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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Painting Scary Scenarios 
Obligation to democracy
Taking Aim at Cruella Harris
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Missing Ballots in Florida 
W. corrupts faith, goes Gutter
Iraq Heartache
Looking Up Your Skirt
October/November Surprise


Quote of the Day

"You can't say that civilization doesn't advance,
  for in every war, they will kill you a new way." 
      -- Will Rogers, Okie pundit and lassoist 


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Volume 1430 -  Negligent Homicide

 Thursday   Oct  28,  2004                                           Download F 9/11 Here                                          Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"When Bush declined to answer a debate question about mistakes he made in his first term,
  it indicated more than a personal idiosyncracy. His unwillingness to confront past errors reflected
  a penchant for self-deception that has been characteristic of his administration, particularly in regard
  to its lethal blunders in Iraq. A frightening example of those unacknowledged errors is the failure to
  prevent the theft of nearly 380 tons of powerful explosives from a well-known site in Iraq."
        --Boston Globe Editorial,   Bush's blunders in Iraq

 Candidates Painting Scary Scenarios
  Click  Here

 Terrorists lying in wait to attack. Planes falling from the sky. Ships blowing up.
 The candidates in the race for president are painting some scary scenarios to motivate voters.

 Kerry says Bush failed to secure nearly 400 tons of explosives in Iraq.
 He accuses Bush of playing on people's fears while saying he speaks to their hopes.

"Folks, these are the kind of explosives that took down Pan Am 103," Kerry said
"These are the kind of explosives that blew up the USS Cole. And there are enough explosives there to harm America."

 The Monkey's reply?

 "I want to remind the American people if  Kerry had his way, we would still be taking our global test,
  Saddam would still be in power, he would control all those weapons and explosives, and could have
  shared them with our terrorist enemies," Bush said Wednesday.

 ha ha
 Who does he think stole those explosives - France?


 Dueling Quotes

"America is safer and stronger thanks to the President's decisive leadership."
    --Pickles Bush, defense expert,   Attribution

"The biggest threat we face now is the possibility of terrorists ending up (with)
   biological agents or a nuclear weapon or a chemical weapon of some kind."
    --Dick Cheney, calling Pickles a liar   Attribution

 The media's obligation to democracy; the CIA 9/11 report
    by Carla Binion

  Click  Here

 TV pundits spent large quantities of time airing the deceptive claims of the Swift Boat Veterans
 for Truth and discussing whether John Kerry should have mentioned Mary Cheney's sexual orientation
 in the third presidential debate.  Surely they can give equal time and energy to the monumental story of
 the CIA director's concealing the names of the individuals mentioned in the new CIA 9/11 report.

 The media should also join the public in pressuring the Bush administration to insist the CIA director
 release the report now.  Hiding the new CIA 9/11 report may influence the election by helping the
 Bush administration, but it won't serve the public.  Withholding the report prevents the people from
 being fully informed and from casting their votes based on accurate and complete information.

 If revealing the truth would hurt Bush's chance to win the election it logically follows that the public
 wouldn't be well served by his winning in the first place.  In any case, the American people, especially
 the families of the 9/11 victims, deserve the truth, and they deserve to have it before the election.
 Three thousand people were killed in the September 11 attacks.  Don't our elected officials and our
 intelligence agencies owe the families of the 9/11 victims the truth?  Don't members of the news media
 owe them that much?



"Bush's misbegotten invasion of Iraq appears to have achieved what Saddam did not:
  putting dangerous weapons in the hands of terrorists and creating an offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq.
  Iraqi and American officials cannot explain how some 760,000 pounds of explosives were spirited away
  from a well-known site just 30 miles from Baghdad. But they were warned. Within weeks of the invasion,
  international weapons inspectors told Washington that the explosives depot was in danger and that
  terrorists could help themselves "to the greatest explosives bonanza in history."
      --NY Times Editorial,   Making Things Worse

 Man 'Tries to Run Down' Cruella Harris
  He's a bad driver - he missed

   "I missed..."

  Click  Here

 Witnesses said a silver Cadillac sped through an intersection and swerved onto the sidewalk.
 The car headed straight toward Cruella before swerving at the last minute and driving off, according to police.
 Harris told police she feared for her life and could not move as the vehicle sped toward her, police records show.

 Witnesses gave the car's license plate number to police, and they tracked it to Barry M. Seltzer, 46.
 He came to the police station early Wednesday and complained that Harris' supporters had impeded traffic.

"I intimidated them with my car," Seltzer told police. "I was exercising my political expression."

 Cruella has been a rising star in the GOP since certifying Jeb's illegal quick count in 2000 that gave
 Florida and the presidency to the illegal murderer Bush by 537 votes.

 Hmmm, if witnesses say he swerved at the last minute, he must have only been kidding...
 But since Cruella's boyfriend is governor, Seltzer might be in for a bad time.


 I'll bet I can make you an Eminem fan in about 5 minutes.

"Look into his (Bush's) eyes - they're all lies."

  Click  Here

 Trust me.
 There's a reason why he won an Oscar.
 This is powerful stuff, and it's not what you think
 Even if you're certain you don't like Eminem,
 you gotta click on that link.



 Hey, Bart,

 I would not have survived the last 4 years without your site!
 I am loving the swing state thing -- New Mexico. Saw Kerry last night and got to shake his hand.
 We are working hard in Albuquerque to send the assclown back to Crawford!

 Keep up the great work.

 Plan B: 'October/November Surprise'
   by on-fire  Robert Parry  at

  Click  Here

 Bush's Plan B looks to be a kind of "October/November Surprise," a coordinated strategy to suppress
 the vote in battleground states like Ohio and especially in Democratic strongholds. The heart of the plan
 will be to swarm the polls with Republican activists who will use challenges against individual voters to
 tie up the process, lengthen voting lines and cause time-strapped voters to give up and go home.

 To some political historians, the scheme has the offensive smell of Jim Crow tactics used during the days
 of the segregationist South to keep African-Americans from voting. But the strategy has a more recent
 precedent, the disruption of recounts in Florida in November 2000 as Bush was clinging to a tiny lead.

 To make sure that the recounts didn't change that result, the Bush campaign flew in Republican activists
 from Washington to stage noisy disruptions. One demonstration in Miami became known as "the Brooks
 Brothers riot," for the preppie clothes the rioters wore. With Republican demonstrators roughing up
 Democrats and storming the doors of the Dade County canvassing board on Nov. 22, 2000, the vote
 counters hastily abandoned their recount plans, effectively throwing out 10,750 uncounted ballots.

 After their storm-trooper-style victory, the rioters celebrated at the Hyatt Regency in Fort Lauderdale,
 Wayne Newton sang "Danke Schoen," German for "thank you very much." Another highlight of the
 evening was a thank-you conference call from Bush and Cheney, who joked about the successful riot,
 according to the Wall Street Journal. [Nov. 27, 2000]

 The tab for renting the hotel - $35,501.52 - was paid by the Bush-Cheney recount committee.
 [For details, see's "Bush's Conspiracy to Riot."

 I remember that very well.
 While the GOP was flying hundreds of rioters to Florida, Gore was on the airwaves
 begging Democrats to stay away, so "we could sort this out peacefully."
 That failed tactic changed history.


 Each of these bartards with a number was identified as being on the GOP payroll.
 This wasn't some "citizen revolt."   This was out-of-state Republican thugs organizing an abortion
 of democracy, but they couldn't do it unless we allowed it - and we did - we're Democrats.

 The GOP rioters intimidated the vote counters into stopping and gave the Supreme Court
 the chance to intervene and install Bush against the wishes of the majority of voters.

 If the vote is close, will Kerry choose to fight?
 Or will he order the troops to surrender, like Gore did?

 Note: is the most important site on the internet. You should read their stuff.


 Subject: please

 Shut the fuck up.
 I've been reading your site for years now, and all you do is whine.
 Either get with the program, or please, just SHUT UP!

 Douglas Burn

 Douglas, your "facts" are in error.

 I have proposed solutions to every problem I have addressed.

 I solved the problem in the Middle East.
 I solved campaign finance reform.
 I proposed the best tax cut package ever.
 I have repeated given the Democrats a roadmap to victory.

 Besides gerrymandering, I have solved each problem we've discussed,
 but if you want to call simple, practical solutions, "whining,"  I can't stop you..
 Thanks for reading  for years.

"Is This Heaven?"
The view from Iowa

A weekly column by Mike Palecek,
former federal prisoner for peace,
county prisoner, Iowa Democratic Party candidate,
small-town newspaper reporter.


"The great triumph of the political right in this country has been the creation of a network
  of alternative media. There are people who listen to Rush Limbaugh for more hours every day
  than the Branch Davidians listened to David Koresh. Watch Fox News, read The Washington Times
  -- hey, that's what the Bush administration does, according to its own words."
     --Molly Ivins,   Clueless people love Bush

 Subject: Why Bush had do to community service

 Meg Laughlin of Knight Ridder has written an important article about Bush's time at Project P.U.L.L.
  Click  Here

 White House reporters remember the famous extended confrontation between Helen Thomas and
 Scott McClellan on Feb. 13 when Thomas asked whether  Bush performed community service during this period.

  Click  Here

 Laughlin's article offers important evidence that Bush's work with  P.U.L.L. was indeed community service:

"George had to sign in and out - I remember his signature was a hurried  cursive - but he wasn't an employee.
 He was not a volunteer either,"  Althia Turner said. "John White said he had to keep track of George's
 hours because George had to put in a lot of hours because he was in  trouble."

"John White didn't say what kind of trouble 43 was in - just that he had done something and he (John)
  made a deal to take him in as a favor to 41 to get some funding," Fred Maura said.

 If Bush was indeed performing community service, what crime had he committed? Was it a DUI - or worse?

 Laughlin's article raises at least two more important questions:
Was Bush defrauding the National Guard for no-show pay?
Did Bush endanger the lives of the children - or break the law - by taking them flying after he had been grounded?

 Lots of questions - and lots of evidence too.

 More at

Click  Here  to Order

"A book that should be read by every school kid in America."
- WUSB radio, New York

"His exposé deserves a wide audience."
- The Sunday Seattle Times...

A searing indictment of the care and treatment of America's veterans"
- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

 Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida
  Those bastards have started stealing ballots already!!!

  Click  Here

 Postal Service investigators on Wednesday were trying to find thousands of absentee ballots
 that should have been delivered to voters in one of Florida's most populous counties, officials said.

 The issue evoked memories of Jeb;s crimes in 2000 and which the state has been trying to address
 before next Tuesday's presidential election, which is again expected to be a very tight race.

 60,000 absentee ballots were sent out Oct. 7 and 8 to voters who would not be in town on election day.
 While some had begun to be delivered, her office had been inundated with calls from anxious voters who
 still had not received their ballots.

"It's really inexplicable at this point in time and the matter is under investigation by law enforcement," Salas told Reuters.

 As always, the cops investigating work for Bush.
 I'm sure they'll find the ballots and correct things right away.



 Subject:  party of scaredy cats?

 So why don't you take your big mouth and a bull horn,
 go to the polling places in FLA and make a stink for us.

 Why don't I?
 Because I can reach more people with a modem than with a bull horn.

 I am SICK of reading your goddamned shit about the Rethugs and their evil ways.
 Basically you are saying for us to be like them????    wtf?    just what the hell are you saying?

 They control the planet.
 They control the White House.
 They control the senate.
 They control the House.
 They control the Supreme Court.
 They control the world's only superpower military.

 Yes, I wish we were "like them."

 Jeezuz quit yer bitching and go do something about it yourself  -- all you do is type,


 I have 57 radio shows and 1430 issues of "Do something."
 I'm trying to get the scared bunny Democrats to wake up and stop this Giggling Murderer.

 Maybe I should stop that,
 and spend time contacting other left-leaning web sites
 and scream at them for not going to Florida with a bull horn - would that help?

 Look, I know you're scared and frustrated, so am I,
 but wouldn't it be nice to be in a party that fought back?


 W. corrupts faith, drags it into the gutter
   by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 This zealot's mindset is what allows Bush to take in the death and destruction in Iraq
 and see them as "freedom on the march." And it's also what allows Abu Zarqawi and
 his followers to coldly put a bullet in the back of the head of four-dozen unarmed Iraqi
 Army recruits because they are "apostates."

"Either you're with us, or you're against us" plainly cuts both ways.

"This is why George W. Bush is so clear-eyed about Al Qaeda and the Islamic fundamentalist enemy,"
 said Bruce Bartlett, a Reagan/Bush advisor.  "He understands them because he's just like them."


 Election will test Americans' competence
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Now we learn that after forcing U. N. inspectors out of Iraq, the U.S. failed to
 secure ammo dumps. Some 380 tons of high-grade explosives vanished into
 Iraqi insurgent hands: 380 tons! It must have taken a convoy of 18-wheelers to
 haul it. How many American and Iraqi lives that blunder has cost cannot be imagined.

 The Bush administration reacted characteristically: hiding the truth, then denying
 responsibility. It handled 9/11 the same way. First, Bush denied receiving any
 warning of al-Qa'ida's intentions. After that alibi collapsed, he fought against
 creating the 9/11 Commission. Then he stonewalled, refusing to let Condoleezza
 Rice testify. After she talked, Bush refused. Eventually, he agreed to testify only
 if Dick Cheney could hold his hand and no transcript was made. And Bush calls
 Kerry a flipflopper.

 According to the commission report, Bush swore the CIA briefings were "historical,"
 that nobody warned him that al-Qa'ida had U.S. terrorist cells. Roughly 40 witnesses
 and stacks of documents contradicted him, but the final report soft-pedaled the
 president's fecklessness for the sake of getting its recommendations heeded.

 Substituting ideology for facts on many issues, the Bush administration can't stand up
 to rational accounting. So President Junior, a bit like his once and future pal Pat
 Robertson, the TV faith healer, hints coyly that he takes instructions from God.


 Subscription Drive

If Bush wins, you'll need  to stay sane.

If Kerry wins, the media will do their very best destroy him.

  Why not subscribe, and we'll go thru this together?
    (Students, teachers, military and AARP only pay $5)

Bonus  Pay for a one-year subscription ($100)
  and get the last three shows on CD delivered to your door!
  They'll play anywhere - in your computer, in your car, in your home CD player.


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    Or send a check with your e-mail address to:
    PO Box 54466
    Tulsa, OK  74155


 Iraq Heartache

  Click  Here

 Bush refuses to acknowledge he sold the war with false information. Even after the Duelfer report was released,
 Bush insisted Hussein had been a "gathering" threat. And if the mission in Iraq was, as Bush now describes it,
"to help Iraq become a free nation in the midst of the greater Middle East," why did he have to invade Iraq on
 March 19, 2003 - before the inspections process was done, before more of the United States' major allies were
 recruited for the coalition, before the U.S. troops were fully equipped with body armor and reinforced Humvees,
 before plans were readied for the post-invasion period and the economic, social, legal, political and security challenges to come?

 Bush has not been honest about this war.

 Sorry, but again I have to criticize the Democrats.

 A hundred times, Bush has said, "Putting lives in harm's way is always the last resort,"but everyone reading this
 knows Bush had an intense hardon for this bloody war, starting long before the first plane hit the WTC - and the Democrats,
 with their scared-of-Rove silence, let the never-elected butcher get away with that same, nasty lie 100 times.

 Again and again, the democrats give Bush a blank check, and when he gets caught lying, while thousands die,
 the Democrats sit there in their pitiful silence, ready and willing to help Bush fool America with his next 100 lies.

 How did I get in this party of scared little girls?

 Why are the Democrats unable to do their jobs?
 Why are they afraid to come to work?



"People tell me this is the biggest thing since the Revolutionary War."
     --Red Sox owner John Henry

 Subject: Ashlee Simpson

 That is disgusting that people are paying money to see artists lip synch!
 In OUR day, artists actually sang and didn't charge nearly as much.

 You're right, Lorne should be criticized for claiming that the show is live when it is not.
 I always believed that the artists on SNL were actually singing.
 Now I don't believe anything.  Give me the oldies who had real talent.

 I would not pay one dime to see anyone who was not actually singing.
 If more people did that, these fakes like Britney Spears would be gone
 and then maybe some true talent could finally come to the forefront.
 Why is it that people love being ripped off?
 P.S.  I did get a huge laugh out of Ashlee Simpson's excuse: she had acid reflux???
 That's rich!!!  ha ha....very original!

 Maria, to me, the crime isn't lip-synching - the crime is lying.
 If a store sells imitation crab meat as "crab meat," that's a crime.
 If they sell Jose Cuervo as "tequila," that's a crime.

 The non-talents should have to appear under a sign that says,
"I'm not really singing - that's a recording you're hearing."

 If you can vote early, DO IT!

 The Bush bastards will say, "You can't vote here," if you're of color,
 so voting early gives you a chance to kick them in their little Nazi nuts.

 Who's Looking Up Your Skirt For You?
  First the Pigboy, then O'Reilly - when is Hannity's turn to fall

  Click  Here

 Add in all his righteous moralizing over the cultural demise perpetrated by leftist pinheads,
 Ludacris, Eninem, and anyone else that doesn't fit into Bill's concept of decency, it isn't difficult
 to figure that the publishers of his most recent pontificating, "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids,"
 are ready to ship the entire inventory into the Five for Ninety-Nine Cent bin.

 And if Mackris ends up taking the big bucks to head off silently into the great Factor good night
 -- well, God bless her, but I'm sure that night, Bill's "Talking Point" will lambast the settlement, explaining
 why it is no different from any of Michael Jackson's restitutions. Otherwise he's just be a bully who's more
 interested in spin... and that's just not what I'd expect from the guy who's looking out for us!


 Subject: Hannity

 I totally disagree with you about Hannity being funny. To me, it's just plain scary.
 There may have been a time (4 years ago) when it might have been funny to me,
 but I honestly can't remember how I used to feel back then.

 All I know is that there are millions of people agreeing with every word coming out of
 Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Falwell, Robertson, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, etc.'s mouths,
 and it scares me to no end to think about it. I can't listen to any of these people without
 thinking of all the people who are eating up every single lie and distortion, so, no I
 absolutely do not find Hannity funny in the least.
 By the way, I think what you do is great, and I really love your site.
 It's obvious how much work you put into it. I live in Georgia surrounded by people
 who are planning to vote for Bush Tuesday, and it's really nice to be able to read your site,
 go to your links, and find out I'm actually not the only person in America who's not voting Republican.

 Although, Michael Moore helped a lot too even though I  had to drive 110 miles away
 to see Fahrenheit 911, because it was banned here. (Now maybe you better understand
 why I don't find Hannity funny.)  Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work and please keep it up.

 Doctors Visit Arafat As His Health Worsens
  You watch, when he's gone, we'll find out it was better with him

  Click  Here

 The American Conservative endorses Kerry
  Bush's continuation in office will discredit conservatism for generations

  Click  Here

 Who will they vote for in Oklahoma?
  The drunken felon over the war hero, just like in DC

  Click  Here  Endorses Kerry
  Bush is such a murdering loser, this could be for real

  Click  Here


Do you have a friend who's undecided about this election?

Click  Here  to order   Fahrenheit 9-11
...and then watch it with them.

When you're done, say, "Are you still considering voting for Bush?

 Bush Can't Evade This Unpleasant Truth
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 What neither Mr. Bush nor his aides can deny is that the U.S. received timely information from the IAEA,
 which had inspected these places for years. We know they disregarded the agency's pleas because they
 failed to guard not only Al Qaqaa, but the equally obvious nuclear waste site at Al Tuwaitha, where looters
 last year carried away uranium, cobalt and cesium. Those radioactive materials are the essential components
 of a primitive "dirty bomb," like the weapon that alleged terrorist Jose Padilla was accused of planning to
 detonate in an American city.

 Asked this week by an Australian journalist whether the IAEA had urged U.S. officials not to leave Al Qaqaa
 unguarded, the agency's spokeswoman in Vienna confirmed the warning. "Yes, a couple of times we did,"
 recalled Melissa Fleming.   "First of all, it's important to note that it was a well-known site . It was of concern
 directly after the invasion, when it was clear that the main nuclear site, Tuwaitha, was being looted. And so this
 was a site that we did alert the U.S. to as one important to protect."

 The IAEA never received any response from U.S. officials, Ms. Fleming added.

 Our officials were very busy, of course, advancing photo ops on aircraft carriers and dispatching Republican
 operatives to the "Green Zone" in Baghdad. They weren't inclined to pay much attention to international meddlers
 at the U.N. or the IAEA. Why would they listen to anyone else when they never make a mistake?

 Housekeeping note from Sam

 To help make the mail easier to triage...

 Send images/sound/movie files to

 Send important news to

 Send advertising inquiries to

 Send requests to have your column or editorial/news articles to



Get your bartcop stickers!
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PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

But if you send a small tithe...
we will not be offended.


"Have you noticed how many probes/inquiries/investigations/important stories are being put off
  until after the election?  Somehow, it's gotten into the heads of various government gumshoes
  -- and, worse, into the heads of some important journalism types -- that popping a big story 
  before the election is somehow "unfair," and might "unduly influence" the outcome.

  Hello? These kind of things are supposed to influence the election."
     --Charles Pierce,    Post-election Probe-apalooza?

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 Subject: Evangelicals for Kerry

 There are two evangelicals down the street from us, who plan to vote Kerry!
 At first they had decided not to vote at all, but we encouraged them to vote
 by showing them that Bush policies had actually increased the incidence of abortion;
 and what about all the babies that will be born to U.S. soldiers who will be horribly
 deformed by exposure of their fathers to depleted uranium.
 Juan Cole did an interview with a couple of D.U. exposed soldiers at Democracy Now.

 They had not known about D.U.   They were appalled.
 Not all Evangelicals are total miscreants, though most of the ones backing Bush apparently are.

 Dot, I read the same thing - abortions are up under President Pinhead.
 I forgot abortion was also an economic issue - and the deformed babies?
 That's too depressing to even think about, but it's true...more victms of Bush's oil greed

 Bush doesn't care about the soldiers or their offspring,
 he just wants more tax cuts for the super wealthy ...and Iraq's oil.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

  1086, 1103, 1105, 1111,  dead American soldiers.

The polls tell us America wants more war,
and more soldiers killed.

Are the polls right?

 Subject: U2

 Hey Bart!
 Love the site!  I start every morning with a little Bartcop!
 U2 is going to tour in the spring.
 The tour will probably start in early April.  Details should be out in December.
 As with all of their other tours, it'll probably start on the East Coast and work its way west.
 I've seen them about a half-dozen times and they're phenomenal!
 Keep swingin' that hammer, Bart!
 Nik- in Va!

 Nik, thanks for that.

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 TV Alert

 Shirley Manson - tonight! Shrl hasn't been on TV since October 2001.
 She's on TV tonight, singing with Debby Harry for Women Rock on Lifetime's 11 PM EST.

 It's been three long years and I can't wait. This won't be vintage Shirley, but it'll be good to see her
 back on the stage singing with one of her idols.  I think they're doing Blondie's "Heart of Glass."

 Since there is no God, the best female performer in rock will only get to sing that half-a-song,
 but it'll be a nice prelude for the new CD that's due out maybe in 90 days.

 Expect Pokerfests  in multiple cities as they tour this spring.


 Subject: explosives

 Come on Bart.
 The explosives crap has been totally debunked...

 And you accuse Rebublicans of lying!?!

 Besides, there were no dangerous materials in Iraq, remember!?!?

 Don, funny you would make that claim and not cite a source.
 Or did you hear it from Rush?

 Plus, nobody ever said, "There were no dangerous materials in Iraq."
 Bush said "Saddam was WMDs and is about to launch."

 The fact that you had to lie makes my point.
 If you try to attack with the truth you'll be unarmed.


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BCR Show 57

I haven't heard this 'road' show.
Let's hope it's a good one.

Click  Here  to listen to Part 1 of  Show 57
Click  Here  to download Part 1 of  Show 57
36 minutes of Bart's expertiary debate comment

Click  Here  to listen to Part 2 of  Show 57
Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 57
33 minutes of Smirky McHardon debate beatdown

Click  Here  to listen to Part 3 of  Show 57
Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 57
28 minutes of misc political comedy

Click  Here  to listen to Part 4 of  Show 57
Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 57
26 minutes of SNL, Jon Stewart and misc political comedy

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