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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Abu Ghraib Gang Cleared 
Rice doctored terrorism report 
Bono slaps Canadian PM
A Toast to Henry Hyde 
Soundless sound system 
Pope is another Dick Cheney 
Global Warming Distraction
Reagan the Liar 
Remembering Marla Ruzicka 


 Quote of the Day

"The use of God's name on one's behalf 
  should be used sparingly in politics."
      --Barry Goldwater, seeing the GOP's future in 1981


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Volume 1539 - Corrupt Monkey

         Weekend    April 23-24,  2005                                               Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"'What are you doing endorsing my 2008 presidential opponent?'
     -- John Kerry, with a straight face, asking Sen Mark Dayton (D-Minn.)
         why he introduced Hillary as "our next great president"  Attribution

 Hey John, you're not serious about trying to lose it for us again in 2008, are you?
 When you had your chance, after promising to fight, you went windsurfing and then you went to sleep.
 You never had any intention of even trying to win, John, so WTF?
 Did Bush make you a secret Skull & Bones deal to throw the race?

 My wild guess is if this is a two-candidate race, Hillary would beat you 80/20.
 We can't have another surrender-in-advance John, not again.

 You lost that race in f-ing August.


 Top Officers in Abu Ghraib Case Cleared
  Corrupt invaders swoop in, rape and murder, but found innocent
  The world hates America a whole lot more today than they did yesterday

  Click  Here

 Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, faulted by some for leadership failures in the Abu Ghraib
 prisoner abuse scandal, has been cleared by the Army of all allegations of wrongdoing
 and will not be punished, officials said.

 Three officers who were among Sanchez's top deputies during the period of the prisoner abuse
 in the fall of 2003 also have been cleared. An Army Reserve one-star general has been reprimanded,
 and the outcome of seven other senior Army officer cases could not be learned Friday.

 After assessing the allegations against Sanchez and taking sworn statements, the Army's inspector
 general, Lt. Gen. Stanley E. Green, concluded that the allegations were unsubstantiated

 Are they saying this is so acceptable,


 we wouldn't mind if they did it to our guys?
 (You think that guy is alive or murdered?)


 Subject: Amen to your 'rot in Hell Henry Hyde'

 It is too often my main regret as an atheist that there is no hell, for if there were,
 it would so overpopulated with these gop basterds ordinary sinners like card playing,
 tequila sipping people would HAVE to go to that other place. Hebbin?



 Rice doctored terrorism report
  She lost the numbers that made Bush look bad

  Click  Here

 A state department report which showed an increase in terrorism incidents around the world
 in 2004 was altered to strip it of its pessimistic statistics, it emerged yesterday..

 This year's edition showed a big increase, from 172 significant terrorist attacks in 2003 to 655 in 2004.
 Condoleezza Rice, Bush's trophy secretary of state, ordered the report to be withdrawn
 and a new one issued minus the statistics so it would look like Bush's plans were working.

 Henry Waxman, one of the very few fighters left in the gelding Democratic Party said:
"There appears to be a pattern in the administration's approach to terrorism data:
 favourable facts are revealed while unfavourable facts are suppressed."


Used with permission

 Bono slaps Canadian PM over broken promise
  Shy rock star uses influence to help the world's poor

  Click  Here

 Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, fighting to save his government, took a hit from Bono.
 Bono said he was disappointed Martin had not kept an earlier promise to boost Canada's
 foreign aid to a level equivalent to 0.7 percent of gross domestic product.

"I'm bewildered really. I'm disappointed. I've not given up hope. I really can't believe that
 Paul Martin would want to hold up history, or indeed would hold up history," Bono told
 CBC radio in an interview broadcast on Saturday.

"I'm going to be the biggest pain in his ass."

 Bono, America has lots more money than Canada.
 We throw away more money than Canada's entire GDP.
 Please mess with our Murder Monkey.
 He deserves it more.



"I welcome everybody (except gays, women, Democrats, condom users etc) with simplicity
  and love to assure them that the Church wants to continue in open and sincere dialogue
  with them, in search of the true good of man and society."
    --Benny the Rat, pretending he has an open mind and an open heart Attribution

 Hey Benny, what's your stand on child rapists?
 Should the bishops and priests take the "zero tolerance" pledge?
 Or can they continue with their ongoing crimes under your holy guidance?


 Subject: Ratz & Hitler Youth

 Bart, you wrote:

>  "the pope once belonged to Hitler Youth."

 You can hardly criticize the man for being a child that was forced into something.
 After all, it was required that all youth join, and eventually decreed that all young men
 within the 3rd reich were members, whether they wanted to be or not.

 So, you're saying I should fight fair?
 With this bunch?
 I can hardly criticize a man who calls gays "intrinsicly evil" and treats women as
 second-class citizens while he (apparently) teams up with the BFEE?

> "helped deny Communion rights to Kerry and other Catholic politicians in 2004"

 Actually, he led the charge.

> "Yes, Joey Rats is the guy who said you can't be a good Catholic AND a Democrat. "

 Actually, he never SAID anything like that, as far as I'm aware, but he implied that you can't be
 a Catholic AND an abortionist.  I don't think you can hold him accountable for the fact that most
 abortionists are democrats, and most democrats are abortionists.

 That is 100 percent pure horse hockey.
 Tom Coburn has performed many more abortions than John Kerry, but that nutjob Ratzo
 went out of his way to say, "Don't vote the Catholic for president."

 Plus, you're looking at the issue "funny."
 Most Democrats think a woman should control her own uterus.

 Ratzo and Tom Delay think they should control a woman's uterus
 because women are too stupid to make important decisions for themselves.
 It's about less government interference.

 I told the truth about the word "nigger" and nobody wanted to hear it.
 Here's the truth about "women."

 A near majority of men in America consider women their "property."
 They think women need to shut up until her man tells her what to say.
 Tens of millions of republican men treat their wives like children.

 That's why Barbara and Pickles and the Twins are hypocrites:
 They're all "abortionists" by your definition (BTW, how did you make that leap?)
 but they were told to keep their babykilling opinions to themselves - and they have.

 That's the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.
 We don't treat our wives like property.

 His belief that Communion should not be given to those who approve of and petition for what
 the Catholic Church believes to be sacrilege is exactly what makes him one of the best men for the job.
 Just my two cents.

 Boy, you said a mouthful there.
 You know me - I'm not trying to start a fight or anything - but I'll bet 80 percent of Catholics
 in America are "Buffet Catholics," in that they pick and choose which rules they're going to follow.
 If the Pope kicks them out, they no longer have a church - so why focus on abortion?

 Bush probably killed more people as governor than all 49 other governors combined,
 but Ratzo ignored that so he could focus on abortion.

 Bush probably killed more Iraqis in the last two years than Saddam did in his last ten
 but Ratzo ignored that so he could focus on abortion.

 Bush lied to start his phony oil war, but Ratzo ignored that so he could focus on abortion.

 Maybe the new pope is confused about the truth..


 Subject: Clinton worship

 BC, you wrote:

> "You sons of bitches screwed the best president we ever had..."

 What is with the Clinton worship??
 I don't get it, you're like a Catholic with a Pope.
 Clinton was NOT the best president we ever had, not even close.
 If you keep saying it, does it become true??  Like a Rethuglican BIG LIE??

 I notice you didn't name any great presidents - I wonder why?
 Which part of peace and prosperity makes you most angry?

 Get over the Clinton worship, both Bill and Hillary are both very compromised
 (and compromising) figures.  And don't label me a Clinton hater, I don't hate them,
 I just don't think THE RECORD proves them to be great--great politicians maybe,
 but like many scoundrels, Reagan, Thatcher, etc.

 The record?
 You mean 28,000,000 new jobs?
 You mean creating the internet?
 You mean tripling the stock market?
 You mean turning GOP deficits into surpluses?
 You mean never sending a man into battle who didn't come home?
 If peace and prosperity and zero military deaths don't count - what does?

 Martin Luther King was great, as was Mandela, and a few others.
 But the Clintons??  NOT.

 Gee, Clinton never hit 70 home runs, either.
 Why would you compare Clinton to non-presidents?

 Get over it, besides, it is disappointing to watch an otherwise very perceptive
 guy have such a blind spot about those two power lusting politicians.

 If we had unlimited time (we don't) would you ever get to the point?
 I know you're all-Nader, all the time, so you have to dis Clinton.

 And by the way, winning is not the only thing that counts, except to a Rethug.
 Neil in Vermont

 Oh, that's why you hate Clinton? Because he won?
 Are all winners "compromised" in your book?
 Maybe you're one of those "lose with dignity" guys.
 If you like losing, Kerry could use some help in 2008.



"...there has been a hijacking of the U.S. Senate by what I call the religious right wing of the country.
  I think what has happened is Focus on the Family has been hijacking Christianity and become an
  appendage of the Republican Party. I think it's using Christianity and religion in a very unprincipled way."
      --Freshman Sen. Ken Salazar, (D-CO) attacked by the crazies for not being "Bush" enough,  Attribution


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"There is no justification for allowing the blocking of nominees who are
  well qualified and broadly supported losers who are wholly owned by to the BFEE.
  The tactics of the last few years, I believe, are inexcusable."
    -- Cheney, saying he supports the nuclear option of destroying American democracy,


 Subject: what I like about Clark

 With all the hype Edwards got for winning South Carolina, the media pretended not to notice
 that Clark won Oklahoma.  (Wasn't it the same day?)  Clark, of course, was declared "dead"
 weeks before for daring to stand on the same stage with Michael Moore when Moore uttered
 the "lie" (Republicanspeak for, the truth) that Dubya deserted during wartime.  Wes and Gert
 went out and won Oklahoma with pure grit and NO help from the national press.  I like that.

 I also liked that, during the '04 campaign, whenever you got a look at a bunch of Clark supporters,
 they had a decidedly more, lower-income, Frank Capra, "John Doe Club" look to them than the
 people following the other candidates.  Let's recall that primary voters are a subset of the people
 who vote in the general.  Again, Edwards got all the hype for attracting new voters, but it was the
 Clark folks who really looked to me like regular people who might just be voting in their first Dem primary.

 And speaking of Meet John Doe, it dawned on me during the campaign that General Wes bears
 a certain, unmistakeable resemblance to Gary Cooper, and I like Gary Cooper.  (Sure, they made
 Cooper testify before HUAC in the early days of the black list, but he never named names.)

 Finally, all the Deaniacs out there need to recognize that Dean, as DNC chief, aint running in '08.
 So, even if somebody loves Dean, they should consider General Wes since he may actually be running.
 batavia, ny

 I agree with you, Bart.
 Clark is the only guy in the Democratic Party with the guts to shove it to the Repugs.
 He's the only one in the Primaries to tell a Fox interviewer to more or less go to hell.

 The jerk questioned General Clark's support for the troops and I think the interviewer was glad it was a
 remote interview because if the General had been in the studio he would have wound up on life support.
 Clark is the real deal.  He walked the walk and talked the talk.
 Steve in UT

 Steve, I forgot about that FOX moment.
 I've always said I like a president with a temper and I believe Clark will fight back when attacked.
 Today's Democrats need that more than anything - more even than money.


 A Toast to Henry Hyde
   Inspired by Bartcop's Comments
 May bleeding piles beset you
 And corns grow on your feet !
 May crabs as big as lobsters
 Crawl on your balls and eat !
 Now that you're old and sickly,
 Probably a syphilitic wreck--
 May your spine fall through your anus
 And break your goddamned neck!
 Henry--we're sure you'll roast to Hell!
 That's surely the only place to which
 A reservation's been made for you,
 You hypocritical son-of-a-bitch!!!!
  I.M. Porno


 Speaking of corn...

 Only about 60 days until the first batch of  fresh Bixby corn  rolls in.
 Please God, send us some heat this summer - please?
 It's Oklahoma, Lord, and we need some heat - to make the corn grow big & tall,

 ....if you can find the time.


 Subject:  Donation

 I read your site on a daily basis and it picks me up.
 Don't let up.



 Click Here  to support  bartcop.com

 Or snail mail to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Inventor creates soundless sound system
  You can hear it, but there's no sound

  Click  Here

"Woody" Norris pointed a metal frequency emitter at each person who had come to see his invention.
 The emitter - an aluminum square - was hooked up to a CD player. Norris switched on the CD player.
"There's no speaker, but when I point this pad at you, you will hear the waterfall," said Woody.

 One by one, each person in the audience did, and smiled widely.

 Norris' system works by sending a beam of sound above the range of human hearing.
 When it lands on you, it seems like sound is coming from inside your head.


 Subject: BFEE Pope


 Has any one looked into St. Malachi's  Prophecy?
 St.Malachi, 12th century Irish Bishop saw in a vision the names of
 all the Popes from his own day until the end of the Catholic Church.
 Exactly 112 of them.

 The next to the last Pope would be a member of the Benedictine Order
 and he saw the name "Gloria Olivae"  the Glory of the Olive.

 In John's Revelations "the great deceiver" is known as "Gloria Olivae".
 The last Pope will have the same name as the first, Peter.

 And be the Antichrist...
 Dave in L.A.

 Dude, that's creepy stuff - and I don't even believe in it..
 While I was reading your e-mail, "Tubular Bells" came on the radio


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Global Warming Distraction
   saw it on fauxnewschannel.com


  Click  Here

 "It's not 'Global Warming' threatening man. It's much scarier than that.
 Tiny computers, invading our bodies, like germs on hyperdriven steroids,"
 says Jim Inhofe, the nuttiest bastard who ever embarrassed Oklahoma.


 Subject: Clinton's "No troops died in combat" thingy

  Click  Here

 Bart, can you slap this wingnut?

  ha ha


 New Pope is another Dick Cheney

  Click  Here

 It was a move so smooth and bold, accomplished with such backstage bureaucratic finesse, that it was
 worthy of Dick Cheney himself. The éminence grise who had long whispered in the ear of power and who
 had helped oversee the selection process ended up selecting himself. In Cheneyesque fashion, he searched
 far and wide for a pope by looking around the room and swiftly deciding he was the best man for the job.
 Just like Mr. Cheney, once the quintessentially deferential staff man with the Secret Service code name
"Back Seat," the self-effacing Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has clambered over the back seat to seize the
 wheel (or Commonweal). Mr. Cheney played the tough cop to W.'s boyish, genial pol, just as Cardinal
 Ratzinger played the tough cop to John Paul's gentle soul. And just like the vice president, the new pope
 is a Jurassic archconservative who disdains the "if it feels good do it" culture and the revolutionary trends
 toward diversity and cultural openness since the 60's."


 Subject: Jane Fonda vs Ollie North

 You can't really be that simple minded.

 Fonda's "smile" was a public relations bonanza for the VC.
 It was used to stir up leftists in America to protest and spit on our soldiers,
 and to demoralize those in captivity.

 North may or may not have armed somebody, but it was no enemy of ours.
 It was an attempt to stop the spread of communism in Central America,
 which I suspect is the real objection leftists have to what he allegedly did.


 Brandy, now I understand the problem: You have no idea what the facts are.

 These are the facts that everyone agrees to:
Ollie North personally flew a planeload (total of two) of Stinger Missles to Tehran
Then Reagan got on TV, wagged his finger in the camera and said, "That didn't happen."
Then Reagan got on TV and said, "Ok, he flew there, but there were no weapons
     on those two, small planes."   (I guess small planes hold fewer Stingers than larger planes.)
Then Reagan said, "Sorry, what I remembered is different from the facts."

 Like most Republicans, you believe so strongly in a set of lies.
You said: "North may or may not have armed somebody?"

 You have no clue what Reagan's presidency was about, do you?
 How can you like the guy if you have no clue what happened?


 Subject: Wendy's hoax

 Good for you, Bart, seeing through that woman's hoax.
 I'm especially disgusted by the likes of Jay Leno, whose Wendy's jokes
 further hurt my favorite burger chain -- all without evidence.

 Meanwhile, I LOVE your site.  Thanks for all your hard work.
 It's a daily life raft of sanity to me in these trying Repub times.




 http://www.ucomics.com  is getting harder and harder to deal with.

 Each day when I go there to get Doonesbury, Boondocks and La Cucaracha it gets worse.
 You try to click on a toon and some horseshit ads runs under my cursor and blocks me.

 They have bees buzzing and snakes hissing and flying shit everywhere.
 They are truly a whore website and they get worse, it seems, by the day.

 I'm not against a site having ads - we have them here - but these bastards sell space
 to advertisers to then take over their site and block you from reading the damn cartoons.

 Shame, shame on the whore web site http://www.ucomics.com


 Reagan the Liar

  Click  Here

 NARRATOR: This incident, the taking of hostages at the American embassy in Iran,
 consumed a presidency, humiliated the U.S. military and kept the nation hostage for 444 days.
 A new president vowed to change all that.

 Pres. RONALD REAGAN: And I think the fact that they've been there that long
 is a humiliation and a disgrace to this country.

 Years later, we would have proof that Reagan paid the terrorists in weapons to keep those hostages
 longer than the Iranians wanted to keep them.  The Iranians wanted to end the crisis, but Reagan asked
 them to hold those hostages captive a few more weeks and promised them weapons nobody else on earth
 would sell them, which was illegal because he was a private citizen conducting a secret foreign policy
 with terrorists (Jane Fonda never committed sych a crime) who were holding innocent Americans.

 Reagan kept his promise to the terrorists and the Iran-Contra scandal came to light years later,
 thanks to Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com


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 Remembering Marla Ruzicka, 28
  She raised $22M for Bush's Iraqi Victims


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 Last Saturday 28-year-old Marla Ruzicka was killed in a car bombing.
 She was the founder of the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict.
 Since the launch of the so-called war on terror, Marla spent most of her time
 in Iraq and Afghanistan documenting and recording Bush's casualties of war.


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1560, 1562, 1567, dead soldiers under Bush



I hate counting dead soldiers.
I wish the military families agreed with me.


When you're young and in love, only one thing matters...


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