Who the Cheney do you think you are?

 Chicago Pokerfest winners

 I blame the nuns,
 but could you send me an e-mail with the amount due and your address?

 I have checkbook, stamps and envelopes nearby.

When will the rapes stop?
When will the tortures stop?
When will the murders stop?
When will the invasions stop?

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