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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
For Bush, Lies Are Fundamental 
Monkey urges fair elections 
Basra Iraq out of control 
Questions that weren't asked 
Car bomb kills truth in Iraq 
Exactly "What" is Al Qaida? 
Chainsaws and 57 Chevys 
Bush's sorry mess 
Lindsay Lohan attacked 


 Quote of the Day

"Reverend Sharpton, there's nothing 
  I can learn from you."  
      --Rush Limbaugh, attempting a racial slur. 


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"If there's another Deep Throat out there, give us a call, won't you?
  We're waiting for your call."
      --Tim Russert, Bush's boy at NBC      Attribution



 For Bush, Iraq Lies Are Fundamental
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 More than two years and 1,600 dead U.S. soldiers later, George W. Bush's defenders
 concede Iraq may not have had weapons of mass destruction, but the defenders still get
 their backs up when someone accuses Bush of lying. A mistake maybe, but a lie never!

 That defense is anchored in their assessment of Bush's fundamental decency as a born-again
 Christian who would never knowingly mislead the American people, especially on something
 as important as sending U.S. soldiers off to war.

 Which is why it's important to look at Bush's assertions about his supposed desire to avert
 the war through good-faith diplomacy in late 2002 and early 2003. Since the entire world
 watched those events unfold, the known facts can be matched against the more recent words
 of Bush and his senior advisers.

 If Bush has lied about that pre-war history as a way to justify his actions - especially after the
 WMD rationale collapsed - it follows that he shouldn't be trusted on much of anything about
 the war. That's especially true when contemporaneous records contradict his version of the facts.

 ...and then there's that British Memo.

 - another home run by the best writer on the internet.


 Bush urges Mubarak hold fair elections
   Irony kills humor in Bush's Amerikkka

  Click  Here

 Amerikkka's Diebold Monkey urged Mubarak on Wednesday to set an
 example for others by holding free and fair presidential elections.

 Stop it!

"I urged him once again to have as free and fair elections as possible because it will
 be a great legacy for his country," said the man who killed democracy in America.

  Stop it!

"People ought to be allowed to carry signs and express their pleasure or displeasure,"
 said the dictator who created "First Amendment Zones" for protest in Amerikkka.

 Stop it right now!


 Joined at the hip Quotes

"In my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over
  and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda."
       --America's giggling murderer   Attribution

"Effective propaganda must limit its points of a few and these points must be
  repeated until the audience understands what is meant by them."
       --Joseph Goebbels, who drank beer with Prescott Bush,   Attribution



 Subject: Get out of Oklahoma

 THANK YOU!  As a former red stater (I moved the DAY after college graduation
 and have lived in California the 30 years since.), I know this writing is not a joke -- but the truth.
 (My mother still lives in Oklahoma and I have to go there occasionally.)  I am sorry if this offends you
 -- I know you are in Tulsa -- but I say:  GET OUT!  You are too smart for that!
 I distinctly recall high school reunions when I told them I was a Technical Writer (the first time
 was in 1991) and they looked at me with glazed eyes and asked, "What's THAT?"
 I hated to tell them I had had that job for over 10 YEARS.
 And my 80 year old mother, while whining that she had to have friends drive her to Tulsa
 (about 75 miles away) to see a specialist, said, "It would be NICE if my kids lived closer
 so THEY could drive me!"  I promptly said, "I am moving you out here then -- to be closer,
 since you cannot live by yourself anymore."  She yelled, "No!!!!!  I don't LIKE California!"
 (This from someone in Tahlequah, OK!  hahahaha)
 I could go on and on, but you know.

 Shell, since Oklahoma is a hellhole, the land is cheaper than Ann Coulter on a first date.
 While we were out west, a story hit the wires about the difference in land values.
 In Hawaii, $200,000 buys you a 800 sq ft wooden home that's old and creaky.


 In Oklahoma, $200,000 buys you a fancy, new 4000 sq ft brick castle.


 If I had another 500 subscribers who wouldn't cancel when I say "Tom Cruise can't act,"
 I could move us to a blue state.  Hell, I qualify for medical marijuana, but not in a backwards,
 Bible-thumping, armpit like the dust bowl they call Oklahoma.

 Click  Here  to help Bart move to the 21st century.


 Basra Iraq out of control, says chief of police
  Click  Here

 The chief of police in Basra admitted yesterday that he had effectively lost control of
 three-quarters of his officers and that sectarian militias had infiltrated the force and were
 using their posts to assassinate opponents. General Hassan al-Sade said half of his
 13,750-strong force was secretly working for political parties in Iraq's second city and
 that some officers were involved in ambushes. Other officers were politically neutral but
 had no interest in policing and did not follow his orders, he told the Guardian.
 'I trust 25% of my force, no more.'




 Subject: 9-11 hijackers

 Half of the Hijackers are still alive?
 I would like some links to stories which substantiate this.

 John RP

 John, that was clumsily worded.
 Right after 9-11, the real Mohammed Atta called his father to say he was going
 into hiding because he was afraid he'd be killed by people sympathetic to America.

 The point is, the hijackers used other people's identities and after the towers fell
 their fake IDs were conspicuously easy to find on the streets around Ground Zero.

 If Mohammed Atta is still alive, who piloted the first plane into the WTC?
 Did they figure out who sold stocks short on 9-10?
 Was anyone held responsible for our jets not taking off?
 Why weren't the hijacked planes tracked or intercepted?
 Why did they burn the tapes of the control towers and pilots?

 Did the Whitewash Commission answer any questions at all?



 We're only 20 days until the first batch of fresh Bixby corn

 Questions that weren't asked
   Bush's whore media does their job again

 Bush held his first full press conference since the Sunday Times of London revealed that
 Tony Poodle was told in July of 2002 that Bush decided to overthrow Saddam and that
 "the intelligence and facts were being fixed" to support that decision. What did Bush say
 about the Downing Street memo?  Not a word. Nobody bothered to ask him about it.



 Car bomb kills truth in Iraq

  Click  Here

 A reporter asked Bush, ''Do you think that the Iraq insurgency is gaining strength and
 becoming more lethal?" Bush responded, ''I think the Iraqi people dealt the insurgents
 a serious blow when they, when we had the elections."...Do not even think of bringing up
 Amnesty International. The human rights group published its annual report last week,
 a report in which the organization's secretary general, Irene Khan, said, ''The detention
 facility at Guantanamo Bay has become the gulag of our times, entrenching the practice
 of arbitrary and indefinite detention in violation of international law."

 To that, Bush cried, ''Absurd."
 Cheney said, ''I was offended."
 Myers said, ''absolutely irresponsible."

 All that is missing is a banner behind them saying, ''Misinformation Accomplished."


Thanks to Ed in Iowa


"Even we at Fox News manage to get some lefties on the air occasionally,
  and often let them finish their sentences before we club them to death and
  feed the scraps to Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly."
    --Fox's London whore, Scott Norvell,   Attribution


 Subject: Exactly "What" is Al Qaida?

 Bart, you clearly seem to have a lack of RELIABLE information.

  Click  Here


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"Bush has arranged the murder of 1,490+ American soldiers since the end of
  major combat operations in Iraq. He can't attend a single funeral for a soldier
  killed in Iraq, but he never misses a chance to whore for the camera when he
  doesn't have to actually talk to the family of people whose death he caused.
          --David Allen, "Bush the Idiot", http://thoughtcrimes.org/mt/


 Subject: The chainsaw

 Bart, you wrote:

> "If you can find a way to make it the chainsaw's fault, I'll agree with you."

 Too easy, really.

 It is the chainsaw's fault because the chainsaw is a sentient, thinking being with free will.
 The chainsaw can REFUSE to be "misused by Bush" (your words) simply by refusing to serve.
 All the chainsaw has to do to get out of Iraq is to simply say "no" by declaring themselves a
 conscientious objector.  It has already happened in at least one case (Stephen Funk).

 If they want to know how to do it, they can click here:  http://www.objector.org/
 The chainsaw could also run to Canada, as many other chainsaws have also already done.

 Sure, there will be consequences.  If the chainsaw flees to Canada, the chainsaw might have trouble
 getting back into the US.  If the chainsaw does get back in the US, the chainsaw will likely be convicted
 by a military court of desertion and sent to prison.  However, there will also be consequences to serving.

 By going to Iraq, the chainsaw will be participating in an illegal and immoral war.  The chainsaw will kill or
 assist in killing people whose main crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is defending their
 country from a foreign invader.  The chainsaw might also get killed itself.  So either way, bad shit is going to happen.

 You suggest members of the military are heroes because they follow orders to kill people in Iraq,
 and pretend they don't have any choice in the matter.  I suggest that the members of the military who
 recognise they do have a choice in the matter,  and refuse their orders to kill people, are the real heroes.

 Doug, formerly thedailybrew

 Let me get this straight:
 You're suggesting they break the law, break their word, break their contract like Bush did in 1972?
 You're suggesting they should take action which might prevent them from ever touching American soil again?
 You're suggesting they permanently stain their resume with "quitter" and "backstabber?"
 You're suggesting they brand themselves "unemployable" for the rest of their lives?

 I agree that not enlisting solves many problems.
 But agreeing to obey orders, then changing your mind - that's not good.

 If "just saying no" is an available option, then we no longer have a military, right?
 Are you going to help Tara the Dove straighten me out in the chat room?  :)


ha ha


"Afghan President Karzai left with no promise of more control over thousands of
  American troops in his country and with strains in his relationship with the US on
  full display. Despite a chummy side-by-side news conference with Bush, Karzai
  also got no promise of the quick repatriation of Afghan prisoners in U.S. custody."
     --Jennifer Loven,  Attribution

 Reminder:  Karzai and Iraq President Talibani and Osama all worked for Bush's CIA,
 which means they may still be working for Bush's CIA, helping the BFEE plunder the world.




 Subject: Chainsaws and 57 Chevys

 Dear Bart:

 I usually agree with you, even on this issue.  But do you really think comparing
 free-willed human beings with chainsaws and Chevys is a legitimate comparison?

 Warm regards,

 Jim, when you enlist, they insist you leave your free will at the door and you
 then swear to become a small cog in a giant wheel for whoever is president.

 When Clinton ordered troops to Bosnia to stop Milo's genocide,
 (Reminder: Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.)
 if some soldiers refused to go, would you have said, "Good for them?"

 Unless the order is something like "Shoot that baby," soldiers don't have the right
 to refuse a direct order - but then again, I'm no David Hackworth so that's just a guess...


 Subject: Just look at her eyes

 Well, Bart, not only is it wonderful to have you back, I truly appreciate you
 being the gentleman re: Pickles.   Having said that, I'd like you to allow a female
 to take this one on. Buckle your seatbelt, I intend to rare back and wax poetic.

 Laura "Pickles" Bush has one quality important to Republican wimmin everywhere;
 the ability to marry an upwardly mobile turd. If you are curious about how she can
 stand being married to such a cipher with so much blood on his hands, consult her
 medicine chest/liquor cabinet (one and the same). Xanax with a margarita chaser can
 make a happier morning, and apparently sufficiently dull one's conscience through the
 rest of the day. Though I suppose they had to acquire some pretty decent pharmaceutical
 methamphetamine to see her through such a late night at the press club dinner.
 No home-cooked crystal for this broad; the combination of high-grade uppers on top of
 all the depressants/anti-depressants might explain the deadpan delivery the pundits cooed over.
 I'm surprised she could focus on the Tele-prompter.

 I also wonder at her vaunted plan to help the young boys and young men of this country.
 Her husband seems to have a plan to help many of them, and didn't she help at least one to his grave?


 It's just a (apologies to Hank, Jr.) Family Tradition.
 Jesus wept.

 I'd rather be a hammer than a nail,

 If Hillary killed her boyfriend, talk radio and the cable Nazis
 and the whore networks would remind America about it every day.


Marty's Entertainment Page

"Fuck the world, I want that oil!"

Free Speech TV

 Subject: Poppy wants Jeb for president


 We need a computer expert who can go in and hack these bastard's
 computer data bases and transfer that money from their evil illegal accounts
 to accounts where good can be done with the money.  The only way to stop
 a crook is to scam him of every dime he has.  (Ala Maverick)  Am I off base?


 Richard, no, you're right on target.
 Have you ever seen the movie Sneakers?

 Robert Redford hacks into the bad guy's computer
 and sends his millions to the Democratic National Committee :)


 Subject: Pickles Bush


 No one is seriously considering running her for president.  It's been thrown out there
 to minimize Hillary Clinton and her real accomplishments.

 Jeb Bush is going to be the GOP/Diebold engineered president in 2008.
 A Democrat of any stripe has no chance for victory because the Democrats refuse
 to put any fight into election reform.  Brother Jeb will be installed the same way his
 idiot brother was installed.  I'm pretty sure of this.  I'll even bet on it.  Poker?

 Jim H.

 Jim, I'm too smart to take that bet.
 The Democrats are too afraid to fight, so the GOP will probably win

 All available evidence says the Dems will "pull a Kerry" in 2008,
 unless Hillary Clinton or Wes Clark (or both of them) is the nominee.


  Get yours before they're banned


 Get your "Worst President Ever" bumper sticker
 FREE with a donation - while supplies last.


 Subject: Donation for WPE sticker

 Bart, keep up the good work.

 Click Here  to get a sticker/support  bartcop.com

 Or snail mail to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155


 A sorry mess
  Bush blames the press for Iraq

  Click  Here

 Bush says the press has hurt its mission by telling too much truth. That's why every time
 the press makes a mistake, the White House celebrates and demands apologies and
 retractions and atonement. Yet the president and his people÷who made deadly mistakes
 and misrepresentations to cheerlead the country into war÷have never allowed any
 contrition or apology to get close to their lips.

 I submit a question:: 'Given subsequent events and information, do you wish to retract or
 apologize for or amend any mistakes or statements you have made in relation to the Iraq war
 ÷from the preparation for the war to the present?'"



"Anyone who has read Amnesty International or any of the human rights
 organizations about how Saddam treats his people, heck he used chemicals
  on his own people as well as on his neighbors."
      -- Rumsfeld, (The guy who sold the chemicals to Saddam) in 2003,   Attribution

       "Just say you're using our chemicals to make medicine..."

 Sidebar: Rumsfeld trusted Amnesty International in 2003, but now they are liars?


"That Saudi crude tastes so sweet..."

 Amnesty Int'l Statement

  Click  Here

 Tolerance for torture and ill treatment, signaled by a failure to investigate and prosecute those responsible,
 is the most effective encouragement for it to expand and grow. Like a virus, the techniques used by the
 United States will multiply and spread unless those who plotted their use are held accountable. Those who
 conducted the abusive interrogations must be held to account, but so too must those who schemed to
 authorize those actions, sometimes from the comfort of government buildings. If the United States permits
 the architects of torture policy to get off scot-free, then other nations should step into the breach.


 Subject:  Hawaii

 Would I have passed up that free trip? NEVER!

 But bitch about everything,"no lights, rain, no first class, no internet," etc.
 Damn, it was FREE!


 Sally, can I tell you a secret?  Just between you and me?
 I was not under oath when I wrote that.

 How entertaining would it be to read,
"The flight way great,
  the hotels were great,
  the beaches were great,
  the food was great,
  the weather was great, etc."

 Before I wrote a word, I called my benefactor and explained that I couldn't
 write the exactly true story because people would double hate me for that.
 This way, they only single hate me.


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 Chainsaws and 57 Chevys

 I got a LOT of mail on this subject and it's surprising how many of you are wrong.

 Many people said things like, "Soldiers shouldn't obey illegal orders," which is
 a pretty meaningless statement because when you're under fire you don't really have
 the option to stop and debate every word that comes out of your CO's mouth.

 This would work a lot better in a chat room (where are you, Supreme Doves?)
 but let me ask a question:  If Pilot Joe in Iraq is told to bomb Building 44,
 and it turns out that Building 44 is an orphanage, should that pilot be sent to
 Baghdad to be tried and imprisoned for being a war criminal?

 The reason I ask is that's an example of a soldier following orders that caused the
 deaths of many innocent children. Each time a pilot is given a list of targets, he can't
 demand details and re-verification of every target to be sure it's valid - don't you agree?

 This is what I meant about a soldier being a tool.
 Many of you thought I meant that all soldiers are soulless, brainless robots.
 Pilot Joe, in that example, is the chainsaw or the 57 Chevy.
 Knowing you doves, you would want the pilot put on trial, which means we don't have
 a military and that makes you the paradigm of the idiot, spineless liberal that Rush says
 proves Democrats can't be trusted with the White House.  The GOP will own the White
 House and the Supreme Court for the next hundred years if the doves control our party.

 Dozens of you mentioned Nuremburg, which is 100 percent horse hockey.
 Can't you see there's a difference between
 1) a pilot bombing a target
 2) soldiers herding starving Jews into an oven at Auschwitz?
 On the other hand, if there are gangs of roving American rapist/murderers who
 are going block to block torturing people, by all means they should be put on trial.
 Some of you crazies mentioned my "blind worship" of the military, which just proves
 you have to exxaggerate my position in order to attack it.

 As always, I'm the voice of sanity and reason here.
 War is a semi-organized riot, which is why the ability to start one shouldn't be given
 to a braindead monkey who was never taught that you can't steal everything you want.




 Subject: Jane Fonda

 If Jane was right about Vietnam than why did she apologize for it?

 I don't know her story well, but lately she's saying she didn't realize she was sitting
 on the anti-aircraft gun seat.  She told Dave she and the soldiers were singing songs
 and she was offered that seat and took it. She doesn't apologize for going there,
 she apologized for not being aware of her position with regards to the camera angle.

 If Letterman was against Vietnam does that make him a conservative because
 he was against a war that was started by liberals and ended by Nixon?

 ha ha
 JFK was fighting communism - as you give him grief for that?

 If Letterman is liberal and liked what Jane Fonda did can he be angry
 at Nixon for stopping the war started by JFK and LBJ?

 You must be too young to remember what happened, and are trusting liars
 like O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh for your "history."  Nixon promised to
 end the war in his 1968 campaign and his 1972 campaign. I wonder how many
 tens of thousands of men died waiting for Nixon to fulfill his promise?
 The war ended in 1975, two years after Nixon resigned in disgrace.

 If Letterman is conservative could he be mistakingly thinking that Jane Fonda
 is a conservative and wanted the liberal started war stopped?

 I see what you're trying to say, but if Vietnam was aliberal war, why is your side
 still saying it was a great and noble cause?  Remember, your side hates Fonda
 and will until you take your final breath, so why blame Dems for that which you love?

 If your liberal shouldn't you think that Nixon was a great man for enacting wage and
 price controls, establishing the EPA, visiting China, and also affirmative action and
 food stamps ( to his credit until it was taken over by crazed communists?), or at least
 for stopping a war that was started by liberals?

 I'll bet you could ask a question about Paris Hilton's famous vidoe tape and end it with
 "a war that was started by liberals?"
 I do not think Nixon the crook was a great man.
 Yes, he was to the left of Dubya, but so were Ribbentrop, Goering and Eichmann.

 PS--FDR put Americans in concentration camps and Democrats fought black progress
 until they could fight it no longer and then they grabbed credit which was due to scores
 of years of hard work by Republicans.
 Carson, the harmless ditto monkey

 ha ha

 Why do you go back 60 years to point out Democratic missteps?
 Could it be that you want to divert attention from today's headlines?

 Your Murder Monkey has sent 1668 brave men to their graves so he could steal that oil
 and you want to focus on Democratic mistakes that were made back in the forties?

 I have a question for you:
 How many thousands of brave men will pay the ultimate price for Bush's greed?



Bush's bloody body count in Iraq

  1624, 1664, 1668, dead soldiers under Bush

"Only" 4 since yesterday.
For this Commander in Thief, that's a good day.


 Chicago Pokerfest 2005

 Yes, it's back and we're in the same hotel as last year.

 Days Inn Lincoln Park North
 644 W. Diversey Parkway

 The main event will be 4 PM Saturday, July 16th with a party on a tall roof that Friday night.
 Come and meet Bart, Mrs Bart, Sam Dent and Chicago Jim. and whoever else makes it.

 Also, we need 3-5 people who know how to deal, control the table, make side pots etc.
 More info to come...

 Comments?  (Put 'Poker' in the subject box)

Call the 

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 Lindsay Lohan hurt in paparazzi attack
  Asshole photog rammed her car, cops say


  Click  Here

 Lindsay Lohan got cuts and bruises from a car crash Tuesday after a stalkerazzi prick
 intentionally rammed her with his car while pursuing her on the street, police said.

 Galo Ramirez, 24, was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and released
 on $35,000 bail so he could continue to stalk her. Cops say Lohan called them while driving
 to report that she was being harassed by the bastard and that she was trying to evade him.

 They already killed Diana Spencer - and the cops let them go - so nothing changed.
 Big stars need to carry a stick of pakalolo with them so when shit happens they can
 place the pot inside the bad guy's car - then he'll get some serious jail time.

 But attempted murder?
 That's not a serious crime.


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