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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Court to Schiavos:  "No"
Karl Rove to kill Jesus? 
Bush-Monkey is Laughing
Failing Up in the Iraq War
Howard Stern's farewell tour
Bin Laden Got Away 
Know your BFEE 
The SS Bomb and Debt Scam
Last Waltz for reed-mongers 


 Quote of the Day

"The government said today that gasoline 
   is 37 cents higher than exactly one year ago." 
   --Elizabeth Vargas, on World News Tonight, 

  That's why our men are dying in Iraq?
  So Bush can raise the price of gas?

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Volume 1518 - Let's Make some Noise

  Wednesday   March 23,  2005                                                                         Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights AAR


"I still think of myself as a moderate Republican.  The party I know and love would 
  respect  the rights and human dignity of Terri and Michael Schiavo - they wouldn't 
  pretend to care about the due process rights of Terri Schiavo while waving her 
  lifeless body around as a rallying call for right to life votes." 
     --John Cole,   Attribution


 Court Rejects Schiavo Parents' Request 

  Click  Here

 For the second time in less than a day, a federal appeals court Wednesday rejected a bid 
 by Terri Schiavo's parents to have her feeding tube re-inserted. Florida lawmakers, 
 meanwhile, debated another last-ditch effort to prolong her life. 

 Someone on Air America this morning pointed out that os life is so sacred,
 why aren't we talking about the 100,000 people Bush had kill;ed in Iraq?
 Is the life of one white woman in Florida worth more than 100,000 Iraqi lives?

 Monkey says, "We have to er on the side of caution," yet when he was governor,
 he sentenced men to death without even bothering to read the sentencing reports.
 This giggling monster enjoys killing, because he gets to say, "We must uphold the law."


 If Jesus returns, Karl Rove will kill him

 "I will kill the Christ!"

  Click  Here

 Christ was a long-haired peace activist who would have been sickened to his soul by the war in Iraq. 
"Blessed are the peacemakers"  Jesus said in his defining Sermon on the Mount.  "Turn the other cheek
 ...Love thy neighbor." Such hippie-radical ideals are the "Christian" right wing's worst nightmare. 
 The GOP would never tolerate an upstart like Jesus gathering a following in the face of their corporate
 -fundamentalist crusade.  These are self-proclaimed Christians who love power but would despise the 
 actual Christ, just as they love a Zionist Israel but believe actual Jews are doomed to Hell."


 George W. Bush is laughing

  Click  Here

 Somewhere in the White House, George W. Bush is laughing. I can imagine Bush sitting in a room with Rove, 
 joking about what kind of reaction these appointments will get, playing a game of who can do the best job of 
 confusing the living crap out of everyone. "What do you think of this, Turd Blossom," Bush would say to his 
 right-hand man. 'I'll appoint someone who HATES the United Nations to be my U. N Ambassador! Ha! 
 That'll give the Frenchies a heart attack!"



"To simply say that the 'culture of life' means that we don't have to pay attention to the 
  principles of federalism or separation of powers is certainly not a conservative viewpoint." 
   -- Bob Barr, (R-Baby Killer) saying Bush and Delay are out of control,  Attribution


 'Failing Up' in the Iraq War 
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 At the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, one poll found that 70 percent of Americans 
 viewed the war's casualties, including 1,500 American dead, as an unacceptably high price. Yet most 
 U.S. politicians and pundits appear ready to plunge ahead toward the next 1,500 U.S. soldiers dying in Iraq.

 In large part, that's because the politicians and the pundits have come to recognize that they face virtually 
 no career risk if they stick with or fawn over the Bush administration's Middle East policies.

 Indeed, possibly the most troubling commentary on today's U.S. political/media system is that screwing up 
 on the Iraq War has become almost a rite of passage to better jobs and higher honors. It's as if the elite 
 circles of Washington have come to operate by the rules of George W. Bush's business career: as long as 
 you stick with the in-crowd, you fail up.

 During Campaign 2004, it often appeared that the news media was much tougher demanding a coherent war plan
 from Democratic challenger John Kerry than from the Republican president who had led the nation to war under 
 the false pretenses of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and supposed ties to al-Qaeda.

 Reporters didn't even challenge Bush when he would rewrite the pre-war history to claim that Saddam had 
 refused to let the U.N. arms inspectors in, when the reality was that Bush was the one who had forced the 
 inspectors out. [See Consortiumnews.com's "Reality on the Ballot."]



"Who can better decide what's best for Terri Schiavo?
  Her immediate family or some bureaucrat a thousand miles away in Washington?
   -- BartCop, using their tactics against them


 Subject: Terri Schiavo - Form vs. Substance

 The Terri Schiavo controversy is an example of form vs. substance when it comes to politics and religion. 
 The battle creates the illusion that it is about saving the life of someone who is actually already dead. 
 It gives religious people the illusion that they are in a battle for some great cause, and the illusion is the 
 cornerstone of faith based thinking.

 In reality this is about letting a dead woman die and respecting her choice to not endure a living death. 
 It's about whether an individual gets to choose their own fate or have to endure politicians using the law 
 for personal political opportunity. If people of faith and politicians wanted to pass "pro life" legislation they 
 wouldn't be meeting at midnight to interfere with the death of a single individual. Instead they would be 
 increasing Medicare and Medicaid so that the lives of thousands poor people and old people can be saved. 

 The difference between form and substance is - do you want to really do something to better humanity or 
 do you want to just pretend you're doing something to better humanity?

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA. 

 P.S - I'm surprised they didn't attach a tax cut for the rich to this legislation.


 Howard Stern's farewell tour

  Click  Here

"It's gonna be unbelievable ÷ I'm telling you, the day they throw me off, it happens the next day," 
 Stern said, referring to speculation that his current employer ÷ Viacom's Infinity Broadcasting 
 ÷ won't wait until his official satellite-radio start date of Jan. 1 to take him off K-Rock and 38 other stations. 

"It's a brilliant publicity scheme ÷ P.T. Barnum couldn't have done better," said Inside Radio editor Tom Taylor. 
"Stern understands promotion like no one in the country," Taylor said. 


 Document: Bin Laden Evaded U.S. Forces 
   Duh! - ya think?

  Click  Here

 The events at Tora Bora were a point of contention during last year's presidential race, and Bush and Snarl
 asserted that commanders did not know whether bin Laden was there when U.S. and allied Afghan forces 
 attacked the area in December 2001. 

 Cheney said last Oct. 26 that Gen. Tommy Franks had "stated repeatedly it was not at all certain 
 that bin Laden was in Tora Bora. He might have been there or in Pakistan or even Kashmir.

 Franks said, "We don't know to this day whether Mr. bin Laden was at Tora Bora in December 2001." 
 He added that intelligence assessments of his location varied, but bin Laden was "never within our grasp." 

 Bush cited it on the campaign trail as evidence that bin Laden could have been in any of several countries 
 in December 2001. "That's what Tommy Franks, who knew what he's talking about, said," Bush said on Oct. 27. 

 So why did Bush agree to a 30-hour truce at Tora Bora?
 Why did Bush allow plane after plane to land and take off in the area where bin Laden was?

 Wesley Clark talked about this again and again, I taped his speech in OKC, but nobody wanted 
 to hear it and the Bush-friendly American whore media refused to mention it.

 It was important to find out which of Monica's breasts Bill licked first, because Hyde, Burton., Gingrich, 
 Delay and Barr said "the flag was falling," but letting Osama go free is none of our fucking business


 Subject: Terri Schiavo 


 Why don't all these believing Christians want to see Terri Schiavo go to heaven? 
 Isn't that a good thing? 
 Is her current quality of life, vegatative or not, better than the Happy Hunting Ground?



 Subject:  Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead after the Crucifixion?

  Click  Here

 MSGOP got  272037 responses

 Yes   82%

 No    12%

 Dunno 6% 

 I'll bet if I asked someone in that 82 percent why they believed that, 
 their answer would be, "because it's true."

 But wouldn't the real answer be, "Because my parents told me that, and I trust them?"



"I believe it unwise for the Congress to take from the state of Florida its 
  constitutional responsibility to resolve the issues in this case." 
         -- Sen. John Warner (R-Saner than some)   Attribution


 Subject: Chimpie's vacation and the Schiavo bill 

 Chimpie felt it necessary to fly back to D.C. from Crawford to sign the Schiavo bill because he supposedly
 supports a "Culture of Life", but he obviously didn't deem it necessary to fly back from Crawford in 2001 
 after he was warned 52 times by the F.B.I. BEFORE September 11th that an attack on America was IMMINENT! 

 The chimpanzee is COMPLICIT in the murder of 3000 people in the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. 
 This ass wipe should be impeached and imprisoned!! If he truly valued human life he would've done EVERYTHING
 possible to protect American citizens from an attack by terrorists. He also wouldn't have gotten the United States into a 
 so-called war with Iraq which subsequently killed over 1500 U.S. soldiers and probably close to 200,000 innocent Iraqis. 

 Don't forget about the 11,000 psychologically and physically damaged soldiers who have returned to the United States 
 only to be told to FUCK OFF by the Bush administration!

 The Bush administration doesn't value human life! The ONLY thing these sociopaths value is MONEY!!! 
 Remember that, people, when the Chimpanzee reinstitutes the draft and comes calling for your sons and daughters.



Used with permission

 Subject: Washington DC Hallowed Ground????

 Recent events have forced me to believe in the following conclusion.

 The unbelievable in America has happened.  The Church, the Corporate world, the Media, 
 and the Politicians have come together in a massive autocratic conspiracy to create perpetual 
 fixed elections and immunity for crimes that transform our Government into a sanctuary for 
 the most vicious and ruthless of the "criminally insane".




 Know your BFEE


  Click  Here

 The United States Government wasn?t always so concerned about human life -- not even kids'. 
 During the Cold War, American children were used in radiation and other experiments.



 When Dorothy Lagarreta, a California mother of nine, tried to do something about it, organizing the 
 National Association of Radiation Surivors (NARS), she had a fatal single-car crash into a tree. 
 No accident, reported the priest who said her funeral mass:



"The Schiavo case will boost the execution of Living Wills into the stratosphere. 
  Each of us must decide if we want to control what happens to us if we wind up 
  like Terri Schiavo. Otherwise, Tom DeLay will decide it for us." 
    --Ed Kilgore,       Attribution

"I'm nuts about controlling
 other people's lives."


 The SS Bomb and Debt Scam 
   by  Michael Hammerschlag

  Click  Here

 SS Privatization has nothing to do with saving it- it is a scam engineered by people who have long disliked it 
 and want to grant more windfalls to their financial sector friends: management and setup fees and bottomless 
 investment capital. A mild tweak in retirement age, income cutoffs, or benefits is all Social Security needs. 
 Don't listen to all the Administration's dire warnings- Social Security isn't in any trouble for decades except 
 from Bush's deficits, and the way to deal with that is to cancel the $3 trillion of tax cuts for the wealthy.


If you're 

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Marty's Entertainment Page

 Fourth and Long; Still not Punting
   as seen on  fauxnewschannel.com

 Bush says, "Whites in Florida must be saved...

  ...blacks in Texas need not apply."

  Click  Here

 But the issue is just not that simple. As president Bush explained to Jimmy Dale Guckert, 
 affectionately known in Washington circles as "Deeper Throat," the distinction between 
 Bush's so-called "conflicting" actions is not so simple.

"Believe me," the president assured Guckert, "everyone involved in this case wants good 
 stuff to happen. We're good people and we don't want bad things to take place. Heh heh. 
 I think everyone agrees on that. And, uh, just like the Schiavo family's dilemma, the Texas thing 
 was a complicated issue. By that, I mean it's not simple. Heh heh. When things aren't simple
 they're what you call complicated, heh, and uh, that's why this is not a simple issue. At all."


 It's odd that Republicans want liberal gun laws 
and the liberals want conservative gun laws.

 The 'Scent Of Christ' - In A Candle
   No Eddie, they are not kidding

  Click  Here

 Now, there's a candle that lets you experience the "scent of Jesus." And surprisingly, 
 it's straight from South Dakota, not Bethlehem. They've been selling by the case. 

"We see it as a ministry," says candle maker Bob Tosterud. Light up the candle called "His Essence" and, 
 according to the makers, you'll experience the fragrance of Christ. "It's a very meaningful experience." 

 We should all get in the Jesus business.
 Want to buy some Jesus Gum?


 Subject: black buffalo? 

 Why did you have to respond to the moron that commented about Googling 
 "low rent white trash" to find Bartcop with the comment "black buffalo"?

 Plain ol "buffalo" would of gotten your point across.
 I can't help but see subliminal racism in your retort.

 Come on, be better than that. 

 Surprise, surprise, I disagree.
 I added that to inflict maximum pain on the Monkey.

 He doesn't mind a buffalo being with his mother - but a black buffalo?
 That would drive him insane because he's the racist, not me..

 Besides, ...it was a joke.


1521 tombstones at Forest Park in St Louis

Thanks to the Sax Man for the picture

 Japan 'set to free' Bobby Fischer
  Arch-criminal to excape Monkey-Bush justice!

  Click  Here

 Japan has decided to allow former world chess champion Bobby Fischer to travel to Iceland, 
 despite the boy king's screaming for his hide and acting like a spoiled child/moron, Japanese media say.

 Japan's justice ministry made the decision after being shown documents proving Mr Fischer had
 been granted Icelandic citizenship. Fisher has been detained for eight months near Tokyo.
 He is wanted by the BFEE for such heinous crimes as "illegal chess."




 Last Waltz for Greed-mongers 

  Click  Here

 Elvis Costello, speaking at the just-concluded SXSW music festival in Austin, 
 said the end was nearer than many think.

"As soon as broadband is big enough, the record (retailing) business is over," Costello said.
"They will have to change or die ... It's going to be about five minutes to the end. All bets are off." 
 Costello also said that "music chains like Tower Records had 'let the spirit go out of it.'"

 There's the concerned voice of the music industry, claiming also to speak for the poor (or rich) artists trying 
 to make or keep their daily bread: "It's stopping new artists from coming forward, and it's killing mid-level artists 
 across the board," lied Jay Rosenthal, legal weasel at Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe and a board member of the
 We'll never have enough Coalition.  And then there's the voice of reality, Wendy Seltzer from the EF who, 
 said "lawsuits against online music traders will continue to have little effect on P2P traffic."

 When will the greed-mongers get the message?
 Elvis has it right when he says "Change or die."
 The music weasels made stole their millions and now it's time to give it up.


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"I think it's kind of a surprise, but I'm actually happy about it. 
  He did not marry a great winner. Do we agree?" 
    --Donald Trump, on Robert Blake's verdict     Attribution


 Subject: Ward Churchill

 You wrote-

> "For those who don't know, Churchill is a Native American."

 Ha, ha-


 Ward Churchill is as much an Indian as Bill Clinton is a successful president.

 I'm shocked and surprised to hear you admit that.

 Keep swingin' that big ol' hammer, Bart!

 Shamus Gay Slotnik

 I'll admit, I don't have a copy of Ward Churchill's birth certificate on file.

 But I've lived in Oklahoma for 30 years, and I'm just racist enough (see above)
 to say that I think I know a Native American when I see one.

 Maybe Churchill's crime is writing 6-8 books about how the red man got screwed?

 Those (I don't know any Indian slurs) act like we stole their land or something... 



 VCR Alert

 Because basketball has screwed up Thursdays on CBS, they put Mrs. Bart's favorites
 Survivor and CSI on tonight where they conflict with Lost and Alias, her two other favorites.
 Of course, this is my fault because I own CBS and Viacom.

 Meanwhile, I'm stuck taping West Wing on the old black-and-white VCR.

 You know, I don't think I've seen a Law & Order since Lenny died.


Bush's body count in Iraq

1517, 1519, 1521, 1524 dead soldiers under Bush

Three more flaged-draped coffins for Bush.


How many can we afford to let Bush kill?


 Heidi Klum expecting? 


   Click  Here

 British rocker Seal and his German supermodel fiancee Heidi Klum 
 are expecting their first child together, according to reports. 


 HBO Documentary Shows What Air America Survived

 The new documentary HBO "Left of the Dial," scheduled to broadcast on Air America's 
 one-year anniversary, (March 31) reveals how far the company has come since its birth. 

 Now on 51 stations nationwide, standing as the fourth most streamed station in the country and 
 continuing to make unprecedented political and cultural waves, Air America Radio has arrived. 
 See where it came from, and you'll appreciate this success even more. 


 They're back!


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"He needs someone to be, like, 'OK, let's buck you up, let's give you a mustache, 
 let's rough you up, let's go to a bar, let's get drunk and be a man." 
    --Britney Spears, advising Michael Jackson on image control Attribution

 ha ha

 Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle "white?"


...and old.


 Subject: More and more and more of your (redacted) lies!

 Hey, (redacted) Bart!

You wrote: 

> "For those who don't know, Churchill is a Native American."

 That's a (redacted) lie. Saying it 500 more times won't make it so. 
 The (redacted) even admitted it on that nasty liberal's show, Bill Maher, 
 that he was not a Native American. He has also admitted it in oipen forum on campus.

Also, every tribe that he claims affiliation with has denied him.

Put that in you (redacted) peace pipe and smoke ti, Bart!
(redacted) two-bit lying bastard.

Your monkey friend,
Leffler P. Bohanon

 Leffler P, you mean Ward Churchill, the Cherokee Scholar?

                  Click  to  order his book


 Since he had an Indian's face, I assumed it was his.
   bartcop.com  regrets the error.


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