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Julius Youngner defeated Polio 50 years ago today

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Delay guilty of shakedown?
Shays, Santorum aim at Delay
Second anniversary of jubilation
Wyly Coyote's White House
Bush sexes up Afghanistan TV   
Liberals: Bullies or Whipping Boys?  
Stay out of Shirley's way
Halliburtons beat critic
Fuck you, Bob Novak 

 Quote of the Day

"We feel it intimidates victims into silence." 
     --Barbara Dorris, abused by a priest, saying
        Bernard Law's mass for the Pope tells her
        the Church values predators more than victims

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"The one thing that is very difficult for me to understand, Mr. Vice President, is the
  fanatical, ferocious opposition to your desire to try to save Social Security...
  What kind of mistake or motivation do you think is behind some of this opposition?" 
      --Michael Medved, AM radio whore, pretending Democrats want to kill Social Security    Attribution

 (I wish I had a whore Medved graphic)



  Delay guilty of fundraising shakedown?

  Click  Here

 Fundraisers for a political committee founded by Tom DeLay routinely solicited donations by identifying
 legislative actions that prospective givers wanted, from video gambling to lawsuit limits, memos show.

"What companies that you know of would be interested in tort reform in Texas with asbestos problems
 that might support TRMPAC?" one DeLay fundraiser wrote in a memo prospecting for donors to Delay's
 political action committee, Texans for a Republican Majority  (TRMPAC).

 Gee, that looks like a crime to me, but maybe it looks a lot different when you're on
 the BFEE payroll and it's your job to help crooked Republicans and attack Democrats.




"Perhaps the worst of these monsters was Bernard Law.   Law reassigned Father John Geoghan
 from parish to parish even though Geoghan had been accused of child abuse. Law received one of
 the highest honors of the church, giving one of just nine eulogies for the Pope.   Law is a disgrace to
 the Church. He ought to be cleaning bedpans for the poor in Haiti, not being honored in Rome." 
       --Paul Begala,   Crossfire,

 How can the Church be so blind?
 Why would they reward the child molesting monster?
 Are they begging Catholics to withhold their donations?


  Shays and Santorum take aim at Delay
   One sane one not - neither likes the little squirrel

  Click  Here

 The near-solid wall of public support that Republicans have displayed for beleaguered Tom DeLay
 began to crack Sunday, with a Senate leader saying the Texas Republican needed to "lay out what
 he did and why he did it" and a House member calling on him to step down from his leadership post.

Sen. Rick Santorum, crazier than canned corn, told Judas Maximus that DeLay needed to explain his actions..
Rep. Christopher Shays - a moderate - was more blunt.  "Tom's conduct is hurting the Republican Party,
 is hurting this Republican majority, and it is hurting any Republican who is up for reelection," he said.

..squirrelly bastard
"Playing rough with me, eh?"



"Can there be anyone worse than John Paul? Yes, there is: The borderline insane people
 who are chanting "Santo subito!" ("make him a saint soon") at his funeral mass.
 Make a man who protects men who pimped the children of their own congregations
 to sexual predators a saint? It's a good thing they believe Jesus was resurrected,
 otherwise he would be spinning in his tomb like a whirling dervish by now." 
     --David Allen,   http://thoughtcrimes.org/mt

  Second anniversary of jubilation

 Fox News spins Bush lies for you

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Remember to support and watch FOX News for continuous political disinformation,
 unhealthy ideological glurge, and a delusional sort of evangelical hubris.


brown bear pope

Visit   http://brownbearpress.net

  Did Wyly Coyote buy the White House?
   by Greg Palast
  Click  Here

 On Friday, the Manhattan District Attorney's office announced it had captured the Wyly Brothers, Charles and Sam.
 The two have 'fessed to concealing half their holdings in one of the rich boys' companies, Michaels Stores.
 The grand jury is still out on deciding to indict the two for the crime of fraud upon the stock market.
 Who are these guys? The billionaire brothers are "Pioneers" - not the kind that built little houses on the prairie,
 but the kind that agreed to raise over a hundred grand for George W. Bush's first Presidential run. Sam anted up
 more than a quarter million for the Republican National Committee in 2000. 
 But that's just the tip of the cash-berg for Bush. In 2000, Sen. John McCain was wiping the electoral floor with
 Bush Jr. in the Republican primaries … until that March when the Wylys secretly put up two and half million
for a campaign to smear Bush's opponent just days before the crucial Southern primaries. 
 They repeated the trick in 2004, putting up cash for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,
 the vicious little snipes who tore apart the Kerry campaign. 

 The Wyly's own an oil company - Wyly Oil.
 Think of the hundreds of millions they made back in return for giving Bush $2.5M to smear John McCain,
 who went on to blow Bush for doing that to him . McCain is blowing Dubya because they told him he was
 on the short list for 2008 - but they're lying to you, John.

   Sam Wyly with Mr Skull and Bones

 You're not BFEE material and you know it, I know it,
 the American people know it and even old Bob Dole knows it.

 So why are you blowing the owner's son, the Monkey?
 For what reason?


 Subject: disgraced Cardinal at Pope funeral  
 Disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law, who moved priests who raped children from church 
to church so they could rape again, led a Mass for thousands mourning Pope John Paul II
at St. Peter's Basilica. What this says to me is that the Catholic Church doesn't take
the issue of priests raping children seriously and it makes people everywhere question
the moral standing of this religion.

In the last week we've heard how great the late Pope was and it made it look like being
Catholic really meant something. But I doubt anyone is going to take a religion seriously
that lets those who support child rape play a such a major role in the Pope's funeral.
This is a man who should be in jail. I can't believe he's still a Cardinal!

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


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 Bush brings heaving bosoms to Afghanistan
   Afghani TV is a lot like a party at P. Diddy's


  Click  Here

in between the polite chitchat, these men--the Afghan version of MTV veejays--play music videos,
 which sometimes feature heaving bosoms, dancing women and sexually suggestive lyrics.

 Such videos have turned the show "Hop" into one of the most popular programs on Kabul's popular Tolo TV.
 They also have drawn the ire of the country's clerics and the scrutiny of the government.

"Watching a woman with half-naked breasts and a man and a woman sucking each other's lips on TV,
 like on Tolo, is not acceptable," said Abdul Malik Kamawi, spokesman for the country's Supreme Court.

 They never had this kind of filth when Saddam was in charge.
 But then that wacko Bush boy showed up, murdered Hootie and Cootie so he could showed their bloated
bloodied corpses on Arab TV.  Then they captured Saddam and humiliated him with a lice inspection on
 worldwide TV.  Then Bush puts America-style porn on Arab TV, and poisoned their Arab culture.



"If confirmed, I pledge to fulfill the president's vision of
  working in close partnership with the United Nations..."
   -- John Bolton, sure to be confirmed by the Democrats     Attribution

 Bush's vision of working with the UN?
 You mean like in 2003 when he told then to fuck off?
 When he said, "If you think you can stop me from invading I'd like to see you f-ing try?"

 Why are they going thru the charade?
 The Democrats handjob us with these "tough questions" then they vote to confirm - every time.
 They already said Bush should have whatever felons, thieves, liars and killers he wants - so why the handjob?

           "We love our Dubya more than our constituents!"

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  Liberals: Bullies or Whipping Boys?
   by Sam Parry at  consortium.com

  Click  Here 

  Excerpt :
 While Kerry mostly took the high road in Campaign 2004, the Bush team, led by Karl Rove,
 chose the low road as a far more direct route to victory.

 For instance, Bush’s political allies spread the silly – but effective – notion that Kerry looked French.
 Meanwhile, the Swift Boat Veterans made false and misleading accusations about Kerry’s war record.
 Bush delegates at the Republican convention even distributed Purple Heart band-aids to mock Kerry's
 war wounds. [For details, see Consortiumnews.com’s “Bushes Play the Traitor Card” and “Reality on the Ballot.”]

 So, while Democrats, environmentalists and many other groups on the political Left discipline themselves
 to stick politely to the issues, Republicans and conservatives score political victory after political victory
 with sharp personal attacks.


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Subject: Iraq Casualty Count

 Dear Bart:  What happened to the casualty count you carried on your page? 
 The MSM is trying to bury the sacrifices made by our troops and I used to check every day to find out from you. 
 Are you saying that no one is trying there any more? 

Don, as you can tell by the odd sized font and for-no-reason bold type sometimes,
 I'm having trouble getting used to my new composer and, in the change, that got left out, but now it's back.

  I hope to be switching to a newer/better browser.

 (see how the colors and bold changed for no f-ing reason?)

 I'm using Mozilla and it's got me handcuffed worse than Houdini's water trick.
 It's nowhere NEAR as good as Netscape 4.7 from the nineties.


 Stay out of Shirley's way
  Garbage singer is always a diplomat

  Click  Here

 ...the flame-haired singer vividly describes their mutual alienation. "When somebody says,
'Look, I never speak to you normally, but I want you to listen to this and figure out what you can do with it,'
 I'm just like. (she flips two slender middle fingers and ratchets up the Scottish-accented indignation)
 "Fuck you, motherfucker. First of all, when I come in tomorrow, if you fucking say hello to me, I might
 fuckin' consider it; otherwise, you can just fuckin' take your song and ram it up your fuckin' jacksie."


Marty's Entertainment Page

The best in Hollywood news

 Subject: Marc Perkel

 Whoever this Marc Perkel is, his remarks are great! Thanks!

  Paul H in VA

 Paul, I agree.
 Marc put  bartcop.com on the internet all those years ago.
 He can be reached at  marc@perkel.com

 Halliburton's 'red neck mafis' beats critic

  Click  Here

 A man working in Iraq for Halliburton was severely beaten last week
 by a group of fellow employees reportedly called the "Redneck Mafia."

 And, the victim's father says, it might have been because his son had raised concerns
 about security problems at the Baghdad airport, where he works.  Ronald Chavez, 40,
 was attacked, his family says, by eight co-workers on Easter Sunday at the airport.
 He was flown to Germany, where he is recovering, wife Patti Chavez said Thursday.

"We're hoping that he'll be able to travel and to come home to the U.S.," Patti Chavez said.
 "We're just anxious to have him come home."

 This gives Halliburton that 'Nazi edge.'
 They want the message out - "Don't screw with us."
 Do you think the next Halliburton employee with security concerns will speak up?



"I don't think Cardinal Law, is a monster. I think he's a sinner, just as you and I are sinners.
  I think we have to have a little redemption. I think a little forgiveness for a man who obviously
  has sinned, I think that's being a Christian" 
      --Bob Novak,   Crossfire,

 A rare "Fuck you" to Bob Novak for that shit he's talking.
 When Bill Clinton had a girlfriend, Novak was screaming, "Crime of the Century!!"

 But when this bastard personally arranged the rapes of hundreds of children
 Novak thinks it's time to show some compassion?  Fuck you, Novak.



  Developing a medical milestone
   The Salk Youngner vaccine:
Tireless research kills polio
   You have to be old to get how big that is

  Julius Younger (R) and his assistant, Jonas

  Click  Here

"Nobody had to give us motivating speeches," said Julius Youngner, Salk's expert
  in growing polio in cell cultures in the lab and the only surviving member of the core research team.

 Everybody was well aware of the kids in iron lungs on the floors above them at the old
 Oakland Municipal Hospital, now Salk Hall. Many of them had children of their own,  such as
 Youngner's son, Stuart, and his baby daughter, Lisa. "It was 100 percent effort, without question."

 In summer of 1952, more than 57,000 cases were recorded.
 By 1960, the number of paralytic polio cases in the United States had dropped to 2,525.

 A very rare double shot of Chinaco Anejo for my friend Juli who changed history
 and saved untold thousands of kids from a Christopher Reeve-type life in a living coffin.
This could be any one of us...if not for Dr. Julius Younger.



"We were believers, we really were. I mean, come on. When you have a chance
  to do something against a disease as terrible and debilitating as polio and you
  see that your work is working in monkeys, I mean ... wow!"
      -- Dr Younger, who worked with monkeys in 1952 - just like I do today :)    Attribution

 It was 50 years ago today that Younger made polio his bitch.

 What the hell, ...another shot of Chinaco for Dr, J



 Subject: iron lungs

 When I was a little kid I had a couple of friends end up in these things!

 Bungalow Bob
 I told Mrs Bart last night - as a kid, I had nightmares about ending up in one of those.

 Subject: Polio

 Bart, that article said,

"...thousands of Pittsburgh schoolchildren offered up their arms to be injected with  the
> experimental solution, providing enough evidence of its effectiveness to launch
a large-scale
> trial of 1.8 million children.
  And thousands of Pittsburgh parents allowed the trial to proceed....

As we used to say in a more euphemistic day, "That took some glands. Major glands..."

 Subject: Julius Youngner

 Dear Bart:

 If you remember polio as I do - the kids in iron lungs etc. - have some class and send the man a case
 of whatever he likes.   Maybe he tequila isn't his personal preference.

 Perhaps he'd like a case - a CASE of Chivas or perhaps Benedictine - let me know and I'll send it in a second.
 Nothing personal; I'm older than you are.  I do remember my classmates - through adulthood - that had to be braced just to walk...

 You're aware of my opinions and conclusions about most everything else.

 Elaine, the shy person!
 I hope to meet and grovel before Julius Youngner this year.
 But yeah, great idea.
 Let's find out what he likes and buy him a case of it.


Bush's body count in Iraq

1538, 1542, 1547 dead soldiers under Bush

Another five deaths since the last update.

How many more destroyed families can we afford?


  J-Lo has close call with paparazzi


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