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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Answer Is Fear
Where's Osama? 
US admits: Koran peed on
Is Bush a war criminal? 
Bart served with papers 
What's the gag here?
Gag me with a blank check 
America is a dirty word 
One adult, one child  


 Quote of the Day

"You have to be one mean-ass, soulless 
  son-of-a-bitch to mock a woman begging 
  for her life right after you've ordered her 
  put to death. Sadly, that kind of crap may be 
  exactly why the KKK and other hateful types 
  see Bush as such a freakin' hero."  
           --Thel,    Attribution


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Volume 1558 -  Another tricky day 

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"You know, President Nixon once suspected Mark Felt.
  I'm surprised he didn't end up dead somewhere because of that."
     --Lawrence Eagleburger, former Sec. of State, on 'Deep Throat' Felt    Attribution


 The Answer Is Fear
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 What the American conservative movement has done so effectively over the last three decades
 is to perfect a dynamic of fear and inject it into the key institutions for generating or disseminating information.

 This strategy took shape in the latter half of the 1970s amid the ashes of Watergate and Vietnam.
 Conservatives were determined that those twin disasters - getting caught in a major political scandal
 and seeing the U.S. population turn against a war effort - should never happen again.

 As I describe in Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq,
 the initial targets of the Right's "war of ideas" were the national news media and the CIA's
 analytical division - two vital sources of information at the national level.

 Note: Consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the internet.


 Where's Osama?
   by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 It has been one thousand three hundred fifty-two days since Bush promised to find bin Laden, "dead or alive."
 So where is he?..."It (the search for bin Laden) has not gone into cold storage," swears British envoy to
 Pakistan Mark Lyall Grant, but it's hard to avoid drawing one of two conclusions at this late date: Either the
 Bushies are too stupid to catch bin Laden or they're not really trying. Capturing him alive, after all, could lead
 to discomfiting revelations--from interesting info re Reagan's Stinger missile giveaways to reports that a CIA
 agent hung out with the suspect of the 1998 East Africa embassy bombings weeks before 9/11."


 Subject: I'll step in this chainsaw/Chevy debate

 Here's what I see.

You can't _completely_ let the soldier on the ground off the hook for this
 because that allows the real murderers to use any sort of story at all as an excuse.

 I agree 100 percent.

 Are you saying that the soldier, given a story he knows to be obviously false about
 why the building has to be torched/area has to be bombed/3rd floor has to be lit up/etc.,
 should just put his head down and press the button?

 Of course not.  The only reason I used "a building" is because one can't know
 beyond all doubt what's behind those walls until they are blown down.

 He should never try to think for himself at all, even if he has the time, and it's obviously safe to do so?

 He should always try to think for himself - unless he's under fire in a panic situation.
 I don't want the damn orphans blown up.
 If they say "The bad guys are shooting at us from Building 3, take that building out,"
 you gotta take that building out because it's a war target, not an orphanage.

 Notice I'm not saying that if he's under fire he should put his weapon down and think deeply,
 but sometimes it is possible to make a judgment.

 Of course it is, and I'm all for that.
 But if you're CO says "Blow up the third truck in that convoy,"
 you can't ask "Why?" and still have an army that can win battles.

 I'm right about this - and that's unsettling to those who hate the military.

 If we were drinking beer in a bar, and I saw your eyebrows go up after saying what I said,
 I could give you further info until I saw your eyebrows come back to Earth.

 Since were not, as I ramble on, your possible misconception could multiply amd fester
 to the point to where you'd call me "Bush's favorite tool," and that would be a mistake.

 Please allow for the foibles of the printed word on the page and the not-too-bright but often-right
 guy who's words you're reading.  If I was a better writer, misunderstandings would be fewer.

 Sidebar in a sidebar:
 In the same day, my mail says, "Screw those liar soldiers who claim they were spit on."
 and "Screw those mindless murderers who should be put on trial for war crimes."

 So which is it?



"I think it's a stunning, unbelievably simple and understandable statement of the truth
  and a profoundly important document that raises stunning issues here at home. And it's
  amazing the way it escaped major media discussion. Back in DC, I am going to raise the issue."
      -- John Kerry, trying to complicate the unbelievably simple and understandable Downing Street memo, Attribution


 US admits: Koran kicked, peed on

  Click  Here

 U.S. military officials say a detainee's Quran was splashed with urine and it was
 deliberately kicked and another's was stepped on - but flushed?  No.

 On March 25, a detainee complained to guards that "urine came through an air vent"
 and splashed on him and his Quran.  In another confirmed incident, water balloons thrown
 by prison guards caused an unspecified number of Qurans to get wet, and a two-word
 obscenity was written in English on the inside cover of a Quran.

 When the BFEE pointed the finger at Newsweek, did anyone (besides Robert Parry)
 stand up for them?   Defending Bush's lies must always come first - no matter what.

 ...and don't you just love the part where, "I was accidentally peeing in this air vent when,
 somehow, who knows, some accidentally 'splashed' on the kidnap victim and the Koran?"

 The truth is, we grabbed those goat herders off a field so Bush could call imprison them to be peed on
 to help fabricate an excuse to invade Iraq and steal their oil.  Remember, Cheney and Kennyboy were
 dividing up Iraq's oil fields before 9-11 - but you're not supposed to care about that.


 Subject: Pickles


 where would i find documentation on Pickles killing
 her old boyfriend for people who would not believe?


 Billy, that site doesn't exist.
 (But snopes.com is generally considered non-partisan)

 Remember last September - some people said Bush won those debates.
 Our political enemies don't use science and logic when they make decisions.
 They ask Rush, Bush and the Invisible Cloud Being what they want - and then they obey.

 In other words, they don't believe their lying eyes.


 Is Bush a war criminal?

  Click  Here

 The question "Is Bush a war criminal?" is one that the Democrats could have used in their campaign
 to thwart Bush's bid for a second term. It is astounding that the so-called moral Republicans apparently
 place far more emphasis on the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery!" than on the
 commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill!" Tragically it is the double standard that this Republican majority
 must live with as well as its life long legacy. Over and over Bill Clinton was attacked for his sexual conduct,
 but the glaring reality of the double standard these hypocrites are guilty of is known to the entire world."


 What's the gag here?


 My bullshit detector is going off like a chihuahua on Cuervo Silver.
 We might have uncovered this hoax before - not sure...



''I don't care if they call me un-American. I've come full circle in saying the best way
  to support the troops today is to give them a plan to exit Iraq...Active Army officers
  are afraid to have this conversation in public, politicians are afraid to have this conversation
  in public. So I wanted to start this discussion, and hopefully see where this leads."
     --Brian Hart, an avid supporter of Bush's war until his son died in Iraq,   Attribution


 Subject: support of the military

 The thing that ticks me off the most about repugs saying that those of us on the left don't
 support the troops, is the mere fact that i bet exactly zero spent any time in the military,
 because if they did, they would be all about bringing these kids home instead of letting them
 die for nothing, support the troops, not the war.  these kids dont even know whats going on.
 they are sacrificing their lives for lies. its like 1939 all over again.

 Mel in Pewaukee

 Mel, it's certainly unscientific, but my mail runs maybe five-to-one against the troops.



"It's clearly against the law to leak secret
  grand jury testimony and everybody knows it."
    -- every Republican liar on the Sunday shows

 But if that's true, why is this bastard not in prison?



 Subject: another deployment to Iraq for me

 Well Ol' Bart, I got the call for another deployment to Iraq (my 2nd there).
 This time they gave me well advance notice that I'll leave in either November or January
 for at least six months  (thank god not a year or more like others are getting hit for).

 I'll continue to subscribe to you while there and know that people like you and the others
 who read are the ones who really care about the people in uniform (except for the far left wing,
 and far right wing readers).  I'll write in more from now till then, and even while over there.

 Just writing to let you know that there are some people in uniform
 who do care about what you write, and what you stand for.
 Derek in ABQ,

 Dude, if you were gay, they'd let you stay home.
 You ever seen a pictures of Agent Mulder without his shirt on?


  ...think before you answer...

 I'm Oklahoma straight AND happily married,
 but I gotta admit the man looks OK in this picture :)

 Stay safe, Dude, ...and are you sure you're not the least lil bit stirred by this picture?
 Print this picture out and hand it to your CO when you report.

 Tell them "I'm fighting for Dave!" and they may let you stay.


'Deep Throat?" Gag me with a blank check
  by Oliver North (R-Armed terrorists)


  Click  Here

 Hypocrites make me sick.
 And the worst kind of hypocrite is an officer acting against the office, or corps, for which he works.
 You know the kind: sworn to uphold the greater interest of the company, department, division,
 or even nation for whom he works, but instead breaks the rules in the name of some harebrained ideology.
 Some narcissist who'd just as soon enable the enemy as disavow his precious, narrow perspective.


 Subject: You said...

 Bart, you said,

>"Can't you see there's a difference between:
>  1) a pilot bombing a target
>  2) soldiers herding starving Jews into an oven at Auschwitz?"

 No, murder is murder.
 I'm not interested in deciding the appropriate punishment, if any, for varying levels
 of complicity, but our soldiers are not blameless for this war crime we are committing in Iraq.
 The real heroes among them are those who refuse to fight.
 Chuck D

 Chuck, your position is illogical.

 Pickles and Monkey have both killed people.
 You can't say they're equally evil people, can you?

 I doubt Pickles was giggling and smirking when she killed her boyfriend.


 Subject: comment

 Bart, you wrote:

> Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.
> Bush is averaging four deaths a day lately - so why do soldiers love him so much?

 The ones who love Chimpy are monkeys like the writer of the letter you were commenting on.
 They can hate liberals all they want, but they should know who shoved their ignorant butts in the sling.

 But the more who die - the more they defend the many who lied them there.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Used by permission mnftiu.cc/

 'America' is now a dirty word

  Click  Here  (scroll a little)

 When fans of the Arsenal soccer team taunted their archenemies, Manchester United,
 they sneeringly shout, "USA! USA!"   The pro-American cheer "was apparently the most
 offensive chant they could think of."

"To be openly anti-American is still not the done thing." But the sentiment is there,
 and it stems from our growing bitterness over the American lies that lured us into war in Iraq.
 Even Brits who supported the invasion have felt insulted as they learned about "the devious and
 domineering style in which the plans for war were hatched." That "USA" has become "the rudest
 word in the vast lexicon of football insults" in Britain may have been barely reported in the U.S.


 Subject: Re: 64 might be a reach

 First, I apologize for calling you stupid. I know better.
 Stubborn as a mule, yes, but stupid, no.

 ha ha
 I'll agree to that.

 And, no, I'm not related. (Cheap shot, by the way)
 Dan Leahy

 ha ha

 Sure, that was a cheap shot.
 But if I was "Bart Lieberman," would you have been able to resist?  :)


Bikers for Bart

Thanks to Dan

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 Subject: Donation for BCR CD 6-pack

 Hi Bart,
 I've been busy lately but I have some free time coming up.
 Please tell me you're still swinging that hammer on Bush.
 I need some of that righteous rage you peddle so well.

 Becky, your BCR shows on CD are on their way.

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 Bart served with separation papers

  Click  Here


 Subject: scoundrelity

 Hey bart, you wrote,

>"Dude, I gotta ask, ...down there in Kangaroo-land, do you walk up to a man
>  drinking whiskey in a bar and say something like that - right to his face?"

 We've been talking about this for years bart; but to answer your question, if he was
 publishing a web site that refused to see that war doesn't happen by one man's actions
 and that consistently sought to sanctify the people who are doing the killing, yeah
 I'd word him, whisky, Chinaco or whatever.

 Your facetiousness (How many?  I'll guess 4,158 and 622) about the toll of the
 Vietnam War saddens me - it's easy to brush off issues that don't help your case.

 Here are some facts so that you at least know what you're talking about

"Support your troops -- bring them home!"

 Wal, don't be sad.
 I'm going to "be Bart" even if nobody let's me, "be Bart."

 Somewhere around 1962, Bob Dylan did  press conference, maybe in New York.
 Some handjob reporter asked, "How many singing poets are there like you?"

 And Bob said, "How many ...like me?    ... 613."
 It's a rhetorical slap against a not-well-thought-out question.

 Funny that I'm losing pillars for worshipping the evil troops
 while you say I'm too facetious in my treatment of them.



"In the Clinton case (nobody died) you had evidence on video tape committing perjury...
  You had Nixon (nobody died) supposedly ordering the FBI to delay its probe of Watergate.
  With Bush, you have nothing, (Over 1660 dead) I repeat nothing remotely close to that."
      --Carl Limbacher, on the Downing Street Memo,   Attribution


 Snopes.com account of Pickles the killer

  Click  Here

 So 17-year-old Pickles did cause the death of a friend by running a stop sign,
 but to see more in the story than that is to surrender oneself up to baseless imaginings.
 Yes, it is always easier to attribute malice to bad outcomes, but that does not mean malice
 is an integral component of tragedy, ...unless a Democrat is involved, and then the
 whore press makes it their life mission to exploit the tragedy again and again and again.

 I'm not saying we should make a big deal out of this, but if we're going to ignore the people
 who were killed by BFEE members, why did we have to listen to the complete story of every
 alleged affair from every woman CLAIMS to have had with Bill Clinton?

 Bill Clinton was put under oath and asked to explain every check that had his name on it,
 nevermind the fact that it wasn't his handwriting, his check, his fingerprints etc. but when Neil Bush
 steals from a savings and loan until it goes bankrupt, or Dubya gets caught with heavy-weight cocaine,
 we should "stop living in the past and help America look forward."

 And when the Democrats lay down on Pickle's killing, they give the right-wing hate bastards a
 green light to revisit Chappaquiddick 365 times per year, per talk show how, per cable Nazi.

 Democrats either want to win the fight of public opinion or they don't.


 Subject: could you put a snippet of BCR online?

 I am a PhD poli sci student with two children and am hesitant to subscribe because
 of the money, but just wanted to reiterate that some brief radio segments might be nice.

 I will contribute soon, meaning when I get a job, and will also subscribe then.
 Until then, keep up the good work

 M Stark

 Dude, good idea.

  Click  Here  to listen to a snippet from Part 4 of BCR 75


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 Subject: Debate is on

 Bart, I can debate you at 10 PM Central this Wednesday in the Chat Room.
 Tara the Dove

 After you click Chat Room, click "Another server" on the upper-right of the page.
 After that - it loads - you click on "Continue" and stuff should happen.


 Subject: Shoot that baby vs. Drive that truck


 Did you hear the Morning Edition story about stress among the returning female soldiers?
 They featured a young truck driver who was told not to stop for anything, even if a child is in the road.
 She was to plaster that child into the Iraqi dust rather than stop.

 So is that an order to drive the truck or an order to shoot the baby?
 And how should she handle such an order?
 How can she, or you, distinguish?
 Is there some fundamental text that clearly delineates?

 We go to war with the army we have, not the army we wish to have.

 Mort, all you can do is use your best common sense.
 (Of course, this answer will cost me lots if subscribers...)

 In your scenario, with the facts given, I would stop for the baby.
 One would have to figure the order given was figurative.
 If you were told, "Dig until your arms fall off," you wouldn't, really.


 if the driver had certain knowledge that she was carrying "the Enola Gay," and every second
 lost could mean a thousand lives, a BIG turn in history, an unpopular decision might have to be made.


 Album Review

"Toby Keith, like any Nashville pro, follows the trends.
  First, he sang rowdy hits like "You Ain't much Fun."
  In the late 90s, when fans wanted sensitive lover boys,
  he obliged with "Dream Walkin'."

  When Bush took over and right-wing meatheads were in,
  he became 'Mr Shock N' Y'all.'     If Al Qaeda invades tomorrow,
  expect Toby's next hit to be "Ridin' my Camel back home to you."
    --  Dave Fricke, album reviewer for Rolling Stone

 ha ha

 Toby says he's a Democrat, and he's from Oklahoma.
 In Oklahoma, many Democrats are pro-cock-fighting - just ask the Democratic
 Governor, Brad Henry.  He won because the pro-cock-fighting Democrats came out
 and beat Steve Largent, Republican football hero and Chosen Son of God.

 Who knew cock-fighting was bigger than God and football?


 Subject: Your Hawaii report

 Hi Bart, Glad you're back.
 I just read your comments on "reporting" about your trip
 and having people "single" hate you.
 You are as smart as you are funny!

 I loved your Portland story from awhile back.
 Very accurate!

 As always, thanks for the laughs!
 Gerrie in Portland


Bush's bloody body count in Iraq

  1664, 1668, 1672, dead soldiers under Bush



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 Mark Geragos on Larry King tonight

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 Whore CNN is billing this as "Mark Gergos breaks his silence,"
 but he can't talk about anything - can he?

 Can he talk about Scott Peterson's trial?
 Can he talk about Michal Jackson's trial?
 He can't even talk about Winona Ryder, can he?


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