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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush and 9/11 Toxic Smoke 
Bush Playing not to lose 
Military Monkey gets Caught 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Repub: Iraq is a "costly mess"
Bush twins at queer wedding?
Bear: 'Anybody but Busch' 
Bush groups do 'dirty work'
Double shot of Monkey Mail


Quote of the Day

"Our president is a Christian? So was Adolf Hitler. " 
       --Kurt Vonnegut,   Attribution

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Volume 1382 -  Trust Betrayed 

  Thursday    August 19, 2004                                      Today is the final turkey day                       Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"I honestly just cannot believe I'm out of a job before George W. Bush"
      --Craig Kilborn, on quitting his show,    Attribution

 Group Blames Bush for 9/11 Toxic Smoke
  Bush gagged the doctors - said it was "bad for business"

  Click  Here

 ...the EPA failed at least a dozen times to change its safety assurances about
 the air quality at ground zero, even after it became clear that people were
 becoming sick, and in some cases, did not even check for toxic hazards.

 Last year, the EPA's internal watchdog found the agency, at the urging of
 White House officials, gave misleading assurances there was no health risk
 from the dust in the air after the towers' collapse. Seven days after the attack,
 the EPA announced that the air near the site was safe to breathe...

 The Bush administration ignored studies about the toxins emitted by the demolition and
 incineration of large structures such as the trade center, the report said, and should have
 issued a warning immediately after the attacks about the hazards of inhaling the air there.

 any rescue and recovery workers at the disaster site didn't wear respirator masks because
 of conflicting assurances about air quality, the report stated, and it claimed that the Bush
 administration refused to enforce worker safety requirements at ground zero.

 Thousands may die early because Bush lied to America - again.
 Thousands dead - and these are some of the bravest.,

 A trust was betrayed.

 When the planes hit the towers - the B.F.E.E. thought of two things:
We have an excuse to invade Iraq and steal that oil
We have to get our boy re-elected so our plot can continue

 But nobody will say anything because the Bush family is never guilty of anything.
 They are above the law until the the press - or the Democrats - call them on it.


 Lying Quotes

 Chris Matthews:  Are you one of the anti-war candidates?

 John Kerry:  I am.  Yes.
  -- Lying clip from RNC ad seen by eight million supporters of the president, Attribution

"And now almost two years after he voted for the war in Iraq, about 220 days after switching
  positions to declare himself the anti-war candidate, my opponent has found a new nuance."
  --Lying clip of Bush, seen by eight million supporters of the president, Attribution

"I am.  Yes.  In the sense that I don't believe the president took to us war as he should have, yes.
  Absolutely.  Do I think this president violated his promises to America?  Yes, I do, Chris.
  Was there a way to hold Saddam Hussein accountable?  You bet there was and we should have done it right."
  --Honest, complete clip the RNC doctored because the truth won't serve them, Attribution

 Playing not to lose
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 As the incumbent, Bush is conducting one of the oddest campaigns in American history.
 Because he can't easily run on vanishing jobs, humongous budget deficits and the mess
 in Iraq, or say much about the future, what's he going to promise, bigger tax cuts?

 Bush preaches to the converted at invitation-only events limited to campaign volunteers,
 congregations from conservative churches and people willing to sign party loyalty oaths.
 Anybody wearing a John Kerry T-shirt is hustled off the premises. Avoiding the national
 press, he holds so-called "Ask President Bush" sessions at which preselected voters toss
 him verbal bouquets. Miss America contestants face tougher cross-examination.



"I'm asking you, is the president going to keep saying that something that was said on this
  show wasn't said? Would you like to have your sentences cut down like to a third of their length
  and let people decide on the first three or four words what you meant by the 20 words?"
     --Chris Matthews, who whored himself to the Nth degree to get Bush elected,
        suddenly feigning outrage that the lying son of a bitch would lie,  Attribution

 Matthews, you are a slime bucket of the worst kind.
 Stay on Bush's team where you've been the last 12 years.
 You belong on the side of liars and whores.

 We don''t want your lying ass on our side.
 We've got enough traitors and back-stabbers in our party as it is.

 Subject: I don't believe it--YOU sounded like RUSH LIMBAUGH!!

 Hi again from a long-time reader,

 Read your incisive deconstruction of the Tulsa homeless incident--and i must say
 you sounded exactly like a textbook conservative.  (Bashing the homeless?!
 Our very own Mr. Sensitivity, Bartcop himself?!  What's this world coming to? )

 Guess it's true what they say that the right-wing/left wing scale is a circle, not a line--the two extremes bend to meet.

 Keep ranting.  I'll keep reading.


 Mendy, I see things differently.
 Are you so far left that you think a homeless person can't be guilty of a crime?
 That's the kind of horse-hockey that made us lose 49 states.

 Funny how that homeless man could crush another guy's skull with a pipe, killing him,
 yet somehow, you end up pinning the "basher" label on me.


 Military Documents Contradict Monkey
  This is too funny - this nutjob is such a maroon

  Click  Here

 A Vietnam veteran who claims Kerry WAS NOT under fire when Kerry won his Bronze Star
 was under constant fire himself during the same skirmish, according to his medal citation.

 Larry Thurlow's records include references to "enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire"
 directed at all five boats in the flotilla that day. In his Bronze Star citation, Thurlow is praised
 for helping a damaged Swift boat "despite enemy bullets flying about him."

 The records said Thurlow's actions "took place under constant enemy small arms fire," which
 Thurlow ignored in providing immediate assistance to the disabled boat and its crew.

 So this idiot was willing to lie about their bravery even though he won a Bronze Star, too?
 His hatred for Kerry is so great, he'd screw himself to stop voters from electing a Democrat?

 Remember during impeachment, when I said those GOP handjobs would leave their kids
 in a burning car to run to the Capitol to vote for Clinton's impeachment?  I guess this
 Thurlow guy would make an excellent Republican House Impeachment Manager.

 That's all they have - hate.

"Larry Thurlow has a good heart!


Don't Bring Your Hate To NY and Expect a Welcome Mat

 Subject:  BCR Show 50 - Sharpton's speech


 I was on stage during Al Sharpton's speech. I could see the tele-prompter.
 The speech he gave was not the speech that was on the tele-prompter.

 The first few lines and the last few lines were written, but the rest came out of his head.
 This really un-nerved the convention staff, but they were pleased with the outcome.
 His intellectual stock has risen a bunch with me.


 Brad, same here..

 Also, Re: Christy Todd Whitman's husband

 In the book about Kerry's war experience, Tour of Duty, I'm sure it would have
 been mentioned if Christy Todd Whitman's husband was a crewmate.


 I have the video of her telling Jon Stewart exactly that, but yeah, Republicans lie.


"Kerry did serve with distinction in Vietnam when he easily could have avoided that killing field.
  His service to his country shouldn't be diminished by the same despicable, politically motivated
  tactics visited upon McCain Cleland, also Viet vets. This kind of gutter-bashing doesn't belong
  in American politics, and vets shouldn't allow themselves to be used as ammo for cheap shots
  at one of their own.   The stalwart Brown Water Navy warriors who fought at Kerry's side say
  he was A-OK, which is good enough for me."
     --David H. Hackworth, the most decorated living American soldier,  Attribution

 Retiring Repub breaks ranks on Iraq
  Since he's retiring, he's free to tell the truth

  Click  Here

"...the U.S. military assault on Iraq was unjustified and the situation there has
 deteriorated into a dangerous, costly mess. I've reached the conclusion, retrospectively,
 now that the inadequate intelligence and faulty conclusions are being revealed that it was
 a mistake to launch that military action," Rep. Doug Bereuter wrote to his constituents.

 A republican is always better after he retires.
 Remember when Dick Armey announced his retirement from the House?
 He stopped acting like a foul-mouthed Dick and said good things sbout Democrats.

 Remember when Don Nickles announced his retirement from the Senate?
 He stopped acting like a petty dictator and said some good things sbout Democrats.

 Remember when Bob Barr was "let go" by the Dixie-waving, Georgia yahoos?
 He joined the ACLU and began exhibiting indications he actually might have a heart.

 Remember when Bob Dole said, "For me, it's the White House or Russell, Kansas!"
 When he retired, he stopped acting like Old Dirty Bastard and started telling the truth.
  Is being a nasty prick a pre-requisite to gaining and keeping power in the GOP?

 Is that why Bush and Cheney are currently on top?



If you were haunted by "Fahrenheit 9/11",
will give you nightmares.

Meet Karl Rove,
the most powerful political figure America has never heard of.

Until now...

 Subject: 'Market forces' my ass

 No, Enron didn't increase the price of electricity by 200 percent.
 It seems to me that it was 2,000 percent in some places.

 A mere 200% increase is only double; the true 2,000% increase means
 that power cost 20 times more for California after Bush stole the election.

 Worse yet, in collusion with Ahhh-nold, Issa, and the other California Nazi pricks,
 the people of California were duped into blaming Gray Davis for the Enron Rape,
 and elected Ahhh-nold.

 "Many" people think Arseholed will use his governorship as a springboard into
 the White House... remember the last dipshit actor that became gov. of California?

 Keith Mc

 ...and the Democrats, state and national, stood by and let Davis take the blame
 when all the time it was Enron, Bush, Cheney and Musclehead screwing the people.

cartoon seen on  allhatnocattle.com

 Israeli Helicopter Fires into Gaza Building
  Bush's 'Path to peace' is working as well as the 'Iraqi liberation'

  Click  Here

 Kobe Judge Loosens Gag Order
  But no talking about the credibility of Kobe or his accuser

  Click  Here

 Best website on Smear Boat Smutmasters
  One stop shopping to refute the anti-veteran Republican slime spree

  Click  Here

 Restaurant for Cats Opens in New York
  Quick - get Drudge to a hospital before he dehydrates

  Click  Here

 Frey Bombshell puts Scott Peterson trial on hold
  Did Mark Geragos get naked pics of Amber Frey via e-mail?

  Click  Here

 Bush twins going to 'abomination' wedding

  Click  Here

 When Erwin and James celebrate their marital vows next month, two of Gomez's
 best customers will probably be in attendance: President Bush's twin daughters.

"I gave them the party invitation, and they said, 'That sounds great, we'd love
 to come - it sounds like a lot of fun,'" Erwin said..

"Will my babies come home with the AIDS???"l



 Bear sleeps off beer binge

  Click  Here

 When state wildlife agents recently found a black bear passed out on the lawn of Baker Lake Resort,
 there were some clues scattered nearby -dozens of empty beer cans.

 The bear apparently got into campers' coolers and used his claws and teeth to puncture the cans.
 And not just any cans -he appeared to favour one brand over another.

"He drank the Rainier and wouldn't drink the Busch beer," said Lisa Broxson, bookkeeper at the
 campground and cabins resort east of Mount Baker.  Sgt. Bill Heinck said the bear did try one
 can of Busch, but ignored the rest. The beast then consumed about 36 cans of Rainier

 Even the f-ings bears agree - anything but Busch.



 Since this picture appeared,


 I've been flooded with mail saying,"Raw corn is the best ever!!!!!!!"

 Thanks for telling me - corn season is only 11 months away.

 Latest Bush Blunder: A Mole Made Public
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 According to press reports, the Bush administration's closest allies in the Blair government
 were "dismayed by the nakedly political use made of recent intelligence breakthroughs both
 in the U.S. and in Pakistan." The Brits simply didn't believe there was any imminent threat
 justifying a public alert.

 That brings us to the second, more serious error committed by the Bush administration last week.
 To justify the Ridge announcement, unnamed officials revealed that an Al Qaeda operative
 arrested in Pakistan had provided fresh information. On Aug. 2, The New York Times named
 the captured operative, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan.


 Subject:  bar owner murdered in Tulsa

 I wish you'd read at least two accounts on any given story before you start going off on it.

 You have found a second account?  I would like to read it.

 Re: the homeless man who killed the noble tavern owner in Tulsa:   The bar owner and a friend
 attacked the homeless man with brass knuckles as he was bedding down. He picked up a pipe
 and went apeshit, just like I'd probably do if I was living in a piss-stained alley and a couple of
 well-fed townies started trying to kick my ass.

 I guess in the world of Bart, being homeless means losing the right to defend oneself.

 You could raise that famously-low IQ of yours if you'd stop REACTING and start THINKING first, eh?
 You can do better, man!

 Jesus and I love you,

 You said, "the bar owner attacked the homeless man as he was bedding down."

 How could you POSSIBLY know that?

 How could you POSSIBLY know that?

 How could you f-ing POSSIBLY know that?

 You can't know that.
 You took a guess, elevated it to a fact, like Nancy Grace, then staked your reputation on it.

 I said very clearly, that I wasn't there and don't know what happened,
 but many  bartcop.com  readers apparently were and have failed to come forward.
 Shame, shame on you for not doing your civic duty.

 The whole purpose of that story was not, "The homeless man is guilty."
 The purpose of that story was the "FOX News" slant the writer took.
 He, like you, decided who threw the first punch without having witnessed the events.
 He, like you, took sides and decided there was no reason to investigate a murder.

 ...at least you didn't call me Rush.


"I know you're counting the dead in Iraq, Helen Thomas.
  You and your cohorts out there can't wait till we get to a thousand."
     --Rush Limbaugh

 The alternative to counting the dead is not counting them, closing our eyes and letting
 Bush, Cheney and Halliburton kill as many soldiers as they must to steal that Iraqi oil.

 Clearly, one side wants fewer soldiers to die.

 Subject: The trained chimp and Stem cell research

 Dear Bart,

 I have only been listening to your shows a short while. My husband subscribes and I
 caught on through him. Thank you for being so very open and honest and not sugar coating things.
 I may not always agree with you but I like your style!

 Jon Stewart had clips of the trained chimp and his wife on The Daily Show tonight.
 It made me so glad I got my head out of my ass and stopped eating the shit that they
 were feeding me in 2000. That stupid asshole stood up there and told us that he was
 against stem cell research because of a bunch of fucking stupid reasons. And insinuated
 that if a person was for the research that they were not compassionate.

 How the fuck can being for research to save lives make  me a non- compassionate person.
 Get a life. Sit down and eat a banana or something. Then his wife stands up and says that
 stem cell research offers no cure around the corner. Well I have two things to say about that.

 Number 1 being well Duh, bitch - that's why they call it research.

 And Number two, who died and made you a scientist?  The Dubya starts talking about the
 issue sliding into people making designer clones.  WTF??? People have been working on that
 privately for years but it has never been the stem cell research people. They are trying to harvest
 the cells for treatment options.  You know if the asshole wants to use scientific research to try and
 scare people, he should at least read a fucking book on it first and know what he is talking about.

 Anyway, show 50 was great!
 Thanks for telling us like you see it. I support you going national someday.
 I have yet to hear your early shows but I think you are doing a great job.
 Here's a cyber toast wishing you many more shows to come.

 Carrie S
 Tyler, TX

 Kerry: Bush Lets Groups Do 'Dirty Work'
  Has John been reading  bartcop.com?

  Click  Here

 John Kerry accused Bush on Thursday of relying on front groups to challenge
 his record of valor in Vietnam, asserting, "He wants them to do his dirty work."
 Fighting back, Kerry said "if Bush wants to have a debate about our service
 in Vietnam, here is my answer: 'Bring it on.'"

 ha ha

"Thirty years ago, official Navy reports documented my service in Vietnam and awarded
 me the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.  Thirty years ago, this was
 the plain truth.  It still is. And I still carry the shrapnel in my leg from a wound in Vietnam."

 A Democrat fighting back - that's a beautiful thing to see.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Snopes calls yesterday's Monkey a liar

 Monkey  Claim:  Kerry's wife owns 28 manufacturing plants outside of the U.S.

 The Real Truth: Mrs. Kerry sold most of her Heinz stock in 1995 and currently
                             holds less than a 4% interest in the company:

  Full Story

 You see how easy it is to debate a Monkey Spank?
 All you gotta do is say, "You're lying," and then they're defenseless.
 They think those nutty forwarded e-nails are always true.

 Subject: Unka Dick: No Junior

 We are not Insane.
 You are round-the-bend with the religious thing and I am evil, there is a slight difference.


 Can anybody translate?

 Gary from Del Castillo

 Can you e-mail me with Rick's cell number?
 I erased his phone call right after he gave it to me so I wouldn't
 accidentally broadcast it to those who listen to BartCop Radio.


Marty's Entertainment Page


"I thought 'patriotism' was being critical to the president. That's what Hillary said.
  I thought patriotism was ripping George Bush and a sign saying 'Bush = Hitler' or
  'Bring Back Saddam.' I thought patriotism was throwing your medals - sorry, somebody
  else's medals -- over a fence in Washington."
    --Rush Limbaugh, explaining a few of the thousands of things he's gotten wrong   Attribution

 Subject: My take on Tulsa bar owner murder


 The bar owner and his buddy went out into the neighborhood to practice a little vigiliante justice with their brass knuckles.

 If you were there, and could read the mind of the dead man, why don't you come forward?

 They attacked a homeless man who picked up a length of pipe that was lying nearby and killed the bar owner.

 If you were there, and saw who attacked who first, why don't you come forward?
 Does everybody work for Nancy Grace these days?

 Legally, if the bar owner attacked him, the homeless man had the right to kill him in self defense,
 even if that involved hitting him in the back of the head.

 Wow, did you really just say that?
 When a man is unconscious, laying in the treet, it's legal to beat him in the back of his head until he dies?

 BTW, it's good to see you step back from your absolute certainties to include an if.

 It may not make sense, but that's an issue to take up with the state legislature, not the local prosecutor's office.
 Scott W

 Scott, nobody is saying "Hang the suspect before the evidence is in."
 I'm a Constitituionalist, remember?  This isn't Scott Peterson or Kobe Bryant.
 I'm saying maybe the incident should be investigated, since we have a death.

 The DA took one look at this and let it pass.
 A source told me the Tulsa DA charges only 4 percent of the people arrested.
 The source said the Tulsa cops hate their DA because he lets 96 percent of people arrested go.

  is different.

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  Subject: Ad Hominem

 I ran across a link to your "myth of the liberal media" and was going to respond to
 your "prove me wrong" challenge (hint - it has something to do with the difference
 between those who are openly giving their opinions versus those who purport to
 give unbiased and complete news coverage).

 However, some of the language you used made me wonder (pigboy, whore, etc),
 so I checked out some of the other pages on your website and decided to give you a little free advice instead:

 If you want to:
 1) be taken seriously,
 2) convince anyone of your viewpoint,
 3) have any credibility whatsoever,

 you should:
 1) cut out the ad hominem attacks,
 2) check your sources.

 Top Down Joe

 Joe, that bit has been up for several years and I've never gotten a good challenge to it.

 Sure, the "Pigboy" and "whore" talk is a bit over the top, and yes, we could be as intelligent and dry
 as some highbrow sites that rack up 200 hits a month, but we like having a little fun with our politics.

 Over the years, I'd guess 100-200 people have responded to that and, like you, they always
 come up with a pretty good excuse why they're not willing or not able to respond to it.
 But the truth remains - the right has a hundred attack dogs and we have maybe 3.

 The right claims the left is shutting them out of the marketplace of ideas, so I made a list that proves
 they are lying. Take away fledgling Air America radio - and where is the voice of the majority?

 It's too bad you elected to avoid the debate.
 You sound like a guy who could tear me up in a live chat room.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 932, 934, 944, 950, 953  dead American soldiers.

Damn, they got three more yesterday?

Oh, forgive me for counting Bush's victims.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 Subject: Jobs

 Bart, you wrote:

> "There's plenty of jobs out there. People just don't want to work."
     --Patricia Koch, Bush backer, explaining that blacks are too lazy to work

 I want you to know and forward this to Bush, I am white, a father of four
 & I have an Associates Degree in Mechanical Drafting.

 I have been looking for a job the last 2 years (even temporary) and have found nothing.
 When Clinton was in office I could find any job I wanted even before the current job would end.
 So am I better off in the last 4 years? Hell NO,

 I was laid off 2 days after September 11th by a Japanese company.
 They are real patriotic to the dollar but left me and my family holding the bag.
 Since then I have found 1 job with a startup company and it had to fold because
 of lack of capital to pay my salary. For the last 2 years my family has suffered.

 I cannot take a Walmart job and expect to pay daycare for 4 children. You do the math!
 If Kerry loses this election and it looks as though he wants to then we are sunk.
 I got an email last week from Kerry that "Help is on the Way" but if he doesn't stand up
 to these thugs who never spent a day in the military then we are doomed.

 I just thought you might like to hear from a real American whom has real American problems.
 Keep it Up!
 Leo N

 Leo, try to hang in there for another 80 days.

 If Kerry wins, Wall Street will celebrate by buying stocks and confidence will return
 and people will start using their credit cards and inventories will fall and jobs will be created.

 It's the Bush Economic Plan - in reverse.


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 Today in History

 • In 1812, the USS Constitution defeated the British frigate Guerriere east of Java during the War of 1812.

 • In 1848, the New York Herald reported the discovery of gold in California.

 • In 1929, "Amos and Andy" made its network radio debut on NBC.

 • In 1934, senate Democrats in Germany approved the vesting of sole executive power in Adolf Hitler.

 • In 1960, a tribunal in Moscow convicted U2's Francis Gary Powers of espionage.

 • In 1976, Ford won the right to have his ass kicked by Jimmy Carter at NaziCon1976 in Kansas City.

 • In 1991, the Coupplotters, Bob and Maryanne, announced that Gorbachev had been removed from power.
                 (The Coupplotters changed their minds two days later.)



 From: Shamus the Sarcastic

 Subject: 950 dead - not too long until 1000

 I hope that champaign is chilling!  We are almost to the big 1K!
 Just think, in a matter of weeks, we'll get 1,000 dead Americans to advance our agenda!
 I think you should ask icasualties to page you the moment the lucky 1,000 comes in!
 Then you can really party!

 Your sarcasm is pointless and flat-footed. Your facts are uncoordinated.

 The left wants the war stopped and the boys to come home.
 The never-elected Oil Administration (and apparently you) love this war.

 Just like Vietnam, people like Clinton and me think there should be fewer names on that wall.
 How many names would you like to see on Bush's Wall of Needless Sacrifice?


 I just hope they die on an even 1,000- if 3 of them get blown up in a Humvee at 999,
 that will mess the whole thing up.

 You should probably have that looked at.

 Maybe you can speed up the process a little by turning more Americans against the war

 That is exactly what needs to happen.   The minute the public says, "Enough,"
 Smirky McPoll-watcher will withdraw the troops and blame Clinton - again.

 - hopefully, some troops will get dismayed at the knowledge that people at home hate them,
 and will off themselves.

 Besides the greedy oil men who sent those men to their deaths for no reason,
 I can't think of any American who thinks those lives should be thrown away
 Maybe the higher suicide rate is due to the fact that they signed up for a tour
 and Bush has thrown away their coming home plans because of his bungling.

 Heck, you might need to do that anyway, if the fighting slows down.
 It just wouldn't do to actually have a sucessful transition to democracy.

 Oh please!
 You'd sacrifice yourself or your kids to free Fallujah?
 Bush said this war was to prevent Saddam's imminent attack.
 You're either lying or you fell for Bush's horseshit.

 Its more important to keep innocent Iraqis dying, so that we can sit here and complain about Bush.

 Yes, why did Bush bomb that harmless, backwards country and kill all those people?

 Besides, I hear bodily fluid cleans up real nice with the new anti-bacterial soaps on the market.
 It'll be easy to get the blood of all those dead soldiers off of your hands.

 ...or Halliburton will charge $10,000 to wash 150 pounds of bloody clothes.

 Keep swingin' that hammer, buddy!
 Shamus the Sarcastic

Mike Malloy

Air America Radio

Weekdays 10 PM EST


"The ruler of Iraq was a sworn enemy of America. He had harbored and had used weapons
   of mass destruction that he bought from my father. He was a source of instability in one of
  the most volatile regions of the world because of the weapons my father sold him., He was a
  threat because of the massive amounts of money from the oil fields that he and Cheney built."
      --Dubya, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention,  Attribution


 From:  Larry Kilbride

 Subject: Questions about Kerry


 Didn't Kerry vote for 3,869 tax increases the past 8 years?

 ha ha
 No, is was 85,834,721 tax increases.
 Who told you that - Rush or O'reilly?

 Isn't he the most Liberal candidate since McGovern?

 Isn't George W. Bush to the right of murderous monsters like Pol Pot?

 Didn't he become a communist in 1971 and spend lots of time with communists?

 He spent lots of time shooting them while Bush was AWOL snorting cocaine in Mexico.

 Won't he get us into a war we will lose?

 Like Bush did, you mean?
 Nah, nobody else in politrics is that stupid.

 Won't the Muslim terrorists A-bomb 200 American cities including Tulsa and Little Rock if Kerry wins?

 Well, sure, but we Democrats try to hide that - to help Al Qaeda.
 but, where would they get 200 nuclear bombs - besides from Bush and Cheney?

 Kerry is Scary!  I can't afford the chance that he is totally insane and a communist plant
 like the original Manchurian Candidate.  And then there is that gigantic hand that's growing fast..

 Larry Kilbride
 Mayor of, Monkeyville

 Scene from next June's Batman movie

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Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are 
choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online. 

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BCR Show 50  is here
Oh yeah, ...there's some language in this show.

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26 minutes of primitive grunts and rants, plus pieces of Rev Al's "hijacking"

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25 minutes of raving that makes perfect sense

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28 minutes of the best nonsense you ever heard

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25 minutes of Tally and some comedy to close the big anniversary show

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