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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Issues Call for Peace
Pentagon: More troops to Iraq 
Ignoring Pot's Benefits
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Kerry aide: Bush was nasty
Dollar Hitting New Lows 
 Just another TV show 
Lynch Mob for Rumsfeld 
Where does stolen oil go?


Quote of the Day

"We just had a poll ...and people decided 
  that my foreign policy ought to stay in place 
  for four more years," 
     --Monkey, airing ugly family secrets    Attribution

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  Wed-Thursday   Dec 1-2,  2004                                                                                                                              Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."
      --John F. Kennedy, who never even met Bush,  Attribution

"I don't make mistakes..."

 Bush Calls for New Consensus on Middle East
  'Can't we all just get along?" the Monkey asks

  Click  Here

 Bush called on Wednesday for an international consensus in a new quest for peace
 in the Middle East that he said must start with Palestinian steps toward democracy.

"If all parties will apply effort, if all nations who are concerned about this issue will apply
 good will, this conflict will end and peace will be achieved, and the time for that effort and
 the time for that good will is now," said the most prolific murderer of the last few years.

 Bush was met during his visit to Ottawa and Halifax by protesters who held signs accusing him
 of being a war criminal. Near the site of his Halifax speech, one protester held a sign comparing
 Bush to the Nazis; another suggested bombing Texas since it too had oil. But other residents waved
 at police-escorted convoys and one held a sign marked "W."

"I realize, and many Americans realize, that it's not always easy to sleep next to the elephant,"
 Bush said, proving to Canada that he's just as stupid as everyone says he is.


 Subject: War criminals

 There are war criminals in the White House.
 They have sold out America and everyone in it.

 Now they are going to bankrupt the place so that the vast majority
 can't get out and will have to stay and become serfs in the Monkey's Empire.



 Pentagon sending more troops to Iraq
   Have you received your draft notice yet?

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon is sending elements of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C.,
 to Iraq to bolster security in advance of Iraq's election, scheduled for late January, an Army
 official said Wednesday.  In addition, at least two Army brigades now operating in northern Iraq
 will have their tours extended by about two months, until after the election, the official said.

 America, you voted for more war, right?
 That's what Bush, Kerry and the networks tell us.


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 Subject: U2 and Bono

 Another thing, when AR from Dublin said,

> "He never spoke up when the British troops in Northern Ireland carried out equally appalling acts."

 What did he think the song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" was about?

 Alan H


 That's why I don't get into those religio-crazy wars.
 Life's too f-ing short, and then you f-ing die.

 Dying to defend your country I can almost understand.
 Dying to defend a book your parents liked is religious insanity



"I do not understand so many people in this country who are out there thinking,
"My air is poisoned and my job is gone and my son is scattered all over Iraq, but all
  those problems will take care of itself once we set limits on Rosie O'Donnell's sex life."
      --Bill Maher,    Attribution

 Tearful Brokaw Says Goodbye, Chokes Up for 'Today' audience
  Brokaw to retire and write books about the greatness of Bush the Flyboy

 Wednesday was Tom Brokaw's last day.
 Thursday, he'll be replaced by Rush Limbaugh's hero, Brian Williams.

 I hate it that NBC has turned their news division over to a ditto-monkey who craves the approval
 of the vulgar Pigboy.  Williams mentions Rush often because he knows the bigger-than-the-Queen-Mary
 ego of the vulgar Pigboy forces him to play the Williams clip on his lil Nazi hate show the next day so he
 can remind his 4 million sheep that he's an important man in William's eyes.

 Brian Williams?
 Tim Russert?

 Why not just give NBC News to Rush and Sludge?


 Subject:  photo of soldier smoking

 That cigarette is so obviously  photo-shopped into the image.
 I'll bet the guy never smoked in his life:


 Paul, I disagree, but that's cool.
 I don't smoke tobacco  ...what would be the point?

 ...but if I'd been shot at 50 times that day
 lung cancer would be the last of my worries.


 Kerry aide pans nasty Bush run

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush ran the most negative presidential campaign in history, and the media never
 covered the story, an aide to Sen. John Kerry's campaign said last Monday at the journalism department.

"The Kerry campaign didn't act fast enough because it wasn't cynical enough about the media [to think] that
 controversy was more important than context," said Trbovich, who has reported for UPI, the Detroit Free Press
 and The Boston Phoenix, among other news organizations. "I think [Bush strategist Karl] Rove is appropriately
 cynical about the quality -- or lack of it -- in the American media these days," he said."

 I offered to help you guys dozens of times, but you were too proud to accept that help.
 I could've run your campaign and we could've drowned Bush and Rove with the truth
 but you didn't want to win.  You guys were too busy putting Kerry in monkey suits to win.
 The worst part?
 Odds are our candidate in 2008 will have the same silly-ass excuse.
 "We didn't know the other team was going to play hard ball."

 If you're tired of losing, next time accept my help.


Used with permission - please visit

 Subject:  getting discouraged


 Good God Man, how are we going to survive another 4 years of these psychotic,
 god-fearing, war loving, death cult junkies????  Heaven (if there is one) help us!

 I thought you were being hard on Kerry and the Democrats during the campaign
 about being wimps and all.  But Fuck, where are the Democrats or Kerry or Edwards
 or anybody, on all this voter fraud, intimidation, disenfranchisment, etc.?
 I know the MSM is avoiding it, but you don't have to dig very deep to find it.

 All we hear about is all this soul searching, and how we have to reach out to middle America,
 Blah, Blah, Blah....fuck that, Kerry won this election, people didn't wait in line for hours in Ohio
 to vote for the status quo....they wanted change.

 If we had some leadership on this, we would be occupying D.C. right now, just like the Ukrainians.
 I was thinking maybe they're working behind the scenes, gathering the evidence, getting their ducks
 in a row, but I beginning to think that's just wishful thinking.  What happened to "Mr. Swift Boat",
 turn that boat around and attack!! (sunk, I guess).

 Maybe Ashcroft spied on all the Democrats and has some good blackmail material on them.
 If we had a party that was willing to go toe-to-toe with these facists, we wouldn't be in this mess.

 I learned in grade school the only way to handle a bully was to punch him right in the mouth, as hard as you can.

 Maybe it's time to take a good look at the Green party, I know everybody says that that's a wasted vote,
 but what the fuck, if the Democrats don't change and soon any vote for them will be a wasted vote.

 How about we start the Bartcop party?  We'll nominate you for president.

 Thanks and Keep Swinging
 D. Taylor
 Pgh., PA

 This biggest problem is the Democrats don't want to win.

 If they had some desire to win, everything else would fall in line. When we lose an election
 (three in a row, now) that all the exit polls say we won, the Democrats smile and congratulate
 the winners and say, "Fair's fair - we'll do things your way for a while."


"He confuses the right because he looks like a red stater who ambled out
  of his pickup and into the feed and gun store. He is one of them."
       --Antonia Zerbisias, on why the right hates Michael Moore,  Attribution

The best books by the best authors

 Subject: bipartisanship is dead

 The rethugs killed in when Ronzo the Ape man was presnit.
 Bipartisanship means Demcorats vote for what rethugs want,
 do what rethugs say, and feel guilty for being Democrats.

 We need naked unashamed partisanship.
 We need to do what Newtie the Frog and jackoff boy Dole did to us.


 Dude, I like your attitude, but I'm not sure what you said.


Please visit out sponsors

 Dollar Mixed After Touching New Lows
  With this Bush Monster, it's one new low after another

   Click  Here

 The dollar was narrowly mixed on Wednesday after chalking up yet another record low
 versus the euro and sliding to a 12-year trough against a surging British pound.

 The dollar drifted overnight to a new record low of $1.3335 per euro, burdened by the
 familiar concerns with the U.S. current account gap and speculation that Washington
 is happy to see a weaker dollar.

 Happy to see a weaker dollar?  I guess that makes sense.
 With Bush, up is down, war is good, progress is bad - and we elected this guy?


 Just another television show
   by Gene Lyons        Wednesday, December 1, 2004

  Click  Here

 In the real NFL, stadium security would have to answer for letting a groupie into the
 locker room. Or maybe the bimbo was supposed to be a team owner's trophy wife.
 As in porn films, characterization was vestigial. Blonde, towel, locker room, wide
 receiver - in short, a degrading sexist fantasy with racial overtones.

 But this is 2004, so the task of helping promote ABC's stunt fell mainly to televangelists
 and public scolds on the Republican right. Former NFL color man Rush Limbaugh
 pronounced himself shocked. "I mean, there are some guys with their kids that sit down
 to watch ' Monday Night Football, '" the thrice-divorced, pill-popping moralist announced.


 Subject: You need a tip jar

 Bart, put a pic of a nearly full tip jar in your page and link it
 to paypal so ppl can throw in a few coins on a daily basis :)



 Click to leave a tip

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Cowards in Washington Ignore Pot's Benefits
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Despite copious evidence that pot has helped to ameliorate the lives of thousands of patients
 suffering from cancer and AIDS - and despite burgeoning voter support for legal reform - Washington
 officialdom persists in its lethal devotion to prohibition. Even when a blameless woman comes before
 them to plead for her life, the constituted authorities seem unable to think beyond a law, more than
 three decades old, that has long since been superseded by science and common sense.

 What is most remarkable about this problem is how impervious our politicians (and most of our judges)
 are to human compassion and scientific data. To enforce marijuana prohibition, they would willingly
 endanger the health and lives of innocent citizens - and even cast aside principles they profess to hold deeply.

 Messrs. Ashcroft and Hutchinson are devout Christians of a fundamentalist stripe. Both claim to be "pro-life,"
 but they see no contradiction in depriving Ms. Raich and many other patients of the substance that keeps
 them alive. Both claim to promote "family values," but they are determined to destroy any family with a
 member who needs this drug. Both would insist on "states' rights" as a cornerstone of constitutional law,
 but they won't allow any state to experiment with marijuana reform.


"Run like a bunny" t-shirts and Chinaco mugs

They make great Christmas gifts!

 Subject: BCR Show 60

 In my opinion, your best ever!
 I like just plain ole Bart and his opinions...almost all of which make a tremendous
 amount of sense.   Show 60 had a lot of "just plain ole Bart" and I appreciated that;
 especially your opinion on Randi's support of Kerry (landslide?).

 At the time, I would read your site and agree completely with everything you said
 regarding Kerry's terrible campaign and his many gaffe's.    Then I would listen to Randi and she
 would tell me that we were going to win in a landslide, and because that is what I wanted to hear
 I would halfway believe her.  Your right too, in that now she is stuck with that ...which is sad
 because I don't think Randi is wrong too often, and this was the biggest one ever to be wrong about.

 Anyway, loved show 60; you seemed to pick the just right amount of clips, which aIso enjoy.
 Thanks for being here; we need you more than ever (and I think you know that).

 Penny M.
 Desert Hot Springs CA

 Penny, thanks for that.
 You're the second person to write with an opinion of BCR 60.



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 Subject: love ya but you're wrong this time


 You wrote:

> --I'm not certain she won't disappoint us the same way Gore and Kerry did,
> --but you're asking her to make her move NOW, and now is not the right time.

 WRONG. Now IS the right time. Dems waiting around for the 'right time' is what got us
 into this mess in the first place, just like the party putting wimps like Harry Reid into leadership
 positions (the only one worse would have been Lieberman)

 We need loud leadership yesterday, and if Hillary's the one to provide it then she needs to get
 off the pot and do it. You didn't see Gingrich waiting around to hang Bill because it wasn't the 'right time'.

 We can't give a single inch to these monkeys. The time of turning the other cheek is past.

 John, we're probably talking about the same thing.
 Like it or not, it's 47 months till the next presidential election.
 Yes, it's time for all Democrats to oppose Bush's fascist bastard nominees,
 but Hillary has no claim to the Democratic leadership position - yet.

 Isn't it accepted wisdom that Dean peaked too soon?

 Best-picture Oscar favorite? It's anyone's guess

   Click  Here

 Fahrenheit 9/11.
 Michael Moore may have become a victim of his own hubris by not permitting this movie
 to be entered in the documentary category. "The feeling in Hollywood is that it lost
 the election and it's time to move on," says Tom O'Neil of awards handicapping site

 If this guy can be trusted to put into print what he meant to say, Michael Moore lost this election for Kerry?
 What, people rewarded the Monkey for being a stupid and deadly crook?

 ...and why would you look to election results to determine if a film was the year's best?


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

"Fallujah is going to be right up there among the most successful battles in Iraq.
It's where the rubber meets the road. That is where our heroes did their best.''
  Maj. Tom Davis, 45, of St. Cloud, Minn.

  1235, 1244, 1252, 1255, dead heroes so far.

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Nears Record

According to David Hackworth, Rumsfeld is so tired of signing
Killed In Action letters  ...he now has a machine sign his name.

Marine Cpl. Kirk Bosselmann, 21, died for stolen oil Saturday


"I've been mortared, ambushed, car bombed and rocketed. I don't take it personally.
  All it takes is one Iraqi adult to thank me and my men and it makes our day."
     --Lieutenant Bryan Suits, who has been in Iraq too long,  Attribution

 So, we have 1255 dead soldiers, but as long as one Iraqi says, "Thanks," we're happy?
 I think the lieutenant needs some time back in the states.

 TV Stuff

 West Wing - Jimmy Smits vs Alan Alda to replace my good friend Martin Sheen.


 Did NBC order Sheen fired for being right about Bush's bungled war?

 On last night's West Wing, Bartlet had a small MS "attack."
 In the previews for next week, he says, "I can't move" and they show him on a stretcher.

 Are we losing Martin Sheen to the BFEE's grip on the networks?
 Can you opposed Bush and keep your job in America?


"I went to work today and people were talking about the (upcoming) elections.
  They were saying they are afraid to vote because the polling centres could be bombed.
  We are feeling helpless. Yesterday three men were killed in our street in front of everyone
  and in the middle of the day. No one dared to interfere. The bodies were left lying in the
  street covered with blood. We didn't know who they were or why they were murdered.
  Our neighbour called the ambulance but they said it wasn't safe so they didn't come."
            --Rana Imad, on the BBC's Iraq Log,  Attribution

 This is the atmosphere in which America's idiot will hold elections?

 It reminds me of my first club - The Hard Rock Island.
 It was a biker bar before I bought it, so the regulars were tougher than some.
 I put up a sign that said, "No colors, no weapons, no bandanas."
 They set the sign on fire.

 In Iraq, they're going to show their displeasure with the 380 tons of C4 they got
 when Bush had our soldiers guarding his stolen oil fields instead of the 380 tons.

 Subject: bipartisan?

 Our Democratic leaders need to quit playing ostrich and get their heads out of the sand.
 There should be no bi-partisanship involved here.
 The Republicans don't care what we think anyhow, so don't waste valuable energy trying
 to show you want to be "buddies" with someone who wishes we would all drop dead.

 The only way to beat these guys is to stand up for what we believe, never falter
 and go down swinging if we have to.

 That reminds me of the tearful hug Daschle got from Bush after his 9-11 speech.
 What did that get him?

 The senate majority leader Bill Frist (R-Cat Killer) broke a century of tradition to go to
 South Dakota so he could call Daschle an liberal obstructionist who was helping bin Laden.
 See what playing footsies with these bastards got Daschle?

 But the worst part is our party is too stupid to learn from their mistakes.
 They'll line up to kiss Bush's ass and lose their jobs, too.

 Somebody remind me - how'd I get in a party of wimps, tossers and losers?

 St Jude's

Catching something fatal as a kid's gotta suck.

 'Blog' Tops Dictionary's Words of the Year
   ...and only one person in twenty knows what that means

  Click  Here

 Laci's mother screams at Peterson
 "She wanted to be a mother. That was taken away from her."

  Click  Here

 Jury Selected for Robert Blake's Trial
  Did they hold this trial so as not to compete with Scott Peterson?

  Click  Here

 Report: Yankee's Giambi testified he used steroids
  No wonder they win so much - baseball's richest team cheats?

  Click  Here

 Neocons Join the Lynch Mob for 'Arrogant' Rumsfeld

  Click  Here

 ...almost anybody but Rumsfeld, whose performance has not always matched his swagger.
 His failure to install enough troops on the ground after last year's invasion of Iraq has upset
 American generals and alienated supporters of the war.

"I am allergic to Rumsfeld," said Ralph Peters, a former lieutenant-colonel and robust media
 champion of the war on terror. "We did a great thing in Iraq, but we did it very badly.

"He is an extremely talented man but he has the tragic flaw of hubris.
 His arrogance is unbearable. My friends in uniform just hate him."



  Subject:  Oil

 What is with you and the Bush's benefiting from Iraqi oil?

 I think sacrificing soldiers to steal oil is wrong - don't you?

 Bush doesn't get any oil.

 You mean he invaded Iraq, pumped that oil out and lost it?
 He's stupid, but he's not that stupid

 Where do you think they put it?
 Who do they sell it to that never says they got it from the mythical BFEE?

 The first thing Halliburton did was to build a pipeline to Kuwait.
 Remember the early days of the war, when the entire country was being looted?
 And there were riots everywhere but you never saw any of our soldiers trying to stop them?
 Our soldiers were busy guarding the building of the pipeline to Kuwait.
 Kuwait owes the BFEE a favor - remember The Gulf War that Bush 41 started?
 They're selling that oil for the Bush family.

 You really are a total stupid ass.
 Ron White

 OK, I'm a stupid ass and Bush is stealing $100 million dollars a day.
 Feel better?
 Iraq pumps 2 million barrels a day - do the math.

 Let's say you don't mind Bush stealing Iraq oil - what about the soldiers?
 We're losing an average of 5 soldiers a day - you OK with that?

 What do we get in return for those five dead soldiers every day?
 We get nothing, but Bush gets $100,000,000 every f-ing day.

 ...and you're OK with that?

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