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 We're cleared to move the second time on Feb 15, so until then, our output
 will slow down until I can once again become Master of my Domain.


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush steals another $9 Billion 
A televisual fairyland
Petition to remove Shelly
Make your own BOMB-A-TRONú
KKK Robes Sell at Auction
Hillary collapses, she's OK now
Tons of Housekeeping 
Monkey Mail 


 Quote of the Day

"CNN says Iraqi voters are confused by the 
  complicated ballots. Expect a percentage of 
  the vote to go to Pat Buchanan." 
      --Bob Cesca,  on the sham election in Iraq


Support PO Box 54466 , Tulsa, OK 74155PayPal to

Volume 1488 -  Keepers of the Gloom

  Mon-Tuesday   Jan 31, Feb 1,  2005                                                                                                              Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on AAR


"All these precious words have now become something akin to brand names:
"democracy", "freedom", "liberty", "empowerment." They don't really mean anything,
 they're just the names attached to things we do. They aren't defined by any intrinsic quality.
 It's like the reverse of the abuse/torture dichotomy. If we do it, it's "abuse," if anyone else
 does it, it's torture. If we do it, it's democracy and freedom.
    -- blogger Zeynep Toufe,   Attribution


 Bush steals another $9 Billion
  This is why he started this phoney war

  Click  Here

 The U.S. occupation authority in Iraq (news - web sites) was unable to keep track of
 nearly $9 billion it transferred to government ministries, which lacked financial controls,
 security, communications and adequate staff, an inspector general has found.

 The U.S. officials relied on Iraqi audit agencies to account for the funds but those offices
 were not even functioning when the funds were transferred between October 2003 and
 June 2004, according to an audit by a special U.S. inspector general.

 Seniors are losing Social Security because Bush bankrupted the Treasury
 and now he steals another nine billion on top of all the other damage he's done.


 You watch - Bush will appoint Lee Whitewash Hamilton to look into the missing money.
 Hamilton will report that "shit happens" in war time and the matter will be closed.



"I'm short the dollar. The ol' dollar, it's gonna go down."
      --Bill Gates, who knows Bush is killing our economy,   Attribution


 A televisual fairyland
  The US whore media is disciplined by corporate America into promoting Bush

  Click  Here

 On January 20th, the fairy king of fairyland will be recrowned. He was elected on a platform
 suspended in midair by the power of imagination. He is the leader of a band of men who walk
 through ghostly realms unvisited by reality. And he remains the most powerful person on earth.

 How did this happen? How did a fantasy president from a world of make believe come to govern
 a country whose power was built on hard-headed materialism? To find out, take a look at two
 squalid little stories which have been concluded over the past 10 days.

 Isn't it a shame that we have to leave America to get factual news?


Saw it on

 Attention Reporters: Use this tool to file your story about the latest car bombing in Iraq.

 1. Fill out the form.
 2. Push the "Make Article" button.
 3. File with your editor.

  Bart's Example:

 Car Bomb Attack in Falluja kills 822
    by Burial Sharon    Associated Press Sunday, January 30, 2005; 10:03 AM

 In Falluja today, explosives packed in a car detonated at a police headquarters,  killing 822 police officers
 and injuring 453, witnesses said.  US troops and tanks sealed off the area, which was strewn with parts of
 flaming wreckage and human remains.

 The driver of the Opel Astra slammed his bomb-laden car into a pickup truck that was used to block
 the gate leading to the police headquarters and detonated the load of explosives, said policeman Sol Goldberg.

 The blast was extremely powerful, hurling the body of one of the police officers more than 750 yards, witnesses said.

"I heard the explosion, and it shattered glass everywhere," said Abe Rubenowitz, a 26-year-old taxi driver.
"I saw cars burned and destroyed, fire, and body parts all over."
 U.S. officials called the attack a sign of the insurgents' desperation.

"The fact of the matter is we're keeping the insurgents off balance and they're reeling backward.
 They're trying to come at us and we're giving it right back," Captain Huge Johnson said.

"The terrorists are growing more desperate in their attempts to deprive the world of a free and peaceful Iraq
 and they're trying to put it all on the line and give it all they can."

 There was no claim of responsibility for the latest Falluja attack, but it followed warnings blared from
 mosque speakers that Iraqis should stay away from police installations.

  Click  Here  to fabricate your true-sounding bomb-in-Iraq story.


 Subject: war criminal visits Auschwitz

 According to reports, Dubya wanted to attend the Auschwitz ceremonies himself,
 but his handlers nixed it.    Apparently, there were concerns that the gregarious C-in-C
 might inadvertently cause an international incident if he absent-mindedly began to rattle off
 his favorite Polish light-bulb, and Jewish circumcision jokes, to the stodgy crowd at Auschwitz.

 So they sent Cheney, dressed like a clown, instead.
 What a putz.



 Subject: racism

 After years of being called a nigger-lover because of my democratic views,
 I am now suddenly a racist.  Go figure!


 Raven - I know the feeling.



"My son is an army reservist and he returned from Iraq last March. He was ordered to attend
  one of the inauguration parties...Around midnight on Tuesday, my son returned home, looking
  tired from the drive.  The next morning, he told me he didnât have a good time because they
  basically stood around and watched the president say a few words. He said there was no food
  provided for them, so they ate after the event at some fast-food restaurant. They spend all this
  money for this celebration and can't feed my son? He stayed at a local military base with the
  rest of the group, but they made him pay for the room...I am angered at the way he has been
  treated.  People need to know how some heroes are being treated by their own government."
     --Rebecca Lawson,    Attribution

 Ms. Lawson - your first clue as to how Bush feels about the troops should've been when he sent them
 into the desert without adequate armor, water, guns etc. so they could die helping him steal that oil.


 Subject: reading your stuff


 I was sent your web site to look at last Friday.
 It is an interesting one.
 How did you get so bitter to Bush and the Republicans?

 I've always disliked rampant fascism.

 I have never seen so many questionable statements or angry statements about anybody in my life.
 I went back about a dozen issues and it never changes.

 The truth speaks for itself.

 You've got angry buddies Marc Perkel, Joe Conason and Gene Lyons, all known complainers on the left
 spouting venom and acid at the right. That's all right, it's a free country--just like Iraq now, huh?

 Do you ever let a rightwinger speak?
 It looks like you cut them off when they write in and you chop up what they say.
 You don't do that to leftwingers.

 Isn't fairness part of liberal Democrats' vocabulary?

 Tom Coppage
 St. Louis, MO

 Seeing your letter published is proof that I give the Monkey right a voice to speak.


 KKK Robes, Books Sell at Michigan Auction
  Bush supporters grab up items for their next rally

  Click  Here

 Ku Klux Klan robes sold for up to $1,425 and a KKK knife drew a $400 bid Saturday
 during an auction of paraphernalia from the conservative group.

 Auctioneer Gary Gray said a steady stream of people visited the auction house in Howell, MI
 in the hours leading up to the sale, where participants could bid on 12 KKK robes and capes,
 as well as buttons, books, swords, patches and movies.

"I felt like I was at a Klan rally at some times," museum curator David Pilgrim said.

 Other robes sold for $1,150. Many of the people who bought items did not give their names.
 One person wore a KKK pin, and another wore an arm band with a Nazi swastika and had
 a Bush/Cheney sticker on his pickup.


 Subject: BCR Show 66 Feedback

 Thanks for yagbcs (Yet Another Good Bartcop Show.)

 Thanks for the OâReilly clip, short as it was.  Heâs a phony and Al Franken is right
 to expose him.  I donât know why I especially enjoy seeing him red assed.
 Maybe itâs because he pretends heâs not a far right lying bastard.

 The torture debate is starting to get tedious to me.
 I can imagine how you feel getting all the letters.
 You are not pro torture any more than the cop that shot Dimebagâs killer is a murderer.
 You just have the balls to speak you mind on a touchy subject.

 Sometimes we spend more time on a subject than I want, like Piss Christ or torture,
 but when the mail keeps coming and keeps coming, I think it deserves to be answered.
 On the torture thing, if I had, say, 65 individual criteria to green light torture, I could
 understand people missing some, but I only have two - the guy MUST be absolutely, positively
 guilty AND time must be extra-critical, yet I get dozens of letters asking what if the guy is
 innocent or some five year scenario that doesn't apply.  Two is not a big number.

 The caller who claims Madonna caused him have gay sex was both funny and unsettling,
 typical of Republicans.  Right wing monkeyism is reality dark humor.  "I know I shouldnât laugh, but·"

 You most likely heard Hugh Hewittâs name on the famous Mike Malloy v. Dennis Kasich Fox Show
 when they cut Mike off.  Hugh was the guest monkey on that segment.

 Iâve heard both Randi Rhodes and Al Franken criticize Democrats before.  In fact, Randi asked
 Joe Biden why he doesnât call Bush a liar.  But I agree that with the party dying, only a delusional
 is going to pretend everything the Dems do is right.

 Keep hammering the chimp and his monkey minions.
 Tommy Shaw


 Some Just Voted for Food

  Click  Here

 Many Iraqis said Monday that their names were marked on a list provided by the government agency
 that provides monthly food rations before they were allowed to vote. äI went to the voting centre and
 gave my name and district where I lived to a man,ä said Wassif Hamsa, a 32-year-old journalist who
 lives in the predominantly Shia area Janila in Baghdad. 'This man then sent me to the person who
 distributed my monthly food ration..."Two of the food dealers I know told me personally that our
 food rations would be withheld if we did not vote,ä said Saeed Jodhet, a 21-year-old engineering
 student who voted in the Hay al-Jihad district of Baghdad."

 The American whore media keeps telling us these elections are a great victory for Bush.
 Did you know there weren't even any names on the ballots?
 The people running for office were too scared to list their names.
 People voted for numbers instead of names.

 Oh, what a victory for the Bush Monkey.



Get your "Not me!" wristbands right here!

We've got the right books by the right authors.

 Subject: under 21 drinking

 That kind of rational got thousands of young men and women killed on our federal highways.
 You don't give a 18 year old a six pack and send him on patrol in Iraq anymore than you would
 give him a six pack and send him on down the highway.  Or would you?


 GW, I'm not sure you and I are speaking the same language.
 You seem to be saying I want our soldiers to fight Bush's war while drunk.

 What I said was it's a shame that some war veterans can't be trusted with a beer at a Pizza Hut.


 The GOP has a petition to remove Democrat Shelly

  Click  Here

  Just as they had bucks and secretly to underhandedly smear Clinton they are doing the same with Shelley...think about it
 with a republican Gov and republican Sec of State they can get electronic voting machines in California and control the state
 as they did in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio and now California! They already have all of the south & Midwest now they
 are setting their sights on California it's in their grasp...If the republicans can get Shelley to resign Republican Governor Arnold
 will appoint a republican as Sec. of  State and that person controls the voting in the state...

 Please tell people to write or call Shelley asking him NOT to resign.


 Subject: whore list - Don Imus?

 They do come in all varieties and nuances, don't they?
 What about Don Imus?

 I think he is an insane scumbag but I marvel at the people who daily suck up to him.
 Is he a serious whore for the conservative cause or just an equal-opportunity anal-arrested jerk?

 Joe H

 It's puzzling why politicians suck up to Imus - or why people listen to him.
 Imus is like Howard Stern without the humor.


If you like Elmore Leonard,
(Rum Punch, Get Shorty)
you'll love James Patrick Hunt!

Evan Maitland was sent to bring in a rape suspect who has the Jamaican
mob out to kill him. With one a determined policewoman to back him up,
Maitland has to outwit the bad guys and find a way to stay alive.

Click  Here

 Subject: the end of tyranny?

 Mr. Bush talks about an end to tyranny, but if he really wanted to end tyranny - he would resign.
 That way senior citizens wouldn't have to eat dog food so that the rich can get tax breaks.

 He uses words like "expansion of freedom" to mean that that we are going to start more wars.
 The darkest places in that world may be right here at home.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.


 Hillary collapses during speech; She's OK now

  Click  Here

 Hillary Rodham Clinton collapsed while giving a speech in Buffalo Monday morning,
 but recovered enough to resume her day's public appearances, her office said.

"She fainted after not feeling well, got medical attention and is proceeding with her
 planned schedule," a statement from her Washington office said.

"She started to speak, but had to sit down," DiPirro said in a telephone interview about
 the gathering of some 125 people at the Saturn Club restaurant. Clinton was addressing
 a not-for-profit group supporting women running for public office.

"She came back and tried to speak again but was struggling and getting more pale.
 She finally said 'I cannot continue,"' said DiPirro.  About 30 Clinton staffers who joined
 the senator at a weekend retreat in New York state were also sickened

 Would evil men assassinate future challengers to elect Jeb?



"Of the over 100,000 civilians dead in this war, then, over half of them are children.
  We are killing children. The children are our enemy. And we are defeating them.
"I'll tell you why I voted for George Bush," a friend of mine said. "I voted for Bush
  because he had the courage to do what Al Gore and John Kerry would never have done."
  I've been thinking about that one...From where I stand, the only question now is who or what
  will free us from the 21st century's new definition of bravery. Who will free us from the notion
  that killing children or their civilian parents takes courage?"
        --Joan Chittister,   Attribution


 Trip report - New Zealand

 Hi Bart and Mrs. Bart,

 I traveled from SFO to LA then on via Air New Zealand ( ANZ affiliates with United) to Auckland.
 Auckland is a big city with big city crowds and atmosphere, lots of tourists. We, I was traveling with my
 daughter and granddaughter, rented a left hand drive car, a Mazda 626, comfortable and held all the luggage.

 Our first stop south of Auckland was Rokaroa - home of fabulous sulpher baths and Aix water massage.
 I have been searching the net for a spa in Northern CA for further Aix treatment, no luck so far.
 My daughter and grandaughter took off for a sorby(?) adventure, being rolled down a hill in a water filled ball.
 This is something they saw on TV in the USA and the souvenir sweatshirt was a real conversation starter.

 Our next big stop was Napier, an Art Deco city, beaches, good food, we stayed at the Pebble Beach Inn,
 a bit pricey but we had two rooms, kitchenette and our own spa plus beach view.  We ate most of our meals
 at the local beach club, fab food. Almost all the food in NZ is organic.

 Our next big stop was Christchurch, beautiful and busy, then we were off to Akaroa, a French whaling village
 about 50 miles south of Christchurch. Small village atmosphere, good food and the home of the blue pearl,
 an expensive but memorable souvenir item.

 On the return trip to the North Island we stopped at Bream Bay on the Tasmanian Sea, wide open beaches,
 very quiet, small town.  Good seafood at local fish shanty type place.

 We left the States on Nov. 3 and returned on Nov. 24th  the weather was almost perfect, a few days with
 showers but mostly sunny temp's in the high 60's to low 70's.  Never needed more than a sweater over T shirts and skirts or pants.

 I never had to wear my NOCARB diet shirt to gain sympathy and understanding from the KIWI'S. They were as
 dumbfounded by the 2004 election results as I was! Our final long stay was in Pahia, Bay of Islands in the far North
 of the North Island.  My grandaughter had planned to swim with the dolphins there but the dolphins had left the
 local waters due to the arrival of a pod of Orka whales, an unusual sight.

 Traveling with a teenager we did not visit any bars but the local wines we drank were fine quality.
 The scenery is unbelievable, conservatively NZ is 99.9999% picture postcard.
 I will ask my daughter to email her photos to you.
 I hope it comes together for your trip, if I were a few years younger I would have stayed.
 Again, thanks for your good work.

 Marion, thanks for that.


 Subject: about our debate...

 ...but, no thanks.  I won't waste my time with your "debate".

 Furthermore, you might want to change your ideas about getting a "whipping". I don't do torture.

 ha ha

 Again, thank you for the invitation to debate, but I have no interest in such an arrangement.
 I am fully capable of forming my own informed opinions and ideas about the world and
 don't read your site but for the occassionally sharp quote.

 Bart, I don't need your approval, I know when I am right, my reason tells me so.
 Good luck, you ol' joker.


 Akita, I think we both know why you can't "waste" time with a debate.
 Hundreds before you have come on like a runaway freight train
 only to turn to warm butter when their bluff is called.


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"As democracy takes hold in Iraq, America's mission there will continue.
  As hope and freedom spread, the appeal of terror and hate will fade."
      --Dubya, in his weekly radio address,   Attribution

 It sounds like The Monkey is saying someday he'll get tired of causing the terror and the hate.
 Do you believe him?


 Subject: Lieberwhore

 I called Lieberwhore's office a few days ago after he voted to confirm Condoleeza Rice
 and told the person who answered the phone to give a message to Joe. I said to tell him to

 1.) join the Republican party because he was NO Democrat and
 2.) grow a pair of balls.

 The dipshit who answered the phone said he'd give the message to Joe.
 I can't believe Lieberwhore would back any member of the Bush Administration
 seeing as how Shrub's grandfather supported Hitler's Nazi regime.

 I think Lieberwhore is vying to be the next Zell Miller.

 Houston, TX

 You're right.
 The Dems have several Monkeys in our party who live to please Bush.

 To tell the truth, it makes me f-ing sick.
 They should be honest enough to join the GOP.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1420, 1429, 1436, dead soldiers under Bush

They got 7 since Saturday.

Are you happy with Bush's war?

"I'm an optimist on Iraq."
-- The Monkey who has the best bodyguards
in the world and no relatives in Iraq.

 Tons of Housekeeping

 Did you see Hillary Duff on Joan of Arcadia?
 It was hard to watch, but not for the reasons you might think.

 Hillary Duff is a semi-attractive, fabricated "Hollywood personality."
 Amber Tamblyn is as good an actress as television has.

 Watching the two of them in a scene reminded me of Jack Nicholson
 doing scenes with "Hollywood personality" Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men."


 Poker finally came to Tulsa, and the BIG surprise is - they didn't screw it up.
 I haven't played yet, but I've watched them play and it's real Texas Hold 'em poker.
 I am so shocked.

 Since Tulsa is deader than John Kerry's political career, the crowds are lining up
 like it's a new Krispy Kreme or a new Steak & Shake, which also just opened here.

 They started with just 25 tables, so there are hundreds of people standing in line,
 waiting up to six hours for the chance to sit down and play poker like they do on TV.

 I'm a busy man.
 If I wait six hours for something to happen, it better involve singing by Shirley.


 Sunday night - did you see "The Magic of Ordinary Days" on CBS?
 It starred Keri Russell as a mail order bride - Oh please!
 In movies, when you order a bride via mail, they don't look this this:

 As a rule, movie mail order brides look like this:



 Health Update

 I got 99 problems, but an upcoming heart bypass operation ain't one of them.

 I took my treadmill test and received a grade of "Okie Dokie."
 That's how doctors talk in this Koresh-forsaken Dust Bowl.


 Moving is such fun.
 In the first hour of the first day of moving, I reached for a magazine
 and got a shouldn't-have-been-this-bloody paper cut on the end of my thumb.

 My hands are softer than John Kerry's will to fight the fascist Republicans.

 Nothing is more fun than moving thousands of things with a bad thumb.
 I'm such a pussy.


 Remember this?

 Dear Bart and Mrs. Bart,
 I just read where you gave 2 SWA tickets to a couple of young boys so they may
 attend their mother's funeral. That was most charitable of you. In appreciation for you
 doing that and for you helping me keep my sanity for the last three years, I would like
 to give you and Mrs. Bart 2 First Class Tickets anywhere [you want to go.]

 So, in an attempt to slip one by the taxman,
 we're going to celebrate Pokerfest 5-0 in Maui on May 20th.
 If I write about it, some expenses can be written off, so expect a lengthy trip report in late May.

 We have never been to Hawaii and may not ever get there a second time, so I need advice
 mostly on where to stay plus, what to see and what to do.
 We need a cabin away from cities and far from the crowds and screaming kids.

 Besides the one night of  Pokerfest 5-0 in Maui on May 20th, we'll be doing the
 hermit thing the rest of the time  So if you know some hidden, out-of-the-way place to stay where
 there are few, if any people, please write to us and let us know.

Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


"I'll remind the people we're a great nation. We can achieve anything we set our minds to."
    --Dubya, who set his mind on stealing Iraq's oil and then did it     Attribution


 Subject: 2 week subscription and a $7 tip

 Hey Bart,

 I can't afford to subscribe yet, but I wanted to check out BCR.
 I love your page, I've been reading it for about 5 years.
 I love your integrity, sticking to your guns, but I also like how you
 will clarify your position if it's misunderstood and how you are willing to
 consider other opinions, if they're rationally explained and merit consideration.

 Thanks for everything you do, it's appreciated by dozens +1.
 Dave in BR


  Click  Here  to leave a tip.
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155


 Subject: Afro-American Hater Bartcop

 Bartcop the hater,
 As a black man I have had it up to here with your racial slurs, especially using nigger all the time.

 Funny - you don't sound black.

 You could be black, but how could we know?
 You could be a red-haired, freckle-faced, racist KKK-loving Republican,
 doing your best to try and stop me from telling the truth about people like you.

 As a black Republican I can tell you your knowledge of history is horseshit.

 You seem to be saying Reagan did not kick off his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi.
 Tell me, are you a gambler?
 I would enjoy taking your money - assuming you had the balls to wager.
 Do you have any balls?

 You are one motherxxxxing liar or you are just a stupid whitey.

 My, what a potty mouth you have.
 I hope you're not trying to speak for others with that potty mouth.
 Do you blow your white, Republican friends with that filthy mouth?
 ha ha

 A fxxxing redneck asshole from Arkansas.
 You are full of shit you racist bastard.

 My, my - you seem to have trouble communicating like an adult.
 Were you dropped as a young child, perhaps on your head?

 You can't wait until tomorrow, can you, to use nigger another 50 times like you did today.

 You ability to count has now come into question.
 Are you saying it's wrong to speak like a Republican to make a point?
 My use of that word certainly caught your attention, so I guess the answer is no.
 Thanks for clearing that up.

 One day a brother will come to your house and teach you to behave civilly.

 Tell him to make an appointment because I'm a very busy man.

 Republicans fought you Democrat racists after the Civil War when you created the KKK.

 I created the KKK 88 years before I was born?
 Gee, you should bow down and worship me if I'm that good.

 Jackie Robinson was a Republican.

 ...and if that's true, it proves what?
 And tell me - why would a chicken vote for Colonel Sanders?

 Blacks who know what is really going on become Republicans.
 The smart ones leave the racist Democratic Party who takes us for granted.

 You just said 90 percent of all American blacks are stupid.
 That's a terribly racist thing to say. You must be another Clarance Thomas. (not a compliment)

 Look how those racist Senators savaged Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice last week.

 Craig Hanson
 St. Louis, MO

 First, Kinda Sleazy had to be appointed because Republicans would not vote for her.
 Second, right after they "savaged" her, the Democrats voted for her.

 I think that anyone who'd make such a silly-ass charge would qualify as a Monkey.
 Are you good at climbing trees, Monkey?


 Shopping online?

 Use this portal
and they'll send
four cents from each dollar.

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