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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush, Kerry Locked in a Tie
O'Reilly in Sex Scandal 
Problems in the Election
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush Plays the 'Traitor' Card
Voting and Greg Palast
W's October Surprise
HBurton Keeps Stolen Loot
Bush's False Dualism


Quote of the Day

"They want to brand the product as being 
   different - but this message and this image
   comes from the top. I'm fine with being 
   different - but let's be fair about it.
   People joked in the newsroom that 
   Sinclair was called 'GOP-TV.'" 
      --Jon Leiberman, former Washington 
         bureau chief for Sinclair Broadcast Group, 
         who quit because he refused to be
          Sinclair's monkey   Attribution 

  Can anyone name a TV broadcast
  company that's not "GOPTV?"


Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1427 -  Journalism 'ethics'

 Fri-Sat    Oct  22-23,  2004                               Download F 9/11 Here                                                   Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"My inclination would be to remain private for a good long while. But I came here today in support
  of John Kerry because this is so important. This is what Chris wanted. His heart was full of hope,
  and he imagined living in a world where politics would never get in the way of hope."
    --Dana Reeve, the widow of Christopher Reeve, endorsing Kerry,  Attribution

 AP Poll Finds Bush, Kerry Locked in a Tie
  This could mean Kerry is a few points ahead

  Click  Here

 Many voters are dissatisfied with Bush but uneasy about Kerry's ability
 to protect the nation, according to an AP poll that found them locked in a tie.

 Many voters believe Bush is better qualified to protect the country. A majority consider
 Kerry indecisive, less solid on national security. But Kerry is seen as stronger on creating jobs.

 I wish kerry would pound home this message:
"Do you want more like the last four years?
  Or would you like to go back to a Clintonian America of peace and prosperity?"


 Sane Brit Quotes

"I have not changed my view on the war but I do not want my government to be manipulated
  by one of the most unscrupulous U.S. administrations that the U.S. has ever seen."
    -- Gerald Kaufman, MP who voted for Bush's war on the decision by Blair to meet a request
        by the never-elected Pinhead to deploy troops in problem spots in Iraq, Attribution

"I'm concerned about the timing. We've been asked by the Americans two weeks before
  their election to cover for their troops. Is this a ploy to allow Bush to not send more troops?"
       --Eric Illsley, MP who voted for Bush's war on the decision by Blair to meet a request
        by the never-elected Pinhead to deploy troops in problem spots in Iraq, Attribution

 Foreign Observers See Problems in Election
  They know the crook will cheat again - can they catch him?

  Click  Here

 Substantial threats to the integrity of the U.S. presidential election remain despite an improvement
 in election practices since 2000, an international delegation of election observers reported on Thursday.

 The delegation of 20, including lawyers, diplomats, civic leaders and veteran election monitors from
 15 countries, visited five key states last month to review preparations for the Nov. 2 balloting.
 They plan to return to Florida, Ohio and Missouri on Election Day, although officials Republicans in
 some counties have so far not agreed to allow them access to polling places and vote counting centers.

 The group made several recommendations, although it acknowledged that it was probably
 too late for many of them to be implemented less than two weeks before the election.

 It's so like the Democrats to not realize there'd be an election this year.
 After all, they'd have to be able to count to four to know that.

 We don't want to win this election - why?



"After the last presidential debate in Tempe, I am left wondering why it is so hard for our
  nation's commander-in-chief to tell the truth. From domestic issues to war to fiscal policy,
  Bush either ignores the truth, doesn't understand the truth or can't speak the truth.
  Whatever the reason, none of these truths sit well with me-and they should not with
  anyone else either. For all sakes and purposes, Bush is the leader of the free world.
  He must be held accountable for his words and actions...  This is the central problem
  of the Bush presidency and his candidacy: he lied...
    --   Judge Greg Mathis, "Bush won't, or can't, tell the truth",  Attribution

 Subject: Another side of the news

 Former CIA Director George Tenet now says the Iraq War was wrong. A platoon of soldiers
 in Iraq refused to drive trucks loaded with fuel, possibly contaminated, up a very dangerous road.
 The soldiers complained that the trucks they were supposed to drive were not sufficiently armored.
 Support for our troops George Bush style!!

 Pat Robertson now claims Bush told him in March, 2003 that there would be no US casualties in Iraq.
 The ex Marine had a lot of doubts. The White House is calling him a liar. A new Pew Research poll shows
 24% of white Evangelical Christians say the Iraq War was wrong, and 22% say they will vote for Kerry!!!

 Speaking of polls, are the recent ones showing a close election really a corporate media smoke screen
 so that if voting machines are rigged, we will accept the results?!!?

 Many thanks to for publishing this email with the link from Marty's E!

 Tune in to "Another Side of the News" with Paul Berenson, Saturdays 9am-10am PST on KCSB-FM 91.9
 or listen on our webcast Your local phone calls are welcome at:

 Outside of the Santa Barbara area:

 If you're tired of the Limbaugh's, Fox News, Corporate Media, etc. and want to hear
 a Democrat with attitude, this is for you!

 Paul Berenson

 Bushes Play the 'Traitor' Card 
   by on-fire  Robert Parry  at

  Click  Here

 The assaults on Sen. John Kerry's patriotism - first from the Swift boat ads and now from an attack-video to be
 aired nationally before the Nov. 2 election - look to be part of a Bush family pattern, which also was on display in
 1992 when the elder George H.W. Bush instigated a smear campaign against Bill Clinton for alleged disloyalty.

 In 1992, the Bush reelection plan was to disqualify Clinton with the voters by publicizing bogus allegations that Clinton
 had tried to renounce his U.S. citizenship during the Vietnam War. The first President Bush and his allies also pushed
 rumors that Clinton had treasonous contacts with Soviet-bloc communists during a student trip to Eastern Europe in the 1970s.

 Today, Bush supporters are hurling similar disloyalty allegations at Kerry - that he lied about his combat experience in
 Vietnam and that he betrayed his country in his anti-war activism upon his return. George W. Bush's campaign insists
 that it's not behind these charges. But there were similar denials in 1992 and the now-available documentary record
 shows that George H.W. Bush was at least the sparkplug behind the attacks on Clinton's loyalty.

 It's also important to remember that the 1992 scheme might well have succeeded in destroying Clinton,
 except it was countered by a few alert Democrats on Capitol Hill.

 Note: is the most important site on the internet. You should read their stuff.


"This Parry guy is trouble.
  He's the one who exposed my Daddy on Iran-Contra.
  We gotta get him inside a small plane..."


"Is This Heaven?"
The view from Iowa

A weekly column by Mike Palecek,
former federal prisoner for peace,
county prisoner, Iowa Democratic Party candidate,
small-town newspaper reporter.


"I don't believe that God has desires. What we were taught in Catholic education is
  God's ways are unknowable. The essence of the Catholic God is that God works in
  mysterious ways.   George W. Bush doesn't think God works in mysterious ways.
  George W. Bush thinks he knows what God wants, and George W. Bush then says,
  I am here to execute what God wants."
      --Lawrence O'Donnell, on Scarborough Country,    Attribution

 Subject: No longer will visit and subscribe to your page


 For years I enjoyed your humor, wit and your site, and also endured your attitude towards the Yankees.
 I'm a long time fan, who's suffering today from a humiliating defeat, and what do I get on your site?
 More taunting.

 That's it, that was the last nail in the coffin.
 I can no longer support your site, and I will no longer visit it.

 Long time reader and subscriber,

 PS:  Yeah right!  Like I care if we disagree on sports teams!
        Keeping kicking major ass, and we're going to win on Nov.2nd, and that's the win that matters!

 PPS: Hope you enjoyed my attempt at humor ;)

 Alex, you had me going there for a second...
 Now I'm feeling guilty because the Cardinals are going to break Boston's heart.


 Voting, Counting and Greg Palast
    by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 If the election were held today and the votes were counted fairly, Kerry would probably win.
 But the votes won't be counted fairly, and the disenfranchisement of minority voters may determine the outcome.

 Last week I described Greg Palast's work on the 2000 election, reported recently in Harper's, which conclusively
 shows that Florida was thrown to Mr. Bush by a combination of factors that disenfranchised black voters. These
 included a defective felon list, which wrongly struck thousands of people from the voter rolls, and defective voting
 machines, which disproportionately failed to record votes in poor, black districts.

 One might have expected Florida's government to fix these problems during the intervening four years.
(Yes, but we're Democrats and we have no desire to win - we are content to let Bush steal it.)
 But most of those wrongly denied voting rights in 2000 still haven't had those rights restored - and the
 replacement of punch-card machines has created new problems.

 This pisses me off like you wouldn't believe.
 The inept Democrats are going to be surprised by the 2006 and 2008 elections, too.
 I think I'll send the DNC a calender with the important dates circled.


 Subject:  I couldn't let this moment pass

 Dear Bart,

 Make a donation today to our Countdown to Victory Matching Fund.

 With some people already casting their ballots, the election of 2004 is now underway,
 and nothing less than the future of our country is at stake. This is the moment for every
 Democrat to look in the mirror and ask: "What more can I do to help?"

 Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of a special group of Democratic donors,
 every dollar you donate today, in the kickoff of our Countdown to Victory Matching Fund,
 will be matched, doubling the impact of your Countdown to Victory donation.

 Let's go for it. America's future is on the ballot this year.
 Let's use these final days of the campaign to win the victory that is within our grasp,
 and secure the kind of future we want for our children. I'm counting on you.

 Bill Clinton

 October Surprise
   by   Michael Hammerschlag

   Click  Here

 The most likely Oct. surprise by the Repubs is a huge groundless Ridge/Ashcroft security alert a few days
 before the election designed to suppress voter turnout, particularly of new voters and minorities, the most
 tentative faction. This would excuse Repub. governors sending police to all polling places, which also would
 intimidate and suppress minority voting. That has the capacity to sway millions of votes. It would be in keeping
 with Repub efforts to disenfranchise blacks in Florida, Missouri, et al; and reject or turn away new voters
 (Nevada, Oregon, Mich., Ohio), who tend to be majority or overwhelmingly Democratic.

 In a precursor or trial run,  Sen. Mark Dayton (d-MN) closed his Washington office Oct 12th until after the
 election after an alarming report by the Majority Leader Frist, saying

"I take this step out of extreme, but necessary, precaution to protect the lives and safety of my Senate staff and
 my Minnesota constituents, " he said. "We know that Al Qaeda has a history of going back to targets it was
 unsuccessful in destroying," Dayton said Wednesday evening. Law enforcement agencies have said there is no
 new intelligence indicating the Capitol is a target.

 Dayton also said Senate Sergeant at Arms Bill Pickle  called the intelligence report, which was presented two weeks ago,
 the most "declarative statement" in his career.


 Whose honor are we talking about?
   scroll to the second story on this link

  Click  Here

 And the POWs interviewed for the (Sinclair) movie? They include folks like Paul E. Galanti,
 the Virginia chair of Republican Sen. John McCain's 2000 presidential bid; Kevin McManus
 of the much-maligned Swift Boat Veterans for Truth; Ronald J. Webb, who served as a
 Federal Aviation Administration official in George H.W. Bush's administration; and ...
 Well, you get the idea. War heroes? You bet they are. Each and every single one of them.
 Partisan conservative Republicans? Ditto.

 From the people interviewed to the film's creator to the film's producer to the broadcasting company
 that will air it this week, every person involved is a partisan conservative. And given Gerow's status as
 a Bush appointee, Sinclair's airing of Stolen Honor may not be just unethical but also illegal.

 Oh, and Sinclair CEO David Smith was arrested for "committing a perverted sex act"
 in Baltimore in 1996. We didn't want to have to say that, but it is, after all, "news."


 Sinclair (R-Sexual pervert) Sued by Filmmaker Over Kerry Photos

  Click  Here

 The director of a documentary of lies about John Kerry's Vietnam service sued Sinclair Broadcasting,
 accusing it of illegally copying his photographs in his anti-Kerry movie it plans to air this week.

 The suit seeks unspecified damages and an order barring Sinclair and film distributors from selling
 or showing the movie containing copyrighted photographs and film footage

 Democrats have (very, very meekly) charged the documentary was a blatant political statement disguised
 as news and demanded equal air time from Sinclair, whose executives have been major contributors to
 the never-elected fraud and Republicans in recent years.


 Subscription Drive

If Bush wins, you'll need  to stay sane.

If Kerry wins, the media will do their very best destroy him.

  Why not subscribe, and we'll go thru this together?
    (Students, teachers, military and AARP only pay $5)

Bonus  Pay for a one-year subscription ($100)
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    Or send a check with your e-mail address to:
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    Tulsa, OK  74155


 Bush Borrows Another $136 Billion to Give to Super Rich

  Click  Here

 Bush showered $136 billion in new tax breaks on oil and gas businesses, tobacco farmers and
 super rich golfers, quietly signing the most sweeping rewrite of corporate tax law in 20 years while
 the gutless Democrats just stood there and applauded Bush's latest bank robbery at high noon.

 Bush said the new law is good for America's workers because it will help create jobs here at home.

 What a f-ing joke that is.
 The only president in seventy years to lose jobs has a $136B giveaway to "create" more?

 Opponents disagree, saying it will swell the nation's huge budget deficit with a massive giveaway
 that will reward multinational companies that move jobs overseas and add to the complexity of the tax system.

 ...but they decided it wasn't worth fighting for, so they simply wet their pants and gave in to Bush - again.

 I am so disgusted with the cowards who call themselves Democrats.
 How did I get in a party of spineless weenies?


 Did you know you can vote early in 30 states?

 Let's not let the bastards steal another one.

 Shirley Manson's Diary

  Click  Here

 Woke up feeling REALLY outraged this morning having spent sunday night at a fundraiser for
 Women's Rights during which the organizers screened the documentary "A Voice for Choice"
 which examines the current crisis in women's reproductive freedoms and the systematic attacks
 being wreaked by the current Bush administration on a woman's right to choose.

 I must have been sleeping because I genuinely had no idea just how threatened they have become
 during this current administration. If Bush and Cheney succeed in their bid for another four years
 I dread to think how much more fucked up things could become.

 You gotta love her.
 As far as I know, Shirley's never heard of
 but she sounds like she's been reading it for years.


 Ann Coulter hit with Cream Pies
  She-Nazi "survives" hit by "Al Pieda"

  Click  Here

 Bono finds lost lyrics from 1981 album "October"
  Someone stole them after a Portland concert all those years ago

  Click  Here

 Harry Will Not Apologize to Paparazzi
  The photographer suffered a cut lip - claims Harry struck him without provocation

  Click  Here
 I don't know much about Harry, but anyone who punches a scumbag paparazzi is OK with me.

 Jon Stewart Talks TV News on '60 Minutes'
"CNN says, `You can depend on CNN.'   Guess what?   I watch CNN.   No, you can't!"

  Click  Here
 Remember when he told Wolf the Whore to his face that the press was "retarded?

 Shot of Chinaco for Jon Stewart 


Do you have a friend who's undecided about this election?

Click  Here  to order   Fahrenheit 9-11
...and then watch it with them.
When you're done, say, "Are you still considering voting for Bush?

 Subject: absentee ballots


 I've been voting by mail for more than 15 years as a registered Democrat.
 I have lived at the same address all that time and have received my voting materials WAY early each and every election.

 Here it is, ten days 'til the election and no ballot.
 I intend to show up at the polling place, but still have serious doubts my vote will be counted...

 I wonder if there are other Dems out there who've had the same thing happen - better yet,
 are there ANY Repugs who haven't received their absentee ballots?

 I'd love to know...
 Love ya, Bart
 Miss Davis


Get your bartcop stickers!
Then send in your digital pictures.

Send a stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

But if you send a small tithe...
we will not be offended.

 Bush to Let Crooked Halliburton Keep Stolen Billions
  Crime pays when your partners are running the government

  Click  Here

 The Army is laying the groundwork to let Halliburton keep several billion dollars paid for work
 in Iraq that Pentagon auditors say is questionable or unsupported by proper documentation.

 The Army says they might never be able to account properly for work billed to taxpayers,
 which has been probed amid accusations that Halliburton overbilled us for expenses in Iraq.
 The company has hired a consulting firm to estimate what Halliburton's services should cost,

 ...which is complete horseshit because they work they did was in an area known for beheading
 people, so who the hell's going to audit their work?

 Officials are considering using the estimate to serve as the basis for "an equitable settlement,"
 so the Pentagon could drop many of the claims its auditors have made against the company.
 Some disgruntled Pentagon officials see the effort to broker an outside settlement with the
 company as unusual because the contract is so large.

 Halliburton so far has billed about $12 billion in Iraq, and about $3 billion of that
 remains disputed by government officials.

 $3 billion?  Get real.
 The big contracts aren't even on the books - they may never be.  You see, making the payments
 public would mean "the terrorists have won," and we can't have that, so the BIG money is all
 black budget stuff that we'll never know about - never - even though you and I are paying for it
 while the super rich get billions of borrowed money that we're paying for, too..

 Reminder: This is why they stole their way into power.
 Cheney was making millions at a cushy job with Halliburton when he quit to steal hundreds of billions.
 You didn't think Cheney started working 80 hour weeks with 5 heart attacks to help the poor, did you?

 From the BFEE's point of view, you want to know what the "work of art" part is?
 What they're doing is 100 percent legal.  All they have to do is say, "We're fighting terrorism"
 and they are free to rob us taxpayers until they're too tired to rob us any more. It's perfect.

 If you don't like it, form a political party with the courage to stand up to these bastards
 or create a superpower military and push America out of Iraq. Until you do one of those two things,
 lie back and enjoy the never-ending rimming from the BFEE because that's all we have on our horizon.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Bush's False Dualism
      by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Meanwhile, al-Qa'idaterrorists keep plotting their hellish schemes on their own mysterious
 schedule. See, that's the thing about the Iraq invasion even Kerry won't say: It didn't
 demonstrate American strength, it demonstrated our vulnerability. It didn't teach our enemies
 to fear the awesome might of the U.S. killing machine. It showed exactly what bin Laden,
 a cunning propagandist, told them: Americans have no compunction about slaughtering Arabs
 from the air. But they lack the ruthlessness to occupy Islamic countries for long. "[T] here is
 nothing bin Laden could have hoped for more than the American invasion and occupation
 of Iraq," writes CIA anti-terrorist expert "Anonymous" in his chilling book, "Imperial Hubris."



"Clemmings (Roger Clemmons) didn't throw a bad pitch all night.
  I got a fast ball high and inside and thank the Lord my hands were able to get the ball out."
    --Albert Pujouls, baseball NLCS MVP, explaining why the Cardinals are in Boston.


 "I saw the ball come over the plate,
   it came off the bat well,
   and it ended up in the seats."
    -- Scott Rolen, home run hitter, explaining why the Cardinals are in Boston.

 Sure, a Texas/Boston series would've been a cool Bush/Kerry prelude, but the
 Cardinals/Red Sox make up Red October and one of them's going to win everything.

 Lawyers Talking in Bill O'Reilly Sex Abuse Case
  Will O'Reilly's victim get the $60 million she wanted?

    "I'm gorgeous, all women want me..."

  Click  Here

 Lawyers are talking in the harassment case against FOX News pervert Bill O'Reilly,
 raising the possibility of a settlement between the vibrator-in-my-butt married moralist
 and the producer he engaged in unwanted phone sex.

 O'Reilly, who can't love his wife and his vibrators, is host of FOX's top-rated prime-time
 cable news program - and he's seen his ratings go up by 30 percent since the case was filed.

 Of course, the Republicans stand behind this walking butt plug because he's willing to say
 bad things about liberals and Democrats, mostly scumbag lies about their "lack of morals."

 Sane Brit Quotes

"There is no way we should give this dangerous American president any
  encouragement to inflict the sort of civilian casualties that we have already
  seen in Fallujah. We instead should be praying that he leaves office shortly."
   --Paul Farrelly, MP who voted for Bush's war on the decision by Blair to meet a request
        by the never-elected Pinhead to deploy troops in problem spots in Iraq, Attribution

"There is widespread alarm among the British public about the deployment of UK
  troops to fill in for the Americans. It looks as if we're getting deeper involved."
  --Geraldine Smith, MP who voted for Bush's war on the decision by Blair to meet a request
        by the never-elected Pinhead to deploy troops in problem spots in Iraq, Attribution

 Subject: absentee ballots

 Hi, Bartcop

 I heard the same thing on Air America's Sacramento station this past week.
 People should put two stamps on their absentee ballots just to make sure no matter where they live!

 Don't take any chances.   The post office said the ballots are not delivered
 to the registrar's office if they don't have the required postage.

 Citrus Heights, CA


  Click  Here  to get 3 BartCop Radio Shows on CD delivered for just $24

 Currently not shipping shows - until we get home

 BCR 55
 BCR 56
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 Trip Report West

  Scary and I played poker with my good friend Jim Rose


 You know Jim - The Jim Rose Circus - as seen on The X-Files and The Simpsons?
 He's a BIG time democrat, so big, in 1976 he was Mo Udall's chief fund-raiser.

 I'm going to do the Trip Report on BCR - there's too much to write.

 Subject: Hola!

 I don't know if you remember, but I wrote a little while back commenting that the current war
 is making us Evil Canucks richer?  Well, our dollar just hit  $0.81 against yours, up from $0.62
 in January of 2002!

 Your big bond sale tanked out, too, so it looks like people are starting to shy away from what once
 was the best (most secure) investment in the world.  So even without mentioning the plethora of other
 reasons to swap governments, sheer economics dictates that a change is necessary.

 That, plus I'm a little concerned what will happen when the "Red States" realize that Canada is
 your country's main supplier of oil, not Saudi Arabia or Russia or Venezuela.

 Resources we have - armies, well...

 Hi ho!
 Erin B

 Erin, prepare to be invaded.
 Bush will capture your PM and murder his kids and put their mutilated corpses on TV
 so he can brag to the Christian Right how God told him to commit those atrocities.

 It's how politics works in America now.

A Bush supporter (in hat) explains his views to a Democrat


"They threw pies at my friend Ann Coulter today.
  They missed because she turned sideways and disappeared."
    -- Bill Maher, Friday on HBO

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1075, 1086, 1092, 1103,  dead American soldiers.

The polls tell us America wants more war,
more beheadings,
more countries invaded,
more obscene profits for BIG OIL,
more pollution in the air and water,
and more soldiers killed.

Are the polls right?

 Subject:  The Diehard to be released soon?

 I've got GOOD NEWS: they waited three bloody weeks, then the psychotic guard
 woke Dian *and* her cellmates up at 0200 hours last night to hand her the paperwork
 announcing her release date: next Wednesday, a couple of *weeks* earlier than I was thinking....


 Mark, tell Dian Bart says, "Hey!"

 Maybe she'll have a story to tell when she gets out? :)

 Outraged Pundits Ignore Bush's Lies
   by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 For reasons known only to America's leading conservative thinkers, it is far more offensive
 to utter an inconsequential truth than to tell a long series of important falsehoods. Or so we are
 learning in the wake of the final Presidential debate, as Republicans and their noisemakers proclaim
 grave indignation over John Kerry's innocuous reference to the sexual preference of Mary Cheney.

 On the pages of The New York Times, William Safire damns Mr. Kerry for inflicting "the lowest blow"
 and David Brooks indicts him for using "somebody's daughter to attack the father and his running mate."
 In The Weekly Standard, William Kristol shrieks about the "shameless, ruthless, calculating cruelty" in the
 Democrat's "McCarthyite" mention of Ms. Cheney, claiming that it proves he should not be elected President.
 From print and talk radio and cable television, the furious right-wingers roar in unison, as if Mr. Kerry had
 exposed a dire family secret and ruined a young woman's life.

 Could this helpless victim possibly be the same Mary Cheney who has been "out" for at least the past five years?
 Isn't this the same Ms. Cheney who hired herself in 1999 to the Coors Brewing Company as a professional liaison
 to the gay community, so that the damaging boycott of Coors beer in gay and lesbian bars might be calmed?
 Isn't this the lesbian daughter to whom Dick Cheney referred so proudly in a speech last summer? Isn't she the
 Cheney daughter who shows up at public events with her female partner? Isn't she the daughter whose acceptance
 by her family was praised during that debate by John Edwards, in a gracious exchange with her father?

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: tricky bastards

 i live in florida, and, our ballots tell us it costs 0.60 cents
 but in actuality it costs 0.83 cents to mail the absentee ballots


 It's my opinion they will do anything to win.
 Murder doesn't get in their way when you're talking world domination.

 If only there was a party willing to fight the Republicans...


 Sinclair Film Quotes

"Stolen Honor is the kind of show you might come across at 2 a.m. as a paid infomercial
  on a local-access channel and leave on for a few minutes out of sheer fascinated disgust.
  It's a sleazy little piece of work, a cunning act of libel-by-insinuation that introduces no
  facts that have not been public information for at least 30 years."
    --Dana Stevens, "Uncivil War: Stolen Honor rewrites the history of the Vietnam War",  Attribution

"Mark Hyman makes Sean Hannity sound like a sensible moderate. The Sinclair mouthpiece
  specializes in scorched-earth attacks on anyone who sees through the distortions of the Bush
  administration. He refers to members of Congress who criticize the war in Iraq as "unpatriotic
  politicians who hate our military. Whenever mainstream media outlets practice anything akin
  to journalism, Hyman condemns the offending outlets as the "hate America crowd." During the
  current campaign, Hyman has been a one-man propaganda machine, spinning out anti-Kerry
  commentaries and repeating even the most discredited lies about Kerry's Vietnam record on
  stations that broadcast in at least 11 of this year's 17 battleground states. If Hyman's goal is
  to make Fox look "fair and balanced" by comparison with Sinclair, he's succeeding."
  --John Nichols, "Sinclair's Kerry smear is 1984 come true",  Attribution

 Reminder: Sinclair CEO David Smith was arrested for "committing a perverted sex act"
  in Baltimore in 1996. We didn't want to have to say that, but it is, after all, "news."

 Subject: Bill O'Reilley, sex pervert

 Bart when I was 55, I was a horny old bastard,
 but I never used that kind of shit to get into my women friend's pants.

 Respect went a long way.
 Ole Vet

 Ole Vet, a shot of Chinaco for you...

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