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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Democrats for Wolfowitz
Churchill's 9/11 Comments 
Anthrax Killer still free 
Media Self-Censored? 
Rap lyrics seem harmless 
Bush's Head scratcher
Gov-Sanctioned Propaganda
Trudeau & La Cucaracha
Loving Nancy Grace 


 Quote of the Day

"These (Republicans) are walking all over 
  my personal and private life. You better start 
  speaking up, because (the GOP) is going to 
  trample into your personal, private affairs."  
        --Michael Schiavo, going thru Hell    Attribution


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Volume 1516 -  Tutus for Wolfowitz

  Weekend   March 19-20,  2005                                                                         Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"ABC News obtained GOP talking points explaining why they should intervene in the Schiavo case. 
  Among them, that the "pro-life base will be excited", and that it is a 'great political issue .'"  
       --ABC News,   Attribution
"I don't know where those talking points come from, and I think they're disgusting." 
      --Tom DeLay, asked about the talking points   Attribution

"I'm nuts about fooling the religiously insane."


 Democrats for Wolfowitz
   Get a bucket - you're going to need it

  Click  Here

 Biden (Pink Tutu) described Wolfowitz as a man with an "active and fertile mind" who believes in 
 the work of multilateral institutions. Asked for his reaction to the selection, Biden responded: "Solid." 
 He then elaborated. "Paul is a brilliant guy and a serious person."

"I know him to be an extraordinarily intelligent, creative thinker who has the potential to do
 a good job at the World Bank," said Patrick Leahy ( Bush's rubber stamp.)

    "We're Bush Commandos - we follow his orders."

 Guess what?
 We're not ever going to win again until we cut these traitors loose.


 Colo Prof Weary in Fight on 9/11 Comments 

  Click  Here

 In one message, liberal scholar Noam Chomsky calls Churchill's achievements of inestimable value, 
 while an e-mail in another pile warns: "If you ever come to Florida, I will personally bash your (expletive) brains in." 

 This is Churchill's new life: Since January, he has been at the center of a firestorm over free speech for likening 
 some Sept. 11 victims to Adolf Eichmann. The governors of two states have called for his ouster and two attorneys 
 with a Denver radio show have spent weeks compiling data they say proves Churchill is a rotten professor at best, 
 a seditionist at worst.  (Translation: He's not a Bush fan so he's evil scum.)

 In a two-hour interview with The Associated Press, Churchill, 57, said he won't back down as the school investigates 
 him to see if he can be fired. But he wearily acknowledged the uproar now dominates his life and makes it difficult to 
 focus on his job as a tenured professor of ethnic studies. 

"I'm struggling desperately to be able to deliver to my students what they signed up for," Churchill said, slumped in 
 a chair and chain-smoking Pall Malls. "All of my time is devoted to responding to gratuitous (expletive). Every day 
 there's a new idiocy." 

 This guy need to take the BartCop Debate course.
 Basically, all he said was, "America has a bloody past, and present."

 That can't be argued with, but the professor can't figure out how to frame it that way.


 Anthrax Killer Still Free Years Later 

  Click  Here

The anthrax false alarm this week served as a reminder that federal authorities George Bush's
 Justice Department still hasn't caught whoever was the Republicans who were responsible for 
 the all-too-real attacks  the attacks on Democrats in 2001 that left five people dead.  No arrests 
 have been made and no charges filed in the case and the FBI says they see no recent activity. 

 Debra Weierman, spokeswoman for the FBI's Washington field office, disputed that. She said 30 
 FBI agents and 15 postal inspectors are assigned to the anthrax probe, and subpoenas have been issued. 

"The investigation remains intensely active," Weierman lied. 

 They don't want to put a fellow Republican in jail when he's doing such a good job of scaring the 
 already-scared Democrats into submission.


 Bush & Cheney started eating CIPRO BEFORE the anthrax attacks.
 They knew it was coming, the sons of bitches.

 How many times have you seen a TV movie where they find out the bank guard was
 in on the robbery because he fell to the floor one second before the robbers fired the first shot, 
 and that told the cops he knew a robbery was going down before it started...

 Are Democrats too scared and too clueless to figure out the obvious?



 Subject: Fr Mushroom on Cardinal/Da Vinci

 St. Bartholomew,
 LOL'ed at your comments on the Church (big C)...yes, do get riled up about women taking "the pill," 
 people having a hamburger on Friday during Lent (at the Mushrooms, we had hot dogs, as we do on 
 almost every Friday in Lent), but they don't get too upset with the Giggling Murderer or pedos in Roman 
 collars, as you say. As always, you're ahead of the curve.
 Oh, and I wouldn't take Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone's blasting of _The Davinci Code_ too seriously. 
"Tarc" as we call him at the bowling league, is a bit of a tight-ass, not the most well-read guy you'll ever meet, 
 and worst of all, when it's his "beer frame" in the league, he's always off in the bathroom or making a phonecall.
 How convenient.
 The reason the Church is so mad at Brown and _The Davinci Code_ is because it's too damn close to the truth.
 Just wanted to weigh in on this. Blessings to you and Mrs. Bart in your new home. 
 You're still on the short list for the new pope--so start thinking of a name. 
 Now I'm going to watch March Madness...are there any Jesuit schools left in the Tournament?
 Fr. Mushroom,
 Vatican City West, Minnesota

 FR. Mushroom, what do you get for blessing a home?
 And is there a patron saint of keeping the carpets dry?


 Study: Media Self-Censored Some Iraq Coverage
  Gee, ya think?  What was your first clue?

  Click  Here

 Many media outlets self-censored their reporting on the Iraq invasion because of concerns 
 about public reaction to graphic images and content, according to a survey of more than 200 
 journalistic whores by American University's School of Communications.

 That's a lie - they were all sucking up to the Giggling Mass Murderer.

 The study, released Friday, also determined that "vigorous discussions" about what and where 
 to publish information and images were conducted at media outlets.

 More lies.
 If there was "vigorous discussions," that would mean some would decide to tell the truth while others
 decided to print exactly what Karl Rove told them to print. In reality, every network, every newspaper,
 every TV cable Nazi and every talk radio blowhard all told the exact same story thre exact same way - 
 that Saddam was a real threat and only Bush's greatness could save us because he was sent here by God.
 You can't have a "vigorous discussion," in 500 newsrooms and all come to the same worship-Bush conclusion.
 America's whore press - even when they do a "step back and take a hard look at ourselves" seession they end up 
 lying to themselves and lying to us while praising Bush. Even today, two years after the spoiled punk got his wish 
 to murder Iraq and steal their oil, the press STILL refuses to call this massacre a mistake.

 Give that dog a bone...


 Rap lyrics
 As some of you know, I'm dreadfully old (51) so to keep up with today's kids,
 I thought I'd check out some rap lyrics to try to check the pulse of today's street.

 I keep hearing that today's songs are full of sex and other bad things.
 I feel that it's my duty to investigate these allegations.

 Apparently, the most popular recording artist is a young man named Fifty Cents.

 A fine, Christian young man

 He's got the Number One song today - it's called "Candy Shop." 
 Let's take a look at Mr. Cents's lyrics:

 I take you to the candy shop

 It would seem that Mr. Cents owns a candy production facility - good for him.

 I'll let you lick the lollypop

 ...and, his lollipops are so guaranteed delicious, he'll let you try a sample for free.

 Go 'head girl, don't you stop

 He would like for his young lady friend to enjoy her candy without interruption.

 Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah)

 Hmmm, I'm guessing his candy is like a Tootsie Roll Pop, and if she licks 
 his lollypop long enough, she may be in for a surprise.

 I'll take you to the candy shop

 Isn't that a coincidence?
 Looks like his lady friend Olivia owns her own candy production facility. too.
 She has invited Mr. Cents to her facility, probably as a gesture of competitive friendship.
 She sounds like a sweet girl.

 Boy one taste of what I got

 She, too, is very proud of her candy production work ethic.

 I'll have you spending all you got

 Perhaps she's inviting Mr Cents to invest in her candy production facility?

 Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah)

 ...and there must be one particular spot on her candy that's extra tasty.

 And Mr. Cents replies:.
 You can have it your way, how do you want it?

 Isn't that sweet?  It's just like at Burger King, "Have it your way..."
 The disadvantaged minority youth is borrowing the white man's sales tools.  

 You gon' back that thing up or should i push up on it?

 Hmmm, perhaps he's talking about a large quantity of candy, and that a very big truck
 might need to be backed up to Olivia's loading dock for easier transport.

 There's more, but these lyrics certainly look harmless to me.
 I don't know why we keep hearing that rap music isn't family-friendly.
 This song reminds me of Sammy Davis Jr's "The Candy Man Can!"

"Mixin' it with love..."

 Maybe if other young men like Mr. Cents took care of business like he did, 
 they wouldn't get distracted by girls, liquor and violence the way some do.


 Head scratcher
   by Joe Conason 

  Click  Here

 Bush cites Wolfowitz's Pentagon experience in choosing him to head the World Bank. 
 Considering his atrocious track record at Defense, the Bank should get ready for an epidemic of waste, fraud and corruption.

 In announcing the appointment, Bush himself insisted that Wolfowitz is the best choice to take over the World Bank 
 because he's a "man of compassion" who "believes deeply" in uplifting the world's poor. Yet there is precious little 
 evidence to support that assertion (and plenty to contradict it). 

 As for Wolfowitz's actual qualifications, which many experts have questioned, the president cited his appointee's 
 recent experience at the Department of Defense, "managing the largest U.S. government agency with over 1.3 million 
 uniformed personnel and nearly 700,000 civilian employees around the world." 

 Evidently none of Bush's White House briefers has ever mentioned just how badly Wolfowitz and his boss, 
 Donald Rumsfeld, have managed that big old agency. 


 Subject: Ex-Sgt Nadim Abou Rabeh

 Who cares how Saddam was captured?
 What kind of an issue is that to talk about?
 and how do you know that this guy isnt lying?
 ...why so eager to believe an Ex GI?

 Who cares?
 Gee, I don't know...
 Who cares that 1521 soldiers have died in Bush's war?

 I don't trust Bush and his shadow government of lies.
 If they fabricated a story to sell more "tickets" to this war, we should close our eyes to that?
 How much war would you like to buy today?

 I didn't say I knew the soldier was telling the truth - I said a claim was made.
 If Saddam was captured like Bush said, why was his gun not loaded?
 A multi-billionaire madman/crimelord can't afford a few bullets?

 None of this matters...thats why the Democrats lose elections...
 Soldiers who die in Iraq are volunteers...they arent being sent there against their will...

 I doubt they signed up to raise the bottom line on Halliburton's balance sheet.

 Some guys like the military and like the battle,
 and I'm glad they do because then I dont have to go...

 Is that the first honest statement you've made?

 Guys went for you, you never served,

 Hey smart guy - the army ordered me to put my clothes back on and go home.
 Did you take your physical?

 ...so what do you know about ANYTHING that has to do with the military or war in general?

 Ross Quinlan

 Who do I have to be to ask a damn question?
 A rich and connected son of a former president?

 If you can't handle a few questions being asked, there are plenty of web sites
 that only allow the webmaster's thoughts to be printed - feel free to contact them.



"Gays can't have kids -- other than going to the abandoned kids' store and 
  getting one or two, or borrowing sperm from someone with more sperm than brains
  -- so by definition they're out of the marriage game."  
     --Fox News host John Gibson, who gets paid to hate and to scare the stupid    Attribution


 Torture, back from Holiday
  I'm so tired of going in the same circles...

  Click  Here


 Subject: McGwire, steroids, Bush and Pot

 Here we are, all upset because Mark McGwire refused to answer questions 
 about illicit substances he might have ingested. Yey we happly reelect a President 
 who refused to answer those same questions. 

 What the hell is wrong with this country?

 The pink tutu Democrats have given Bush a pass on every crime he's committed.
 They think listing Bush's crimes is "playing dirty," so they continue to "lose clean."

 McGwire said, "I don't want to talk about the past," just like Bush did in 2000.
 So the media makes Bush the big hero and they make McGwire the scumbag druggie.


 Latest Government-Sanctioned Propaganda to Deny 
 Existence of Government-Sanctioned Propaganda
   as seen on  fauxnews.com


  Click  Here

 Sinclair Broadcasting is wrapping up its latest, pre-packaged news capsule, known as "The Point," 
 to air this weekend in over sixty major markets nationwide. Titled, The Future is 1950, the three-minute 
 editorial offensive is already considered by many at SBG to be one of their very best.

 According to CEO and president David Smith, the beauty of Future rests within its simple but honest message: 
 "our government doesn't make stuff up, unless it's to protect America from hating itself." 



"I question it based on a review of the video footage which I spent an hour or so 
  looking at last night in my office. She certainly seems to respond to visual stimuli." 
     --Bill Frist (R-Arrogant Scumbag) diagnosing Terri Schiavo from a videotape, concluding 
        that Florida doctors had erred in saying she is in a 'persistent vegetative state.',     Attribution

 How can Frist tell more from a videotape than Schiavo's doctors can tell, in person, after taking care 
 of her for so many years?  Of course, he can't, but that's what whores do. They trade dignity for cash
 He's sucking up to the religiously insane by declaring that Florida doctors are so stupid, that they can't 
 see in person what Frist can see from quick viewing of a video tape a thousand miles away.

 As always, I can fix this problem with a couple of sentences, but we have that pesky problem
 that the Invisible Cloud Being might see things in a way that conflicts with sound medical science.
 And He must be made happy, no matter what the cost in human suffering.  

 He's the answer:

 You pass a law that everyone gets taken off the respirator when three doctors say they're gone.
 unless the person has filled out a "Resuscitate Order." The lack of a do not "Resuscitate Order"
 is causing the problem here, so we can fix every case for the future by reversing that.

 Same way with organ donor cards.

 Everyone agrees, by law, to donate their organs to those who can use them to live on after you're gone. 
 To escape the "inhumanity" of letting the blind see or the people with bad hearts lived can be solved by 
 going to the courthouse and filling out a "Fuck 'em, I Don't Care" form.
 It's so easy, but the religiously insane will not allow us to solve the nation's problems.
 The churches need a "spiritual crisis" every week to maintain their cash flow.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Garry Trudeau: Bush Apparently Thinks Propaganda's OK

 Click  Here

"I'm not sure it's commonly understood to what lengths this administration is willing to go to bypass the 'filter,' 
 as Bush calls the media," the cartoonist replied in an e-mail interview. "The president made it official Wednesday 
 -- his Justice Department, fresh from signing off on torture, apparently thinks propaganda's OK too."

"La Cucaracha," had Gannon-inspired sequence that ran before "Doonesbury."  

 Lalo Alcaraz, who started the 10-day story line on March 2, showed "Barrio Bugle" cub reporter Eddie Lopez
 joining the White House press corps. In a reference to Gannon allegedly being gay, Lopez and a couple of other
 reporters were dressed like members of the Village People. At one point, Lopez is asked by the president to 
 read a question from a card. "Who is your favorite 'Queer Eye' cast member?" reads Lopez. The president 
 responds: "Whoa! Who said these were softball questions?!" 

"I tried to keep it light as I pointed out how outrageous and funny it was that a guy [with Gannon's history] 
 was posing as a White House reporter,"  said Alcaraz, whose comic appears in 55 newspapers. 


 Subject: the day I met Hunter S Thompson


 I scribbled a diatribe of a screed to you about three years ago during a stoned moment and mentioned part of a road trip
 that included the "banker" that was high on  inhalants, Budweiser and Red Bud. My VW was broken down on the Interstate
 and this really fucked up dude with no hair nearly ran me over while I was thumbing next to my car and we each had something
 that the other needed : He was totally fucked up and had a car that ran and I was running well with a car that was totally fucked up.

 I didn't realize until I saw a picture of Dr Thompson years later that I was lucky to have lived through that 4.5 hours
 of stoned limbo on an interstate with a mumbling really fucked up dude that made me laugh.

 I gave Schwarzenegger directions to the state park after he told me : "Nice Harleeeee".

 I gave Jackson Brown directions to the lake when he asked : "Hey maaaan, hey maaaaaan... which way is the lake?"

 I shook hands with George Lucas in the Hoover Dam parking garage. We both had dark beards, Ray Bans, Black shorts,
 black baseball caps and black T-shirts and he was driving a white Vette convertible with a black top and R2D2 tags and
 I was driving a white Sunfire rental convertible with a black top. We both stood there laughing at each other.

 Paul McCartney stepped on my foot during the first Beatles tour and apologized.

 Sam Walton and I talked about old Ford pick up trucks and old Harleys over sodas on a hot afternoon.

 1/2 of Melloncamp's band used to show up at my establishment's back door on Sunday (no liquor in Indiana day) 
 for a cold six pack to go...

 Muddy waters invited me up on stage to play with his band in Chicago, '79.


 Dr. Thompson is the only one that I wish that I could have spent a whole week hanging out with.

 I hope that when they shot Dr Thompson's ashes out of a gonzo cannon, they stuffed a bunch of weed, pills
 and booze in with him and the black powder and then let it rip with a big primal scream from the crowd.


 Dude, that was cool - thanks.


Nancy Grace - You gotta love her

She seems so smug and obnoxious.  She really grates on my nerves.

I am not sure which I find more revolting, her being mean or her being  "nice".  
 She's a sharp cookie but a total turnoff and as a quasi-journalist, she is so aggressive 
 she sometimes starts to push me away from positions we might naturally share.  
 Any panel she is on disintegrates into Nancy versus everyone else, and becomes 
 ineffective in really plumbing the issues. 

I'm used to Grace, but my wife had never seen her before.  
 She couldn't stop commenting on how annoying she was.

I am really surprised Robbie Ludwig, psychologist returned the other day. 
 The previous time, she reminded Nancy that sometimes kids do lie.
 Nancy berated her answer and never cut to her again the rest of the show. 
 I don't believe she left the set. I don't think I would've returned.

Nasty bitch who dons fugly jewelry.  
 Where the hell does she get her necklaces?   
 Her stylist must hate her too.
 They look like they come from the Star Jones collection. 


"Anyone besides Gannon want a Press Pass?"

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    "Love Bush!
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"I suspect that Senator Frist (R-Arrogant Scumbag) has his eye more on the Iowa caucus 
 than the Hippocratic Oath. This is clearly the politics of the Republican base."  
     --Marshall Wittmann, former GOP Senate staffer, on Bill Frist,   Attribution
"It's quackery. It'd be hilarious if it weren't so grotesque, how his presidential 
  ambitions and pandering to the right wing is clashing with his life's work."  
       --Democratic strategist Jim Jordan,   Attribution

 Subject: Bill Maher 

 Have you actually watched Maher over the last few weeks?  
 Maher has sold out.  

 He talks about how ultimately Bush invading Iraq is turning out to be a good thing.  
 Recently he had his buddy Richard Belzer on....and he was looking at Maher like he had gone nuts.


 Sallie, Maher pays a price for sucking Bush's teat in BCR #71 - up very soon.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1517, 1519, 1521 dead soldiers under Bush

Two more? 


How many can we afford to let Bush kill?


 Stacy's Mom could reem Rod Stewart 


   Click  Here

 Rachel Hunter is reportedly angry about Stewart's engagement to Penny Lancaster 
 and plans to enact her revenge in the divorce courts.  Legal experts estimate she'll be 
 entitled to around $9.5 million of his $190 million fortune. 

 Subject: 'liberal' as a code word 

 As the Neocons have manipulated their way into control of our government they have used techniques 
 that are strikingly similar to those used by the Nazis.  The word "liberal" has been used derisively to great effect.  
 Even the "liberals" seem have bought into the spin.
 Every code word is used to tell insiders about a class of people or ideas.  The reason code words are used is 
 to provide rallying points that are appealing to the targets of propaganda.  What does the code word "liberal" 
 stand for in the minds of rabid right wing conservatives?
 I think "liberal" is intended to do what the word "Juden" did in Nazi Germany.  I think "liberal" refers to Jews, 
 Gypsies and Homosexuals, just as "Juden" did in WWII Germany.  There is a great line in Mel Brooks' movie
 'To Be or Not To Be.'  The scene is the lobby of a theater, and a Nazi general has just exclaimed that all the Jews, 
 Gypsies and Homosexuals must be purged from the theater.  One of the actors says, under his breath, 
"Without Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals there would BE no theater!"
 I am proud to be a liberal, proud to be a Jew if I were one, proud to be a Gypsy, and I am Gay.  
 When will the knock be heard on my door?
 I hope we will be able to establish some sanity in our government, and that we will be able to show 
 the dangers involved in scapegoating to the American people before it is too late.


 They're back!


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 Subject:  fuck you 

 you say you are a liberal but you support hillary clinton, and you call ME an asshole. 

 I have some liberal leanings, but I am my own man with my own ideas.
 I support Hillary because I believe, at this point, she has the best chance to win.
 As for you being an asshole, I have no control over how others see you.

 go ahead and "expose me" for suggesting the troops are adults who should know better, and don't "need our support".  

 Are you suggesting "Fuck the troops" should be the Democrat's campaign slogan?
 I disagree with that.

 as for hillary clinton, if you can't read the article i sent you and grasp my "point" from reading it, then you are useless moron.  

 I didn't say I couldn't read it, it's just that we useless morons stay pretty busy.

 that makes you part of the problem liberals would like to solve.  

 Please don't hurt me!

 you think war and torture have their places in our culture and i disagree.  
 if that makes me an asshole it still make me a better person than some peanut sized intellect from okie ville.  

 Chris in Boca

 Chris, I've always been honest about the size of my brain.



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