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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Halliburton Gets Billions More 
Bush Stoned by World Media
Kerry Challenge in Ohio (yawn)
Zeppelin's lawyer running AAR
HST died while on the phone 
Thrown to the Wolves
Saboteurs Blow Up Oil Pipeline 
10 Questions For Helen Prejean
Monkey Mail Returns 


 Quote of the Day

"Strong countries are built by developing 
  strong democracies. I think Vladimir 
  heard me loud and clear." 
    --America's Monkey, who has done more to 
     weaken America than any president since Hoover


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Volume 1503 - Poor him!

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  Fri-Weekend    Feb 25-27,  2005                                                                                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"Let them bomb Tokyo with that nasty missle.
  Their missle cannot load a nuclear warhead."
      -- Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo, daring North Korea to "bring it on."
      Attribution - TIME Whore Magazine, 2/21/05 Issue, page 13


 Halliburton Gets Bonuses for all their hard work
   This is on top of the billions they already stole and swindled

  Click  Here

 Halliburton, under scrutiny for its thefts in Iraq and elsewhere, has been given bonuses by their
 partner-in-crime president for its work in siphoning off billions of dollars for Bush's personal use.

 An Army spokesman said KBR had been awarded $9.4 million in bonus payments from its work
 in Kuwait and Afghanistan. Bush is expected to receive a little more than 80 percent of that kickback.

 Overall, KBR has earned $7.2 billion under a 2001 contract with the military and could earn more
 than $10 billion under that deal. It has separate deals with the government for reconstruction work in Iraq.

 The bulk of money paid out so far -- about $6.6 billion -- is for work in Iraq which still must be assessed
 for future bonuses that will amount to at least hundreds of millions of dollars.

 We can't blame Bush for stealing that money.
 If the bank guard doesn'ty mind you walking into the vault and breaking into dozens of safety deposit boxes,
 why would anybody stop doing it?  Bush will continue to steal billions from Social Security and Medicare
 because there are no Democrats willing to say, "Stop that, you theiving son of a bitch."


 Kerry/Edwards File More Ohio Election Motions
  Months after conceeding in record time, they act?

  Click  Here

 Today, Kerry-Edwards filed a document in support of that (read the story) statement. Most significant,
 Kerry-Edwards also filed today a separate document in support of the motion for hearing with two
 critical attachments: 1) a declaration from Kerry-Edwards attorney Don McTigue regarding a survey
 he conducted of Kerry-Edwards county recount coordinators; 2) a summary chart of the results of that
 survey (which highlight the inconsistent standards applied during the recount).

 How pitiful is this?
 They never wanted to win, Kerry never wanted to be president, so 100 days after it's over
 they file some meaningless document for what reason?  To pull Bush out of office?

 Mr Kerry, the time to fight was the summer and fall of 2004, when you were f-ing sleeping.
 Please don't pretend this filing means anything. You're insulting our intelligence.



"You can't be no hero being a rat fink.
  You know how you be the hero?
  Don't participate in rat-finkism."
  -- Don King, (R-Crooked Boxing Promoter), Bush's new Morals and Ethics Czar   Attribution

"Mr. King is good people..."



From now until the end of February
I will double your order.
Order 1 get 1 free,
order 5 get 5 free, etc.

 Subject: Feedback on BCR Show 68

 Hey Bart,

 Loved the show as always, incredibly great news to hear
 you'll be with us longer, always the right mix of anger and humor.

 I have one suggestion - Bart, you're great and I always love hearing you but I
 always feel like you're one step away from perfect radio, and I think I know
 what it is that I miss.  You need to do some more back and forth with Tommy.

 You're like scrambled eggs Bart, and I love my scrambled eggs, but when
 I have ketchup with my scrambled eggs, ooh - don't try to stop me.

 All right, that's my two cents, have a good one Bart,
 Nich from ND

 Nich, I agree. The problem has been timing.
 When we started, Tommy was just a bum on the street.
 Now he's got a day job so we can only record at night.

 At BartCop Manor that wouldn't work because the "studio" was part of
 our living room, but at Casa de Bart, the studio's in a room with doors,
 so we think we have those hurdles cleared. Look for more Tommy in future shows.

 Note: I think I have a bombshell to drop in BCR Show 69.
 If people agree with my take, this bombshell could be bigger than Gannon-gate.


 Bush Gets Stoned by the World Media
   Not on his payroll, non-American media free to tell the truth

  Click  Here

 The BBC emphasized Bush's discretion in addressing the subject, saying "Bush hints he tried marijuana."
 So did Aljazeera: "Tapes hint Bush smoked marijuana." Swissinfo, a news site in Geneva, asked "Did Bush smoke pot?"

 In Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald focused on Bush's reasoning for not talking about the issue publicly.
 Bush worried young people would copy his cannabis use, the paper said.

 From South America to the Middle East to Asia, other news sites concluded that Bush's statements amounted to a confession.

 In contrast, most of the traditional leaders of American journalism -- the NY Whore Times, The Washington Whore Post,
 the LA Whore Times and the whore TV networks -- made no mention of drugs in their headlines, although all reported
 the substance of what Bush said on the tapes.

 The Whore Times' story carried the headline "In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President" and mentioned
 marijuana in the third paragraph. The WaHoPo followed up the next day with "Secret Tapes Not Meant to Harm, Writer Says."
 Bush's drug comments were mentioned in the fifth paragraph of The WaHoPo story. Among national U.S. news outlets, only
 ABCNews.com used the M-word in a headline declaring, "New Tapes Say Bush May Have Smoked Marijuana."

 Other national news outlets were more indirect. The LA Whore Times said "Secret Tapes Show Bush's Concern Over Past."
 National RePublicAn Radio reported, "Phone Tapes Suggest Bush's Unlawful Past." For these sites and many others, the news
 was not "pot" but the "past," a word choice that signaled that the accompanying news story was not really new.


 Subject: is the GOP so into "fisting?"

  Click  Here

 At the time this was written Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs,
 still hadn't forthrightly apologized for warning a colleague Tuesday on the floor of the House,
"If you try that again, I'll ram my fist up your ass."

 Eddy the pillar

 Eddy, dunno, perhaps the GOP is sexually confused?
 When I mess with a Monkey, I'm always careful to use my boot.


 Led Zeppelin's lawyer takes over Air America radio

  Click  Here

 Veteran music executive Danny Goldberg, who has also built a reputation for being outspoken
 on political issues, was yesterday named as the CEO of the progressive radio network Air America.
"Danny is the best of three worlds," said network chairman Rob Glaser in a statement. "A successful
 media entrepreneur, one of the smartest and most creative media executives in his generation, and a
 man who deeply believes in the mission of Air America."

 I believe it was Danny Goldberg who, after the band had thrown all the televisions from two floors
 out the windows of the Continental Hyatt ("Riot") on Sunset, counted out $300 cash to the hotel manager
 for each of the destroyed TVs. When Goldberg asked if there were any hard feelings, the manager said,
 "No, it looks like a lot of fun," so Goldberg peeled off another $300 and invited the manager to throw
 one of his own TVs out the window - which he did.


 Widow: HST Shot Himself While on Phone w/her

  Click  Here

 Thompson's widow said her husband killed himself while the two were talking on the phone.

"I was on the phone with him, he set the receiver down and he did it. I heard the clicking of the gun,"
 Anita Thompson told the Aspen Daily News in Friday's editions.  She said her husband had asked her
 to come home ÷ but instead of saying goodbye, he set the telephone down and shot himself.

 Thompson said she heard a loud, muffled noise, but didn't know what had happened.
"I was waiting for him to get back on the phone," she said.

 Anita Thompson, 32, said her husband had discussed killing himself in recent months and had been issuing
 verbal and written directives about what he wanted done with his body, his unpublished works and his assets.

"He wanted to leave on top of his game. I wish I could have been more supportive of his decision," she said.
 "It was a problem for us."


 Subject: poor soldiers in Iraq

 Poor soldiers in Iraq, my ass! You've stated many times how much these
 "poor soldiers" continue to support the murdering monkey who sent them there.

 They should know, in the bluntest terms possible, how wrong their presence in Iraq is,
 even if they have no control over it. I think the letters from school kids is a poignant way of making the point.

 Yours for peace,



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"Our country is one that safeguards human rights and human dignity,
  and we resolve our disputes in a peaceful way."
    --Dubya, with a straight face, and none of the reporters laughed Attribution

  "Human rights and human dignity?"


 "Human rights and human dignity?"


 "We resolve our disputes in a peaceful way?"


 "We resolve our disputes in a peaceful way?"


 Even little children know Bush is lying like crazy,
 but the America press continues to cover for Bush.

 The America whore press earns their nickname every day.



"The lapdogs in the White House Press Corp behave like my own dogs waiting for treat
  when it comes to Bush. They pant and wag their tails, gleefully awaiting a little morsel
  of Bush BS. They are complicit even when Bush spits in their collective faces by planting
  Jimmy-Jeff amongst them and giving him exclusives they could only dream of getting.
  We do owe the White House Press Corp and the mainstream media a bit of an apology, though.
  Jimmy-Jeff isn't the only whore in question, but he is getting all the attention. Not asking
  the tough questions is just as reprehensible as Jimmy-Jeff's "softball" questions."
         --Doug Griffin,  Attribution

  Bush's "friend" Jeff

 Damn, I'd like to buy Doug Griffin a drink for telling the truth.


 Subject: what they learned from WWII

 If jobs are hard to find, more will join the military.
 Throw the country into a depression like the Great One,
 and 5 year old will be volunteering, right along side their 60 year old Grandma's.

 There is a method to their madness. Economic Armageddon has been predicted.
 Then, I guess we can expect the other one.



If you like James Patterson,
if you like Elmore Leonard,
you'll love James Patrick Hunt!

Bounty hunter Evan Maitland was sent to bring in a lawyer charged with statutory rape
who also has a million dollars of Jamaican drug money - and they want it back.
With assassins on all sides, and only a determined policewoman to back him up,
Maitland has to play this new game by his rules if he wants to stay alive.

Click  Here


"I think maybe he wanted to go out before it stopped being fun"
    -- Juan Thompson, Hunter Thompson's only son,Attribution


 Subject: HST

 In response to Rich from Gainesville:  I think HST was planning it (the Suicide) since November.
 I downloaded an article from Rolling Stone, titled "Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004," by Hunter re: of course
 the upcoming election.  He was so sure of a Kerry victory.  I thought of drowning myself in a toilet bowl...

 I'm sure that he took it much harder.  Depression set in for sure this week when Thompson checked out!
 He was a tough son-of-a-bitch, and one of the few real journalists who remained in the face of chaos.
 I would never look upon his action as cowardice.  He was a glimpse of hope, a source of laughter,
 and never let up on the political jackasses.  The world was a better place because of him.  I will miss him dearly.

 But, just when I thought things couldn't be any worse...
 Bless you HST, and wherever you are now, I'm sure it's a more enlightened place than the one you left.
  Shelly A


 Thrown to the Wolves
   by Bob Herbert

  Click  Here

 In the fall of 2002 Mr. Arar, a Canadian citizen, suddenly found himself caught up in the cruel mockery
 of justice that the Bush administration has substituted for the rule of law in the post-Sept. 11 world.
 While attempting to change planes at Kennedy Airport on his way home to Canada from a family vacation
 in Tunisia, he was seized by American authorities, interrogated and thrown into jail. He was not charged
 with anything, and he never would be charged with anything, but his life would be ruined.

 Mr. Arar was surreptitiously flown out of the United States to Jordan and then driven to Syria, where he
 was kept like a nocturnal animal in an unlit, underground, rat-infested cell that was the size of a grave.
 From time to time he was tortured.

 He wept.
 He begged not to be beaten anymore.
 He signed whatever confessions he was told to sign.
 He prayed.

 Among the worst moments, he said, were the times he could hear babies crying in a nearby cell where
 women were imprisoned. He recalled hearing one woman pleading with a guard for several days for milk for her child.

 He could hear other prisoners screaming as they were tortured.




"It's so heartwarming to read about the enthusiastic welcome Bush has received from Europeans this week!
  According to Deutsche Welle, just yesterday thousands of German citizens turned out to greet our president.
  And they expressed their feelings with many charming handmade signs, which said things like "Go [home] Bush!"
  and "Bush, Number One [terrorist]! Many others said that Bush must be stopped, which must mean they want
  him to stay longer.  Makes me want to cry."
        --Maha,     Attribution


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Ghost Stories

 Old Business:
 Remember the ghostly popping sounds we heard at Eureka Spring's Crescent Hotel?


 Possible update - Mrs Bart and I were talking the old floor furnaces we each grew up with,
 how they're the best thing ever on a cold morning when you just hop out of bed?

 She said one house they lived in had steam radiators, which popped a lot.
 We compared some notes and figured out the sounds we heard at the Crescent were
 consistent with radiator popping sounds - but we were in a room with central heat.

 The creepiest thing about these sounds was we knew they were coming from feet or even inches away.
 No way we were hearing popping sopunds from another room, thru the brick walls. These sounds were
 crisp and tight and they made that snapping noise you hear when you cross two wires.

 We'll probably never know what those sounds were, but they sounded like radiator pops even tho
 there were no radiators in the area.

 New Business:
 Casa de Bart is acting like it's haunted.
 We are hearing loud sounds from other rooms and if we can see both cats we can't help but wonder
 what's making the loud sounds in the other rooms.  Unlike the Crescent, these sounds aren't a mere
 10-18 inches away from our faces, these sounds are a good 15-20 feet away, around a corner,

 We've heard dull thumps and we've heard what sounds like a stick slapping an open newspaper.
 I'd say we're getting 1-2 per night, maybe 10 a week. Sometimes we both hear them, sometimes
 only one of us hears them but we're not talking about a "Did you hear that?" kind of noise.
 We're talking about a "What the hell was that?" kind of noise.

 Of course, I don't really think Casa de Bart is haunted, because it would be illogical to mistake an
 unknown sound for a "spook," but there are no immediate and obvious explanations for these sounds.
 One would have to outright lie to themselves to even consider the possibility that any unexplained
 sound could be explained any other way but logically, we just can't find out what that explanation is.

 ...but if we see one of the cats painting "Redrum" on a door, we're outta here.



"Jeff Gannon of Talon News was caught red-handed asking friendly questions. Now the
  media is hot on the trail of a gay escort service that Gannon may have run. Are we supposed
  to like gay people now, or hate them?  Liberals keep rolling out a scrolling series of attacks
  on Gannon, but all their other charges against him fall apart after three seconds of scrutiny.
  Gannon's only offense is that he may be gay."
    --Ann Coulter, ignoring the FACTS and pretending that this gay prostitute did not use a fake name
       and did not get "special" treatment from a government that says gays are "an abomination of God."  Attribution

"Jeffy-boy is tops..."


We've got truthful books by honest authors.

 10 Questions For Sr. Helen Prejean
   saw this in TIME Whore Magazine

  Click  Here

 Sister Helen Prejean's 1993 book against the death penalty, Dead Man Walking, became a movie
 and even an opera. At 65, she's only getting angrier. In The Death of Innocents, she escorts two men
 to their executions--and this time she's sure they are not guilty. Prejean spoke, barely pausing for breath,
 with TIME's Amanda Ripley about the Pope, politics and hypocrisy.


 Six. The man I visit now on death row in Louisiana, Manuel Ortiz--I believe in his total and absolute innocence.
 So that would be the seventh, and three have ended up being people I believe were innocent.


 Hardly. See how many people in Texas can get access to DNA evidence even today. And in Texas,
 attorneys are appointed by judges. You can look at the pattern of judges appointing over and over again
 the same attorneys [whose clients] almost always get the death penalty. Honestly, it's hard to look at
 Bush's face on television because everything he says is so untruthful.


 He claimed Karla Faye Tucker's execution was a crushing weight on him and said, "God bless Karla Faye Tucker,"
 and then, after she was executed, he mimicked her. I hate the way he uses religion. It's a sacrilege to me.
 As Governor, he had the power to save a woman who had completely changed her life.


 Panelists in FDA Drug Vote Tied to Makers

  Click  Here

 Ten members of the FDA advisory panel who voted that a group of powerful pain killers
 should continue to be sold had ties to the drug makers, an advocacy group says.

 A study indicates that 10 of the 32 panel members had ties to either Pfizer or Merck,
 ranging from consulting fees and speaking honoraria to research support.

 This is what happens when you let uindustry lobbyists run the government.  It means the wolves
 are in charge of making the rules, and according to Bush, Kerry and thew networks, THIS is
 the kind of crap America voted for last Novermber and I finds that damn hard to believe.



"Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House
  allows that dyspeptic, old Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president."
    --Ann Coulter, showing why she speaks for the Republican party  Attribution


 Subject:  Bush stealing oil?

 Bart, I do believe you have not missed an issue recently stating that Bush has stolen Iraq's oil.

 I have a question: Where is he hiding all that oil he has stolen over the past two years or so?

 Maybe if we can find all that oil it would help bring down the price of gasoline.
 Do you think?


 Dick, good question, ...and we've answered that before.
 I believe the news reports that say the first thing the military/Halliburton did after invading Iraq
 was to build a pipeline than ran from south of Baghdad to Kuwait - those are in the back issues.

 Would you agree that Kuwait owes its very existent to Poppy Bush?
 If Poppy went to them and said, "We'll deliver 2M barrels a day via this pipeline, and we'll
 give you X percent as a commission to launder it thru your country and the best news is you
 make millions per day and you can pump whatever Kuwaiit oil you want in addition to that."

 You think that would be hard for the BFEE, with a Bush in the White House, to pull off?

 In most cases, the wacko, cloak-and-dagger conspiracies are all horseshit, but we're talking about
 the CIA and the president and the oil companies making moves (like liying us into war) to manipulate
 the markets that result in hundreds of millions of dollars a day going into their private accounts.

 The bottom line to ask yourself is this:
 Would evil men kill innocent people and break laws just to control the world's only superpower,
 the world's gold and the world's energy supplies - and make a few hundred million dollars a day?

 If I'm being too harsh on those who stole absolute power, maybe you could ask Lincoln to explain it to me?


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 Millions of Frenchmen Celebrate End to 'Freedom Fries'
   Comedy by Andy Borowitz

  Click  Here

 After Bush signaled an end to calling French fries "Freedom Fries" at a dinner with Chirac this week,
 millions of jubilant Frenchmen poured into the streets in demonstrations of euphoria reminiscent of the
 end of World War II. Cries of "Vive Bush!" could be heard from the rooftops of Paris as French citizens
 celebrated the end to two years of living under the cruel yoke of "Freedom Fries" derision.
"I was angry at President Bush for invading Iraq," said accordion player Fernand Daubigny, 37.
 'But this more than makes up for it.'"


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1485, 1487, 1493, dead soldiers under Bush

That's 6 families destroyed since Thursday.


How long, America?


 Saboteurs Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Iraq
  ...or so the BFEE wants us to think

  Click  Here

 An oil pipeline in northern Iraq was ablaze Saturday after saboteurs blew it up
 in the latest attack against the insurgent-wracked country's vital oil industry.
 In the capital, a roadside bomb blast killed two people, officials and witnesses said.

 You see? There's the proof.
 If you can't trust "officials and witnesses," who can you trust?

 Insurgents have regularly targeted Iraq's oil infrastructure,
 cutting exports and denying the country funds badly needed for reconstruction.

 Oh please.
 That last sentence means Bush gets to steal $100M every day of this bloody war?\
 Trust me, this war will continue (and Bush will get richer) until he leaves office.


Call the

You have two minutes to record your message.


 Subject: Speaking of outright bullshit lies...

 Bart, Clinton wasn't impeached for "I did not have sex...", he was impeached
 for LYING IN A FEDERAL COURT PROCEEDING.   Let me say that again, very slooowwly...

 You know, the one where HIS former law student, the judge, found him guilty of perjury,
 fined him, and revoked his law license?  At least get your lies STRAIGHT, for God's sake!


 Brandt, I am guilty of being too generous to your evil side of the aisle.
 Clinton was actually  impeached because he kept destroying GOP war heroes at the polls.
 Republicans couldn't afford to have a "Reaganesque" Clinton walking around for the next 25 years
 basking in the glow of being the greatest president America ever had while dampening GOP races.

 Don't you have any idea about recent history?

 Richard Mellon Scaife paid David Brock $80K to talk to the Troopers who had also been paid $80K
 to talk to David Brock. I'm sure you would tell me that Scaife paid Brock and the Troopers "for the truth
 and nothing but the truth," but why would Scaife purchase the truth for $160K when everybody knows
 the truth is free?  You're not ...like, ...stupid, are you?

 I'll explain it very slowly for you:

 Brock was paid to write whatever the Troopers told him and fan the flames into a big fire.
 The Troopers were paid to say, "We were there, we saw things happen, and here's our story."
 Together, they called Paula Jones a cheap whore who wanted to be Clinton's "regular."

 When Jones found out, she didn't sue the American Spectator Magazine for calling her a cheap whore.
 She didn't sue the Troopers for telling David Brock she was a cheap whore.
 She didn't sue David Brock for writing that the Troopers called her a cheap whore.

 No, there's no money to be made suing a consortium of right-wing, anti-democracy white supremists,
 but there was LOTS of money to be made suing the new "Elvis" President because we needed to be
 diverted from the Christmas Eve pardons that Bush the Smarter used to bury Iran-Contra.

                     But you're right - I'm just making all this up.

 So, instead of suing the people who called her that,
 instead of suing the writer who called her that,
 instead of suing the magazine that published that,
 she sued Clinton and he had never said a word about her.

 The courts green-lit this ridiculous lawsuit all the way to the top
 because they said they "doubted it would be much of a distraction."

 ...and that's why Clinton was impeached.


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