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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Left's Media Screw-up
Zell Miller hospitalized 
'Soup Nazi' to go nationwide
Four more U.S. soldiers dead
FOX goes down on Halliburton 
Runaway bride had cold feet
Grace: Hang the damn fiance
Joe Conason's 'Big Lies'
School hostage to burrito 


 Quote of the Day

"When the Secret Service told Bush there was a 
  plane heading towards the White House, he got 
  out 'My Pet Goat' and started reading it."  
      -- unknown



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Volume 1543 - Sport killing

         Weekend    April 30-May1,  2005                                            Mike Malloy - 10 EST Weeknights on   AAR


"Some of these leftist groups would love to isolate
  members of Congress so that we don't talk to Americans."
     --Tom DeLay, defending his lobbyist-financed trips overseas - to talk to Americans??  Attribution

"People who like me are so stupid,
  they'll believe anything I say..."


 The Left's Media Miscalculation
   saw it on  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 At this key juncture, leaders of the Right and the Left made fateful choices that have
 shaped today's political world.

 The Right concentrated on gaining control of the information flows in Washington and on
 building a media infrastructure that would put out a consistent conservative message across
 the country. As part of this strategy, the Right also funded attack groups to target mainstream
 journalists who got in the way of the conservative agenda.

 The Left largely forsook media in favor of "grassroots organizing." As many of the Left's flagship
 media outlets foundered, the "progressive community" reorganized under the slogan - "think globally,
 act locally" - and increasingly put its available money into well-intentioned projects, such as buying
 endangered wetlands or feeding the poor.

 So, while the Right waged what it called "the war of ideas" and expanded the reach of conservative media
 to every corner of the nation, the Left trusted that local political action would reenergize American democracy.


 Subject: You owe me $175

 Bart, you wrote:

          "When we do it, do you face Mecca or do I?"

 Thanks Bart!
 Now I need a new computer monitor because I shot Sprite all over it when I read that!

 Jamie in K.C.


 Ex-Democrat Zell Miller hospitalized

  Click  Here

 Zell Miller (R-Backstabber) fell ill while giving a speech Thursday night and was taken to a
 hospital emergency room. His wife said he oozed evil on her during the ambulance ride.

 Miller, 73, was in stable condition at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, according to a nurse.
 She said Miller was alert and slurring Kerry's war record, but would likely be kept overnight.

 This is so sad.
 I hope he doesn't die a painful death.


 Four U.S. Soldiers Killed by Iraq Car Bomb
  It's not even news anymore - nobody cares if they're dying

  Click  Here

 Insurgents launched fresh attacks in Baghdad and northern Iraq on Saturday, killing at least
 10 Iraqis and wounding more than 30, officials said, in a second day of violence aimed at
 shaking the country's newly formed government.  Some of the worst attacks occurred in the
 capital, still reeling from Friday's onslaught in which at least 17 bombs exploded in Iraq,
 killing 50 people, including three U.S. soldiers.

 A suicide car bomb exploded Saturday near the offices of the National Dialogue Council,
 a coalition of 10 Sunni Arab factions that had been negotiating for a stake in Iraq's new
 Shiite-dominated government. The blast killed two Iraqi civilians and wounded 18, police said.

 But Bush and the networks tell us things are "going great" in Iraq - and we believe it because
 CNN, FOX and MSGOP are busy covering the more-important "kidnapped bride" story.


Used with permission


"Bush did not dare go head to head with 'The Apprentice'," reported NPR.
"TV networks said they wouldn't carry his press conference past 9 p.m."
  Perhaps he was imagining America declaring "You're fired" in unison?
        --Mark Follman,    Attribution


 Subject: Oil bastards drowning in cash


 Tell the truth.
 Oil Prices went up because of Clinton.

 He allowed all of the mega mergers to take place.
 Exxon-Mobile, Shell-Texaco etc....

 Why did Clinton alow this to happen?
 Whatever happend to Competition to keep prices low?


 Daren P



"Everyone needs to implement his plans. The Senate has to pass the energy bill.
  The Saudis need to pump more oil. Congress has got to take up the Social Security plan.
  Democrats need to allow an up-or-down vote on his judicial nominees. Kim Jong Il must
  agree to join the six-party talks. The Iranians have to abide by their commitments.
  The "hard-nosed killers" in Iraq need to realize their days are numbered. If everyone
  just quit whining and did what Bush said, everything would come up roses."
      --Farhad Manjoo, on Monkey's "do what I say" press conference." Attribution


 Fox News produces video valentine for Halliburton

  Click  Here

 The Fox News Channel joined Halliburton's latest advertising campaign today with a fluff piece
 glorifying the company's dining facilities in the Middle East. Fox whore Gregg Kelly walked through
 a dining room in Iraq, interviewing soldiers impressed with Halliburton's food.

"The company has been rocked by accusations of overcharging the Pentagon," the Fox whore says.
"Here there's no controversy about the food's quality. In fact, some worry that all the eats might make
 them fat when they're at war. It all stifles that ancient military pastime - complaining about the chow."

 The report, which looked like a television commercial, coincides with Halliburton's new advertising
 campaign initiated this month entitled "Halliburton Proud."

 If CNN had any brains, they'd go left the way FOX went right.
 That would guarantee them a slight edge in viewers, but they're too scared and stupid to see that.
 While FOX beats their heads in as "Clinton's Network" CNN stupidly moves farther to the right.

 FOX sometimes triples CNN's audience, so CNN chases them rightward like a crazy dog.
 CNN, like a Democrat, is afraid to counter FOX's "fair and balanced" bullshit so people
 assume CNN is guilty and they stupidly go with the "winner," which is FOX.


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"Bush) is a half-baked man in terms of morality and a philistine whom we can never deal with.
  No one can expect to hear reasonable words from Bush, once a cowboy at a ranch in Texas.
  His remarks often stun audiences as they reveal his utter ignorance."
       --N.Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman,   Attribution


 Subject: Premarin in BCR Show 73

 LOL, Bart!
 I'm just now listening to part 2 of Show 73.
 I'm a pharmacist, and yes, Premarin is gotten from pregnant mares' urine.
 It sounds absolutely disgusting I know. But it's not an unusual way to get drugs.
 There are even drugs that are taken from ground up animal parts, like thyroid medications.

 And I just hate the pharmaceutical companies being able to advertise.
 Drugs cost 1/4 of today's prices just 10 years ago, when they couldn't do it.
 I consider myself a "healer" but I can't do it if people can't afford what will help them heal.

 Paula H

 Over the counter pills are 10 or 20 cents each, because there is competition.
 Prescribed pills are a dollar each, or more, because they're screwing us like an oil company.

 When the Clintons talked about "fixing medical costs," those prices leveled or even came down.
 Once Bush got in, the signals were clear and Big Pharm screamed "It's Guiliani Time" at consumers.

 If only the Democrats weren't afraid of their own shadows...


'Soup Nazi' to go nationwide
  The BFEE with a national soup chain?


  Click  Here

 Signs will be posted in each of "The Original Soup Man" franchises bearing chef
 Al Yeganeh's strict rules for ordering, such as "Have your money ready!" and
"Move to the extreme left after ordering!" But a company spokesman said workers
 will be prohibited from shouting, "No soup for you!" at customers who disobey.

 Yeganeh and his partners have signed deals for 123 outlets so far
 The group hopes to have 1,000 franchises in seven years.


 Subject:  Donation

 Bart, this is for your social and political commentary.

 Thanks for keeping your knuckles up.


 Click Here  to support  bartcop.com

 Or snail mail to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Review of Joe Conason's 'Big Lies'
   by my good friend Bobby Wits

  Click  Here

 Conason fast-edits in this magnificent work. There is no fluff.
 There are no wasted words; no cute or entertaining anecdotes.
 Reading this is like reading non-fiction as Hemingway might
 have written it...terse, to the point, harsh and brutally honest.

 Conason puts the hurt to my least favorite harpy, Ann Coulter in
 a chapter entitled 'Peroxide Paradox: The Blone Misleading the Blind'.
 After dispatching the anorexic sex-starved bimbo [my paraphrase from
 David Brock's book] Conason devotes the rest of the chapter
 dismembering the myth of 'The Liberal Media Bias.'

 I could go on about how convincingly Conason busts the Right Wing
 for their blatant lies and their hypocrisy.

 And I will.


Show your disgust for FOX News

from our good friends at fauxnewschannel.com

 Ga. Woman Found, Reportedly Got Cold Feet
  Turns out this nationwide bride-to-be hunt was just a handjob

   John Mason celebrates in Georgia Saturday
   to news that his precious bride-to-be faked
   her kidnapping to avoid marrying him.

  Click  Here

 A Georgia bride-to-be who vanished just days before her wedding turned up in New Mexico
 and fabricated a tale of abduction before admitting she just "needed some time alone," police said.

 Wilbanks, whose disappearance set off a nationwide hunt, called her fiance Friday and told him that
 she had been kidnapped. Her family rejoiced that she was safe, telling reporters that the media
 coverage apparently got to the kidnappers.  But Wilbanks soon recanted, according to police.

 This is a perfect example of what's wrong with America's whore news system.
 This was a local story - same for Terry Schiavo and Scott Peterson and the Gary Condit "affair."

 America's whore media insists on throwing a tsunami of gasoline on any tiny story they find.
 If a dog goes missing in Maine, they make it the top headline all the way to San Diego.

 Local stories are local stories.
 If some idiot runs from police in Van Nuys, we don't need a satellite feed covering it.
 If a rapist shoots a cop and a judge in Atlanta - that's a story for Atlanta.
 If a housewife drowns her kids in Houston - that's a story for Houston.
 If a coed fakes a kidnapping in Minnesota, that's a story for the Frostbite Daily.

 National news should be covering Bush's failed economy, Bush's failed war and Bush's
 failed attempt to snatch Social Security from the sick and the old, the bastard.

 Of course, nothing I write can change this whorish trend and it'll only get worse.
 This is discussed in detail in BCR 74. The downhill slide will continue and it'll be so bad,
 soon we'll look back to today as the "good old days" - that's how bad it's going to get


Marty's Entertainment Page

 Nancy Grace: Let's hang the runaway bride's boyfriend

  Click  Here

 GRACE: Well, look, I don`t have a degree in being a police chief.
 But I can tell you this much:

 This is not cold feet, all right?
 This is not cold feet.
 I know that much.

 The Nancy Grace guarantee makes it 100% certain - the man is always guilty.
 Hang that bastard - if the cops suspect a man - why bother with a trial?
Nancy Grace: Let's hang the runaway bride's boyfriend

  Click  Here

 GRACE: Another question. Could you tell me, Jonathan,
 what was the fiance doing at the time she was jogging?
 Was he there in the home? Does he have an alibi?

 The Nancy Grace guarantee makes it 100% certain - the man is always guilty.
 Hang that bastard - if the cops suspect a man - why bother with a trial?

 Stolen from http://www.crooksandliars.com/2005/04/30.html#a2708


 Subject: bride with cold feet story

 Hey Bart, typical Americana.

 That crazy grace bitch who screams on  larry king (He can only mean Nancy Grace)
 would have had one or two guys already hung for this "murder".

 Shouldn't this woman be charged for causing lots of wasted time, police work
 and money spent looking for her?


"The oil companies report record profits. So that's where all your gas money's going."
    --Anthony Mason, CBS News      Attribution

  Wow - somebody besides Ol' Bart said that?



 Subject: Bush and his boyfriend holding hands

 Notice Bush's thumb is on the inside?


 Sign of submission.

 So, Prince Abdullah is the Top?
 Poor Bush - he's the "president" and he never gets to be the Top.

 "He's not Top when we're together, either..."


 School held hostrage by giant burrito
  Zepp: Jalepenos qualified it as a WMD

  Click  Here

a possible weapon at a middle school
armed officers on rooftops, lock down the school
shaken parents, desperate for news
a 30-inch burrito filled with steak was arrested and charged
America safe again, thanks to Bush's decisive leadership



Investment Real Estate
The easy way!

 Subject: spit on redux

 My "freedom bird" left Cam Ranh Bay for Sea-Tac where I transferred to a flight
 to Chicago en route to Nashville to see my gf at Vanderbilt. I wore my uniform the
 entire time to get the cheap GI flight rates.

 Not once was I harrassed or denigrated though I did get propositioned by a perv
 at O'Hare..so skipped the drink offer.  When I got to the Vandy dorms, I was whisked
 into a tie-dyed t-shirt and jeans...been there ever since in the psychological sense.

 Thanks bart...for all you do.
 You are very much a part of the new progressive media Robert Parry addresses
 in the article in this issue.  It's time to take it back.



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"ExxonMobil makes $3 million every hour."
      --Anthony Mason,    Attribution

  Bush and his whore TV networks say THIS is what we voted for in November
  Are they right?



 Subject: Letter to the LA Times

 The Medicaid crisis is easy to explain:
 We have decided as a society to deny basic medical services to our poorest and
 most vulnerable neighbors in order to give "tax relief" to the most fortunate.

 This is just one more piece of evidence for what is now an inescapable conclusion:
 We Americans are, at heart, a mean and selfish people.

 John Miller


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1574, 1576, 1586, dead soldiers under Bush


Fuck - ten in two days?
How many more lives will we throw into the Halliburton meat grinder?

How many hundreds of stolen billions of dollars will be enough for these oil men?


 Subject: oil companies drowning in money

 They keep using the excuse about their old and inefficient refineries
 being one reason "supplies are short". They've got all of this cash now,
 how about building a few new refineries? Or would that make sense?



 Subject: Debunking spitting myths

 These stories, and the apologies need to stop.
 It is complete Hokum. Never happened.
 Today's Boston Globe story says it all.....

 Rob B

 Debunking a spitting image

  Click  Here

 The story told by the man who spat on Jane Fonda recently is typical. Michael Smith said
 he came back through Los Angeles airport where ''people were lined up to spit on us."

 Smith lacks credulity. GIs landed at military airbases, not civilian airports, and protesters
 could not have gotten onto the bases and anywhere near deplaning troops.

 We should make this the last word on spitting.
 If someone tell me HE was spit on, I'll believe him.
 If his life is such shit that his "claim to glory" is fabricating this kind of story,
 then that's more sad than anything and beating him up won't help anybody.

 So we all agree - widespread spitting like that liar Michael Smith claims never happened.
 But no newspaper or news gathering organization can say "It never happened."


 Save the 

Put yourself on the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Subject: Bush's energy plan is a joke

 It's amusing to hear Bush talk about an energy plan with his record.
 Bush gives huge tax breaks for buying Hummers.
 Oil companies who are making record profits are getting huge tax breaks.
 Now he wants to give away military bases to oil companies to build refineries.
 I don't think corporate fascism is the right solution to bringing down the price
 of gas and make life better for the people of America.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.


 Katie Holmes dating Can't Act

        "Am I too young for old Tom Cruise?"

  Click  Here


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