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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
25 Die in String of Attacks 
Blackwell Afraid to Talk 
Vegas-hater Carlin in Rehab
Newbies Back F'buster Limits?
Bush Crowning - Lots of cash
Supermodel Hurt in Tidal Wave
Dark Predictions for 2005 
US Saw the Tsunami Coming


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"The world is a dangerous place, not because 
  of those who do evil, but because of those who 
  look on and do nothing." 
   -- Einstein, talking to today's Democrats? 

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 Tuesday  Dec 28,  2004 ................................................................Marc Perkel  on  Mike Malloy on  AAR  Wed, Dec 29th


"The president, his War Cabinet, and the neocon punditocracy sold us on this war by implying
  Saddam was implicated in 9/11, that he had a vast arsenal of chemical and biological weapons,
  that he was working on an atom bomb, that he would transfer his terror weapons to al-Qaeda.
  We had to invade, destroy, and disarm his axis-of-evil regime. Only thus could we be secure.
  None of this was true."
     --Pat Buchanan, "'Staying the Course' Won't Do"     Attribution

 25 Die in String of Iraq Insurgent Attacks
   But Bush and the networks say Iraq is a "great success"

  Click  Here

 With car bombs, assassinations and raids on police stations, insurgents killed at least 25 people,
 including Iraqi policemen and a deputy governor, across the volatile Sunni Triangle on Tuesday,
 and a militant group claimed it executed eight Iraqi employees of an American security company.

 The string of attacks -- including one in which 12 policemen's throats were slit in their station --
 were the latest by the insurgency targeting Iraqis working with the American military or the
 U.S.-backed government ahead of the Jan. 30 national elections.

 Gen. Jeff Hammond of the 1st Cavalry Division that "controls" Baghdad, said attacks by
 insurgents are expected to escalate further in the run-up to the ballot.

 The attacks by insurgents have been increasing since we invaded Iraq for no reason.
 These attacks will continue as long as we occupy the oil-rich lands they live on.


 Blackwell Refuses Interview Over Vote
  Crooked Ohio Sec of State needs to hide from the truth

  Click  Here

 Ohio's secretary of state, (and Ohio Bush Campaign Chairman) who declared The Monkey
 the official winner in Ohio, is seeking a court order to keep himself from being interviewed
 as part of a court challenge of the Nov. 2 vote.

 Attorney General Jim Petro, representing Blackwell, said the voters "are not trying to actually
 contest the presidential election but are merely using this litigation to cast public doubt on the
 voting system of the State of Ohio without a shred of evidence." .

 They keep saying Bush has won the hearts of the voters, but then they refuse to let us verify that.
 Bush can only win elections if nobody pays attention to the voting proceedures?




"What the US-installed government in Iraq is doing is undermining democracy,
  and basically stating that while they wish to have democracy in their country,
  they have no faith in the power that democracy is supposed to achieve. They
  fear that extremists will use democracy to undermine democracy. It's the single
  greatest fatal flaw of those who advocate democracy."
     --Ray Hanania, "Killing Democracy by Curbing Its Basic Rights"   Attribution

 Bush is going to free Iraq even if he has to kill all 25 million of them to do it.

 Subject: the crucifix in urine

 I think the artist was saying that our society has 'pissed' on Christ's teachings
 and everything he stood for, like peace, love, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance.
 and that in the end, he died for nothing.


 I say that's a damn stupid way for an idiot artist to make a point.
 That "artist" needs to go back to painting garages.



"I personally think it was not worth it, in the sense that we have paid a high price in blood.
  And it's increasing. You cannot underestimate the suffering that this has already produced
  to tens of thousands of American families. Now, that is simply not worth the price of removing
  Saddam, because we were containing him."
    --Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter's national security adviser, on Bush's quagmire,    Attribution


 George Carlin Enters Rehab

  Click  Here

"I'm going into rehab because I use too much wine and Vicodin," Carlin said.
"No one told me I needed this. I recognized the problem and took the step myself."

"My levels of use are nowhere near the worst you hear about these days. I could easily
 have continued functioning at a good level for a while, but my use would have progressed."

 Gee George, I don't know. When you're onstage in Vegas and you  tell your paying customers:

"People who go to Las Vegas, you've got to question their fucking intellect - traveling hundreds
  and thousands of miles to essentially give your money to a large corporation is kind of fucking moronic.
  That's why what I'm always getting here is these kind of fucking people with very limited intellects."

 But George, you said that to people who paid to see you.

 Are George Carlin fans necessarily "fucking moronic"  or was that the Vicodin talking?
 To be a Carlin fan, must you have a "very limited intellect?" or was that the wine talking?

 I hope George has a successful rehab.


 Subject: Debate: good dog soldier, bad dog soldier!


 Get back to doing what you do so well, which is to ridicule and expose the far right and their
 fundamentalist minions for the fools and evildoers they are. Forget about the soldier thing.
 It's an unwinnable debate.

 You're probably right, because I'm not changing my mind and if they don't - we have an impasse.
 Clarification: If somebody says something that makes sense, I could change my mind.

 You can have heroes in bad causes (Iraq), and boneheads in good ones (perhaps Afghanistan)
 and vice versa. But mostly you've got young men duped into fighting other people's battles.

 Your Canadian Friend

 I think anyone wearing the uniform is a hero, (unless evidence suggests they're not) not just the dead guys.
 One of the highlights of Demo-Con 2004 was when Clinton told the Kerry story that ended with,
"...and John Kerry said, 'Send me.' "

 Every person with a uniform is saying "Send me - I agree to leave the comfort and safety of
 my home and my wife & kids to spend a year in the desert without sex or good tequila
 - to get shot at and maybe lose an arm, a leg or my life, but I feel it's my duty."

 For that we call them "saps?"


Used by permission -

 New GOP Senators May Back Filibuster Limits

  Click  Here

 Amid talk about a renewal of bipartisanship in the new Congress that convenes next week,
 two new Republican senators said Sunday that they could support a rule change to short-circuit
 opposition to Godly Bush's judicial nominees - a move that one incoming Senate Democrat
 warned would spark "a bloody fight."  (Who is he kidding?  The Democrats?  Fight back?)

 The exchange among the three newly elected senators on CBS' "Face the Nation" reflected a sense
 among many Republicans that they should flex their muscle in the 109th Congress, with the party's
 expanded majorities in the Senate and House, even as Democrats were debating among themselves
 when to work with the administration and when to oppose it.

 Sen.-elect John Thune (R-S.D.) said he wanted to put an end to the Democratic tactic of filibustering
 high-profile judicial nominees - which involves essentially talking the nominations to death without
 allowing an up or down confirmation vote.

 That's horseshit.
"Filibustering high-profile judicial nominees" isn't a Democratic tactic.
 It's a tactic the minority uses.
 Thane should have the brains (or honesty) to admit that.


 Subject: the real press

 I care Bart.
 I'm as old and tired as you.

 Just this morning I was asking myself the same questions. I watched CBS Up To The Minute
 as they were showing the Year In Review. I was thinking how different this year could have been
 had the "Liberal Press" actually been there to expose the truth, hound Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc..
 (and not just be puppets pretending to see the emperors clothes).

 I too remember a time when the idea of a FREE press meant something and could help in assuring a true democracy.

 It is very frustrating. My only salvation comes in knowing that there are places to turn.
 Places like Bartcop and Consortium News and AAR Radio. And people like Greg Palast
 and Joe Conason and my good friend Barry Crimmins.

 Unfortunately the majority of the masses get their misinformation from the nightly news outlets and the liars
 at FOX, MSNBC and CNN so the truth is limited to those who question the lies and the monkeys who repeat them.

 As for me, I keep spreading the names of web-sites to everyone who will listen.
 Hoping that they will check just one of them out and maybe have the seed of doubt sown.

 Take care and keep swinging for the good fight.

"Live for the Future - Fight For The Now And Let The Truth Be Your Shield"


Montgomery Burns releases the flying monkeys to try to stop Marc Perkel from
being on Mike Malloy's show tomorrow night - they will not succeed.

Want to meet in the chat room and listen to Marc on Malloy?
I believe Marc's segment starts at 11PM Eastern, 8PM Pacific.


"'Jesus died on the cross and 'someone has to take a stand' for him."
    --William Buckingham, explaining why the super-rich need more tax cuts   Attribution

 Subject: Viktor Yushchenko, George Bush and the 'Independent' Ukraine

  Click  Here

 Bush Administration spent more than $65 million in the past 2 years to help Yushchenko.
 Yushchenko's wife is a US citizen, and worked for Reagan and Bush I


We've got the best books by the best authors.

 Bush Crowning has big donations pouring in
  His owners are spending lavishly to buy the emporer some clothes

  Click  Here

 Soldiers will dance, some with both legs, at Bush's second inauguration, a record
 $40 million-plus celebration for "a nation at war" financed by some of the same
 big donors who bankrolled Bush's re-election campaign.

 The president's private inaugural committee, calling on corporate and individual donors
 to contribute as much as $250,000 apiece, has struck a military-minded theme for a
 three-day series of events leading to the swearing-in on Jan. 20.

"Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service" is the slogan for a festival that will start with
 a ceremony at an indoor Washington arena "saluting those who serve," and close with
 a collection of nine formal balls. The dances will include a Commander-in-Chief Ball open,
 admission free, to invited members of the military.

 The American whore press continues to spin this fairy tale for the easily led.
 Bush, our chosen-by-God fearless leader, wants this to be all about the soldiers,
 some of which will get to go for free if they get an invitation.

 I guess if you know the right people and if you agree to sign the loyalty pledge,
 they'll allow you to bask in Bush's glory for a few hours at this $40M bacchanalia.

 Meanwhile, the country continues down its bloody and destructive path.



"I'm over here fighting a war basically for oil. I'm here fighting a war for money.
  It was really disappointing. It would be one thing if we were fighting for people's
  freedom, but it's their culture How would it make us feel if someone came over
  here and told us we shouldn't be living this way?"
     --Santa Fe Reservist Makayla Watts , on serving in Iraq,  Attribution

 Yet he probably voted for Bush, proudly, and would vote for him again if he could.

 Subject: Chimp unimpressed by tsunamis

 We complain the U.S. didn't warn people of impending earthquake.
 However, we are too stupid to see our own disaster.

 We have a monkey inserted by lunatics who has murdered 100,000 innocent civilians in Iraq,
 illegally torturing anyone one that "looks wrong", all in the name of the twin towers (which killed 3000,
 had nothing to do with Iraq, and is long gone, monkey kills average 5000 per month).

 The hero of the Repuke party is insane.
 Monkey killed way more than that tsunami, along with bankrupting and destroying America.
 Ukraine has the balls to get a revote from a stolen election, America, where are you?


 Freeus, it's my guess that people are waiting for a leader to lead them.
 There are no leaders left in the Democratic Party - so where should we look?



"I started shaking. I was throwing up. I couldn't breathe. That's when I knew
  something was wrong. My body had never reacted to any kind of circumstance
  that way. I can't even be around people in large crowds. I'm constantly looking
  over my shoulder. I think, 'I'm going to die. Someone is going to be shooting at me.'
  I'm in my car, and I'll see something on the road and think it might be an explosive
  and try to dodge it. I could cause a wreck. I could harm innocent people."
     --Santa Fe Reservist Makayla Watts, back from Iraq, diagnosed with PTSD  Attribution


 Czech Supermodel Injured in Tidal Wave


  Click  Here

 Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova, who appeared on the cover of 2003 Sports Illustrated
 swimsuit issue, was injured and her photographer boyfriend is missing after the pair were
 caught up in the Asian tsunami disaster, a spokeswoman for the boyfriend said Tuesday.

 Nemcova and British photographer Simon Atlee had been vacationing in the resort of Phuket
 when the waves swept over them.  "She is in hospital and he is missing. We don't have any
 further information than that at the moment," said Atlee's agent, Eve Stoner

 The Sun newspaper reported Tuesday that Nemcova clung to a tree for eight hours as the
 water swirled around her. It said she suffered a shattered hip and internal injuries.


saw it on


"The 'fat in the fire' is not Bush's; it's ours. It's our kids who are killing and dying
  on this fool's errand. It's our nation's once-good name that is being sundered.
. And it's our duty to turn this rudderless beast around - to do everything in our power
  to slap our country back to its senses, step back to our proper place in the world,
  ask for help from our former friends and get our kids the hell out of there."
        --Mike Farrell, "Bring 'Em Home"   Attribution


 Subject: a tip for you

 Keep hammering, Bart!

 I can't believe TIME Magazine overlooked you for "Person of the Year!"
 Maybe they meant GWB was "Poison of the Year?"

 Alan B in Cheshire, CT!


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 Dark predictions for 2005
   saw it on

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 It will be a bleak and painful year for Americans at home and our ship of state around the world is terribly off-course.

 The insurrection in Iraq will continue and pacification will be increasingly difficult for our overstretched, overexposed
 and inadequately equipped occupation forces. The attack on the dining hall at the U.S. base in Mosul underscores
 the vulnerability of all our forces.

 Elections in Iraq will proceed on schedule, regardless of what the Iraqi people want. George W. Bush wants the
 elections and his is the only voice that matters.

 Voting will be marked by violence and widespread confusion. Vast regions of the country and large segments of
 the population will be unable to vote. Others will simply refuse to participate in such a contrived exercise in the
 American-imposed civics lesson.

 George W. Bush will declare the elections a great victory and proof that his experiment in planting seeds of
 democracy will blossom throughout the Middle East -- except in Saudi Arabia, but that's a personal, family matter.


 Subject:  yesterday's Lark and the zoo

 I wonder if the creationists have ever spent an afternoon at the zoo?

 I was at the Toledo, Ohio zoo one day a couple of years ago and there was some
 sort of christian rally going on in the outdoor theatre and I spotted a guy with a t-shirt
 that said something like: "None of my uncles are monkeys".

 I told him to take a walk past the monkey cage and report back.
 Like a godly man that I'm sure that he was, he told me to go fuck myself.

 Mr. Bob



"Imagine no religion."
    -- John Lennon


 Subject: I believe in ghosts but this was physics

 I've run into ghosts, but it just makes sense that heating and cooling relative to humidity
 would make the bricks pop. Especially this time of year. The heats on. The air is dry.
 Bricks soak up moisture, and release it.  The changes in temp and humidity cause the
 bricks to expand/contract and pop.  This stuff happens in the ground all the time,
 but under huge pressure, so there's no pop.


 Stew, do you really believe in ghosts?
 I'd believe in UFOs before I believed the dead can talk or go "bump" in the night.

 One reason that was so strange is that I'm 51 and I've lived in brick houses most of my life
 Bricks aren't supposed to pop so loud that you stop speaking in mid-sentence.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1306, 1321, 1324, 1326, dead heroes under Bush


Bush and his friends are getting rich off this war...

That bothers me, but the troops
and their families don't seem to mind.

 Scientists in USA saw tsunami coming

  Click  Here

 Minutes after a massive earthquake rocked the Indian Ocean on Sunday, international ocean
 monitors knew that a tsunami would likely follow. But they didn't know whom to tell.

"We put out a bulletin within 20 minutes, technically as fast as we could do it," says Jeff LaDouce
 of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. LaDouce says e-mails were dispatched
 to Indonesian officials, but he doesn't know what happened to the information..


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: terrorists

 Are you of the opinion that those who oppose the US and Iraqi forces in Iraq are not terrorists?
 Do you fancy them freedom fighters?

 My guess is more are terrorists than freedom fighters.
 Bush has created a playground for terrorists - they flock to Iraq to kill Americans.
 Tell me, if America was invaded, and Bush was arrested and his daughters were hunted down
 and their mutilated corpses displayed on TV - wouldn't it be my duty and your duty to resist them?

 We already won the war. The war ended. The suffering is being caused by terrorists.

 Iraq was relatively peaceful until Bush got his war hardon.

 We had several good reasons to invade and they were spelled out in speeches and elucidated
 by the UN and not a single UN resolution was followed.

 Wow, you need to hallucinate slower.
 If we invaded for "good reasons," why do they keep changing?

 The UN begged Bush NOT to invade, to give the weapons inspectors more time.
 But Bush said we couldn't because Saddam was ready to launch and take out the East Coast.

 Bush had his good puppy media pumping up this senseless war and holding war rallies and
 what do we have to show for it - besides 1325 dead soldiers?

 Everyone in Iraq knows we are there to rebuild their country. I ask you mr troop supporter

 What a ridiculous statement.
 When will people learn you can't use "all" and "every" in wild-ass statements like you just made?
 Iraq needs rebuilding because we destroyed it "saving America" from Saddam's "imminent launch."

 ---- why do you act as if we are in the wrong when some Baathist nutsack decides to blow up
 our soldiers, Iraqi soldiers, or civilians while we attempt to rebuild the sorry mess that Saddam
 made of the place while misallocatring billions of oil for food dollars and allowing his people to starve?


 We're in Iraq so Bush can steal their oil.
 Iraq pumps 2 million barrels a day times $45 a barrel.
 That means Bush is stealing $90 million every day of every week.

 That's almost $2,700,000,000 every month times twenty months.
 That's roughly 54 billion dollars, and there's no end in sight.

 Stop pretending Bush threw away 1300 soldier's lives to help the poor Iraqis.
 He did it to steal the $54 billion and countries with a free press know that.


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