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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush lets lady General hang
Halliburton robs Uncle Sam 
Buck stops somewhere
GM and Ford bonds go 'junk'
Afraid to tell the truth 
Gore gets Internet Award
Cervical cancer wave coming?
Bush spins big Iraqi lies 
Col. Hackworth dead at 74 


 Quote of the Day

"Next time you want to bury something, 
  put it in the trunk of Ted Kennedy's car 
  and head for a bridge."  
  -- The vulgar Pigboy Junkie, going back 30 years
      to talk about an accident to distract listeners 
      from Bush's ongoing massacre of US soldiers, 
      now at 1594


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Volume 1547 - Orange takes Hack

      Friday      May  6, 2005                                                                          Mike Malloy on  AAR


"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
  Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
      -- George Patton,      Attribution

 That might be true - if those men died for a reason
 other than stealing oil to make a rich Monkey richer.


 Bush lets lady general hang 
   It's a man's army - this'll teach her

  Click  Here

 The Army announced that it demoted Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, whose Army Reserve unit was
 in charge of the prison compound during the period of abuse. Dropping her in rank to colonel
 required approval from the man who ordered the torture - Bush - and he granted it on Thursday.
 That means Karpinski is the only general to be disciplined thus far.

 Some in Congress have sharply criticized the Pentagon for failing to hold the more senior officers
 accountable and instead pinning most of the blame on low-ranking soldiers like Lynndie England.

 Wow - they hung this on two women?
 Why are women so agressive?
 Why can't they learn to control themselves, like the men?


 Subject: Rock n Roll NOT from the Delta

 A few weeks back St. Louis said farewell to Johnny Johnson,
 the uncredited pianist for Chuck Berry.  Johnson arranged most
 of the music while Berry had the lyrics...

 In Fact- the seminal rock n roll song "Johnny B. Good" was written
 about Johnny Johnson.  Every hit Berry ever had (with the exception
 of that stupid song "My Ding-a-ling") was attributable to Johnson.


 Dude, I'm talking about Robert Johnson.
 I'm talking about the old Negro chants that begat the blues.

 Still, ...you have a point.


 Uncle Hal rips-off Uncle Sam

  Click  Here

Gasoline Overcharges
Meal Overcharges
Halliburton Admits Cost Controls are Weak
Halliburton Advertisement Tries to Improve Its Image

 Bush and Cheney continue to give them hundreds of billions of Social Security dollars.
 Isn't anybody else angry enough to at least mention this?


 GM and Ford bonds reduced to junk status
  The Bush economy continues to crumble

  Click  Here

 Standard & Poor's announcement at midday yesterday that it was cutting its credit ratings
 for GM and Ford set off a selling spree. The rating cut to below investment grade begins a
 process of adjustment that could ripple through, and roil, the fixed-income markets for weeks.

"It was a Richter-scale event," said Edward B. Marrinan, head swindler at J. P. Morgan.
"The market is selling off violently," he said from the trading floor, soon after the announcement.
"The downgrade was no surprise, but the timing of it was and has caught the market on the hop."

 S.& P. cut its credit rating on Ford to BB+ - the highest junk bond rating - and on G.M. to BB.
 But after yesterday's sell-off, they were trading down to B- or triple C rated bonds, traders said."




"At what point does a series of 'isolated incidents'
  become a pattern of intolerable behavior?"
     --Aidan Delgado, a former Army reservist who wants to convince others
        that the POW abuse is not limited to "a few bad apples',  Attribution

 The answer is - when a Democrat is president.
 Republicans aren't held accountable, no matter how serious the crimes were.


 Subject: BCR Show 74 feedback

 It was great.  Really.
 You do a good job.

 Also, I like the bartphone clips, even though
 two of the four sounded like Tommy.


 Tamara, those four calls were all real, but I
 doubt the "Larry Flynt" was really from Flynt.

 I'm sure they take that as a compliment, because
 Tommy paid a lot for his professional voice.




"Last year the hysteria about the hostility toward the United States reached a
  fevered pitch. Everyone from Jimmy Carter to our Hollywood elite lamented
  that America had lost its old popularity. It was a constant promise of the Kerry
  campaign to restore our good name and 'to work with our allies.' The more
  sensitive were going to undo the supposed damage of the last four years.
  Whole books have been devoted to this peculiar new anti-Americanism,
  but few have asked whether or not such suspicion of the United States is,
  in fact, a barometer of what we are doing right -- and while not necessarily
  welcome, at least proof that we are on the correct track."
    --Victor Hanson, proud that the world hates and fears Bush more than Osama   Attribution

 Can America remain a free and open nation AND be the most hated nation on Earth?


 Subject: 9/11

 I am a big fan but "In response" made me want to get out my tinfoil hat.
 Randy in Tulsa.

 Dude, it's good that you're suspicious.

Did a plane hit the Pentagon?
   My guess is yes.
Did explosives take down the WTC?
    My guess is probably not, but I'm more sure about the plane.
Did Wall Street get tons of "short calls" betting the US was about to have a bad week?
   Without a doubt.
Did out military stand down for 90 minutes while we were under attack?
   Without a doubt.
    I can wake up, get dressed and get across town in less than 30 minutes,
    but our military keeps their head up their ass for 90 minutes?
Did Bush refuse to testify under oath about what he knew about 9/11?
   Without a doubt.
Are we still trying to determine what the BFEE is hiding about 9/11?
   You bet your ass.

   Plus, this gang of global felons were already caught once in Iran-Contra.
   Poppy pardoned the whole gang to keep the truth buried forever - why?

 That's two guesses, three without-a-doubts, a bet-your-ass
 and a bury-the-truth presidential pardon from the guy who runs the BFEE.

 Keep that tin foil hat handy.


 Guess who opposes a vaccine for a form of cancer?
  Religio-crazies want them dead to bolster their abstience folly

  Click  Here

 Deaths from cervical cancer could jump fourfold to a million a year by 2050, mainly in
 developing countries. This could be prevented by soon-to-be-approved vaccines against
 the virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer - but there are signs that opposition to
 the vaccines might lead to many preventable deaths.

 The trouble is that HPV is sexually transmitted. So to prevent infection, girls will have to be
 vaccinated before they become sexually active, which could be a problem in many countries
 run by backwards, religio-crazies like the United States.

"Giving the HPV vaccine to young women could be potentially harmful, because they may
 see it as a licence to engage in premarital sex,"  claims one religio-nutcase.

 We've been thru this before, but since no conservative will answer the simple question,
 we're still there.  Republicans. conservatives and religio-wackos say we can't allow women
 to serve in the military because they'll lose control and have sex and that's a crime.

 Yet they expect teenagers, with their inexperienced hormones raging thru their bodies
 at 100 MPH to retrain themselves when they claim our best trained soldiers can't?
 And the penalty is death if the religio-crazies are wrong about this.

 Folks, it's life and death and still we ask the Invisible Cloud Being for guidance.
 I think, when it's life and death, we should allow science and logic to have a say.


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 Gore gets Lifetime Award for Internet
   Meanwhile, the Monkey can barely spell "W"

  Click  Here

 Al Gore may have been lampooned for taking credit in the Internet's development,
 but organizers of the Webby Awards for online achievements don't find it funny at all.
 In part to "set the record straight," they will give Gore a lifetime achievement award for
 three decades of contributions to the Internet, said Webby's Tiffany Shlain. "It's just one
 of those instances someone did amazing work for three decades as congressman, senator
 and vice president and it got spun around into this political mess," Shlain said."

 If Gore had the ability to defend himself when he was innocent,
 he wouldn't have time for this award because he'd be president right now.


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 Subject: educating Shamus

 Bart, you wrote:

> "I've been [pro-military] for a long time, but you're trading your son's lives for Bush lies.
>  How can I support people who do that?"

 And the tiger shows his stripes.
 Everybody knew your support for the military was a sham due to your celebratory body counts every day..

 Son, my support for the military pre-dates your first computer.
 You're thinking it's best to ignore the 1,600 dead soldiers?
 You're thinking it's best to ignore the 10,000 maimed soldiers?
 What purpose would ignoring them serve - except to help Bush's approval ratings?

 Go ahead and join the spitting brigades outside OKC.

 No telling what that means...
 I'll guess one schmuck spit on someone and Rush, FOX News and Bush's networks
 said that spitter spoke for everyone to the left of Hermann Goering - am I close?

 Better yet, head over to Vance, Tinker, or Sill and show some pictures of dead terrorists
 to some military brats.  Ask them how they feel about their daddy being a murderer.

 Would their answers raise the dead?
 Would their answers bring their fathers home?
 Would their answers make Dad stop screaming in his sleep?

 How about we don't turn their dads into murderers?
 Wouldn't that be a better deal all the way around?

 If you're a smart guy with some answers, tell me why we invaded Iraq?
 Complete this sentence: We lost 1600 men in Iraq because...............................

 Maybe you and Jane Fonda can get with John Kerry and march on Washington.

 Shamus - let's get something straight:
 Our side wants fewer dead soldiers, just like with Vietnam.
 You say we should stop counting the dead?
 Why are we lying to ourselves about the costs of Bush bloody oil snatch?

 How many thousands need to die to accomplish ...what?
 You got any answers?

 It'll be just like the good 'ol days, when the troops were the bad guys
 and dopers like you were the heroes.

 Have a nice day,

 The only


 Col. David Hackworth Dead at 74
  Legendary Soldier, the 'Patton of Vietnam"


  Click  Here

 Col. David H. Hackworth, the United States Army's legendary, highly decorated
 guerrilla fighter and lifelong champion of the doughboy and dogface, groundpounder
 and grunt, died Wednesday in Mexico. The cause of death was a form of cancer now
 appearing with increasing frequency among Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

 Wait, ...isn't that the war Jane Fonda tried to stop?
 And veterans are dying from that war even today?
 Too bad more people didn't listen to Jane Fonda back then.

 Thirty years from now, will our depleted uranium shells come home to roost?
 And remind me again - why did we invade Iraq?

 I liked Hackworth - because he didn't look for a "D" or "R" behind a man's name when
 he was outraged.  I think he was the most decorated American soldier of the Vietnam War.
 He was extra hard on the Bloody Monkey, as he should've been, for needlessly sending boys to die.


 Sack 'em and rack 'em
  by David Hackworth     June 28, 2004

  Click  Here

 America would be a whole lot safer if  Gen. Richard Myers was flying for Virgin Airlines,
 and Rumsfeld was competing on "Survivor."   Both war leaders have done so miserable a job
 honchoing the military side of our critical conflict against global terrorism, and in the process
 so jeopardized our national security, that they should be sacked for dereliction of duty.

 Contrary to continuing political spin, Iraq and Afghanistan both are running sores with little promise
 of even a long-term turnaround, and our world today is far more dangerous than it was before 9-11.
 Unless there's a 180-degree change in overall strategy, the USA is doomed to follow the same
 bloody path through these two brutal killing fields that the Soviet Union took in Afghanistan.

 The mighty sword that Rumsfeld and Myers inherited four years ago - the finest military force in
 the world - is now chipped and dulled. And the word is that it will take at least a decade to get
 our overextended, bone-tired soldiers and Marines and their worn-out gear back in shape.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo for Hack - for rejecting the Bush worship that owns America's media..


Marty's Entertainment Page


"The brass must be relieved to see him go."
   -- entry in Hackworth's guestbook


 Afraid to tell the truth
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 What the minutes clearly show is that Bush and Blair secretly agreed to wage war for
 "regime change" nearly a year before the invasion -- and months before they asked the
 UN Security Council to support renewed weapons inspections as an alternative to armed
 conflict. The minutes also reveal the lingering doubts over the legal and moral justifications
 for war within the Blair government. But for Americans, the most important lines in the
 July 23 minutes are those attributed to Sir Richard Dearlove, the head of the British Secret
 Intelligence Service, or MI6, who in spy jargon is to be referred to only as "C."
 The minutes indicate that Sir Richard had discovered certain harsh realities during a visit to
 the United States that summer: 'C reported on his recent talks in Washington. There was a
 perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to
 remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD.
 But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience
 with the U.N. route...There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action.'"

 Can this story get traction while Bush owns the American media?

 Sure, just like ABC News would report on the crimes of Mickey Mouse.


 The buck stopped somewhere
  saw it on  fauxnewschannel.com

  Click  Here

 Donald Rumsfeld is proud of his superiors, and he's not shy about it, either.

"Every single soldier, airman, Marine, and sailor is my boss, and I take great pride in the fact
 that the very lowest of junior enlisted folks involved in the Abu Ghraib college pranks owned up
 to their isolated incidents," admitted the grumpy old man.  "Linndy and Chuck (Graner), practically
 CEOs to me, stood up and took responsibility for their despicable actions.  Seeing someone in
 such a high position do that means a lot to those of us at the bottom of the chain of command."


 Sneak preview

 If all goes as planned (Stop laughing! It's possible...)

 THIS  is what the new,  bartcop.com  page-of-the-future will look like.

 Once this is up, you can customize things like "My Yahoo" to bring you
 bartcop.com  updates and headlines and breaking news, stuff like that.

 It's supposed to be faster, simpler, better etc,. ...maybe we'll get lucky.
 If I could knock out a page in 6 hours, that'd be 6 hours I could work on BCR.

 Woo Hoo!
 The future is coming!


 Subject: Lynndie England

 Aren't you letting her off a bit easy?
 Of course Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the entire monkey mafia are ultimately at fault but
 why should this skanky gleefully loyal follower be excused for her crimes?  You saw the photos?

 This girl (using that term loosely) not only chose to be a monkey man warrior she clearly took
 great sick and demented joy in abusing her victims.  Make no mistake, if she and her evil sleazebag
 man saw your website they would likely do worse things to you.

 SM, Indiana

 First, let's assume we saw the worst of her "crimes."  (I can't give anyone a blanket pardon)
 IF her CO ordered her to soften up those men so they could get intel that would save US lives,
 would she be at fault for following orders?

 As far as I can tell, her "crimes" were psychological - pointing, smiling, the leash.
 There was no blood, no snarling dogs, no rapes, etc. so there's no point in saying "Nuremburg,"
 I say we arrest the bastards who gave the orders.


 Subject: coughing for a heart attack?

 Snopes says that's bogus.

 Many people
 (sorry I didn't acknowledge each of you)

  Click  Here

 If you knew exactly what you were doing, this procedure it might help save your life.
 If, however, you were to attempt cough CPR at the wrong time (because you misjudged the kind
 of cardiac event being experienced) or went about it in the wrong way, it could make matters worse.

 If you're alone, having a heart attack, I'm not sure "worse" comes into play.

 bartcop.com  regrets the error if one was made.


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"I repeat: Bolton has been nominated to be ambassador to the United Nations.
  It's not like it's an important job. Get a grip, people!
  He's not replacing Paula Abdul on 'American Idol.'"
     --Ann Coulter,  showing the disdain SHE AND BUSH
         have for our allies  (explained in BCR Show 74)    Attribution

 It's so easy to win elections.
 I could've run last year's Kerry campaign when I was 11 years old - and won!
 But for some reasons, Democrats refuse to use the gifts the GOP gives them.


 Subject: Pokerfest

 Poker tourney in Memphis or Tunica (where we keep our casinos)?

 I'm there dude!
 Col. Mustard

 Colonel, we're doing Pokerfest Maui on May 20th,
 then Pokerfest Chicago in July. (Chicago is a cool breeze in July)
 so we could think about October this year - unless Rude Rich gets U2 tickets
 - then we're sooo going to be in New York in October (He's buying our drinks
 and out skybox tickets) so Pokerfest Borgata if the Rude One comes thru.


 Watch this page for future news.
 I've never played poker in a Tunica casinoe*


Bush's U.S. soldier body count in Iraq

1586, 1592, 1594, dead soldiers under Bush


That's two more families who gave all for Halliburton
and a nation too busy with fluff to give a damn..



"A Quinnipiac poll of registered voters shows Hillary easily defeating
  Pataki (60%-32%), Pirro (62%-27%), Cox (63%-25%) and Weld (63%-26%)."
      --Hotline's Wake-up Call,   Attribution


 Bush spins big lies into truth on Iraq war

  Click  Here

 As the criminal, sinful war in Iraq enters its third year, the president is in Europe to heal
 the wounds between the United States and its former allies, on his own terms, of course.
 The White House propaganda mill hails it as another victory for the president and ignores
 the fact that Europe still considers the war dangerous folly and the president a dangerous fool.

 One hears new rationalizations for the war on this side of the Atlantic. After the hearings on
 Sleazy Rice, a Republican senator proclaimed, "The Democrats just have to understand that
 the president really believed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."

 ...and we need to understand that's it's just a lucky coincidence that Bush's "mistake"
 has made him $100M a day for over two years - nearly $100 billion in stolen money.



 Call the 

...as heard on BCR Show 74

Put yourself in the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.

Got impressions?
Can you do your Nazi brother-in-law worshipping the Bush Monkey?

BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your audition on there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 TV Stuff

 Tonight, Bill Maher has Bareback Andy Sullivan - the "liberal"

 Thursday 5/12: Letterman hosts Garbage


 Brad Pitt beastly w/ Angelina Jolie?
  Loud lovemaking draws security to Kenyan hotel room


  Click  Here

 Brad and Angelina made so much noise during a sex session at their Kenyan love nest
 that security rushed to their room, goes the claim.  It "sounded like a wounded animal!"

"Miss Jolie got so excited, the guards thought maybe Mr. Pitt was taking juju herbs
 to give him the strength of a lion."


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